Inchcock – Wednesday 1st March 2017: Losing the Lethargy lately


Wednesday 29th February 2017

Bosnian: Srijeda 29. februar, 2017


Bright-eyed and bushy tailed, psyched up and feeling uncommonly alert was how I sprang awake at 0300hrs, from the last of the nod-offs I’d been through. For some reason, I could not get to sleep last night until gone midnight again? Then spent many periods of sleep with a duration of minutes and am sure I dreamt each time. However, not like the one’s I have been having, not so bad this time. I even reckon some romance was in there, but disappointingly cannot recall much actual detail, other than I was in Australia during one dream and rolling down a road with a lady in the car by my side… oh yes! Hehe! Better not mention what happened, it might get me too excited and Anne Gyna is already giving me grief from the moment I woke up – I think the dreams were to blame? Hahaha!

I dismounted the working well this morning £300 second-hand recliner chair and made my way to the porcelain room. No bleeding from anywhere, a nice change that and very welcome.

Carried out the first Health Checks without any hiatus.

Worrying this. A certain ambivalence mingled with my thoughts on life, as I made a mug of nice strong Thompson’s tea and took the medications.

The depression seemed to have eased a little this morning as I got some emails and comments of a kind and supportive nature. I’m certainly not feeling insouciant, but definitely better than of late, no doubt. I just hope to avoid the blackness returning via accidents, Whoopsidangleplops or cruel words.

Computer activated and finalised and posted yesterday’s diary off. A quick return to the porcelain was demanded, and this concerned me just a little… I wish the innards would pick either the Trots or Blockage route to take and make it’s mind up and stick with one or the other! Hehehe!

Started this page and then did some Facebooking.

Hopefully, next week I can get back to attending the Windwood Tenants Centre Social Hour on Thursdays again. Everything seems to have prevented me these last few weeks.

  1. Week one: The clinic changed my appointment to the Thursday
  2. Week Two: Nottingham City Homes arranged a Tenant’s interview for the Thursday
  3. Week Three: Nottingham City Homes Maintenance arranged to call on the Thursday between 0800>1200hrs so I could not go again. The actually arrived at midnight, woke me up and said they would return twixt on Friday 0800hrs > 1200hrs, but didn’t, still no one has called or attended.
  4. Week Four: Things were all at ‘Go Mode’ for this meeting: Until the Bank Manager arranged a meeting with me for… Yes, You’ve guessed it, Thursday, and at 1000hrs (The time the Winwood meeting should start) and the meeting will take he said about Two and a half hours! Humph!

I realise that I cannot be considered a lucky person – but this is getting ridiculous! I’ll take some raffle prizes and nibbles down for them on my way to the bank and drop them off. Wonder if they remember me? Haha!

The Morrison’s food delivery is due anytime now.

3wed04I had a go at cleaning the cooker hobs. Took me over an hour, trying different scourers and cleaners and I was most unsatisfied with the results, although they might have ended up just a bit cleaner than when I started. Tsk!

Not very good at all. I suppose I’ll have to get a professional in to clean them and the oven?

The food’s arrived, one substitute, all there okay.

Next back to the computing and wait for the pretend lady cleaners to arrive.

They came and pretended, but we had a good natter and laugh.

Phoned Olive to say I’ll call again after she’s had lunch to ask if I can visit her.

Visited Olive. She was in a reasonable condition considering her upcoming operations, a wonderfully coping woman. She even gave me some questions to ask the bank man in the morning, bless her. We chatted about her younger days and after a kiss, I departed to attend the porcelain back at number 72, feeling uplifted at Olive’s spirit and beauty.

The porcelain session revealed no blood from anywhere, further uplifting news for the Nottingham Pensioner.

I emailed Sister Jane about Friday when we arranged for me to meet her in town, and I agreed to see her at her bus stop at 1445hrs. Doesn’t give us much time other than a quick hug and my handing over the pressies and nibbles and say out farewells, before I have to catch the last L9 bus back home 15 minutes later, but it’ll be nice to see her.

3wed02I got the meal going and read a bit of the Top Gear book.

The fodder was a bit of a mixed bag success and taste-wise. The tomatoes were bitter and could not be eaten, the pea-rice was okay, the apples too. The vegetarian sausages were nice and the Lasagne disappointing.

Best I can give this effort is 7/10, shame.

Got the goggle-box on and ate what I could of this poor effort. Washed the things up.

Stayed awake to watch two hours or so of Law & Order, before drifting off into slumber.

8 thoughts on “Inchcock – Wednesday 1st March 2017: Losing the Lethargy lately

  1. What’s the Quick Death exactly? Looks kind of like the snake whiskey I keep on hand to get the python and boa to let go when they mistake me for a quick meal. I think that looks like a very clean stove, did you employ some of that Quick Death on it? Dinner looks quite good.

    • Say’s on the bottle Insecticide and deodorant Tim. I was searching for something else when I came across it and thought it a bit risky? Hehe! I reckon it would work for you in repelling the snakes too mate!
      Bit of a shame about the nice looking nosh, I’m afraid.
      The tomatoes spoilt it for me, gawd, they were so bitter! The vegetable sausages looked odd, yet tasted nice.
      I’m seeing the bank man later about moving to them from the bank I’ve been with since 1964, that is selling up. TTFN Sir, cheers.

      • I’m familiar with the coffee. It’s pretty sissy coffee compared to what I make which is closer to the consistency of motor oil than it is coffee. The insecticide and deodorant might have spiced coffee in the old days.

      • Hehe! I’m the same with tea, nice and strong, Tim. Afraid I don’t like coffee though. No idea why, but there you go. Yet I like the smell of it? TTFN

  2. Well, that reads like a good day & that’s wonderful! You deserve a break from bad days. So the food wasn’t quite up to snuff, at least most of it was edible, lol

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