Inchcockski – Tuesday 29th September 2020: (A long un, sorry) Busy lad today, well…

TFZer, Nancy Performing!

Tuesday 29th September 2020

Spanish: Martes 29 de Septiembre de 2020

02:00hrs: I woke with a wee-wee doing its best to wriggle-out the bladder, of its own accord! I half-fell out of the c1968 rickety recliner, and I made a lunge for the EOGPB (Essential-Overnight-Grey-Plastic-Bucket) and passed a wee-wee of the PBO (Painless-But-Orange) variety. I remained close to the EOGPB, waiting in case any AMD (After-Micturition-Dribble) followed, I’m glad I did! The after-shock-leak was a protracted affair. But aha, I was ready for it this time! Smug-Mode-Adopted!

Washed the hands, cleaned and disinfected the bucket, and off to the kitchen. Where I took a photograph without realising I’d taken it, and I believe it should be bought by the Tate Gallery, for £29,000! (The money is running a bit low now, Tsk!) Here it is: Make what you like out of that? I was near the window, and looking out at the rain at the time. But didn’t mean to take a picture at that time. Innit useless! Hahaha!

Started the Health Checks, with the Boot’s sphygmomanometerisationing.

Well, the results were most pleasing this time, SYS right down to 137, well down on yesterdays! 

The stick thermometer used next, and that too was a significant body temperature reading. Not as high as recommended, but at 35°c, is higher than it was for a few days. Blimus! Things are looking on the up! My EQ just gave me a warning – this is not so! Oh, bubbles!

On to the computer, originally I had high hopes for getting something productive done today, but the warning from my EQ has soured my enthusiasm and faith a soupçon. I got one graphic done, and went on the updating of yesterday’s post. Hours later, I’d got it just about finished, needing only some deep-editing, and checking and the call to the Porcelain Throne arrived. So, off to the wet room, I poddled. Arthur Itis’s knees were being kind to me this morning, just thought I’d mention it, like.

What a change this time! I was back to the rock-solid, reluctant, mega-painful, Harold’s Haemorrhoids crushing, crossword-book requiring opposite of the last three days diahorrea, and Constipation Conrad was back, with a vengeance! On the Silver-Lining Search side; at least I did solve a few crossword clues. Arglebonkangony!

And not messy at all, bloody, yes! Poor old Harold’s piles! Cleaned up, it’s nice not to have to change the PP’s for once. Germoloid applied, and didn’t need any Phorpaining to the knees, thanks to Arthur Itis being so pleasant this morning.

I hope the dearer toilet rolls; when they arrive, will be considerably larger and broader than these big rolls are. Still, it didn’t matter so much now, with the return of Constipation Conrad, taking back control of the bowel movements, or lack of actions! And back to the computer.

Finalised the Monday blog at last. I sent off the link and email. Pinterested some snaps. And I decided to get the Ablutions done early in case the Iceland delivery arrives first. So, no using the shower, a stand-up job, which Neuropathic Pete was trying to have me over a few time, and SSS shuddering-Shoulder-Shirley, between them, ridding the body of some more blood as I did the teeth and shaved. Grogglebonksworth! 

The broken tooth gave me a lot of hassle, dropped the brush twice (Thanks to Shirley!), and shaving produced two nicks, and a clouted elbow when I went to retrieve the dropped razor!

Another Silver-Lining Search result: The legs and feet, were looking in fine fettle! Pale, yes, but they always are nowadays.

Back to Computer Cameron, and I got a message from Iceland, telling me to check the email for changes to my order. Mmm! So I did.

A few things were missing, but at least they didn’t give any unwanted substitutes. I can live with this. The butter is getting low in the fridge, but nae bother, I’ve got some on order from Sainsbury’s to come on Wednesday If they do that is!) More worrying at this precise moment, is the tingling in the right-hand finger-ends. It’s making typing very difficult. I put it down to Nicodemus’s failing neurotransmitters. Mind you; SSS is having a bash at me again as well. Seems like the ailments are working up for a mass attack! Even Anne Gyna is giving the odd bit of stabbing pains. I like to take this opportunity to thank Arthur Itis, for being so calm, cheers, Arthur! 

The door chimes rang forth; the Iceland driver must have been let in earlier by another customer, or someone in the foyer, doing there washing or waiting for a taxi. See that? I went straight into Sherlock Holme mode then. Hahaha!

The lad put the bags into the hallway for me. It must have been a shock to him when he saw me appear as I opened the front door. I slipped the lad a can of bevvy, by way of thanks. And I started to get the things through to the kitchen.

Hello, what’s this. A giant bag of Walkers crisps. How had I ordered that at first, I thought it might be a substitute for some Frazzles, but not according to the email I got from Iceland? Of course, it has been known for Nicodemus, and SSS to make me order the wrong things, many a time. But I do not even like the flavours in this great bag of 24 packets!

I put them to one side, temporarily and got on with storing the other carrier bags of goods away.

This fridge stuff was stored first.

I’m not even sure I meant to order any battered cod, or chicken whatever they are. These are going to be a struggle to get in the freezer; if indeed the food fits in at all!

I recall ordering the Cannelloni Ragû. It’s on special offer, a new product. It’s about time I treated myself to a ready meal again. No idea what it will taste like or what it is, though. I read on the box; it needs thawing in a fridge for twelve hours before cooking, so int the refrigerator it went.

What a kerfuffle it was, trying to make room in the freezer.

I had to go through each drawer, rearranging things, taking stuff out of boxes to use less room, and I even had to dish some food, although it was out of date stuff. Ahem! Still, it’ll have to do. Tsk!

I moved on to the fridge stocking, that didn’t exactly have enough room either.

I saw the bit of butter left and crossed my fingers that Sainsbury’s don’t let me down on Wednesday, no that I can remember which butter I ordered. I recall not being able to make my mind-up between Anchor Spreadable, and a block of goat milk butter. I’ve never tried goat butter; I have a feeling I opted for the Anchor, to be on the safe side, at least I know I like that brand. But who knows! 

I can lose it at times, you know. I was replying to Ohio’s Red Car Monitor Billumski on the comments. I came out with; ‘Confusion, which causes lackadaisicalness, can lead to a temporary loss of logicality, that often becomes a permanent feature’. Now that, to me was a Spike Milliganism what I came up with! But, do I get fame and fortune? No! Then again, Spike never got enough recognition, for his natural brilliant warped humour either.

The Velvet Comfort toilet rolls arrived, though.

A bit of a surprise when I saw how minuscule the sheets were. And only as wide as the big but very narrow ones, that I have to use now!

But they do seem a lot thicker, so I should avoid the old ‘Fingers-Through-To-The-Poo’ incidents,

I’m hoping so anyway. Har-har!

Hello, Herbert’s giving whatever he’s making some hammer now! Clunk, bang, bang, clunk, bang, bang… Kin-hell, give us a break mate!

I’ve just had a thought, I can leave the old and new toilet rolls next to each other, on the top of the loo, and encourage them to mate? Hahaha!

Mad? Me? Yes!

The last carrier bag I came to, which had all frozen food in it, pies, and other meats and fish in it, microwave foods, was obviously not mine.

Worried about the food thawing out, and no space in my freezer, I was at a loss. I tried ringing Iceland, but it was auto-answer, and I couldn’t understand what was being said.

So frustrated; I called my saviouress Jenny ♥, who took complete control of the situation. She came down to collect the carrier and crisps, took them to put in her freezer, rang Iceland and arranged for them to collect the goods from her flat – Jenny rang me back to keep me updated – what a caring Angel. Thanks, Jenny! ♥ Saved the day for me again, so kind X.

I found the local Coronavirus figures for Nottingham, 7 days, up to 28th. Grim reading!

I pressed on and made a start on this blog, for hours. More mistakes and correcting time than producing. Grrr!

I got an email, no, text message, from Nottingham City Homes maintenance department. Reminding me of the visit tomorrow to look at the balcony door that has come off its rails and the door lock doesn’t work. It hasn’t worked since installation. Busy day tomorrow.

Off with the computer, (Innit amazing, typing and SSS, Anne Gyna and Nicodemus giving all sorts of hassle, I close the computer down, and they all ease-off? Tsk!)

I put some fries in the oven and got the nosh checked in the saucepan. Doing nicely, turned the heat down to a minimum. I tooketh a wee-wee, a more potent one this time of the UDYAP (Urgent-Deep-Yellow-and-Painful) mode.

Then started to sort out the waste and recycling bags, which went well, apart from dropping the spray bottle as I was squirting some in each waste-bag before tying them up, and the container slipped from my grip, into one of the bags. Brunglebogs! It was plastic and the bottle cracked and all the disinfectant spilt into the bag! I lost more time cleaning that mess up! Grangleclogs!

Out into the lift lobby with the bags, and deposited the waste bags down the chute. Then waited for the cage to arrive. I wish I’d taken a crossword book with me, it took that long to get the lift to come to me. It was stuck on the 13th floor for ages. The other list, reserved for the contractors only, came to my floor several times, but I didn’t use it, of course.

Eventually, the elevator arrived, no one in it, I got in and down to the ground floor lobby.

I made my way out, though the lobby doors, into the sunshine, and to the bin area and left the recycling bag near the door, the big bin was over-flowing, a lot of stuff was in there from the contractors, I think. I stood a few moments to get some real sunshine on me.

According to the weather forecast, we are due for a period of precipitation. I re-entered the building, through the caretaker’s door and along the passage to the lift lobby. A new face to me, in there, Robert on holiday?

I got a lift back up without any bother. Dropped the Lego cards, I got from Sainsbury’s off at Malcolms flat for his Grandkids.

I got into the apartment hallway, as I was fitting the three-wheeler-guide into the corner, I found myself being welcomed home with some more tap-tap, knock-knocking from Herbert, above. He’s been at it all day so far. Must be a Special train model he’s doing for someone.

I took the fries out of the oven and served them up on top of the mixture (Canned) called ‘The Full Monty breakfast’. Containing; Baked beans, tomatoes, pork sausage, potato, water, mushrooms, bacon, beef chop (3%) and no fewer (According to the label) than 25 different flavourings. To which I added a jar of tomatoes & basil. I had two individual brown cobs with it, to soak up the juices. A bottle of fresh orange juice, and lemon yoghourt. Taste Rating: 5/10, unsurprisingly, Hehe!

