Inchy: Saturday 25th November 2023

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Well, it beat me; why was it so dark?

Emptied the . I ventured into the kitchen to get the kettle on for a brew of Glengettie tea… but I didn’t make one as I got carried away when I saw the moon was clearly visible and fetched , I tried to take some decent shots on it…
Oh, dearie, not only did catch me out, but as I tried again, burst into a lively few minutes worth of shaking!
It may not resemble the planet, but I think this turned out to be an unintended masterpiece? Haha!
I gave it one last chance, a distance shot.At least I got an identifiable one. But I was disappointed in not getting a close-up of it again.

Computer on. Within five minutes…

Went on CorelDraw graphic making.
Aha, the internet came back on its own accord!
Two minutes later.
So, I had a go at turning everything off and restarting.
Sure enough, within two minutes, it was back!

Five minutes later…
I gave up and tried to clean the oven up a bit.
It’s surprising how my bad eyes can easily miss bits of dried-on gumph when scrubbing away in the oven.

Oiled the ear-holes.

Tried the computer again. Signal back on. I was so pleased that for the next 15 minutes, there were none of the Oligarchal failures. Then, as the Carer arrived…
The wonderfully reliable, cheap, friendly people of s, did so again. Currently, failures stand at
I’ve not recorded many because I had no internet to record them on. Hello…

I sorted out the waste bags.
How bad this is!

Got some small potatoes on the crock-pot. I added a good splash of sea salt and a sprinkling of the gorgeous-tastingseasoning. Not unlike Worcestershire sauce, a little less intense, but the flavour lingers on the tongue more.

Gotten Himmel…
Mostly liquid!.

Back on the computer…
With the smoke & mirrors, number-crunching, fact-fiddling, giving me so much time to curse, spit and throw oaths and curses on them, it also gave me a chance to try to see why they are getting into, by investment or buying them out, so many, most if not all of the European internet suppliers. And yet, they are proving incapable of maintaining a service connection? And are they ruining the reputation of all suppliers? You see, I consider they are doing this on purpose. Their ulterior motive is still a puzzle to me. Not why they are doing this, that is plainly obvious; To Make Profit! Oddly, one of their other purchased companies, EE, along with BT (Liberty-Global now the biggest shareholder in them), Vodafone and ‘3’, had connections available at the top of the list this morning. (On the computer wifi-rota) after Virgin went for the fourth time? I clicked on the EE connection to see what’s available hourly, daily, or weekly for the appropriate rates. Further proof of the double-dealing, money-manipulating, by the esteemed Mike Fries, Chief Executive Officer and Vice Chairman of Liberty Global. Who took home a $64m salary plus bonuses in FY2, is behind the cunning plot to become financially focussed through blurring facts, figures, fallaciousness, fiendishness, foxy, and furtive by any means available to him! If they may read this blog for a laugh, note I have refrained from using fabricated, falsified, fictitious, flagitious, fibbed or flectional. Better let him know my dwindling bank balance is about what he earns in two minutes! Well, that’s for their lawyers if they decide to sue me, really) 

s, as of 15:00hrs, stand at:

After has been, I’m going to tackle the biggest job of any day… Getting a wash and shave! There is no showering today, not with the bandaging on my right leg. Joanne took off the strapping and diabetic sock for me from the left leg. Bless her cotton socks! ♥ 

Here goes, ♬Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho, it’s off to the wet room I go♬

It should be a quicker and safer task today. No need for me to get dressed afterwards… well, slippers, a quilt, and a dressing gown are all I shall adorn.

Also, with the right leg bandaging from the foot to above the knee, there shall be no showering. 
It’s just a stand-up jobbie.
I was amazed when I found out it had taken me so long, but far less than when dressing and showering. The teeth and gums didn’t bleed… but that was likely because I forgot to clean them. Tsk! Shaving, just the one cut this time. It was only getting the PPs on that was any real bother. No falls or tumbles, mind you.

However, using the short picker-upperer, I caught the release valve on the Catheter bag, so I had to rewash the legs, carpet, and floor.

Got dressed & sorted. And got the computer on…

arrived. Issued the medications, and he was overjoyed at not having to do the task of  Hehe!

He took a photo of the red eye so I could email it to the Doctor to get out of Monday’s appointment. I just don’t like the idea of using four buses with the associated risks to get there & back. He took the laundry down for me and returned 6 minutes later with the bag. The laundry dryer was not working. Humph!

Am I lucky or what? The next occurrence will clarify that question for us all. I went to open another bottle of pink soda water to assist the bladder…
As I unscrewed the cap, a third of the contents sprayed out! Onto the computer keyboard, the leg bandaging, the recliner, the clean dressing down and my chest, face and hands, and the carpet, for many feet away!
I despair!

Now Firefox has gone down again!
I’ll try to get the pics on then to send it.

Crap Day Nowt, is unusual there!

Inchy Friday 24th November 2023

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– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
06:30hrs (5½ hours sleep. Great!): I struggled to get my poorly legs down from the chair, and wriggled in the £300, second-hand, most uncomfortable, decrepit, Haemorrhoid Harold-testing, micro-organism-microbe-bugged, easily-falloutable from, unfit-for-use, not working, recliner, one leg fell from the chair and clouted the ankle against the raised leg. This made me jump a smidgeon, and I felt the blood from , the tube yanked inside the little fella, causing more blood loss, but this is nothing to a man of my stature. I could see blood coming through the pink bandaging that Nurse Sarah had put on the right leg, yesterday. And as I tried to raise myself from the depths of the crumb covered from the cheesy curls I’d nocturnally unknowingly eaten, I was shaken like never been before via . Along with so many of the failings from and , they ensured me day-long fears of having a fall, tumble or stumble. But, as of now, I have coped well with them. I am making sure I try to take the stick with me every time I move about.  
I assume it was my Cartilage gals… well, it must have been because does not give way just like that, and his pains stay a lot longer… yes, they are guilty! Hehe!

Followed hours later by my precious caring .
arrived and did the medications. I think he was well pleased with not having to do the leg straps on both legs. Hehehe! Did his BP. Looking good again! . The Meridian team leader arrived. She asked for some catheter night bags, as a chap in the flats has just come out of hospital and is in need. She took a bag and said she would return it when his stocks arrived later next week. Glad to help.

Two-tone leg straps and bandaging.

Waste bags sorted.

The Iceland order arrived.
Exceptional no-meat meat slices today.
They had beef in them, and they had carefully ensured that the food was ready-crushed to save my few teeth when I ate them, I assume. How kind!The fridge was topped up again.
Substituted milk roll loaf with tasteless white.

Bit of Advice Here…
Do take care when unscrewing jars.
Sometimes the tin lid, on a jar of pickled beetroot has gone through the Iceland pre-crushing system and has sharp edges indented on the cap.

Got the Carers & Nurses nibbles box filled

Nice little clouds.

The papules can be felt bleeding under the bandaging.
The left leg will have the leg strap removed permanently to see how it goes tonight. If I remember to tell the carer

Found this new to me word.

