Inchcock Today – Friday 23rd June 2017

Friday 23rd June 2017

Portuguese: Sexta-Feira, 23 de Junho de 2017

0400hrs: Up, out of the £300 second-hand recliner chair and did the Health Checks: Sys 48, Dia 76, Pulse 88,  Temp 35.9 and weight 14st 8lb.

Got the laundry sorted and down to the machine.

Back to the flat and got the Thursday post finished off and posted.

Down to the laundry room and moved the things into the dryer.

Back in the apartment, got the nibbles into the bag for the nurses. Had a wee-wee.

Took a photograph from the kitchen window.

Down again and got the second load of washing out and into the dryer with the first load.

Up once more, and started this diary off. A trouble-free Porcelain Throne session.

Down to collect the things and cleaned filter, machines and counters.

Getting lighter now, took a shot of outside the foyer doors.

Put the clean stuff away, had a wee-wee and updated this diary.

Computer turned on. Looks like a bit of wet weather is due for Nottingham:

Did some WordPressing, then checked Emails.

Ablutions are done and set off to walk to Carrington and the surgery for the INR blood test.

Called in to see any both or either of the Obergruppenfureresses at the hut, but none in, so I carried on my hobble. Down Winchester Street hill and left onto Mansfield Road.

The row of shops shown here had one of the seven businesses open and trading… very sad!

Sister Jane rang me, saying that she’d Emailed me a photo she’d taken from page 16 of the Nottingham Post last night.

With a photographicalisation of Jenny, our ex-warden, now Tenants Representative for both of the blocks. In praise of the Nottingham City Homes response to concerns about fire safety after the horrible disaster at the Grenfell flats.

Up and over the hill and down towards Carrington.

A Nottingham Pavement Cyclist passed by me. I wish they were all as considerate as this one. Slowed down and gave me plenty of room so as not to make me jump. Gold Award was presented, in my mind!

Further down and saw these flowers, Hydrangeas, I think, in a garden close to the surgery.


Got into the surgery and reported to the receptionist, who said she could not find my appointment. Oh dearie me! After a while, she informed me that the designation was for yesterday! She consulted someone on the phone then said for me to sit and wait and she will squeeze me in later. I thanked her and sat dow, got the crossword book out and the Appointment card from the DVT Anticoagulation Unit at the hospital from last Tuesday. There it was clearly printed: “Next Appointment 23 June 2017” Today!

It was the Reichsarbeitsführeress nurse on duty today, not Nichol, and she came to me in less than a minute after I’d got the crossword book out. Demanded, politely mind, to see the ‘Stop Enoxaparin’ therapy record from the hospital (With the correct date on it). I gave it to her.

She kept on to it, which was a little bit naughty, I thought, because printed on all of them is:

So this cannot be done now.

She explained that they normally do not do INR injections on a Friday, this is why they made the appointment for Thursday… three times she said this during the process, rather defensively than her usually barked out commands when I visit, like “Sit!” Not a mention of ‘Sit’, ‘Don’t move’ or ‘Press that hard until I tell you to stop’ came from her lips? Haha!

I find her likeable actually. I say this, in case she sees it on the web, and because I am a coward and scared stiff of her, I suppose! Tsk!

Gave her a box of chocolates and the receptionist their bag of nibble as I departed.

Limped down into Carrington proper and called in the Lidl store. (When will I ever learn, Tsk!)

Just avoiding being hit by another Nottingham Pavement Cyclist, who does not get a Gold Medal from me, cause he was totally out of it with the headphones in and doing a fair imitation of drunken Barry Sheen without an engine! Hehe!

Into the Lidl shop and got Lemon Fools, lemon yoghourts, mini-chicken weiners, apples, cheese cobs and nibbles for the staff and tenants social hour.

Caught the bus back into Sherwood. Then the L9 bus up to the flats.

Checked the times at the stop for the bus tomorrow to get to the hearing audio place in time for my 1330hrs appointment. 1032hrs and 1232hrs it is due. If the second one is on time, I should make it easy enough. Fingers crossed.

Chinwag at the bus stop with some other tenants.

In the apartment, a wee-wee first, then got the purchases stored away. Planned on having the cheesy rolls with bacon and the last of the Frikadellens for the meal, with some tomatoes, if they are still edible, had them in a while.

Computer back on and updated this diary.

Took a shot from the window of down below. Not a lot of activity from the workmen yet. Wait until they start properly. Mainly painters and plasterers on the job at the moment.

Did some Facebooking to catch up.

Took me hours. Tsk!

Did a graphicalisation for Rita Cobb, for her birthday.

Tried to get some more TFZ graphic work done then. It isn’t coming on how I expected or wanted it to, so I deleted everything and will try again later in the week. Frustrating.

Had a wee-wee.

Got the fodder sorted.

I have to say that this is the worst effort in years. A terrible mistake made in thinking these cheese rolls from Lidl looked or might even possibly be tasty!

Eurgh! Never again!

Most of this ended up where it should have gone in the first place, in the bin.

Fell asleep, found some scribbled notes when I woke an hour or so later, totally unreadable I’m afraid, and the memory couldn’t recall anything about writing the words or the dream. Shame that.

Had a wee-wee.

DVD put on, but back to normal tonight, five minutes or so and off to nod I went… but not or long. I shot awake feeling confident, that it was morning… Ah, the hearing aid test today I thought, must check the time of the bus.

Got up had a wee-wee and was about to take the morning medications, realised I’d missed last nights medications, and it dawned on me it was still night time when I looked out of the window.

Felt a bit of a fool, swore at me. Then got my head back down. Tsk!