Inchcock – Saturday 29th April 2017


Saturday 29th April 2017

Malagasy: Asabotsy 29 Aprily 2017

0400hrs: After lying for a good while trying to recall the dreams, without much luck, I rose and disentangled myself from the £300 second-hand recliner to go for a wee-wee.

Immediately I put on the footwear, the mystery of last night’s escaped potato was solved. I found it in the slipper and squashed it with my tootsies. I took the slipper with me into the wetroom and cleaned it along with my toes. Not easy getting down to clean out the potato flesh under the nail I can tell you. Tsk!

This reminded me that Susan, the foot lady, podiatrist, foot doctor, or chiropodist is due this coming Wednesday. I made sure I put her payment money on the side, so as not to forget it when she arrives.

Performed the Porcelain Throne duties without finding anything bleeding at all… Good start I thought.

6Sat01bCarried out the sorting of next weeks medication pots then did the Health Checks.

The Sys was up again, but the weight was down once more.

I suppose all the hassle and hobbling around I’ve done over the last two days must have helped in this reduction?

Made a mug of tea and took the photograph at the top and added the potato. Hehe!

Duodenal Donald, who had not bothered me up until now this morning, started to kick in with some terrible stabs, so I took an extra Omeprazole capsule and a big gulp of the Antacid. I know they took me off Aludrox ages ago because it was they thought, causing constipation and diarrhoea. But at least it was effective-ish. Wish I had some now. Hey-ho!

I finished and posted yesterday’s diary and started this one off.

Did some WordPress reading.

Went on Facebook.

Started to create some graphics to use on the TFZer site and for Lynton and Martin.


Then did this one for the TFZers.


Started another one off.

CorelDraw 2017 froze. Gave up.

An idle afternoon, Facebooking, WordPressing, passing wind, YouTube and general internet searching.


Got the meal sorted.

Settled to watch a DVD and drifted off before it had loaded on the machine thingy…

And had a dream that kept changing all the time from one scenario to another.

One, I was back in school, all the bad things being recalled, but I was still old? Then into what was like a Western Movie and I was directing it. I played a bit part as a saloon seller, and they kept shouting at me for my bad German accent?

Back to school, some horrendous memories were relived and Dad came into it and seemed so genuine and real.

Back to the cowboys, now I was a blacksmith… Lots of other things took place I’m sure, but only these bits stayed with me. 

Back to school, a fire down in the boiler room.

Lots of other things took place I’m sure, but only these bits stayed with me. 

Came out of the dream and Jonathan Creek was on the TV screen, the first episode just finishing, so I knew I’d been dreaming for about an hour?

Went in to clean the pots I’d left in the sink – and found I’d left the hot tap running again! Humph!

Had a stand-up wash and shave using water heated in the kettle and saucepans.

Head down to get some rest and panic… Did I turn off the cooker? Did a turn off the heater in the wetroom? I had to check these out. All okay.

Head down again and woke again… Did I close the kitchen window? Did I lock the door? Did I leave the fridge door open?

Getting fed-up with myself now…

At least Duodenal Donald was a lot easier.


Inchcock – Friday 28th April 2017: Another busy day… and Whoopsiedangleplop, a potato escaped from the plate – Never to be seen again?


Victorian Humour?

Friday 28th April 2017

Khmer (Cambodia): កាលពីថ្ងៃសុក្រទី 28 ខែមេសាឆ្នាំ 2017

Falling asleep so early last night (Mind you, I needed it), I woke around 0100hrs and drifted in and out of slumber repeatedly until 0345hrs. When a demand from the rumbling innards for me to make use of the Porcelain Throne arrived, the £300 second-hand recliner shudderingly let me out to get to the wetroom. Whoopsiedangleplop! Found I’d left the convector wall heater blasting away again!

I found that Duodenal Donald was easier this morning, Anne Gyna a bit of a hassle, Arthur Itis was being so kind to me, Roger Reflux rumbling silently and no Dennis Dizzies at all. Haemorrhoid Harold had and was bleeding plenteously internally. Cleaned up and donned a pair of the protection pants.

At one point I wondered if I was becoming algophilic. Thought about it, started the computer and looked up algophilic. How did I know this word?

Kettle on and did the Health Checks. Looking good I thought?


Made a mug of tea and took the medications and got this days graphic done and started it up to here. Then finished yesterday’s off and posted it.

I did some WordPress reading then updated this post.

Decided I wanted to go to town today, to the fruit & veg market and try to get some pod peas and take some photographicalisations for the TFZers and this post.

Came across and watched a short documentary about Madeleine McCann.

A quick bash on Facebooking and on to getting the ablutions done. Hurridly got the bin bags into the chute and was all ready and set off out.

Nice chinwag with some other tenants while we waited for the bus. Did some cross wording en route.

5Fri09Dropped off the bus and made my way into the Victoria Shopping Centre (Mall).

Up to the market and invested in a few Egyptian pod peas.

Wandered around and got a pair of trousers as well.

Along and down into the HMV shops for a nosey around, I didn’t buy anything, though.

Called in Tesco and got

5Fri10Out onto Mansfield Road, noticing that the American Diner that had occupied several units had now closed down.

They had put up posters for some of the other food outlets in the empty windows.

Last week there were about 90 chairs and tables in this space.

Rather sad.

5Fri11Crossed over at the end of Milton Street, into Clumber Street.N

Not so many people about as usual for a Friday I thought.

I meandered down to the rear of the Council House and looked in the windows of the tobacconists, Gauntley’s.

I still miss my pipe and baccy, even after all these years.

5Fri12Sad innit?a V

I moved around the end of the road and took this photographicalisation of the ‘Little John’ bell-dome.

Apparently, it is the deepest-toned bell in the country.

