Inchcock Today – Monday 20th May 2019: Oddlimost day – Good and bad… life innit?

May 23

2019 May 19

Monday 20th May 2019

Croatian: Ponedjeljak, 20. Svibnja 2019

1Mon02WD128.0.0 03:25hrs: Morpheous, Morpheous, sweet Morpheous, where for art thou? Well, certainly not in the £300 second-hand, c1968, tatty-beige, rickety recliner in Woodthorpe Court! That’s for certain. Humph!

Any hopes of getting some sleep were abandoned, and I removed my oleogustus body out of the rusty but trusty, recliner. And, after a few seconds looking around, I remembered I had misplaced the stick. As I got in the hallway, there on the first clothes-hook, hung the naughty walking stick! In plain view! What a schmuck! How I missed it on my searching, I don’t know, but I was glad I found it. I utilised it and got in and on the Porcelain Throne.

1Mon06WD128.0.0 Oh, heck! What a painful, slow, drawn-out action. Still, at least things are starting to move now, slowly. The following wee-wee was of the rare SPSHPLWW (Short-Painfull-Semi-Hose-Pipe-like-Wee-wee) variety, for a change.

I took a snap of the amazing view outside. The sun and the shadows.

I got the computer on, and finished off the Sunday blog, and posted it off.

The following wee-wees were all of the SPWWW (Short-Painful-Weak-Wee-wee) mode. But not so frequent.

7Sun26I carried out the Health Checks and took the medications.

Back to the wet room, for an uncharacteristic Porcelain Throne session. An entirely different one compared to the first one earlier. Absolutely no movement at all, just wind. Despite all my excruciating, unpleasant, best trying-to-force things efforts. Not even any wind. Hehe!

I did the ablutions while in the wet room. Teggies, shaved, washed, dried, and made myself smell nice. The right leg began to shake just as I was getting the Sock-Glide ready. I decided after yesterdays Whoopsiedangleplop/Accifauxpa, to leave the socks on from Sunday. Too risky. The carer might help me later. (He didn’t)

WD128.0.0 I was still feeling a little rough around the edges. Of course, the shaking stopped when I got back on the computer! Oy vay, and Flumbleflak! With the new pains, well, aches in the feet, extra shaking and generally my feeling worse, I checked out the side effects of the Antibiotic tablets.

WD128.0.0 1Mon01aThe more common side effects of nitrofurantoin can include: Agranulocytosis; alopecia; anaemia; angioedema; aplastic anaemia; appetite decreased; arthralgia; asthenia; chest pain; chills; circulatory collapse; confusion; cough; cyanosis; depression; diarrhorea; dizziness; drowsiness; dyspnoea; eosinophilia; euphoric mood; fever; granulocytopenia; haemolytic anaemia; headache; hepatic disorders; idiopathic intracranial hypertension (Thanks to the Stroke); increased risk of infection; leucopenia; lupus-like syndrome; nausea; nystagmus; pancreatitis; psychotic disorder; pulmonary hypersensitivity; pulmonary reaction (possible association with lupus erythematosus-like syndrome); respiratory disorders; skin reactions; Stevens-Johnson syndrome; thrombocytopenia; urine discolouration; vertigo; vomiting; nausea; loss of appetite; stomach pain; numbness in your hands and feet; pain in your hands and feet; weakness; dizziness; drowsiness; red blood cell damage; liver problems; nerve disorders; nerve damage.

Most unfathomable, I seem to have had a lot of these side-effects before taking the medication? I imagine the lack of sleep can be put down to the Nitrofurantoin, as maybe the nerve damage making the right leg and arm jerk about and shake more now, the Axonotmesis and or Peripheral Neuropathy, as well? The Mary Potter nurses told there is no chance of redivivus for the nerve ends. By golly, I sound almost intelligent here. Hahaha!

WD128.0.0 I’m not a franion, but things will be, and nothing can be done, accepting things that cannot be changed, I find comfortable enough. Yet I worry and fret over anything to do with authority, banks, shops etc. I don’t know why I said that?

07:29hrs, the Carer, Jay arrived. In and out within a few minutes, Ankle-Support-Strapping all done.

I then felt a little down because there are not any more callers coming today. Well, the Medical Compliance Service is to call me to arrange a visit. I wondered what this title meant, so I had a look on Google. It’s a well-paid job, at least! Egad!

Still none the wiser 1Mon07as to what they do, though. But I’ll find out if and when he/she comes.

Off for yet another rather unpleasant SPWWW, again.

Time for a Nitrofurantoin, I  took it with some spring water.

I’m still dropping things a lot today. Nerve ends, I suppose. But it is vexing, all the same.

I have to stay in, in case the MCS Medical Compliance Service ring me to make an appointment. I could do with somebody with me when they come, but no one is available. Then again, will they call at all?

Got a landline call from a Stroke Team lady, (missed her name). She will be calling around 13:00hrs today to see me.

I went on TFZer Facebooking to catch up with them, and add some photographs.

1Mon07aThen, I took the Nitrofurantoin and made another brew.

The right leg still shaking now and then.

I was thinking of taking a picture of the legs, and for some reason: 16th-century Galligaskin Breeches came to mind; as a perfect partner to go with the longer bamboo diabetic socks? Just a passing thought.

WD128.0.0 I went on blogging, and everything froze on me in WordPress? A yellow bar came up, telling me that Grammarly was causing the machine to go slow. I could not type anything, so I closed the option to stop Grammarly. I looked in Chrome extensions, and it said that Grammarly was enabled. But when I opened it again, no Grammarly was available. After much-complicated efforts, I got a message to explain the problem to Grammarly. (This being half-an-hour later) Then it came back on again. Incapable and not intelligent-enough, springs to mind as a description for Inchcock! I am desperately short on Mazel Tov!

Leoni, from the Medical Compliance Service, arrived. She sorted the prescriptions out for me, then rang the Chemist to try and get a date for the blister-pack delivery of medications. The man who does the blister-packs is on holiday so he could not say? But the make-up of the new intermediate medicines for the shortfall should arrive in a couple of days. Very hit & miss, undivinable and iffy, that!

A confused Inchcock, again now! Nice lady, I thanked her, and off she shot.

I had an SPWWW, a wash, and the intercom rang. It was Kelly from the Stroke Unit Support. Then the door chimes burst forth with Dusty Springfields ♫I only want to be with you♫. She’d come to interview me about how things were, recovery-wise. We had a productive long chinwag, and she had ordered me a shower chair with a back on it, to be more comfortable. She then contacted the Audio Clinic and made an appointment for me. Bless her cotton socks.

I got the nosh cooking and called to see if Josie would like some cheesy-potatoes. She had a visitor and was going to go shopping. I said I’d wrap her potato in foil and she could collect it whenever she wanted.

Went on the WordPress Reader section.

Got the noshes sorted. Wrapped Josies in foil, and continued to demolish mine. A ate the lot. Which surprised me with my recent poor eating mixed with devouring all of the meal, almost alternately.


Watched some TV, but didn’t want to fall asleep, with Josie calling and miss her. But I did nod-off. Woke up and worried that I may have missed the gal, I got her plate and visited her flat; all of the three paces from my apartment door. Handed her the prandicle, and she asked if she could do one for me, and what would I fancy. I said I’d have to give it some thought, she laughed, and I left her, wishing her well.

Back to the flat, and resumed my place in the £300, second-hand, c1968 rickety recliner.

1Mon07dGot up a while later to make a brew of tea, and noticed I had been nocturnal (for me) nibbling, and an empty bag of Marmite Crisps on the Ottoman! Guilty Mode Assumed!

Took a shot of the amazing looking sky from the unwanted, light & view blocking, impossible to get to for cleaning, thick edged kitchen window.

Sleep did not want to come anymore, but I did get-off later.

And as far as I could tell, no wee-wees of any classification were needed? The Nitrofurantoin seems to be helping, or not, I’m not sure. Sad innit?

Inchcock – Tuesday 20th June 2017: Whoopsiedangleplop – Lost the hearing aids. Tsk!

Tuesday 20th June 2017

Belarusian: Аўторак 20 чэрвеня 2017

0400hrs: Woke up, recalling some bits of a dream and scribbled it down quickly on the notepad. From my younger days, Suzie my first love (Well, my only one really), Chrissie, a wondrously attractive gal from ‘Down our terrace’ and Dad were in this one, I could not see me though, it was like I was just watching things as they progressed? I think Sister Jane came into it at times, to tell me where and what to look for? The back yard, Chrissie’s family dog Rover, appeared, burning ashes came down from the train above on the viaduct. Memories (Happy ones mostly) raced into and out of mind at a fast rate, like fast forwarding a tape or DVD? Pondered on them for ages.

