Inchcock Today – Monday 31st August 2020: Pellucidness was lacking today!

TFZeress, at her Canadian ‘Cool-It-Cabin’, ♥  See the lucky chap calling her inside from above? Mmm!

Monday 31st August 2020

Polish: Poniedziałek 31 Sierpnia 2020 r

00:00hrs. I woke up spot-on the Witching Hour: With the TV on, nocturnal nibbling signs all around, and a nearly full OGPEB (Overnight-Grey-Plastic-Emergency-Bucket), a fissiparousness of mind thoughts, and the need to utilise the aforementioned grey plastic pail!

My first effort to nudge the monstrosity of my over-bellied body to the edge of the chair, brought me some sharp, tender-stingings from the furuncles and Harold’s Haemorrhoids. Oooh! The Germoloid and Gemolene creams will be needed later.

I got the body-mass up on its feet, caught my balance, got Metal-Mickey, and a few paces to the OGPEB and took a CLD (Cloudy-Long-Dribbling) wee-wee. But no PMAD (Post-Micturition After-Dribble), which surprised me. I hobbled uneasily, (carrying the bucket and using the four-pronged walking stick, takes concentration), to the wet room and got the OGPEB emptied, cleaned and disinfected.

Off to the kitchenette, to get the Health Checks done. The sphygmomanometerisationing showed that the SYS, although still high, was a full ten-points lower than yesterday. I used the stick thermometer, as the new earhole one, was playing up, and only displaying ‘Low’ and no temperature on the display, I tried several times, each the same. 33.4c. I later read a message from Tim Price, informing me that I’d used Farhenheit in yesterdays post, not Centigrade. Thanks, Tim, much appreciated. I’ll edit that later on. I remembered to do it, as well! All done now. Hehe!

Took the medications, made a brew, and got the urgent call to the Porcelain Throne. So, to the wet room with haste. Got settled on the Throne, crossword book at the ready, but no time to do any. The motion started and kept on going this time. It was so painful but thankfully of short duration. Not messy, and was a smidge blood speckled.

I noticed that Arthur Itis’s right knee was giving me some hassle this morning, and seemed to be getting stiffer as the morning went on. He’s been so kind to me recently as well. Hey-ho!

Back to collect the tea and then to the computer. Getting the updating of yesterday’s blog done, was one of the easiest for months! Shaking Shaun, Dizzy Dennis, Shuddering-Shoulder-Shirley and even Nicodemus’s Neurotransmitters, were all absent and left me alone! Duodenal Donald was a bit bothersome, but he alone! Astounding Good Fortune! This scenario will not last, obviously, so I enjoyed adopting a temporary ‘Smug-Mode’! Yee-ha!

After posting this off, I put some pics from it on Pinterest, went on Facebooking, and visited the WordPress Reader section.

I pondered the days delights ahead. The Iceland delivery, twixt 09:00>11:00hrs. No Vampire nurse today, for some reason they have made it for Wednesday this week. Ah, of course, it’s a Bank Holiday! I’m surprised Iceland are delivering. Sainsbury’s order tomorrow… no, it’s not! That’ll be Morrison’s on Tuesday. No Sainsbury orders are due. I used Morrison’s so I could get some more of the Fish Sauce. Which I’m hoping they will have in stock! The cheapest I could find on Amazon was a pack of 6 bottles @ £2.55 each. Morrisons are £1.50 a 700g bottle, and at the moment, are on offer at £1.35! Hopefully, I’ll get my three bottles tomorrow? I do hope so!

A busy week on the Google calendar, now it’s been updated and corrected.

I made some graphics and used them, along with some old family photographs, ti use in a fun ode wot I dun up. Link: I Thought I’d Look Back on my Victories

Not one of my bestest, sorry about that, but worth a laugh, just about!

I got the Ablutions, stand-up variety done, so’s to be ready before the Iceland delivery arrives. I’ll see if I can make a Sainsburys one for next week later.

Well, this session went well. Toothache Terence was avoided in the cleaning of the teggies. Shaving; only the one cut! The dropsies totalled only about six! Nothing knock off of anywhere! No Dizzies, or loss of balance! Phenomenal! Today was going well, so well, it worried me!

I got dried off safely and Accifauxpa free! And even had a bit more good luck, going back into the front room to take a picture of the brightening morin view from the balcony, I espied some of the last night’s medications in the tray, that I’d not taken! So I took them, better late than never!

A sense of smugness enveloped me, and somehow or other, no senses of guilt?