I got the pots washed, took the evening medication and injection, and settled into the c1968, rickety recliner. I spent a few hours of, repeatedly drifting off, and waking with a jump every time, as Neuropathic Pete kept jerking the right leg. Humph!

Inchcockski – Tue 29 Sept 2020: Apart from Trotsky-Thomas, norra bad day! (I lie well!)

TFZers Gladys in her garden – under the PC’s observation?

Tuesday 29th September 2020

Welsh: Dydd Mawrth 29ain Medi 2020

03:25hrs: I awoke, and pondered about whether Trotsky Thomas will be back again today. After realising that I’d gone for around about four hours head down, without a single summoning to the Porcelain Throne, my hopes were high for a bit of relief. (Which just goes to prove what a fool I am. Hehe!) I lay, not entirely confident of my hopes coming to fruition, and started sneezing, and feeling terribly cold, the odd shiver coming over me. Hello, this doesn’t mode well?

The need for a wee-wee arrived, but it didn’t seem an urgent call. I took my time getting free of the £300, c1968 recliner. Got up, and even did a little bit of pandiculating, then launched into a few mild, imitation, physical jerks, like I was taught at the after-Stroke Physio session, but not a lot! The sneezing made it hard work. Grabbed metal Mickey (the four-pronged walking stick), and utilised the EOGPB (Essential-Overnight-Grey-Plastic-Bucket). It was a good job that it was only a DDD Dribble-Drip-Done) mode, wee-wee, because SSS (Shuddering-Shoulder-Shirley) kicked of while I had Little Inchy out, and this saved me from an Accifauxpa and mess to clean up. Already, a Smug-Mode was developing. I left the bucket where it was, cause I’ve been fooled so many times before; The first wee-wee is an innocent, painless, easy release, and soon after, a violent torrential one arrives, oh, yes! Not going to catch me out this time!

As I wobbled my way to the kitchen, the innards gave me a little rumble. No Health Checks were done yet. I just took the medications and made a brew of Thompsons Punjana tea. Then decided to get on the computer to update yesterday’s post, as I knew I was well behind with it, and it would take me a long time. Blimey, it was cold this morning, and the sneezing started again. Tsk!

Having just booted up the computer, the stabbing pains in the innards and need for the Porcelain Throne arrived, importunately, and off to the wet room I hobbled with haste.

Oh, shame, disgrace and Fuddleplops! Just one step away from the welcoming Throne, when things started to move unexpectedly early! A most uncomfortable session. I’ll not go into detail. Just tell you it was as bad as yesterday’s Trotsky Thomas sessions were. Messy, so messy! But the pain was far less this morning! The time spent cleaning and medicating things afterwards, took a lot longer.

It’s a good job I’ve got some betterer toilet paper on order, that should be arriving tomorrow. These ultra-narrow Amazon rolls, disintegrate when you look at them, never mind use the flipping things. Tsk! I did a turn of cleaning and freshening-up, and limped back, sneezing again, to the computer, to persist with the updating of the Sunday blog. 

I decided to try taking one of the Sainsburys anti-diahorrea capsules, as the stomach felt like it was brewing up fpr another go at sending me to the Porcelain Throne.

 I dropped the capsule, thanks to Nicodemus’s Neurotransmitters packing up on me, leaving me with just the one tablet left. So I did an in-depth, painstaking search for the escaped varmint. It was not on the carpet, in the folds of my stomach, or on the desktop. So down on the hands and knees, I perused under the recliner, no luck there.

As I was about to get back up, and positioning myself near to the chair to assist my rising back up, and I espied the little blue and white monkey, hiding on the floor underneath the cabinet! Gotcha! I said! I reached for the long picker-upperer and fumbled around trying to grab the tiny capsule…

Despite several knockings of the right hand against the wood (PICP (Proximal Interphalangeal Cartilage Pain), and Arthur Itis’s giving me grief, I eventually got the capsule in the teeth of the gripper…

When I got it out, I’d crushed the damned thing and only had the flattened blue and white gelatine case. Then had the job of cleaning up the loperamide powder from the carpet! Then, getting back up, the call to the Porcelain Throne arrived again – you can imagine the semi-panic I as in? The sheer pain of getting up was nothing to the fear of having an accident by not getting to the Throne on time! I felt a right schmuck!

But, I got there in time, just! Yet another messy affair, but once again, far less painful than the previous visit. Phew!.

After the umpteenth cleaning and medicating rigmarole, I returned to the computer, and had to take the last capsule after all my bestest failed efforts to retrieve the escapee! Peripheral Pete, and Nicodemus, I would not wish on my worst enemy! Well…

I went to take the belated morning medications and did the Health Checks. The SYS had shot back up, to 169, now! How I’ve not exploded, lost my marbles completely or spontaneously combusted, I don’t know. Hehehe!

Even the stick thermometer was showing that the body temperature was going down again, after a couple of near to target days!

Back below 35°c again.

I made another brew, of Glengettie Gold, took photographs of the late morning views. Still looking a bit dull, and it was really cold when I opened the window. I’m using the Nikon camera today. The Kodak is a little too conusing to me

I got the milk in the mug of tea, sneezed, and instantly needed the Porcelain Throne again! Argh!

I got to the wet-room easily in time. I have to admit, this session was of far less quantity, pong, bleeding, and quicker than any before. It was still messy though and needed the place and me cleaning, and Harold’s poor, bleeding Haemorrhoids needed medicating. Humph! I’ll be so glad when I get the softer, wider toilet tissues delivered!

The tea had gone cold by the time I got back to it, but I was beginning to lose heart, a smidge, and didn’t bother making another one. I just got on with and finally finished off the Sunday rag.

I uploaded and sorted the photos taken, then Emailed the link. Visited the WordPress Reader section. Answered a comment or two. Then made up a template and started to do this post. And it was late when I got the Ablutions tackled. But, they went fairly well today.


  • The teeth-cleaning gave me a bit of bother, I caught the newly found hole in the back molar. My own fault, I’d forgotten about it. Only one dropsy, the toothpaste, oh no, two, the mouthwash as well. Tsk!
  • The shaving, apart from many dropsies of razors and the foam spray, went well, not a single nick or cut! Smug-Mode Adopted!
  • The shower was great, almost too perfect, it worried me.

As I was coming out of the shower, I noticed a bit of mound at the side of the drain cover. I thought I’ll have that! I got the Anti-mould stuff squirted on the inside of the drain, the photograph I took is a bit misty, but that’s to be expected. Left it to soak, and back to the ablutioning.

  • I got dried off properly, and, without knocking anything off of the floor cabinet.
  • The medicationalisationing; Naturally, the only really hurtful business, was Harold’s Haemorrhoids. (I ordered some more Germoloid cream later, added it to the Sainsbury’s order, for Wednesday)

Got dressed, in some warm clothes at last, and got some potatoes in the crock-pot for later. I think I may have added a little too much of the Squid fish vinegar/sauce. Hahaha!

Then got on with the morning’s hand-washing. Not that there was a lot, with my refusal to wear any socks.

Not that I have any fears of the metal, finger-trapping, lesion, trauma, contusion, bruise causing, toe-stubbing, Sock-Glide, at all, naturally, a man of my status, calibre and brave attitude would never be intimidated. Cough! I got the washing of the long-sleeved tee-shirt done. wrung and hung.  I put the yarmulke, to soak in a basin in the sink, I used the Woolite washing liquid, for dar clothes. The cap is beginning to look a smidge tatty.

Then added some pickled eggs (damn the price, I love em!) on the Sainsbury’s order for Wednesday delivery.

Then I checked out the latest ‘Your Area’ (Postcode) email newsletter, for the latest Coronavirus figures. Not very encouraging, are they? The Government seem to ever-changing the way they report the actual figures.

Then I started to get the waste bags sorted and so I can take them to the chute. I’m not sure how or why I’ve let them grow so much… yes I am, when I had the late funny turn, was Saturday, when I usually take them. Sounds good enough to me.

I got them amassed on, on and hanging about the three-wheeled-Walker-Guide, it was not easy, but I was feeling much better at that moment. Not exactly panurgic, but more willing to have a go at doing something difficult. And this job was indeed a struggle.

By the time I’d got out of the door, and a few yards to the end of the flat’s lobby, I dropped many bags off of the trolley, retrieved them, and lost some more. Hehehe!

I got them down the waste-chute, with only some minor scrapes against the iron lid, put them down and was returning to the flat, and a caretaker saw me, he said a pleasant ‘Hello’ and shot off. Maybe he thought I was going to ask him for a favour, or help? Har-har!

I got the wheels in the flat, not easily, but coped. And the door chimes rang out their rendition of Dusty Springfield’s ♫I only want to be with you!♫ At first, I thought foolishly, “That will be Josie returning the dinner things early, so as not to wake me up for the first time in over two months!”

Of course, it wasn’t Josie, cause I’m not stripped and down in my sleep-searching mode yet, in desperate need of Sweet Morpheous yet – then she’ll come! It was an NCH chap, called to test the Fire Alarm. But I wished it would have been Josie, she’s bound to wake me up again, despite my begging her not to. Bless her, she just can’t remember.

I need to get some graphics done again, I’ll go on CorelDraw and try again. Back in a bit.

Well, I got two graphicalisations done.  Better than one, Tsk!

Then I thought, had a sort of brainwave; If I can catch Josie in, I can collect the tray and things and, she will not need to wake me up later returning them. So, I took a can of plonk for her, and to pick up the tray and cutlery.

She was not very happy, and complained about me not being able to eat cakes and sweet stuff, and didn’t know what to get as a thank you for me. I repeated what I’ve been saying every week since May; Thank you, but I don’t need anything other than to know you enjoy the Sunday meals. Grasping the situation that I like giving more than receiving was difficult for the gal, and I felt awkward afterwards. “Why do you buy alcohol if you don’t drink it?” – ‘To hand out as treats and thank-you’s to others’. I have repeatedly explained this to the gal. In fact, I felt told-off. Hehehe! Bless her!

Back to the flat and got the meal prepared. At least the Trotsky Thomas had eased off, no more Chilli-con-carne for me, I thought.

Then another summoning to the Porcelain Throne arrived. (I was hoping they had stopped, but, there you go, or rather I went, in a hurry to the wet-room. Haha!)

