Inchcock Today: Thursday 30th March 2017


Thursday 30th March 2017

Russian: Четверг, 30 марта 2017 г.

0355hrs: Woke and for a moment thought was still within the dream I’d been having; Hit myself on the chest thinking for a moment I was still on fire! Can’t recall any real detail other than I was in Edwardian type clothing in a dungeon and the ruff I was wearing was burning along with my moustache?

Out of the £300 second-hand recliner to the porcelain throne, no bother with the heavy duty demands today. Although Haemorrhoid Harold had been bleeding thick red blood, none had leaked out or escaped to ruin or create more jammies to be washed. Good that, Hehehe!

The ailments were, all apart from Anne Gyna, being kind to me this morning. Little Inchy not blood at all, barely even feeling sore as well.

Got the bag ready for the Winwood Centre Tenant Social Hours, raffle prizes and topped up the box of nibbles, I’ve got a couple of Easter Eggs for extra prizes this week.

4Thur02Made a brew and got the computer on and finished off yesterday’s journal.

Another call to the porcelain throne arrived, two within an hour?

All went well, same bleeding but not too excessive.

Made another brew and took the drugs and did the health checks.


I perused the record the statistics on my Excel page and thought things were looking good?

I thought of the upcoming ambrosia of the 2Tue16lamb hot-pot I was planning for tonight. I’ll make some caramelised lamb gravy to add to it. Hopefully, I’ll get the extra boiled spuds right today

I almost salivated at the thought. Just hoping that I don’t get the preparation wrong and spoil it.

Then the sweet thoughts deteriorated as I remembered I’ve got to go and see the bank manager today about the account farce, and genuine depression reared its ugly head again!

4Thur03One thing that cheered me a bit was my getting the safety socket extension thingamajig with the on/off switches for the individual plugs. I’ve set it up to hand at the side of the dangerously rickety £300 second-hand recliner chair.

I feel a lot more confident knowing I can turn off whatever I’m not using. Seem to be using more than I ever have done in the passed. The recliner, mobile phone, the three different camera chargers, the torch charger, the large and the small vacuum chargers, the TV, the computer, printer, telephone, Virgin internet… on and on goes the list of electrical connections.

Something I’ve noticed and wondered if others in a similar position might have noticed: When I remember to place one of the picker-upper grabbers near the recliner, or the walking stick, or the torch… I don’t seem to need them that night. If I forget to place them handy, then I’ll need them? Just thought I’d mention it. Hehe! Am I fainéant or what?



Another call (The third!) to the porcelain throne!

Read the book a while during the evacuation procedure. The bleeding was no worse, though.

Decided to clean my teggies afterwards, used the manual brush – the broke and I stabbed my gums!

Another blood loss outlet was created. Tsk!

Rinsed the mouth out and gargled with TCP. By gum that tingled a bit! Hehehe!

I also noticed a new set of blotches appearing on my chin.

Better see how it goes, I can always call in at the dentist on the way to visit the bank manager later… I suppose.

Yet another brew made (determined to drink this one). Polished the 1963 sideboard thingy. Then got starting on this post.

Did some blogging.


Stopped to take a photographicalisation from the kitchen window with the new Panasonic camera. Not bad eh? But is it better than my beloved Lumix?

Then did some Facebooking for an hour or so.

Tended to the ablutions, titivating myself with citrus based soap and underarm spray.

Then got ready the things for the Tenants Social Hour meeting, but forgot to take the ornamental baby chickens for the Easter party. Tsk!

Took Olive’s empty jars down with me and dropped them in the recycling skip.

The session went very well I thought. Gave my raffle tickets this week, to May from Woodthorpe Court and she managed a win with them. That tickled me.

Ex-Obergruppenfurheress Penny informed us that next Thursday’s meeting would be on Friday, and Saturday Mornings Coffee meeting was cancelled.

Not so many there as last week, but as I said earlier, everyone seemed to enjoy it today.

Plodded back to the flat (Having a laugh and chinwag with some tenants in the lift). I got the paperwork for the bank and picked up the Easter Bunnies. Called at the Winwood Hut on the way and dropped off the bunnies.

4Thur08Walked to the end of Chestnut Walk and right down Winchester Street Hill and into Sherwood.

It was very warm, despite the slightly dark sky and clouds.

Crossed over Mansfield Road and called in to see the bank to see the manager.

There was a queue, but he came out to talk to someone else, saw me and took me into his office.

He told me he was being moved to another branch next week, so would maybe not see me again. (He smiled at this point, a nerve-rackingly obnoxious smile! – Hehe). He assured me he would leave all my details for the new manager.

He then contacted the State Pensions People again and told them the requested details with the required information and the proper Post Code that they promised to send me 2½ weeks ago, had not arrived. I went through the question and answer I.D. procedure again with them and told them the manager could speak on my behalf. Again they said they would send one. Why do I feel uncertain about this?


Bid my farewells, with trepidation, incredulity, scepticism, suspicion and a certain amount of doubt lingering in my heart, and departed from the bank onto Mansfield Road.

Over the road and a hobble back up Winchester Street Hill.


P1170216Mother nature showing herself as she forced the new growth of the plants right through the wooden fencing along the pavement.

Around the bend in the road, I did try to take a photo of one single, and three different coloured daffodils in a garden that appealed, but the wind was too strong, and I could not get a decent shot.

This is the best of my efforts, but I was well disappointed with it.

The feet were beginning to ache and sting as I proceeded up the hill limping at an ever-decreasing rate of shuffling. Huh!

However, the good thing was Anne Gyna was most delicate with me.

I pondered over what I would end up eating today and decided the Lamb meal had a good date on it and opted to have some potatoes with the cooked meat I got from the Continental Shop yesterday… or was it Tuesday? I’m getting old yer know, Hehe! With some peas, beetroots and cheese perhaps. Oh, and some slow roasted and mini tomatoes?

Eventually, got back to the flats and into the wetroom and onto the porcelain throne. Yet another heavy duty session? Three now I think this day.

Got the potatoes on the boil and updated this blog.

Caught up with the Facebooking session I had to cut short earlier.

5Fri02Got the fodder ready.

The roast tomatoes tasted alright, but I had a devil of a job chewing them, so tough, they annoyed the broken toothbrush made gash in my gum.

This I assumed was because tomatoes are out of season. The fresh ones available at the moment are horrible and bitter?

I shan’t be trying these again until the new season starts. The boiled potatoes were over cooked a bit, but the rest of it was fine, the beetroots, cheeses, silverskin onions, roast pork and vegetable slices.

Suddenly I felt proper fatigued and bone-tired out.

Tried to watch some TV, but it was a farcical effort.

Inchcock Today Wednesday 29th March 2017 – Got to see Olive


Wednesday 29th March 2017

Spanish: Miércoles 29 de Marzo de 2017

0215hrs: Woke up with a start – wide awake and with the dream that I’d been having still partly in my head. Within seconds it had gone. I hate it when this happens!