Nottingham is famous for its local hero Robin Hood whose favourite Lieutenant was called Little John 5Fri12bin deference to his large stature.  It is with this connection that the bell was named ‘Little John’.  It is hung in the great dome of the Council House in Market Square in the centre of the city and weighs 10 and a half tonnes. Within this dome is also a clock which was made in 1926 by William Cope the nephew of the founders of G. & F. Cope. (clockmakers of Nottingham). He managed to combine the movement of this 5Fri12iclock to the striking of the bell from which time it has chimed on time constantly and is considered the largest most accurate electric chiming clock in the world.

Just thought I’d mention it like.

Had a limping stroll around the side streets nearby, spotting a few more closed down retail outlets on many of them.

5Fri12aThere were many buildings designed by Nottingham architect Watson Fothergill still going strong.B

I have a liking for his work and style.B

He was Christened Fothergill Watson, but he decided to change the names around to Fothergill Watson in later life.

5Fri12cThe feet were soon giving me some jip, but Duodenal Donald had eased off a lot. The extra Omeprazole and Codeine seems to have worked?

As I turned right down St Peter’s Gate at the end of Bridlesmith Gate and came across this chap trading in an old telephone box as a coffee shop.

I’ve seen this sort of thing on the 5Fri12dTV, but this is the first time I’ve come across it in real life. Amazing!

Further down the hill, there were several of Watson’s designed buildings again.

Brilliantly artistic or what?

I called into Marks & Sparks at the bottom, went into the food hall for a look see.

5Fri12eAgain, I didn’t buy anything, just nosed around.

Came out and donated to a Big Issue seller and along up through Exchange walk to the Slab Square.

You can see another one of Watson’s wonderful designs in the centre back of this photographicalisation. It was called originally, ‘Prudential House’ and the insurance 5Fri12fcompany owned it all to start with. I wonder if they are still going or have they been sold off?

I took this one of the well-wrapped-up Nottingham citizenry and the two trams on South Parade platforms, as I hobbled over the road.

Bit nippy this midday now.

Walked over the square, avoiding 5Fri12ha pavement cyclist who nearly had me over.


At the bottom of Queen Street King Street junction, I took the picture. The old Prudential House building on the left side. Those of Fothergill’s on the right have had some units modernised between his designed ones – looks terrible doesn’t it, all that glass between 5Fri12gthe beauty of his brickwork style buildings?

I turned while on King Street and took a photo of the Council House, and Little John’s dome showing the clock and flag.

Then I decided as the bus was not due for ages yet, I’d pop into the Primark Store to see if they had any long sleeve tea-shirts in stock. They hadn’t, but I had a wander around anyway. And yet once again… bought nothing!

Caught the L9 bus back home. Tired feet aching and stinging chronically.

5Fri12j.jpgPicked up the four letters received at the door on entry, had a wee-wee, got the kettle on, and decided to mop the kitchen floor, cause it looked a bit grotty.

Managed to catch Arthur Itis’s attack on my fingers as I took the photographicalisation when it was cleaned and done.

Noticed the letters that I’d forgotten about, so perused them.

Nottingham City Homes, British Gas and Severn Trent all confirming the new bank details for the Direct Debit. The GUM Clinic confirming my being on the procedure list and the need to continue with the check visits.

5Fri12kGot on with updating this article.

Readied the meal, while cleaning the apple divider, I learnt something that I think it prudent that I should pass on to others.

The blades are so easy to cut oneself on when drying the contraption.

End of message. Hehe!

5Fri12LDid some Facebooking.

Got a phone call, it was from the bank manageress who was not available yesterday, a Courtesy call she said. She wanted to see me Like I wanted to see her yesterday… Come on Inchy, no snide remarks, please!

She suggested next Tuesday, I asked what time, she said around 0400hrs, I said that is no good too late for me – We made arrangements for me to visit her next Friday at 1030hrs. She wants to talk over options, Direct Debits etc, and a possible investment account opening. I could smell the money signs in her eyes… No, no! Come on Inchy, no snide remarks, please!

Served up the fodder on a tray on my knees and watched some DVD.

During the process of dining, I got the dizzies and shakes for a few seconds and one potato freed itself from the fork prongs and escaped; disappearing down onto the floor via my chest, tummy, and legs. After a messy getting out of the £300 second-hand recliner, searching, removing the chair cover, moving the chair, combing the immediate area, I even got down (Which was far easier than getting back up again, Hehe!) and shone the torch underneath the £300 second-hand recliner. But all my efforts to find and retrieve the escapee tuber were fruitless!

Once again, the planned watching of the Jonathan Creek episodes proved difficult as the nodding off and waking up, the rewinding then starting the link all over again got me annoyed with myself, and I soon gave up and drifted off into sleep within seconds I think.


Inchcock – Thursday 27 April 2017: Busiest Day of the Year!


Thursday 27 April 2017

Arabic: الخميس 27 أبريل 2017

0300hrs: Woke, reluctantly, tried to get back to sleep, knew I’d been dreaming, but again, no memories of them. I hate that. Hehe! Gave up trying to nod off again when the urge to visit the porcelain throne appeared.

Flipping cold this morning.

Out of the £300 second-hand recliner and nearly went over as Dizzy Dennis caught me unawares as I dismounted. Onto the throne and Duodenal Donald kicked in and the stomach rumbling began. Thought about how I enjoyed yesterday’s Fish and Chip meal and how foolish I was to have gone for it.

Carried out the Health Checks and printed the last few day off so as to show the doctor later on.


All those 163 to 174 Sys readings and then it goes down to 155 on the day I go to see the Doctor? Humph! The weight down a bit again too, mind you, I got onto the scales after the Porcelain Throne session.

Took the medication4Thur03s.

I threw back the curtains as it began to get lighter, and realised why it was so nippy, I’d left the window open!


Did some WordPress reading done, made a mug of strong tea… during which I had to make a rather hasty a trip back to the porcelain… just in time! Great! The runs, on a day I’ve got to go to the surgery, chemist, back for the Social Hour, back out to the bank, then the clinic!

4Thur04Back to put the above photograph on here, and noticed some smoke in it, left of the right curtain.