A far easier session, less volume, bleeding from Harold’s Haemorrhoids, but still as messy. So, a good clean up and anticepticalisationing, change of PPs, and back to getting the nosh sorted out.

  The last of the Irish potato farls, spuds, tomatoes and Jenny-supplied yellow toms, last of the beetroot, sliced a Cox’s orange-pippin apple, strong silverskin and fresh onions, the last of the Surami sticks (Sainsbury’s have none left in stock!), Marmite cheese discs, and some lemon mousse.

I shall miss the potato farls, I had some home-made ones once, on a fishing holiday to Ireland, in Athlone. the landlady, Mary, made the most wholesome and fantastic meals, and sandwiches for when we went fishing. A memory that has never been lost to me, a highlight in my life!

I got settled down, and it took only minutes for Sweet Morpheous to envelope me.

Unfortunately, the Thought-Storms came in dream form, and I woke up more often than I have ever before. Grumbleclonkackers!

Inchcockski – Sunday 27th September 2020: Montezuma’s revenge, I shouldn’t eat Chilli-Con-Carne!

Fowl-Deeds at the TFZer Cool-It-Cabin? Hehe!

Sunday 27th September 2020

Norwegian: Søndag 27 September 2020

02:00hrs. : I stirred into a mock, semi-awake state of mind, and soon discovered that I needed a wee-wee. I could see the OGPEB (Overnight-Grey-Plastic-Emergency-Bucket) had not been used from where I lay, which was a bonus for me, cause I can now nip to the wet room, without having to take the pale to be cleaned and sanitised with me. As I rolled sideways to remove my preponderantly, over-bulky-stomached body from the £300, second-hand, c1968, nauseatingly-beige coloured recliner. Suddenly, there no time to even catch my balance now, I could sense the PMAD Pre-Micturition Dribble, was doing its best to escape, so a hasty-hobble to the wet room was made.

I got in the room, dropped the PPs, and thought I was going to let rip a torrential, intense blast of wee-wee into the bowl. But, no! A weak sprinkling for a few seconds and that was it? This felt all wrong. Hey-ho! I washed the hands slowly, just in case any after-leaking started, there was no more.

As I made my way to the kitchenette, I noticed than many of the regular ailments were more noticeable by their absence, this morning, up to now, anyway! Arthur Itis, SSS, (Shuddering-Shoulder-Shirley) and Anne Gyna to start with! But the oddity of the pathetic wee-wee, tells me something is brewing from the innards. A twinge here and there from the bowels! So I didn’t adopt any Smug-Mode!

I’d put the *Nokia camera on a charge, so I took a photo from the kitchen window with the complicated top learn Kodak camera. *Ah, just noticed, this, I meant, Nikon camera! I used the Night setting. It’s even worse than the Nikon and Canon at night shots! Tsk!

I was about to make a start on doing the Health checks – and the bladder tried to release its load straight away! A panic flap, and rush to the wet room, hitting my right shoulder en route, Argh!, but got there with seconds to spare (Just). I was fortunate in making it in time – wet, sloppy yet so quick and painful. I pinned the blame on myself, for having the Chilli-con-carne for my nosh, last night! Mind you, Tim Price told me a good chilli would clear me out – he was right!

Cleaning myself took long enough, but the splashed all over the bowl mess, took ages as well! 

But at least only one flush was required… I can tell, there will be more visits during the day.

Back to the kitchen, and got on with Health Checks. The sphygmomanometerisationing results were a bit scary! I think I’ve used the wrong photo here? I thought the SYS was at 167 on the machine?

Then the stick thermometer gave me a really low reading, then? Am I perhaps on my last legs here? Ready for the Great Leader above to call me to his side?  Not that this would be a problem, I’ve a few questions I’d like to ask him about.

Made a brew Thompsons Punjana, and another dash to the Porcelain Throne (2)! A repeat performance again. I got a feeling of deja vu! Although the evacuation was of a tad smaller in volume, still wet and splashy, mind. The cleaning up took a lot longer this time, for some reason.

The personal cleaning was awfully painful, Harold’s Haemorrhoids were almost screaming out loud! Hehehe! The innards were beginning to stab at me a bit, I think there are still some actions to come.

Made a brew of Glenbgettie Gold tea, and had to rush back to the Porcelain-Throne again (3)! Oh, dearie me! The last of the ‘good’ toilet paper has now been used-up! I’m onto the thin cheap crap from Amazon now. Resulting in an even bigger mess to clean up tan last time. The same type of evacuation, but so much less and even quicker job. Still hurt though! Tsk!

The tea had gone cold, so made another drink of Thompsons Punjana, this time. Then I got Computer Cameron going. Going for another wee-wee, I noticed the Humidity & Temperature monitor, both were within the guidelines.

I used the Kodak, and it produced a nothing-it-looked-like, to the eye, photo of my right foot! As I didn’t see any shaded areas as I reviewed the shot through the eye-lens, everything looked bright and clear. Klunglefrazzles! I think the auto flash on the Kodak made the feet look worse than they were.

I updated yesterday’s blog, not much left that needed doing. Made a drink of Glengettie, had a wee-wee and Pinterested some pictures.

Then, I had to visit the Porcelain Throne (4th) again, and it required some swift, dextrous moves on my behalf, to get there in time before the onslaught of an evacuation started! I’m getting worn-out with these visits, and all the sanitising and cleaning up that accompany each one! Schluberdubersnarl!

Got the updating finished and sent off. Then onto Facebooking catch-up, that took a long time. On the WordPress Reader, some great stuff on there today. Comments, and Winwood Heights Facebook page. Got a template made for the blog. Then went to make a brew…

Then, I had to revisit the Porcelain Throne, the 5th one of the day! At last, there were indications that the attack was easing, far less content this time, but it was messier than ever, and Harold’s Haemorrhoids were suffering something rotten! Got the place and myself cleaned up again.

Back to the computer, and spent a couple of hours sorting out the graphics on CorelDraw. I’m not sure if its the programme, the computer, or me; but things keep moving from one folder to another in just one file? Probably me!

Now, weak and weary and weak, I decided to get the Ablutions done, it felt like they were really needed! Well, they were required, a damned good freshening shower and the loofa and glove will be well used! Then, guess what?

Yes, back on the Porcelain Throne (6th time this morning). Still messy, but less content methinks. I had a good clean up, as the tummy still rumbled. I suppose the problem arose from my having the Chilli-Con-Carne last night. I wondered why I’d not had any for months, I remember why now. Hahaha! I’ll check the cupboard later, and dish any cans of chilli that I find. Tsk!

I utilised the lemon-fresh air-spray and set about the ablutionisationing.

  • Doing the teeth, I found another split in a tooth, that’s four teggies with problems now, they’re not many left, either. Toothache Terence played up, of course. Three dropsies.
  • Great shaving session, only one small cut, and just two dropsies!
  • The showering went without dropping the showerhead – mind you there were four other dropsies. The worst, being the little-slim last bar of carbolic soap, it shattered into tiny pieces? Can’t get anymore now. So I used the lemon bar, not that I can smell any lemon in it! Humph!
  • Just the one knock against the grab bar as I retrieved the loofa from the deck. And it didn’t set SSS off either. I think the brain-pain department is worried more over the bout of the Chilli-prompted Diahorrea.
  • The medicationalisationing, as to be expected, was so painful. Well, the rear end was. The furuncle had been obliterated by the outcoming torrents from the bowels, I couldn’t even feel it this morning? Poor old Harold’s Haemorrhoids suffered the most, bleeding and stinging without any respite. Brunglebogles!

I got some hand-washing done in the kitchen sink. Used the dark-clothing liquid I got from the Bargain Shop in town. When I picked it up, I thought there must have been a leak, cause it’s the first time I’ve used the bottle, the seal seemed okay, but it was half-empty? Brunglebogs! Perhaps I can apportion blame to the mysterious wonders of Woodthorpe Court: The ghosts, hobgoblins, boll-weevils, aliens, gremlins, grotesqueries, urchins, karakia-cursing entities, hallucinations. Materialisations, poltergeist, lemures, wairuas, kehuas, manifestations that permeate, pass through the pores and interstices of space, through the time-continuum. Usually, without rupture or displacement within the building. To cause havoc, fear and frustration, as they dislodge time itself, in their aspirations and skulduggery, to complete their given by Satan mission; To destroy the sanity, confuse, and scare the hell out of Inchcock? Tsk!

I had a look at the latest figures for the Coronavirus in Nottingham. It as not looking so good. The 154 figure is for the last 7 days.

With stomach aching and grinding away, I started this blog going. But soon realised the time, and had to stop, as Josie’s Sunday lunch needed preparing, so I washed the hands well, dried them, and got on with it.

I was proud of this week’s cheesy potatoes, chives, Squid vinegar, Leicester Cheese, and a knob of Morrison’s best Brittany butter with sea-salt, all went into the mix. The fish in batter, garden peas, Surami sticks, tomatoes, Marmite cheese and beetroot finished off the plate. Added some chocolate bars and a can of pink gin and tonic on the tray. Made my way to Josie’s door with the feast.

On my way to her door, I suddenly felt a little poorly, weak, and oh, so tired. Josie mentioned that I looked rather qualmish. (I must look what that means later, Hehe!) She okayed the look of the meal, and we swapped hellos then farewells. I wanted to let her get the meal while the fish, garden peas and cheesy potatoes were still warm.

I took to the smell of the fish in-batter I’d served Josie. And I decided to have the same myself. Although it was early, I thought it an idea to get my nosh now, and refill the frequently-emptied innards, plus I was suddenly feeling so weary and tired, I knew there was a chance of my falling asleep the moment I got settled down. This was a good idea, for I sensed the body was telling me it needed to rest and recuperate.

I took the medications early and prepped my own nosh. Fish in batter, Surami, tomatoes, garden peas and the leftover cheesy potatoes from Josies. Two tiny tubs of mousse as well. To my own amazement, I ate the lot!

I washed the pots and settled down in the £300, second-hand, c1968, unstable, pukingly-beige-coloured, most-uncomfortable, no-longer working, heavy, yet tottery, rickety, rusty, rachitic, recliner.

That was it for me, the day was done. I spent about six hours, drifting-off to sleep and waking again! On the plus side, despite the rumbling from the innards, there were no more calls to the Porcelain Throne. I gave up trying to get and stay asleep and got up at 02:00hrs.