Decided to try and sort some of the paperwork scattered around. First, to the porcelain throne and found Haemorrhoid Harold to be bleeding and made a mess. With the extra clothing to be washed again, I thought I’d get the last of the laundry done while I was feeling okay

Got it sorted and down into the machine in the laundry room.

Up to the apartment, took the medications and started to sort the paperwork out, then, time to go down again and move the clothes into the dryer. All done.3Wed03

Up and made a mug of tea and started to finish off yesterday’s diary.

Soon time to return to the laundry room and swap machines.

Back to the flat and finished off the diary.H

The dizzies returned and made me feel a little nervous with their persistence.H

Back on the computer and started this post off.

3Wed04A final nip down the lift and retrieved the washing from the dryer.

Note the right foot and ankle this morning in this picture?

Well bent and twisted it was, almost fell over twice getting back up with the bag?

Cleaned the machines and filter.

Finalised yesterday’s chronical and posted it off.

Time for a look at Facebook before the Morrison delivery was due to arrive. So I did.

Then some WordPressing.

Made another brew and found the milk had gone off! Had a black tea instead, just hope I’ve ordered milk from Morrisons.

Had a go at sorting the paperwork, got some done.

3Wed08The Morrison man arrived and left the groceries, and I began to put them away.

Seems to me, that I may have slightly overdone it again today.

Had a right job sorting out the fridge and freezer, owing to the available storage space to hand, being somewhat less than the amount of storage space required. Hehehe!

3Wed08aSomehow I managed to get everything away, some cramped some squashed, mind.Ablutions

Ablutions tended to. (No new bleeding! Hurrah!).

The rain was pouring now.

Got the nibbles for the Kampf Obergruppenfureresses, jars for the bottle bank, hat and umbrella, and set off to the Winwood Community Centre.

Gave them their bites and asked if I could get any help with the banking I.D. fiasco. There were no signs of any presence of adjuvant inclinations shown.

3Wed07The subject was cunningly and cleverly changed… with genuine poise and ability.

Out into the strongly falling drizzle to the bottle bank and deposited the jars, then to the flats.

Met 92-year-old Norman in the Foyer, where he was waiting for a taxi to take him to the medical centre. So I had a chinwag with him for a while.

Up to number 72 and got the kettle on, now I have milk! aHaha!

Updated this diary.

Then did some more sorting of the paperwork.

The M&C hygiene ladies arrived. Had a chinwag with them, and M offered to do the oven for me. But this meant a skimmed on the other stuff. M is the owner of the company, and she was not happy because the other worker had chipped a bone in her foot and M had to go our working.

When they had gone, I rang Olive to see how she was, and she granted me a visitation, bless her. Nattering away and Obergruppenfurheress Deana called, and we all had a chinwag for a bit. Collected Olive’s jars, gave her a peck and back to the flat to check on Harold’s condition. No bleeding.

Already had the potatoes on the boil, added some of the mushroom Soy Sauce to them. Put the garden peas on warming up.Updated this diary.

Updated this journal. Superfluously perused the TV magazine.

3Wed09Getting some stuff from the fridge later, I noticed that I’d bought these here tomatoes in error on the Morrisons order.

What am I to eat these with, please?

Do they need warming?

Are they for a stew?

Ah, I see now, I think. I figured they were dried, but, they were not, they’ve just been cut and cooked?

3Wed10Got the meal served up.

Not too bad a one, but I undercooked the potatoes a tad. 

Rather taken with these vegetable slices with stuffing and herbs. 

Had to use the polish ham as I’d noted that is was a little beyond its sell by date, so tomorrow I’ll have the lamb hot pot thingy.

Got settled and watched some TV in between nod-offs.

Inchcock Today: Tuesday 28th March 2017


Tuesday 28th March 2017

Tamil: செவ்வாய்க்கிழமை 28 மார்ச் 2017

0320hrs up wide awake. Hastily got out of the £300 scarily shuddering second-hand recliner chair and to the porcelain throne. Managed a wee-wee, but the heavy duty part refused to leave! Tsk!

Got the laundry things ready. Going to need top machines this morning.Laundry

2Tue001a0335hrs: Down to the laundry room with the first bag of clothing.

Got the machine going, and swept the room. It looked like someone had left tissues in pockets and put the clothes into the washer. Bits were all over the place and outside leading to the lifts. On the way back up I saw a notice on the resident’s board that informed us that the L8 bus service is to finish permanently on 29th April 2017. Sad that.

0345hrs: Up to number 72, a mug of tea made, took the medications and computer turned on.

2Tue030410hrs: Down with next laundry load. The first load moved into the dryer, 2nd load into the washing machine.

It was a bit misty outside.

0420hrs: Back in the flat, started the diary work.

0520hrs: Down yet again and collected the dried clothing, folded it and put it in the bag. Cleaned the filter. Got the second load into the machine 2Tue04and up to the apartment to put the washed clothes away. Noticed a car pulling away from the space opposite the foyer doors – early riser there?

0529hrs: Finished Monday’s diary and got it posted. Another brew and tried for a heavy duty session on the porcelain throne – no luck! Started this post off.

0635hrs: Down to the laundry room to collect the second load of washed and dried clothing and towels. Had a read of the other Notice Boards, ’cause the dryer had not finished yet.

Got the clothes out and into the bag (Finding the odd sock and now having a pair again, Hehe!) 

 As I was taking the photograph, Roy from the 14th floor came into the room and gave me a funny suspicious look.We had a chinwag and laugh.

We had a chinwag and laugh.

2Tue05Back up a final time to the flat, and took a photographicalisation from the kitchen window of the rather beautifully blue misty scene.

Put the clobber away and once more tried to perform a heavy-duty mission in the porcelain throne room. Failed again!

The door to the airing cupboard popped open as I was passing it with a fresh brew of tea.


I really must invest in some type of storage furniture! Tsk!

The new socks had not shrunken in the wash, and for some reason the filter on the machine today, did not need cleaning after use?

I only had one of the Kippah style head caps left, I gave the others to the Nottingham Hospice Charity Shop the other week. They might fit a 3-year-old, having shrunk so much in the wash. This reminded me about the clothing that no longer fits me, due just possibly to my ever increasing girth and mass – but most likely they have shrunken. Hehehe! Made another bag of them to take to the shop later.Back to the diaries

Back onto to this diary and updated it.

Then did some blogging.

2Tue001Then some Facebooking.

Then onto the graphics.

The weather is still a bit misty and uninviting for me to go out yet. Tsk!

Got the things ready for the Nottingham Hospice Charity shop and bagged them all up.

Abluted, dressed, antisepticated, and down the lift 2Tue10and outside the flats.

Took a photographicalisation of the ‘End Garages’ in case they get destroyed in the upcoming external ‘Improvements’ to the apartments.

This end looked beautiful (Mind you, everything did)  the new growth of the vegetation and the fantastic greens coming on.