Got a close-up of it from the kitchen window.

No emergency lights were showing. Looked like it was on the housing estate?

Got the paperwork for the day’s needs, Surgery, Bank and Clinic into a folder, put the raffle prizes and nibbles in the bag for the Social Hour and staff. Realised I had not booked an appointment with the Doctor’s Nurse for the Tuesday INR Blood Test… Huh! I’ll have to go to the City Hospital for it then. Far too late to get an appointment for Tuesday now. Hey-ho!

Made some reminder notes to take with me to avoid forgetting to mention something to the Doctor.

Updated this twollop.

Ablutions tended to.

Remembered to gather the things for the Nottingham Hospice Charity Shop to take them with me – plan to walk up through the park, up over the hill and to the surgery.

Set out and went the wrong way, half way along Chestnut Walk, I stopped and walked back in the opposite direction, so as to go to the Nottingham Hospice shop – stopped again when I realised I’d put their stuff in the wrong bag, and went back in the original direction. I’ll bet someone was watching and thinking; Look at that fool, what’s he up to now? Hehe!

4Thur05Plenty of time to spare so I took a nice steady hobble down the hill.

Damn it, I had not got the hearing aids in!

A bit of an obstacle course on the pavement with the bins lined up for collection, but still.

Anne Gyna now amalgamated with Duodenal Dennis, and this was most annoying and persistent. Hey-ho!

4Thur06Left and up the hill on Mansfield Road and over the crest… or should that be apex or maybe the crown of the road?

The traffic was building up here in Carrington as I had to stop a few moments to let Anne Gyna calm down.

Even Roger Reflux had a go at me then.

Tsk! Not feeling well at all, yet oddly not poorly.

Does that make sense to you?

4Thur07Further down the hill as I approached the surgery, a sudden uplifting insanity came over me… no not insanity, erm, jollity!

I found Dennis had eased off quickly and I was singing to myself?

Well, maybe insanity after all. Hehe!

I got into the Surgery and consulted my list of things to remember and asked the receptionist if I had booked in for Monday or Tuesday for an INR Blood Test, she confirmed that I had, for 1020hrs. I thanked her, took my seat and got out the crossword book. Noticing as I did, some new posters on the board. It seems the senior Doctor is retiring and Dr Vinla is currently interviewing for a replacement. I thought she was off ill? Big decisions to make for her.

A locum for Dr Vinla was on duty today.

I was told to go in and the Doctor, a far Eastern Gentleman was very cross with me for forgetting the hearing aids, and when I had to ask for confirmation or misheard him, it made him angrier still. Oh dear! Got it wrong again didn’t I? But he was straight to the point. Well, in all but when I asked about and explained the depression and anxiety symptoms, which he told me we all have, and told me to leave it until Dr Vindla returned and warned me that referrals take months sometimes.

Duodenal Donald and Anne Gyna’s hassle I mentioned. He said to double up with the Omeprazole for a few days until things calm down. I pointed out that perhaps the stocks might run low, and he said if the do ask for some more later.

4Thur10I requested some extra Codeine Phosphates and was pleased when after he’d read my statistics on the computer, he agreed to do so, because of the Morphgesic SR 30 mg Tablets being stopped in readiness for the graft operation and it should be safe to take some extra 30g Codeines, in place of them. So glad he agreed to this, bless him.

I thanked him, left his office and gave the staff some nibbles in a bag and walked (Very painfully now the feet had started singing) down the road into Carrington and the Chemist shop.

4Thur11Deepak, the chemist and owner, asked me to have a talk with him while I waited for the prescription to be filled.

I mentioned how I was feeling depressed and why. Somehow it was easier to speak with him. A really nice chap, Deepak is.

The chinwag only took a few minutes, and I collected the medications and was off hobbling to the Lidl store.

4Thur08I got only three things today, A bag of small potatoes, a small packet of Sugar-Peas and two small cheese cobs.

I paid on the serve yourself till and got rid of all my small change.

Hehehe! I later regretted this.

Out to the bus stop, (Weary legs and feet now) and got lifted up into Sherwood. Where I dropped off and called at the bank as instructed by the bank manageress last week, to talk to her about the direct debits and how I wanted things handling.

I explained all this to the lady serving, put my card and number into the machine on the counter, and she seemed to concentrate and read things on the screen for ages and ages? I began to fear that something was wrong… My IQ told me something was wrong!

Eventually, after I nearly fell asleep a few times waiting, she said that the manageress was unavailable today??? She added in a wholly disquieting, nerve-making tone, (To me anyway!) That the transfer had gone through and I could now use the new card. Conviction, was missing in her voice? Knowing my luck, I found it hard to believe that things were alright with it. Time will prove me right, my IQ is rarely wrong. Watch this space! Oh, dear…

Started to hobble up the hill to see if any buses might be coming to get me back up to the flats and realised the L8 service had finished, so no matter what the time, no luck. As I knew the L9 route came at 25 minutes past the hour, and it was 54 minutes past now.

So I limped back the way I came from and walked up Winchester Street Hill back to the flats.

Amazingly, I arrived in time (Well, not very late anyway) for the Tenants Social Hour. But it was hard work not hearing folks unless they were next to me and I could see the lips.

Got the raffle tickets and donated them to a table of ladies, handed out the nibbles, managed a quick bit of a gossip with Penny and BJ – then decided to call it quits and go back to the flat to get the hearing aids and take some painkillers and an extra Omeprazole.

4Thur09Boy, was I lucky, just missed the downpour that started as I got in, put the fodder away and had a wee-wee before taking the midday and the extra medications. A bit of a mouthful that, Haha!

The rain was so fine it was hard to see, I’d got the hearing aids in by then and heard it more than saw it.

It only lasted a few minutes, but anyone in it would have recognised it as ‘That wet rain’ and got soaked through!

Did an order for Morrison’s while I thought of it. A job getting the new card accepted, but all okay now.

