Inchcockski – Monday 3rd August 2020: I used to have Atychiphobia, but not anymore, I’m used to it now!

 End of Sunday catch-up

I got an impulse, after the earlier dream I’d mentioned, and made an ode, a funny one, about last weeks nightmare. I hope it goes down well, I’ve not done a funny rhyme for a while now. Got it done and posted off to WordPress, then Emailed the link.

Then, I realised I had not yet posted the Sunday blog! Moronic mentally malingering man, I am! So I rechecked it again then sent that one off to be published. It was suddenly nearly midnight.

I went on Facebooking catch-up, until nearly 01:00hrs.

I was most disappointed to hear loud knocking again, clunking noises from the flat above at 00:50hrs. I was as near to genuinely angry as is possible! But soon thought, well it might not have been intentional. Hope he’s not collapsed, but the noise was so much a thud, somewhat metallic. I reckon he’ll be okay. Never mind.

Had a look at what is on the TV, As usual, I wore my headphones so I will not disturb any of my neighbours.

Sweet Morpheus was not interested again, so I got settled down to watch some TV. Law & Order UK.

02:30hrs, dropped off to kip as the episode was about ¾ of the way through. At blooming last!

TFZer Film Star lads?

Monday 3rd August 2020

Italiano: Lunedì 3 Agosto 2020

A’morning to you!

06:40hrs: I slowly regained an ersatz appreciation of what was around me. I was droopy-eyed, Anne Gyna was giving me some walloping stabs.

I was more muddle-headed than usual, I stirred, in need of a wee-wee! Got the four-pronged stick, and rose to my full 5′-2″ height, nearly tripped over a slipper (No idea why, or how it got there).  Then I utilised the Grey-Bucket, to take a WOPT (Weak-Orange-Painful-Trickling) mode wee. Followed by the traditional nowadays, Post Micturition Dribble, but I am now aware of this problem, and always try to remember to wait a while after the evacuation, in case of a delay in the after-dripping starting, just in case, like. I’ve been caught out before, you know! Tsk! Long-Live the PPs!

Off to the kitchen to get the Health Checks and medications sorted out. I took a couple of sky photographs first, through the thick-framed, impossible for an aged, disabled person to get to clean, windows.

Not sure about whether or not the sphygmomanometerisationing results were good or not, with the DIA being so high?

Got the medications taken. And, my being in a rare industrious frame of mind, I got on the computer to make up a template for tomorrow, first. I achieved this with relative ease. (Superior-Smug-Mode-Engaged!)

As I started on this blog, my usual luck returned, and the Superior-Smug-Mode dissipated rather quickly!

My spirits sank! I felt wrangled and annoyed! But, there was no time for sulking, as the innards stabbed at me, and it was suddenly and abruptly, time for a rush to the wet room for the Porcelain Throne!

Nope, failed again! A rock-solid lack of movement! With twinges that made me fear of leaving for a while, just in case it what it did yesterday, and suddenly freed itself! Still, the crossword book kept me entertained while I waited and hoped.

But no activity. So I decided to get the ablutioning done instead, then if things activated, at least I would be close to the Throne in readiness! And also, be ready for the Sainsbury order arrival! And Liberty-Global disaster of an imitation, pretend internet service, could wait for me for once! Grrr!

It was late enough now, for me to have a proper shower, which is what I think of Liberty-Global, who pay their top man Mike Fries $19m a year, plus bonuses!

With my mind stewing over things, somehow there was no real damaging Whoopises or Accifauxpas suffered?

Plenty of dropsies, of course, that will never cure itself, and Nicidemus’s Neurotramitters will only get worse, the medics told me. So, at least I know what’s coming, which is a far better situation than many people find themselves in.

And the pins were not so pale! But thinner than for years?

I did have a close-call losing my balance, as I was leaving the wet room, but managed to control the lurch-to-the-right for once! I might go back into a Smug-Mode, now! Hehehe!

I got dressed and returned to the computer. But it was slow going and hard work! Most frustrating.

I took a snap from the swivel chair through balcony as the day lightened a little.

An hour or so later, the intercom rang out Dusty Springfield’s “I only want to be with you!” It was the Sainsbury’s order arriving. Not a lot of it, but still enough to cost me £40.92! I got the bags in the kitchen and sorted out the products I’d bought.

A decent selection to go into the fridge, one item for the freezer, which was a pack of Smoked Haddock fishcakes. Might be tasty?

I gt some Surimi Royals, my favourite of all the brands. But for today, I bought a ready-made BLT sandwich, to which I plan to add, egg mayonnaise, more tomatoes and a Hovis Sourdough Muffin, with Marmite on it! Of course, I may change my mind, it has been known. Haha!