To the right, and took a photo of the middle 2Tue11garages that we know are due for the chop next week I think it starts.

Over the road and up the gravel path into Woodthorpe Grange Park and left down into Sherwood.

As I got to the top and over the crest to the park footpath, I espied an L8 bus in a traffic queue on Woodside Road.

2Tue12I wondered as I took it if the younger of the residents would remember it in twenty years time and mourn its demise?


This L8 service finishes at the end of the month.


As I turned to go down towards Mansfield Road 2Tue12athis turd on the right, nearly had me over as he coasted down the hill path threateningly close to the few pedestrians on it.

At this point, I sensed a warm wet sensation fro the read end.Further along, there was one tree in a far more advanced stage of ‘fruiting’ compared to the others.

I thing Haemorrhoid Harold was leaking somewhat.Further along, there was one tree in a far more advanced stage of ‘fruiting’ compared to the others.

Oh, dear.

2Tue15Further along, there was one tree in a far more advanced stage of ‘fruiting’ compared to the others.

I took this picture and had a moment of being in awe at nature once again.

Plodded on and into Sherwood, calling first in the Hospice Shop and left the bag for them and had a potter around to see if they had any storage cabinets or drawers for sale. None in at the moment.

2Tue18Down the hill and called into Wilko and got another of the power extensions with the individual on/off switches.

Very handy.

Also got a deodorant spray and a bottle of Dettol Lavender Antiseptic Disinfectant… this being because I tipped the one I got yesterday over in the wetroom.

Down the hill and into the Fresh Cream Cake Shop and got an iced fresh cream bun. (Naughty, I know).

2Tue17Even further down the hill and into the Continental Foods Store. Where I got a small loaf, belly pork slices and a packet of the Hochland Cheese portions. Similar to the one I tried the other day.

I didn’t like the texture or smell of the cheese, but they tasted delightful!

Not cheap. This packet was one that had different types of mushroom bits in the little packets/wedges.

Across the road and up the hill to the bank. Needed to talk to the manager about the farcical situation regarding my new account. It was packed solid with folks, so I left it for another day.

Limping and sweating a bit now I was. Called in a couple of Charity Shops (Cancer Research and Sue Ryder) to see if they had any cabinets in but without any luck.

Up to the pelican lights and over and up further to the bus stop – and had a delightful chinwag and laugh with some other residents (Four girls and one fella) as we waited for the L9 bus up to the flats.

Back in the flat, I dropped everything and went into the wetroom to check of Haemorrhoid Harold’s condition – not good. Cleaned and antisepticated things then washed and got the things bought put away.

2Tue16Opened one of the three for £10 lamb meal I’d gotten yesterday from Marks & Sparks.The food was in a bag with a foil tray, tipped the contents into the tray and placed the sliced potatoes on top as per the instructions.

The food was in a bag with a foil tray, tipped the contents into the tray and placed the sliced potatoes on top as per the instructions.

Not much in it, it did not smell nice either, I thought I might have made an error in trying this one?

Took the evening medications and got the TV on to watch Law & Order.

It dawned on me, the mess the place was in, with all the part sorted paperwork regarding the banking farce laying all over. I must try to sort it in the morning. Mind you, I have yet another load of washing to do now. Tsk!

2Tue14Served up the meal in the oven tray I cooked it in.

Added some mushrooms to it and a drop of lamb gravy mix.

Was not impressed with how it looked at all.

It was surprisingly so delicious, tasty and appetising! Even if was such a minuscule portion.

9.63/10 for this one!

The phone rang while I was eating it, by the time I struggled to get out the £300 second-hand recliner it stopped.

Settled down again to continue eating, and the door chime rang! It was Obergruppenfurheress Deana to do an alarm test.

Not much washing up to do this time, but I had a hell of a dizzy spell while doing it.


Inchcock Today: Monday 27th March 2017


Monday 27th March 2017

Italiano: Lunedi 27 Marzo 2017

Up late 0445hrs. Feeling fatigued, enfeebled, wearily tired and with so many ailments and pains, I could hardly believe it myself. Shattered and feeling so depressed.

The memories from the dreams I’d had in my marathon sleep session were not pleasant either. I think I must have had at least 7½ hours kip, a lot for me.

As soon as I moved to get out of the £300 second-hand on-its-last-legs recliner, the innards started rumbling away, and nothing else mattered other than to get to the porcelain throne ASAP!

1Mon07In my panic to do this, as I stood up I trod on the headphones. The torch and TV remote thingy fell onto the floor, and I stubbed my big toe against the Ottoman footstool, and then again, against the wet-room door as I scrambled in, then hit my already bruised elbow from yesterday’s Accifauxpa on the cabinet as I sat down!

The evacuation was over in seconds, with much blood loss from Haemorrhoid Harold as well. I cleaned everything and myself up, and plonked myself back down on the throne; Feeling right sorry for me! I think all my common ailments were acting up, apart from Arthur Itis wh0 was little bother this morning – the elbow I clouted when I fell backwards over the Ottoman yesterday was stinging a bit too. I took a few second to try and compose myself.

Into the kitchen to make a brew and take the medications. This was when I realised I had not taken last nights doses or had a meal yesterday? No wonder I feel so rotten.

1Mon05I’d planned to do the laundry this morning, but it was too late to get a machine by now. So I got the computer on and found an email from Sister Jane. She informed me that Arthur had been put to sleep.

Email: “Poor old Arthur is no more, but lovely Vet was so kind. Pete gave him a kiss before he went (not the Vet).
Arf had a lump on his side and had lost a lot of weight and being almost 20, we all decided the inevitable had to be done. They wrapped him in a lovely blanket and Pete dug a grave next to his Mum and Sister in the back garden.
Strange now only 21yr old Fooey Posh Cat and Alberto (about 8yrs).
Sending v.last pic of Arthur on his cushion on the floor as he couldn’t jump up on his fav chair anymore.”

Poor Jane and Pete. I feel so for them. Had a little sob.

By now, I felt horribly down, discouraged and pessimistic about life. The bank problems and the Bully problems joined the health ones in going around and around in my head. I don’t know how long I sat there in a dream world of disturbingly confusing thoughts.

1Mon06Never felt like this before!

Got a good stab of pain from Duodenal Daniel, into the kitchen to get a healthy swig of the rather ineffective medicine, and saw the street lights going out below.

Somehow, I associated this with my life as it is today? I’m sure at this time I was going to sink even lower in spirits… down to the next level of incapability, a resignation, the need for Nepenthe… Luckily, as I was dropping to this level, things suddenly felt not so bad. I thought of the family members of the victims of the terror atrocities, the children, old and young dying in the bombs… and I felt so ashamed of myself.

I’m not saying there was sudden bright light and I felt elevated or anything like that, just that I stopped feeling sorry for myself, and felt a little guilty for doing so in the first place.

By gum that was an intense few moments of writing from me? Sorry about that.