0455hrs: Up and to the Porcelain Throne for a heavy duty session, but failure was in the air (Just wind, Hehe!) Had a wee-wee, though.

Did the health checks: Sys148, Dia 80, Pulse 101, Temp 35.6 and Weight 14.7 The pulse rate was exceptionally high, never had it so big before?

The computer on and sent Email to Sister Jane, with the photo of the funny shapes on the tummy. Told her I could make it tomorrow (Wednesday) all being well, to get out to visit them. Fingers crossed she can accommodate me. I’m sure she told me on the phone that she would be in on Wednesday. (Well, somewhat sure, Tsk!)

Another attempted Porcelain Throne session failed. Had a wee-wee, mind. Took a Senna tablet.

Did some WordPress reading.

Another try on the Porcelain Throne, gave up, had a wee-wee again. Took a second Senna tablet.

Did the ablutions. Another attempted heavy-duty session on the Throne… Failed again. Felt the pressure of needing to go, but too nervous to push too hard yet, as this had caused much bleeding last month when I had  Constipation Konrad visiting me. Had a wee-wee.

Could not find the hearing aids. Searched for over an hour and a half without any luck. I vaguely recall taking them out yesterday because one had lost all power and the other was picking up some squealing noises and wrapping them in a tissue – where, when and the location of where I put them remains a mystery to me? I’d been considering treating myself to a newer set of two anyway. So decided I would go into town and check on availability, prices, etc. and have a new hearing test done if they were not too expensive.

Got the bag ready, and went out to the Community Shed to see if Obergruppenfurheress Deana would be in like she said she would. Down the lift and out to the hut. Obergruppenfurher Deana and Gruppenfurher Julie were both in. Apparently, it is the day for collecting the yearly concessional TV licence monies in, so they were busy with us old folks throwing money at her. Hehe!

In between issuing the licences to various folks, she rang the insurance company for me and got it paid, bless her. Then reminded me of the need to pay for my TV licence. So I did.

On the way back to number 72 for one more quick search for the hearing aids, before catching the bus into town. I observed that the Woodthorpe Flats bus stop had a notice telling us ‘This Stop is no longer in use – use the one at the end of the road next to the Winchester Flats” – shame that, an extra walk and no bus shelter to wait under in the event of foul weather. Never mind, can’t he helped. A lot of workmen standing and lurking this morning, and they had started to do the removal of decorative ceiling coverings doing one floor at a time. Starting with the top floor on Monday. Meaning my floor will be done on Thursday when I can either go out for the day, and they will provide a free buffet meal in the Social Hut for us, or we can stay inside all day. Does this mean the Tenants Social Hour will be cancelled? I imagine not because it only affects the people on the 12th floor of each block. There is no way anyone opting to stay in their flats will be allowed into the lift area while the work takes place. Health & Safety rules.

Up to the apartment and had a search for the missing hearing aids again, no luck. Rushed back down again and to the end of the road to the new to us, bus stop. Many residents from both blocks were waiting. Had a chinwag with Bill. He was telling me how all the others were moaning about the bus stop, being moved, further to walk, no shelter from the elements, chattering about having to in or out of their homes for a day… they are not happy Bill said. I could not hear them due to the lack of hearing aids in my lug-holes. Haha!

I was the only one from the flats who got onto the City bound bus.

On Mapperley tops, the traffic inbound was at a standstill, and the L9 bus that the others back at the flats were waiting for was in the middle of the queue. Poor folks have going to have a long wait.

Dropped off at the terminus and walked down Queen Street into the slab square.

No Big Issue sellers in the area this morning?

To Boot’s and had a word with a lady there. But when we got to the prices I withdrew with as much grace as I could manage.

Over the road and down onto Wheeler Gate and the Specsavers shop. Had a word with them, their choices were far less than at Boots, and the prices for comparable models was about the same, but they had an offer on of two for the price of one. Plus, 4 years free batteries, one-year free insurance, Free aftercare, Free choice of fitting styles (Not sure what this means yet), a ninety-day satisfaction period and a Four-year guarantee. Oh, and a free hearing test.

The young man got my details onto the computer and asked when I wanted the test done from his available dates. He offered Thursday, made him look at me oddly when I told him I was to be stuck in the flats all day Thursday, I declined. Friday at 1700hrs – I got another odd look when I said this was too late for me to get a bus there or back to the flats.

Saturday at 1330hrs (He was getting a look of desperation on his face now, Hehe!) That will do, I told him, much to his relief I’m sure. He gave me a booklet and an appointment card.

I was going to tell him about there only being three buses to town on a Saturday, but I think had come to the decision that I was mad enough as it was. Hehehe!

Left and had a hobble up Friar Lane to see if the hearing place was open that used to sell alarms and timers for the hard of hearing. Terribly high prices last time I looked.

A big sign on the window, Shop To Let! So the business had apparently gone under since my previously visiting it. Not surprised really at the prices they were charging.

I meandered back down and onto the Slab Square, then up to the Primark Store and had a look around. Got some socks that claimed to be wider than average, thought they looked comfortable.

Some shoplifters were being taken out as I left the store. I don’t know how they make it pay here. So many times I’ve passed by and seen a police car with Officers removing offenders from this place.

Spotted some Nottingham Street Art outside.

I assume the staff of the nearby shops and officers have to nip out for a quick fag at their breaks and lunchtime? Whatever happened to the Smoke Rooms we used to have?

Got a TV magazine for next week and a newspaper to read on the bus, as I had failed to put my crossword book in the bag. I thought whatever it was that had caused the traffic snarl-up earlier, might be roadwork related and still be there.

As the bus passed the end of Clinton Street, I took a photographicalisation of it.

It didn’t come out too bad, considering how fast the bus was travelling, I thought.

Back at the apartments, I got off at the new stop and had a fair walk back to my block. Although it wasn’t a long walk, it was longer than usual. I must remember this when setting out in future to catch a bus and give myself a little more time.

At the apartment door, I rang the ladies next door bell. Gave her the newspaper to read. In the flat and tried again on the Porcelain Throne, no luck, but had a wee-wee.

Got the calendar updated with the appointment for the hearing test.

Realised when I did so, I’d missed getting to the Woodthorpe Park open day. Tsk, Cobblediplonk & Humph!

Did the Health Checks.

The pulse rate had gone down well, only 75 now, gone the opposite way? Huh!

The computer on again and updated this diary.

Back to the Porcelain Throne… ah, movement at last! Not easy, and Duodenal Donald bled a lot, but at least Constipation Konrad had eased a little. I shall still take another Senna with tonight’s medications, though. Took them while I thought of it.

Did some more WordPressing, then Facebooking. Lots of comments to reply to, that was fun.

The intercom burst into life, it was District Nurse came to collect their bag of tricks. I pressed the admit buttons and put some nibbles into the bag and said nowt when she got here to collect them.

Back to Facebooking.

1845hrs: Dawg-gone Virgin Internet went down! Reset button and restart made no difference. Rang 150 for help, got a recorded message Sorry your Virgin Internet is having problems, engineer despatched, we anticipate to have it working again by 0225hrs!

Had a wee-wee. Wash, the toothache started when cleaning the teggies. Humph!

To extra Codeine Got the meal ready.

Rang Sister Jane to make sure she will be in and I would be welcome to visit in the morning.

Got some nibbles and things in the bag, so I don’t forget them tomorrow.

Found the hearing aids in the pocket of a shirt I was putting into in the laundry bag. Humph – Tsk and fancy that!

Fell asleep, dreamt of being chased along office corridors again.


Inchcock – Monday 19th June 2017

Monday 19th June 2017

Tajik: Душанбе 19 июни соли 2017

0530hrs: Woke recalling bits of a dream, it was not a good one, and I felt a dishearted and in the doldrums for a few seconds about the theme of it. (Then remembered the Nurses hoping they would arrive early enough for me to catch the 0930hrs bus after the Enoxaparin booster injections. This prompted me into action, arousing an oh-so-rare sense of urgency, and noticed how tidy the room looked, then off to the Porcelain Throne.

The session was all right mostly this morning. The passing was painless and bloodless. Anne Gyna and Reflux Roger were both taking a holiday along with Dizzy Dennis. Duodenal Donald being the only one of regular ailments giving me any bother… but I was aware that this could change so quickly. So prevented me from getting too hopeful or happy.

Noticed some new bruising and under the skin bleeding on the left leg. Which incidentally has gone down in size a bit this morning. The scratches had dried up now.

Good stuff that after-shave I used on it yesterday. Hurts a bit, but it does halt the bleeding.

I realised that the timing between the District Nurses visit and catching the bus would be tight. So I got on with making a mug of tea, did the Health Checks. Took the medications and sorted the weekly tablet box’s out.

Finished the weekend dairy off and got it posted, then started this one off.

