Inchy: Wed 29 Nov 23: My life has been like a whodunitry!

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– – A Great Oldie this one! – –
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Up to now…

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So, a quickie while it;s working…

Terrible dark night bag!

Only four visits today.

The main bother today was.
The urine was still dark.

Took this shot of the 03:30hrs morning view.
Back to the Throne.

Day pouch filled up quickly without me having anything to eat yet? Darker than ever now?

A wobbly shot of the moon taken.

Medical items are listed for the nurse.

Tray washed, waste bags amalgamated.

Then found some out-of-date food, so another bag to go.

No idea why I took this one.

Carer Shaquille arrived. Put on the fresh day bag.
Medications issued. Treats and off he went, taking the bags with him. Thank you.

Carer Chris arrived doing domestic. Mopped the kitchen with the speedmop, and wet room for me.

Wash and mess made and cleaned up after using the Trotsky-controlled Porcelain Throne.

Mug of tea at long last.

Carer Sam arrived PM.
I made an order for Asda for next week.
played up doing it, summat rotten!

I missed this shot off, of the third try this morning.

Spent hours getting CorelDraw to perform for me.
Managed it, but don’t know how?.

Mistakes Disclosures

Going to sort some food out now.
See ya later!
I hope!

Morning, I’m backeth with you…

. Tried again…
Ah, that was better.
Taken to the right.

Too tired to cook owt, so I had a Pork Farms Pork pie, pickled beetroot, and Milk Roll bread…
with slices of Flora not-butter, butter.
The new recipe Pork Farms pork pies,
were pale, fatty, and tasteless. But 
the beetroots was nice, and the Milk
Roll bread with the gorgeous Flora
no-butter butter… Great!
Taste-Rating: 6.5/10.
I  still ate it all. Then a brainwave appeared!
I’ll put the jelly in a dish and cover it with
some of the cream spray.
So, I did. Here is the photo taken…
I hadn’t noticed it last night, but when I came to uploading it this morning, my Pareidoliaising could see something in the bowl. Can you see it, before reading further?

Purely by accident, I’d created the face of a curly white-haired dog as I sprayed the cream on? Haha!
I wonder if the Tate Gallery would be interested?

I tried a final photo after washing the dishes.
A bit better, I suppose.

I find it so easy to falter,
Often getting into a fluster,
Get conned by a fraudster…
I’ve already paid the undertaker,
Hope he wasn’t another trickster!
All my life, I’ve been a bystander,
I should have been boulder…
Been more of a grandstander? 
To avoid the many a cold shoulder, 
I could meet Putin, the genocider?
Both dead, we couldn’t kill each other!
My real wish is to again meet Grizelda!


Inchy: Monday 27th November 2023

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0515hrs: After a terrible night of supposedly sleeping all the time, my mind pondered over what I could do to get CorelDraw working again. No rest, no peace; it was an awfully disturbing nocturnal period.

I got up, gingerly, and , along with giving way, all but had me over. I grabbed the left at the side of the c1966, £300 Oxfam charity shop bought, second-hand, wincingly grotty, beige coloured, crumb-covered from my nocturnal nibblings, itch-making, uncomfortable, positively unhealthy & dangerous, no longer operational, virus-breeding, easy-to-fall-out-of, Catheter-tube-trapping, recliner, and lunged for the saviour of the morning; , and kept him with me from then on, hoping not to forget to take him.

Then as I was starting the computer, rang out from the door chime. It was coming in. He looked well-tired out, bless him. He got the medications dealt out to me. Then went to check on the medication stock in the drawer in the kitchenette to sort out what needed ordering. 
Despite it drizzling outside, the temperature was -3°f, he told me, he was sweating a bit. I think his Diabetes level must be well out again. I wished him a good kip, and off he went at the end of his shift.

I returned to the computer and tried to sort out the problem with CorelDraw if I could. Still, it opened the 2017 version…but without my doing anything, when I tried to save the graphics again… it did! This time, the option to use selected only was on view! So I got all of them done ASAP in case CorelDraw or they started again. Fingers crossed and a prayer offered to any God listening that I didn’t lose this capability later, or the next time I open CorelDraw… Pleeease! 
I kept on with this blog, even though I knew that the nurse was coming today and that I must phone the Doctor to ask to cancel the earlier appointment. And desperately needed a good wash, shave and personal medicationings done. I stink!
They thought of the risk of closing down and restarting the computer to go to the wet room for two hours, meaning that I would not be concentrating on the task at hand and be worrying if CorelDraw would go back to the old status and cock-up my current joy when I get back to it… But here goes…

All went well in the wet room. Very decent job all around today!
Of course, with the current condition of the legs, there was no showering, and only one foot was washable. No cuts shaving, not a single one, I thought. Until it came to rinsing off the traces of shaving foam from the neck, only three shaving cuts today.
Back to the computer. The web was down… I needn’t have said that; I take it for granted nowadays with the Oligarchs Service!

