Inchcock Today – Sunday 30th July 2017

Sunday 30th July 2017

Tajik: Якшанбе 30-юми июли соли 2017

Having not got off to sleep until well after midnight, I did not wake up until 0630hrs today. Still feeling tired and a wet warm sensation coming from Little Inchies lesion area. Tsk! Out of the £300 second-hand recliner and to the wet room for Porcelain Throne duties and checking out Inchies bleeding damage and mess. Luckily I’d got the disposable knickers on (Haha!). So a change into new ones after cleaning things up and wash and brush up, and into the kitchen.

7Sun02aThe view through the window had that bluish tone again, but it soon brightened up.

The Tree Copse and the lower field, looked so beautiful, once again.

The darned black spots on the window seemed to have grown in number?

And, the view outside below included some dogs who were taking their owners for a walk who had stopped at the bottom of the Lower Field for a chinwag.


The lady in the sleeveless jacket reminded me of Theresa May? The dogs were giving their barking voices a good work-out, and the active hyperactivity tails of all four were working overtime! (Tails of the dogs, that is. Hehe!) I get pleasure out of watching them, with a tinge of lugubriousness at my knowing I cannot do the same thing. (Poor sad old might, I am! Hehe!)

Did the Health Checks and took the medications, creamed and lotioned particular areas in need, and put the kettle on the boil.

At this stage, the ailments were mostly in a good mood with me, I must say. Anne Gyna, Arthur Itis, Reflux Roger, Shaking Shaun, Dizzy Dennis even Duodenal Donald. Craig Cramps, Harry Hernia and Haemorrhoid Harold were the only ones annoyed with me.

I shelled some garden peas and got them in a saucepan of water for later, and got some small seasoned potatoes in the Crock-Pot on the low setting.

Daktacort2I started to complete the Saturday Diary and had to return to the Porcelain Throne. Little Inchy had to be cleaned of blood, and Daktacort creamed again. Tsk!

Haemorrhoid Harold was bleeding far less now.

I gave Sister Jane a call, and had a little natter-away! Mostly me talking, well, moaning, she listening, bless her.

7Sun04aBack to the computer, and heard some noises similar to gurgling sounds? Went to the kitchen, where I thought they were emanating from and had a look around and out of the window. Checked the Crock-pot, sink, cooker and fridge. The noises did not return and the mini-tar-like marks on the window that had increased in number since yesterday started to annoy me again! So I set-to giving them a good soak and scrub with the scouring pad for ten minutes or so.

Much to amazement, a few of the larger ones came off, not many, but some. The rest just would not give up their grip at all!

7Sun4bThe window control box, cleverly positioned on the right with about ¾” of space to get your fingers into to pull out the blunt lever so you can close or open the window to turn it around for cleaning; Trapping my knuckles against the frame as I struggled to turn in into position.

I had to turn it with the power of the fingers only to avoid catching the blood blisters on my knuckles after that.

Lie01But, I did not swear, curse, accuse Nottingham City Homes of being Silly Billy’s in locating the switch where they did or use any bad language at all. Oh, no. Hehe!

Times getting on now, the match will soon be on the TV, Germany v Denmark Women’s semi-final! I’m going to carry on working on the computer, and put the TV on with the headphones used, to listen to and watch the game. Any odds on my forgetting I’ve got the headphones on and get up to go to the Porcelain Throne and drag the TV off of its stand?

7Sun4dMade a flask of tea went to put this the medications with it near to the computer.

3 minute 25 seconds later. Germany had gone one-nil up in the match!

Got the headphones on the head and tried to ignore all the noise from things being thrown down the rubbish chute.

7Sun4cAll settled now.

Finding it hard to use the computer at the same time as trying to listen/watch the football match.

Checked the Emails first. While watching the footy game with the headphones on.

Not concentrating properly on the Emails and it took me an hour to get them done! Hehehe!

*** Denmark have just gone in front against Germany 2-1 Now!***

Did some WordPress reading, hoping I didn’t make any errors with this game getting so exciting.

On to Facebooking, a lot to catch up on here.

*** Denmark Win against Germany 2-1! ***

Back to Facebooking.

7Sun06bGot the dinner ready.

Very nice too!

Dizzy Dennis and Anne Gyna both went on the attack at this point and things got a little wrought in the feeling poorly stakes, very quickly.

My concentration went AWOL and depression dawned.

7Sun06aIn between watching but not fully absorbing the England v France football Match, many wee-wees had to be tended to, very many!

The evening view was nice.

Then Shaking Shaun joined in the ailments.

Porcelain Throne visits began regularly too.

Felt the match win for England was very lucky.

Took the medications and did the Health Checks, and extra Ramipril capsule.

Took hours to get to sleep, and when I did I must have kipped for four hours, but over a much longer time.

Oh, dearie me. Hehe!

Inchcock Today – Saturday 29th July 2017 – Graphic preperationing for over eight hours in total today

Saturday 29th July 2017

Frisian: Zaterdag 29 Juli 2017

0400hrs: Sprang awake in desperate need of the Porcelain Throne, tummy rumbling. Dizzy Dennis pestering me again. Little Inchy sore but no more bleeding after the session in the night.

Stuck my head out of the kitchen window while making a mug of tea.

Noticed the tenant’s vehicles were all parked nicely and with no naughties having to park on the yellow lines.

Being a Saturday, I assume no workmen will be on site this morning?

Took the medications and did the Health Checks. Weight still 14.88, Tsk!

I noticed the little black splatter marks on the window and decided to have another bash at getting them off.

They were on the outside of the window. Turned it around and used the usual vinegar spray on them and the rest of the window-pane. No luck whatsoever didn’t touch them! Got the scrubber on them and tried again. Nothing moved! I even thought they must be on the inside then – so turned it back and it wasn’t, so turned it around again and got the Fairy Extra Strong spray and scrubbed in into the marks, again, utter failure!

6Sat07But, after my disastrous attempts at freeing the stuff from the window, the view was still breathtakingly beautiful. I, however, knowing that the marks are there, see them instead of the scenery. Grogglecocks!

This was frustrating and baffling me now. I tried some toilet cleaner and bleach on the spots – again, an entirely incompetent result!

A thicker new scouring pad and wire brush both proved negative in my efforts to get these damned spots off of the glass!

What they were I have no idea, would super glue splashes appear twelve floors up for no reason? Is it birds poo residue? Whatever they are, I had to give up. Peed-off about my nequient attempts! Grumph!

0445hrs: Back to the Porcelain Throne again. Messy session. Bleeding again, Huh!

Frustrated, I got the computer going and started to finalise the Friday diary. This took a good while due to Shaking Shaun taking over from Dizzy Dennis who had, (I’m glad to say) parted company with me.

Started this one going to this point.

0930hrs: Spent hours and hours arranging the next INR log in Excel, and the Virgin Internet connection went done and lost the lot. Had to start again! Tsk! Got it up to date and the n went on CorelDraw to get some graphics done ready to use later on the TFZer graphics. Also, some graphics to use as headers for the diary pages.

