Inchcock – Saturday 12th September 2020: A busy day, in every way!

Saturday 12th September 2020

Welsh: Dydd Sadwrn 12fed Medi 2020

I think?

03:45hrs: I woke rather suddenly, with two expergefactor needed immediate attention – A wee-wee and even more urgently, to use the Porcelain Throne! The later was at the stage of making me nervous as to whether I’d make it to the wet-room in time. It was a panic-stations, injury-causing charge, to get free of the recliner, grab the stick, get my balance, and reach the Porcelain Throne before something escaped prematurely! And by heavens, it was a white-knuckle of a close call!

The evacuation began before my bum had made contact with the raised plastic seat! The whole operation was over in a couple of minutes, considering yesterday’s forty-minutes it took! The pain was far less than yesterday, no mess, and only a little bit of bleeding. (I should have been ready to go into a Smug-Mode, but I didn’t, ’cause in haste to get here in time, I got entangled with the stick as I opened the door in my panic, and gave my right shoulder a hefty thump against the doorframe!) And it was stinging something awful! Hey-ho!

It was almost a pleasure to clean myself up and was a quicker job than it had been for a few days now. So I allowed myself a tiny Smug-Mode, after all. Changed the PPs, getting a bit low on them now. Then, off almost in a contented mood, to the kitchenette.

As I entered, I thought ‘Gawd Blimey, the Hum is loud this morning, the loudest its ever been! And so different, I stood still (apart from Peripheral Neuropathy inspired shaking right-leg, of course), and soon realised when I opened the window to take photographs of the morning view, that this noise was not the dreaded ‘Hum’. Once I got my head out of the window, I could hear the Hum, and it was not too loud at all? Confused, I took a photo in two modes on the Nokia. The wind was not over-strong, but it was flipping cold with it!

Then, I had a hobble around the flat to see where this mystery Humming was coming from. It was the loudest in my mini-hallway? So I opened the door, and it became louder than ever. Maybe it is some machinery from the rooftop plant rooms? If I can hear it, what about the poor devils on the higher floors? If indeed it was coming from above, of course. I’ll have a read of the Winwood Heights on Facebook later, to see if anyone mentions it.

I returned to the kitchen, made a brew of Glengettie Gold, took the medications. (Remembering to separate the before and after eating-food tablets, and midday ones – [Massive Smug-Mode-Engaged]) Hahaha! Then got the Health Checks done.

Oh, dear, dear, dearie me! The .sphygmomanometer showed an even higher Sys reading this time, of 168. I mentioned the high BP to nurse Caroline; they might address it at the St Ann’s Health Centre when I have the bladder and bowel scans.

Still, the stick thermometer gave a decent figure for me. Either 33.1 or 7°c. Which is a tad higher than it has been of late, methinks.

I took the brew with me to the computer and got it started. My best intentions and plans of what needed doing in which order soon went out of the window! The first part went alright, and I got the photos from yesterday uploaded, checked and resized them, and went to move onto updating yesterday’s diary. But I got sidetracked when I noticed a picture of the Sock-Glide then got an idea for doctoring it into a funny one, which was too strong for me to resist!

I lost a couple of hours plus on CorelDrawing, creating the graphic. I then had the brainwave to do a funny poem with it and use it as a stand-alone post. Luckily I resisted making up the ode yet, and brought myself back under semi-control of the brain, and then got on with the updating, else I’d be late doing the ablutions. Tsk! I got myself into a pother there!

By now, the ablutions had to be done, in case the walking frame or Rehabilitation Nurse called me. Both are due to happen today or Sunday, they tell me. So, I need to get the ablutions done before either arrives.

Another fantastically injury-free session it was too! I have to say, the leg ankle and foot ulcer was looking far better this morning. The toes seemed to have warper with the Colin Cramps and Arthur Itis, I imagine to be to blame for that. And a new growth was coming up on the left side of the right foot. Still, variety is the spice of life, as some twit said.

Painless teeth-cleaning – No, repeat, No, shaving cuts or nicks! Okay, a fair few of the dropsies shaving, mind. The showering did cause a few Whoopsies and Accifaupas, but not any toe-stubbings, or dropped shower-head! A smirk creeps across my triple-chinned face, dimples develop, as a semi-smile emerges, and the head shakes gently with pride!

I got myself all medicationalised, then thought I was in need of the Porcelain Throne again. I got the crossword book and seated, awaiting the motion to start. But nothing moved, other than wind. Mmm?

Off to make up a bag or two for the chute, and get the pod peas podded, pronto.

This bag looked a lot fresher than yesterday’s did. I got it opened, just as SSS Shuddering-Shoulder-Shirley gave me a bashing, but no bother, I used the picker-upper to collect the fallen peas and returned them to the bog, no, bag, on the wheeled server tray. Schluberduberski!

I got a few more actual peas from this bag. And, just one pea lost, shot off somewhere too quickly for me to see it.I’ll have a look later, I might find those that disappeared yesterday as well. Humph!

The clouds were looking attractive.

Very late on, I managed to get the diary updating finished. Hurrah! Pinterested some snaps used. Emailed the link. On to Facebooking catch-up.

Time is running out now, but I must get some TFZer graphics created; I’ve only got one left to use.

So, on to CorelDrawing again, before I fall asleep, I feel so suddenly drained. Poor old thing. Hehe! 

Hello, that sounds like someone knocking on my door. Not ringing the bells, must be a stranger? I’ll investigate. Nope, no one was around. It might have been Herbert doing his models for charity, or some poor soul dropping something.

I must get graphicalising, but I’ll make a brew of Extra Strong Assam first.

Failed again, instead of graphics, I made a funny blog in rhyme, about the Sock-Glide. Got it posted off.

Too tired to do owt else now. Hours passed my usual head-down time. I’ll get some nosh made and eaten.

The old memory got a smidge vague here. I’m sure I rang Jenny hile I was making the meal, but can’t find any notes, that I usually scribble to remember and use later. I’m almost sure it was because I suddenly recalled that I had forgotten to ring to thank her for the tomatoes yesterday. I did find some scribbling on the small pad in the morning, that I usually keep on the Ottoman, next to the £300, second-hand, c1968, puke-making, beige-coloured, rickety, not working, rusty recliner, but they were indecipherable. I’ll give Jenny another ring tomorrow, to see if anything arrangement-wise, or decisions were taken during the phone call – or even if I did ring her at all. I shouldn’t try to make calls so late in the day for me. Proper-Sad, innit?

The meal came out looking fine and tasty, a reet-treat. I’m almost sure I enjoyed it.

Washed up and took the evening medications.

Then tried for some Sweet-Morpheous searching, a futile gesture. I was so weary and tired too, but I was still belatedly laid there, over three-hours after getting my head down! Cragknackles!