Set off on slow, nice and easy hobble to the Clinic at the City Hospital, remembering to take the attendance card and bus pass to get back with. See? Sometimes I can get things right, Hehe!


When I crossed over Valley Road at the pelican lights, a gentleman in a BMW went over on amber, gave me a fright he did.

I was well pleased with Anne Gyna, Arthur Itis and Duodenal Donald (Actually he was less bothersome now?) on the limp to the clinic. Only the feet gave me a lot of any bother. And no rain in sight. Come think of it, the roads might have been greasy, and that’s why Mr BMW didn’t try to stop? Glad I didn’t call him a naughty name now.

The usual Po-faced Obergruppenfurher on the reception again. I’ve worked out to annoy now. I keep a smile on my face and am extremely friendly and polite to him. Haha!

No waiting at all, I was called in within 2 minutes – into an office full of medical professionals and students. They explained As I thought about the Morphine removal being so that if I need it during the graft operation, it would be more efficient for me. The head man (I assumed as the others said nothing to him, except in answer to his prompting, but hung on his every word) explained the procedure in detail to me. But I will not repeat anything on here, cause it fritted me. Hehehe!

Then we all went into the treatment room, and they had a silent giggle and declared me all okay for the surgery to take place, as long as I have no more bad bleeds. After much embarrassment and poking and prodding, we returned back into the office and, he was a Mr, not Doctor? Advised me that having to cancel the original surgical time will mean a longer wait, this time around. Fair enough!  He gave me more cream.

I thanked him, got out into the reception area and smiled at Hitler, the sweetest smile I could manage and said Thank you, my friend, received a look back that should have killed me actually, and got out quickly. Hehe!

I was going to take a photographicalisation of the clinic but had left the camera in the flat. Tsk!

A number 40 bus arrived within seconds of my getting to the bus stop. All this good luck is very worrying yer know! If had got the camera and used it, I’d have missed the bus!

The uphill, but a short walk from the 40 bus stop back to to the apartment block, was excruciating for me, thanks to the state of the feet and Anne Gyna starting to kicking off again.

So glad to get back inside. Had a long wee-wee. Checked on the man and woman handled Little inchy, no bleeding. Phew!

Kettle on, and I took the evening medications then, got the computer on to update this again. Did the last Health Checks. Sys still a little high, but lower than the first two checks.

Oh, the feet and Anne Gyna… but Duodena4Thur08l Donald was bearable.

Got the fodder away went on Facebook catch-up then the meal was prepared and consumed.

The ‘Luxury’ fish surimi sticks were delicious and tasty. I didn’t eat all of it, left most of the potatoes, the pepper was a little too hot for me. The egg was of a plasticity and rubber texture that was unpleasant. However, I did have an orange sucker and a handful of chocolate balls afterwards.

Got the DVD going to watch some more of the Jonathan Creek episodes, the new headphones are marvellous.

Repeatedly fell asleep and had to rewind, so often I gave up trying.


Inchcock – Wednesday 26 April 2017


Wednesday 26 April 2017

Afrikaans: Woensdag 26 April 2017

Stirred around 0400hrs, no dream memories at all. Out of the £300 second-hand recliner (Worked smoothly without any shakes and shudders this morning too!) and off to the Porcelain Throne. All okay there, no bleeding from the front or rear end, and things went easily, perhaps a bit too easily, but absolutely no pain during the process.

Did the Health Checks next. Sys 161, Dia 73, Pulse 85, Temperature 35.5 and the weight was down again! 14.10lb.

3Wed01Began to worry about if the Hygiene ladies would visit today.

Got a good few reminders on the calendar for today.

Mind you, tomorrow’s ‘Things to Do’ list is even busier.

Not sure how I committed myself to the Fish & Chips meal with a gang of other tenants today, though.

I’m not an eater-outer usually. I think Penny might have scared me into going. Hehehe!

She rang last night to remind me not 3Wed04to miss the 1130hrs bus, bless her.

Made a mug of tea and got the diary finished and posted, then started on this one to here.

Made a list of things to remember when I go out later – it was still there when I got back hours later. Tsk!

Done some WordPressing then I visited Facebook. Middle of posting Facebook became unresponsive the message said. Tsk! Came back on, though.

Graphics I did yesterday added to the TFZer site and put in albums.




On the last one, I tried to make it look like Lyzzi on the right was jumping up. Failed!

Carried out the ablutions.

No nurse arrived.

Washed some cleaning rags out and put them on the airer.

None of the Hygiene Ladies arrived.

Got the empty jars and bottles and went down and out to the recycle bin with them, then back into the foyer and waited for the bus with the other tenants going on the Free’ Nosh trip to Arnold.

3Wed05We piled on when the bus arrived and Penny gave a little lecture for a few minutes; I could not hear her and asked the cheery lady sat in front of me if it was anything important. She smiled and just said: “No dear!”

Had a bit of a dizzy after getting off the bus and during the little walk to the restaurant.

Couldn’t join in any conversations properly, other than with the chap sat next to me, so when those around laughed I laughed… that sort of thing.

The meal arrived in a convoy of servers and boy would you believe how some of them tenants ate so quickly. I had to take my time, partly due to Duodenal Donald and I needed to watch the others so I knew what cutlery to use and how to eat the food without embarrassing missen.

Battered haddock, mushy peas and chips. It didn’t look very appetising, but it tasted wonderful. Donald started grumbling before I finished, so I left a little of it. (Not much, mind, Hehe!)

I departed as some had done earlier, and went into Asda and had a wander around for ages. Had to take care not to allow any escapes of wind, as Reflux Roger joined in with Duodenal Donald giving some rotten attacks. Huh!

Ended up buying Fish Sticks, 4 miniature pork pies with pickle and next week,s TV paper – the buying of the magazine reminded me to look at the DVD players – Yes, I bought one. Not sure if I could handle setting it up, but the bloke two flats away said he would show me if I struggled to get it going.

To the bus stop and back to the apartment, in pain and well tired-out.