Got carried away with this a bit, and it was 1430hrs when I had to finish, due to laziness and tiredness.

Had a wee-wee, then checked the Emails, in the hope of finding one from the Clinic amongst the others. None there. Responded to the others. Then did some WordPress reading. Did a Food order online.

The day is going so quickly, 1625hrs now.

Got the food ready, with the intention of settling and watching the Women’s European Championship Quarter Final match, Netherlands v Sweden, and then switching channels to enjoy the Denmark v Germany games with the prospect of the France v England match to come on Sunday.

The match was a fantastic demonstration of Women’s Football at its best. I think that the Netherlands deserved to win, yet if chances were taken by the Swedish, it could have been a different result, Great match.

I turned over channels to be greatly disappointed that the torrential rains have cancelled the Germany v Denmark game.

I did enjoy listening to the commentators, who at this time did not know if the match would go ahead or not, as they had the teams out Twice, to warm up in the floods! The look on the faces of them as they did their best to think of something to say. said it all. Hehe!

The high-tech method of using queegy sponge mops to move the rain from one area to another was fascinating to watch. Hehe!

The rematch is for 1100hrs tomorrow to be followed by the England France game!

No chance of getting any kip until gone midnight. Why I do not know, but the mind seemed over-active, pondering over all sorts of things past and present?


Inchcock Today – Friday 28th July 2017: Heck of a long day for old duffer!


Friday 28th July 2017

Javanese: Ana 28 Juli 2017

0108hrs: Woke and forced me out of the £300 second-hand recliner.

Picturesque view from the kitchen window.

I got the washing things together and down to laundry room. Got the machine going and back up to the Porcelain Throne.

Stings, itches, blood and pains emanating from Little Inchy, most uncomfortable.

Cleaned things up and washed some pots I missed doing last night.

Down to move the gear from the washer to dryer.

Eerie in the dark. Hehe!

Up and got the Health Checks done. This looks okay to me.

I still don’t like the new non-slip tray colouring, the plastic it is made from or the hard work it takes to wash it.,

I could sense that Little Inchy would need further attention soon. Humph!

Made a brew and took the medications.

A wee-wee and Porcelain Throne session followed. Messy!

The remote control was being used to access the CCTV screen of the Foyer so I could keep an eye out for any gangs of yobboes trying to get into the building to create more havoc and vandalisation.

Apart from two tenants coming home in what looked like a happily intoxicated state and struggling to get through the door while laughing and swaying about, there were no signs of any intruders.

0250hrs: Down to check on and collect the washing.

Many of these signs had been stuck-up by the building contractors? Why would they think that anyone would want to steal ceiling materials? Thinking about it, that was a silly question. Bearing in mind the things that have been clandestinely taken, recently. Hehe!

I’d taken the camera with me again and took this photo. I thought I could use it as an ‘Identify This’ competition on the TFZ?

The camera was facing upwards, and I had a Dizzy Dennis spell while taking this one. (All clues)

0325hrs: Down to collect the laundry and titivate the room and machines up a bit. A good idea I thought at first, but this proved to be an Accifauxpa and Whoopsiedangleplop exciting activity. Huh!

First, my kippah had shrunken even more. Sorting the clothes into the bag, I dropped a sock that fell between the machines into the dark undergrowth of rust, dust and fluff right at the back as far away from me as it was possible to land! I got the brush to use at first, to retrieve the sock but stopped myself when I saw what must have been months worth of accrued dirty the fluff.

Not wanting to ruin the sock (I wish I had now!), down on the knees and a struggle to retrieve the sock – knocking my head against the bottom of the machine.

The next struggle was to get me back upright again. Painful job, but I did it. Although, I felt a little insensate afterwards mind.

Next task, to get the fluff and bits of rust flakes out from underneath the machines and into the rubbish bin.

The Nottingham City Council had kindly supplied us with a Pound Shop brush and vintage circa 1965 rusty dustpan, so we could clean the Laundry Room and save the Caretakers time so they can use their mobile phones more often and avoid them being required to do any cleaning whatsoever, in the laundry room.

Thinking of it, I’ve not seen the caretaker for weeks now? Perhaps the poor man has had to have an operation to remove his mobile phone from his earhole? Hehe! (Hope he doesn’t read this, he’s not known for his sociability or keen, intelligent, indulging  sense of humour at all).

Finished the floor eventually and then got around to cleaning the machines and then the sink. Where evidence of someone’s crafty fag smoking was found in the dirty sink. Ash!

Cleaned it away as I scrubbed the sink. Had I not removed this evidence, I am sure that some tenants would have made a fuss and complained to the Obergruppenfureresses, demanding the removal of the culprit’s Good Tenant Status and their left hand! Haha!

Good job I keep a bottle of cleaning fluid, paper towels and freshener in the laundry bag at all times. Well, it wouldn’t feel right to have to disturb our friendly conscientious caretaker, just for him to some caretaking, now and then, would it?

0440hrs by the time I got things sorted and back up to the flat.

Had a wee-wee, made a brew and onto the computer to update these diaries.

I checked the Emails first. ‘Blimus’, there were dozens to answer and sort. But none from the Clinic yet.

Did some WordPress reading, next.

Then onto Facebook.

All caught up now (0730hrs).

On to making a start at finishing off a graphicationalisation on CorelDraw for the TFZer site on Facebook. Took far too long to do this one did. But and however, I was determined to get it something like right, in the hopes that the humour in it comes through.


Tired now, I’ve been up nine hours, and want to get a hobble in. So I’ll close down and get the ablutionalisationalistic duties performed. A bit of a hassle sorting Little Inchy, but I got there in the end.

Down in the lobby, more posters had been put up on the Nottingham City Homes Notice Board. One informing us of their adoption of a sterile corridor policy and what we must do and not do to conform. Their intention to remove any mobility scooters, pictures doormats bicycles, etc. and charge for this removal and disposal of the same, and the punishments. (Loss of Good Tenant Status and £100 a year allowance, and reporting to Nottingham City Council Board Members for further action if necessary.) Bravely I thought, the next poster was of the Board Members with photographs!

5Fri12d (2)

5Fri12eA little light drizzle and high winds as I departed the flats and had a walk around to the back of them.

Getting through the fencing was a bit awkward as I had to go into the bushes to get through to the back field.

I bet this is popular with the local dog walkers. Hehe!

5Fri12fAs I took this photograph, the rain came down with a bit more gusto.

I got out the umbrella before struggling up the wet grass to the top of the hill and Woodthorpe Grange Park’s children’s play area and footpath.

By the time I’d got there, the rain had stopped.

5Fri12gMy heart went out to one little Buttercup (I think) flower in the thicket at the top.

Bashed about by thousands of human feet, the wind, rain and dog pee, here was this tiny bloom struggling for life. Heck of a job trying to get a decent photograph of it as the winds tossed it about.