Differences displayed.

Mopped the kitchen floor.
nearly had me over at one time. But I managed to stay perpendicular. Just!

Late Night Shots
Going, going…
Still going…
Close up…
Ah… Gone!


Inchy: Tuesday 21 November 2023

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This had to have been taken, between my leaving the hovel, and getting back a day or two later from the Clinic. It felt like it to me; there were that many happenings and a few Accifauxpas to boot today.
I will have to stop telling of these Whoopsiedangleplops that plague me every day – No one believes them.
I have to live with them.
Little clandestine plea for sympathy there, Sorry.
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
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Kitchen views
Why the difference?

The Iceland order, that I put in for a delivery next Tuesday, arrived today. Thus the incogitable, never-ending, for this lucky young lad, (Hehe!) Cock-Ups began!

Most of the cost went on drink rather than food.
Still, the nurses and Carers will be right for treats over the year’s end.
No, I was wrong; I meant Sainsbury’s, not Iceland.
Helpers & Carers bubble box refilled. They like these treats.

Drizzling this morning. I’ll try to keep my eye out for any of the seagulls that go on the hunt today.

The rain persisted as I went to get the ablutions done.
What a change! Constipation Conrad gets the upper hand after the six-day reign of Trotsky Terence!
The Cock-Ups Continue!

The ablutionings took me well over 2 hours again. All the usual pains and hassles, which you must be sick of hearing about by now, so I’ll not list them. Just mention that the leg’s water geysers were leaking thin blood today?

I got everything needed after a ten-minute search to find the list I’d made and had to rush a bit to get down to the lobby, for the Easy Link bus due in ten minutes. Thoughtfully taking the crossword book with me in case there would be any long waits at the clinic.
The Cock-Ups Continue!

The gal was late arriving, so I got the crossword book out.
But I forgot to take a pen with me! Humph!
The Cock-Ups Continue!

Carole arrived, and we had a natter, as she took the money from my pocket to pay for the trip and got me belt-buckled. And off we started…
But only got about 200 yards, when I realised that I had not taken the hearing aids with me! So, she turned around at the mini-island and back to the flat for me to get up and retrieve the aids, back down and out to the bus again.
The Cock-Ups Continue!

On the ride to the hospital, .
I was taking a photo through the bus window, as we went over the speed bumps on Woodborough Road a little too fast…and started bleeding in response to my bum lifting off the seat for each of the eleven-speed bumps, and thudding back down on the hard seat. Obviously, this did not bother me, an ex-Boys Brigade member, and acne sufferer. Hahaha!
I did manage one more photo.

We arrived just in time for the appointment after all that, but with the currently stinging state of , and , I was now having to put with joining in, so was a little late by the time I’d got into the clinic waiting hall.
The Cock-Ups Continue!

I went to the reception desk and was told, in a voice that threatened no mercy, and little like Clint Eastwood’s through the teeth, ‘Go ahead, make my day!’ So I took a seat. I got the crossword book from the walker… but could I find the pen? No! The Cock-Ups Continue!

I was called in and followed the man through a maze of Victorian passages to his toilet-sized room. He vacuumed out the ear wax; it took him a while. Told me to book an appointment for the hearing test to be done. Thanked him and nervously approached the reception. Then I had a bit of a session, and am not sure how, but I ended up with a letter appointment, for two days time at the clinic… but not for the hearing test, but with a Dementia Team Supervisor? What! I know I was not feeling up too much and at the same time as talking to the receptionist, . But what the hell went on to get me this appointment? Puzzled, I sat down to have a think. While it suddenly dawned on me, I have an appointment with the Doctor on the same day and time as in the appointment letter, and would surely not be able to get a lift with such short notice anyway.
The Cock-Ups Continue!
I gave up, and thought it best to ask the driver of the bus; if they could get me a lift, and then I could cancel, or rebook the doctor’s visit, I’d forgotten why I was going anyway. Then I realised it was time for her to collect me, and made my way outside, taking some photos whilst waiting. She was half an hour late arriving.
Outside the Ropewalk clinic.
As it was a little cold and damp out there, I turned to go back inside to continue the wait…
The Cock-Ups Continue!
As I went through the waiting room door; .
I felt the catheter pouch dropping down my leg, trapping itself in between the trousers and  The Cock-Ups Continue!
It was unknown to me, whether the bag had leaked or the valve come open on my or not, cause I wouldn’t have left the urine if it had… not until I saw it running out on the floor. !
I tried to look casual, as I limped with the three-wheeled walker to the back of the room, then went right, along another Victorian-style passage, and found the sign for the gents. No one was in, and I had a devil-of-job getting the trousers down to get at the  to find no damage or leaks, Phew! I distinctly recall thinking at that time, as I was getting my leg up to release the nearly full bag into the WC… precariously, that not everything I do is doomed. and I very nearly went into a … but cancelled it!
The Cock-Ups Continue!
While emptying the catheter bag, gave way, and there was no avoiding it, I fell sideways… in between two Victorian-styled hand basins, which were sturdy enough for me to use to keep my elephantine body from ending up procumbent. However, and Chloe & Carol were all rather annoyed at my landing on the knees. Showing this in their usual painful style. Then I had to clean up the WC and floor, using up the closet’s entire stock of hand towelling. I cleanedp up the bleeding as best I could, and told a lady I’d used up all the hand towels.
The Cock-Ups Continue!

Red-faced and feeling guilty and a pillock, I went out to the front of the clinic again. The lift had not yet arrived.

Took this shot of the basement from the entrance.

Then the one above & below of the signage.

Interested in seeing the yellow message: NUH Glaucoma Service? I’ll look up NUH…
Ah, Nottingham University Hospitals!

The gal arrived. I was still partly in a… what can I say? Erm, A corroboree, confusion, mayhap even a semi-panic over the visitations calamities that left me a dithering mental wreck. I asked her, stutteringly and rambling if she would please use my mobile to ring to see if they could fit me in for two days time for a lift. It was obvious by her facial reaction that I had no chance, but bless her, she rang them anyway ♥. No-Go!
The Cock-Ups Continue!
She went in with me to explain to the reception chappie about no lift being available. The man was not happy, and I was getting more agitated with things, and so angry that I could not recall what happened during my two unwanted, and prayed I’d not missed anything important, that I need to remember later.

The Cock-Ups Continue!

I shall have to stop here.
May not get back on again.
Firefox playing up AGAIN!

Kara gave me 15 minutes today, I was so confused, I can’t recall anything she said, but know she’s tried to help ♥.
I do recall these oven-cooked Cumberland sausages.
 With caramelised onion! Taste: 9/10!.


That should have been neither.

But Grammarly has fone down too!


Inchy: Wed 15 Nov23: My Sarkiness Blossomed Today!