Got yesterday’s diary completed and started this one off up to here.

Did some blogging followed by Facebooking.

Carried out the ablutionisationing, put some antiseptic cream on my battered elbow and dressed ready to catch the L9 bus into town to look at the cameras on offer at Jessops Camera Store.

Took the rubbish bags, four of them today, cause yesterday I wasn’t up to bothering. (Shame indeed!). To the refuse chute on the way down to the foyer.

Hat a gossip with some residents also waiting to go out for the bus of their choice.

The Newcastle Lady from the 14th floor told us that the L8 bus is stopping the service next or this week !?!?! We don’t know it this is for the period of the updating the flats (Mind you, that is going to take a minimum of two years and six months!) Or if it is being deleted permanently? Not good news that!

1Mon09Got into town and walked straight to the Jessop Camera store on Clumber Street.

Where I succumbed to the selling skills of an annoyingly young fit looking assistant with hair. Haha!

Ended up by buying a Nikon Coolpix B700 – ANIKOCMO 85282559 camera.

Well, that’s what the receipt says anyway.

1Mon16I tried to remember the tips kindly given me by Timothy Price, an expert on these things. Being reduced on special offer might have tainted my choice, but the main thing was, the bloke said this one had the highest zoom at X60. I think he said it was a ‘Bridge Camera’, not aware of what this means; I’ll try to remember to look it up later.

I tried to remember the tips kindly given me by Timothy Price, an expert on these things. And, I think I understood some of the things he said, thanks to the advice and tips given me by Tim. Thanks, to Timothy Price.

Being reduced on special offer might have tainted my choice, but the main thing was, the bloke said this one had the highest zoom at X60.

I plodded down to and through the Slab Square to the M & S store and up to the Gentlemen’s outfitting department.

Where I bought some braces and a pair of comfortable looking cotton jammies.

Down the escalator’s, I went into the food section in the basement. Coming out with some Lamb Stew meals and a small loaf of batch bread.

Leaving the store, I  gave a Big Issue Seller a bit of cash. Oh, the look on her poor face as she was totally being ignored, got to me.

I decided to go to the Primark store to see if they had any cheaper braces in stock so as to treat myself to another pair. They did not have any in. So I checked the timing for the bus and decided I had time to go to Victoria Centre and get some nuts and have a look around the market.

Leaving Primark, I came across another Big Issue Seller; he was so obviously trying to look cheerful I gave him a bit of cash too. If I saw any more of these poor soles, I’d have to avoid them, or I’d go broke. Haha!

1Mon10To Upper Parliament Street and over the walkway into the place. Got some nuts and a pair of trousers cause they were 27″ leg, and I don’t often see them this size, just my barrow too!

Left by the same route. The canned tinny music as normal, the leaking roof with buckets and a warning sign near them at the end of the passageway, the flakes of cheap paint dropping down looking like small leaves.

1Mon11Had a hobble around with the now cumbersome and full bags hindering my progress. I know, it’s my fault! Huh!

I timed it well as it happened, arriving at the bus stop and taking this photograph at midday.

The L9 was due at five past the hour.

I enjoyed a little chinwag with a lady at the bus stop.

Getting on the bus, the heavier of the two bags slipped but being the fit quick wizard that I am; I caught it before it fell onto the floor… clouting my damaged elbow on the door edge as I did. Humph!

Toyed with a crossword en route, off the bus, and up to the flat and into the porcelain room. Checked things out, and found the blood had been flowing again. Change of clothes, a wash-up and into the kitchen to put the kettle on. I thought how annoying it was that I overslept for the first time ever, and had no time to do the laundry, now I was getting short of clean clothes due to the extra dirty clothes thanks to the bleeding starting once more. I really must get my head down quick tonight, so I can rise early in the morning and get the laundry done!

Not having a lot of good luck the last few days. But still, no complaints from me (I lie! Hehe!)

1Mon17Got the food away, new apparel and put the new camera away ready for later, when I hope to have the time and concentration to work out how to set it up, and it works.

But, while storing the box with the new camera, I thought it best if I was to put it on charge.

That did it, I got all confused. The charging plug was in three pieces. I had bits and pieces I cold not identify and didn’t know how to fit the strap. Got the booklet, tiny print.

Got it on charge an hour or so later, but no lights or whatever showing. Tried to use the camera, nothing happened.


Eventually, I realised after opening it, there was no battery in it. Back to the box and found it. Fitted it and put one of the old SD cards in.

Ah, it was charging now. Unplugged and took a photograph of the radio in the kitchen to try out.

The real test will come when I try to get a distance shot later.

Well, it works!

1Mon19Put it back onto charge, took the photo.

The green ring light was flashing on and off. I assumed that means it is nearly charged?

Must keep my eye on this. Don’t want to spoil the new battery now, do I?

I got the mushrooms in the saucepan of water, added some Soy Mushroom Sauce them simmering.Put some chips in the oven.


Put some chips in the oven.

Updated this blog up to here.

Checked the TV magazine to what to watch, lots of interest tonight. But the eyelids were growing heavy, and I knew the chances of any viewing would be rather slight. 

Got the fodder ready.

1Mon20Cooked meat, cheeses, beetroot, mushrooms and chips. Not cooked enough, but there you go… further proof I’m not a cook or chef. Hehe!

Best I could grant this effort score-wise was a 5/10.Took the medications and tended to Haemorrhoid Harold’s discharge.

Took the drugs and tended to Haemorrhoid Harold’s discharge.

Got the goggle-box on and managed to stay awake for a full programme.

Yet another weird dream. I was flying (literally) all over the world (in seconds) trying to bring peace and harmony. Of course, I failed, then I decided I had no option other than to blow-up the Earth and hung in space watching the explosion. Felt pleased that I’d eradicated the violence, hatred, greed and animosity… then I faded out of the dream – and believe it, cause it’s true – I found myself in a TV commercial for Fairy Snow soap powder as a women doing the washing, but singing the 1962 Pepsodent toothpaste jingle ♫ “You’ll wonder where the yellow went – When you brush your teeth with Pepsodent!” ♫

I woke again and realised I’d only been sleeping for few minutes? How can one do so much in a dream in seconds? Anyway, I know I wrote down all about this dream cause I found it on the pad in the morning.

I couldn’t get this tune out of my head!


Insanity has arrived in my brain!

Inchcock Today: Sunday 26th March 2017: Whoopsiedangleplop and Accifauxpa!


Sunday 26th March 2017

Swahili: Jumapili Machi 26, 2017

Must have been tired, well, I was so tired last night. Didn’t nod off until gone midnight and then kept waking up regularly. When I stirred once more around 0500hrs by then, I disentangled myself from the £300 second-hand recliner and took the dirty pots things with me into the kitchen, got them put them in to soak in the sink.

7Sun01Made a strong brew of Thompson’s full flavour tea and took the medications.

While drinking this, I sorted out next weeks dosage pots.

The tea had gone cold by the time this was completed.