Nature at its simplest yet most endearing to me.

5Fri12jThrough the trees and near the top of the access to the gravel path down that goes alongside the Copse down to the flat, I took this unintended picture of my foot. Tsk!

I turned into the path to take a photograph of the Copse, and another zoomed in of the ‘Rich Peoples Paradise Homes on the hill in the distance.


5Fri12kThe Tree Copse has never looked better. The rain had given it a distinctive glow of sorts to the greenery.

A Nottingham Pavement Cyclist came close to hitting me as he glided down the hill, with his oversized handle bars, headphones on, and in a world of his own, bless him.

I made my way back to the footpath and down 5Fri12Lto Mansfield Road, turned left over the hill and down into Sherwood.

Dizzy Dennis visited me on the way down to the Co-op store. Where I purchased a packet of fresh garden peas.

Out and back up the hill, I called in all four of the Charity Shops, seeking a tankard shaped mug, without any success of course.

Dizzy Dennis paid me another visit, and this decided me not to walk back to the flats but catch a bus up Winchester Street Hill.

5Fri12mDropped off at the Chestnut Walk bus stop and hobbled to the apartments.

Took this photograph through the gate of the centre works. The old Winwood Community shed, and the garages were all demolished now, never to be seen again. (Other than in the memory). To make way for the 40 new flats with a rooftop lounge and new Attention Centre to be built.

5Fri12nPod peas in the fridge, wee-wee, and got the dinner on the cook.

Battered fish balls and finger (Sound odd that, don’t it? Hehe!) Tomatoes, mushrooms, beetroot, apple and cheese & mushroom portions.

I forgot about the potatoes in the crock-pot! But had a nibble of some later. Naughty!

5Fri12oWent to do the washing up, and the rain was belting down something awful. Good job I didn’t go out later than I did.

Nibbled the rest of the small potatoes!

I noticed on the window that there were many little splashes of something black. They looked like bits of sprayed tar? I had a go at removing them, but no luck at all!

I intend to have another bash at them in the morning. Too tired-out now.

Settled in the £300 second-hand recliner! Struggled out of the £300 second-hand recliner, to visit the Porcelain Throne. Medicated the things in need.

Struggled out of the £300 second-hand recliner

Realised I had not taken the medications or done the Health Checks! Struggled out of the £300 second-hand recliner, took the tablets and medicines and applied the lotions and potions. Then did the Health Checks.

Settled in the £300 second-hand recliner once again. Felt that horrible wet warm sensation from Little Inchies zone.

Struggled out of the £300 second-hand recliner, so glad I had the Protection Pants on for once, cause this saved a lot of hassle in cleaning up. Medicated things and took an extra pain killer, cause things were tender, to say the least.

Struggled out of the £300 second-hand recliner, with no confidence that I would be remaining there for long. Got the TV on and watched nearly a full episode of Law & Order before nodding-off.

Woke with a start, convinced some noise had woken me. Struggled out of the £300 second-hand recliner to investigate. Looked around but could see nothing untoward.

Settled in the £300 second-hand recliner, getting fed-up to the teeth with myself now! Up and down up and down. Humph!

Nodded-off. Woke in need of a wee-wee. Struggled out of the £300 second-hand recliner, now convinced that this undesired up and downing must stop soon, surely? Took a jug with me back to the £300 second-hand recliner. (Too late I know, but this is me all over – too late! Grumph, I hate myself!)

Settled back in the £300 second-hand recliner. Will I ever regain any eunoia? Tsk!

Nodded-off and had a dream that I’d woken up and gone to the Porcelain Throne and fell into the bowl and as I clung to the toilet seat to stop myself from sinking, it came off and around my head. I used the protection pants as a float? That’s all I can reclaim of the dream. Oh, no I tell a fib, it was in the old bathroom before I had the shower room done? I think I could use a dream interpreters services? Haha!

After laying there to ages, with the mind wandering, musing and trying to make sense of everything without the use of logic, I convinced myself that the end was nigh and I was ready, I drifted off into the blissful land of nod, at last.

Sanity had abandoned me. Haha!

Inchcock Today – Thursday 27th July 2017: Tenants Social Hour today

Thursday 27th July 2017

Catalan: Dijous 27 de Juliol de 2017

0400hrs: Woke in need of the Porcelain Throne. Scribbled down notes of some dreams that I could remember, and shot off to the Throne in time, just. A messy session with Little Inchy in a state that needed sorting. Haemorrhoid Harold stinging, but no bleeding from that area.

Washed up and back to the £300 second-hand recliner. By then I’d forgotten all about any dreams until I saw the scribbled note on the pad.But, they meant little to me

But, they were so poorly written, that they meant little to me. Just odd words with no mental connection.

Back to the wet room for a wee-wee.

Kettle on and did the Health Checks: S159 – D78 – P90 – T33.8f – W14.81. The temperature in the kitchen was only 61f?

A colourful burst of reds seemed to glow from the sky and down onto the scene below.

Dizzy Dennis paid me a visit as I was taking the medications.

Onto WordPress and started this page going, then finished off yesterday’s diary.

Checked the Emails.

Amongst them this one from the Surgery about the INR blood level results.

Shot up to 5.8, well too high, with the new dosages for the week, and I sent off a request for a test on the day they said, the 2nd August.

Onto Facebook to catch-up again. Did some WordPress reading.

Got the raffle prizes and nibbles in the bag for the Winwood Tenants Social Hour.

To the wet room for medicationalisationing, antisepticalisationing, shaving, teeth cleaning and a safe showering.

All medicated and cleaned up, I set off to the new Community Shed.

Much activities from the workmen, and moans from some tenants on the way there, of their parking difficulties and altercations.

I walked over the road and on the verge to avoid the traffic. But it was not easy, with all the parked cars on the grass-verge.

Looking down the hill through the trees and bushes I spotted a squirrel.

But, by the time I’d got the camera out it was long gone.

Further along the road, more parked cars made progress more difficult to manoeuvre along my chosen route.

Yikes, I nearly had a Whoopsiedangleplop or Accifauxpa as I saw a beautiful wood pigeon down the hill near the pathway that had been developed for use by the local ankle-snappers and trainee vandals.

I tried to get a picture of it, but off it flew at just the wrong moment. Tsk!

I seem to be failing in my photographicalistic attempts this morning.

As I went into the New Temporary Winwood Social Hut, I was hit by the silence. The “I’m too upset to even talk. I need some time to cool down and gather myself” – silence! together. Many faces had that look that said; “Well I was right” or ” So what!” showing. I wish I knew what I’d just missed. Hehe! By the time I’d put the raffle prizes on the trolley and got some raffle tickets to hand out, the murmurings between the residents had started again, so I gave the nibbles and raffle tickets out.

BJ was very late arriving but got a round of applause when he did get here.

Generally a muted session I’d say.

They had put an artists impression of what the flats will look like when they are finished. Great-idea I thought, cause with it taking up to 36 months to complete, many of us ‘Oldies’ will not see the end result. Haha!