Montezuma’s revenge, the huckleberry two-steps, or dysentery, call it what you will, but worra terrible, testing, Trotski’s trying, torrential-teeming, Porcelain-Throne record attending, day!

Inchcockski – Saturday 26th September 2020: Mind meandering, mostly, today!

Saturday 26th September 2020

Spanish: Sábado 26 de Septiembre de 2020

01:50hrs: Woke, and I removed my elephantine body from the c1968 recliner, and toddled dodgily for a wee-wee. Crapola! The finger’s knuckle PIPs (Proximal interphalangeal joints), were agony, and I failed to get Little Inchy out in time! Then the inopinate MAD (Micturition After-Dribble) added to the embarrassment. Also, the style of wee-weeing was a bladder-shuddering PSL (Powerful-Spraying-Short-Lived) release, which meant I had to spend ages washing, cleaning and disinfecting. ‘What a start to the day’ I thought! And it wasn’t half cold in the flat this morning! Brunglebogs, Brrr!

I collected the Nikon and took it with me to the kitchen, and noticed that the lens cap was not on it. (Nothing unusual in that, I often misplace it and have troubles finding it again!) But today’s search around proved a total failure and cost me so much time again. I looked around near where I expected to find it first, near the computer, but no.

Then I went into the wet-room, not there either. To the kitchen, and ferreted through the drawers, window ledge, and scouted around the cupboards and containers, all without any luck. I then basically, carried another search of the same areas. I was getting rather cold, but my desire to find the lens cap drove me on probing everywhere, against no success. I got down on all fours looking under the furniture, and by the time I’d struggled to get back on my plates, I decided to make a brew of tea, and try to think backwards of the last photo I’d taken. Aha, a semi-brainwave arrived; I’ll look on the SD card to see where I was when I took the last photograph!  tried

Turned on the Nikon, and got the ‘No Card in this Camera’ message. Argh! But I wasn’t too bothered, the SD is bound to be in the card reader inside the computer… But no, it wasn’t! Now the worrying started. After yet another hunt around, I got out an old well-used card to use, stupidly thinking the last picture would show up, of course, it didn’t!

Now, seriously questioning my sanity, I returned the card to the drawer, and guess what I saw? Yes, the SD card I was searching for, sat there almost looking back at me, on top of the landline phone! I stopped for a moment to digest just how bonkers I was going. Then had another scavenge about, looking for the lens cap. No luck!

So, back to the kitchen, to get the Health Checks done, (All the time, I was checking here and there and keeping my eye out for the precious lens cap, as I did the checks). I was becoming fixated about it!

I got the sphygmomanometer and the thermometer out of the medical drawer and did the checks.

The SYS was still too high, but al least it had come down a midge.

The stick-thermometer showed a reading of only34.1° or 31.7°c. I think it might be the higher one, I couldn’t remember what it came out as. Not surprisingly, with the state of my mind after such a hectic bout of Whoopsiedangleplops to start the day. Gangleboggleisations! 

I took the morning medications, made a brew, and the cold ran through mt body, making me shiver a bit. So I took the brew of Glengettie Gold with me, and I headed to get some clothes on and get a bit warmer.

: Well, getting the trousers on was not easy either. Just as I was stood on the right leg, and lifted the left to get into the trews, Perfect timing Peripheral Neuropathy Pete, launched one of his involuntary right-leg Neuropathic Schuhplattler dances! I managed to use the wall, then the recliner as support to prevent me going over, but still don’t know how I managed to stay on my plates, as I wobbling-away. And the jerking remained for a longer time than it has ever before, and this started SSS Shuddering-Shoulder-Shirley off as well! I’m not sure how much more of this I can take. Even the innards started stabbing at me, then! Grindingagonydamit!

I got sat down in the swivel chair and drank the now tepid tea. Tried to relax a little, calm me down. The general shakes started then. Vision blurred, and a bit of a panic-fretting station was brewing. Enough!

After a little Thought-Storming, I felt much better. Not exactly panurgic, but ready to press on, and try again to get the trousers on, nervously. The jerking hadn’t fully stopped, but I coped better this time and kept upright. A smug-mode helped me regain some concentration…

I pulled up the trews, and fastened them, and guess what I found in the left-hand pocket? Go on, have a guess! Only the Nikon lens cover! While feeling a right nincompoop, I was over-the-moon with this discovery! Yee-Ha!

I was in a much calmer frame of mind now. And got on with updating the Friday blog, with a certain gusto, determination, and SSS knocking the hell out of me! Agonydangles! As I grafted away, the dreaded Hum started, it was so annoyingly loud! I got the updating finished, posted it off to WordPress, emailed the link. went on the Facebook updating, then the WordPress Reader.

I came across some old photos of Mansfield Road and saved them to file, for doctoring into a separate blog, cause they are great, memory, and thought – I’ll create a blog later with them, time permitting.

Throughout the morning, I’ve had to take several, well, many, wee-wees, the surprising thing is, they were all of the TWWAMD (Trickling-Weak-With-After-Micturition-Dribbling) mode! But a little patience (which I didn’t have earlier) I had no messes or leakages to sort out. Smug-Mode-Defcon-3 adopted. Hehehe! 

Now, the need for the Porcelain Throne arrived, no messing about from me, I hobbled hastily to the wet room. All the signs, twinges and indications were that this was going to be a painful, heavy, marathon, session! So, I settled and got the crossword book out.

Within a minute or so, the whole evacuation was over and done with! Did it hurt? It always does, positive agony many times sometimes. However, today’s deposit left in the porcelain china bowl, was the least painful and the quickest for many a month! Is my bad-luck fading? Oh, I do hope so! Hahaha!

Hello, I think Herbert’s gone shopping, the noise has stopped.

Another TWWAMD wee-wee, and made a mug of Thompsons Punjana tea, and started to put together and doctor the Mansfield Road History photographs, ready to create the next blog with.

Herberts back, tap-tap, clunk, bang!

Phew! Got the Mansfield Road post done at last. Link: Sherwood Memories

I must get a graphic done for the diary headers, so back to CorelDraw to do another couple, at least. Well, I finished one.

Now, will the prescriptions be arriving? They are due today, but nothing yet. Got the nosh sorted and served up.

I risked a Chilli-Con-Carne, with curried beans, tasted it in the saucepan, too hot for me, so I added a sachet of black bean sauce, it might calm it down a little. Did some Southern flavoured fries to go with it. Not bad at all, ate some bread thins to soak up the liquids. Taste-Rating: 7/10, a smidge hot to my liking, but I ate the lot of it!

Got the pots washed, and tried my best to stay awake in case the Carrington Pharmacy, 343-345 Mansfield Rd, Carrington, Nottingham NG5 2DA, Telephone number: 0115 960 5453, just up from the Lidl store, were going to deliver on time for once. The silly ideas I get! They didn’t arrive. And I drifted off to sleep.

20:05hrs, the time is the first thing I looked at when the noise woke me up. Herbert, I think doing his model train building, certainly coming from above, but it might be water pipes or anything. Still, its better than at midnight as yesterday.

No problem dropping off again for once, boy, was I tired!

Inchcock’s Mansfield Road, Sherwood, Pictorial History

I do hope you enjoy this bit of Nottingham history.

Please let me start with a sad point, the end of the much-loved Metropole Cinema, (Remember the open log fire?), and the business ventures that followed and failed.

Regrettably, I could not find a decent photo of the Metropole in its glory days.

Located in the Sherwood district of Nottingham at the top of the hill on Mansfield Road at the corner of Elmswood Gardens. The Metropole Cinema was an outstanding suburban cinema. It opened on 3rd August 1937 with Fred McMurray in “Champagne Waltz” and Marsha Hunt in “Accused Finger”.

A striking feature of the exterior was a slender fin tower on the left of the building which had the name ‘Metropole’ across the top. This could be seen for miles around. Inside the auditorium, seating was provided in stalls and circle areas. The proscenium was 60 feet wide, and the stage 18 feet deep. For a while, they had an open fire in the reception hall, and this was much appreciated by many in winter.

Initially, it was independently operated by W. Wooley & T. Wright, who ran the Goldsmith Street Cinema. The Metropole Cinema was taken over by the Associated British Cinemas(ABC) chain in 1943. Closed by ABC on 27th October 1973 with Malcolm McDowell in “O Lucky Man”. It was leased to the Star Cinemas chain who converted it into a Star Bingo Club. Closed as an EMI Bingo Club in 1979. Then the interior was stripped out, and it was converted into a supermarket. Last used as a Kwik Save Supermarket, it was closed around 2004, and the building was demolished in 2006. A Somerfield supermarket was built on the site. Later a failed Co-operative Food Store. Now, it is a 24-hour gym.

I use it myself three or four times a week, you know. Only for three hours a visit. Hahaha!

The earliest photo to be found was of a Horse Tram, on an outbound journey, about to pass Devon Drive, and the then called, the Methodist Chapel.

c1920, oh, how life must have been then. The electric trams were kings of transport. Just look at the motorbike! Kids strolling across the road.

Ah, now we are talking. Note how the rain always look more foreboding in a black and white photograph? The housewives make time for a natter, and no doubt to bemoan the rationing still on so many foods? The Marsdens food stores were the tops then. I worked for them when I left school at 14. The best job I’ve ever had! Happy times.

Opposite where the library is now, I think anyway.

The Robin Hood Hotel. I frequented this pub years later, for the company, certainly not for the taste of their Home Brewery beer. Eugh! Haha!

Ah, the Vauxhalls, Austins, Hillman, Wolseley’s, and Morris vehicles. All gone now, I’m afraid! Look at the sensible clothing worn, the ambling pedestrians, and lack of street-sleepers and hooded youths. All changed nowadays, not always for the better!

Fine Fare Food Supermarket, late Wilko moved from over the other side of the road. The excellent sell anything Fords clothing shop. The Regent five buses. Ah, sad!

A relative newcomer to our roads, the Mini! The Bass Beer sign? No double yellow lines! The broken crossing beacon! And the general gloom, that’s back with is again, only worse, we can blame the Coronavirus for that. Tsk!

Aha, Wilkinsons before it moved and got renamed Wilko. Is that where the Japanese restaurant was opened? I can’t see any bus stops on this stretch?