Ablutions tended to, two nurses arrived, a plump bonny lass and a young youth who looked about 13-years-old to me? He never spoke, just spent his time pretending to listen to the District Nurse and spent his time perusing all over the flat with his beady eyes.

They soon got me done in plenty of time, thanked them and off they shot. Got the things ready and went out to visit the community shed. A chinwag with Roy at the bus stop en route. Gruppenfureress Julie and Obergruppenfureress Deana both in. Gave them their nibbles. Asked if Dean could help with phoning the insurance company for me. Told to see her tomorrow morning as she is away again after that. So busy, these gals you know.

To the bus stop and another gossip with Bill, Roy and Pete.

Bus into town and a 35 bus out to the QMC Hospital. Only two of the four lifts (elevators) were working, so I walked up the stairs again to the D-floor.

A lot easier doing this today than the other days recently.

Along the corridor and into the reception area – the look from the receptionist accompanied by a well-practised sneer welcomed me. Washed my hands and took a seat, got the crossword book out.

Later, they reminded us about the one minute’s silence about to take place in memory of the Grenfell flat victims and survivors. I was most annoyed with two ladies at the front who kept on chatting throughout the minute. I dare not say anything for fear of losing me temper.

The doctor called me in and took the blood reading. It was up to 2.1 now, which is still lower than the 3.0 target figure, but much less so than the recent ones, that have been creeping up slowly this week. 1.2, 1.4, 1.6 then 1.8. He decided to cancel the Enoxaparin injections and increased the Warfarin doses instead. Told me to make an appointment with my doctor’s nurse… (Ah, I’ve remembered her name now, Nichole!) for another INR blood test with her. Nichole, a beautiful creature and a fantastic temperament she has. Told me of his concern for internal bleeding after looking at my flobby-tummy. He made a phone call. Said to me to go to the DVT clinic afterwards, gave me a card to take with me. I thanked him and handed some nibbles to the nurses. Off down the corridor to the DVT, where a bloke was waiting for my arrival. Put me on a trolly, down a long barren hallway and into a room with what looked like X-ray machinery, but he called it some other name. Tied a big metal and cloth belt tightly around the midriff and photographed under the skin via the belt. He got the results immediately from the print-out. Nothing to worry about now I am off the Enoxaparin, he told me. We joked about Nottingham Forest’s decline and mourned Brian Clough. I’m not sure how we started on about this? Hehe!  Informed me no need to return to the other doctor and wished me well. Advised me that I’m to be taken off of the Red Watch scheme tomorrow. (Or something like that anyway.) Thanked him and I was off down the stairs and out into the glorious sunshine to the bus stop.

I’d actually enjoyed having Red Markers on my record – I’ve never been looked at so quickly ever before. Ah well, back to the remembering to take the crossword book and a reading book with me again every visit.

Waiting for the bus to arrive, I became aware of the amount of scantily attired young females all over the place. Just thought I’d mention it like.

En-route to Arnold, I took a couple of pictures from the bus window. All reflections and blurs. Tsk!

Dropped off in Arnold High Street and went into the Wilko store to get a spare toothbrush and washing up bowl. Got the brush, but could I find a bowl? No! Mind you, it is a huge shop. Asked a lady assistant stood near the customer desk with a big sign declaring “Here to help, Can I?” Asked her for the location of the bowls as mentioned earlier. “Over the back in the Kitchen Section,” she said stabbing her finger roughly in that direction. I thanked her kindly and set off on a search. Found the sign for Kitchen on the ceiling. Had I wanted, saucepans, cookers, cutlery, microwave ovens, toasters, frying pans, woks, kitchen scales a kettle, chopping board, mop and bucket, waste-bin, containers, clock, grater, food mixer, sink drainer, water filter or tablets, jugs, mixing bowl, coffee maker, slow cooker, timer, wall clock, blender, processor, fryer, steamer, wine chiller, paper plates, Hostess trolley, waste bin, kitchen furniture or black bags… I’d have been fine. But a bowl to use in the sink? Humph!

Gave up and put the disinfectant, toothbrushes and dusters back where I got them from and departed, making my way to the Boyles Store further up the road. Where I got some spare toothbrushes at only 39p each! Disinfectant same as the one in Wilko for 15p less, and Neutradol Air Freshener at 30% extra and the same price as Wilko. Felt a bit smug here I did.

Two doors up and into the Savers shop. Got some Neutradol fabric spray at £1 each, some Zoflora Citrus disinfectant at £2.49.

Attempted to take a photograph of some bears in a window, but made a right mess of it. Humph!

Limped along to the Asda (Walmart) superstore. Boy, is it right what they put on the web about what Asda shoppers wear… or rather what they don’t wear!

I spent a good while examining the attire of the young and older ladies in Walmart. Bought only a pack of fresh garden peas. (Nibbled some on the bus later)

Back to the apartment and tended to a much-needed wee-weeing session.

Sorted the paperwork from the medical activities. Added things to the calendar.

Did some WordPressing, checked the Emails, and sent one to the surgery for an appointment for Friday with Nurse Nichole for the INR test.

Carried out the Health checks and made up last week’s record.

Today’s seemed a bit variable?

Received an email back from the surgery very quickly, an appointment for 0925hrs on Friday, but this on the Google calendar.

Made a drink and had a look into the options of what to have for fodder tonight.

The mobile rang, and it was the District Nurse Controller, asking if they were needed tonight or not. I explained everything and she said no need to keep the Hypodermics in the fridge, just a dark, cool area.

I rang Sister Jane, and she rang back. I’m hoping to go see them on Wednesday, all being well like. Told of one of the blood spots on the tummy from an Enoxaparin shot and how it looked to me like a chicken.
Pete had overdone his electric bke riding session, and I pulled his leg about it, because I kne just how he felt, aving done similar myself so many times. Hehe!

Had a wee-wee.

Got the fodder prepared, and ingested.

Potato Cakes, strong cheddar cheese, raw pod peas. tomatoes, beetroot, german meat and a lemon curd yoghourt.

Settled to watch some TV – fell-asleep.

Inchcock Today – Weekend 17-18th June 2017: Another messy, Confused Two days.

Saturday 17th June 2017

Uzbek: Shanba 17 Lyun 2017 Juma

Woke around 0600hrs, very tired and feeling in desperate need of a good rest from the Enoxaparin injections and all the related hassle. No memory of any dreams. Out of the £300 second-hand recliner and off to the Porcelain Throne. Did the ablutions as I was as usual, not sure of when the District Nurse would arrive.

Got the kettle on and did the Health Checks, they were all over the place this morning. Sys: 174 (Up from 154) Dia 81 (Up from 74), Pulse 74 (Down from 86), Temp 35.0 (Samish), Weight 14.82 (Up a bit more) – Can’t wait for the midday checks to see them then.

Dizzy Dennis called on me a few times. A headache is developing above the eyes, I assume this is because of the lack of rest and sleep?

Had a wee-wee.

All cleaned and smelling fresh now, I got the computer on and finished the Friday post.

Started this one off to here, and then did some WordPress reading.

Had a wee-wee.

Started Facebooking, and Grenfell disaster came to light. I searched for the latest news in response to a post about it. Something caught my attention in a report from the residents who were woken by the Taxi Driver: Neighbour Maryann Adam, 41, said no smoke or fire alarm was sounding in the building when Behailu was forced to evacuate his flat. ‘He knocked on the door, and he said there was a fire in his flat. It was exactly 12.50am because I was sleeping and it woke me up,’ she says. ‘The fire was small in the kitchen. I could see it because the flat door was open. There was no alarm.’

If the flat fire-door had not been closed, would this have made the situation worse? Surely it would? I do not try to blame or accuse anyone with this observation, just would like to find all of the causes.

Had a wee-wee.

Went to make another mug of tea and I could hear a dog barking so clearly, even without my hearing aids in.

He was 12 floors down and a few hundred yards off, half way up the gravel path to the park. Managed to get a half decent shot of him by hanging out of the window. Boy, could he yap! Hehe!

The District Nurse arrived at 0925hrs. Cor, what a cracker! Got me all hot and bothered, of course, she was too young for me, but a sudden delightful yearning arose for the first time in years. It soon faded, though. Huh! Hehe!

Got on with doing a graphic for the TFZers.

Just got an Email telling me my Morrison Delivery is due in a while.Did I remember?

Did I remember? Ahem!

Carried on creating graphics after a wee-wee and making a mug of tea.

The next one took ages to get something like I wanted it to look, but I got there in the end.

Got another completed, but not the one I wanted to do for TFZer Shirley.

Lillie is in this one on the left. Reasonably happy with it.

I’ve love to try and get it in sepia but having problems with the background.

I’ll try it again mind you, although I anticipate I may have to give up on it and do another sort for her.