Said the farewells and out onto Chestnut Walk. In need of checking out the lower regions, as a warm wet feeling was growing. Tsk!

Took these photographs of some of the works on the Walk.

A new poster was on the board near the elevators this morning. Seems that many others were not enamoured to the way the letter about moving the door-mats was written. Nottingham City Homes Obergruppenfurheress Angela Gould signed the original demand and threateningly worded letter, too!

No mention of her name on the apology? And those items of personal property outside the doors in the communal areas have been there since the flats were built in 1964, at every door!

I wonder how much the pretentious snot-bag gets paid? Phwert!

Yes, she made a few enemies with that superior sounding letter!

Chinwag in the lift on the way up with some tenants.

As the other residents dropped off on their floor, I thought how dark it looked.

The same on the twelfth one too. Also in the communal area where we used to have door mats before being threatened to move them. This seemed to be in half power lighting too.

Someone might like to mention this to Furheress Gould… but not me, I don’t want to lose my Good Tenant status or be thrown out of the flat… and I’m a coward as well. Hahaha!

Into the wet room and sorted out the bleeding and re-medicated things.

Got the tinned tomatoes seasoned and marinating for later. Made a brew and started to update this diary.

Went onto CorelDraw 2017 to created the graphic below, to show how the flats looked before the work started and how they think it will appear after the upgrading work is all done and finished.

Stopped, to take the midday medications and do the Health Checks, between wee-wees. Sys 159 – Dia 72, Pulse 91, Temp’ 35.8 looks fair to me.

Email from the surgery arrived.

Your next INR appointment will be 2.8.2017 at 10.30. Kind Regards

Emailed them back thanking them.

Another one from the Clinic, booking me in for an appointment 2.8.2017 at 10.30!!! What a pickle! Sent Email back explaining about the INR appointment, asking for an earlier one if possible please, or an earlier on a different day. Awaiting reply, and feeling disappointed with my rotten luck again.

Updated Facebook.

Checked the Email in case the Clinic had contacted me. Nope, not yet.

Got the bacon bits in the oven.

Finished the TFZer graphic I started yesterday.

Hopefully, it will get some funny, witty comments.

Had a look at the bacon, not ready yet.

Ah, it is now!

Got it served up, and guiltily enjoyed.

Did the Health Checks afterwards.

D. 164 – S. 78 – P 94 – Temp 35.9 W- 14.8 Worried about the weight increases so much, mind. Took the evening medications and got down in the £300 second-hand recliner to watch some of the Boon episodes on the DVD. Got through these without any nodding off! Changed to the TV and that was the trigger – the advertisements! In and out of kip for ages.

Had to get up to sort out the Little Inchy leakage, out on some protection pants (How I hate wearing these nappies for adults!) to be on the safe side

Sleep did not come again at all.

I was up around 0100hrs and decided to get the laundry room duties tended to.


Inchcock Today – Wednesday 26th July 2017

Wednesday 26th July 2017

Bengali: বুধবার ২6 জুলাই ২017

0430hrs: As soon as I moved, the lower regions front and rear (the dreaded warm wet sensation presented itself), and off to the wet room to investigate.

Terribly painful and frustrating medicationalisationalistic sessions took place, and my spirits dipped a bit. However not-a-lot, as that magician fella used to say. Cause Haemorrhoid Harold and Little Inchies lesions were both stopped from bleeding, and Arthur Itis returned to take my attention as he had a go at the right knee again. Well, he had a go at both of them but was more intense with the right one. Huh!

I remembered the appointment with the nurse for the INR blood test and the Enoxaparin injection at 0930hrs.

Took a look down and out of the window. The tenants had parked as best they could, poor things.

Got ready for the Health Checks, and to take the medications and thought I heard noises coming in through the open window.

Had a look down and saw these two characters near one of the contractor’s cabins.

It was about 0530hrs.

I assumed they were waiting for someone to arrive with the keys.

They had the steel toe capped boots on. Perhaps they were starting work on site early?

Carried out the Health Checks and took the medications.

Got the potatoes in the Crock-Pot and podded some peas and put them in sugared water.

Started to update yesterdays Diary.

It took me ages, and I had to stop to get the ablutions done to be on time to get to the surgery punctually.

I cleverly stubbed my toe on the Ottoman en route to the wet room. Tsk!

Took the rubbish bags to the chute on the way down and out of the building.

A bit dangerous I thought, all us old folk have to walk along the only road available, and that having parked cars, and plant machinery everywhere? But it could not be helped.

Already hobbling before I got to the end of Chestnut Walk; with the hassle from the right knee thanks to Arthur Itis. Tsk!

As I turned right, the flora coming through the fences was attracting some insects. Being as I was in plenty of time, I stopped to try and take a decent photograph of one.

I had many failed efforts. I managed to get this decent one in the end.

Down onto Mansfield Road. The rain started then.

I ambled on up the hill, noticing another shop had closed down on the right, near the Computer store and close to where mate BJ lives.

Up over the crest of the hill, and down into Carrington.

The rain lightened a little into a sort of drizzle that soaks you through. Hehe! It did too!

The bag got soaked inside and the crossword book with it. Huh!

Passing a garden on my left, and I saw this bush with some unusual looking blooms on it.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen flowers such beautiful blooms like this before. Especially now the rain is coming again.

Onward to the surgery, got in and logged me on so to speak. Took a seat and my rear-end squelched as I did so. The socks were soaked, and the crossword book was wet!

No kind Nurse Nichol today. Obergefreiteress Nurse Ann tended to me. She was almost sweet to me to start with. Very worrying. Haha!

Commanded me to take a seat and said she would be back in a moment and disappeared to talk to some one outside. These new hearing aids are useful, I’d never have heard her with the old ones in.

I sneaked in this potographicalisation of where I sat with the medical thingamajigs all ready to use. No idea why I took it, though?

The Obergefreiteress Ann, soon returned to her usual militaristic ways when she returned, and I felt more at ease then. I’m getting to like her, yer know. Scared to death of her… but still.

Told her of Little Inchies problems returning with a new lesion. She said nothing but got onto her computer, I could hear her each button as she bashed them. She told me I’d get an appointment in the mail shortly with the GUM Clinic. She would make an appointment for me about the knee as well, and let me know. Efficient that!

I thanked her and gave her some nibbles and departed, out into the rain again. As I took this photograph to use in the ‘Under-the-Brolly’ pictures on my Facebook albums, the lady driver got out of the car and demanded to know why I was shooting her vehicle!

I did not get involved and told her the truth, that I was taking a photo of Carrington in the rain. I think a little guilt may have been there, with her parking on the pavement? Two other cars were as well, I noticed afterwards.

I proceeded to get soaking wet again as I hobbled into Carrington and to the Lidl store. Where I got fresh orange juice, seasoning, lemon yoghourts, apples and crisps.

