Inchcock – Wednesday 5th April 2017: Bank Farce Progress? Just maybe?


Wednesday 5th April 201

Swahili: Jumatano ya 5 April 2017

Woke at 0425hrs: The swelling legs had gone down a bit and were far less painful this morning. I think Anne Gyna knew this, cause she was giving me some nasty painful stabs, bless her.

Got out of the £300 second-hand recliner with little bother, and into the kitchen to put the kettle on, turned on the computer and then off to the porcelain throne. Oh dear. Haemorrhoid Harold had and was still bleeding a fair bit, but not enough to make me discard any clothing. Cleaned up and medicated what needed medicating.

Made a nice strong mug of tea and took the medications. At this point, the legs started to give me some bother again. Tsk! Found a note on the 1960 second-hand E-Plan sideboard, with scribble about a dream on it? How it found it’s way onto the sideboard I wasn’t sure?

Got the WordPress going to finish yesterday’s post off, and realised I must have got up last night and wrote about the dream, cause the writing was there in front of me in the diary? A good job I did, because I could never have gleaned so much detail from the scribble I’d wrote.

The tea had gone cold, so I went to make another one. Did the health-checks while I was in there. Dia 169 – Sys 75 – Pulse 89 – Temp 38.1 C, and the best of the lot, Weight 14.75, down at last! I’ll do it again later if I remember, cause I’d not long got rid of a hell of a dollop on the throne.

Remembered I’d got two deliveries coming this morning from Asda and Morrison. So had a wash and changed into the day clothes so as not to answer the door in my jammies.

Finished off yesterday’s diary and started this one off. Realised I’d not put on the picture of last evening’s sky, so I took another one of it.


The Copse is getting thicker now, I’ll soon be able to have a wander through it in search of flora and fauna to photographalise.

I’ve ordered a new kettle in one of the deliveries, cause the one I have seems to be resisting my descaling efforts nowadays.


Had a bash on Facebook for a few hours. The Morrison delivery arrived, followed by the Asda (Walmart) one.

Overdone it again!

Made another brew and weighed myself again… 2lb up on three hours ago and I have not eaten anything? Grumph! Mind you, I can feel the legs and ankles swelling again?


Graphic created for the TFZer site. Took me hours with one, but it ain’t too bad.

Got the washing ready and down to the laundry room. Fellow tenant Paul was there, had a quick chinwagging session.


Back up to the flat and finished the above graphic.

Postman called with the Stat pension letter.

I opened it with trepidation… they had got the right Postcode on it! But the wrong detail sheet! I swore so much!


Down once more to collect the washing. Cleaned the filter.

Back in flat, put the togs away and called Olive to see how she was and tell her about the continuing banking farce.

I can visit her tomorrow, in the morning.

Got ready and went down to the bank, just hoping this State Pension form with the correct address would be suitable for the job!

Feeling a bit down for some reason, and I’d been so high earlier?

The s3Wed08aun was shining, and the wind a blowing as I departed on my hobble to and down Winchester Street Hill and to the bank to see Lisa, the new manager.

At the end of Winchester Street, three rascals speeding down the hill on the pavement forced me to move across the road. Little varmints!

Fair queue when I got into the bank. Only one on the counter. Ten minutes or so later, Lisa opened another window, tended to the chap in front of me and another 10 minutes later, she beckoned me over to the counter. I managed to keep those behind waiting another 20 minutes as she sorted the paperwork out and asked for some forms they had already taken six weeks ago and photocopied, so she could photocopy them!?!?

She ‘Thought’ the newly arrived State Pension breakdown detail letter should be acceptable. She will ring me and if it goes through and let me know. Again, I asked if it would be possible to email me, but no. Told her about the Doctor being off sick so I might not get the required details from her, and that is if she agrees to do them for me, no obligation on her part to do it.

So, I said I would drop in at the bank, on Monday afternoon to find out what is happening. I am not in an unexpectant, but rather a nervous frame of mind now, no confidence left.

Peeped into the Birds Cake Shop window, jus tin case they had any of the Fresh Cream Iced Buns in, but they hadn’t. Naturally, I took this in good spirits.

Cried on my way up to the bus stop. (Not really, but I thought you might find this funny and like a laugh?)

3Wed08Back at the flats, I was nearly blown off my feet by the wind.

The sun was still bright, but when I got back up to the apartment, I could hear the winds howling. But the scenery was gorgeous to look at.

I couldn’t get my head around the fact that I had not bought any fodder, well, anything at all while out. Another odd sensation for me. Hehe!

3Wed09Updated the diary for Monday next on my Google page.

Looks like a busy Monday coming up.

Updated this diary after making a jolly strong mug of tea.

The legs and ankles were I think less swollen now, hurting all the same and irritating Arthur Itis, though. Humph!

Took the potatoes out of the saucepan, ready to have with a cold meal later on. (Or Not?)

Not sure what I’m going to have with them mind, but there is plenty to choose from.

Put the Lumix camera and mobile phone on charge and visited the porcelain again.

Haemorrhoid Harold leaking just a bit, Little Inchy not bleeding, but sore.

Popped on Facebook being as I was amazingly not too tired.

Did some WordPressing.

3Wed10Took the evening medications, finished on Facebooking and got the fodder prepared.

I accidentally had two of the lemon drizzles afterwards.

A mere misfortune that could happen to anyone. Ahem!

This meal consisted of mini-pork and caramelised onion, mushrooms, beetroot, boiled potatoes (Not done in Soy Sauce, Orb has advised me not to use this for a while as it contains a lot of sodium) sliced and drizzled with American potato seasoning, tomato puree, Vegetable sage & onion with herbs slices and soft cheese portions one with mushroom, one extra strong and one with Gouda. Oh, and the Lemon Drizzles and a banana. Nice! 9.5/10.

Tired, but I think the legs and ankles are reducing in size and water content again. Fingers crossed.

Soon nodded off.