Done my best, this is it on the right. Got TFZers Shirley, Linda and Thomas in it as well.

I just had to turn everything off and get a nibble and a sleeping session it, hoping I don’t oversleep and miss the evening Nurse.

Drifted off into a deep slumber for a few hours, to be woken by the mobile ringing, but I was too slow to answer it. Got a voice message, it was the Nurse Controller saying they would be late tonight. Just as well really.

The poor nurse was hassled when she arrived and under pressure. She told me she’d done three shifts worth of jobs already tonight. She wanted to know why I could not do the injections myself. Fair question, as she has not seen me during a Dizzy Dennis visit. I must ask at the DVT on Monday if I can do them myself. Poor gal left in a rush to get to her next patient, leaving me feeling a bit guilty.

Made a mug of tea and took the evening medications rather late. Got the computer on to update this hilariously messy two-days-in-one diary, because I was still so tired, that if I did let myself sleep again, I was nervous of not waking in time for the morning nurse’s visit, and get in trouble again.

Did the Health Checks.

Feeling a bit disconsolate, de-meritorious and inconsolable for some reason.

Sunday 18th June 2017

Afrikaans: Sondag 18 Junie 2017

Heavy eye-lidded and feeling blameworthy, at fault, in the wrong, responsible, answerable, accountable, liable, censurable and condemnable, reprehensible and almost sinful. Suddenly at a new low spiritually.

I suddenly remembered I have not visited the Porcelain Throne for ages now? Finding it hard to concentrate now, to keep on to thoughts. If you know what I mean? Wondering why I Googled Side-Affects of Enoxaparin.

I reckon with Confusion and Irritability in the list explains why I am constantly battling with myself to make decisions, and always thinking I make or have made or am going to make the wrong ones? Which is usually right this weekend!

I’ve only had to have these injections twice before, but they were for only two days, about four doses. With the INR level so low this time and not coming up so soon, it has been about 16 injections this time. Maybe this accounts for the depressions, confusion and irritability with myself?

Hello, I’m coughing like a good one now! No demands for the Porcelain Throne since yesterday morning? Had another wee-wee, though.

I’ll take a photographicalisation from the kitchen window to cheer myself up. (Desperate measure now)

Terrible efforts,  took three, in different modes on the camera, but none of them was any good.

The lone star in the sky reminded me of me? Hehehe! (No charge for the chronic poetry here folks)

Well, that failed to cheer me up. Humph!

Had another wee-wee.

Took the medications (Extra Senna) carried out the Health Checks: Looking alright.

Checked the Emails and responded to some WordPress ones.

Onto Facebooking.

AndyBack onto graphicalisationing on CorelDraw.

Had a heck of a time getting all these done.

So glad I did though, hoping they like them on the TFZer site.

Canada’s finest in the first one. Pattie. My desire you know?

Janet next, with Meritt and yours-truly J Ponysneaking into it with my camera

Hope Janet likes her pony.


Bleeding from the left leg now. Humph! And both limbs have swollen with water retention, which confuses me considering the number of wee-wees I’m doing.

Had another wee-wee. Hey-ho

01Fitted an old graphicalisation up and reposted it.

A selection of fantastic TFZers in this one.

Lynda, Patricia, Lona, Thomas and Andy, along with a few of their pets as well.

Then I moved on to do one for Andy’s Birthday, AndyDrinkwhich is today.

Great chap is Andy, he’s from Canada too.

Off for a wee-wee.

Made a cuppa.

Found I’d left the fridge door open, so closed it. (I’m quick ain’t I? Hehe)

Checked the leg, still leaking just a tad.

7Sun4bThe oddly sized legs tickled me. Well, that’s not the right word, but it’ll have to do.

Must remember the Morrison delivery coming today, coming because I have a feeling that I may be kept in the hospital on Monday when I go for the INR blood test.

The bleeding while the INR level is so low, that cannot be a good thing.

7Sun04aMade another mug of tea.

I used the tripod for the first time when taking a photographicalisation out of the kitchen window.

However, it was not tall enough for me get a shop properly, so, I may have to invest in the longer one.

Noticed that the injection holes in my tummy, the right and left, did not match up count-wise?

And… why being as the weight has gone down a decent amount, have I still got the flabby tummy? Hehe!

Into the wetroom for the ablutions. Just getting out of the shower, when the intercom rang, the morning nurse had arrived. Got myself decent by the time she got up to me. All done in short time and off she went.

Had another wee-wee.

Might have a meal later today, I’m feeling better, apart from the bleeding chin and Dizzy Dennis’s attentions. Bacon I thinks?

Watched some stuff on the U-tube thingy.

The Morrison man called.

Put the food away and got an early noshing session in. Bacon sarnies with trimmings.

Put the headphones on to listen to the radio and nodded off. During which I dreamed about my suffering vivisepulture. But I was calm and fascinated by the experience. I thought:

I wonder if I can count all the knots in the wood inside the coffin before I die for real.

Why the box I was laying in is built from Fyffe’s banana crates from the fifties?

How can I see the knots and grains in the wood when there is no light in here?

How did I snuff it?

Did I leave the hot tap running?

Why am I wearing an Oliver Cromwell outfit?

On and on questions came into my mind… I’m sure at one stage a thought/question was ( I think possibly the best and most intriguing one of those I could remember):

“I’m fed-up with all these issues now, I hope I wake up soon?” Hehehe!

When I did stir, the need for making use of the Porcelain Throne appeared, at last. Can’t remember the last visit! Haha! I can laugh now, because there was no extreme pain and no bleeding from the experience, as I anticipated there would be. Almost a pleasure!

Had a wee-wee and set to doing some cleaning, mopping hoovering and dusting.

Then Dizzy Dennis assaulted me rather nastily, so a sit-down and a cup of tea with the medications was called for.

After a while, I felt a lot better and got on with sorting out the paperwork that had built up on the mini-desk that Duncan gave me when I moved into the flat, (Thanks again Dunc!) into their respective folders.

Suddenly felt tired again now, so I visited the wetroom and did the ablutions. All went well, apart from spraying myself all over with the Dettol Antiseptic Disinfectant spray in error for the citrus antiperspirant. Tsk! Had another wee-wee.

Made a brew and took this photographicalisation from the kitchen window.

Back to the Porcelain Throne, but it was a false alarm.Had another wee-wee.

Had another wee-wee.

Got the computer on and updated this twollop.

Checked on Facebook. While doing this, two District Nurses arrived to see to me.

Both worthy of a 9.2/10 rating for their sizeable perfect forms. Again they were in a rush. They did tell me though, that the Winchester Court Flats had four fire engines outside! Oh dear!

Back on Facebooking.

WordPressing next.

Had another wee-wee.

Went to make a mug of tea, and just had to take this photo of the view.

Emails next.

Had another wee-wee.

Head down and nodded off feeling exhausted.

Inchcock Today – Monday 5th June 2017


Monday 5th June 2017

Indonesian: Senin 5 Juni 2017

Up at 0425hrs: Really annoyed that I could not remember the many dreams I’d been having, not the foggiest idea what they were about, but somehow I felt they were recordable, different and scary?

I felt uncomfortable down below, Little Inchy stinging and Haemorrhoid Harold had unquestionably been bleeding. To the Porcelain Throne to attempt a passing. Managed it, painfully, but no worse than Monday’s event. I felt glad I had got all the washing done yesterday now, as I put some of the night attire in a bucket to soak in disinfectant and the rest in the laundry bag. Cleaned me up, sprayed the room with Dettol disinfectant spray and wiped all the contact areas. The innards were feeling a bit tender and rumbling now, too.

2Tue02Into the kitchen and as soon as I looked out of the window and the red clouds, the old saying came to me: Red Sky in the morning, Shephard’s Warning.

Made a cuppa and did the Health Checks:

Sys 159, Dia 79, Pulse 89, Temp 34.9 and weight at 14.69. Couldn’t see any problems here.

Finished the weeks total sheet, to take with me tomorrow to the surgery. Again, apart from the weight, I could see nowt to worry about.


Took the medications then I got the computer on, looked up the weather forecast for the week and started to work on these diaries.


I was thinking of getting out today, but it is already starting to look like rain… if the forecast is right, I can get out and keep dry on Wednesday and Saturday? Hehe!


Checked the calendar: Tuesday; the INR Anticoagulation Blood Test at the surgery. Wednesday; Out for a meal with some other tenants in Arnold. Thursday; Out to vote in the elections then Anticoagulant-related nephropathy (A new one me, I must look that up in a bit) and Deep Vein Thrombosis tests at the QMC Hospital. So, a wet ‘Testing’ week for me? Hehehe!

Did some WordPress reading and commenting. Checked the Emails, then got on with the ablutionalisationing.