P1170430Wee-wee, kettle on and got the DVD thingy out and set it together okay, plugged it in, and the Jonathan Creek DVD started!

Needs a bit of colour, screen options and contrast sorting out later, when I find out how to do it.

Got the computer on to update this here diary, like.

Then did Facebook catch up.

The last Health Checks were done: Sys 171, Dia 75, Pulse 81, Temp 36.1. Sys high again, but I’m going to see the Doctor in the morning so can tell him/her. Then get back for the Tenants Social Hour hopefully, then out to the bank, then to the Clinic.

Not too good now, rumbling innards, the odd Dizzy Dennis visit, and the depression deepened. But Anne Gyna and Arthur Itis were both being kind to me… I think, sometimes it is hard to identify which are Duodenal Donald’s and Anne Gyna’s pains. Int life confusing sometimes? Hehe!

Settled to watch some of the DVD and toyed with it as I watched. Not successfully mind. I find now, I have to change (On the TV) the audio settings between watching TV and using the DVD. But not to worry, at least I can view a DVD now. Watched some Jonathan Creek episodes, but weariness (But why, I haven’t done much today?) took over and I turned off the set and box and was soon away dreaming.

TTFN all.

Inchcock – Tuesday 25 April 2017 – A day mostly of graphicationalisationing, say that when you’ve had a few drinkies. Hehe!


Tuesday 25 April 2017

French: Mardi 25 Avril 2017

0005hrs (Although I didn’t realise this at the time, Hehe!): Woke wide awake, Duodenal Donald still stinging away. Not realising how early it was, I got up, made a brew and wondered why there were no demands coming for a wee-wee.

Did the Health Checks. The Sys was still far too high. However, the weight was down again.


I remembered to do the temperature checks in the right way though. Waited until the LO sign came on, under the arm on the skin, set the timer for a minute and got the reading. I even heard the beeps. That was because it was so early and no other noises, I had a new battery in the one working hearing aid and had contorted my head down to as near to the armpit as I could. This cracked the neck and I now have another pain to contend with. Humph!

I spent ages searching for the wrist alarm. Panic and confusion almost turned into a frenzy as I ran around getting ever more desperate in my failed efforts to locate it. Almost at the point of giving up and feared to have to tell Warden Deana later, the brain clicked in, and I recalled that yesterday at the Surgery, I realised I’d gone out with the wristlet still on the arm and had put it in my jacket pocket; where I found it after I’d delved into and found it! Phew!


Got the computer on to do the diaries and found an email from the Doctors new receptionist informing me of the change in Warfarin dosages. Glad to see they have booked me in for next Tuesday, instead of leaving it for four weeks this time. The doses had increased.

I should get the official Anticoagulant Therapy Record notification in a day or so in the mail. I did not get the level reading in the email but suspect it is a bit low. I thought it odd when I cut my head that it didn’t seem to bleed much the other day.

This got me thinking about the high BP Sys. So I looked on the web before I took the morning medications, to confirm that it is the Ramipril tablets that I’m taking for the BP, and took an extra one, along with an extra painkiller, then rubbed some pain gel on the neck and digested the tablet with another mug of tea. Had several good swigs of the antacid medicine, although I know it has little effect on Duodenal Donald’s exploits. Not sure if I’ve done right. Ah-well!

I then had another search to find the card with the addresses on it that the nurse had given me yesterday so I could go to the NHS sites. Another kerfuffle, but I found in the end that I’d put it back in the plastic envelope with the other paperwork! The tea had gone cold again, so made another mug and had a look on the websites.

Got the three addresses and stored them on the Bookmarks. After I’ve spoken with the doctor on Thursday, they will be ready to use.

The tea had gone cold again, made another and found the milk had gone off.

Finished yesterday’s diary, then started this one.

Did some graphicalisationing. For hours and hours, kept my off the worries a bit. Here are some of the 22 TFZer ones. I titled the album on Facebook ‘Can I give you a lift Madam’






Hope they get the funny side and like them.

2Tue05The weather outside looked glorious.

I pressed on with the graphicalisationing further.

Duodenal Donald keeps persisting to annoy and hassle me, though.

I got some mail, three junk and the Anticoagulation Result2Tue10s. (By gum that was quick coming). It was what I expected. far too low, in fact only 1.6, second lowest it’s ever been.

Last time it was this low, they sent the district nurses to make sure the injections were done correctly.

This time I have no supplies left anyway.

And I did love having the nurses call on me and woman-handle me. Hehehe!

Tired now, I’ve been up for 15-16 hours.

Forced me off the computer, and laid out the meal in readiness, then I nearly got the ablutions tended to… But:


As I got the meal laid out, I remembered that I had not done the Facebooking or second session on the WordPress reading. So I wrapped the meal in foil to keep it a bit fresher.

2Tue12The weather took a disturbing turn then. Caught me in the reflection.

Back onto the computer and did some Facebooking for a while.

Blimey, 106 notifications!

I investigated. Most were likes for the new TFZer series, which is very nice.

Eventually got around to doing the ablutions, very late on.

Then got to eat the meal, fighting not to fall asleep as I did so. Very disappointed with it, though. The meat was stringy, the potatoes overcooked, the mini pie stale, the onions too hot and soft… but the tomatoes, beetroot and cheese were okay.

Depression descended on me as I watched the gogglebox, and I was soon going through nod-offs and waking up moments. I think it was like that all through the night.

Inchcock – Monday 24th April 2017: Incorporating the midday(ish) dream that felt as real as any dream I’ve ever had!


Monday 24th April 2017

Malay: Isnin April 24, 2017

Woke, shaking a bit, and no memories of any dreams again. Duodenal Donald on form still. Out of the £300 second-hand recliner and off for a wee-wee – Little Inchy

Feelings of low-esteem still with me.

1Mon02I got dressed and took the laundry down and got it going in the only washing machine of the two that was available this morning.

I think the other one conked out on Thursday or Friday?

Then, back up to the apartment and started the diaries on the computer.

