Nottingham Photographs from my Hearing Aid Test that didn’t happen!

Set off on the bus into town.

Arrived a little early, so I had a wander around taking photographicalisations.

Hobbled through the Slab Square in the City Centre.

Then down to St Peter’s Square.

Where some Buddhists were offering free soft drinks and recruiting for the three disciplines of their faith. Drew a lot of folks attention. Then again, knowing the great Nottinghamian’s ‘Owt fer nowt’ approach, I was not surprised.

Arrived at the Hearing Aid, SpecSaver shop in plenty of time.

I approached the receptionist, a great one this woman would have been, I imagined she would have been of invaluable assistance as a Chef Oberaufseherin, “Chief Senior Overseer” in any of their concentration camps. Her superior snotty (Don’t you dare bother me!) glare and attitude alone would have scared most inmates without threats of violence! It certainly, frit me!

She told me to take a seat in the waiting area. I wasn’t going to argue with her, so meekly I took my place in the waiting area! Got the crossword book out and within a few minutes a lady came out to me, smiled, collected me and led me into a small room. Very reassuring that I got a person and not a robot to deal with me!

Phenomenally good looking, short dress on and excellent, no, perfect chunky, thought inspiring legs. I found it hard to concentrate as she quizzed me on my hearing history. Sweet natured patient lass she was.After an hour or so of hearing related discussions and few laughs it was decided:

After an hour or so of hearing related discussions and few laughs it was decided:

I have far too much wax in both ear-holes to do a test today that would be accurate. Told to continue with, but increase the applications of Olive Oil in both channels to loosen the wax. Then I have to return on Tuesday  4th July at 1130hrs for have the wax removal and a test done. Usually, removing the wax would cost me £50 (Two @ £25) to have done, but if I purchase hearing aids from them, it will be free on this occasion.

I explained the discomfort of the current models I have, also the difficulty when it comes to changing and cutting/refitting new tubes. She showed me some in-the-ear aids. I liked the idea of them, but she was not sure if they would be powerful enough for me, but might be. They will know after the test. These were the cheapest in the range on offer too! This woman I believed and trusted, but the test will be done by someone else, the bloke who I spoke to on my last visit, who looked like a banker with his red braces and hadn’t started shaving yet I didn’t think?

My confidence ebbed.

I departed and had a photographicalisational limp on my way through Nottingham’s streets to the Victoria Shopping Centre (Mall).

Up through Exchange Walk

Across the Slab Square – Passing the wedding Rolls Royce

Up Long Row to the corner of Clinton Street and Abdul’s fruit stall

A bit of a risky hobble through Clinton Street – Danger lurks for any elderly or disabled people brave or foolish enough to hobble along it!

Managed to get through and out of the other end without any Accifauxpas!

Into the Victoria Centre (Mall), and through to the other end and the Tesco store. Got some sourdough bread and fresh pod peas.

Up to an alley on Shakespeare Street near some student residences.

As I got towards the bus stop for home, I took this photograph of a building called ‘Fothergill Watson House in honour of the greatest designer ever from Nottingham, by the same name. Actually, is original name was Watson Fothergill, bu he changed it around when he was in his teens. It puts the newer update building next door into its place as a bleak characterless effort?

A brilliant artistic architect.

5 thoughts on “Nottingham Photographs from my Hearing Aid Test that didn’t happen!

  1. Although you didn’t get hearing aids tested, you got lots of great photos of activity around Nottingham. Those students seem to be a messy bunch.

    • Thanks, mate.
      I imagine the mess was made when the students were leaving and new ones coming in? The little monkeys!
      In a bit of a… what’s the word? Er, unwell this morning after last nights Whoopsiedangleplop come Accifauxpa with the meal. Tsk!

    • The scallywag students!
      When I was in security I worked at the Trent College, and boy did I get hassle from them.
      I always remember one student from the far east would get a parcel the size of three house bricks every week in the post, it was full of cash from Korea I think. Thousands of notes. No idea how he traded or swapped them into English, or what they were worth, but this kid always had girl students following him everywhere?
      Jealous? Me? Hehehe!
      TTFN XXX

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