Got the ablutions done. Used new razors, lemon scented soap and had a good long session under the shower. Medicated the lesion and Haemorrhoid Harolds area then sprayed on the ‘Brute’ deodorant and got dressed.

The rain had started when I got out. Checking around to see what else apart from the fresh pod peas, I decided to get a large potato so I can bake it, empty it and mix dollops of the extra string cheese with the flesh, and put the mix back in the half-husks.

Took the bin bags to the chute and replaced the containers with new ones. Put some empty jars in the bag and set off down the lift.  Then back up to the apartment when I realised I had not got the hearing aids in. Huh!

Some tenants were waiting in the foyer for the bus. Chat a quick chinwag, then out to the recycling bin with the glass jars. To the bus stop, where, I was met with the others coming out. A quick verbal session where the gals put the world to rights.

1Mon02Caught the L9 bus into town. Had a go at the crossword book en route, did reasonably well too.

Dropped off and crossed over into the Victoria Shopping Centre (Mall), where for the first time

 I saw a toddler getting into one of the Intu trolleys that were made to look like a kiddies car. The light was not good in there, but I managed to get this poor effort for a photo of the overjoyed youngster selecting his chosen vehicle.

1Mon03Walk to the other end and into the Tesco Metro Store.

To the bread section and got a loaf of their own-label sliced Sourdough Bread 75p.

Then to the Chinese part of the place, and got a bottle of Hoisin Sauce £1. Then some caramelised gravy granules £2.

To the fresh produce section and got a packet of fresh pod peas 750g for £1.50, a small pack of button mushrooms 90p, and on large baking potatoe 57p. I used the self-serve counter without too much confusion. (Head swags with pride)


When I got outside it was even windier and rainier (Rainier, is that a word?)

1Mon06Walk along to my least favourite road, Clumber Street.

Took this photographicalisation in the drizzle, the rain had suddenly steadied a bit.

There seemed far less folks on it this morning… er… afternoon now.

Hobbled along Milton street and onto Upper 1Mon08Parliament Street.

Not many folk about here either.

The drizzle and high winds persisted.

I love the way the woman behind the bloke in this picture appears to be peeping in my direction over this shoulder? Hehe!


Turned left and down King Street. I think was the best of shots I took today.

Down here, passing three Christian singers beling out songs in the rain, and into the slab square. Pretty bleak in the rain and getting even hight winds.


Limped up Queen Street and to the bus-stop, where a lady and gent fellow tenants of the Woodthorpe Court were waiting for the bus that was due in eight minutes, at five minutes passed the hour. We had a decent chinwag. The bus had not arrived at fifteen minutes passed (Should that me past?) the hour.

By 23 minutes beyond the hour, still no bus. So all three of us went down the hill to catch 40 bus home. I sat with the gal pensioner and we had a natter with Bert who sat behind us en route.

All dropped off on winchester Street Hill, and hobbled back to the complex.

Soon as I got in. I put the bag down and got the potato heating in the oven. Set the timer for one hour. Put the other bits away and got the computer on to update this page.

When the alarm went off, I checked the potato and it  was not ready, so turned it over and returned to doing this diary update.

1Mon17Took the spuds out of the oven and scooped out the flesh into a mixing bowl and added much strong cheese, a knob of butter, vinegar and a tiny bit of salt. Thought I did not need much as there would be flavouring in the cheese that included salt? Got the spuds back in their husks and into theoven for half an hour to brown them off and crisp the tops.

Three mini-cheese and pickle pork pies and a very rich tasty Pork and Mushroom pate!

Got the meal prepared, served and eaten with much relish and joy!

The cheesy potatoes came out almost perfect. I dined like a King! – Although, I don’t expect a King would have to burn so many fingers cooking his own meal and sit in a £300 second-hand recliner passing wind as he ate his nosh and then have to do the washing up? Hehehe!

Did the pot washing, minor Accifauxpa when I cut my finger end on the knife tip… again, right on ine of the spots close to where I burnt it taking the potatoes out of their husks earlier. Ah, well.

Nipped into the wetroom in hopes of encouraging some movement on the Porcelain Throne. No luck, but got ‘things’ stuck half in / half out so’s to speak. Damned painful and 1Mon17atook ages to complete the task. Medicated and cleaned things up and back in the kitchen.

The winds howling, the rain a-belting down in a torrent and my poor Copse suffering the brunt of it.

Bet I’ll see some damaged trees in the morning when I go to the surgery.

Sat down to watch some TV, with a warm satified glow in the tummy from ingesting the crispy topped cheesy potatoes, and felt good. An Alan Davis introduce programme came on, ‘The Dog Rescuers’ I think. They saved a grossly underweight bitch that was heavily pregnant with an anticipated nine pups in her. It was heartbreaking when the vets had to do a C-Cut procedure to extract the pups. Four didn’t make it, the other five did and found ‘Ever-homes’ shortly after. The bitch was fed, neutered, nursed, fed and returned to her owner?

I found tears in my eyes. Silly old softy!

TTFN folks.

Inchcock Today – Saturday 3rd June 2017


Saturday 3rd June 2017

Filipino: Sabado Hunyo 3, 2017

0430hrs: Woke, tried to remember the dreams, some pencil scribbled notes on the pad, but of no use due to their illegibility and the mind was blank. Never ceases to amaze me how some mornings I can recall lots of details, and on others, nowt?

Out of the already lowered £300 second-hand recliner and to the Porcelain Throne. What a difference this morning: Spent nearly an hour on the seat, in agony! Yes, hard to believe, but I now suddenly had Constipation Konrad to contend with in place of Diarrhea Derek! Grumph!

Thus, poor old Haemorrhoid Harold was bleeding profusely and giving me pain within seconds of me getting seated, I blurted out some ‘Eeee’s’, ‘Argh’s’ and ‘Oooer’s’. At last, the movement moved. Stood up slowly, the roll was crimson red, the water the same. As for the bottom, I thought that was on fire! Hehe!

‘Rescue mission mode adopted’… Cleaned up the toilet and me, put the jammy bottoms in the bucket to soak in Dettol, applied the creams, and took a senna tablet I kept in the wetroom drawer along with the Diahorrea capsules and wiped all contact surfaces with Lemon Dettol wipes.

Not feeling too well then. Anne Gyna had joined Constipation Konrad, and moments later Duodenal Donald signed in! Humph! Feeling sorry for myself time again.

6Sat01Made a cuppa and viewed the scene outside.

Misty with a little light drizzle, but still a wonderful panorama.

Did the Health Checks, they looked okay to me, apart from the pulse and temperature, both a little high – but not surprising with the current onset of all these ailments is it?

Took the medications and made up the dosage pots for next week.

Made a brew and got the computer on to start this diary off and then finished off yesterday’s and posted it.

Did some WordPress Reading, and checked the Emails, updated the Google Calendar and paper one too.

Facebooked for a while. Very slow and jumpy today.

Hours and hours spent finishing the TFZer graphicalisations. So happy to get them done at last, here are a few of them.


Julie pb

Patrcia K



5Fri12pSo tired afterwards, I took a photograph of my meal with the DS card still on the computer! Huh!

Then realised I’d used the other camera and that had a card in it? I am a clot!

It was grand.

I think having the cheese again might have helped with the Trotsky’s. Or not?

Fell asleep while sorting the paperwork out.


Inchcock Today – Thursday 1st June 2017: Tenants Social Hour, then shopping, Graphicationalisationing. Oh, made time for a Whoopsiedangleplops later, as well. Hehe!


Thursday 1st June 2017

Serbian: Четвртак 1 јун 2017

Woke around 0420hrs, no demands for the use of the Porcelain Throne, despite the rumbling innards. And, no memories of the dreams I knew I’d been having.

Out of the £300 second-hand recliner and off to do the Health checks, take the medications and make a brew. Reading all seemed okay: Sys 159, Dia 80, Pulse 88, Temp 35.6, Weight 14.91, apart from the weight still high.

4Thur02Onto the computer to update the diaries.

Making a mug of tea for the one that had gone cold, I took this photograph of the distant City Hospital where I should be visiting this month for the op, just waiting for the confirmation.

Got yesterday’s diary finished off and started this one going.

Checked the Emails and got one from Sister Jane. This is part of her message:

Had a brilliant day at Cherry Tree Garden Centre in Bradmore.
Dorothy kept us fit “dashing” from one section to another – and says she’s 93 NOT 94!!
While we were having lunch, there was a private function going on with all kinds of animals to stroke and hold.  A meerkat, skunk, baby fox, shrew, micro-pig, tarantula, scorpion, and 2 snakes, one bright yellow and about 10ft long.  Most of the kids were loving it and some of the grown-ups too.
You’d have loved it.  Looked well cared for.