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – This one should be easy? 1950’s – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
Another day infested with problems granted to me by the
The Virgin Media Internet connection was farcical again. At least Mike Fries, Chief Executive Officer and Vice Chairperson of Liberty Global, still gets his guaranteed take-home salary of  $62m, FY2, with bonuses and an open-ended expense account. So, it’s nice that I can get the satisfaction of knowing that my being so gullible, near to bankruptcy, stupid, incapable and mentally disturbed, gives me contentment. I get a warm glow from within, knowing that my failings and incompetencies are contributing to the money-monger, blithely unconcerned about customers, with their sham, bogus false interest in offering a workable internet, financial welfare.

03:50hrs: The catheter nocturnal pouch was removed.


Much later, went to make a brew of Glengettie.
The house that’s been being done up for about three months, didn’t show signs of activity.

The tea was placed near the out-of-action landline telephone, and I let it go cold.

arrived, and did a grand job of fitting the new . Medications were handed out and then the lad set about replacing the Kevla-ended for me. Shaquille did a very good job of them as well! Thanks, Shaq!

Doctor Vindla phoned on the mobile. But it was hard to hear what she was saying… and made things worse with having just gone down for about the third time, and me losing some work I’d done, and I was getting all uptight at the time she rang me. , with me not hearing her, she could now not understand me. In the end, she did say,: “Ask Carer Kara to ring me, so she can explain. I can’t understand what you are saying!” Embarrassed, I rang off. I’ll ask Kara if she calls later. I tried to find the list of things to mention… if  I actually made one, I was possibly waiting for to come again, so she could go through it with me to check I’d not missed anything? Anyway, if I had, I’d lost it.
Ah, life can be a bummer!

I was busy farting around for an hour or so, trying to get the  back online. And chimed out from the front door. I was delighted to see that it was no other arriving than the pretty, kind Obersturmbannfuhreress, Ice skating champion, florist, ILC (Independent Living coordinator), and, not to be messed with, saviour and comforter, Warden Julie.
On a rescue mission to save me yet again from my unreliable  imposed picklement, danger, fretting and getting further confused, Bless Her ♥!
She whipped a box out of the bag, to reveal a temporary box to use for the Alert Alarm replacement while I awaited the arrival of the connect device from to be delivered, to get the phone working again.
Julie fitted it in no time for me. It had go on the floor, cause the lead was not long enough to reach any furniture. I immediately clocked that this was excellent! When I take the odd tumble, I have to go on my and , with knees, with the risk of bursting to get to the alert Box anyway, so it would be easier to use it now.
Clever stuff, Julie! I fang you!

called. I explained about the Alarm situation, as told to by ILC (Independent Living Coordinator),
Oberstgrüppenfuhreress, Warden and Primo Ballerina, Deana yesterday, told the Carers that when the link comes from Oligarch-ridden arrives, the Carers must advise the Wardens of its arrival, so they can arrange to have it fitted so that the landline telephone will work again. Of course, this is subject to its actual arrival, and relies on not to make any more cock-ups that they already have made! What am I saying? The total brown-outs in the last four hours are standing at nine already.

Last week they failed to get a connection to me or browned out at least 85 times. They sent the wrong date for the fibre change that lost me and so many others the use of their Alarm Alert boxes and landlines… so expecting the number-crunching, dodgy-dealing number-crunchers at , to get anything right, is something one doesn’t get too hopeful about. Pessimistic, morelike. Hello, another update on the quality and service of here.. From who pay their cliquey, elite, select CEO $62 million a year.
Jealous? Me! Yes!

I treated myself to one of the Iceland vanilla ice cream tree suckers. I liked these; they were not sickly sweet. A nice flavour and, with my rotting teeth, is very easy to eat!

, who fitted the ankle and leg straps back this morning, did an excellent job on the. He’s got the knack, no doubt about that! Cheers, mate! As the darkness began to fall, I took this shot through the balcony doors and window from the computer chair. Well, I had plenty of time, what with more browning-outs from the figure-shuffling, illusion, deception, hocus-pocus, mumbo-jumbo, and number-crunching, .

It wasn’t letting me get the signal back, no matter what I tried this time. I cursed out loud, wishing the cacodemons would get my own back for me, and ease my hatred by painfully killing off as the Oligarchal financial entity that it has become, and the bosses at the same time. A man can dream!

I shan’t tell you about a little daydream I had whilst suffering with the painful, smelling, stinking, second evacuation session. But there’s a link in there about my thoughts, dedicated to….

I bet all the English folks got this one right. As you see, the driver’s half cab on his 1959 double-decker bus, was on the wrong side in the top photo. Did you notice the metal discs on the back of the seats? I think they were ashtrays and cigarette stubber-outerers? I thought this might be another Fault. As cigarettes and smoking, were not allowed in the lower saloon, upstairs only. Or, I may be wrong. It has been known. Hehe!

The potatoes had boiled sufficiently for me to get on with making a feast for myself. It took me a long time to get the flesh from the skins of the halved potatoes. Then, it took me a good hour to chop & mix them with the Cheddar and Leicester cheese, then scoop the mixture, seasoned with sea salt, Worcester sauce and black pepper, back into the husks. Next, I put them into the preheated oven and Germolened my burnt fingers, where I’d cut where I caught some fingers on the oven racking and dropped the knife, and it fell on my ankle left bone and cut the same finger as I rescued it from the floor. Then clean up the fallen and trodden on bits of flesh from the kitchen floor. By the time I’m done all this, the potatoes were checked, and found to be ready for noshing! Good job I’d put the Germolene on, cause that’s where I might have burnt myself again, taking the tray out of the kiln..
4: I nibbled a bit of the crispy potato top plating them, and it tasted so nice, that I hastened to get settled down and start eating them. I was just finishing the last one off, and the smell of burning that was coming from the kitchen

5: This told me I must have left the oven on! I grabbed the , and went to the kitchenette to investigate… As I was going in the doorway, not wearing my spectacles 6: I suffered a short . As I automatically reached to steady myself and help Metal Micky keep me upright, 7: as my hand connected with the surface and edge of the counter corner… 8: (The light was not on yet), I remembered I’d put the sausages I’d cooked on there, and forgot all about eating them, in my haste to consume the cheesy potatoes! I think it was then two of the bangers burst open and sprayed me, my dressing gown, running down the side of the cupboards and onto the floor with their contents, that I wanted to cry! The blasted was enough to break anyone’s spirits. But now, at my getting tired and weary status, I faced all the cleaning up to do! 

NOTE: Writing this, tomorrow night; yes, the acted up even more tomorrow! Do you know, I nearly deleted it? No one is going to believe that anybody can have such persistent, on-stop, unending, Voodoo or hoodoo-plagued bad luck when they read this!
I was a little puzzled myself!

I’m already 24 hours behind with the blogging.
So, until… well, if ever there is a vague chance of Working properly again, as it did when it was owned by Richard Branson… I’ll never forgive him for selling his to the plutocratic, pathetic, figure amending and altering, analysations, deconstruction, dissection and manipulativeness of their evaluations, interpretations of the real facts that exist! Yet they continue to buy into so many more internet suppliers companies or buy them out, so as to get their Oligarchal advantage; thus, they can get away with being such crap providers, cause as I see it, anyone leaving Virgin, can only move to another supplier that will own or part-own anyway!