Arrived and we had a bit of a small natterisational moment. Only painkillers are required. She tested the alarm disc for me, and it is working.

Back on the computer, now smelling nice for when Nurse Nichole arrives to do the Severe Frailty Test.
I found this photo from last night of the meal. 8.2/10.
I took a photo of the windy, wet morning from the kitchen window. Then, ventured bravely out onto the balcony (it was darned cold out there, Hehe!) Then, the end window was opened to take a shot of the car park. It was looking bleak. The mudslide from the Woodthorpe Grange park was getting bigger.
Off to the wet room, and belatedly, I started the task of ing.

Well, that was the plan anyway. I actually thought Porc failedthat I was in danger of not getting there in time. But no! I whipped off the clothes I’d not long ago put on, and settled down on the, started doing my best to force something to happen.

But the evacuation did not even feel like it wanted to. No wind escaped, and I got out the crossword book and had a go at the puzzle for about 15 minutes. I got some of the answers filled in as well. Then, I counted the cracks in the ceiling. Sang a song and yodelled. Finally, realising whatever was in there must be rock solid, I gave up.

I made a mug of Laxative Laxido. It said I think the eyes are not too good, as you know. Mix with 125ml water and drink. Well, I wasn’t going to wash my feet with it, Hehehe! I hope it encouraged the mass of food that is festering in my stomach to get a move on and summon me back to the ! I fear I may burst open at any time. Fancy that, though… four weeks of being in total control, suddenly it’s all reversed? Then there’s the eye operations on the cataracts; I cannot see any better whatsoever? The Audio man hoovered out my ear holes, and I’m just as deaf now? Then, of course, the Catheter bag has been in for a year, and I’m further away from peeing of my own volition now. I can’t! Even worse from, the intrusive tubing into the bladder is doing him and me no good at all. Also, & bandaging for over four weeks now, so no showering allowed, and daily BO to contend with. Also, both legs  are still spouting bloody fluid! I’ll not mention or , or , ,   , or , , , or even or Red-Eye. The newly discovered , or , But, I’ll not go on about these things, Haha!

I snapped this view of the bottom field just as the rain began coming down again.
I’m beginning to think I may have made a mistake about Surgery Nurse Nicol coming today to see me. It’s getting dark now, and there’s no sign of her yet. I hope I’ve not got it wrong again.
The end car park from the balcony again. The mud may have increased a tiny bit, but not much.
So, the rains must have eased off today.
The bananas are getting black bruises coming through again. So, I ate some of them out of support for the BAA (Banana Anti-Cruelty Association).

Carer Marie checked on some food dates for me today.
Ahem! And that was on just one shelf of one cupboard!


I missed a few, but then again, I usually do. When I checked the results, you may not believe this, do you know, it only went down again.
Today’s total of malfunctions from the money-crunching and number manipulating Oligarchs of the world’s worst, most incapable,

We’ve been promised some snow and rain this coming week.
Evenings, to be between -3 to -5 overnight. Brrr!

A simple meal for a sanity-challenged simpleton. The Walls pork pies that were supposed to have pickles in them but were pickleless and tasteless. The potatoes were undercooked, and the beetroot was lovely. Most of it ended up in the bin. Flavour Rating: 1¼/10. 
Constantly nodding off and jumping awake every few minutes, a Carer arrived. I was in such a state of weariness and tiredness, I think it was …ah, yes, it was. On the chart in the morning, I saw that I’d taken his BP.

May your day be blessed with contentment!
Not for Oligarchs or Parole Boarders, though!

Inchy Friday 24th November 2023

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– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
06:30hrs (5½ hours sleep. Great!): I struggled to get my poorly legs down from the chair, and wriggled in the £300, second-hand, most uncomfortable, decrepit, Haemorrhoid Harold-testing, micro-organism-microbe-bugged, easily-falloutable from, unfit-for-use, not working, recliner, one leg fell from the chair and clouted the ankle against the raised leg. This made me jump a smidgeon, and I felt the blood from , the tube yanked inside the little fella, causing more blood loss, but this is nothing to a man of my stature. I could see blood coming through the pink bandaging that Nurse Sarah had put on the right leg, yesterday. And as I tried to raise myself from the depths of the crumb covered from the cheesy curls I’d nocturnally unknowingly eaten, I was shaken like never been before via . Along with so many of the failings from and , they ensured me day-long fears of having a fall, tumble or stumble. But, as of now, I have coped well with them. I am making sure I try to take the stick with me every time I move about.  
I assume it was my Cartilage gals… well, it must have been because does not give way just like that, and his pains stay a lot longer… yes, they are guilty! Hehe!