She sent these wonderful photographicalisations below:


She’s right, I would have loved it.

The stomach suddenly burst into pain, and in an urgent response, I made for the Porcelain Throne. Came on so quickly!

Not so bad as I thought it would be at all?

Went on the GPO site and extended the Mail Redirection instructions for letters bound for the old house to be moved to here. Of course, I forgot the PW. However, I got there in the end.

Did some more work on the TFZer latest series graphics.

Then got the ablutions tended to. A couple of nicks but no bad cuts with the shaving this morning.

Checked the Emails before setting out for the Tenants Social Hour and taking the empty jars to the recycling bin en route.

4Thur07They were painting double yellow lines on Chestnut Walk where the cabin is now in place.

Into the current Winwood Social Hut to find so few folks there this morning. But we all had a laugh anyway.

Noticed when coming out, that they were now painting yellow lines near the flats.

Up to the Porcelain Throne, got the bag and down to the bus stop.

Interesting listening to what I could hear of the tenants gossiping at the bus stop. It seems all our problems are due to immigrants and I think the builders are in for a few ear-fulls from some of the girls and gals. Hehe!

Caught the L9 and failed miserably with the crosswords on the trip into town.

4Thur03Dropped off near Wilko’s and went over the road to the Victoria Centre Shopping Centre (Mall) and the fruit & veg stall. They had some fresh pod peas in, I recalled being conned last time I got some peas from there – but thought if Tesco does not have any I’ll have to walk all the way back here again to get some. There was a different lady serving. So I risked it and bought some. Turned out okay, she did not slip the older ones in the bag.

Wandered around the market for a while and then to the other end of the Mall and down a floor to the Tesco store, They had pod peas, so I got some more! (Note the poetry there? Haha!). Also got some flatbread on offer. Just managed to squeeze them into the freezer when I got home.

4Thur04Out of the centre and hobbled along towards the town centre to call at Primark to look for some long sleeve T-shirts.

Passed this sign while walking along Milton Street.

I took a photo of it, I was rather tempted, as I rate and like Chris Rock and his style.

Saw there were no details of where he was appearing? Oddly, tickets were only available online? Checked later on the web, and got all sorts of warnings about this site via the Virus Checker and Warnings?

I walked up and through Trinity Square. Saw these ornaments or whatever they are called in the jewellery 4Thur05shop window.

Took the picture to put on the TFZers site and ask their opinion of them.

Pressed on and down Trinity Walk with its five nadies nail shops and three barber shops.

One of them proudly displaying tht Men’s Haircuts from only £12.

Glad I have no hair when I read that!

4Thur06Walked down into the Slab Square.

The Big Issue sellers were in pairs today. Most likely one of the poor souls being trained by the other?

Pavement Cyclists all over the place.

Made my way to the Primark Store on Long Row, an up to the gents clothing section.

They had done a makeover of the displays, and definitly gone for the younger persons sales.

4Thur07After a long hobble around I found nothing of any interest to me.

Exited the store and in front of me was an interesting view, I thought. The highly expensive Pizza take-away had its usual rush on… Hehehe!

The old folk were making use of the pigeon dropping covered uncomfortable metal seats.

The balloon seller seemed to be attracting some interest form the passers by; Or maybe it was the lady with thehsort dress on? Hehe!

4Thur08To Queen Street and up to where the outdoor seating was for one of the many restuartants on there to take this photographicalisation with the Council House dome in the background.

Caught the bus back to the flats. Had another go at the crossword book, with dismal results yet again.

When I got back, the double yellow lines had been added to various more locations, but where the ycould not get to paint them due to the parked vehicles, they had added cones?

4Thur09Took the medications and did the Health Checks, then got on with making the meal.

I’d cooked some of the pod peas, had some cold potatoes left over from yesterday, tomatoes and did some of the red extra strong grated cheddar cheese in the oven at the same time as the haddock in batter. Pressed it flat in the oven dish and sprayed the top with oil. Pleased with how it came out, nice and crispy.

A lemon mousse and bit of brown bread and it was a delightfully tasty repast.

05Thu12After consuming it, I took the things to the kitchen to clean them up and…


I’d left the kitchen sink tap running with some cleaning clothes in it!

Well fancy that, I didn’t say to myself!

Good job the cold tap was only trickling.

Mop and bucket to the rescue. Getting the disinfectant from under the sink to use and what a mess there was inside. Down on the knees job and took every thing out, wiped it and replaced the cleaning things – this I found was surprisingly easy to do – getting up again afterwards was not! Hehehe!

Another good thing was that I had plenty of kitchen rolls in stock – I haven’t now, mind.

Went down to the Obergruppenfhureresses Hut to report what had happened just in case any water had filtered through to the flat below.

4Thur11Julie checked and all was fine. Phew!

On the way back to the flat, I spotted some local Nottingham Street Art. I’m not certain, but I think I saw a similar piece of artwork in exactly the same place last year?

The birds and animals were not showing any interest in it.

Back up to the apartment and got washed and settled in the £300 second-hand recliner to watch some TV.

Tired as I felt, no nod-offs at all tonight? After a few hours after enjoying Star Trek, Heart Beat and starting to watch Hetty Wainthrope, I drifted off and did not wake until 0400hrs!


Inchcock Today – Tuesday 30th May 2017


Tuesday 30th May 2017

Scots Gaelic: Dimàirt 30 Cèitean 2017

0415hrs: Stirred with a sensation from the innards that ‘Thomas Trots’ were brewing within again. Aware of the fact that I had been dreaming but once again, no recollections of any details. Most annoying this. Huh!

Dismounted the £300 second-hand recliner and off to the Porcelain Throne. No bleeding from Haemorrhoid Harold, but the ‘texture’ was a bit loose and reminiscent of the ‘Trots’ returning and was nervous making. Humph!

Kettle on and took the medications. Did the Health Checks with the following results:

Sys 153 – Dia 75 – Pulse 91 – Temperature 35.8 – Weight (Wait for it…Hehe!) Up to 14.85! One day of my being stuck indoors again and up it shoots!

Made a brew of good strong tea and got the computer going to start this diary off. Then back to the Porcelain Throne once more… oh dear, definitely more splatter in nature this time. Not good this. Afterwards, the stomach started rumbling, grumbling and annoyingly with stabbing pains.

Updated to here, then finished off yesterday’s chronical and got it posted off.

Did some WordPress reading.

Worked through the Emails.

Onto CorelDraw to start a TFZer graphicalisation. While doing them, the surgery emailed me with the next INR test for Tuesday 6th June at 10.05am.

1125hrs: Tired with all the concentration on doing the graphics.

Going to get the ablutions done and get out on the bus into Arnold and call at the Open Market to try and get some fresh pod pea, methinks.

Back in a while, I hope.

Good clean up completed, I set out to the bus stop. Nice chinwag with some of the residents.

The L9 to Bestwood arrived and I was only one of us to get on it.

2Tue02As the bus took a slightly deviant route down into Sherwood, I took the opportunity to take a photographicalisation through the window, of a different view of Sherwood and Basford.

The sky, like all day, kept threatening rain or worse as it would darken suddenly then slowly lighten again?

Into Arnold and I dropped off the vehicle near the Wilko store.

Popped in, but did not buy anything.

Along to the Open Arnold Market and to the fruit and veg stall. They did not have any fresh pod peas on sale, though.

2Tue03Plodded along Front Street, not many folks out and about today.

Had a bit of a Dizzy Dennis on the walk to the Fulton Food Store. Managed to get two bottles of the tasty Sterilised milk, with with a long ‘Use by’ date on them. Some Lemon flavoured ice cones for only a quid, that were titled on the box of six as “Rios Waffel Hornchen’s” German perhaps? 400g cans of Garden Peas at 3 for only a quid! And two packs of strong cheddar for only £2! Got some bargains there did I not?

Of course, I didn’t need any of what I bought, apart from the sterilised milk. Tsk!

Then, foolishly, I wandered across the road into the Asda (Walmart) store. Where I first got a TV magazine for next week, then looked for some pod peas but they had none in. Then, totally incomprehensively, I bought two packs of grated strong cheddar that were on offer. Talk about the short term memory going when you get on a bit – How I could have forgotten I’d bought the two packs from Fulton’s ten minutes earlier, I don’t know! Sad really!

It got worse. They were offering Minced Lamb and Potato Hot Pots, at two for £3, Lemon and Lemon Curd yoghourts on offer, a pack of some cheese filled potatoes for baking 2Tue04reduced from £2 to £1.59, a pack of 6 English tomatoes at 69p, biscuits, Pork and Mushroom Pate, bread thins, Surimi sticks, chocolate Shortcake biscuits and Potato Farls.

Paid the lady at the checkout and struggled to carry the two bags to the bus stop when I departed the store.

