Inchcock Today – Wednesday 10 May 2017: Accifauxpa, Whoopsiedangleplops and the ‘Trots’ attack again! Tsk!


Wednesday 10 May 2017

Galician: Mércores 10 de Maio de 2017

Lousy night, if it wasn’t Duodenal Donald waking me it was Anne Gyna or the rumbling innards. Phwert!

0330hrs, Woke and urgently struggled out of £300 second-hand recliner and to the Porcelain Throne, taking the headphone and wire with my foot. Not good this morning. Innards belting away grumbling and rumbling, ulcer and angina in unison and Haemorrhoid Harold bleeding. Changed the pants, feeling a bit down. Remembered that Susan the foot lady is due later.

Returned to the recliner, I think the headphones might be broken, they didn’t work when I tried them out, I’ll have a proper investigation later. What hit me most was state of the place. Messy, untidy. And the mountain of paperwork that still needs sorting! The heart sank, cause I didn’t feel like doing anything in my condition… oh, back to the Porcelain Throne.

Did the Health Checks (Not good) and took the medications. Back to the Porcelain Throne.

I must get some cleaning done and sort the paperwork out. That paperwork I dread the most, so I decided to get it tackled first thing after updating the diaries.

Updated the chronicles and resisted doing any WordPressing or Facebooking so I could crack on with getting things sorted.

Windows demanded a resetting, so I reset it.

2Tue03Went to make a last mug of tea before starting on the laborious paperwork sorting, and noticed the moon in the hazy sky, so took a picture of it.

Back to the Porcelain Throne. Blimey, where’s it coming from, I didn’t have a meal last night, just a pot noodle… and another thing, eating less and the flipping weight has shot up again?

2Tue04Really had to make myself get off of this computer and begin sorting things.

0400hrs: Back in a while, I hope. Hehe!

0603hrs: I’m back temporarily. Got the paperwork sorted, in a fashion. Too early for me try and do the cleaning yet, because of the noise disturbing the neighbours like.

2Tue05I came across the Cancer screening kit while ordering the papers. Typical, here I am having had four visits to the Porcelain Throne… and now I find the kit! Tsk!

You watch, I bet the trots will stop now. Humph!

I placed them in the Wetroom ready for my next visitation.

2Tue06While updating this diary, I noticed that I’d left some papers on the chair that I’d not allocated to their folder.


Fancy me getting summat wrong? Don’t laugh! Oh, go on then.

Did some WordPress reading.

Got the ablutions carried out – no shower cause of the noise, had a good stand-up scrub-up and left the socks off ready for Susan to arrive.

Made a brew-up and then started on the quieter cleaning duties. Polishing wiping and dusting, after forcing myself off the computer yer again. Haha!

Fastened and took the bins to the chute, then the boxes down and left them near the caretaker,’s door outside. Had a chinwag with Roy and his better half in the foyer.

Back to the Porcelain Throne, and got the first of the three samples for the Bowel Cancer checks completed. Messy job but it had to be done.

2Tue09Facebooked a bit and the tended to the clean the oven cleaning duties.

Susan arrived and we had a cuppa and then she set to doing my toenail cutting while having a gossip and laugh.

She left me with some cream and three plasters to put on the right foot where she got overly enthusiastic and keen with the file and hard skin removal process. Ah, well!

Paid the good lady and booked her next visit got Friday 30th June @ 0900hrs. Nice woman.

CorelDraw 2017 on, to start next TFZ graphic. Then a bit of Facebooking, before the tiredness dawned, then I got the fodder ready.

A fish salad of sorts. With vegetarian mini sausages (Nice). Wasn’t sure what to have really, n2Tue09aot very hungry still. Thought I’d made too much again.

Surprisingly, I ate nearly all of it, though.

Then Dizzy Dennis attacked me with a bad one. Tsk!

Got the Gogglebox on and watched some Law & Order episode’s (Two were on Channel 21 back to back) No luck, kept nodding off.

Did the second of the three samples for the Screening while on a Porcelain Throne visit, and got in a mess with doing it. Had to put undies in the sink to soak.

The sore foot was worse, and walking is difficult and painful.

I got the Alphabet letters and went to Bill in flat 33 to deliver them to him. He was in and looking good after his operation, although the poor chap was obviously in discomfort. He thanked me, paid me and offered a cup of tea, which I would have liked to have accepted, but dare not with the ‘Trots’ still lurking, and needed to get back to the flat soon, as Duodenal Donald, Anne Gyna and the right foot were all giving me grief. Tsk! He has a thing about Owls. our Bill does. He has hundreds of models of them all around his nice flat. Big ones that light up on his balcony, on tea towels, towels, photographs of them on the walls etc.

We had a natter and I departed back to the flat… painfully. Humph!

Must remember to get the place sorted in the morning before Sister Jane and Pete arrive. Only hoovering and kitchen floor to do, I think. Just hope the right foot eases off in the morning, or I might leave doing this cleaning until it calms down, I’ve enough to cope with, with Anne, Dennis and Donald.

Got settled but sleep resisted again, gone midnight before I drifted off.

7 thoughts on “Inchcock Today – Wednesday 10 May 2017: Accifauxpa, Whoopsiedangleplops and the ‘Trots’ attack again! Tsk!

  1. I really like the foggy moon shot. You need to take care with those foot scrapers, they can really remover old, hard, new and soft skin as you seem to have discovered. The meal looks pretty good.

    • Cheers sir.
      The flipping foot is still so tender this morning, and with Dizzy Dennis and Duodenal Donald giving me some hassle, I am not a happy laddie! Hehehe!
      Walking is so painful, and I’ve got to get the flat cleaned later for when Sister Jane arrives on her visit. (She doesn’t scare me, oh no… Well maybe a little… or a lot! Hehehe!
      The weights shooting up again. Tsk!
      TTFN Sir.

    • Thanks, petal.
      Bit weary of what to eat with the Trots so rampant, although they seem to be calming down a bit at the moment, I’ve not had to visit theThrone for over an hour now.
      Banged my foot on the cabinet next to the Porcelain this morning, right on the wrong spot, then hit my head on the window frame while closing it after taking a photo… Humph! But am confident things will get betterer.
      Thanks to your tootsies for coming out in sympathy, give them a gentle massage for me. Haha!
      TTFN XXX

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