Inchcockski. Wednesday 7th August 2019:

2019 Aug 07

2019 Aug 07

Wednesday 7th August 2019

Welsh: Dydd Mercher 7fed Awst 2019

01:35hrs. As I woke and felt the storm of words forming, to trample me with worries, problems and the futility of life, in my twisted brain – I was saved the torment by a sudden urge to use the EGPWWB (Emergency Grey Plastic Wee-Wee Bucket). It looked like I had only used it once overnight. And this effort of the SGSS (Short-Gently-Sprinkling-Spraying) variety, added very little to it. I noticed how the pins (legs), were looking terribly thin this morning. A few vague memories lingered about a dream I’dben having, but nothing concrete.

3Wed001I washed the grey bucket, myself then got the handwashing that was hanging up drying from last night, onto the stand-up airer. I kept jiggling the socks around, as usual, to get them to dry evenly. There’s quite a skill in doing this, I’m getting better all the time. Well, when I remember to do it. Haha!

I visited the Porcelain Throne. Another hard job, but not so painful this time. I washed the dandies and went to make a mug of Glengettie tea. Took the medications. As I was doing this, I became aware that the leg had done no dancing whatsoever, the finger-end had not caused me to drop a single thing! No darting out of the right arm. Only the shoulder was doing its twitching a bit. Great stuff! Plus, not Whoopsiedangleplops pr Accifauxpas… mind you, the shaving, teeth and daily conflict with the sock-glide might put paid to this period of relief and joy. Hehehe!

I got on the computer and finalised the updating, then posted it off! All done, in about two hours! Brilliant start to the day!

I poddled out on the balcony and took a shot of Chestnut Way, below. An eerie picture, I thought. It was drizzling a bit and wasn’t too warm. I made sure I shut the sliding door as I came back inside. I even avoided the metal spring clip opener from gnashing any flesh. Oh, yes! But these things are concerning me. It’s not natural for me, no Fauxpas or Whoopsiedangleplops! Then a photo out of the unwanted, light & view-blocking kitchen window.


I did some template graphicalisation work on CorelDraw.

3Wed01c 0745hrs: As I started to worry about the Morrison order being late, I heard some thunderous metallic clanging noises, as if metal sheets had been dropped somewhere? I had the CCTV on. So as to look for the Morrison driver, Gohar’s (they put the driver’s name on their email) arrival. But searching for the source of the mystery noises, I missed him and heard the intercom – so it was a good thing I was in the hallway at the time. More good luck, I can’t take much more of this! Hahaha!

The young man dropped off the carriers inside the door for me. He offered to take them through to the kitchen, but he was already late, so I declined the kind offer. Gave him last weeks carriers back, and off he went.

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I made another brew and got the garden peas shelled and into a saucepan in water and demerara sugar. I had to get down and empty and rearrange the freezer contents to get the new stuff in. Well,  they had the Walls sausages at 50p off, and the triple-fried chips with 45p off! While I was shelling the peas, I know for sure, that at least eight peas were dropped or shot off somewhere. I only found two of them. Hey-Ho!

I decided that today, I would have the slightly aged ribs I found in the fridge, with some rice with BBQ flavouring, might put some hoisin sauce it with it, as well as some garden peas. The ribs looked very pink and had been in the freezer for ages, so I assume they would have been part-thawed from the time the geniuses who were doing the water sprinkler prep work, managed to blow all my power. I had to wait over eight hours for it to be put back on again. So now, typing this, I think I’ve changed my mind about risking eating the ribs. I won’t, I’ll throw then away now, so as not to be tempted. Back in a while.

Back to completing the graphicationalisationing on CorelDraw. This took me hours just to get enough Headers and Thought graphics for three days. But oddly, this didn’t bother me. What’s going on today? Have I gone loco? Contended? Me?

I got the meal chips cooking and warmed up the peas in the pan.

3Wed01iWD 150.0.0 I went to check on the drier, and found a note had been posted through the letterbox. “Nottingham City Homes – Fire Alarm Test. Back in 6 months.” This concerned me a little. Had they not tried ringing at least one of the two door chimes outside. I do recall a lot of banging and clanging going on all around me, at the time they said they called? I checked the door chimes – both working fine! Mmm? 

And the results from the INR Warfarin Anticoagulation Haemostasis Deep Vein Arterial Thrombosis Clinic. (I just love this name! Hehe!) With the best ever results! INR 3.3! Fantastic! So, no blood-giving next week, the next one is for Monday 19th August. Awaiting confirmation of either nurse or clinic to take the sample. But it will not arrive, I’m sure. It’ll mean staying in for the day again, just in case.

3Wed01KI moved the special tomatoes I had left, to a cooler spot for storing. The larger one is an Amaranth (reddish-rose) colour one, which I ate and enjoyed with the nosh.

The yellow mini and plum-shaped ones, did not taste too good, slightly bitter really, But, if I let them ripen a little, the taste may improve. The Mini ones are tangy but not sour tasting.

The rather large meal was prepped and served3Wed01J up. Bacon flavoured Asda (Walmart) chips, crispy smoked streaky bacon, mini-cucumber slices, pork and cheese mini pork pie, slices of apple, tomatoes (including sliced Brandywine Pink), diced beetroot with onion, a Bacon filled brown Stottie, followed by a very naughty but delicious Limoncello! Rating: 9/10!