Quote from Mike Fires, CO: Mike Fries Liberty Global delivers next-generation products through advanced fibre and 5G networks, providing over 86 million connections (That doesn’t work, but he fails to mention this in his comments!), across Europe and the UK.
Quote from Wallmine: The estimated net worth of Michael T Fries is at least $175 Million dollars as of 1 May 2023. Mr Fries owns over 215,802 units of Liberty Global plc stock worth over $28,917,283 and over the last 10 years, he sold LBTYK stock worth over $22,634,655. In addition, he makes $123,254,000 as Vice Chairman of the Board, President, and CEO at Liberty Global plc. Oh, I am pleased for the Oligarch!
Well, that’s a new record for him. Well done, Mike! (Spit)
He’s left hundreds of people in care without any alarm lines and telephones, too. Tomorrow, today’s count of failures was dwarfed by shame; he more than doubled it!

I am Fed Up! Tsk!

Inchy: Saturday 28th October 2023 Massive Memory Blank

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Much improved colour now I’ve got some of the nocturnal Catheter pouches to use!

The carer took this shot of the leg when changing the straps & long diabetic socks.

The leg and ankle straps are laid out and ready to be used tonight. Must get the laundry done, and the waste bags have not been taken & I keep forgetting to ask the Carers to take both for me. Tsk!

The first-morning view photo.

Two hours later, a little misty.

Another hour and a change again.
End car park view.

Computer on, blogging started.

Late morning through the balcony.

Amazing clouds.

It was a late try from the sun to get through the clouds.

Early evening cloud views.

Late evening clouds.

Unbelievable! I lost about five hours of memory!
When I rebooted the memory, I recall going into the kitchen tosee what to have for tonight’s nosh. And vaguely of the Carer Calling. Carer Chloe, I think. However, I’d done a lot of artwork on CorelDraw in preparation for tomorrow’s blog, and many templates had been made. Cannot recall doing any of them, but they are all on file on the Admin page of WordPress?
I looked at one, and it had errors that even I should have spotted when creating it – naturally, I’d made the same mistake on all of them! Grrr! pillock

I think I did an Asda order for next Tuesday… I’d better check. Yep!

It’s not the Worst Day of the year, but one of my oddest!


Inchie: Saturday 17th June 2023 – Parole Board Ode

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Thoughts on this Saltus Saturday

The new eye drops procedure is going to be interesting, challenging, and frustrating. What with me now taking over two hours to get the ablutions done. Difficulty in judging the 5 minutes- wait between first drops going in the eye. I suggested getting the drops in first, then, using the five minutes before putting in the second, and getting the medications given

Again, and again, it was horrendous!
With so little sleep over the last two nights, my fatigue came on so early. New pains coming from my stomach were irritating in my worn-out condition. Carer Chris said I must call my doctor. Who by then was closed. The day started so well, too. Although the mini-shakes, I assume courtesy of my old friend and ailment was a worry all day as well. Either no urine coming out, or a flood, then back to nowt! And, I had to keep wiping the on both legs and the ankle of the left one. The legs changed so quickly from waterfilled to skinny, and so often, it was unbelievable! So very little computing got done.
Sorry about the rushing, but I’ll do it in shorthand, so to speak, in hopes of getting some sleep. Oh, that almost rhymed!.

What bit of urine got into the night bag, was a definite 7 on the Richter scale. I mean the NHS card.

My legs not looking too bad at this time.

Of to the wet room for the , oh. and the .
Getting the water was almost crippling.
was really getting at me.
I took two extra painkillers later.
The cold water tap was still not working in the wet room. And yet again, I forgot to clean my teeth in the kitchen.
The only decentish photo of the little & large legs.
All done.

Liberty-Global Internet was off and on all day. It’ll save time and not mention the crude, ignorant profit-seeking, shadowy, sortilege-spouting, figure-distorting sorcery, ensorcellment-ensuring, con artist of a sham company.

Got in a bit of a state when I started getting tired.
The , , and repeated eye drops confusion was baffling me now.

Medical Photo Record

Water Papules leaking

Catheter problems kept returning on & off.
Concentration shot to pieces now.

Twixt my man-breasts and bulging urine filled-stomach.

Carer Chris called three times and a new gal once.
were scary.

Oh, I misspelt double there, Tsk!

Back in the morning, I hope!


The feet and legs seem to be changing several times a day?
The left leg is thick, and the right one’s skinny now.

Got the nosh prepared.
It looked grand!
Surely, thought I. A safe bet, just tomatoes with basil.
But, No! Not so!
Not tasteless, but the flavour was reminiscent of medications and drugs I took after the heart operation? Mayhap the new eye drops causing this?
If so, I’ve got two months of nasty-tasting meals ahead of me!

Washed the pots and took this snap. Carer Chris called, eye drops were done, medications were given, and Phorpain gelled my back for me.

After four hours, two hours and a three-hour night of sleep, surely tonight must get me caught up. I shall be settling into the c1966. charity shop bought, second-hand, wincingly grotty, beige coloured, not working, crumb-covered from the nocturnal nibblings, itch-making, uncomfortable, virus breeding, easy-to-fall-out-of, recliner earlier this time.
Hoping for some kind attention from Sweet Morpheus.

Evening all!

Inchie: Thursday 15th June 2023: Eye Drop Dilemma!

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –– – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
A few shocks today – none of them solvable. Need help badly.
£958 has gone from my bank account. Despite Kara, and Carolynne, trying to get me back onto the online account and arrange paper statements, things remain the same. Chris went with me bank meeting and did most of the talking for me, but still no progress.
Then the eye drop medications arrived, but I don’t know if they should both go in on the same day for 8 weeks or one of 4, then the other for 4 weeks? I tried to contact the Surgery, but it was multiple choice options, and I never got through to a human. This morning’s carer said she’d try to help, but it will take time. I am a little nervous about what to do about this. If anyone has the time, I’ll ask if they can call the EENT for me, so I can relax the tension I’m feeling about it,
Puddled seems a suitable word to use.
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

I got a good three hours sleep in. Waking without any jumps or jerks around 07:00hrs. Took off the night pouch, and needed the Porcelain Throne almost straight away. So, off to the wet room. Not so messy this morning; also, Back-Pain Brenda didn’t play up so much as I hauled the water to the waited 3-months-for NCH maintenance crew to get the water tank filling and the cold water tap to run again, for me.
I thought I take snaps of the ankle and feet. Although the first one on the right here was interfered with because they were in a bit of a mess again this morning. Shaking Shaun and Shuddering Shoulder Shirley were competing for the title of worst current ailment. Hehehe! Took another one. They didn’t look too bad in the photograph; it could be my eyes were playing me up. They are definitely worse than last week. Tried to get a close-up when I got back in the main room. They still looked calmer on the picture and screen than direct from my eyes. I also noticed how cold the bottom of the feet was… they’ll be a reason for this, mark my words.  No idea what!