Aha, Tesco in the new to be Trustees bank spot? I worked for Tesco, then the Co-op, then Tesco, then the Co-op, then back to Tesco, by Gawd we were lucky, it was so easy to get another job. Note the Sima car, a Lada, I think, and a Vauxhall Viva?

It must be early morning, judging by the lack of vehicles and pedestrians in this photo?

Kwik Save, in the old Metropole building, still going in this shot. I liked to shop there, a good car park at the back, low prices, and stale bread on sale. Hahaha!

Is that Drayton, or Melrose Street? That garage was great for repair prices. I took my three-wheeler Robin estate there years earlier, and got a new manifold fitted, dirt cheap! Fair enough, the engine blew up a week later!

I remember standing under a shop doorway to take this one, and I missed the flipping bus! Still, you don’t like to complain, does yer?

Ah, well, that’s yer lot folks.

I hope I’ve stirred a memory or two and raised a little laugh. TTFNski! ♥

Friday 25th September 2020: The Go-Wrongables were Rampant again. Glumbleclops!

TFZers Making a Film, perhaps? ♥

Friday 25th September 2020

Welsh: Dydd Gwener 25ain Medi 2020

23:58hrs (Yesterday): I woke, thanks to some noise that sounded like someone tapping hard with a stick on the floor, came from above? It may have been something in the water-works I suppose? It could have been going on for a while and did not bestir me earlier, but the five clunks, with a few seconds between them, I heard without my hearing aids in? I had to get up and have a look around, well, a wee-wee first, then I took a look outside, and in the flats lobby, but I’ve no idea what it was or where it came from, other than somewhere above. Ah, the mysterious wonders of Woodthorpe Court: The ghosts, hobgoblins, boll-weevils, aliens, gremlins, grotesqueries, urchins, karakia-cursing entities, hallucinations. Materialisations, poltergeist, lemures, wairuas, kehuas, manifestations that permeate, pass through the pores and interstices of space, through the time-continuum. Usually, without rupture or displacement within the building. To cause havoc, fear and frustration, as they dislodge time itself, in their aspirations and skulduggery, to complete their given by Satan mission; ‘To destroy the sanity, confuse, and scare the hell out of Inchcock,’ was back attacking again! I hope it wasn’t noisy-Herbert trying to get help. Certainly not fireworks this time.

Feeling a little like Stan Laurel, I blinked, and made my way aimlessly to the kitchen, blurry-eyed, and annoyed that I could not find anything out about the midnight-tapping.

And got on with the Health Checks. The stick thermometer gave another decent reading of 34.8°c for me.

Then I got the sphygmomanometer from the medical cupboard and utilised it. Oh, dearie me, the flipping SYS was up again! Will it ever come withing range again! So, there’s no ♫ Home, home on the range ♫ for me then? Hahaha! 

By gum, it’s not-half nippy this morning!

I got mini-potatoes, that seemed a little large for mini-potatoes to me, in the crock-pot, and added some of the Squid brand vinegar to marinate for a while.

Got the computer going, and got ready to update the Inchcock Today diary.

But, could I find where my reading glasses were?  No! I even got down (foolishly) on my knees to have a look underneath the cabinet, in case they’d fallen off.

Getting back up was a challenge, but I managed it with only Back-Pain-Brenda giving me any bother, mind you, it hurt!

After a search around in silly places, I decided I’d have to wear the old ones and cope as best I could. I can have an in-depth forage around for the misplaced new spectacles later on. As I settled again, there they were, to my right, two-and-a-half feet away from me, there they were! I did feel like a right fool, idiot, pillock, dumbo, plonker, wassock and putz! But these are frequent emotions of mine nowadays. One gets partially-used to the stupidity and memory-loss.

Herbert accompanied me with his frequent drumming noises, as I pressed on with sorting out the photo’s to use. And a few hours later, I got the Thursday blog finalised. What a slog that was, Humph! I emailed the links, went on the WordPress Reader, Pinterested some snaps, made a brew of Thompsons Punjana tea, then went on a mammoth Facebook updating session.

Made up a template, then made the Sainsburys order for next week, Wednesday 30th Sept, twixt 7-8 a.m. Put it on the Google calendar. And tended to the ablutionalisationing.

: Not such a good session this time, I’m afraid. Toothache Trevor kicked off. 3 dropsies.

Then a few nicks shaving, many dropsies, the foam can twice, and I lost count of the razor’s dropsies. I was on the verge of giving up and trying later! Gragnangles! But I stuck at it.

Next, the showering was a bothersome and painful affair. The showerhead went down, clouting Arthur Itis’s left knee en route to the floor! I had two bangs into the grab rail, hip and head when I went to pick-up the thrice dropped carbolic soap! As I came out of the shower I did a double – I walked into the sock-glide, and stubbed my toe against the metal shower-chair at the same time! This session certainly made up for the previous two easy-going ones!

On a brighter note, the legs I thought were looking a lot better today.

But I wasn’t bothered, it didn’t hurt much, I didn’t start using naughty language, or feeling sorry for myself, oh, no. Ahem!

After the sock-glide incident, things calmed down. Dizzy Dennis departed, and I got on with the towelling down and medicalisationing. Which both went marvellously? Not knocking anything over or walking into anything, the furuncle was dying off I think, cause it gave no pain at all! Harolds Haemorrhoids were not too fierce at all! Yee-Ha!

I got the computer closed down, to give it time to cool down. And got a load of waste-bags made up. I’m not taking the recycling bag, although it is nearly full, cause I don’t want top miss window cleaner Pete, calling. I got a bag for dropping off at Jenny and Franks on the three-wheeler, ready to go to the chute. I had a check around before leaving, to monitor the state of the taps (faucets), heaters, stove, lights, doors, sink plugs etcetera.

Out to the rubbish room with the bags, and got them down the chute, I had a bit of bother doing this, because Nicodemus’s Neurotransmitters had started failing again, so I had to take care; that iron chute-lid can be lethal! 

I got to the lift lobby and was soon down on Jenny’s floor. Dropped the bag near the door of their flat, and as I came out, Frank appeared at the door. He was looking in rude health bless him. I wished him a happy Christmas from a distance, he returned the best wishes and laughed. I love it when folks laugh spontaneously.

Getting the elevator back up to the twelfth floor, was a nightmare. It must have taken me half-an-hour! (At least it felt like it!) The contractor lift arrived, which we are not allowed to use, a chap in it said something to me, but I didn’t catch what he was saying, but he seemed in a good mood.

The Residents lift arrived and had two people in it, they were not wearing masks, so I declined their offer of getting in with them.

The cage went down to the ground floor, then started coming up, it went by the ninth floor I was at, and came down again, with a chap in it, he had no mask on wither, I politely declined his offer, telling him I was after going up, not down.

The lift went down to the 4th floor and stayed there for yonks. Eventually moving down to the ground floor, then up the top floor, and started coming down, and was on the 13th floor for ages. I expected people to be in it and got ready to explain I was going up when the cage stopped, but there was no one in it?

It came back up, (I needed another shave by then, Hahaha!) and it was empty, I got in and back up to my level.

As I got out, the need of a wee-wee, made me hasten a little and going through the flat’s foyer door, I clouted my right shoulder on the frame. When I got in the apartment, a Nottingham City Homes Newsletter had been delivered. I didn’t know what it was, but it looked official to me, and I feared it might be the appointment for either the bladder or bowel scan. I didn’t read it yet, I hadn’t got the time to.

I got the kettle on, well, I had the wee-wee first, of course, to make room for the brew. Haha!

I rebooted the computer, and a Your Area Newsletter had arrived.

So, I had a look at the latest Coronavirus figures for Nottingham. It was a smidge confusing for me. As you might know, I have trouble with number calculations, this started after I’d had the stroke.

Arithmophobia it’s called. Or is it Dyscalculia? Or both? I’ll look it up on Google.

My problem must be Dyscalculia. I found this article. Czechoslovakian researcher Ladislav Kosc defined the disorder as, A structural disorder of mathematical abilities” caused by impairment to the parts of the brain used in mathematical calculations. With the stroke, it makes sense, to me. But I waffle again, sorry!

Then, I found later that it must be correctly stated as ‘Acquired Dyscalculia’: It read; Usually acquired as the result of a stroke or injury. Another ailment that will need naming, and I can use to sound more intelligent than wot I am really. Har-har!

On the ‘Your Nottingham’ emailed report, it gave this statement and updated figures for the Coronava statistics in Nottingham. Neither of the publications gives a very bright, or encouraging viewpoint, do they? Anti-Gloom tablets needed? Hehehe! 

It’s 14:40hrs now. No signs of Pete, the window cleaner, and its getting towards my nosh and head-down time. I’ve been up for 14 hours or so, now. Thanks to being woken up at midnight. Just thought I’d mention it again!

I rang Frank and Jenny, Frank was there, but Pete did them and left them hours ago. So I don’t know whether to make the nosh and get my head down or not? Will he be calling? Did my getting stuck waiting for a lift cause me to miss him? Oh, shit!

I took some photos of the beautiful late afternoon clouds. Very nice they looked too, but I didn’t really appreciate it, with not knowing what’s going on with the windows, and dare not go to bed, in case Pete arrived.

I rang Jenny again, in the hope that she knew something about the window cleaner’s situation. But, no answer.

Feeling a bit down now! Going to try and get a graphic done… Hello, the landline ringeth and flashes! It was from Jenny. She’s found out what had happened, for me. Apparently, Pete went up to the 13th floor by mistake. And someone told him they didn’t want the windows doing! Claptickleisation! I’m a lucky bugger!

Thank heavens for Jenny! ♥

So, I got on with making the meal.

The Jenny supplied yellow tomatoes, and onions tasted. The Irish potato farls were too.

I got the pots washed, took a wee-wee, got washed and imbibed the evening medications. Then, down in the £300, second-hand, c1968, cringingly beige-coloured, unkempt, fluctuant, ramshackle, broken-down, uncomfortable, dusty, rusty, decaying, tatterdemalion, heavy yet tottery, rickety recliner.

It wasn’t long, before my frustrated brain, and incapacitated, over-stomached, wobbly-bellied body, was safe in the hands of Sweet Morpheous. Better late than never! Bliss!

Inchcock -Thurs 24 Sept 2020: A sort of No Win day. Humph!

