Inchcockski – Saturday 26th September 2020: Mind meandering, mostly, today!

Saturday 26th September 2020

Spanish: Sábado 26 de Septiembre de 2020

01:50hrs: Woke, and I removed my elephantine body from the c1968 recliner, and toddled dodgily for a wee-wee. Crapola! The finger’s knuckle PIPs (Proximal interphalangeal joints), were agony, and I failed to get Little Inchy out in time! Then the inopinate MAD (Micturition After-Dribble) added to the embarrassment. Also, the style of wee-weeing was a bladder-shuddering PSL (Powerful-Spraying-Short-Lived) release, which meant I had to spend ages washing, cleaning and disinfecting. ‘What a start to the day’ I thought! And it wasn’t half cold in the flat this morning! Brunglebogs, Brrr!

I collected the Nikon and took it with me to the kitchen, and noticed that the lens cap was not on it. (Nothing unusual in that, I often misplace it and have troubles finding it again!) But today’s search around proved a total failure and cost me so much time again. I looked around near where I expected to find it first, near the computer, but no.

Then I went into the wet-room, not there either. To the kitchen, and ferreted through the drawers, window ledge, and scouted around the cupboards and containers, all without any luck. I then basically, carried another search of the same areas. I was getting rather cold, but my desire to find the lens cap drove me on probing everywhere, against no success. I got down on all fours looking under the furniture, and by the time I’d struggled to get back on my plates, I decided to make a brew of tea, and try to think backwards of the last photo I’d taken. Aha, a semi-brainwave arrived; I’ll look on the SD card to see where I was when I took the last photograph!  tried

Turned on the Nikon, and got the ‘No Card in this Camera’ message. Argh! But I wasn’t too bothered, the SD is bound to be in the card reader inside the computer… But no, it wasn’t! Now the worrying started. After yet another hunt around, I got out an old well-used card to use, stupidly thinking the last picture would show up, of course, it didn’t!

Now, seriously questioning my sanity, I returned the card to the drawer, and guess what I saw? Yes, the SD card I was searching for, sat there almost looking back at me, on top of the landline phone! I stopped for a moment to digest just how bonkers I was going. Then had another scavenge about, looking for the lens cap. No luck!

So, back to the kitchen, to get the Health Checks done, (All the time, I was checking here and there and keeping my eye out for the precious lens cap, as I did the checks). I was becoming fixated about it!

I got the sphygmomanometer and the thermometer out of the medical drawer and did the checks.

The SYS was still too high, but al least it had come down a midge.

The stick-thermometer showed a reading of only34.1° or 31.7°c. I think it might be the higher one, I couldn’t remember what it came out as. Not surprisingly, with the state of my mind after such a hectic bout of Whoopsiedangleplops to start the day. Gangleboggleisations! 

I took the morning medications, made a brew, and the cold ran through mt body, making me shiver a bit. So I took the brew of Glengettie Gold with me, and I headed to get some clothes on and get a bit warmer.

: Well, getting the trousers on was not easy either. Just as I was stood on the right leg, and lifted the left to get into the trews, Perfect timing Peripheral Neuropathy Pete, launched one of his involuntary right-leg Neuropathic Schuhplattler dances! I managed to use the wall, then the recliner as support to prevent me going over, but still don’t know how I managed to stay on my plates, as I wobbling-away. And the jerking remained for a longer time than it has ever before, and this started SSS Shuddering-Shoulder-Shirley off as well! I’m not sure how much more of this I can take. Even the innards started stabbing at me, then! Grindingagonydamit!

I got sat down in the swivel chair and drank the now tepid tea. Tried to relax a little, calm me down. The general shakes started then. Vision blurred, and a bit of a panic-fretting station was brewing. Enough!

After a little Thought-Storming, I felt much better. Not exactly panurgic, but ready to press on, and try again to get the trousers on, nervously. The jerking hadn’t fully stopped, but I coped better this time and kept upright. A smug-mode helped me regain some concentration…

I pulled up the trews, and fastened them, and guess what I found in the left-hand pocket? Go on, have a guess! Only the Nikon lens cover! While feeling a right nincompoop, I was over-the-moon with this discovery! Yee-Ha!

I was in a much calmer frame of mind now. And got on with updating the Friday blog, with a certain gusto, determination, and SSS knocking the hell out of me! Agonydangles! As I grafted away, the dreaded Hum started, it was so annoyingly loud! I got the updating finished, posted it off to WordPress, emailed the link. went on the Facebook updating, then the WordPress Reader.