Followed hours later by my precious caring .
arrived and did the medications. I think he was well pleased with not having to do the leg straps on both legs. Hehehe! Did his BP. Looking good again! . The Meridian team leader arrived. She asked for some catheter night bags, as a chap in the flats has just come out of hospital and is in need. She took a bag and said she would return it when his stocks arrived later next week. Glad to help.

Two-tone leg straps and bandaging.

Waste bags sorted.

The Iceland order arrived.
Exceptional no-meat meat slices today.
They had beef in them, and they had carefully ensured that the food was ready-crushed to save my few teeth when I ate them, I assume. How kind!The fridge was topped up again.
Substituted milk roll loaf with tasteless white.

Bit of Advice Here…
Do take care when unscrewing jars.
Sometimes the tin lid, on a jar of pickled beetroot has gone through the Iceland pre-crushing system and has sharp edges indented on the cap.

Got the Carers & Nurses nibbles box filled

Nice little clouds.

The papules can be felt bleeding under the bandaging.
The left leg will have the leg strap removed permanently to see how it goes tonight. If I remember to tell the carer

Found this new to me word.

Differences displayed.

Mopped the kitchen floor.
nearly had me over at one time. But I managed to stay perpendicular. Just!

Late Night Shots
Going, going…
Still going…
Close up…
Ah… Gone!


Inchy: Mon 13th Nov 23: Progress! Not a Lot!

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
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– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
High & Lowlights…
The Ablutioning sessions, of which there were many, were all unpleasant affairs, with being in full control throughout.
The telephone and Panic-Alarm were still not working.  could not find my mobile phone anywhere. I did eventually find him, hidden within the depths of the itch-creating, bruise-giving, catheter-tube-tugging, crumb-decorated from my nocturnal nibblings, God-awfully uncomfortable, anti-sleep designed, c1966, second-hand, bought for £300 ten years ago from the charity shop, cringingly-grotty, no longer working, dirty beige recliner. Amazingly, I seemed to have wrapped it up in a blue plastic bag & tied it up in the way I would for the waste bin bags? Don’t ask; I cannot remember doing this at all, apparently, I did it in my nocturnal slumber?

ILC (Independent Living Coordinator), Oberstgrüppenfuhreress Warden and Primo Ballerina, Warden Deana, had finally been told that the phone and alarm were not working, and she responded by coming to see me, to explain. She had not been informed until told her this morning. Bless him, of my problem. It turns out, that many other tenants have the same problem and are telephone and Panic-Alarmless, just like what I am. She had rung Virgin about the situation, and got a reply, from .
Apparently, the letters sent out, told us that we had until December whatever to sort out the fibre change; in fact, it was November, not December, in error. Not bad for , those who pay their CO, $62m million-plus salary with guaranteed bonus in shares, and an open-ended expense account. Worryingly, they own or have money invested in every single internet supplier in the UK. Virgin, BT, Vodaphone, EE, Three, Talk-Talk, and dozens of others in Europe! They are all going ‘fibre’. I wonder if they all left people at risk without the safety of their landlines and emergency alarms?
I’ve written before about the failing of . Mainly due to my jealousy of how much Mr Fries gets for letting such things happen, and still gets his million in slaty and bonuses. I did read that during the Covid period, he got a $1m monthly bonus! $62m a year! Jealous? Me? Spit! Especially as he left me in the shit!  Truly Oligarchal!
Anyway, thanks to Deana’s intervention and help, each abandoned and let down by , will receive an adaptor, which will be posted to us. I have got to ask the carer on the day to inform Deana, and she will arrange for it to be fitted for each client. Well, that’s saved s from sending people out to fit them, hasn’t it? Further proof of my suspicion of the smoke and mirrors, thaumaturgy, number-crunching, figure-shuffling, illusion, deception, and hocus-pocusing, that is a daily part of their activities. I’m glad I got that off of my chest… just waiting for the incoming Lawyers (Bet that they have shares in them, too) letter, summons for slander, or whatever it is called
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –


Got up at 04:00hrs. I took a photo of the nocturnal catheter pouch and busied away  cleaning and sorting

Great balls of fire! I nearly took a decent shot of the early morning view from the kitchen window… Wow!

During the ‘Couldn’t get a connection with for two hours”, my spirits sank to a new depth.
Surely they had not cut off the internet as well! Argh!
Turned off the computer, and I tried again, but no luck.
Reset the router. But no luck!
Took the router plug out of the socket. Waited half a minute, and back in and turned on the power. Surely this time, I thought. But no luck!
While I was pondering on what else I could try…
Norton came on, telling me I was connected to an unsafe connection? I did a Norton Virus Check. Then goon with the blogging at long last…
Within a minute, the connection was lost again!
I tried resetting the router again.
Minutes later, it was back on.
Had to go through another Norton Check.
But this time, the stayed on. Well, for an hour or so.
It went down several times again later, but I didn’t have to resort to all that bother these times. But of course, I am developing a hatred of Norton now; it comes up each time I reconnect… Ah, I wonder if they have investments in Norton too?