Paid at the self-serve counter, under the watchful eye of an assistant, and out into the rain once more.

I noticed on the pub next doors outside table there was some stuff on the top of it? The mind pondered. Hehe!

The bus arrived, and I was soon off back into Sherwood, in the heavier than ever rain.

Over the crossing and up to the bus stop and under the shelter.

Where I was joined by several fellow tenants.

The L9 bus was on time, and this drew several comments from the other residents. Some sarcastic, some happy. Haha!

As we all alighted, Bill carried one of the bags for me, bless him. We hastened to the flats, it was raining far too fiercely now for any pictures to be taken.

All the residents had a natter on the way up in the lift.

Back in the apartment, bag down and nipped into the wet room to check out the ailments. Very glad to report that there were no adscititious bleeding, none from Little Inchy and only the tiniest bit from Haemorrhoid Harold.

Had a session on the Porcelain Throne.

Changed into dry clothing and into the kitchen to make a brew and put away the fodder purchased.

The rain looked set-in now.

Set about finalising yesterday’s diary and got it posted at last.

Then started on doing this one, up to here.

Onto Facebooking. Then Email and WordPress.

The doorbell chimed, it was a delivery form Cooper’s with the things I’d ordered to use as Christmas pressies.

Took the slip-proof tray to the kitche nto use now. Shoved the rest of them in the spare room to sort out later. Stubbing my toe on the old vacuum as I did so.

Back to the wet room and changed into a pair of the protection pants, better to be on the safe side in case of any leakages again during the night. Hopefully it will prevent like last time, a lot of clothes to be cleaned. Hehe!

Cleaned up, turned off the computer and got the meal going.

The vegetarian Cottage pie I covered with strong shredded cheddar cheese, topped it with some sliced tomatoes and got it in the oven. The pod peas in the saucepan and medications in the little tray all ready to take while I ate.

Did the Health Checks while it cooked. D158, S72, P89, Temp34.1 – Looks good?

Managed to get the cottage pie out of the oven without any burns, onto the new tray. Added the apple, Chinese mushrooms, beetroot and garden peas. A banana, two lemon yoghourts, one bitter one lemon curd flavour, added to the feast on the new tray.

This meal was almost fodder perfection! 9.46/10 rating, and tasted marvellous! Shame about the new tray though. It’s a devil of a job to get it cleaned properly with all the rubber bits attached to it, that seem to want to hold onto any crumbs for dear life. Hey-ho, not to fret.

I actually stayed awake long enough to watch two episodes of ‘Boon’, before the nodding off sessions mingled in with the viewing.

Evening all! TTFN.


Inchcock Today – Tuesday 25th July 2017: Ailment abound! Tsk!

Fantastic shots this morning – As I took a photo of the area where the sun was coming through what must have been a gap in the clouds, from behind the flats – then in seconds it disappeared. The Chosen Land, no more! Hehe! Interesting?  I was lucky to catch this, phenomenon. (Well, not really, but I like the word!)

Tuesday 25th July 2017

Irish: Dé Máirt 25 Iúil, 2017

0419hrs: Woke full of the returned medical woes.

The ailments that seemed to give me such a break from hassle yesterday were all back with a vengeance. Shaking Shaun and Arthur Itis the exceptions, they were kind to me this morning. But, Little Inchy and his new lesion were painful, itchy and worrying? Anne Gyna was stabbing in all different spots on the chest. Roger Reflux swelled open but no pains, sharp intakes or shortages of breath. Hernia Harry, Dizzy Dennis, Haemorrhoid Harold all bothersome again.

Up and to the Porcelain Throne for a heavy duty sitting and medicationalisationing session, having to treat Haemorrhoid Harold and Little Inchy’s bleeding lesion. An adscititiously uncomfortable-start to the day. Tsk!

Cleaned things up from the treatments and into the kitchen and got the kettle on the boil.

A nosey out of the window prompted me to lean out and take this photograph. The resident’s cars parked as best they could.

The lighting inside the fenced off work areas produced a decent effect, I thought?

Health Check results: Dia 159, Sys 82, Pulse 90, Temperature 31.6, Weight 14.86, then took the medications.

Into the kitchen again to make another mug of tea. I noticed (Photographs at the top of this page) an area of land was lit up. Highlighted by the sun coming through from behind the flats, rushed to get the camera and took a shot of it – seconds later as I was turning off the camera, the sun disappeared, and I took another shot. Not sure why I thought there interesting, but I did.

The computer on and started this diary up to here, then updated yesterday’s and got it finished and posted.

Emails sorted.

Did a review of the towel pills for both of the type I ordered.

I used this photograph in it for the Lifesaver towels, with a rating of 4/5.

The RIAS towels that are not individually wrapped I rated at the same score. Because they are thicker and more sturdy than the Lifesaver ones – but one has to be careful not to get them wet before using them. This, will probably mean having to faffle about putting them in tin foil or some small bag and sealing them, before putting them in your pocket or handbag?

Rated the coat, like 2/5.

The two piece main zip is atrocious to use.

Especially for someone with cramp and arthritis.

Sent this photograph, with the review.

Wonder if they will print them all?

Did the ablutions and readied things for the bus trip.

The Mailman calleth.

Every one of the eight pieces of mail was Junk-Mail, unsolicited, spam or circulars.

Updated this diary and checked on the Farmfood website for details of their new range of Veggie Meals/Foods.

Mind you; the Farmfoods one did advertise some new Vegi Kitchen meals on offer. So when Obergruppenfurheress Dean arrives to pick up the locker key, I can shoot off (Speaking figuratively) to Bulwell and the Farmfoods store to investigate… Oh, no, after the Iceland Food Delivery as well, then I can.

Hello, the door bell is ringing, and I can hear it easily without the hearing aids in, now I’ve got two set up. Obergruppenfureress Deana was in and in a hurry to pick-up the key. A hectic period for her now, with all the changes taking place. Still, she managed to fit in the time to tell me off about having two door bells that might disturb the neighbours, not having the key ready for her to pick up, having the kitchen door wedged open, and leaving my tablets in a pot on the kitchen top. Hehe! She good she is!

The Iceland delivery arriveth now. A little surprised at how much I’d ordered.

Got it stowed away eventually.

Relocated and threw some older stuff away from the freezer, making a tiny bit of room, just in case I get any  Farmfood meals today.

Readied me and poddled out and along Chestnut Walk to the new bus stop at the end.

The bottle bank I had hoped to deposit the jars into, had done a midnight flit. Hehe! I mentioned this to Obergruppenfurheress Deana in the hut. They had, as I suspected, taken it away to make some room for extra car parking. I inquired as to where, which refuse sacks I was to put the jars into, the black or the recycling one. The answer was in a harried tone bless her, “Oh any!” A few Nottingham City Homes people were in the hut milling around, and they all seemed under pressure. And it is not going to get any easier for them as the works progress and the building starts.

The newly installed old bench near the bus stop that had most likely been kidnapped from Woodthorpe Park was in position. I hope Mr C. G. Hartley’s spirit doesn’t mind.