Got the waste bags sorted, and a new one started in the kitchenette.
I got onto the computer to get the snaps uploaded and doctored if needed.
Then made a start on finishing the Wednesday blog off. As I began, chimed out, and Carer Richard came in. Had a bit of a mind-blank here. I remember greeting him, vaguely talking about the new eye drops, and saying cheerio to the lad, but in between was and is a mystery.
Getting a lot of these lately. Why, I ask? No answer, of course, nobody else here. Well, fancy that, and pickled walnuts for supper… WHAT A SURPRISE! ?
The right eye was beginning to itch a lot, as it did yesterday, but there were the odd few minutes when it stopped, but it always started again.
The wee-weeing from the catheter was not very strong, so I upped drinking the soda water to encourage it a bit.

I went for the daily mug of tea while waiting for the oligarchical $26 million a year salaried Mike Fries company of number-crunchers to try to get the signal back on their pathetically run company they spent billions of $’s buying, only to destroy its reputation… there has to be some ulterior motive in this, which I don’t know. But rest assured, it will be financially advantageous, if dubious.

Carer Kara arrived. She was in a hurry but gave me a minute to explain about the worry over the eye drops, bless her. Said she’d try to get something sorted, but it takes a long time; thank you, Kara. ♥

, I got a text message from the bank. There has been over £900 taken to pay for something. This worries me a lot. Was it the electricity bill?

Window cleaner Joe arrived next. Done in no time, gave him my last tenner.

And then, as I was hobbling to get another bottle of water…acci-whoop! As ! I crawled back into the other room to use the c1966. charity shop bought, second-hand, wincingly grotty, beige coloured, not working, crumb-covered from the nocturnal nibblings, itch-making, uncomfortable, virus breeding, easy-to-fall-out-of, recliner as leverage to get back up on my feet again…
, I had a good against the swivel chair’s legs. After a few mild curses were uttered… well, not mild really; I misjudged the distance the bottle of water was away from me, down it went. watering my beet and the carpet! Expletives ensued, many of them.
The feet had taken a battering with the stubbing and struggling back up. Now unintentionally doused with soda water. One hell of a job to get them cleaned and dried off. I checked on the water papules on both legs; all were dry this time, with not a leak in sight.
The intercom rang; it was the new medication drops arriving.
The NHS man handed them to me, and as I was closing the door – I have a sense, feeling, that I don’t need to tell you this, and you have guessed? Yes… another ! I took an extra painkiller later.
Now I am really confused!
Got the medications out of the bag, and was puzzled and flummoxed to see two more droppers of the one I’d been using. I thought They said I was getting two new types. This brought into question; Did Did I mishear when they said two weeks of one, then two weeks of the other? Should I be putting them both in one eye for just two weeks, or a month? I mentioned my problems to the evening Carer, with hopes of getting some advice or help with the problems, that are important to me, futilely.   I’m stone baffled.

The instructions, Kara saw that the dosages were now 4 times a day for the Maxitrol, and 3 times a day for a month for the Optha drops. (2×80 doses). I can’t see to read them, though; problem upon problem adding up all the time now. I fear my spirits are getting dampened. All of the difficulties not being tackled are adding up.
I have not got the resources, skills, or capabilities to solve anything nowadays. Depression is gathering momentum, and no one cares or can help. It’s enough to make one think of giving in. Not that anyone is interested any more… I’m getting less interested and frustrated too. And, there is always a problem, new problems every day. Not to mention I want to know why it is hot and humid today, but the soles, toes, and ends of my feet are so flipping cold! Hehehe! Got to try and see the funny side, or have you?

I made a graph to use for the drops, that is, if they are for the same eye and both need to be used. I’ll try to ring them again in the morning; if I can find the number. If I can hear what they say, and do not get it wrong or forget what they tell me. It would be unquestionably best if I could get someone to do it for me. I bet that Kara may have already rang them for me by tomorrow. Bless her cotton socks. Then I need help with bank issues, that have to be sorted. They have Kara as my legalised communicator, so no one else will be listened to. I mentioned this to Chris, who went with me to the bank the other Thursday, tonight, and he confirmed that is what the bank man had said.

Yes, them obliarchalistical money manipulators don’t help me find any peace, either, do they? They seem to me, to be a number-crunching, hoodwinking Artful-Dodger type, flimflam and hokum, legerdemain, prestidigitation, experts. Possibly world leaders in chicanery and doublespeak. Jealousy, of course!

Back in the morning… hopefully!

Took these shots while in the kitchen.
To the left, and to the right.

These mystery snaps, I’ve no idea about.
Can you help me?

The bottom of my feet are still really cold to the touch.
But the inflammation is going down on the ankles.

Turning off now, going to make a meal. I fancy some spuds, garden peas and the last of the mini-vegan sausages. So, that’s what I’ll have. But I didn’t.
I had a tin of Chunky Winter Vegetables, added the soy sausages, a dollop of beetroot Borscht, some garden peas, and some small potatoes. Oh, and a drop of liquid smoke. Got it prepped and cooked, served up, and as I was taking it into the other room…

Carer got the night pouch on, and, after a little Inchie moaning about the bank and eyedrops confusion, left me to the meal.

It was fantastic! Flavour Rating 802/10!

Sweet Morpheus was reluctant again.
I couldn’t get to… oh, what’s the word?
SLEEP, that’s it. Such a rarity nowadays!

Inchie Tuesday 13th June 2023: EENT Hospital… Not good!

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Up at 04:35hrs. (I thought it was later)
Removed the attached night bag with some effort, from . Empted and wrapped the night bag in another bag, and sealed it in the yellow box.

It looked nice and light in the first picture.
I took a second to show the content level.
It now looked darker?

Stripped off to go and to get the ABLUTIONS done. By the time I got inside the wet room, a sudden grumbling from the innards, forced a change of plans, and I lunged towards the much-needed swiftly . I half-expected a fully-controlled evacuation; it felt solid enough, though, and the current regulation two torpedoes almost shot out, creating a tsunami in the bowl. Six trips to fetch water to refill the not-working, unmended W.C. tank.

Five cuts shaving, all in the neck area. Let’s face it, that should be expected; this is the only area on the head where hairs grow still. apart from the ‘tash, and that is running out fast. Hehehe!
Body wash completed. It is not so easy doing around , or the inserted tube in Little Inchie. Even in the bum cleaning session, I dropped the cloth twice, then got over-enthusiastic and got the external perishers of ! Tsk!

I struggled to get some cream on the right ankle ulcer.
Looks like it is developing and ready to burst out again soon.
He’s not done this for many a month.

Oh, Sod-It!
Just got the aftershave, and deodorants were used, medicated the various areas in need; and could hardly believe it, once again, the was needed! now in full control. Gooey, yet splattery. What a mess; it took me ages to get the porcelain and, yes… floor, and I cleaned up again!

Then, of course, the job of hauling water to refill the tank.
Got it all sorted in the end.