A couple of photographs here that confused me.
Why did I take this one?
And what was this one of?

Got the waste bags sorted.

Then the Asda order arrived.
The man put them in the provided Iceland bags.
Bad news on the tomatoes. They were Spanish and bitter foul tasting. I wish they’d say where they were from on the internet listings!
Wonder how many will have black spots on the this time?
Bottom freezer draw.
Middle freezer draw.
I didn’t photo the top draw, cause I
couldn’t open it. Too full! Hehe!
Top food cupboard.
Bottom food cupboard.
I’ll not starve then! Mind you, I might bleed to death, die from another stroke to heart attack; thanks very much to cocking things up again and leaving me without a lifeline. Humph!

Teatime views.
An odd bit of blue on the clouds? Pretty though!

Curried beans, tomato passata, with
I got a mite carried away with the seasoning?
However, Taste-Rating: 8.6/10.


Inchy: Fri 10 Nov 23 No Help-Alarm Now!

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – IN THREE MINUTES – – – –

Well, well, well! Another series of cock-ups, disappointments, failures, frustrations and a fair share of self-misanthropicalness thrown in today, Again!
The landline telephone that went down yesterday brought more worry again today. After trying to press the Alarm Alert button while Carer Sam was here, the Panic Alarm was not connecting either! Carer Sam said she’d tell someone about it.
A fine time to take a tumble or go arse-over-tit, innit?
This, along with , bringing tablets back up. Bring up vicious winds. Ever present & the mind-killing carping on at me, it was another frustrating, barely tolerable day at moments. With misappropriate, miscomprehending mental mind meanderings, making anything simple seemed to be a mountain to tackle! Messy!
I felt pitiful, self-critical one moment, then snivelling psychologically damaged erk the next. Later, despite the concerns and worries, I’d find myself singing 1962 songs, and it seemed, genuinely unbothered about things? But somehow, I knew at that time, in the back of my so-called mind, that this would crumble again soon, and the loathed, nay, feared, opens the barn door for , and the cycle of freeing myself from his grip begins again. I seem to do this in auto mode; the short-term memory can have greatly opposite benefits, as in this case. Conversely, mega-frustration and self-criticism can develop when you genuinely cannot recall what you were doing or going to do. When the turn into a , then the tormenting bafflements sink in.
I can never forget what I was doing before the blank period. Sort of coming around or back into focus, often hours later, the interim time’s activities are lost forever.
When the Doctor calls me next Wednesday, I hope to have made a list of my ailments and problems, possibly with the help of , if possible. So I don’t miss anything off the notes that may need mentioning. Later on today, I got a call from the Doctor’s surgery. I couldn’t hear who it was, but some medico would call on me in the morning on the 4th of December. (Mobile or in person?)
Another took over when I realised that, yet again, I got the order from Asda all wrong. I’d have bet money on double-checking and finding it right, but no! I intended and thought I’d ordered it for next Thursday. It came this morning! Can I get any help with this problem? Of course not. One becomes aware of The mind’s fallibilities whenever Doreen Dementia… No, I forgot, nowadays it is, of course, it’s who’s the culprit, the brain-slayer. Yet, here I am writing away, with problems from failing, typing and sensing with the finger ends, which causes some complicated issues with the computer at times. However, at this moment, my brain seems concentrated on what I’m doing? These odd moments of semi-clarity never last for long; they never do. Sadly.
Another thing that amazes me even more is how I can still do the silly Odes. They seem to flow from my distorted brain quickly enough.
Typing them can be frustrating, but not the creating? Ah, there is one problem I do often have is: when I get an idea for a funny line and have to check nowadays to see if the word is suitable, spelt right, and rhymes, I’ve forgotten what I was going to write on that line using the aforementioned words or words. Yet the ideas still come without much prompting? I mentioned this once to the lady at the bonkers hospital meeting. I do not think I got any acknowledgement or response.
is constantly with me. Day and sometimes wakes me up at night to have a go at me for my failings, past guilts, wrong decisions, etc.
A new worry to add to the list: The telephone has stopped working. Today, I tried to test the Emergency Wrist Alarm. That is not working either! Now, this does worry me. He was with me at the time this failure occurred. She told me she’d mention it to someone. But being a Friday afternoon, and the Wardens leaving soon for the weekend, my hopes of getting any help are minimal… or slightly less, of getting anything done about the problem before next week! 
Now that I’ve mentioned this on the blog, my worry mode has kicked in. What if I do have a tumble, a bad cut, another stroke or get a panic attack? How can I summon help other than with the mobile phone, which is not easy to use nowadays anyway? I will always try to remember to keep the Nokia with me while there is no Alarm to raise for help. But naturally, for me, remembering is not going to be easy. So, if the blog suddenly stops, the reason may well be that I’ve collapsed and died slowly, an overweight, crumpled heap on the carpet, over the weekend in agony. Oh, no, the Carers will call. They know or should have been told of my high-risk factor with no way of summoning help and may make extra checks on me; bless them. So, if they forgot to tell the Wardens or the Wardens had gone home before they got there, it would be Monday before they could be informed of my plight. Then, wait for the Nottingham City Homes to be informed and respond. I don’t intend to have another stroke, heart attack, panic attack or bleed to death, but just in case, I’d like to take the opportunity to thank them all now for the care and attention they have showered me with. My Money is in the wet room, under the stack of Depend Protection Pants on the floor cabinet… first comes first, Gerrit! Hahaha!