The L9 to town arrived, and most of the folks waiting got on it. This had left me and the chap in the photograph waiting. We had a chinwag, and he did some complaining about things and seemed quite practised and happy to do so. A witty man with a cutting sense of humour I appreciated.

Onto the bus, and I got the crossword book out, but didn’t do very well with going through those I’d got as far as I could earlier and attempting to find inspiration and some more answers.

Took this photo through the bus window as we turned up Goose Gate.

I alighted the bus on Upper Parliament Street and was nearly hit by another of the Nottingham Pavement Cyclists.There was so many of these around today; even I couldn’t believe it.

Dizzy Dennis visited me, and I had to sit down on a bus shelter seat for a while. When it came to getting up when I felt a bit better, Arthur Itis was not happy and started on the knees. I decided not to go to Bulwell today, just have a little hobble around town and get back to the flat.

Moved across the road toward Tesco in the Victoria Shopping Centre, and blow me another Nottingham Pavement Cyclist nearly had me over. Tsk!

Dizzy Dennis, I felt lurking ready to attack again at any moment. Not sure how I knew this, but it proved correct. Into the Tesco store. I got a TV paper for next week. A Quorn vegetarian imitation Beef Stew & Dumplings meal on offer. (Review further down this page – I’m afraid an honest one!) Fresh garden peas and some tomatoes. Out of the mall and over the road along to the Waitrose shop and to kill some time until the home bus arrived, I popped in to have a ponder around and bought some lemon yoghourt.

Avoiding the Nottingham pavement Cyclists, I made my way to the bus stop on Queen Street. The bus soon arrived, and I got on and the crossword book out and started a new one off.

I was so pleased with getting one finished on the journey, in one go, I photographed my rare achievement.

Back at the flats and off the bus, I was a little perturbed at being the slowest of the tenants on the walk to the end of the road to Woodthorpe Court.

By gum, there’s some fit old uns living in my apartments.

Jealousy, I suppose. Hehe!

I took this shot through the fence gate of the old garages being pulled down. The old Social Hut in the background, now the workmen’s tea hut. Hehe!

All the other tenants had gone up by the time I got into the foyer and to the lifts, up and back home. In the elevator, I felt that dreaded wet and warm itchy sensations were coming from Little Inchies zone. This, being the first thing to attend to when I got in, dropped the bag in the hallway and into the wet room.

Fatigue overcame me as I cleaned up and medicated various parts of my ageing going to pot body that was in need of the same.

Put the things away, got the garden peas simmering, put the kettle on and did the Health Checks. 

Chose some programmes to fall asleep watching.

Got the Quorn vegetarian imitation Beef Stew & Dumplings in the oven, it looked okay and smelt nice to me at the time.

Back to the wet room to check out Little Inchy, bleeding badly now from the new lesion. Glad I’m going to see the nurse in the morning. Bothering me a tad this is.

No energy left now and considering all things, I was doing so well I thought.

Got the meal served up with the added fresh garden peas it looked appetising.

The fact is, it was terrible!

The first one of these vegetarian meals I’ve ever actually found to be so foul tasting! The dumplings were okayish, the gravy and real veg passable, but the imitation meat chunks were like softened cardboard in texture and taste. My advice; Don’t bother with this meal, not one of their best at all!

Quorn Lasagne and Cottage Pie meals, I found to be excellent, though.

TV on, first programme, fell asleep.

Woke to recall something of a dream for a change. In a cave with two other men, me on a slab. One bloke telling me what the other bloke is going to do, and apologising for their having to use wire from their time machine to stitch me up with afterwards?

Got up to take the medications that I thought I’d missed earlier. But, now I’m not sure if I did miss them or not?

Tried again to watch some TV, but the nodding off sessions won the battle for entertainment again.

Ah well!

Inchcock Today – Monday 24th July 2017: Bleeding merrily away again, today. Hehe!

Monday 24th July 2017

Azerbaijani: Bazar ertəsi 24 İyul 2017

0005hrs (Approx): Stirred in the £300 second-hand recliner and out and off for a Porcelain Throne session. TV still on, evening medications on the arm of the other chair untaken – so I took them. (Tsk!) Not a good passing, Little Inchy sore and his lesion bleeding, messy evacuation and Haemmorhoid Harold stinging and leaking as well.

But and however, these were overridden in the worry-stakes and the relief of knowing that the befuddled brain seemed to be clearing well, my thoughts were easier to understand, and this cheered me up no end. And, I had a clarity that was not available in the brain yesterday at all. Of course, the bleeding from Little Inchies lesion was a disappointment and annoying timing, and this means I have to contact the doctor and clinic – undoubtedly the mini-op will get cancelled after waiting so long to get it too! But never mind, the activity of the brain was unblocking. Be thankful for small mercies I say.

I was genuinely concerned that I might have been becoming unbalanced, certifiable or psychoneurotic yesterday. ( Psychoneurotic? – Now that’s a word I’ve never used before. Shows that the brain is working better again? I’ll look it up to see if it fits… ) Thesaurus consulted – Spot-on, I’d misspelt it in the first place, but it is the exact word to explain how I felt for the whole of yesterday. Thankfully, as  I say, I woke up feeling so glad to be free of these mentally debilitating symptoms. And a little concerned as to how and why they came on so suddenly in the first place?

Cleaned up, took the belated night-time tablets and climbed back onto the recliner, started to self-ponder about things, and drifted off into the land of nod.

0315hrs: Sprang into life again with a jump, partly thinking something had woken me, like noise, and wanted a Porcelain visit again. Out of the £300 second-hand recliner and off to the Throne, stubbing my toe as I did so. But, this did not bother me. Why? At the time I was getting up, I somehow feared that I’d dreamt about the brain clearing and it had not really done so? Stubbing the toe was almost a pleasure, for it allowed the brain to function and learn things really had cleared-up a lot. Did that make sense?

Put some cream on the oven burns acquired from last night’s removal of the oven dish, thanks to the gloves new holes.

Another bloodied and painful session, especially concerning, was Little Inchies lesion leaking still. Had another sanitationalising and medicationalisationing session, and off to the kitchen to put the kettle on.

Had a look around for any signs of what I thought was a noise waking me, but could see nothing suspicious.

The view from the window was fantastic this morning.

I tried different setting and took six different photographicalisations of the same area, to try and get a good one.

But this is the best I could manage.

Did the Health Checks and took the morning medications.

Sys, Dia, Pulse, Temperature (35.6f) were all looking good to me.

Tried to take a photograph of the results, and get a reflection of my thumbs-up on it. It looked like I have a square head in the outcoming blurry picture.


The weight was of concern, though, up again at 14.85 now. Humph!

Updated and finished the week’s record on Excel.

As I pondered on getting another mug of tea, it dawned on me… the absence of interest from Anne Gyna, Hernia Harry, Shaking Shaun, Roger Reflux and Christopher Cramps? Dizzy Dennis, Haemorrhoid Harold and Duodenal Donald were the only ones of the regular ailment showing any aggression.

