Inchcock Today: Saturday 11th March 2017


Saturday 11th March 2017

Chinese Traditional: 星期六2017年3月11日

I was up around 0300hrs, out of the £300 second-hand nerve testing recliner and on the porcelain – the mind full of bits of a dream, and I wrote them down there and then.

Dream11 3 17

Straight onto making a graphic of what I could remember of one of them. Oddly weird one, even for me. Took me hours to get it right, but still, nowt else demanding me time.

About 0600hrs I got it posted on WordPress. I hope to get a dream expert to analyse it for me. Hehe! I recalled some more bits and deciphered them from my handwriting, but it was too late by then.

Did the health checks and took the medications. In decent form this morning, Duodenal Daniel, Reflux Roger, Hernia Harry and Arthur Itis, were all being kind to me. Only Anne Gyna was giving me much hassle.

Got the diaries updated.

Hoping to visit Olive later.

CiffFinished off a graphic for the TFZer site.

Then, I got the ablutions and medicationalisationing all sorted out and got ready for me walk into Sherwood, to get a TV magazine and have a wander around getting a bit of exercise and some fresh air again.

Set off, dropping off some used jars in the recycling bin, and down Chestnut Walk then right down the steep Winchester Steet Hill towards Sherwood.

7Sun01aAcross the road, I saw that some more trees were being lopped.

Perhaps this time it as because of the branches overreaching above the road, and with the elevation being so high and the winds bad up here, they were causing a danger to the traffic?

Plodded down the hill and right up Mansfield Road and into the co-op and got a TV magazine.

Coming out of the shop and back up the road, I had the challenge of resisting the temptations of the ice cream buns in the Bird’s shop… I failed! Hehe!

To the bus stop and waited for the L8 which conveniently was due in ten minutes, a bit of luck there, cause they are only every two hours on a Saturday, 1030 till 1430, which is not a lot of buses to pick from. Not complaining, though, they are free for us pensioners.

Back to the flat on the bus, didn’t meet any other tenants at all on the way?

Into the flat and had a desire for some of the Battered chip Shop Style Sausages I’d got in the freezer – why, I don’t know, but still. Got some in the oven and then phoned Olive to see if she was free, she was, so I nipped across to her flat to see her.

This amazing woman chatted with me and we had some laughs. She allowed me to do something for her (I love it when I can actually help someone). She got me to collect some jars to take to the bottle-bank and gave me a letter to post for her. She seemed in good form, although she was still waiting for her date for the hip surgery. Lovely woman.

Gave her a kiss and returned to the flat, the first thing I did was to put the letter in clear view so I would not forget to post it in the morning.

7Sun02Got the make-do meal of sorts done.

I’d overdone the sausages a bit but still enjoyed them. I had a few potatoes left over that I had with them and ate each sausage in a wrap of bread thins, dipping it into the BBQ sauce as I did. Hehe!

The cream iced scone was guiltily consumed too.

Oh, had a bag of Marmite crisps with it as well.

Still a bit peckish afterwards, though. So when I’d done the washing up and settled to watch the Doctor Who DVD, I nibbled on some Rice-Pea snacks and chocolate nuts. Weak willed? Me? Yes!

Very early, even for me, the eyes drooped and I realised I was going to battle to stay awake, so turned off the DVD to enable my submission to the sleep.