On with the day’s photographicalisationings

Don’t recall why I took two of these?
But I took them, so I put them on.

Morning view.

Rotten photo of the rotten-tasting mug of tea.

Selected small Anya potatoes in the crock pot.

I forgot to ask the Carer to put the back on for me. Plonker!

Self-medicationings attended to.
Some painfully, so. Haha!

I did it again. Ordered Asda for the wrong day!
I was sure I’d ordered it for next Friday, too!
The fridge and freezer were well stocked. Tsk!
I put the pressies in a box and placed the pyjama bottom that I could no longer get into on top to disguise what was inside and stop anyone from spoiling the surprise.

Lightening up now.

Blogging away…
arrived. Bringing some prescription medications and a bag from the District Nurse’s clinic.

More ankle straps and leg strappings.

And a pair of ‘All-Purpose Boots’ for me.

These could be to replace the ankle straps?
But I couldn’t manage to get them on myself.
Too many Kelva and complicated fitting are needed.
Maybe this is about the Medico coming to see me?

Eerie early evening sky.
(Say that when you’ve had a few) Hehe!

Hog pork pie in the meal.

Just after sunset.

I forgot to ask him to put the on.


Inchy: Thursday 9th Nov 23. Dark, Dank, Depressions

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – Sorry, a quickie forced on me again – – – –
Morning shot with Venus in it. (Just)

The one of tea today!

Waste bags collated.


Getting properly miffed at this!Green gunge cleaner & freshener

J Sainsbury’s order arrived.
First two bags were emptied.
Next bag.
Another bag.

I realised that many items had been delivered, not charged for, that I didn’t order!
Here they are…
Posh biscuits, Amaretti and Biscotti.
Orange juice and Mayo.
Custard Creams.
Garlic Paste.
Box of 12 cans of cat food.

I tried to phone them to let them know, but the phone is not working now! Grrr! So I Emailed them.

The Sourdough Soda Bread was irresistible. I heavily buttered two slices and had some tomatoes with them.

It’s a late afternoon shot.

Early evening shot.

During the day, mind blanks took place, and I’m not in good shape. Mentally.

I got a call from the Doctor’s surgery about the INR confusion over appointments. I’ll explain the situation at that moment: I’d just decided to phone JS about the items delivered that were not mine… The landline had stopped working! I was struggling not to lose things already. Pain and bleeding from Little Inchy and the catheter tube. Worried about the bed not being sorted. Both started giving me angst. burst into life, and I was struggling to keep it together; how, who do I ask for help with sorting the phone, the appointments, the letter from the bank, the stomach aches, the odd messy visits, not being able to walk without risk of tumbling, , the JS problem. Then, just as a dawned… my mobile rang.
This was the receptionist at the surgery. This came at a time when etiquette was not at the top of my mind. Self-pity and frustrations were. My lowest point of the day. The brain was not coping well.
I fear that I let out what can only be classed as a desperate rant about my current problems and state of mind. The Catheter being in for so long, the leaking legs, my walking problems and other stuff, no doubt. Full credit to the kind lady. She did not interrupt me while I was in full flow of pathetically releasing my frustrations and problems to her.
She offered to make an appointment with the Doctor for me. I’d explained during my stuttering verbal rampage about my problems getting to the surgery or anywhere else for that matter. She said she could arrange and book me in for a phone-call-visit with the Doctor. But not until Wednesday next. I agreed without any hassle.
By now, I had lost my panic mode status – replaced with tremendous guilt at my little sad outburst.
Thanked her and returned to a harassed, frustrated mode again. Full of shame! But realised that nothing had improved, and my panic stations returned.

Nosh – Lost photo?

Medications removed all of the . Then she attached the for me.


Inchy: Fri 3 Nov 23 A preposterously implausible day!