So I made another mug of tea and took a photographicalisation from the kitchen window 7Sun02bfacing East towards the City.

A tad hazy this morning, the streets below having more parked vehicles than normal reminded me it was a Sunday.

It looked lovely out there, but it was only 60°f inside the flat? I had the heating on, and it was working alright?

The need for a heavy duty session on the porcelain throne presented itself, so off to the wetroom. Oh dear, things were different this time; Haemorrhoid Harold was been bleeding badly during the night. Had to clean up and cream certain areas, change clothes and get the used ones into soak with antiseptic disinfectant. Bad leak this one, had to clean the wetroom and porcelain too. This, along with a great soreness from Little Inchy, put me on a downer.

Made yet another mug of tea, determined to drink this one! Hehe!

Got the computer on and finished yesterday’s post and sent it off.

7Sun02aSneezing a bit then. I opened the curtains to reveal that I’d left the flipping window open all night!

Took a photo through it before closing it and despite the bad start to the day, I had to admire the view and appreciated living here once more.

I thought I was coping well with things this morning.


Then… Whoopsiedangleplop!

As I stepped away from closing the window, I fell backwards over the ruddy Ottoman storage box – come foot stool, hitting my elbow as I landed in a heap entangled in the now crushed Ottoman storage box with its rather damaged packs of nibble fodder.

Gingerly I eventually got up, shook-up a bit but soon recovered. Sorted out and threw away the damaged food, cleaned the cover and the box, the carpet and myself.

So glad I bought the cordless vacuum cleaner now. As I was doing around the area I heard a clunking noise and investigated when I emptied the machine, to see if I’d picked up a coin or something.

I found a toenail clipping and a granite hard garden pea in there! H7Sun03ehe!

Took the photo of the Ottoman and it’s cover and realised I’d missed some bits (bottom left) They turned out to be more toenail clippings. Got the hoover out again, and that hurt the elbow. Humph!

As I started to create this blog, I had the stab under the fingernail and now the clouted elbow giving me grief as I typed, not to mention the Haemorrhoid Harold’s stinging away at my lower region. Not one of my best starts to a day, but I’ve had far worse.

7Sun04So, I think it was the third mug of tea now that had gone cold and undrunken. Back to the kitchen to make another mug. In the distance, I could see a tree with its blossom blooming and had to take a photograph of it.

I bet the house owner’s neighbours aren’t too keen on it, as it is sure to cover their cars with petals of blossom later? Haha!

I felt drained already now, and it’s only 0825hrs.

Did some WordPress reading and made some comments on other folks work/blogs.

Went onto Facebook and got carried away with it.

Finished the latest TFZer graphic for Marie and Lyzzi and friend Mary.


Posted to each of their Facebook pages, suggesting it might make a good Caption Competition.

Very tired and a bit dizzy now. I’ll have a sit down with a cuppa I think.

TTFN, back in a bit.

Didn’t wake up until 0445hrs Monday!

Inchcock Today: Saturday 25th March 2017


Saturday 25th March 2017

Estonian: Laupäev 25 märts, 2017

Stirred around 0245hrs, the dirty dinner plate on the next chair, notes about a dream on the arm of it and desperate for a heavy duty session on the porcelain.

Untangled my ever increasing body mass from the delicate and rickety £300 second-hand recliner chair and off to the porcelain throne. Once again, no bleeding from the front or rear… I’m beginning to worry about Haemorrhoid Harold, Hehe!

6Sat03Got the dirty pots washed up, made a brew and took the medications, then trimmed the carrots and got them into the slow cooker with Mushroom Soy Sauce.

Performed the Health Checks. All looking good here too!

Perused the scribbled notepaper, and found I’d been dreaming apparently, about an underground fight with gigantic earthworms… or was it that I was shrunken? Whichever, after the conflict I found myself in a room being interviewed by, well some secret service type people I reckon, they were not messing about, and I was bloodied and battered during the conversation about my not renewing my TV licence? The words Linctus and Doormat (I think that is what I’d written) on the paper meant nothing to me?

Got on and spent the next two and a half hours or more, sorting yesterday’s mammoth diary and got it posted off. A long busy day, leaving me with photographicalisation to sort and post as well as recall all that had happened… mind you, seeing the photos helped me.


The view out of the window was almost pretty, with the sun coming up and creating shadows over the houses.When I took the photo, I thought I could see an aeroplane on the right, but it seems to have disappeared?

When I took the picture, I thought I could see an aircraft on the right, but it appears to have gone?

Guess what? I’ll tell yers… I went into the other 6Sat01room to do the weighing of my fat frame, and I found the missing camera! Perfectly naturally and to be expected, it was in the laundry bag! Huh?

Oh heck! Back up again by more than it went down yesterday! Humph!

But all the other reading seemed about right and no surprises.

6Sat04Even the pulse had gone down nicely. Add the fact that Haemorrhoid Harold and Little Inchy had not been bleeding and Arthur Itis was so kind this morning, even after yesterday’s struggle in town. And Duodenal Donald had eased too, things were looking good I thought – That was before I tested the carrots again and managed without any bother to stab myself between the fingernail and finger with the sharp end knife!

Someone (Well a lot of folks) have said I am too much of a pessimist. Here is proof, or one of the root causes that I am one. Every time I start to get that dreaded feel-good factor in my life… Mr Thatservesyouright visits me. Humph, Hehe!

It’s a good job I’m used to it, or I could get discouraged you know!

Started this diary off, then did some WordPressing.

Did some Facebooking then.

Got the ablutions tended to, in time I hope, to catch the first bus at 1030hrs into Sherwood. Missed the bus, so walked down to Sherwood.

Limping along Chestnut Walk passing the vehicles and on the right, I fell in love with a single Daisy. All on her own she was. I had a chat with her. Hopefully, no one realised this.


Onto Winchester Street Hill. Halfway down I took this photograph below left, and near the bottom the second photograph.


These represent the beauteousness weather and the wonder of nature.

Also, that Arthur Itis was still kind to my knees and ankles as I poddled along slowly but fairly comfortable this afternoon down to the shops.

Arrived at the Continental Food Store and invested in some of my favourite Roast Belly Pork with herbs and garlic, and two slices of another belly pork that looked good, without herbs. A small sliced Continental loaf and a jar of garden peas and carrots with flavouring.

Arthur was beginning to affect the fingers for some reason.

I lazily strolled very slowly up the hill on Mansfield Road and called into the Wilko store to get some disposable razors. I left with the blades, a Citrus body deodorant for men (Of course, Hehe!) some disposable oven trays, Vitamin B complex tablets, and electrical extension lead with four sockets with on/off controls on each and one more of the Pure Citrus fresh air without water sprays at half-price, £1.50!

As I was taking the change from the helpful lady serving me, the damned fingers froze. I had to walk further up the road to the bus stop with the receipt, and a fiver stuck firmly in my grasp! Tried to prise them out and the receipt got torn in half, but the five-pound note was okay as the fingers relented and loosened their grip of steel.