Got to the bus stop and waited for the L9 bus to get me back to the flat and the Porcelain Throne.

The innards and the Trots were threatening an Accifauxpa as the 2Tue05rumbled away suddenly.

A most uncomfortable and nervous bus ride home.

I photographed the sky as we passed some houses, it was looking threatening again.

Tried to do some crosswords then, anything to try and take my mind off of the imminent possibility of utter embarrassment and shame of loosing control of the innards bubbling away. Oh, dearie me!

I had what might have proven to be a calamity when I got back to the flats. Several other tenants got off at the same time, and as they made their way rapidly to the foyer, I realised there were too many of us to all get into the lift… as I was the slowest moving it followed that I would have to wait for them to go up and lift to come back down… further risking an Accifauxpa from the rear end!

By the time I got there they were all on their way up, and the wait for the lift to return back down seemed like a painful month of Sundays to me! I can laugh about it now, but not at the time! Hehe!

Sweating somewhat by the time I got in the lift, praying control could be maintained and Timothy Trots would not cause me shame.

Getting out of the lift and to the flat door is a haze more than a memory. Bags dropped in the doorway floor, clothes discarded and into the wetroom, tore the flipping trousers and underpants panicking to get them off ASAP… And…relax! Made it without any real Whoopsidenagleplop, but with not a second to spare!

Haemorrhoid Harold was flowing blood freely and Duodenal Donald started giving me some stick. Had to do a mammoth cleaning up session of the Throne, wetroom and myself. Wiped contact surfaces with the lemon antibacterial wipes. Got the Protection Pants on, threw away the trousers after emptying the pockets into another pair. I felt so drained then. But pleased at having avoided a totally ignominious outcome.


Got the purchases out and stored them on their proper places.

Then remembered the Morrison order arriving tomorrow!

With no room in the freezer and very little in the fridge, things might get difficult in the morning?


Got the fodder on the cook, Lamb hotpot in the oven added the potato farls and balls later.

2Tue07Served it up, unsure if I was eating the right thing here for the innards situation?

Decided I was not, so only ate a bit of it, to be on the safe side. Tempting as it was, as it did taste marvellous.

Shame that!

I did have one of the Waffel Hornchen’s afterwards, the cone was really soft, but the lemon ice-cream was great.

I think the Quorn vegetable lasagne in the fridge might be alright to try for tomorrow’s meal?

The rumbling and grumbling remained, but no worse, and there were not too many trips to the Throne afterwards either. Although I did feel well drained and a little confused for some reason?

Checked the TV paper and chose some things to watch. Fell asleep of course, when I woke there was a different programme on than what was indicated in the TV magazine. I rechecked and discerned belatedly that I had read tomorrow’s page in error. Huh, clot!

Soon nodded off again. Waking up what seemed seconds later, but with dream memories in my head? Wrote down notes to record later. I was in the garden of the old house, creosoting the fencing… Tony Blair joined me, with Michael Foot with him… I pointed out that Michael was welcome in my garden. You (Blair) the philargyrist and empleomania sufferer, was not! How the heck did I remember those words? Blair used his mobile phone and (Perhaps the SAS?) armed men arrived and kicked down my fencing and covered my face with shaving foam, Blair warned me about something, I kept asking repeatedly what he meant but did not get an answer from the non-stop nattering and gesturing Blair… Then I was on a MedPMrooftop…?

There was another line of text, but it was undecipherable.

Not having eaten much, I felt a bit hungry, and wondered what to have that would not aggravate the innards or ‘Trots’.

Did the Health Checks and took the medications – including one of the Morrison Diarrhoea capsule that I found pretty effective on my last attack of the ‘Trots’.

Then thought I’d have some biscuits to nibble, thinking they will not cause any aggravation to the situation. Hehe!

Which I don’t think they did – But, the hitting of my head on the cabinet door above when I went for the biscuit box did! Whoopsidangleplop!

Got the head down again, and was soon off in the land of nod… ten minutes later, up out of the £300 second-hand recliner and into the Porcelain Throne room.

This became the pattern for the night really. Humph!


Inchcock Today – Sunday 28th May 2017


Sunday 28th May 2017

Punjabi: ਐਤਵਾਰ 28 ਮਈ 2017

0420hrs: Dreams a bit distant again. Within half an hour of disentangling myself from the £300 second-hand recliner, I’d taken five wee-wees! Oh, dear, and the trip out to Papplewick Pumping Station coming up later as well?

Did the health checks and made a mug of strong tea, took the medications and made sure some nibbles were in the bag ready for the others on the trip out to the First WW display.

Feeling so tired for some reason this morning.

Got the computer on and tried to work out why the Grammarly was not working. No idea at all so I pressed on with the completion of yesterday’s diary, only took me an hour or so. Tsk! Checking best I could for any written mistakes. Firefox was working okay.

I tried to find to how to enlarge the screen to 110% like I used to have Chrome on. A little more complicated way of doing it on Firefox, but after using the help pages I found and changed it.

This started me worrying about the Grammarly add-on and I went on their help page, Firefox’s and searched the web for advice. This confused me somewhat and I could not remember the many things I did and was taken to do, but at the end, Grammarly is now operational again! I hope it never goes off again because I’m blown if I can recall what I did to get it back this time. Another hour and a half lost, but this time with a bit of success, I hope.

Another wee-wee and I carried on with the diary I thought I had checked manually earlier for errors. Grammarly was now informing me of nine critical and five non-critical errors! Got them sorted and posted the thing off to WordPress.

So glad it is going again.

Did some WordPress reading and checked the Emails. Almost a pleasure to do now Chrome has been replaced in my computer.

Took the black bins to the refuse chute.

Had a bash at Facebook then got the ablutions done and prepared for BJ to collect me for the trip out. No rush really, because BJ has never ever been on time, bless him.

BJ rang while I was sorting out TV programmes to watch tonight. Told me he’d be late and would arrive around 1230hrs, to meet him outside.

Got down to the foyer and waited for BJ.out

He arrived and picked me up and we were off to Papplewick.out

Here are some of the photographicalisation I took.

(Monday, I made a post with all of them one it.) Papplewick Pumping Station Photographicalisations


Had a good day out, just one Dennis Dizzy visit, but it was short lived.

When BJ dropped me off at the flats and I had thanked him and got up to the apartment, an urgent wee-wee was attended to, but on sitting on the porcelain throne required? Odd that was?

I felt so weary again suddenly.

7Sun01aTook the medications and did the health checks.

Got some cold fodder ready as planned earlier.

Pork & Mushroom pate in wholemeal thins, tomatoes, extra strong stilton cheese, pickled egg, beetroot and marmite crisps. With a lemon frazzle to follow.

Updated the health check listings for the week.


I think it looked alright this week. Pulse up a bit on average, but the weight had gone down.

TV turned on, fell asleep within minutes, don’t think I even got to the first set of commercials this time.

Woke two hours or so later, I’d been dreaming. An incongruent with life, experience or expectancy one this was. All jumbled and confused, people real and imaginary giving me advice, chastising me and I could not understand or hear what they were saying much. What bits I caught were cruel and bitchy put-downs. Then all changed, I was totally alone in a void of clouds. The music then slowly started playing, the Blue Danube. All was well, apart from the being alone… I started typing on an old typewriter and it fell to bits then disappeared… I picked up a pencil and it burst into flames… Then I was in a small wooden boat with no oars on a canal I think, the water was frothing and green-grey… the music continued… I’ve no idea how I recalled all this, but it was written down on the notepad in a much more detailed and readable handwriting as if it was not my own usual scribble in the morning?

Wed 24th/Thur 25th May 2017: CorelDraw, Computer and Duodenal Donald giving me hassle – Laundry done, Horrible Nosh! Hehe!


Wednesday 24th May 2017

Malayalam: ബുധൻ 24 മെയ് 2017

Stirred 0445hrs: Bits of the dreams in the brain soon dissipated. Still felt so weary. Duodenal Donald still giving bother. Tried to get back to sleep without any luck, the mind was fermenting and losing its battle to gain any logicality or calmness. The thoughts were almost aphotic and melancholic in nature.

No disarray around the chair area this morning.

I dislodged myself from the £300 second-hand recliner and off to the Porcelain Throne. No problems in there today. Although, the skin looked almost aeneous in the mirror? Innards were gently rumbling away.

3Wed01Out and got the kettle on and did the Health Checks.Took the medications.

Took the drugs. I had an extra Omeprazole and Codeine Phosphate to help me to counter Duodenal Donald and Anne Gyna’s persistent pestering pains this morning. Along with some large gulps of the antacid liquid imbibed.

The view from the kitchen 3Wed03window was quite beautiful with the sun spreading over from behind and the clear skies.