– – – – POLITICAL HUMOUR – – – –
– – – – ANSWER LOWER DOWN – – – –

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Not one of the best of days… again!
However, after losing many hours, having no WordPress help, and Firefox going all apeshit on me, then the interruptions when I got back on blogging, the good old reliable failings from
Kept failing to get a signal again! To date, as I write

03:35hrs: I stirred back to ersatz life in the c1966, 300 pound, second-hand charity-shop bought, crumb-containing, odour-retaining, Harold’s Haemorrhoid-testing, nauseatingly beige coloured, non-working, virus-breeding recliner, with and giving me sharp pains whether I was moving or not!
The tummy pains were rumbling, and the unwanted pleasure was rampant! All apart, I assume, from the cold that’s coming on.

Taking off the , has never been more painful. And being on the receiving end of the pain.

Got the waste bags into one, along with the unremembered-eating six empty Cheesy Curl packets in the bin at the side of the ottoman.

Tried again to get a decent early morning shot…
Obviously, this failed again.

Made a brew of Gleangettie.

Off to the Porcelain Throne.
Ten minutes later, back again!

Tried again for a shot of the later view.
Ah, that’s a bit betterer!

1) Firefox went into processing mode.
Nothing I could do, so I left it to do its own thing.
Took a photo of the end of the car park. Had a rinse, then back to see how things were progressing with the Firefox…
Still working away… do whatever it was doing.
Made another brew for the one that went cold.

Firefox still working away…

I checked on what to have for nosh later.
Firefox still working away…
2) Then went on CorelDraw. However…
When using import to export, the swatch comes up full screen, and I can’t reduce it back to the original size to see the template simultaneously! Anger-Making!

  came. I was at a low point when she arrived. Unsure if I’d lost my internet or not. And as I was telling her my woes… guess what happened? Followed by and a relatively long, violent period of flailing about from a .
& strappings put on for me. I was so fed up and frustrated I declined any painkillers.
I took two shots of the clouds now the rain had stopped, and they were a little better this time.

After Sam departed, taking the laundry with her for me, I faffled about trying to cure the problem with the browser. Not the foggiest about what I was doing, and I got nowhere with the task at hand. Eventually, I had no idea how or why… the internet browser started working after many Windows opened that were too technical for me to understand and comprehend!

If I opened Firefox using the icon on the home page, I got a different setup showing. Using the the one in the bottom tray, and I got a usual one up? But…
I’d lost the connection to Grammarly!
I asked about this and explained things on the help page, but all I could get was a set of pre-answers to dozens of problems other than the one I needed help with.
Three hours later… I had to reinstall Grammarly. I ticked the icon to use it in Firefox, but this did not initially work. A message came up half an hour later, telling me that Grammarly is now installed for Firefox.
Praying, I closed everything down and rebooted.
Went into Firefox, my sites visited, and favourites came up; then I opened WordPress, the one I do need Grammarly to work on more than any other. SUCCESS!
By now, the evening Carer had arrived, and I was mentally drained and weary from the constant ailments and pains of the day. Asked if I wanted any painkillers, I replied, just two boxes, please! Haha! We did his Blood Pressure, and off he trotted home… with some treats in thanks, of course.

Now for the nosh-preparingTaste-Rating: 8.2/10.

Tried again to get some decent night shots of the view from the kitchenette as I washed the pots.
Not too bad?
It’s not too good either!

Well, if a cupboard handle dropped off one of mine, it wouldn’t matter to me. In fact, I have four of them missing… I just counted them! So I didn’t get the answer. Until I looked at this!

Acne and Eczema-faced Inchy,
Now scowls more, involuntarily,
Living life, unconventionality,
Errors, mistakes, made unintentionally,
Getting things right occasionally,
No… more like ultra rarely!
Decision-making, absurdly,
For an old man, he’s excellent immaturity,
Coping with his immobility,
Living with Peripheral Neuropathy,
Questioning his own sanity…
Recognises his vulnerability,
Accepting his lack of winnability,
Misses his previous imbecility,
Every day, Accifauxpas or a malady,
Addicted to his tabatière,
His life getting even more eerie,
His total lack of any theopathy!
His brain is crumbling, admittedly.
He thinks this is a terrible pity…
His life’s getting more demanding, more shitty!
Still, he likes to watch a documentary,
History, or maybe whodunnitry?
It gets harder for him to watch TV,

He still can’t manually pee!

This ode flowed out freely – sadly! Hehehe!

Inchy: Thur 2 Nov – Have a good day folks!

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
The best ever morning urine colour!

Guilt Producing picture of the bin at the side of the c1966, £300 charity shop bought, second-hand, wincingly grotty, beige coloured, not working, crumb-covered from the nocturnal nibblings, itch-making, uncomfortable, virus-breeding, easy-to-fall-out-of, recliner.
“Empty nibble packets from the nocturnal eating.”

Morning view.

Waste bags collated in one.

Quick wash.

Kitchenette to get the kettle on.

Computer on. Blogging work.

arrived. Today was the first time he’s had to do the ankle and leg support straps. He coped well with it. Issued the medications to me.