Did a graphic (Top picture) about Mike Steeden’s, The Shop That Sells Kisses poetry book. Must remember to send him a graphic of it, he might like to use it.

Made the brew, and set about starting this diary off, up to here. Then updated yesterday’s and got it posted off.

Checked Emails and replied on WordPress reader.

Got around to making a brew, and took these two photographs. One in auto mode the other in through-glass mode, within seconds of each other?

What a difference?

Onto Facebook then.

Off to do the ablutions, medicationalisationing and antisepticalisationing. Back in a while… I hope.

The problem with Inchies lesion is that I now have a new one, in a very tender-area. After the shave and shower, I did my best with the Daktacort cream, but fear this will not be effective.

Feeling refreshed and smelling aromatic now. Took the bin bags to the chute and down to the foyer. Met Doris on the way and we walked to the bus stop together in the drizzle.

Joined the eight or so other tenants in the line. The chosen topic chosen among them, was; ‘Why do we still not have any seating or cover from the rain?’

The bus soon filled up when it arrived, the majority of the residents were going down into Sherwood, where they alighted to do their Doctors Visits and shopping.

This left only a few on the bus, Barry and his better-half sat in front of me. We had a natter about nothing in particular.

When we arrived in Arnold, Barry and his wife got off the bus at the same place as I did, at the Sainsbury’s Store.

By gum, they didn’t half get a move on into the shop, left me standing. Hehe!

I decided because of the rain and high winds, I would not visit the Park to feed the ducks. I’d get the shopping done and get back to the flat and the warmth. So I rushed it a little and got the shopping quickly. The Quorn meals were still on offer, so I got two Cottage Pies and a Beef & Stew with Dumplings. Wholemeal flatbreads, grated cheese and Marmite crispbread nibbles.

At the checkout, I found I was behind Barry and his better-half. Paid up and to the bus stop, where Barry and his other-half were sat waiting for the bus.

In Sherwood, those tenants who dropped off there earlier, all got on the bus. Roy did too, but his photograph didn’t come out correctly.

We were soon arriving back at the flats, limping to the other end of the road in the rain and wind.

Up to the apartment, bag down and into the wet room to tend to what I could sense was going to be Clothes Cleaning Causing, bleeding Little Inch. I was right, what a mess! Took the midday medications. Had a Throne Session, only to find that Haemorrhoid Harold had been suffering and losing blood too. More mess to clean-up. Tsk!
Despite all this, I was still content and pleased that yesterdays confusion and dizzies were not bothering me today.
There’s no doubt, I’ve happily lost the atrabiliousness I had yesterday.

Got the nosh away. Marinated some baked beans in honey, bbq seasoning and tomato sauce, mustard – afraid I can’t find the sultanas to go in. Huh! Having Frikadellens with these. Chicken & Turkey ones for a change.

Had a quick go on Facebook while they cooked.

Checked the fodder in the oven. I might have to take out the Frikadellens and put them both in with the beans to keep warm, cause they will burn if I leave them in with the fries, that doesn’t seem to want to cook today?

A quick look at the TV magazine. Lots of programmes to watch tonight that I fancied.

Nosh sorted and served up.

Seasoned the mixed beans, Frikadellens and oven chips. Wholemeal flatbread and a banana.

It was horrible! Eurgh! 4/10 rating!

Made a complete hash of the seasoning for the beans, having Chicken and Turkey Frikadellens was a bad choice, no flavour at all. The banana was dry and much sweeter than expected. The chips and flatbread were okay, though. Huh!

Did the evening Health Checks, took the medications.

Had to clean and medicate certain areas of the anatomy again. Been losing a fair bit of blood, (From Little Inchy and Haemorrhoid Harold) more than usual today. Going to see the nurse on Wednesday, I’ll tell her and book an appointment with the Doctor to have a look at them both. Embarrassing, but it has to be done.

I stayed awake for nearly a whole hour episode of Law & Order before the usual nodding-off started. Missd the end of course. Phwert!


Inchcock Today: Sunday 23rd July 2017 – Not well, our inchy today. Tsk!

Sunday 23rd July 2017

Afrikaans: Sondag 23 Julie 2017

0420hrs: Woke, rather pleased there were no signs of crumbs, nibbles or any nibbling having taken place on the chair or my wobbly body in my sleep this time. But the mind soon went AWOL on me. What day is it? Why are the remote controls for the DVD and TV laying with the cup I had the orange juice in on the carpet feet away? How did I get the lump on top of my head? Does it matter?

A good few minutes were spent trying to sort out what I was actually trying to work out! I felt alright mentally at the losing of my thought trends and going off on multiple-tangents, threads and unrelated concerns?

Soon, Dizzy Dennis and Shaking Shaun joined with this new confusion and lack of concentration in attacking my poor logicality and brain. Blimey, did I say that? Hehe! And I had not got out of the £300 second-hand recliner yet?.

When I did move physically to free my overweight bouncy body from the recliner, a warm wet sensation from the rear quarters guided me in the direction of the Porcelain Throne, with some haste and in trepidation.

Got in and inspected the problem; Oh, dearie me. Little Inchies lesion was bleeding as well as Haemorrhoid Harold. Most disappointing about Little Inchy that has not suffered like this for months now and suddenly starts again! Hope this will not stop the planned surgery for August. Getting depressed and pitiable moroseness with every thing now.

Cleaned things up and applied the Daktacort, Haemocane directly and Germolene on the outside. Washed me and the surfaces and had a heavy duty session on the Throne that thankfully, did not make things any worse.

Into the kitchen then spare-room and took these photographs from the windows.

Dizzy Dennis in attendance still.

But feeling alright physically, I set about doing the new pill boxes in readiness for next week.

Health Checks carried out: Sys: 178, Dia: 75, Pulse: 91, Temp 35.6 and the weight I’m afraid, the second highest of the year at 14.82… Grumph!

Finished off the Saturday Diary and got it posted.

Email checks and WordPress reading followed. The concentration was not right.

Another visit needed, and I checked on Little Inchy and Haemorrhoid Harold, no new bleeding. Phew!

Went to take the medications and make a brew of tea. The skies had changed as the day dawned.

Anne Gyna kicked off as I bent down to retrieve a dropped tea bag from the kitchen floor.

So I took an extra Codeine 60g and felt guilty when I returned the packet to the drawer of medications and the state of it!

But I didn’t feel confident that I would do anything about it while I felt so pessimistic, sorry for myself and depressed with things at the moment. I was right, Tsk!

Got the hearing aids in and dropped a battery as I did so. Not seen it since!

Made a start on this diary.

Had a bash on Facebook, think I might be cheering up a bit now?

A few hours doing work on the TFZer graphic.

Sister Jane rang, it seems that Brother-in-law Pete has been feeling poorly too. Ah well, hope he’s alright. He sounded it, but you never know? I’ll ring him them later. His illness made Jane so tired looking after him. May have two to worry about.