It was a tad windy with it mind, so I closed the windows in there and the main room.

The mind still seemed a little confused to me – as if when I come out of the Donald Dizzy spell. But I had not had one of these? Peculiar I thought.

Got the computer on, hard to concentrate, but I persisted, and things became a lot clearer after an hour or so. Still taking me ages to get anything down the screen, due to my chronically bad typing, grammar, and spelling. It was almost as if Arthur Itis is when he visits the hands and fingers, but he was not visiting?

Singularly odd the feeling as if I’d just come out of a dizzy, and the fingers were freezing but weren’t really?

0558hrs: Google Chrome Started Going Unresponsive again! Clicked Wait button and made another mug of tea. Did some WordPressing when it came back on while I could.

6Sat07Checked the emails amid several more ‘Unresponsive’ attacks.As Sandie and Sam suggested, I disabled some more of the Extensions and updated this then rebooted with fingers crossed.

As Sandie and Sam suggested, I disabled some more of the Extensions, and I updated this then restarted with fingers crossed. Here goes…

Finished the yesterday diary and got it posted off. There were no Unresponsive occurrences yet. Fingers crossed!

Got a sudden sharp pain in the fight rear neck and head area? Took another extra Codeine 30g. Only lasted maybe ten minutes or so, then it returned half an hour or so later?

Made another mug of tea to replace the one that had gone cold and tried out Facebooking: If the ‘Unresponsiveness’ from Chrome are going to carry on, they will affect me on Facebook as they have been doing for ages.

95 Notifications to reply to. It’s looking good, been back on the web on Chrome for about an hour since rebooting without any hassle – Oh I hope and pray I don’t regret saying that!

I regret saying that!

Back to the regular freezing again. I disabled the WOT extension, thought this might help the situation, but no! Freezing again!

Sent information Email to Tech Sam.

Obergrupenfurgeress Warden Deana called to test the wrist alarm. She is very busy.

Mentioned Olive.

Feeling so depressed again.

Turned everything off and did the ablutions.

Got the washing and took it down to the laundry room and got it in the machine on a short cycle.

30 minutes late, down to move the clothes into the dryer. Someone had left a quilt in the dryer, so I cleaned the top of the dryer and folded the quilt and placed it on top.

Back up to the flat, having a chinwag with some resident who had arrived on the bus after their shopping expeditions.

P1170752Restarted the computer to see if the sticking freezing and going unresponsive on Google might have improved – no, still there. Humph!

50 minute later, down again to collect the hopefully now dried attire.P1170755

The morning was misty and yet bright with it.

Got the clothing out and folded then into the big bag.

Cleaned the filter and machine out.

P1170754Up to the apartment and got the togs stored away. Sorted the nibble box and raffle prizes ready for tomorrow’s Tenants Social Hour.

Tried once more to get Chrome to work correctly. No luck.

Then disaster… CorelDraw was not working. Spent hours and hours trying to sort it and find out what has gone wrong. In the end, I realised that I had changed the bank account and not informed Corel!

Sent an email to Tech Sam, asking for help in restoring it. Corel did let me change the details though. Waiting now to see if it will come back or I’ll have to order from scratch again?

Abandoned the computer altogether, really depressed now!

P1170756Got the fodder done.

Morrison’s very costly ‘Best’ smoked salmon fishcake, potato farl, apple, mushrooms, beetroot, surimi sticks, extra sharp Stilton cheese and few Jersy potatoes.

It was awful! Tasteless fishcakes, farls soggy, potatoes sour… Eurgh!

Really down in the mouth now.

Tried again to work on the computer, but no CorelDraw and Chrome were playing up brought me to a new depth of despondency.

TV on (How desperate was that?)


Thursday 25th May 2017

Maltese: Il-Ħamis Mejju 25, 2017

This update was finally done on Friday after thankfully the CorelDraw 2017 returned to action!

Up around 0630hrs: Recalled bits of dreaming about being in a giant sewer with biped yellow-haired rats chasing me?

Off to the Porcelain room, Little Inchy well swollen sore and tender for some reason, but thank heavens no bleeding – so things still on for the surgery I hope. Haemorrhoid Harold had been bleeding copiously but not at the moment.

Did the health checks, made a mug of tea and verified that all the things were in the bag for the Tenant’s Social Hour Meeting.

Really depressed about the CorelDraw and Chrome situation. No replies from Tech Sam yet.

Had a go at changing the payment details for the CorelDraw account. Took me hours to find out how to get in to update them, in the hope that the new bank account might be belatedly accepted. (Account Suspended – Non-payment. Due to my forgetting to change the details) Fingers crossed this works, I’m lost without my CorelDraw, and with the Chrome problems, I’ve become a sad figure of self-pity and morbidity.

Decided to get the ablutions tended to. Do you recall when I hit my head on the corner tray in the shower last week? I’d lowered it right down after the Whoopsiedangleplop thinking how cunning I was? I now have a lesion on my leg where I caught against the sharp edges of the wires and scratched the skin. Just thought I’d mention it like. Hehe! I moved the tray back up, at least if I only hit my head there will be less damage.

Tried to get the old laptop going to see if I could fare better with that. No, got in a right pickle of confusion and gave up.

Technology and me, Not compatible you see.

Set off with the empty jars for the recycling bin, raffle prizes, and nibbles and to the Winwood Hut via the bins.

A lot more folk than usual there today. BJ arrived, and there were many relatives of the tenants too.

The worry over the computer problems prevented me waffling on, although I did mention them a bit. BJ confirmed Sunday around 1200hrs for the trip to Papplewick Pumping Station after asking if I really still wanted to go.

Bill (William on Sundays), Jack and his five family members visiting, and Eddy all seemed to have a good time, glad to report.

I left a bit earlier than I would normally, to get ready to catch the L9 into Nottingham, to try and get some fresh pod peas.

Got some potatoes in the saucepan ready for the meat pie meal later. Changed and off with my valued Free Pensioners Bus pass to get the bus. Nice chinwag at the shelter.

4Thur02Dropped off on Upper Parliament Street and crossed over into the Victoria Centre (Mall) and up to the fruit & veg market.

The many Nottinghamians about, all looking very summery today.

I got to the stall and was overjoyed to see some Fresh Garden Peas on display. They looked so good and fresh, too.

I asked the lady for a pound and a half. But she did not go anywhere near the peas on display but got some that were behind the counter out of view. 

I asked her, “Are those the same as these English ones on display?” She muttered “Yer, they’re all the same” and continued to put them in a bag and weigh them. Handed them to me and I gave her a £10 note: “Ain’t yer got owt less?” she inquired. I said not, and she added: “Hang on them, I’ll ‘ave to get some change” and grumpily disappeared. Which was good… Cause that gave me time to investigate the peas in the bag. They were horrible Italian one’s not English, different size pods, some mouldy, some wet, terrible! When she returned I’d selected a few of the going rotten pods from the bag and showed them to her, saying: “Have you seen these? They are not the same produce…” I was going to add that I don’t want them, but she stopped me as she said “They are all the same, grabbed the bag off of me and served me with some of the fresh ones from the display, with a sneer on her face that really ought to have reduced me to jelly! Oh, dearie me.

I left with a bitter taste in my mouth and went down to the Tesco store. Where I had a walk around getting only a loaf of Sourdough Bread and some English tomatoes.

Out and over the road on the way into town, As I passed the Little Waitrose store, popped in to see if they had and Surimi in stock, and they had. So I got a couple of packets after foraging to the back of them to find some with a longer life date on them.

4Thur03Poddled to the bus stop.

The two photographicalisations I took in town, I had the selector set on the wrong choice, so they came out somewhat greenish?


To Queen Street and waited for the L9 bus. There was another passenger chap waiting, and we both got a little concerned when the bus was ten minutes overdue? 

Had a go at the Crossword book en route. 

Back at the flat, after a visit to the Porcelain Throne and a clean up in Haemorrhoid Harold’s area of the flobby-body, I got the meal going properly like. 

Put the goggle-box on to watch while I waited for the stuff to cook.

4Thur04Served it up in a partition plate.

Quorn sausages very nice, tomatoes okay, potatoes nice, apple good, mushrooms very good, fresh pod peas excellent and the beef pie with extra caramelised gravy Great!

Feeling a lot depressed and had no interest in trying to sort out the computer problems at all, I fell asleep watching the Law & Order episode on the TV.

Woke thinking it was morning, got out of the £300 second-hand recliner and to the Porcelain Throne, Duodenal Donald bleeding again. Sorted out the mess and cleaned me up, got some protection pants on and took the morning medications. Then realised it was not morning, but afternoon! What a Plonker! So I then took the evening medications. Tsk!

Did the health checks, pulse very high. And back to the watching the TV… fell asleep…