The Sainsbury order arrived.
I unloaded the carrier bag the man put them into for me (they were delivered loose), And got plenty of potatoes in stock now; Bakers new & Anya Royal potatoes.I just had to get some in the crackpot cooking to eat later. I planned to have them in vegetable soup.
I added sea salt, liquid smoke & Winiary seasoning.
I will add passata with basil to the mixture in the saucepan later. Hope it comes out alright.
Continued putting the other goods away.
Oh, yes!
No shortage of food here!
Beetroot, tomatoes, jelly & chestnuts
Did well in the nibbles department today.
Cheese curls, Vegan Maryland cookies!
And at long last, after months of trying to find a shop with them in stock, the plain shortcake biscuits!
The final put away items cupboard-wise.
Then, the fridge was filled!
Anya potatoes. With a slightly nutty flavour.
These are only available at Sainsbury’s. Due to them being grown on Her… no, his now, His Majesties Farms. Lord Sainsbury is the only person allowed to sell them.

Arrived, and really helped me out again. Sorted the dates of appointments on the Google Calendar, ensuring I had not ‘got any wrong’. Bless Her. Checked the and day bag for me, and the ankle & leg strappings. Pain-killer & Peptac too.

Back to blogging, but yet again, decided to make life hell for me. If if wasn’t them it would be Grammarly, CorelDraw or Firefox would.

Added the spuds to the soup.

The rains heavy again.
Hours later it persisted.

At last, the soup was served up.
Flavour-Rating: 8/10.

arrived. Took the ankle & leg straps off.
Medications issued.

Sleep did not come easily…


Inchy: Sunday 22nd Oct 2023: Shaving, Washing, Medicating = suffering!

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
Did you see that Level for today?.
NORMALFirst Time Ever!

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Thank heavens, a few scrawled notes and some photographs were available to try and create this diary in hopes that not too much will have been lost to my infected memory. Because this Sunday was one of the worst ever for two things… One: The vagueness, impreciseness, befuddlement, constant mental confusion, empty-headedness.
TWO: The flaky face and legs may be due to Atopic Dermatitis Eczema, Eczema craquelé (generally only affects people over 70 years of age.) Neuro-Acne,  Neurodermatitis, Dyshidrosis Dermitisis, Acne,  Seborrheic Dermatitis, Nummular-Dermatitis, Xerotic Eczema, Stasis Dermatitis, Xerotic Eczema, and Papular Eczema,  Which seems a likely suspect for my facial problems, and Stasis Dermatitis, for my legs? Yes, I’ve been Googling again. Hehe! I looked up the Craquelure (Eczema Craquelé): It can result from drying, shock, ageing, or a combination. (More Googling)

I’ve tried the Sudocrem© and Olive Oil treatments. But it’s just as bad as ever; later on, it decorated the new dressing gown with droppings of loose skin minutes after getting the gown on after my ablutions!

After rising nervously from the grip of the £300 second-hand shop bought, c1966, moth-eaten, bedraggled, cringingly-beige-coloured, grotty, dilapidated, crumb-containing from my nocturnal nibblings, bug-ridden, itch-inspiring, not working recliner, it was off to the wet room .

An awfully long time was spent in there this morning, too! With the cleaning up from the evacuation aftermath, with the concomitant pains accrued, from the bending to clean it all up, the splashes, spraying, and rebounds. The worst affected were , both knees & , & .

Where started. Perhaps a better word, and it was one too!
1) I’d struggled and somehow got both leg and ankle straps removed; that took me about 20 minutes to achieve. And will never be attempted again by yours indeed! Talk about pain; that’s not a strong enough word!
2) The teggie-cleaning took just two minutes. Stopping the gums from bleeding needed much longer.
3) Shaving. (I’ve used an old photo here, but the cuts were surprisingly similar.) The neck, cheek and chin were nicked with the four-blade-razor but were easily stopped with a splash of Brut stinging but effective Brut aftershave. (Can you see the eczema coming on? This photo was taken about 2 weeks ago).
4) were washed and medicated.
Germoloid Ointment was gently applied, with instant relief being the outcome. Phew!
5: Washing, then medicating poor little . I must get some more Germolene ordered!
6: Sounds like a simple job this next one – but Oh, No! Not with my regiment of ailments, it isn’t. Especially when trying to get a pair of the Morrisons PPs (Protection Pants) on. You see, my right leg has the , as well as the dodgy . The right leg (Well, they both are) is also gifted with a visa  . Each foot had an . Socially-minded occupies each knee along with Cartilage girls Chloe & Carole. Naturally, there’s always, often more than once diurnally, , which can turn and off at will, confusing the brain completely – which tries to respond but does it with best guesses. I’m not kidding; there are times I’ve burnt a finger in the oven, and I felt nothing but could smell something burning (that would usually be a finger) until I looked at it, and the brain gets the message and passes it on to me about the pain, then it hurts like hell! Hahaha! I’d love to have a discussion with others who have PN. I read their letters on the HealthUnlocked site on the web. But have never read about anyone else getting this particular trait. I assume the diagnosis was right… but could it be something else I’ve got?

