Inchcock – Friday 28th April 2017: Another busy day… and Whoopsiedangleplop, a potato escaped from the plate – Never to be seen again?


Victorian Humour?

Friday 28th April 2017

Khmer (Cambodia): កាលពីថ្ងៃសុក្រទី 28 ខែមេសាឆ្នាំ 2017

Falling asleep so early last night (Mind you, I needed it), I woke around 0100hrs and drifted in and out of slumber repeatedly until 0345hrs. When a demand from the rumbling innards for me to make use of the Porcelain Throne arrived, the £300 second-hand recliner shudderingly let me out to get to the wetroom. Whoopsiedangleplop! Found I’d left the convector wall heater blasting away again!

I found that Duodenal Donald was easier this morning, Anne Gyna a bit of a hassle, Arthur Itis was being so kind to me, Roger Reflux rumbling silently and no Dennis Dizzies at all. Haemorrhoid Harold had and was bleeding plenteously internally. Cleaned up and donned a pair of the protection pants.

At one point I wondered if I was becoming algophilic. Thought about it, started the computer and looked up algophilic. How did I know this word?

Kettle on and did the Health Checks. Looking good I thought?


Made a mug of tea and took the medications and got this days graphic done and started it up to here. Then finished yesterday’s off and posted it.

I did some WordPress reading then updated this post.

Decided I wanted to go to town today, to the fruit & veg market and try to get some pod peas and take some photographicalisations for the TFZers and this post.

Came across and watched a short documentary about Madeleine McCann.

A quick bash on Facebooking and on to getting the ablutions done. Hurridly got the bin bags into the chute and was all ready and set off out.

Nice chinwag with some other tenants while we waited for the bus. Did some cross wording en route.

5Fri09Dropped off the bus and made my way into the Victoria Shopping Centre (Mall).

Up to the market and invested in a few Egyptian pod peas.

Wandered around and got a pair of trousers as well.

Along and down into the HMV shops for a nosey around, I didn’t buy anything, though.

Called in Tesco and got

5Fri10Out onto Mansfield Road, noticing that the American Diner that had occupied several units had now closed down.

They had put up posters for some of the other food outlets in the empty windows.

Last week there were about 90 chairs and tables in this space.

Rather sad.

5Fri11Crossed over at the end of Milton Street, into Clumber Street.N

Not so many people about as usual for a Friday I thought.

I meandered down to the rear of the Council House and looked in the windows of the tobacconists, Gauntley’s.

I still miss my pipe and baccy, even after all these years.

5Fri12Sad innit?a V

I moved around the end of the road and took this photographicalisation of the ‘Little John’ bell-dome.

Apparently, it is the deepest-toned bell in the country.

Nottingham is famous for its local hero Robin Hood whose favourite Lieutenant was called Little John 5Fri12bin deference to his large stature.  It is with this connection that the bell was named ‘Little John’.  It is hung in the great dome of the Council House in Market Square in the centre of the city and weighs 10 and a half tonnes. Within this dome is also a clock which was made in 1926 by William Cope the nephew of the founders of G. & F. Cope. (clockmakers of Nottingham). He managed to combine the movement of this 5Fri12iclock to the striking of the bell from which time it has chimed on time constantly and is considered the largest most accurate electric chiming clock in the world.

Just thought I’d mention it like.

Had a limping stroll around the side streets nearby, spotting a few more closed down retail outlets on many of them.

5Fri12aThere were many buildings designed by Nottingham architect Watson Fothergill still going strong.B

I have a liking for his work and style.B

He was Christened Fothergill Watson, but he decided to change the names around to Fothergill Watson in later life.

5Fri12cThe feet were soon giving me some jip, but Duodenal Donald had eased off a lot. The extra Omeprazole and Codeine seems to have worked?

As I turned right down St Peter’s Gate at the end of Bridlesmith Gate and came across this chap trading in an old telephone box as a coffee shop.

I’ve seen this sort of thing on the 5Fri12dTV, but this is the first time I’ve come across it in real life. Amazing!

Further down the hill, there were several of Watson’s designed buildings again.

Brilliantly artistic or what?

I called into Marks & Sparks at the bottom, went into the food hall for a look see.

5Fri12eAgain, I didn’t buy anything, just nosed around.

Came out and donated to a Big Issue seller and along up through Exchange walk to the Slab Square.