Got the waste gag sorted and ready to go.

Got the computer on. Carer Kara arrived. Soon got me sorted out. Eye drops, medications, and bless her, she rubbed some
into my back.

No sooner had she gone, than a worryingly third summoning to the was needed. was in full flow now. I’m concerned about going to the hospital in this state… don’t need any more in that department! I’ll put some toilet rolls in the trolley.

Made up some Soda water drinks, adding the raspberry flavoured juice in them.

Checked the kitchen. All safe.

Turned off the computer, and started to get the things ready before my last clean-up to set off for the lift.

Sister Jane rang me with news of an incident that has closed part of the City Centre, ST Anns and close to me, Magdala Road!

This is the latest from the BBC

What do we know so far?

Developments in Nottingham are moving fast – and we are working double time to get you the full picture.

Here’s a rundown of what we know so far:

  • A 31-year-old man has been arrested on suspicion of murder after three people died in Nottingham city centre last night
  • In a statement, the force said it was called to Ilkeston Road in the city at 04:00 BST, where two people were found dead
  • Officers were called to a second incident on Milton Street, where a van had attempted to run over three people, who are being treated for their injuries, condition unknown.
  • A man has also been found dead on Magdala Road
  • Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and Home Secretary Suella Braverman say they are being kept updated about developments
  • Chief Constable Kate Meynell says the three “horrific and tragic” incidents are believed to be linked
  • Several roads are closed, and public transport services have been suspended

Incident locations MAP
The flats here are underneath the top red sign.

OF course, even if the culprits are caught and given life imprisonment; The murderous themselves, Parole Board animals will ensure they get freed to kill again in a few years!
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
Getting ready for the hospital trip was something of a daymare!

❶ Managed to get the trousers. (No socks attempted, no help).
❷ Getting the shoes on was the hardest part, and as gave up, to try again on the first one. acci-whoop, the urine flowed from the Catheter! Arrgh!
❸ Had a hell-of-a-mess! Peed on my legs and feet, the trousers, the shoe, and it took so long to get cleaned up…
❹ Then, the trousers were thrown out, and I had to get another pair from the racking – time running out here…
   ❹ But the fresh pair were too wide, and then I had to get the belt threaded through the hoops. Had to take the trews down to enable access… all the time worrying about another catching of the valve and leak!
❺ Got them back on, and then the challenge of getting the shoes on started again… it was a painful battle, but no help was available; so I pressed on. It took me ages to get them on, and I could not get to straighten the tongue, so I had to wear feet crippling painful shoes all day.

Then a mad rush to get down to the lobby in time. I managed with three minutes to spare, then spent the next ten minutes sitting in the lobby, worrying if, in my haste, I might have left a tap running, or the stove on in the flat… Oh, dearie me!

The lift arrived, no signage on it, so I hoped it was them. It was! I got onto the bus, tied down in the seat, for a worrying trip, as the seat was narrow, and pressing against the one in front, threatening to burst or cause to leak from the valve of pouch!


The driver got us hastily to his next pick up neat Middleton Boulevard. Collected a lady, and on to the QMC...
With him having the lady in the mini-bus, the driver could not escort me to the department needed, but I felt confident I remembered the way from the last visit. (I didn’t, how wrong can one be?) I got in through the doors, and…
, and kicked off. Add that there must have been a somewhere during the next few minutes, because; The next thing I recall is being on another floor and simply lost! Someone came to me and asked if I was alright. Showed him or her the letter, and told me I wanted the ground floor. Took the lift down, and by the time I got there, my mind was clearing nicely. Found my way to the reception.

I tried to sneak a photograph of the large waiting room. Realising although I’d remembered to take the Kodak, I’d left the SD card in the computer at home. Grrr!

As the lady told me to take a seat, the Mind-Fog returned. I sat down, and within minutes a lady came to collect me. A stern young lady. Not forthcoming with any details but went through whatever procedure it was checking each eye. Opened the door, pointed to the seating, and said, ‘Wait there’, so I did.

I rearranged tackle to a more comfortable position, I was collected by another medic, and I walked into another waiting room, and took, as instructed, a seat to await being called into the next surgery.
Then someone else came out and took me to a treatment room there. This lady did a few Eye Tests on the machine… And on another machine, then eye tests on both eyes.
Both repeated using an. OCCLUDER
What is the purpose of an eye occluder?
I looked it up: A pinhole occluder (an opaque disc with one or more small holes) is used to determine whether the reduced vision is caused by refractive error, possibly Myopia.
If this is the case, the pinhole will cause an improvement in visual acuity. It improved one of the eyes but not the other, I can’t recall which one, though. My guess is, it was either the left or mayhap the right one! Hehehe!

Back out and led to yet another waiting area. Shortly another lady came to me, to tell me that this was for the last checks, with the lady in charge. Dr Dahlia Said. Off into her office, and some checks made in both eyes with weird squiggly colours and lines flashing. She did not look too happy and silently consulted her computer. Then, gave me the results of all the tests collectively; I may have got things wrong, but this is how I remember it going.

The right eye: with the new cataract: Tiny crack underneath – further investigation needs surgery and an x-ray. It’s possible the cataract will need removing/lasering and a new one fitted; then, a new cornea will need to be put over the eye. Overnight job if done together.
I was given a prescription, to take to the Hospital’s Pharmacy for filling. These will be for two different eye drops: both just for the right eye. The first one will need putting in four times a day, for a month – important you do take them on time and miss none of this first course of drops.
The second bottle of drops, is totally different, which should help during the upcoming surgery. Do not mix them! These are also four a day, for the next month. Take extreme care not to let any of either medication spill on your face.

The left eye: Needs the cataract done afterwards. The
Glaucoma drops are not to be supplied until all is as it should be with my cataracts on both eyes. The main treatment will be just eye drops initially. Hey-Ho!

On my way out, a lady stopped me and explained that my going to the Pharmacy at the hospital at this time, would possibly involve a 5-6 hour wait, as they get very busy. So, we will post, it in the mail to you. So you can leave now. That was extremely nice of her, and I said so. ♥

So, off to the front door forecourt area, without getting lost, I might add.
I had a farcical chinwag with another old-timer who was waiting for a lift. I’m not sure of what he was saying, any more than he knew what I was going on about. Hehehe! But we both seemed glad to have some sort of a natter, I think.

My lift arrived spot on time. And was driven Stirling Moss-style back to the flat in Sherwood. As we passed the Willow House Chinese takeaway, on Mansfield Road, all illuminated, I really would have loved to get something to eat.

No bother from the usually troublesome flipping bag, when I go out at all. The bag was not half full when I got back into the flat. Which I found . Up to the flat. considered calling for a takeaway, but relented.
I called Meridian’s Nightline and told them I was back home from the hospital, and asked them to inform the Carer for me. Which he did. Carer Chris arrived. He arrived ten minutes later. I nearly bored him to death with my tale of the trip to the QMC. Hehe! Medications were given, but no Phorpain Gel, as I forgot to ask him, me wanting to relate the day’s happenings. Haha!
Eye drops were issued. Peptac taken.