Roy was at the bus-stop and had a right laugh over my fingers declaring independence, as he said. But it was a hard conversation as we had both not got out hearing aids in. What a pair we are!

Chinwag with Roy and back to the flat. Wee-wee, put the things away and made a cuppa and onto the computer to update this diary and do some work on graphicalisationing.

And there I remained for seven hours. The result (below):


Very late by the time I’d got it finished, and I was so tired, but semi-pleased with the resulting graphicalisation.

6Sat08Got the nosh ready. The red carrots cooked in the crock-pot with mushroom soy sauce were appetising, the belly pork divine with the beetroot cheeses and pickled eggs.

Lemon Fool to follow with a banana.

I devoured it with relish and settled into the £300 second-hand recliner with a mug of tea and digested the evening medications, rather later than usual with the good strong Yorkshire 6Sat07atea brew.

The finger I had stabbed down the nail with the paring knife in the picture on the left seemed to smile at me with a metallic glint that said threateningly; “I’ll get you again Inchcock…Hehehe!”

I knew then that I was either overtired or going bonkers… perhaps both?

7Sun03I repeatedly drifted off for a few minutes, woke, realised the programme had finished, drifted off again, realised the prog… you get the picture. The mind was seemingly over-active, and I have no idea when I eventually nodded off proper-like, but it was well after midnight.

I must remember tomorrow to add some of the Polish half-rye-half wheat Sourdough bread to my order for next Wednesday.

I did wake momentarily during a dream. I lay trying to remember it, but nothing there in the memory of any details.

Inchcock: Friday 24th March 2017


Friday 24th March 2017

Luxembourgish: Freideg 24. Mäerz 2017

Woke around 0400hrs, the mind in a twisted contorted demented condition. Mixed sentiments, ranging twixt utter fear, contentment, panic, admiration and confusion. I lay back on the £300 second-hand recliner for a good while trying to rearrange, organise these rambling thoughts into logicality, make sense of them and fight some of them off. I felt the nerves were winning the battle.

Around 0440hrs, I dismounted the recliner, seeing some notes I must have made from the dreams, placed it near the computer to look at later, there were no memories of any dream, just the scribbled 5Fri05notes

Into the kitchen, via a wee-wee in the WC, made
a mug of strong tea and took the medications.

Did the health checks, the pulse was well and truly high, I didn’t do the weighing of my aged flobby-body. Decided I could not face another disappointment at this moment.

Decided I could not face another disappointment at this time. Hehe!

Took a photograph from the kitchen window.

Finished yesterday’s diary off and got it posted to WordPress.

5Fri04Checked the email, and one from Sister Jane brought me some more sad news. She is taking Arthur the cat, to the veterinary today, in anticipation that he will recommend him being put down. All thin, but Jane says he is eating well?

She sent this last photo of him in their garden. I hope she doesn’t mind me putting on here, but a picture can say so much more than words sometimes?

I bet poor Jane is in turmoil about which route to take. So much love and joy shared between them.

I cried to myself for Jane and Arthur. Done a bit of that recently, crying. The atrocity in London, Olive’s suffering… The memories cannot be taken away. The Vet might decide Arthur can carry on a while longer, best to take his advice. Poor Jane.

I went into the kitchen to make another drink, again via the WC for another wee-wee (?).

Noticed the sharp change in the view from earlier, so decided to post them both together below.


Did some graphic preparation and then saw the scribble about the dream on the pad about the dream, so took a look at it: Many of my words were undecipherable I’m afraid. Mighty gale – died. Alone, pitifull. Hate. Orange beast, electricity and woeful were the only things I could read?

Carried out the second health checks:


5Fri11The Pulse seems a bit high still, but I was well pleased with the weight!

I could not find the camera anywhere?

So had to resurrect an old little one, search for batteries and find a card to use.

Had a search all over for the newer camera, for an hour almost, without any luck.

An absolute mystery to me? Very annoyed with myself again! Humph! I’ll need an afflatus to solve this one!

Facebooked for a while.

Then did some blogging.

5Fri12aGot the ablutions tended to, wrapped up and set off to catch the L9 bus into town to look into buying a camera to replace the lost Lumix one. Missed the bus.

Walked up by the Copse and down through Woodthorpe Grange Park, then up and over and down the hill into Sherwood and caught a bus into town.

The weather was grand, proper summer like.

5Fri12bSherwood was busy but with vehicles not many shoppers or pedestrians about today again.

The bus was full, and the passengers seemed to be in a talkative mood between themselves… or maybe the hearing aids had started working better?Dropped off the bus and walked

It’s odd that, how sometimes I can’t hear any gossip and another, like today, I could actually pick up bits of the people’s conversations.

5Fri12cDropped off the bus on Upper Parliament Street and walked down Queen Street.

Took what turned out to be a reasonable photo of the Council House with its flag at half-mast.

Walked across the Slab Square, having to dodge between a street guitarist, a Muslim preacher, a Christian preacher, a Big Issue Seller (slipped him a quid) a penny whistle-blowing chap in a wheelchair and a large group of students 5Fri12eprotesting about something or other. And noticed that the closed-down clothes shop was now a 24-hour

Noticed that the closed-down clothes shop was now a 24-hour Burger King eatery.

Just what Nottingham needs that.

Three independent cafes, two… no, three coffee shops, two McDonalds, Cosmo Authentic World


Down Exchange Walk

Kitchen, a Hungry Pumpkin, Loch Fyne Fish Restuarant, Bills, Wimpy, Hart’s, several pizza places, eleven Coffee Shops, Two Fish & Chip shops, Bennies, three Indian Restaurants, two Chinese, two Turkish.

Plus two Maryland Chicken, an Amigos, Patisserie Valerie, two French restaurants, Chinese, Slug & Lettuce, two Italian, Greek. Five Subways… all within a minute’s walk (Well, three minutes for me, Hehe!) not to mention the 15 or so pubs that sell food and the many others I can’t remember – just what Nottingham needs another eatery! 

Oh, I forgot there are the mobile eateries scattered all over the place too.

Hobbled down Exchange Walk and through a lot of folk lecturing and preaching outside the church and Marks and Sparks (No one was listening to them mind).

Went into that store and had a wonder around the Menswear department – a mistake that, or at least rather damaging to the bank balance as it turned out. I spotted in a partly hidden corner, some racks of attire that were either To Clear or Reduced in Price.

5Fri12nHobbled around and came out with three pairs of trousers and a thick shirt for winter. Carrying the carrier bags with me as well, I wondered over to look at the things on the proper price shelving and racks. A few minutes later I was struggling as the clobber being carried over my arm stopped the blood flow, and the left arm froze and ached a bit.