Down and moved the things into the dryer, once more up to the flat.

Finished yesterday’s post. Did some WordPress reading. Duodenal Donald was getting worse, took the medications with many swigs of the medicine and an extra 30g Codeine Phosphate with the morning medications.

1Mon03Down to collect the washing.

Taking a bag of rubbish made up from bits from all the three bins, that it is far too early to throw down the chute, to leave near the caretaker’s door outside.

Took this quick photographicalisation.

Wiped the dryer and around, cleaned the filter and made my way up to the flat.

Had a visit from Dizzy Dennis.

Put the clobber away, things to use next time in the bag and got the kettle on.


Did the Health Checks while waiting.

Updated this post to here.

0435hrs: Gives me plenty of time to do some Facebooking before I have to prepare for the visit to the surgery for the INR Blood Level Test. Got carried away there – Three hours!

Put some nibbles in the bag for the nurse and staff, and got the medicationalising and ablutions done. By the time I’d freshened various parts up and dressed, I had to get a move on so as not to be late for the INR test.

Two resident ladies near the laundry room door in the foyer as I went out, managed a “Good Morning” and a smile to each of them. Olive and Betty I think.

Hobbled down Winchester Street, not a bad morning, nice and fresh, a bit of 1Mon06drizzle occasionally. Left up the hill to the crest, and down into Carrington.

Duodenal Donald and Anne Gyna were joined by Roger Reflux in giving me some hassle as I walked down the slope to the surgery… the I had to stop because Dennis Dizzy added his halfpennyworth.

This could be a nocive ridden day, I thought?

Dizzy Dennis disappeared (A bit of a mouthful there, sorry) as I entered the surgery waiting room. Booked in and sat down and got the crossword book out. The receptionist called me over, which Arthur Itis was pleased with I hobbled to the desk. She handed me a thick filled envelope. Hello hello, I whispered silently to myself.

1Mon08It was regarding the request I made six weeks or so ago for the I.D. needs for the bank transfer from the Doctor.

Several notes to and from people hand written in specialist Doctors style.

The last one, Action Pending I could read:

Mr Chambers: Unfortunately Dr Vindla said she cannot do this letter for you.

Fair enough that, at least they let me know. With my luck being as it is I didn’t get any hopes up anyway. Sad innit? Also sorry that Dr Vindla is still off poorly, I wanted to ask what she was off with but didn’t have the nerve to.

The phlebotomist Nurse, Yvonne fetched me in. Did the blood and it was at this point, as I took off the coat, I realised that earlier, I must have put the new trousers in the wash and put the old ones back on again, cause they were there hanging for grim life around my midriff. Tsk!

She patiently but quickly had a look at the Health Checklist I’m printed out and decided that the Sys was far too high and made a note on the computer for the Doctor (The Locum?). And when I have my appointment with him/her on Thursday, I’ve to mention it.

WP01She then pointed out when I asked her if I was doing the temperature correctly, that I wasn’t. Fancy that! I should set a timer for one minute then make contact with the skin under the arm and wait for this timer to run out. Evidently, the thermometer thingymabob pips or beeps three times, when it is done. But of course being hard of hearing I cannot hear it, this is why she suggested using the timer. Good isn’t she! Oh, and I have to wait after turning it on, until the LO shows up before applying it to the skin, easy when someone tells yer! Hehe! From here on, I should get the correct readings I hope. Tsk!

1Mon09Told her about the depressions and anxiety attacks and she gave me a leaflet/card with some contact numbers on to use if I liked.

Telephone numbers not very much use of course, but she said there are email addresses I can use too. In an effort to start a self-introductory session.

They are being run by the Nottingham City Clinical Commissioning Group it seems. I will be permitted to contact any one of the three numbers on the card. I’ll have a look at each website later. (Got around to this the following day, Tsk!)

Thanked her and gave her the nibbles.

Outside, the rain had stopped completely now, and down through Carrington to the Lidl store. Meandered around finally selecting some English Piccolo Tomatoes, Iced Lollies to replace the ones I left out of the freezer (Huh), plain greek yoghourt, two cheese-topped rolls and some of that they now call Hippopotaspuds!

Here they are in the saucepan later, awaiting water and cooking. Years ago I got some of these from Morrison’s, but they are not available much nowadays. They used to call them Apache Potatoes then. I think I enjoyed them a lot.

Caught a b05Thu12us back into Sherwood, the feet were aching now.

Called in the Wilko store to get some more of the Oust kettle descaler packs that I found splendid and efficient, (And cheap there too at £1 for a pack of two, £1.60 at Morrison’s) ready for next time I need them – assuming I don’t croak-out first like, of course.

Also got some cheap kitchen towels, spectacle lens cleaners, a bottle of bleach and some freshness booster.

Out and up the hill to the bus stop. Several other tenants waiting also. Had a chinwag and laughed with them.

Caught the bus and we were all soon squashed in the lift going up. Mabel to floor eight, and the other three of us all to level twelve.

1Mon07Got in and got the small Hippopotaspuds on a low light, and put the other things away.

Into the wetroom and made use of the Porcelain Throne… well I thought I was going to make use of the Porcelain Throne.

Much wind and rumbling, but no activity. I read the book for a while in hopes that things would start moving… and fell asleep!

There followed a dream that seemed so real, I nearly cried when I woke up to find it wasn’t. Taken from the notes I’d written after the dream, on the toilet paper. Haha!

I was nipper again, walking through the street in the Nottingham Meadows.

Suppose it must have been around 1950. It seemed so real and natural to me that I floated, almost flew a few inches from the roadway and didn’t actually walk…

1Mon10This photograph in sepia I have found in my files is of one of the roads I was floating through. It was Allport Street off Waterway Street… As I recall?

I don’t think any of the other lads and lasses knew I was there, or they could not see me?