I got the picture taken through the glass panes, and made a start on sorting some small black bags to go to the waste chute.

I got the four bags, they were only small ones, so I was able to carry them and use Metal Mickey (The four-pronged walking stick) easily enough. Leaving the flat, I got a spot of Colin Cramps in my left-hand and had to put the bags down on the floor, until things calmed down.

Which gave me time to notice the bright morning sunlight coming through from the Westside windows, and I took a picture while I bent down to pick up the waste bags, again. It looked a bit more artistic to the eyes.

The short journey to the waste-room was handled without any bother. In fact, I was hobbling well this morning, up to now anyway. Got the bags down the metal chute, again without any Accifauxpas, Whoopies or injuries! Smug Mode Adopted!

I noticed that a new Polite Notice had appeared on the wall inside the room. I checked the time on a Charity Shop bought, £2  rusty but working wristwatch. The one that needed a strap that cost me £10, then a battery that cost me £15, Tsk! It was 0810hrs, so I was in order to use the waste chute, just! Phew!

I noted that Chute was spelt, Shute. I looked it up on Google to see if I had been wrong all along using Chute. It seems either spelling is acceptable. Live and learn!

The trip back to the flat was also hassle-free!

When I got back on the computer, I found an email from Iceland, advising me the delivery was en route, and no substitutions were on the order. Unnatural things are happening today!

I got the kettle on, then filled up the hearing-Olive oil dropper bottles.

I was being very careful, and wary, in case of Nicodemus’s neurotransmitters failing or Shaking Shaun, or SSS (Shuddering-Shoulder-Shirley) visiting me. But not the slightest bit of bother. No spillages at all! I was having a nerve-rackingly good run of fair-fortunes. This is so abnormal for me!

I made an order for Sainsbury’s, for a week on Wednesday. I’m getting the hang of this now! Casual, Swanking Head Movements, with a hint of a smirk at the corner of my lips! Hehehe!

The intercom rang and flashed forth. The Iceland deliveryman was up with me in minutes. I thanked him and slipped him a can of G&T.

I got the stuff into the kitchen and put away, but… the swine had left me a facemask short!

Now I was in a terrible right Godforsaken, elegiacal, grumpy-mood! It took the pleasure away from my graphicalisationing on CorelDraw, completely. Humph! Gruffungrobblings, Skullclogglebonks, and Burkenhiemers!

I got some potatoes in the crock-pot on a high setting. Added a bit of BBQ sea salt, and fish vinegar. Getting low on stocks now, oh, I do pray that the Morrison delivery some tomorrow! Whining-Sulking-Mode Adopted

Then I saw that the supposedly missing facemask was on the floor near the sink! 

I hate myself at times! (Most of the time actually!) What a blunder-headed nitwit I am! Knackwrangles!

The day was brightening up nicely. Still bare of personages out there. Lots of vehicles parked up for the Bank Holiday. It felt so quiet, even the dreaded ‘Hum’ was not as loud as it usually is. It adds to the loneliness sometimes. Ah, good old Herbert! There are no workers doing the decorating and flooring is there, today. (I’m quick sometimes, Hehe!) That’ll be a reason for it being so still and quiet? But it sounds like Herbert’s on the model making, although it could have been someone sending waste down the chute, cause the clattering didn’t sound for long, that’s not like Herbert.

The skies and clouds looked even more beautiful now. I think that these types are known as cirrostratus. But I’m probably wrong. Being wrong come so easily, you know. Tsk! I’ve had years of practice.

Getting late now, and being up so early, the fatigue is setting in. I’ll check the spuds, and when they are done, I’ll get the nosh sorted out.

An acceptable feast was plated. The buttered potatoes, grapes and tomatoes were all enjoyed, but the Royale Surami was the highlight of the meal. The lemon mousse was great, too!

The plate was placed on the side chair and havens above sent Sweet Morpheous to me, and I drifted off into such blissful sleep.

I was rudely woken up an hour later, by the door chimes. I wrapped the thin quilt around me, to hide parts of my stomach-ridden torso, and limped to the door. It was Josie waking me up yet again, with her returning the plate and cutlery from her Sunday lunch. If only she could remember I get my head down early, but no, she persists on waking me up every Monday late in the evening. Bless her. It’s not doing me any good, cause I can rarely get myself back to sleep again! But I understand about forgetting things and am guilty of it myself, so no real complaints from me.

It was so late before I could nod-off once more.

When I woke up about three hours after nodding off, it was a jump-to-life, panicky awakening! Hahaha!

TTFNski folks. Take care, keep calm and have a great day!