I asked a lady assistant in the ladies clothing 5Fri12oside if she would mind me taking a photo or two of the ladies dressing gowns, as I was hoping to treat Olive when she comes out of the hospital after her operation to one.I thought it best if I show her photographs first to see if she

I thought it best if I show her pictures first to see if she liked any of them first. She allowed me and even held a floral version of the white one while I took the picture. Was kind of her that.

This one was thin but warm.

Back to the gents attire, “Are You Being Served?”

Bought and paid for Lycra Cord Trousers, Honeycomb Trousers?, Borg Shakett trousers all on Sale Price, Value Linen Trousers, Linen Trouser, Value Chino Trousers. They should see out. Took the names from the receipt.

Made my way out, well I meant to. Couldn’t find the down escalator, went the wrong way and I found myself back in the Mens Attire section again – this proved to be an expensive Whoopsiedangleplop. Because I spotted, they had some Loose Fitting Cotton Boxer undies and some nice thick socks with strengthened toes and heel parts. Joined the queue at the pay desk again. This receipt said I’d bought: Tile Print, Tonal Ombre Pack and a 7PP Htooth Sole?

5Fri12fThe total spent on this days visit, first load £131.00, second £48.00. Oh, dear me! Tsk! Both receipts informed me that I have only until 24/04/2017 to return any of the On Sale goods for exchange.

It only took me around ten minutes or so to find the way out, then walked down towards the Broad Marsh shopping Centre. After noticing the new eatery earlier, as I hobbled along Albert Street/Lister Gate to the centre, I counted the 5Fri12gfooderies on that street.

I was surprised to see only four and the mobile Hot Potato van, although many of the shops had eateries inside of course.And Broad Marsh had a good few to pick from too.

And Broad Marsh had a good few to pick from too.

At first, I thought there were two of the Costa 5Fri12pcoffee places within yards of each other. Closer inspection revealed that the distant one was closed down. I think in a desperate move by the Council, they are offering rate reductions to anyone moving into retail property there – so Costa may have moved to get the tax free perks?

5Fri12hI wandered in the Shopping Centre (Mall), and it was so depressing with the closed down shops (Although the eateries seemed plentiful).

 I came out and made my way back up to the City Centre Slab Square.

The afternoon sun provided me with an opportunity to take some shadow photographs.

The weather remained summerish.

I hobbled around the square amidst the most 5Fri12iappalling gathering of foul-mouthed yobboes I’ve come across in ages on Lister Gate.

Obviously, I did not take any images of these foreign speaking gentlemen with their cans of XXX lager and threatening defiant attitudes.

The nearby imitation police officers did not seem interested. I can understand this to some degree.

If they did approach them, they would 5Fri12jclaim to know no English, and if the police took any details, they would have difficulty in spelling Celestyn Wiśniewski, have to get an interpreter on their mobiles and actually do something other than fine people for dropping a nub end or parking on a double yellow line for 20 seconds. Can’t have that, can we?

The street musician on the end of Queen Street had a lot of admirers as he twanged his, to me, horrible sounding guitar. He was trying to play classic style music, but it came out far too clangy if that’s the word. Mind you, I am tone deaf so he could have been playing good or got his friends to film him for Facebook. No one donated any money while I was there, though.

A while before the bus was due, I popped into Debenham’s to compare their prices with the ones I’d bought at Marks & Sparks. I got down into the menswear in their basement and spotted a rack, just one, with To Clear goods on it. They had sets of jammies there, reduced to only £49! What, £49 and on offer to explain! I eventually found the way out and limped up to the last L9 bus stop.

Had a chinwag with a lady there. She lives on Winchester Street, used Yorkshire tea bags and was intent on having a brew as soon as she gets in, she was weary. We discussed getting old and how we can’t do what we used to. Lovely lady. 

Said cheerio to her as I got off the bus, waved to her when I made my way to flats. Where a heavy duty session on the porcelain revealed no bleeding from either back or front. Pleased with that.

I decided I’d have Meg-Super sandwiches for tonight, got carried away and added some other bits. The sandwiches in production and the nosh prepared!


Carrot and Parsnip puffs, Marmite crisps, vinegar pea-rice, a banana and a Lemon Curd yoghourt. 9.64/10, super delicious it was! Ate it all as well, no wonder the weight had gone on Saturday morning. The pig motiff on the paper towel was most apt! Tsk!

Remembered I’d forgotten to look at the cameras today. Huh!

Got the TV on and fell asleep.

TTFN all.

Inchcock: Thursday 23rd March 2017


Thursday 23rd March 2017

Tamil: வியாழக்கிழமை 3 வது மார்ச் 2017

Got out of the wobbly shaking unbalanced £300 second-hand recliner and off to the porcelain room. Very little sleep again last night.

I pondered on the dream, Olive’s condition and the banking fiasco, I felt more down than I have done for a good while. The thought of the Thursday Tenants Social Hour did not cheer me up.

Still, no bleeding again this morning. I got the nibbles and prizes for the Social Hout raffle ready.

Made a brew, took the medications and did the first Health Check.

Finished off and posted Wednesday’s Inchcock Today, did some graphicalisationing and started this one off.

Sneezing a bit this morning.

Worked on the graphics some more for hours.

Viewed the news about the cowardly killer in London. Words cannot help coming from me this time, or next time. Sadness is in my heart. I will try my best not to refer to this again in my blogs, it hurts so. Sorry.

Did my ablutions and readied the things, the raffle prizes and nibbles, for the Social Hour and set off, taking the glass jars to the recycling bin on the way. Everyone there seemed determined to have a good time this morning. Defiance I think? No one mentioned anything other than normal.

I gave 94-year-old Eddy a loaf of Polish bread, and he seemed happy to get it, bless him. Gave my raffle tickets to 86-year-old Bill (William on Sundays) and felt tickled pink when he won five prizes. I’ll give them (the raffle tickets) to some else next week. I enjoyed a few decent nattering sessions on the day.

Back to the flat and got the things in the bag to go to see the new Bank Manager in Sherwood. I’d got a new ID letter from the Council, but felt very confused as to what I was doing. I could do with some help really. I knew I had to try out the old replacement card from the old bank to make sure it worked. And I wanted to get clarification about what further ID was required. The new statement from the State Pension people had not yet, arrived.

4Thur05I met some new tenants on my way out. Two of them spoke and talked, the other was a bit aloof. Maybe through his being new?

To the end of the road, taking a lovely photo of the dock leaves and nettles coming into bloom.

Despite everything going on, I do appreciate the new growth that the coming of Spring brings with it.

4Thur06Just up the road a bit, I saw such beauty again in one of the tree’s roots and gave myself a moment or two admiring nature as I had not done before I moved into this flat and the amazing scenery and greenery that surrounds it.

I thought my struggle with the ailments, the bank and the depression are nothing compared to nature’s beauty in it’s fight each and every year.

4Thur07I turned the corner and down Winchester Street toward Sherwood, and took yet another photographicalisation that I found remarkable.

Pressed on hobbling down and over Mansfield Road and into the bank.