You can see another one of Watson’s wonderful designs in the centre back of this photographicalisation. It was called originally, ‘Prudential House’ and the insurance 5Fri12fcompany owned it all to start with. I wonder if they are still going or have they been sold off?

I took this one of the well-wrapped-up Nottingham citizenry and the two trams on South Parade platforms, as I hobbled over the road.

Bit nippy this midday now.

Walked over the square, avoiding 5Fri12ha pavement cyclist who nearly had me over.


At the bottom of Queen Street King Street junction, I took the picture. The old Prudential House building on the left side. Those of Fothergill’s on the right have had some units modernised between his designed ones – looks terrible doesn’t it, all that glass between 5Fri12gthe beauty of his brickwork style buildings?

I turned while on King Street and took a photo of the Council House, and Little John’s dome showing the clock and flag.

Then I decided as the bus was not due for ages yet, I’d pop into the Primark Store to see if they had any long sleeve tea-shirts in stock. They hadn’t, but I had a wander around anyway. And yet once again… bought nothing!

Caught the L9 bus back home. Tired feet aching and stinging chronically.

5Fri12j.jpgPicked up the four letters received at the door on entry, had a wee-wee, got the kettle on, and decided to mop the kitchen floor, cause it looked a bit grotty.

Managed to catch Arthur Itis’s attack on my fingers as I took the photographicalisation when it was cleaned and done.

Noticed the letters that I’d forgotten about, so perused them.

Nottingham City Homes, British Gas and Severn Trent all confirming the new bank details for the Direct Debit. The GUM Clinic confirming my being on the procedure list and the need to continue with the check visits.

5Fri12kGot on with updating this article.

Readied the meal, while cleaning the apple divider, I learnt something that I think it prudent that I should pass on to others.

The blades are so easy to cut oneself on when drying the contraption.

End of message. Hehe!

5Fri12LDid some Facebooking.

Got a phone call, it was from the bank manageress who was not available yesterday, a Courtesy call she said. She wanted to see me Like I wanted to see her yesterday… Come on Inchy, no snide remarks, please!

She suggested next Tuesday, I asked what time, she said around 0400hrs, I said that is no good too late for me – We made arrangements for me to visit her next Friday at 1030hrs. She wants to talk over options, Direct Debits etc, and a possible investment account opening. I could smell the money signs in her eyes… No, no! Come on Inchy, no snide remarks, please!

Served up the fodder on a tray on my knees and watched some DVD.

During the process of dining, I got the dizzies and shakes for a few seconds and one potato freed itself from the fork prongs and escaped; disappearing down onto the floor via my chest, tummy, and legs. After a messy getting out of the £300 second-hand recliner, searching, removing the chair cover, moving the chair, combing the immediate area, I even got down (Which was far easier than getting back up again, Hehe!) and shone the torch underneath the £300 second-hand recliner. But all my efforts to find and retrieve the escapee tuber were fruitless!

Once again, the planned watching of the Jonathan Creek episodes proved difficult as the nodding off and waking up, the rewinding then starting the link all over again got me annoyed with myself, and I soon gave up and drifted off into sleep within seconds I think.


5 thoughts on “Inchcock – Friday 28th April 2017: Another busy day… and Whoopsiedangleplop, a potato escaped from the plate – Never to be seen again?

  1. Lots of photos today. Excellent. As you learned, those apple slicers are deadly. I hate it when potatoes jump of my fork and hide, only to be found months later all dried up and wrinkled with the life sucked out of them. I think they get taken by spud-suckers, distant cousins of Chupacabras, into the 4th dimension where the spud-suckers slowly, but surly, suck the life out of the poor spuds that thought they were rolling their way to freedom down our chests, over our bellies and between our legs, only to be sucked into looking like fossilized, giant raisins before getting chucked back into 3D. They would have been better off just succumbing to being eaten by us. Looks like a much less depressing portion of food on that tray.

    • I wish I’d said that Tim! I like it.
      I’ve a few minutes ago, started today’s diary off, and guess what? I found it!
      Don’t want to spoil the story so I won’t say where here. Hehehe! But it surprised me where I discovered it.
      TTFN Sir.

  2. I see what you mean about Fothergill, those structures are very elegant & beautiful, in stark contrast to the soulless modern, strictly utilitarian, functional designs that change a lovely landscape into downtown Mordor.

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