Inchcock Today – Tuesday 11th August 2020: A mentally disjointed, diffident day, I must say!

Tuesday 11th August 2020

Welsh: Dydd Mawrth 11eg Awst 2020

04:45hrs: The night’s sleep had various attributions: Gruesomeness (Duodenal Donald giving me a lot of jip), exigences (for wee-wees). And the pesky Thought Storms (in a persistent, repetitive, harrowing series of botherations! inducing fears, worries, shame, self-disgust, etc.).

As I woke, and the realisation of all my hassles and fret-worthy tasks and expectations for the day ahead to challenge me, and flooded my mind. However, something or other, took a grip of the situation (not sure what it was, but it didn’t feel like it was me?), and a degree of unexpected calmness came over me? 

  • The thought of having to do the Enoxaparin injections was of no concern to me. (Well, maybe just a bit, I’ve been terribly lucky when vaccinating the Enoxaparin up to now. There has got to come a time when Peripheral Neuropathy Pete, launches one of his involuntary right-leg Neuropathic Schuhplattler dance routines, Shuddering-Shoulder-Shirley kicks off, or Nicodemus’s Neurotransmitters fail, just when I’m injecting! Surely?)
  • The hatred for the cock-up with the inhuman and uncaring, Carrington Pharmacy, 343-345 Mansfield Rd, Carrington, Nottingham NG5 2DA, Telephone number: 0115 960 5453, just up from the Lidl store, was even less acute.
  • The volunteer lady fetching my prescriptions for me, hopefully, brought me only an appreciation for her time, consideration, and the lady’s effort to mind.
  • The Sainsbury delivery, and what or how many mistakes I will have made, on that order. I can’t rid myself of being fated to make another cock-up on a food order!

I rose like a flobby, aged, blubbery dreadnought, from the £300, second-hand, rickety, rusty, uncomfortable, sickening, stomach-churningly, revolting, c1968, beige-coloured recliner, bobbled a smidge, but caught my balance, got the four-pronged metal walker, and off to the kitchenette, to do the Health Checks.

The hemadynamometer readings showed the SYS rather high, as to be expected, with the lack of Beta-blockers, thanks to the failings of Carrington Pharmacy, 343-345 Mansfield Rd, Carrington, Nottingham NG5 2DA, Telephone number: 0115 960 5453. I got the Enoxaparin injectionalisationing done.

The snap that is on top of the two after-shots shows yesterdays. It looked to me at first, as if there was a blob of blood coming up, below the scratch mark. Under the skin, that was going to come through as a papule. But now, I look at the photo and was puzzled as to how I thought this in the first place. This mornings injection left only a tiny spot mark. No chance for ant Artwork blotches yet then? Hehehe!

I made a brew of Glengettie Gold. I had a search through the tablet box’s in the medical drawer, and I found a loose Codeine to take, along with the extra Warfarin as instructed. No beta-blockers yet, of course.

I got the Monday post updated, and without much bother from Nicodemus’s Neurotransmitters, which made an enjoyable, and content-making change. Smug-Mode-Engaged!

Off course, going into the Smug-Mode, was a mistake! Yet still, a wasn’t getting too annoyed with things. Very unnatural! I gave up, hoping something would come back on their own accord, I remembered I had not yet filled in the Enoxaparin INR log. So I did!

I got the sheet-logs updated with yesterday and this mornings inoculation record.

Then, I perused the new guidelines that were in the box of needles. Six pages of tiny printed wording, that I read-through. Fair enough, I didn’t understand it all, but I tried!

Back to the computer, but it was so slow, then went off again!

And I didn’t get all het-up over it! Honest!

So, I decided to get the ablutions tended to, it was a little early to use the shower yet. But, I took my time teeth cleaning and shaving, and by then it was the permissible golden time of 08:00 hrs, so had a super-long shower.

The teggies-cleaning went well, only the one dropsy, (toothpaste). The shaving produced on one tiny cut, but many dropsies.

The showering was a little mini-disaster. Dropsies: shower-head, carbolic soap (2). A clout on the shoulder, hitting the grab bar, another clip on the shoulder on the shower box, as I retrieved the dropped back-brush from the floor. Shuddering-Shoulder-Shirley nearly had my over, she was in a foul mood in the shower!

The drying -off-session, had a couple of small items knocked off of the floor cabinet. Bending down to retrieve them, and I banged my right arm (Its always the right arm!) on the corner of the cabinet!

The freshening up and medicating was going well. Until I sprayed the antiseptic spray on the cloth, dropped the spray, and lunged down to catch it, thus hitting the right arm on the metal seat frame raiser! In the same spot as what I’d clouted in the shower! Now, I was getting a tiny-bit annoyed with myself! But, still not really angry?