Joined the queue and tried to sort my brain out with what I had to ask. When my turn came, I approached the lady and asked if it was possible for me to have a word with the manager. I was informed he was away on holiday this week but would be back next week on Tuesday. I could have cried after all that effort sorting the paperwork and getting my head around things!

I departed after having a little none-insulting moan, to the lady.

Out and tried the card in the ATM, it accepted the old code, so at least I know I can get to the money now. I had feared the card might have gotten swallowed up by the machine. All were working.

Crossed over and down the hill and went into the Polish shop and got a small continental loaf and some roast belly pork with herbs.

Then up the hill and went into Wilko and bought Dettol, Lavender Antiseptic Disinfectant (Excellent value at £2 a bottle), Citrus Men’s Deodorant Even better value at 50p a small spray), Spectacle cleaner Not cheap, but very good, and a pot of Cod liver oil capsules Good value at 85p.

4Thur08Out and up the hill, over the top and down to the entrance to Woodthorpe Grange Park and through the gates, up the path.

The day was windy but not cold, and the sunshine, hazy at times was very pleasant.

Very few pets or people about as I entered.

The coming lush greenery was a pleasure to behold.

4Thur10A few hundred yards up the footpath and lady overtook me., then a Footpath Cyclist appeared

Then a Footpath Cyclist appeared at the top of the hill coming in my way direction.By the time I’d got my camera out.

By the time I’d got my camera out, he almost level with me.

This chap was definitely a candidate for the next Olympics. Give him credit, he did move to the other side of the path in time as he flashed by.2Tue09

The top of the hill as I turned right to go down by the Copse and the gravel footpath where I met 94-year-old Eddy feeding the birds the other day, the ground was mud covered and soggy?

I suppose there will be a logical, rational reason for this quagmire? But I can’t see why it was so at that moment?

I got into the flat and made use of the porcelain. Still no bleeding from either Little Inchy nor Haemorrhoid Harold. I was doing so well again healthwise. Only Anne Gyna was giving me much stick, even Duodenal Donald had eased off. So, no grievance in this department today.

I called Olive, gave it plenty of time ringing in case she was not moving very well, but no answer. I hope she is okay.

Updated this diary for an hour or two. Then tried ringing Olive again. Same situation, I am fretting, a bit now.

Did some FacebooFilmMarch17king.

Finished off the latest TFZer Film Production graphic, from Sandie Lentz Films.

Tried to make it a little surreal with putting things from different time periods on it.

Reasonably happy with it.

Rang Olive and got an answer. She was having family call and stay with her, so didn’t want me to visit her until Monday at the earliest. I felt so pleased she was getting help, especially from her loving family, but a little weakly sorry for myself that I could not call to see her, but I did understand, and she managed to tell me off a bit, and that’s a good sign.

05Thu12With mixed emotions, but gladness that she is home and sounding a bit better, I got the meal prepared.

Mushroom pate, beetroot, belly pork with herbs, soft and cheddar cheese, vegetable stuffing slices, pickled egg, soy mushrooms and some Marmite crisps. And bread and real butter. Followed by a luxury lemon curd yoghourt and a banana.

I couldn’t eat it all. But enjoyed what I did eat.

Suddenly feeling drained, I got the TV on (DVD still not working again, humph!) and promptly fell asleep.

TTFN all.

Inchcock Today: Wednesday 22nd March 2017 – Oddest dream ever… I think?


Wednesday 22nd March 2017

Ukrainian:  Середа 22 березня 2017

0325hrs: Up, out of the £300 second-hand recliner and onto the porcelain thrown by 0332hrs, it was urgent! Hehe! Once again things were doing alright bleeding-wise in the front and rear of this ever growing more-flobby-body. Although Little Inchy was red, inflamed and sore, there was no bleeding at all again.

Carried out the health checks, the weight was up again, though.


Everything else looked okay mind.

Made a brew, looked for the blue mug a while before remembering I’d dropped and broken it yesterday. Humph!

Computer started and WordPressing commenced; Finished off yesterday’s and got it posted. Had a WordPress viewing session. During which I came across this one posted by mate Duncan MadHatters – Toddlers nighttime activities Worth a look cause it’ll make you smile without a doubt.

Unfortunately, when I watched it and saw there was a sound to it, I had to put the headphones on to listen and it was just Benny Hill background music, it only goes for a couple of minutes, but during this time, the poor old Morrison delivery driver rang the intercom to be let into the flats – and I didn’t hear him of course. He had to ring the landline and tell me. Still, he alright about it when he got here and I showed him the video clip, he had to laugh and smile.

I had a wash and clean-up early, in case the palaeontologist arrives early.. hang on… palaeontologist? that’s not right, is it? Can’t remember the new title they have now, but I meant Susan the Chiropodist.

Left the socks off in readiness, but that was not a good idea, I started sneezing regularly.

Put the goods away then started this blog off.

Then onto Facebook, made some graphics to use first.


To the porcelain for a heavy duty session… again? Still no bleeding, good!

The foot lady Susan arrived. I got more pain from her than I did the dentist when I had a filling last week. Hehe! But she is beautiful and charming. We had a gossip and laugh as she applied the agony. She then toyed with the TV DVD buttons and got the thing working again! So glad and grateful I was at the time.

After she departed, I found I still can’t pause, fast forward or backwards, or change the sound on the DVD? 

When she’d gone, I had a search for and collection of the shot-away nail clippings – amazing how far they go. I half expected to find another rock-hard escapee garden pea. Hehe!

Tried watching the Boon DVD, but with being unable to adjust the volume, or stop and go back to listen again to something I was not sure of, I gave up, no pleasure in watching it like that. Shame.

I called Olive, but bad news there. She didn’t want any visitors as she was so unwell. The heart sank. She said she was going into hospital in the morning for investigations into her new ailment. She’d be back after around 1400hrs and I could ring again then to see if she was up to letting me call on her. A prayer was said, something I rarely do, but just felt it might help. My spirits sank.

3Wed06I got the fodder going and ended up with a super successful meal, but could not enjoy it.

The cheesy potatoes came out almost perfect, but I was not in the mood to appreciate this.

A put some antiseptic cream on the burnt finger. Tsk!

After eating and doing the washing up, I updated the Health Checklist and settled to watch some TV – now that will let me use the remote and change options, but not the DVD?

3Wed07When I went to the porcelain room, I was sure I could hear a rumbling noise. No bleeding again, that was nice.When I came out the reason for the noise became apparent, it was thunder.

When I came out the reason for the noise became apparent, it was thunder.

The sky was dark, but no rain whatsoever, and the thunder lasted for a while? I got up and onto the computer and made a representation of the 3Wed08adream.

I think I was arguing over something with the hand coming through the gap in the clouds and up popped, I assumed, Jesus who promptly started telling me why I would not make it into heaven?

Details of the banking farce came into the lecture, my falling into the canal as a nipper and I think he told me off for not taking a good enough picture of his sky?