There was a boy I used to pal up with who lived on Blackstone Street back then, who caught polio and passed away; And there he was playing in his back yard with whip and top with his pet dog, Rex. I landed nearby, and to my amazement, he saw me and came over, and we sat on a wall we used to do so often back then, chatted for what seemed ages. No idea what about, but am sure we laughed a lot. Until his Mam called him in for his tea. He left in the fashion we used to; “Tara, see yer later!”

As I was floating down the alleyway back onto the street, I woke up, nearly falling off of the porcelain throne. Felt horribly depressed that the dream was not reality. Hey-ho!

No rear end movement had taken place, I bent down to pick up the fallen crossword book and clouted myself spot on where I hit the head yesterday! Or was it the day before? Anyway, it brought me out of my daydreaming session. Hehe!

Did the last of the health checks, this time using the thermometer correctly.

1Mon11Got the Hippopotaspuds nosh ready. The small vine tomatoes were tasty.

Last of the chestnuts used up, and Morrison’s no longer stock them online. Not that I could get any anyway, being hopefully in the middle of the card transfer, I can’t use either the old one or new one yet. Messy!

I should find out on Thursday… ah, another prospective messy day there. Got to go off To the Doctors, (must remember all I have to tell him/her) for 0850hrs, Social Hour at 1000hrs, then the Bank to see what’s happening with the account… No wonder the blood pressure is so high. Tsk!

Got the goggle-box on and swiftly as you like this time, despite Duodenal Donald’s attentions, I nodded off in minutes.

Inchcock – Sunday 23rd April 2017


Today – from the web

Sunday 23nd April 2017

Lao: ວັນອາທິດວັນທີ 23 ເມສາ 2017

Woke 0335hrs, still feeling bad about myself and guilty. Had some silly thoughts, that didn’t sound as silly as yesterday’s did with my brain. No dream memories, but I just knew they were morbid?

Out of the £300 second-hand recliner and to the porcelain throne. No bleeding from Haemorrhoid Harold or Little Inchy. But Duodenal Donald was still giving me some hammer.

Made a brew and took the morning medications. Did the Health Checks, all looked okay to me? (I later got messages on Facebook from edumacated people assuring me of this, I thank them).

The computer was turned on, and finished last weeks check-list and added these mornings.


I did the diary for yesterday then started this one going.

Got the shakes bad when I was making another mug of tea, Dizzy Dennis was in a hyper mood for ages… well, a few minutes and he doesn’t usually stay this long. The vision blurred badly this time as well?

7Sun06cTook this photograph, this rather blurred, not one of my bestest photographs from the kitchen window.

Nipped in for a wee-wee, and found Little Inchy had started bleeding again.

Cleaned and medicated the lesion.

The tea had gone cold by then, so I made another one and put some potatoes in the saucepan. Had to remove the sprouts from them first. Tsk!

Did some WordPressing.

Back to doing the diaries.

Sister rang as I was just sat brooding staring blankly at the computer screen and hating myself – cheered me up, although I was having difficulty in hearing her with the one working hearing aid. Funny that, cause I had the phone to the ear-hole with the batteries working? At least Forest won for her.

FilmLWent on Facebook and made up an album of TFZ’s Sandra film production graphics. Then made another one.

Needed to concentrate, so as to avoid brooding, sulking and self-hatred, so I forced myself to do another graphic to weigh on.

Made a Spot-the-Differences graphic. Lost count doing it myself, Tsk! Think there’s nine.

COM Gladys

Did some more WordPressing.1Mon03

Got the nosh ready, no bother, a salad again.

Got the ablutions done.

Watched some Gogglebox rubbish.

Sleep was hard to come by again tonight, eventually getting off into the land of much needed nod for a couple of hours, I sprang awake at 0255hrs – and  did the laundry.

Inchcock – Saturday 22nd April 2017


Saturday 22nd April 2017

Norwegian: Lørdag 22. April 2017

An awful night. Sweats and colds, shakes, forever waking up, Duodenal Donald ever present, guilt, anxiety, the mind giving no rest in waking periods and when I woke up, no memories of any dreams. Verily, I thought; bonkersness approacheth.

0320hrs: I got up and like an automaton, Duodenal Donald and Anne Gyna both seeming as if they had lodged permanently with me recently, made a brew and opened the windows, and did the Health Checks.


The weight was down, not that I could get much out of this with the guilt of cocking up the so called funny with the M & C girls, the last people on earth I would have wanted to upset. I love them so and shower what gifts and nibbles I can on them on instinct to show my respect…The thought of upsetting them and losing their services, and then this happens. I think I deserve the pain I’m going through for not thinking things out first.

No washing shaving or ablutions were done. Made a mug of tea and got the computer on to do the diaries.

Filled next weeks medication pots and off to the porcelain throne. I had no bother at all with Little Inchy or Haemorrhoid Harold bleeding or hurting, just as well with the incessant discomfort that Duodenal Donald was still giving me. If it stays at this degree for much longer, I can see problems. The painkillers and medicine are not cutting it, and as I write, Anne Gyna has started to put in her halfpennyworth too.

Now I have mental and physical pains to contend with – but n more than I deserve I suppose.

Went on Facebook to try and concentrate on something. Then graphicalisationing.


7Sun01aWent in to wash the mug and made contact with the edge of the cupboard door.

Not recommended.

Got the bin bags sorted.

Carried out the ablutions.

Set out and walked up through the park into

7Sun02bSherwood and caught a bus to town.

Walked up passing the old Nottingham Playhouse. Now called ‘Spanky Van Dyke’s’, a nightclub some sort I imagine.

I wandered around the near empty streets in that area, not for any particular reason, I was stewing in my self-contempt bit still.

7Sun04I went around the block.

Didn’t call in this establishment, cause it was not open.


As I came back down Wollaton Street, I noticed a cunning plan by the builders, of how to get 7Sun04athe rubbish down.

I’ve made the photograph bigger, so I hope you can see this.

Dirty great lift taking the rubbish skip up to have the waste deposited in it. I thought how smart.

Although, perhaps they do this all the time and I’ve not noticed?