I came across some old photos of Mansfield Road and saved them to file, for doctoring into a separate blog, cause they are great, memory, and thought – I’ll create a blog later with them, time permitting.

Throughout the morning, I’ve had to take several, well, many, wee-wees, the surprising thing is, they were all of the TWWAMD (Trickling-Weak-With-After-Micturition-Dribbling) mode! But a little patience (which I didn’t have earlier) I had no messes or leakages to sort out. Smug-Mode-Defcon-3 adopted. Hehehe! 

Now, the need for the Porcelain Throne arrived, no messing about from me, I hobbled hastily to the wet room. All the signs, twinges and indications were that this was going to be a painful, heavy, marathon, session! So, I settled and got the crossword book out.

Within a minute or so, the whole evacuation was over and done with! Did it hurt? It always does, positive agony many times sometimes. However, today’s deposit left in the porcelain china bowl, was the least painful and the quickest for many a month! Is my bad-luck fading? Oh, I do hope so! Hahaha!

Hello, I think Herbert’s gone shopping, the noise has stopped.

Another TWWAMD wee-wee, and made a mug of Thompsons Punjana tea, and started to put together and doctor the Mansfield Road History photographs, ready to create the next blog with.

Herberts back, tap-tap, clunk, bang!

Phew! Got the Mansfield Road post done at last. Link: Sherwood Memories

I must get a graphic done for the diary headers, so back to CorelDraw to do another couple, at least. Well, I finished one.

Now, will the prescriptions be arriving? They are due today, but nothing yet. Got the nosh sorted and served up.

I risked a Chilli-Con-Carne, with curried beans, tasted it in the saucepan, too hot for me, so I added a sachet of black bean sauce, it might calm it down a little. Did some Southern flavoured fries to go with it. Not bad at all, ate some bread thins to soak up the liquids. Taste-Rating: 7/10, a smidge hot to my liking, but I ate the lot of it!

Got the pots washed, and tried my best to stay awake in case the Carrington Pharmacy, 343-345 Mansfield Rd, Carrington, Nottingham NG5 2DA, Telephone number: 0115 960 5453, just up from the Lidl store, were going to deliver on time for once. The silly ideas I get! They didn’t arrive. And I drifted off to sleep.

20:05hrs, the time is the first thing I looked at when the noise woke me up. Herbert, I think doing his model train building, certainly coming from above, but it might be water pipes or anything. Still, its better than at midnight as yesterday.

No problem dropping off again for once, boy, was I tired!

6 thoughts on “Inchcockski – Saturday 26th September 2020: Mind meandering, mostly, today!

  1. Your mind is like a river – meandering. The PSL sounds like Schwarzenegger’s The Terminator’s Doppelgänger – The Urinator. “Hold on while I reload. Gulp gulp gulp. I’m bach!” – Pissssssssssss. That’s good you got through some of the Chili. It will help give you a colon cleanse. Eat enough chili and you will become The Super Pooper. Banzai!

    • Yes, Tim, the old grey-matter-pouch contents do tend to go of on a tangeant nowadays. Haha!
      The Terminator’s Doppelgängers – The Urinator, quote made me smile. Hehehe! .
      Spot on about the Chili-con-carne, I’ve got go again now. Tsk!

  2. The mystery of the missing lens cap intrigued me greatly, we follow the same modus operandi it seems — hunting for a missing item, combing every possibility until nearly tripping over it. Pockets are great hiding places hereabouts as well, I aver for sure. 🙂
    Hoping your Monday morning “finds” you well, kind Sir!

    • Merci Mon Billum,
      I find, being confined, confusing, cocker. Better than fined… I’ve lost the plot here! Fancy the maintenance man ringing my buzzer when I’m trying to type! Hehehe!
      Where was I, Billumski?
      Ah. Monday morning it is, and the bowels have been overactive again, but over the last two hours, all has been calm. But, knowing us, anything can happen. har-har!

      • Come to think of it, the covid experience has us losing entire days, weeks, months? Where did I misplace Monday? Is this September or October? Where have I lost the plot?
        A hardy har to you Mon Amiski 🙂

      • The links strengthen!
        Confusion, which causes lacadaisicallness, can lead to a temporary loss of logicality, that often becomes of permanent nature.
        Still, you’ll know that, Billumski. Hahaha!

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