The internet had returned. Joy did flow, and I got on with finishing the Monday updating. Pinterested, some photos, sent the link of via email. Did some Facebooking catch-up. And visited the WordPress Reader section.

The Sainsbury delivery arrived, I pressed the driver in, and my neighbour Malcolm came in at the same time. I got to the front door and awaited the driver’s arrival. Malc got in, saying he’d thought the Sainsbury chap had gone up to the 13th floor? He went to check, and the man was coming down to the 12th.

A decent, pleasant young man. He put the things through the front door for me. I thanked him and slipped him a can of G&T. I got the bags into the kitchenette. Note the Andrex ‘Get-a-Mortage’ toilet rolls? Unfortunately, these are the only ones that my WC can cope with flushing away!

Started to sort the delivery out. I went through the shop’s receipt first.

They had no iced lollies I ordered available. No substitute, which was good enough with me! The cod fishcakes with a fish melt inside them looked good. Hope they are when it comes to cooking them!

I got the red potato and red onion bargees to try. Perhaps the best of the day is the thick-sliced brown Farmhouse bread with Sourdough! This will be the basis for today’s nosh, methinks. I can see, Sourdough bread, thickly covered in butter, with cooked meat in them… tomatoes and egg mayonnaise as a side, and a Bliss lemon mousse to follow, yes that sounds good to me.

I got the fooder stored away.

Fresh stuff in the refrigerator, there was just about room. Haha! Oh, I was also naughty, mightily so! Shame-Mode-Adopted! I got a bottle of Jersey full cream milk!

One thing that I was not happy about, though. The apple pies had had the box corner crushed! Crumbs fell all over when I picked it up. What’s Sainbury’s later motto? ‘Live well for less!’ Well, I got fewer apple pies, but more crumbs. Tsk!

An hour or so later, the intercom rang out again. It was a young man bringing my prescriptions for me. Nice lad, pleasant enough, and about 6’6″ tall! He had to duck to get in the door. Haha! I thanked him and slipped him a can of G&T.

I got the medicines put away, then continued computerisationing, by starting this blog going. At last!

It’s been a busy day for this old codger. Still, it should calm down a bit now. (I hope!)

Half-an-hour later, I was beginning to get weary and tired, I always do in the late afternoon.

The intercom burst forth, I investigated, and it was a delivery via Amazon, it must be the Dettol disinfectants.

The young man came to the door, the chimes with its tune to Dusty Springfields melody od Dusty Springfield’s I only wany to be with you, he handed me the box, and shot off.

I opened the carton, and it was the anticipated Dettol lavender and orange oil scented anti-bacteriological disinfectant.

I checked it and crammed it out of view, and caught up with updating this blog as far as here.

I went to make a brew of Thompsons Punjana tea, and I got a dish out of the cupboard that I have not used in ages, dropped it in the sink for washing. Argh! EIBWBBBs (Evil Ironclad Boll-Weevil black biting beetles) My heart sank!

I did feel a fool! They were all dead. Hopefully from the last years’ infestation. Phew!

I had to stop on the computer, the fatigue was too heavy.

I got the nosh sorted out, and realised while doing it, I had not used the Porcelain Throne! This reminded me of last time I went back on the Enoxaparin. And the agony I went through with Constipation Conrad! Methinks, I am in line for a repeat of the solid refusals to move. Criggleblogglesworthisms! The sourdough Farmhouse bread was a nice change to eat. Flavour-Rating: 7/10.

Then got the pots washed, I scrubbed up, and down in the rickety recliner, to inject the Enoxaparin (or Clexane) in the tummy.

It went okay, no shakes, jerking or shuddering to mess things up.

Guess I was lucky there, I think.

Turned on the TV on as a get-to-sleep aid, and I took the medications with some spring water, and a suspicious gurgling sound emanated from the innards, and I felt a slight movement from within?

Within a couple of minutes or so, it became clear what the rumbling was indicating to me.

It had to come!.

No sooner done, and an urgent call to the Porcelain Throne arrived. I stick-walked it to the wet room, and there I stayed:

  • The tiniest movement and I had to suffer the agony of sitting waiting for the action to restart!
  • The crossword book was utilised.
  • I whistled a while.
  • Finally, I was sweating by then with the pain, things moved, so slowly!
  • I found Harold’s Haemorrhoids had been bleeding.
  • Cleaned up and medicated things, at last, it was all over.

A wearier Inchcock returned to his c1968 recliner and plopped into it. Shattered!   Sweet Morpheus came within minutes and stayed to give me an uninterrupted four hours of blessed sleep!