Wandered down to the Derby Road area, still unfocused and aimlessly.

7Sun03Here, I did notice a large City Centre Premier Inn. Looking rather grotty.

As I passed the doors into it, I think it was, er, what’s the word… Automatically staffed? No reception that I could see, but perhaps they had one up the stairs.

Certainly nothing like the advertisements for them on the TV.

Turned left onto Upper Parliament Street and meandered down to Queen Street to check on the bus times. Next one in 1 hour 40 minutes. Got the urge to go to Victoria Market and see if they had some Fresh Pod Peas in, then go to Tesco to get some Sourdough bread.

So I did. Also got some reduced mini-Easter eggs for nibbles, some New Zealand Cox’s apples, a TV magazine and some Tomatoes (Dutch) in the hope that they taste okay. At least I am thinking about eating again – ailments permitting, like.

Then rambled through the passageways and streets down to the Market Square, hoping to see the parade by the Royal Society of St George from the Forest Recreation Ground to


The Old Market Square.  Found that the parade, was departing from the Forest at noon, will be headed by knights on horseback. So I missed it, too early and too long to wait for it to start. Humph!

I did have a hobble (The feet were actually singing now) around the Slab Square and noticed that two mallards had landed in the pool.


They were a little on the small side, so presumably, they did not come from the Nottingham Arboretum; I think they may have come from the Canal. (All useless information supplied by Inchock. Any time like, Hehe)

7Sun4dWandered around the Council House, popped in the book shop fro a look and back to the bottom of Queen Street ready to turn up it, gave the Big Issue block a quid. And took this photographicalisation of the Lord Mayor in his Regalia with some bigwigs with him as he took a walk along the route that will be taken later on when the St George Parade arrives.

Took this photographicalisation of the Lord Mayor in his Regalia with some bigwigs with him as he took a walk along the route that will be taken later on when the St George Parade arrives.

This one is from last year’s parade:


Map of my hobbling around on foot in Nottingham – mostly purposelessly;


Nothing like a long walk, but having been outside for days, Arthur Itis felt it, and Anne Gyna let me know. Hehe!

Caught the bus back to Mapperley Top and walked down to the flats, only took about twelve minutes and it was downhill.

Got in and had a wee-wee.

Began getting the nibbles ready for the cleaner gals – realised and I felt even worse than I did earlier.

Updated this diary with little enthusiasm now.

7Sun06aGot the fodder ready on a plate to have later (Cold meal).

I did some more CorelDraw 2017 arranging and amending for an hour or so.

Had the meal, the pork and pickle mini pork pie, the strong, firm cheddar cheese and the New Zealand Cox’s apples being very tasty.

Settled, but the guilty anxious and depressed mind would not let me sleep for hours and hours. Forcing me to muse about my errors and mistakes, and it was hell!


Inchcock – Friday 21st April 2017


Friday 21st April 2017

Javanese: Ana 21 April 2017

0420hrs: No idea at all what the dreams were about, just knew I’d had them.

Awakened to get out of the £300 second-hand recliner and felt the warm wet sensation from the lower regions, saw the blood and made my way to the porcelain thrown. Titivated things up, clothes into a bucket soaking, and plonked me mass back on the throne for a while in a deep nonconforming medley of horrible thoughts and self-recrimination. No answers, no conclusions, I cleaned the room up and went to the kitchen to make a mug of tea and take the medications. I was going to do the Health Checks, but my moroseness made me forget to do them.

Opened the window and made a brew, took the medications and lost myself again in pointless, futile thoughts of improving things in my tumultuous mind.

Put away the flat clothes airer from yesterday, and out the towel on the bendy one in the hallway.

Got the computer on to finish yesterday’s post, very hard to find the words. Started this one off, and remembered to do the Health Checks. So I did.


Made another mug of tea and did some WordPress reading for an hour or two, then posted yesterday’s diary off.

No interest in going out at all seems like I’m content to hibernate… Got to shake this off before Monday when I go for the INR blood test. Good job I’ve opened the windows and used the air spray. Hehe!

001Went on Facebook.

Did a graphic for the TFZer gals, with Thomas flying across the room. Hope they like it.

Duodenal Donald has started giving me a lot of pain. Took a painkiller and a swig of antacid – but they are not working yet. Made another mug of tea and started a complicated graphic that will take ages from scratch, in the hopes of entertaining and be making people smile and perhaps just as importantly, try to replace the feeling of recrimination that is so heavy, for a while at least.

Facebook froze on me, had to restart.

Several hours later I’d got them done.



Still feeling so down with myself, Duodenal Donald and Anne Gyna playing up and hard to concentrate properly.

Had a look at YouTube for a while, in between drinking tea.

1322hrs: Got a call from someone, couldn’t understand all that they said but wanted me to test the wrist alarm, cause they had a fault come through to their end. I did. All okay.

Feeling so down now, can’t concentrate on anything, Stomach churning, Anne Gyna and Duodenal Donald getting hard to bear. I sent off an email to the surgery to ask for an appointment.

Got a reply withing ten minutes. The first one available is on Thursday 27th April at 0850hrs. Put in on the calendar. Long time to wait, but still, With a Dr De Selver, as Dr Vindla is still off. (Seven weeks now, hope she is alright.)

Threw myself into cleaning up… well a bit anyway, cause the pain was too much, so I settled in the chair and prayed for sleep, but of course, the rambling worried, guilty mind would not let me.

Tried to concentrate on graphicationalisationing again. Gave up.

Took the evening medications and a bit of Facebooking and communicationalisationing with Lynton Cox, bless is cotton socks.

6Sat01Got the fodder sorted.I did add a few chestnuts after taking the picture, though.

I did add a few chestnuts after taking the picture, though.

Just feeling so depressed and in such pain, I was not hungry much.

Did the last of the today’s BP, pulse, temp Health Checks.

The temp and pulse were a little bit up?


Don’t think anything here to worry about, I’m doing enough of that over the joke cock-up.