The sheer weight of the retaining fluids makes both limbs heavy to lift. PPs… Oh, I lost the plot there; I got carried away; sorry, I’m back to blogging.
If I’d got a microphone in the wet room, you’d have heard a bit of cursing, arghing, and swearing as I struggled to get the pants on! But I did it! .
7: Then, just the slippers and dressing gown to get on. “Just,” he says! I moved into the front room to get the slippers on to be safer. Which proved to be an excellent idea! Until… : Using the long shoe horn, I manoeuvred the end into the slipper, and standing on the extra-dodgy right leg, moved the left foot towards the slipper… At the optimum time to get me over, I gave way, and down I went… but at this stage, I’d like to blow my own trumpet – which is not easy, cause I don’t have one, Haha! I was impressed with my taking the precaution of entering the front room now!
I fell backwards into the c1966, £300, second-hand charity-shop bought, crumb-containing, odour-retaining, Harold’s Haemorrhoid-testing, nauseatingly beige coloured, non-working, virus-breeding recliner. That was better than going onto the floor! Mind you, started bleeding and had to be cleaned and medicated again.

That took me that long; the afternoon Carer arrived as I put on my dressing gown. I can’t tell how long it took me chronologically cause the battery in the wet room clock had died. I reckon it was close to three hours!
I can’t go on like this without some further costly help.

Waste bags.

It’s a wickedly lousy shot of the end car park.

The front view is not good either. Tsk!

The last banana and the best of the bunch, bought from Iceland. Only 25% of it was bruised.

Are these bits floating in the wee-wee extracted from the catheter day bag, parts of my Prostate?

Evening shot from the kitchen window.

Later, the sun disappears…

Oh, dear, the legs didn’t look too good this morning.
(I just found the lost SD card).
Right leg on the left and visa-versa.
But betterer than yesterday!

One of Inchy’s famous mystery photos?

The end car park mudslide has nearly all gone.

Got a late meal. Of sorts, I just wasn’t interested much. I wanted much more to get some sleep in.
Didn’t enjoy this one at all.
The bin got most of it.
My fault!
Flavour-Rating: 2¼/10!

Washing the pots, and had to go for an early morning visit to the
What a change from this morning?

Down into the £300 second-hand shop bought nine years ago, c1966, discomfiting, alarmingly beige-coloured, crumb-containing, TV remote hiding, not working recliner.
In search of Sweet Morpheous!

But, No!
A totally unexpected series of gurgles from the inners, and I groped my way out of the £300, second-hand, musty, Haemorrhoid Harold Testing, cringingly beige, crumb-covered, not-working, rickety recliner.
Off to the wet room. En route, , right against the door corner and right into my
There was no time for pain; the rear end was struggling to prevent a premature evacuation from occurring. Just as well, I didn’t stop. Even more amazingly…
Another reversal of evacuation modes?
It beats me: what is going on?

Cleaned up and got my head down again…
Soon drifted off, but not for long. The return of commencing his harassment, tugging at my guilt and errors… The Git!

I feel blessed for being so lucky as wot I am!

Inchies WP Daily Prompt 2001 Reply

①: Waking up in the morning.
I also lose what day it is, who I am, and sometimes the Month and Year. Where I am at times.


③: Falling asleep at the Doctor’s, clinic or hospital.

④: When I have a monster depression.

⑤: Making love to any of my hareem of 26
gorgeous nubile young wives…



If you don’t mind, I’ll mention two that I can remember that I suffered this year.
Coming out of the Diabetes Course meeting, near Bulwell.
I remember thinking I’m well early to catch the Easy-Lift back to the prison… I mean flats and decided to go into Bulwell and feed the ducks & pigeons on the River Leen… Mind-Blank!
I came around and found myself in the Poundland Shop, wondering how the hell I got there. It’s a good ten-minute walk from the Health Centre? I had a bag of birdseed on the trolley; Somehow, I’d walked all that way, crossed a busy road, and got into the shop. It was like suddenly waking up. I mention this to the Dementia Nurse later. She listened to me telling her intently and changed the subject?

The other one I can recall went like this. I got on a bus to go up to Mapperley Top. I came out of the blank as I was getting off the bus about three miles beyond the stop I needed?
I mentioned both incidents the next time I saw Doctor Vindla at her surgery. No response at all… other than am Huhuh! Then she asked if I was doing better with the new catheter?
These did happen! I’m certain of it. But it seemed that the medics may have put it down to Doreen’s Dementia and/or Cognitive Impairment Iris. I’ve had a few since then, but don’t think I should mention them again, due to the uninterested negative responses I got then.

TTFNski, Each!