TFZers having a get-together? ♥

Thursday 24th September 2020

Catalan: Dijous 24 de Setembre de 2020

03:20hrs: On my regaining consciousness, I feared straight away that I would not make it in time to take the urgently needed wee-wee. Determined to save having to change the PP’s in case of any escapages, and the self-embarrassment, I fumbled my way, out of the £300, second-hand, c1968, rickety, rusty recliner, and hauled by stomach on legs to the wet room, as fast as I could manage. And, without any walking into any doorframes! Smug-Mode-Considered, but not adopted, yet.

The fact that there was the OGPEB (Overnight-Grey-Plastic-Emergency-Bucket) that I passed en route that I could have used didn’t dawn on me until later. (What a clot!) The mode of wee-wee was an RSP (Reluctant-Sprinkly-Painful) one, and soon over with. Still, there were no PMD (Pre-Micturition-Dribbles) leakages. I then engaged a mini-smug-mode! Cleaned up and off to the kitchenette.

I got the Health Checks done first. A bit of a shock from the sphygmomanometer SYS reading results; back up to 163. now. Tsk! DIA 83 and Pulse at 82, both seemed highly acceptable figures to me.

The stick-thermometer showed up a temperature of 34 point something or other, celsius. Not one of my betterer photographicalisations! Things seem to be at the whim of nasty young  Nicodemus’s Neurotransmitters again, at present.

I bravely opened the window, to try to take three similar shots of the view, in different modes; I want to find out which is the best one for night shooting. But every time I try this, they come out different to the morning before’s efforts? I think I have reached my peak in photography, the ailments and stroke have to be acknowledged as the main perpetrators of this calamitous failure! Hey-ho!

Five hours later, when creating this blog: Oh, dearie me, I’ve just Published this by mistake! Nicodemus’s fault again! I get annoyed sometimes!

So, I copied it with a different title, then deleted (binned) it. And wallah! I can carry on again. Ay-yay-yay! What an Eizel! A positive Putz! Shlimazel, Shlump and Shmegegge!

I took a photographicalisation from te unwanted, letting rain-in, thick-framed, impossible to get at to clean for old folk, designed by an uncommunicative sadistic Gerontophobic, in hopes that injuries will ensue to the elderly residents, window, of straight down on Chestnut Walk.

I made a brew of Glengettie. Took the medications, and returned to the front room and got the computer going, to start updating yesterday’s diary of woe.

But, no! The flaming Microsoft Pictures ap, would not find or read photographs at all! Argh!

After another wasted hour or so, it started working. I’d like to think this was due to my brilliant, cunning, changing options and searching for help on the web – but it wasn’t. I had no idea what the heck I was doing. Gragnangles!

I got the photos loaded and doctored to suit me, and despite Nasty-Nicolas’s Neurotransmitters, I got the updating finished. I’ve felt better and fitter after a gruelling game of squash than I do at the moment! I hate computers, no doubt because I can’t fully understand them? Like with the new camera, I’m at a loss!

: As I was about to make a fresh brew, the innards stung at me, and a movement from the bowels started off on its own, or rather the innards rangatiratanga, against the door frame! Shame! Got seated and the action began, slow. Painful and massive! As I took a look so I could fill in all the questions on the Bowel Movement log, I was gobsmacked to see thick white streaks in it! I’ll not go into any more detail. Just to say, it frits me!

A thorough clean around, hand-scrubbing and back to the computer! Taking extreme care in getting through the doorway!

I got the Email-link sent off. Then on Facebooking catch-up. The WordPress Reader section, and Pinterested some of the photographs. The updating took me longer than it ever has before! A bit like going to the toilet, really. Hahaha! 

07:50hrs: And Herbert was up and about, judging by the clunking and tap-tapping coming from above. If he wasn’t so taciturn and snobbish, I’d love to ask him what it is he’s making, this time.

As I started to update this template, a repeat performance from the rear-end arrived. I really fell off of the swivel chair in my haste to the wet room. And what a difference this time. Even more painful, but so much quicker, Shplurt and done! Messy this time. It came in broken sections and had sunk out of view, and that’s a first for many months! So I couldn’t see if there were any of the white streaks in it. It was undoubtedly wetter and messier than the previous one – but why did it hurt so much? However, it was a rare second visit, so hard to guess.

Back to computing and wee-weeing. Haha! Not at the same time!

I’d not been going long when the landline burst forth. Aha, it was Jenny, bless her cotton socks. She’s arranged for the window cleaner to come and do me tomorrow. What an Angel! We had an enjoyable good long chinwag, a laugh, a moan, and she really cheered me up!  Thanks, Jenny! ♥ You’ll never know how much you brightened my day!

As I put down the phone, I knocked the pen and pad off of the desk. Thinking it was a good idea, I continued to replace the handset, and I saw the long picker-up on the flat airing bars, “I’ll use that” I said… As Robbie Burns wrote, “The best-laid schemes o’ Mice an’ Men, Gang aft agley”!

I knocked the waste bin over fetching the grabber, and had a right mess to sort out! Tsk! I think I might have said something like; ‘Well, fancy that!’

I was well-late in getting the ablutions done. So, off to the wet room! And I thought yesterdays session went well. But I was even luckier today. Teeth cleaning, hardly any pain from Toothache Terence. Shaving, one, yes, just one nick! (I even went into a super Smug-mode, typing this, Haha!) The showering had not gone as well for months, no bangs falls or knocks, and zero dizzies. Just a few dropsies, soap, flannel. (Smug-Mode Upgraded to Defcon Three!) The legs were as near to normal as they have been for years now!

The drying off was easy and accident-free! Ah, the medicationalisationing, well that was the only real bother. The furuncle started to bleed and puss-out a tad, that was a painful experience. Harold’s Haemorrhoids bled a bit. But the worst was putting the PP’s on, I had a loss of balance when I went down, I caught the furuncle on the corner of the floor cabinet. I apologise to anyone who might have heard my ‘Argh’ followed by a naughty word! But it didn’t half sting!

Gone midday already now. With so many Whoopsies and Accifauxpas, and a lot of time sorting them out, I was going down in spirits, but I thought of Jenny, and her brave outlook on things, and it stopped the rot.

Back on the computerisationing. Must find time to do at least two more graphics for the page headers, and make another template for tomorrow. I’ll make a start on it now. Back in a bit, I hope, anyway. Haha! Got on CorelDraw and began creating.

Only one done. I made it too complicated a graphic, and got involved in creating something for far too long. Then had a look at the latest Coronavirus figures, and turned off to get the nosh done.

The canned pork knuckle, various tomatoes, fries, garden peas and beetroot salad made up the meal.

Flavour-Rating was given of 8.8/10, that knuckle is tasty enough for Her Majesty, although it will most likely be Pheasant and Port she’ll be having for her supper. Hehe!

Herbert is still at it with his modelling. Klunk, tap, tap… I’d love to know what he’s making.

Had the first serving of the Iceland-bought ice-cream after. Not the best tasting I’ve had, but it made a nice change.

Washed medications and got down in the £300, second-hand recliner, to watch some more of the Dr Who DVD. But again, I kept nodding off and waking minutes later. So turned off the TV, and got ready for the Thought-Storms… but they didn’t come. Ye-Haa! But sweet Morpheus did.

Unfortunately, at precisely 23:55hrs, I was rudely awakened by several (Obviously loud, or I would not have heard them without my hearing aids in) tapping or knocking sounds. It reminded me of some TV programme where the Grandmother would tap her stick on the bedroom floor to get the families attentions. (Wish I could remember the name of the programme now) The knocks seemed to be coming from right above me (Herbert). About six of them, all paced-slowly, as if timed, or made by a machine? I was concerned, is Herbert knocking for help? Then I pondered over whether it was fireworks, and had to get up to check outside, but nothing seemed out of order. By then, any chance of getting back to sleep had dissipated, so I stayed up. Grobleknackerbangles!

Inchcockski – Wednesday 23rd September 2020: It was mostly ackamarackus today!

Butlers Thoughts: What a cracker!

Wednesday 23rd September 2020

Hawaiian: Pōʻakolu 23 Kepakemapa 2020

01:50hrs: I woke up, with very little interest in doing anything or getting up. Unknowingly, I drifted back into slumber.

02:20hrs: I bestirred once again, had a Thought-Storm, passed wind, and fell back to sleep!

02:30hrs: On regaining consciousness for the third time, I felt somewhat miffed at doing so.

The whole body and mind just wanted to nod-off again, indifferent, and not understanding the mind’s messages coming through, that advised me to get up? I was still determined to go back to sleep again! This ante meridiem tempted me not, regards to moving, let alone getting up! This reluctance was most usual for me, but it started yesterday, and was even more accentuated this morning?

I could have wept when the regular wee-wee wanting demands came. But at least it got me moving, albeit recalcitrantly. By the time I’d forced my body mass out of the £300, c1968 recliner, caught my balance. And had a pathetic attempt at a wee-wee in the EOGPB (Emergency-Overnight-Grey-Plastic-Bucket), the summoning to the Porcelain Throne arrived. So, off I trudged to the wet-room.

Well, I got sat down, and the usual solidness refused to let me pass anything, so I gave up trying. As I was struggling to my feet, I immediately sensed some PMD (Pre-Micturition-Dribble) coming, and I couldn’t have been in a better position, a foot away from the WC! Hahaha! This time the wee-wee was of the LHLB (Long-Hosepipe-Like-Blasting), torrential wee-wees (A rarity for me!)

Had a wash and rinse; no need to change the PP’s for once. And tried to gee-myself up a bit, off to the kitchen to open the window and try to make a decent early morning photo of the view, again. Although I thought I had taken this picture, it seems to have got lost in the ether somewhere, cause it was no on the card later? Could this be another of those frustrating days in the offing? Mmm!

Back to the front room to get some trousers on, it was a bit nippy with me opening the window.

I espied that I had left the tray with the plates and cutlery unwashed on the ottoman. Guilt-Mode nearly adopted!

I got them washed-up and some potatoes in the crock-pot for later then started to do the Health Checks.

The temperature was still looking good at dead on, 35°c. I did feel a bit proud of myself after Nicodemus’s Neurotransmitters (Swine!) caused me to drop the thermometer on the floor. I was sensible-ish enough this time, to not even think of bending down this time to retrieve it. I went to fetch the long picker-upperer to use. A semi-smarmy-smug-mode was adopted! 