Washed the pots, and got the handwashing in soak.

Well, I settled down and pondered over the day, the almost Whoopsiedangleplop-free, Accifauxpas-free, No Ulnar nerve palsy dancing from the leg. No arm-shooting out! No toe stubbing. No falling, or tripping over, or walking into anything! No dizzy-spells. The Porcelain Throne evacuations were less bother and pain! No medical mayhem! What can I say? A fantastic day for me!

No nasty EQ warning messages of me going to pay for this later, either! Worrying!

12 thoughts on “Inchcockski. Wednesday 7th August 2019:

  1. That’s great you had few to no neuralgic episodes today. That’s a good sign. Nice work on the INR level. Nice looking tomatoes, and a fantastic looking diner.

    • Thanks, Tim.
      I may not have seen anyone for a gossip or gone out for a hobble – but I got plenty of computerisationalistic work done.
      I still find it hard to believe worra great day it was. Hehe!
      Fingers crossed for another one perhaps? No, that’s might be a bit much to ask for. Hehehe!
      Have a goodly great day, Sir.

  2. Just responding to the Harry & Meghan bit. (Not that I pay any attention to this, or anything.)
    But you taxpayers also spent 2 million or so prepping their Kensington Palace Apartment, next to Wills & Katie, which they decided not to move into, cuz of that family friction and such. So that would make it more like 4.4 million.
    Who am I to criticize?
    My president is a lunatic, which would be fine, but he is also really mean. And of course there is my country and it’s love of guns.
    Considering all of this, like a hand of cards, I’ll go with the monarchy.
    I am sorry. Very sorry. You are suffering so. But I admire the way you think and distract yourself.
    Life is absurd afterall, so why shouldn’t yours, mine, the presidents, and the royal families be too?
    Yours in humor~

    • Bless you, Cindy.
      It’s all a mess now. I didn’t expect to see the end of the world in my lifetime, but…
      The Royals do not actually Govern anymore, just get paid a fortune to add the one they already have, to pose for visitors to keep the cash rolling in, I think. And here’s me, can’t afford private podiatrist or cleaners to help me cope with life.
      Glad I got that out, Cindy, thank you! Hehehe!
      Love you photographicalisationing gal. My efforts are not so good now, when the shakes come on. But I keep on trying while I can. Hoping to do some of Sherwood shops later today.
      Taketh care, and resist them getting to you (Me too). Haha! ♥

  3. I hope the relief from spasms is a sign your body is doing right by you and healing nicely, thank you!

    As for the royals and their cost, you do get tourist bucks, euros, yuan, etc. from people curious to see this obsolete but very colorful artifact of governance from the lovely time unhappy citizens chopped off their monarch’s heads. Could be worse, as Cindy noted. Oh! I forgoit! We have Tweedle and you just got his twin, Dum. The world is a mess!

    • They told me nothing could be done, Doug. Then found the stroke had made things more agressive. Then out out of the blue, a marvellous day of relative peace, apart from the fingers. Great!
      This morning, everything has had a go at me! Well, no arm shooting away. The hands, fingers, shoulder and leg have all seemingly mocked me, by affecting me for only a few seconds, then dying off, then returning again! But I can cope with things being like this, Doug.
      The my cat from hell is on TV later, I’ll try to stay awake to watch it, I like this program. The PDSA one, is about cruelty to pets a,d rehousing when they can, get them someone to adopt them. Some sad moments that bring tears, but some that bring tears of happiness!
      I’m waffling of subject again – I’m good at doing that. Hehe! Sorry mate.
      The Royals who slaughtered so many prolatariats, get paid millions a year, and do nothing really. Waiters, servants, butlers, shoe-shiners, waitresses… best if try not to think about it. Tsk!
      I’m not jealous, of course. (Lie detected!)

      • Just read a history blog about the incredible filth inside royal residences upo till the 19th Century. It’s a wonder they didn’t al;l die off from the waste inside the royal residences, which they changed regularly to let the muck cleaners clean up.

      • There was an episodeof ‘Black Adder’ it was I think, that had Adder as a soil-man, who worked underneath the Royal Loos, to catch and removed falling Royal Waste, as it landed! He’d talk to Royal on the toilet at the same time. Hilarious! The waste men were paid the equivelent of $1.5 a month, and lived underground.
        It might have been in film rahter than TV, I’m not sure, Doug.
        At the time, there were no sewers in London. Commoners just threw their waste out of the wiindows! The Thames was a cesspit!
        If I can get to find out which episode or film it was, I’l let you know, cause it will have you laughing!
        Cheers mate!

      • I’m reaqsonably sure it was Black Adder. He always came to no good end and his poor henchman may have been the soil man since he seemed always to have the most degre-aded and degrading jobs. I had VHS tape of the series but gave them away when I went to DVD. I’d love to have the series on DVD! It was one of the funniest ones yet!

      • Rowen Atkinson is a brilliant commedian! I also enjoyed “Mr. Bean” and “The Thin Blue Line. I liked the Mr. Bean movie where he accidentally erases part of Mona Lisa. What a hoot!

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