Chips in gravy, two roast potatoes, both done in the microwave.
I’ll not bother with these again. Two wholemeal rolls to soak up the liquid… it was horrible!
Taste rating 3/10. That was generous!

Put the TV on, and fell asleep.
Woken up with Carer Chris returning.
He got the eye drops in and sorted out the night back being attached to the .

An earlier photo that I missed. Tsk!

Wednesday evening by the time I got this done. Humph!

Sleep? What’s that, then?

Inchie: Sunday 11th June 2023

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –


It was so fantastically real at the time. I felt terribly depressed as I was dreaming the dream, Humph! 
It seemed such a long one too. A mishmash of incidents where I seemed to be back doing various jobs I’d done over the years; and jumping from one to another all the time. With this, there should have been confusion, but I seemed to follow it, although it was so confusing – which confused me more!
Everything brought back, was of frustrating or failed episodes I’d had; but somehow seemed worse this time? I may have been flailing about as well, cause the end came when I woke suddenly, realising my leg must have come off of the ottoman. and I stubbed my toes on the chair leg, twisting s knee! Both were painful, not that it registered immediately; my mind was trying to remember the dream details… I found some scribbled notes about it, which puzzled me even further; how could I write notes when in a dream?
All I can think of was, I must have woke up and made the notes, nodded off, and I went back into the same dream?
The and pains registered. They were bad enough for me to abandon the pleasure of the c1968, non-operational, tatty, scruffy, unkempt, uncomfortable, germ-breeding, Harold Haemorrhoid-Testing, sickenly beige-coloured recliner, to get some capsules;  barred-by-the-Doctor, Strong Ipobrufen.
Worra Dream & Awakening!

I had a struggle to get the connector off from the night
bag. So much so, that, with the bending and tugging at the thing, kicked off. And she’s been so kind yesterday.
I was in a mental and physical fiasco. But not for long; other things developed that made me add some more pain and anguish. The cause being, the need for the And what a session that was!

The leg dropping off of the ottoman must have been harder than I realised.
The top strap on tackle was itching like mad.

So, I naturally gave it a good scratching. I’m sorry I did that!

I anticipated that the resistance from the last three days of
being in control would need the aid of the crossword book. It was novel, to be able to read the clues now the Cataract Eye is getting better – but had to close the left eye to do so. The left eye has a cataract also and will need attention soon.

I fetched the first two buckets and bowls of water and hand refilled the not-yet-repaired; (but it’s only been 16 weeks I’ve been in agony filling bowls and buckets of water, awaiting the repair work – and only four more weeks until the appointment date arrives [20 weeks!])

Then on the last bowl-full of water was taken from the kitchen to the wet room !
I got a strong twinge from , at the same time, she was joined by , and within an instant, the bowl dropped at my feet, and the water somehow covered a large area of the wet room floor, me, the dressing gown, sink and W.C. Oh, dearie me!

Searching desperately for a silver lining, when Carer Chris came, he took this shot on the right, of both hands. The IV bruise (alert alarm on wrist) on the right hand, could not be identified. Looking good – Bet you I have to have another one when I go to the next appointment next Tuesday.

Got the computer on.
Determined to get as much done as possible, before the inevitable failure of the internet arrives to knacker things up. Within five minutes…
Liberty-Global did it again. It just disappeared from the ether. I waited for a while to see if it would come back on of its own accord; Which proves my faith in the lack of capabilities from Oligarch’s Liberty-Global Virgin Media to ever get a service that works… and with a stupid idea that it night – proves my idiocy and stupidity!
How do they get away with it?... Mind you seeing a photo of $24 million salaried top-dog Fries? He does have the look of a Mafiosa leader to me, anyway.
I can hear him now…
“Da idiots, we make it impossible to leave Virgin Media. We confuse them with masses of paperwork and try to sell them something else when they want to leave! And charge them a fortune to leave. And we have shares in all the other internet-providing companies anyway. As my Grandfather said: “Catch ’em, hold ’em, and rob ’em!”

While Mike Fries, Smoke & Mirrors expert, money-manipulator and Chief Executive Officer of Liberty Global’s Virgin Media, was down, I made up the waste bags and tried to rub some Phorpain gel into the area. Then emptied the Catheter bag. The internet returned at last. But not for long…


Carer Rhamat arrived. She looked a little tense this morning, so I soon had her grinning (Well, her facemask crinkled) with a few spur-of-the-moment gags and telling her about what to expect in old age. Hehehe! She left smiling, I can ask no more!

I started a bottle of the Schweppes ‘Monsoon Dance’ soda water, with a melon & watermelon tinge to the flavour. Not only nice to taste, but it got the urine flow going much freer.

The Virgin Internet returned again… I think my moustache had grown a good bit while I was waiting for this sensation of joy to be granted me, from Herr Fries Liberty-Global!

I think this must have been the shortest time ever that Money-Cruncher Fries Liberty-Global Virgin Media has been on for. Must be a record; about three minutes and it was off again!  I wonder, I do that often. What do you think?.  What am I thinking, a ! It was off for 25 minutes this time. I changed to doing some artwork for a later edition… hoping I didn’t lose it, but amazingly I didn’t and had access when Mr ‘Money-Man Fries’ Liberty-Global, Virgin Media, (EE, Vodafone, BT-UK, & Three, ) etc, came back on.

We must remember: They own or part-own: All3Media (50% ownership with Warner Bros. Discovery) – ITV plc (United Kingdom) (9.9% shareholding) – Platforma Canal+ (Poland) (17% ownership), – Sunrise UPC (Switzerland) (100% ownership) – Telenet (Belgium) (58% ownership) – UPC Broadband – UPC Slovakia – Virgin Media Ireland Limited – Virgin Media Television – Virgin Mobile (Ireland) – Virgin Media O2 (50% ownership), O2 UK – Giffgaff – Tesco Mobile (50% ownership) – Virgin Medis Limited (UK) – Virgin Media Business Limited – Virgin Mobile (UK) – Vodafone (4.9% ownership) – VodafoneZiggo (50% ownership) – Vodafone Netherlands. Part of Liberty Global is separately listed as LiLAC (Liberty Latin America and Caribbean Group), operating in over 20 countries under the consumer brands VTR, FLOW, Cabletica, Liberty, Más Móvil and BTC, as well as having a sub-sea fibre network in January 2018. And Liberty Latin America spun off the main company and began operating independently from Liberty Global.

Liberty Latin America’s operations consist of Liberty Puerto Rico, a provider of pay-TV, Internet, and telephone services in Puerto Rico, and VTR, a Chile a cable provider of television, telephone, mobile, and internet services. Through the acquisition of Cable and Wireless Communications, Liberty Global has become the owner of the largest pay-TV and broadband provider in the Caribbean. In addition, the company also owns CWCs.