After I’d taken the BP, the need for the Porcelain Throne returned, and I felt the need to move with all haste, back to the wet-room. But it was a painful session, probably the most painful for months. Argh! The under-control of the innards motion was back to its old tricks, and allowed a little movement of the rock hard matter, and left me in agony waiting and praying for it to start again!

As I got the crossword book out, partly to take my mind of off the pain, another wee-wee started, a repeat of the LHLB (Long-Hosepipe-Like-Blasting), torrential wee-wee mode! Even that hurt as well, and I got myself all wet in the splashback, then the rear-end activity started again; Oh, so slowly, and lasted for a couple of minutes at least!  Messy, more cleaning up again, but there was no bleeding at all? I think that after all, I’ll be happy to get the bladder and bowel scan done, now. And find out what it is causing these problems. (I think, Hehe!)

Hello, Herbert’s on his drilling and knocking up his models again!

I decided to get the ablutionalisationing done. Believe me, they have never gone better for yonks! Fantastic!

Faire enough, the legs were paler than ever. But the varicose and spider veins seem to have receded for some pleasing if unknown reason and the Clopidogrel allergy lumps were not to be seen anywhere? Goody!

The teeth-cleaning was almost painless!

Only one tiny nick shaving!

The showering was so amazing! No dizziness at all! No dropsies, not one! And only one mini clunk against the grab rail – this session went ‘fantabulously!’

As for the knees, the Arthur Itis-free patellas, I might add, they’ve never looked so normal for years! I anticipate that I’ll suffer for this good fortune at a later date. Hehe!

Just peruse these near-normal looking plates-of-meat! Again so pale, I should be worried, but the lack of growths, blotches etc. is great, if unbelievable!

Hours and hours after getting up, I finally got around to updating the Tuesday blog. With a dogged determination, I got it finished and posted off! Hurrah! Made a brew of Glengettie Tea, had another wee-wee, and back to the computer, I did flee! (Well it rhymes, Haha!)

Pinterested some snaps, made up a template, emailed the link, did some Facebooking and WordPress Reader viewing, some good stuff on there this morning. Then went on comment answering.

The Nottingham Your Area email came in, so I had a look for owt interesting to share with you.

I fear the first thing that caught my eye, was the Coronavirus figures. Not good at all: Sunday 90 new cases, Monday 93 new cases,  Tuesday 107 new cases! Not Good at all! “Rate of infection drops, but coronavirus cases continue to be reported across Nottinghamshire.

Then the thorny problem of students cramming full a tram, many without masks on. A difficult problem to solve! Apparently, last time Nottingham had 107 cases in a day, we went to full lock-down? Mmm?

I made a much-belated start on this blog, it’s gone midday now. Ah, well!

I’d better get some graphics for the diary headers done, then. So, onto CorelDrawing.

I got a couple of page-top graphics done.

Time for the nosh-making to commence! First, I went to check if any mail had been delivered, and heard the fire alarm going off! (I can only hear it going-off when I’m outside the flat or near the door). But it might just be a test?

So I got the Nikon camera and nipped out onto the balcony, to see if any Fire-tenders responded, which they didn’t. But it turned into a photographicalisationing, and nit-picking session. The first one, it was a good job the brigade did not respond, cause they would not have got through to the flat, due to parked vehicles on Chestnut Walk!

Spotted a car pulling up on the bus turn around with the yellow lines, no idea who it was, he/she got out to get something from the tailgate.

The rain came heavier then, as I took this closer shot of the double-yellow lines and vehicles near the compound. I don’t see they have any choice, the working van that had to park there. I had to take the pictures from deep in the balcony now, to avoid the rain!

Took this shot of the end car parking spaces through the glass.

It looked like someone had parked in the disabled hatched area? But maybe not, I may have got it wrong again. No surprise there!

Then I took this shot with some balconies in view, of Chestnut Walk. Aha! the bus turning island parker had now gone! I think that the TV people should do one of their ‘Britains Parking Hell programmes at Winwood Heights.

I turned my attention’s back to the fodder. Bit of a plateful, eyes bigger than my belly again. Haha! Manu highlights taste-wise, the Jenny su[[lied yellow tomatoes, the Cox’s orange pippin and the Irish potato farls all deserved a mention in the Tasted-Good stakes! Oh, and the home-grown onions, were fantastic and had a bite and a half! Mmm! A Flavour-Rating of 7.5/10!

I got the pots washed up, and took a couple more photos, from the balcony.

It was getting a smidge dull and dark earlier tonight. But the rain was dying down, not that it bothers me (a pluviophile) much, especially here inside the flat. I took another snap straight ahead, to capture the puffer clouds on the horizon, they made the view look a little like a painting to me? As if they had been added as an afterthought, perhaps?

Had yet another wee-wee, then a wash, and took the evening medications, made up spring water and orange cordial bottle, and settled to watch some more of the Dr Who DVD. I stayed awake for at least an hour, no nod-offs at all. Mostly due to the Thought-Storms than made concentrating on watching the DVD impossible.

I had a hell of a sneeze, that left me feeling partly-dizzy… and the Thought Storms just disappeared. So I did get some enjoyment from the DVD at last. But the weariness did for that, and blissfully, I drifted into Sweet Morpheous land.

Inchchcok – Tuesday 22nd September 2020: Not such a bad day today… I’ll pay for this later, mind!

TFZers, in Space! ♥

Tuesday 22nd September 2020

The Republic of Tatarstan: 22 сентябрь, сишәмбе

04:00hrs: I woke, still tired after a much-broken sleep, determinedly resisting any silly thoughts of getting up. Then remembered the Falls Team and Iceland delivery had to be prepared for. As I lay there, belly almost hanging over my knees, still resistant to any physical activity, the need for a wee-wee arrived. And, it was a close call and bit of a struggle, getting myself out of the c1968 recliner, to the bucket in time!

Unfortunately, the PMD (Pre-Micturition-Dribble), caught me out this morning. Darned good job I had the PP’s on! There was probably more pre-dribble than wee-weeing, it was of the MSAOS (Mini-Sprinkling-All-Over-Short) variety. So, off to the wet room, cleaned and sanitised my body and the bucket. Then I needed to use the Porcelain Throne.

As I settled on the throne, the innards-controlled evacuation started straight away, grindingly-slowly, and painful it was too! Some liquid with this one. Streaky blood, but not a lot. Washed-up again, and changed the PP’s.

Off to the kitchenette, and got the kettle on, and took a Nikon picture of the morning view. I could see the cloud cover in the darkness.

Getting the teabag pot opened, Nicodemus’s Neurotransmitters caused me to drop the lid.

No problem for an organised person like wot I am, I got the short picker-upperer, leant down to pick up the lid, and clouted my mouth-chin on the corner of the counter! iI may have uttered something like, ‘Well, fancy that’, Ahem! Then as I was straightening up, I knocked the lidless pot off of the top, and my beloved Glengettie Gold teabags scattered all over the floor! I wasn’t going to risk bending down again, so I used the long plastic brush and dustpan to sweep them up, and put them in the bin. Fighting back the tears. Haha!

Then had to go for yet another wee-wee. This one was the same, an MSAOS (Mini-Sprinkling-All-Over-Short) type. Rewashed.

Back to get the Health Checks done. The photograph that I took of the Boot’s sphygmomanometer readings hid the DIA reading, so I added a seven to the picture. I pretty confident that’s what was on display, but it has been known for me to get things wrong. Hahaha!

The stick thermometer had a good reading today, 35.6°c, the highest its been for months, methinks.

Took the medications, but I nearly had another Accifauxpas opening the tablet pod. A spot of luck there actually, they shot of and all landed on the tray. Smug-Mode-Adopted!

I got some mini-potatoes in the slow-cooker, and mushrooms in the saucepan, both with a little drop of the delightfully tasty, Squid vinegar to let them marinate. I’ll turn them on later, if I remember, of course. You should try this thin sauce, Mmm! 

I got the computer booted up, and had to make a template up first. Then, I could hardly believe it, I had to go for another wee-wee?

This one was a little more forceful, but not much, and the PMAD (Pre-Micturition After-Dribbling) did not catch me out this time! I waited for a moment or two afterwards as well, just in case of any after-leaks. By, gum, I’m getting the hang of this wee-weeing in old age, now. Hahaha! But it can be bothersome when one has to record every visit. I did the updating of the sheets of NHS’s Bladder-Bowels movements and details log. It is a palava.

Got an email and text message from Iceland. They gave an expected time of arrival for the delivery and told me to see the email for changes they have had to make to the order. So I had a look, they had not got any bleach available. No problem with that, I was only building up my stocks anyway. Fair enough!

I realised I had not yet sent off the Monday blog, but didn’t want to get halfway through and the delivery to come.

I got the ablutions carried out. Not one of my easier ones. Dropsies galore, toe-stubbing, cuts shaving, cleared the floor cabinet top with one swoop of the towel! However, the ankle and feet look there usual ghostly white, but the new ulcers seem to be dying off

The delivery arrived shortly after. I got the carriers into the kitchen and sorted out the fodder. It looks like a lot in this photo, but most of it was Christmas gifts for me to hand out.

Then I had to nip back for another wee-wee, the trickles again. Tsk! No pre, or post trickling, though this time.

Made a brew, I’ll get around to drinking one soon, instead of letting them get cold repeatedly!

I had a wash and updated the NHS Bladder and Bowel movements log.

Then I phoned Sister Jane and Pete, it was a lovely chinwag, but I lost connection at least three times, and Jane rang back, bless her. Just goes to show that even when you have new mobile phone, like their new £1,175.59, Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G, Sim Free Android Mobile Phone Mystic Black phone. That comes packed with a pretty exciting spec list and that’s before you even consider the included ‘S’ pen. But if the network coverage is crap, it ain’t going to give a reliable service! Hehehe!

Not that I’m jealous of this, of course. Or their Lottery wins, Pools wins, being left a fortune by an unknown distant relative, etc. Ahem! Hehehe!

Twas nice to get a chinwagging in. And hear that Pete is coping with all his cancer treatments. Jane told me his hair now reminds her of Worzel Gummage. Hahaha!