Gawd, what a plonker I am! I’d left the tap running, and now had no hot water! Twittleworthy-Idiot! But I’m glad I did the ablutions early!

As I made a brew of Thompsom Punjana tea, I took three photographs of the now darkening sky. These clouds still looked beautiful to me, though.

I took the tea with me back to Computer Cameron and found that the untrustworthy, incompetent, unreliable, skittish, maladroit, deficient, Liberty-Global, Virgin Media Internet, was still so slow!

Not that it gets to, or bothers me, much. Ahem! Hahaha!

I sent off an order from Iceland for the weekend. They may have some of the new kitchen towels in stock this time. It’s booked to come om Friday 7th, twixt 08:00 > 10:00hrs.

Butterfingers above me keeps dropping something heavy again, judging by the noise. !

The Internet’s still very slow and jumpy-jerky. So I made up some waste sacks and added them to recycling wite bag. 

The plan is, I can drop the rubbish bags down the waste chute, then take the big white one down to the bin. And have a wobble up Chestnut Walk, and call on Desktop Dancer, Obergruppenführeress Warden Deana, and Julie at Winwood Court. I need to talk to someone, it doesn’t matter what about! I’m going stir-crazy! Humph!

So I got the three-wheeler loaded up, and out into the hallway to go to the lift lobby.

Aha, that’s naughty! Someone had wedged open every external fire door! Decorators I imagine, but there were none in sight anywhere.

I got to the chute room and deposited the three small bags. Then back to the lift, and waited patiently. Got down and went through the caretakers’ passage and out to the bin, and left the bag next to it.

The weather seemed to be turning windy, and more cloudy as I progressed towards Winwood Court.

I got in, and they were busy, so I read the notices on the board while waiting.

We’ve lost another tenant, a nice lady as well. That did my spirits no good.

I called at the office with the paperwork but forgot all about leaving it. PPPlonker!

As I departed to go back to Woodthorpe Court, the rain threatened even-more, the clouds grew darker!

When I arrived at my building, I took a photo upwards of the fats, and I reckon it was even darker then!

I got the elevator easily enough, and I went back into hibernation in the flat.

Herbert’s tap-tapping continued, with the odd, louder Clunk or thud. I’d love to know what he’s making?

I made a brew and took the medications. Then  I started updating this blog again. The internet was so slow, it was a grind, not a pleasure! Grobbleknangles!

From heaven knows where a blinding headache started! I have sufficient everyday ailments without this! Tsk!

I turned the slow-internet computer off and started to make the cold nosh that I’d planned earlier, but had to divert to the wet room rather swiftly, to the Porcelain Throne!

Another false alarm! I’m getting slightly fed-up. Haha! Not really, I’ve resigned to the internet problem’s not going to get any betterer. The headache behind the eyes is a natural thing, time might heal it. I’ll put up with Herbert’s noise as well. But only because I can do nothing about them!

Back later, I hope.

I’ back! Having made and digested my evening meal.

 The BLT sarnie, gherkins, egg mayonnaise, tomatoes, red grapes, twp sourdough muffins with Marmite, for the main course. Oh, and a bag of Marmite crisps as an aside. An apple, a pot of Limoncello dessert. Flavour Rating: 7.2/10 for this effort.

Dizzy Dennis finally eased-off a bit, and the headache too. I put on a DVD to watch, Auf Wiedersehen Pet, the last movie. It didn’t last long, for Sweet Morpheus arrived, and off I nodding. Ahhh! 

I woke four-hours later. For some reason, the room light was on? The TV was still on, the remote control for the DVD was resting in the folds of my stomach, snug as a bug! Signs of Nocturnal Nibbling were spread about, unidentified crumbs on my chest, legs and on the carpet at my feet. Cheese waker crumbs were spread further afield, as far as the GPEB (Grey-Plastic-Emergency-Bucket)

I lay gathering some mental control and understanding, and the demand for the Porcelain Throne arrived, along with left-hand side chest pains,  under the shoulder stabbing at me. Anne Gyna, I hope, and not any new ailment! But she doesn’t usually attack me under the armpit chest area. A smidge disconcerting.

I rose from the c1968 recliner, caught my balance and off to the wet room, surprisingly agility. (Agility may be too strong a word, Haha!)

I got there in plenty of time, and the agony began! A painful, long, drawn-out evacuation and struggle to bear the wicked hurt, as the control of the motion was not under my control, but the innards. Not much bleeding, but Harold’s Haemorrhoids stung like hell! In fact, so much pain, I feared my next visit!

A wash-up and medicationalisational activities carried out, a brew of Glengettie tea made. Then I booted up Computer Cameron. To update this blog, and get it sent-off to WordPress.

I got the kettle on.