Part of Liberty Global is separately listed as LiLAC (Liberty Latin America and Caribbean Group), operating in over 20 countries under the consumer brands VTR, FLOW, Cabletica, Liberty, Más Móvil and BTC, as well as having a sub-sea fibre network.

Liberty Latin America’s operations consist of Liberty Puerto Rico, a provider of pay-TV, Internet, and telephone services in Puerto Rico, and VTR, a Chile a cable provider of television, telephone, mobile, and internet services. Through the acquisition of Cable and Wireless Communications, Liberty Global has become the owner of the largest pay-TV and broadband provider in the Caribbean. In addition, the company also owns CWC’s operations in Seychelles named Cable and Wireless Seychelles.

Liberty Global serves six countries in Europe and is amongst the largest cable operators in Belgium, Ireland, the Netherlands, Slovakia, Switzerland and, sadly, for its customers in the United Kingdom.

“Liberty Global is a world leader in converged broadband, video and mobile communications and an active investor in cutting-edge infrastructure, content and technology ventures.” “But they still can’t get a signal to Nottingham that is reliable… however, you can rely on it going down, repeatedly”. Ask any sucker like me who is paying through the nose for this pathetic Oligarch ran excuse for a service to Nottingham, Sherwood in particular. Just a thought I had!

Well into the afternoon now. I had a look at the feet and toes. Apart from them being a little bloated, they looked good to me. Very little pain, other than the toe-stubbing inflicted ones.
Time to turn off the internet and computer, and internet, which is usually Mr Fries of Liberty-Global’s job.
Hunger is growing!

Well, well, fancy that! I am surprised!
So, a turned off the computer, cursed Mafia Boss Frys, with him a painful slow death, regretted my not being able to help make this happen, and made a quick meal. BBQ Rice with liquid smoke, chunky vegetables in tomato sauce, added some basil and oregano. All done in about 15 minutes or so. Two wholemeal bread rolls and a mini-pot of lemon mousse. I know how to live! Well, cheaply as I can, anyway. The entire meal cost only around £3… plus £5 for electricity to cook it & light for the kitchen’s 60w bare bulb.

Watched a video. Nodded off a few times during the film, but only for a few minutes at a time, just enough time for me to lose the plot of the movie. I’d left the tray with the dish and cutlery on it on the floor at the side of the £300, second-hand, c1968, charity shop-bought, eyesore-horrendously grungy-coloured, Harold Haemorrhoid-testing, easy-peasy to fall out of, unfit-for-use, not working, grotty recliner. I fell asleep again. Managing to miss the end of the story, not that it mattered really; I’d already missed the start and middle bit.

Last Carer Call, it was Richard. Eye drops were done, a painkiller given, a dose of Peptac and then, the had a night pouch attached. He checked the taps and oven for me. Took the rubbish bag with him on his way out.

Late I know, but I got back on the computer, which was working. Hat’s off to Herr Fries! However, after ten minutes…

After treading on the foil tray, cutlery and empty lemon mousse pot, then I quickly and effortlessly carried out another painful . Aargh! I took a snap of the evening view. I even saw two items in this photo. Do you see them? Go on, have a look. Hehe!

acci-whoopDespite being kinder today, well, even as well; The two forced me into taking one of the Ipobrufen Extra Strong capsules.

I watched a video, thinking it may just bring on the sleep, but no. Was not interested. So I turned on the TV, bound to nod off when the commercials comes on, surely? Nope!

Morning all!

Inchie: Saturday 10th June 2023

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Slightly darker, but within range.

The pins & plates look good.

The first job after removing g the night punch from the , was the need of the . Off to the wet room…
handled the lugging of the water from the kitchen sink to the wet room well today.

A mystery photo. As some pictures disappear into the ether from the SD Card, some get taken either by Alto-Ego, or me accidentally. Hehe! Part of the kitchen, I think?

Computing; Got the early photos loaded and went on CorelDraw to titivate the not-so-good ones… But…

Back on, and I finished the current photo editing, and I started to get them on file. This was about ten minutes after Liberty-Global Virgin Media’s first failure…

Bashed away and got the Friday blog done, over the next hour or thereabouts; Then...

Carer Chris arrived. Eye drops and medicationing are seen too. No need for the Phorpain this time…
Was being a good gal!

Did the . Started the Ode for today …

Farcical! Maddening!

An hour later…

Fed up to the back teeth.
And I’ve got one of them left in there!.

Carer Chris returned. Meds and Eye drops.
Sneaked this photo on him, and asked him (with a grin on my face) if he was on a gambling site, sex line or Alcoholics Anonymous members site. He smiled back, and he said; “Yea!”
Hahaha! That made me larf!

I gave up on the computer and got some rather earlier than normal nosh cooked and served up, and served up.
With some air-fried potatoes as a side.
Flavour Rating: 705/10..
Saw that off swiftly!

Washed the pots.
Wiped around the kitchenette.

Feeling the lack of sleep now, I decided to try and catch up on some, because. So, the Computer turned off, and I got down in the £300, bought eight years ago from the second-hand shop, Harold Haemorrhoid testing, repugnantly beige-coloured, crumb containing, virus-breeding, acne-giving, rickety, none-working recliner, to try to get some shut-eye, because…

Went down again. Wonder if Fries feels bad about this?

As if the gentleman (Slip of the tongue), was or is the slightest bit interested in my, or any other unfortunate customer of…

Could he give a toss?

No! The Wheeler-Dealer, number crunching, figure-bending, brilliant Smoke & Mirrors manipulator is far too busy for anything such as namby-pamby customer satisfaction. He’s far too busy on stock markets, NYSE, SSE, BSE, HKEX, TSE, JSE, ADX, MOEX, & other stock exchanges, Credit Unions, Middle-Men-Money-Manipulators, & investing his $26 million salary with bonuses in shares for the best growth, I imagine?
Of course, a small element of jealousy is involved!

Got the TV on. Thinking it might, as it usually does, helps me fall asleep when the commercials come on. It didn’t.
An old car programme came on. And they were selling an old Ford Zepher, two-tone in cream and a maroonish red
Memory prompting. My mate at the time and I bought one between us, and we both loved it. But, it didn’t work out well, due to the increase (due to the availability of the car for lifts), in females showing an interest in us both. We fell out over whose turn it was to use it, and he had the money to buy my half of the car, and I never saw him again.

Carer Chris came for the last call. Painkillers, eye drops, and attached the night pouch onto the. We both forgot about the Phorpain Gel for .

I got back on the computer to do some work on this blog.


Gave up again, I’ll try to get up early in the morning to get this finished off.
Took the above picture of the sun on its way down.
And got into the second-hand, £300, charity shop bought, crumb-retaining, microorganism-microbe producing, gungy, moth-eaten, beige-coloured, non-working, bacillus encouraging, incommodious, Haemorrhoid Harold testing, c1968 recliner. Despite my tiredness, I just could not nod off!
Took another sky shot later on…
Then I had another go at getting to sleep.

One heck of a dream! I’ll relate it in the morning – notes made ready to use. Back to sleep…

TTFNski, each