I spent a long time in preparing the nosh tonight. With so many dropsies, I laughed at myself so oftern, and didn’t get all het-up like I mormally would have. So that was good; it may have been cause of the natter and laughs I had with Sister Jane?

The stew of sorts, a packet of beef in gravy, I made some extra Bisto and added it to the dish. The mini potatoes were gorgeous, the mushrooms not so good for some reason. But it still got a flavour-rating of 7.5/10 from me.

The plan was to take the dishes to get them washed, then settle to watch some of the Dr Who DVD, then search for Sweet Morpheus. This dishes and tray remained on the ottoman until morning. (Idle monkey!)

I kept nodding off for a minute or so, repeatedly having to rewind the DVD to find where I’d nodded-off. I gave up, and was asleep within about half-an-hour or so.


Inchcock Today – Monday 21st September 2020: A most kerflummoxing day!

TFZer Keith Hehehe!

Monday 21st September 2020

Spanish: Lunes 21 de Septiembre de 2020

02:35hrs: After some confusing fretting and pondering over my rare unwillingness to wake-up, my uhtceare cleared as I reached an unwilling, point of threshold consciousness, with a lack of confidence. Reticence and indisposedness towards even getting up had to be fought against. Then the quotidian need of a wee-wee made my mind up for me.

I had no choice, but to (apathetically) battle my bulbous-body out of the £300, second-hand, c1968, rickety recliner, and get to the OGPEB (Overnight-Grey-Plastic-Emergency-Bucket). At this stage, I was not fully alert or aware. By the time I’d got the long shoe horn and got the slippers on, I’d hobbled by the bucket and was in the wet room before I realised it.

A wee-wee of the RSHH (Reluctant, Sprinkling-Half-Hearted) mode was taken. As I was hutching up the PP’s, a dose of AMD (After-Micturition-Dribbling) flowed of its own accord. So, a washing up and change of PP’s was called for. I seemed to be doing everything in a foggy-haze?

But luckily, I misjudged the distance on my right-hand side again and clouted my shoulder against the door frame. This brought me into a more awareness mode, and muttering a couple of curse words under my breath!

I gathered the bucket to the kitchenette to clean. I took the medications first this morning, including an extra Codeine 60g with the morning medications, to counter SSS (Shuddering-Shoulder-Shirley), who had been activated by my shoulder-charge against the wet room door. Hahaha!

I got the kettle on, and the machines out of the medical drawer, and fetched the Kodak, determined to get used to this camera’s workings, although my belief and confidence told me that I wouldn’t. (I didn’t either!) I took three shots of the morning view, all in different modes, Aperture Priority, Night Panorama and Auto. As you can see on the right here, this was not a success at all! So, back and swapped the Kodak for the Nikon.

Catastrophically, the Boot’s made in India sphygmomanometer’s SYS reading had shot back up again to 163 this time! Tsk!

The other two, DIA and the pulse seemed alright, or not so far wrong.

I was feeling a tad more chirpy and awake now. I hadn’t the foggiest idea why, mind.

The Boot’s made in China stick thermometer showed a reading of 34.3°c. Perhaps a tad low, but higher than it has been over the last week or so.

I got some baby new potatoes in the crock-pot, flavoured with just some of the gorgeously tasty Squid vinegar, got the mushrooms draining, and made myself a brew of, perhaps my third-favourite tea, Glengettie Gold. Bootiful!

I was summoned back to the Porcelain Throne, all the signs and messages told me it was going to be a big one, although the lower tummy-pangs felt different! I was not overly concerned when nothing moved. After all, these motions have been controlled by the innards for weeks now. I got out the crossword book and spent a while getting few answers in, in fact, I was doing so well, it was a long time, maybe twenty minutes, before I realised that no movements had flowed, got stuck, and started again, as they usually do?  Then, wind like never before shot out, but no matter. I still gave it a few more minutes, but nothing happened. out. Yet, I felt like I had passed?

I washed and went to update the hospital’s evacuation log. And onto the computer to get yesterday’s dairy updated and done.

It took me 1½ hours to get the post finished. The problems with CorelDraw were still with me, and the paltry couple of photographs I needed cost me so much time! I fear the worst! But I managed to get it completed and posted it off to WordPress. Sent the Email link off, and went on the WordPress Reader section. Did some Facebooking catch-up, next.

Aha, another call to the Throne! Off to the wet room. A mighty movement indeed! Did its usual stopping partway, and when it moved again, it shot out. So painful, and so long! A little bleeding. The product was nobbly with tiny white bits in it? Ah-well! I decided to get the ablutions done while I was in there.

All went wellish. No teeth troubles, only one shaving cut. A few dropsies, as is to be expected. The medicating wasn’t so easy. I caught Fred Furuncle, and a bit of bleeding from Haemorrhoid Harold, and amongst the dropsies was the olive oil dropper again.

The plastic lid broke, and I had a slippery ground floor level mess to clean-up. I believe I may have muttered something like, ‘Well, well, still, it can’t be helped! Ahem!

The Morrison delivery arrived. The chap put the carrier bags in the hallway for me, I handed him a G&T by way of thanks, and off he trotted.

I got the bags through to the kitchenette read for unloading and had to shoot back to the wet room again.

I felt the dire need for the Porcelain Throne to be utilised again. I haven’t needed more than one for in a day for months, never mind I thought, and wobbled off and got myself seated on the raised metal and disabled assist plastic seat, and again I waited.

And I waited.

And I kept on waiting.

Then waited some more.

Eventually, the feeling, come sensation that I needed to go, gradually disappeared? Not even any wind this time? What’s going on? Tsk!

I opened the first few carriers onto the server trolley. A grand selection of fodder laid there for my delectation. Baby new potatoes, Surami sticks, and Cox’s apples. A red onion, tomatoes, Two bottles of Squid vinegar/sauce. Oh, and a Breath-Easy spray (I shan’t be eating that one. Haha), and black grapes.

Got them away, and opened some more carriers. Another server of extravagant delicacies for my palate. Fresh unhomogenised full milk (You can’t beat it with Thompsons Punjana, Glengettie, Strong Assam, or Gengettie Gold tea!), Marmite cheese discs, Milk Roll bread, sliced white rolls, lemon mousse, Irish Potatoe Farls, G&Ts, and iced suckers.

I got the good in the fridge and freezer, and tinned peas in the cupboard. It all went smoothly, no dropsies, knock anything other or walking into owt! Even the right ankle and foot was looking better! Smug-Mode-Assumed! 

I made a brew of Thompsons Punjana, using the new unhomogenised whole milk, of course (Yummy!) And while the tea mashed, I took this photograph, a close-up, of the houses opposite the flats. They look pretty from up here, don’t you think?

Then… it happened again!

I gave it while, in the hopes that it might come back on its own, and went out on the balcony, and took another zoomed-in shot, of the circus tent over in Woodthorpe Grange Park. I’ll put this in the Winwood Heights Facebook page later.

Jenny called me on the landline, bless her cotton socks. She had some more yellow tomatoes for me and some home-grown onions. She even delivered them to outside the door for me. Thanks, Jenny, you’re an Angel! ♥ I’m looking forward the using some of these on the meal tonight!

I got back to the computer, and it was operating again, Phew! Then I had a look at the Your Nottingham email; newsletter. A bit about the danged Coronavirus caught my eye.

Coronavirus Latest via the Emailed Your Nottingham Site:

There have been more Coronavirus cases over the past 24 hours with 40 new confirmed positive results across Nottinghamshire, according to the latest Government data. A total of 17 new cases were reported in Nottingham city, bringing the total to 1,625. In wider Nottinghamshire, cases increased by 23, bringing the total to 3,921.

I’m having difficulty in understanding all this palava. To me, this is serious, but people on the news, and some here in the flats, say it’s all a con? Surely nearly 100 new cases can’t be a con? Or can it?

Oh, Slobbersodditness! Liberty-Global Virgin Internet is down again, now! Humph!

I’ll get the waste bags sorted and taken away, then see what’s what with the internet and get some nosh made methinks.

Somehow or other, I got the pile of done-up waste and recycling bags on the three-wheeler guide trolley. En route to the chute room, I’d spent more time picking up bags that dropped off of the wheels, than actually walking there. Hehehe!

I deposited the small bags down the shaft, and accident-free as well!

I went to the elevator lobby with the recycling bags, and waited, and waited some more. Eventually, the cage arrived, and Eric from the top floor was in it.

As I entered with his permission, SSS (Shuddering-Shoulder-Shirley) gave me a bashing, very embarrassing when I’m with someone. Tsk! But Eric didn’t mention anything, bless him. When we got down, he shot off, can’t blame him. Haha!

I got out to the bins, left the bag, returned inside the main lobby, all without seeing a single soul.

In the lift lobby, two chaps spoke to me, but I couldn’t tell what they were saying, with having to wear the fave-mask, I couldn’t put the hearing aids in. Glumbleclops!

I got back to the flat and did some meal prepping. Some of the Morrisons mini toms and Jenny’s yellow ones were sliced, and sea salted. One of the onions was trimmed and cut, I had a nibble while doing this, by gum, they had an excellent tasty tang to them!

I got it at all served up, on the tray, and settled to feast away, Hey-hey!

The white bread rolls tasted like cardboard. But everything else went down a treat, a decent taste-rating of 7/10 given.

Washed the pots and got down in the recliner. Put a Dr Who DVD on, but soon fell into the much-needed land-of-nod, which was beautiful! The landline burst forth and flashed. Out of the recliner, and struggled to the phone. It as Caroline from the Falls Team, to inform me that the walking frame will be collected on Friday25th September. She apologised for waking me, but it can’t be helped, bless her. ♥

Scribbled the date on the pad, and got down in the recliner. Thankfully, it didn’t take me too long to get back to Sweet Morpheous.

But… it didn’t last long, the door chimes rang out their Dusty Spring field’s tune, “I only want to be with you!”.

As I fought me way out of the chair, they rang again. Getting my balance and some clothes on, once again the bells chirped their tune, on my way to the door, they rang for the fourth time… is this an emergency I thought?  It was Josie, waking me up again, for the sixth week on the trot! To return Sundays plate and tray. Oh, dear!

I expected it really, she just can’t seem to remember about my getting my head down early. Hehe! She gave me a packet of Cheese Twists.

Sadly, with so many sleep interruptions, this time it was hard work getting back to kip again.  Groggleknockers!