Got the oven warmed up ready for the vegetable Lasagne and chips to go in later when it warms sufficiently.

The rumbling innards have now joined in the ‘Let’s make Inchcock feel even poorlier’ attack, with the other ailments. Hehe!

Hard work doing the graphicalisationing today, but proudly I got it finished, saved and posted to the TFZ site and their Facebook album.

Did some Facebooking while it cooked, then had a look at the TV magazine to see what is on for me to fall asleep trying to watch. Haha!

Got the fodder served up.

Vegetable lasagne, oven chips, garden peas. Chinese mushrooms, wild mushrooms, apple and continental brown bread.

Fell asleep eating it!

Cleared the gone-cold mess up off of me and the £300 second-hand recliner, and washed the pots.

Settled again to not watch some TV, cause I nodded off again on the first set of commercials that came on. Tsk!

Woke around midnight. Oddly feeling a lot better?

Inchcock Today: Saturday 22nd July 2017

Saturday 22nd July 2017

Finnish: Lauantai 22. Heinäkuuta 2017

0400hrs: Stirred into life, found myself all distorted, half in-half out of the £300 second-hand recliner. The meals tray on the seat next to me from last night, the TV remote laying on my oversized belly, the headphones still on and one foot wrapped up tight and neatly around the throw that usually stays on the Ottoman? As I disentangled the throw from the foot, it made me jump a bit, cause the whole foot was blood red in colour. It soon turned to the usual grey/white with protruding blue veins and warped, bruised toes. This is not the limbs natural colouring.

I got on the recliner to get the slippers on and found I’d sat on the mobile phone. It still works though. (Phew).

Had a wee-wee.

0415hrs: Sudden decision to get the washing done. Don’t have a lot of it to do, but thought better do it now, for the EQ informed me of Accifauxpas and or Whoopsiedangleplops were developing for an attack shortly! (It’s never wrong, you know!)

Assembled the washing things and down to the laundry room.

Took the camera with me to take a photograph of outside with the rain glistening.

Noticed the new signs on the board and took a picture of them instead.

The top one, the Door Mats for Sale handwritten one, I laughed out loud when I saw it! Wish I’d thought of doing that. Hehe!

The second one, from Obergefrieter Jenny about the moving of the bus stop even further from our Court, and why, due to the accident.

Finally, one about someone parking across two car spaces. It might be someone using a wheelchair who needs extra space to get in and out of the vehicle? Though I don’t know of anyone that I’ve seen with one.

Or, of course, one of the many alcoholics who struggle to park their car? Haha!

Into the laundry room and realised I had not taken the liquid soap capsules with me, Tsk! Back up to collect them, down again and got the washer going.

Up again to the apartment and took a photo of the morning view from there. Odd cloud formations?

To the Porcelain Throne, no bother. Did the Health Checks and took the medications: Sys 158, Dia 76, Pulse93, Temperature 34.6 & Weight 14.75 – not bad?

0530hrs: Down yet again to the laundry room.

Swapped the clothing from the washing machine into the dryer.

Took a photograph I meant to earlier of the glistening rain covered area outside the flats.

Back to the apartment, had a wee-wee and got the computer going to start finishing off the Friday diary. Refilled the pots ready for the next laundry session. Back to the Porcelain Throne, and oh boy, was Haemorrhoid Harold bleeding! Had to use the antiseptic to stop the flow – Sting? It stung! Hehehe!

0555hrs: Down once more to the laundry room.

Took this picture of outside the foyer doors, getting lighter now, still drizzling with rain.

Got the clothes out of the dryer and folded and put in the bag.

Hit my head on the spinner’s door. Tsk!

Cleaned both machines and filters.

Thought I heard a noise, something like glass breaking for a moment. Had a look around outside and up at the flat windows, but could see nothing untoward.

Back up yet again to the home. Had a wee-wee. Checked out Haemorrhoid Harold, still leaking, but far less now. Cleaned things up again. Got the

Got the airing cupboard filled with the washed clothing.

As I got the last of the Anya potatoes into the Slow-Crock-Pot.

Things were looking brighter outside now. Still the odd cloud formations, though, but a lot brighter.

The Copse looking so beautiful, too.

Got the diary finished and started this one off.

Did some WordPress reading, checked Emails. 2 hours.

Went on Facebooking. 2 hours.

Doing some catch-up prep work on CorelDraw 2017 (1½ hours) when Dizzy Dennis, Shaking Steven and Duodenal Donald all came on at the same time. Impossible to concentrate.

Did the Health Checks, took the medication and got the fodder served up.


Disappointment with the apple. Tsk!

Settled down to watch TV in between nod-offs.

Inchcock Today – Friday 21st July 2017

Friday 21st July 2017

Bulgarian: Петък 21-ви юли, 2017

0500hrs: I woke up and lay there in a ruminative mood, pondering over the missing ailments and pains this morning. Very odd this, my EQ was telling me that something was in the wind of a medical nature on the way?

On the plus side, missing from action at this moment are, Anne Gyna, Arthur Itis, Duodenal Donald, Craig Cramps, Shaking Shaun, Reflux Roger and Harry Hernia! This, I found unnaturally discerning, unsettling and oddly perturbing. At least Haemorrhoid Harold and Dizzy Dennis were both in attendance. Hehe!

This reminded me of the visit from the District Nurse today. Enoxaparin injections time again.

I passed some wind and extracted myself from the crumb covered £300 second-hand recliner, making a mess on the carpet and Ottoman as I did so. A closer inspection of the suspicious particles of food as I got them cleared up, revealed they were from Marmite Crispbread? I cannot remember eating any of these… although as I pondered on this, a faint flavour of Marmite came from the back of the throat. Hehe!

Took the stuff into the bins in the kitchen, and found a tell-tale sign of my overnight crime. Guilty, Tsk!

Eventually, I got to the Porcelain Throne, and things went moderately well with that.

A bit of bleeding and stinging from the rear.

Haemorrhoid Harold and Dizzy Dennis both put in an appearance at the same time.

Dennis was a bit persistent, but he eased off later.

Got the kettle on the boil and did the Health Checks: Sys159, Dia77, Pul91, Temp 31.2 and weight 14.7, no hassle here?

Made a mug of tea and took the morning medications. Still a modicum of concern as to why the other ailments have not been in attendance yet? Uncomfortable sensation this, I can tell you. Haha!

I opened the kitchen window to take this shot of the beautiful Copse and lower field.

Very windy now compared to earlier.

The mind was a bit unintelligible even to me. I kept veering from one thought about ailments lets say, then what time would the nurse be arriving, it is only a booster so she could call at any time, so I’m stuck indoors again until she does. Feeling guilty, because I forgot to phone Sister Jane yesterday, Little Inchy was becoming sore. Then to what fodder I was going to have?

Thoughts all over the place and coming rapidly? Am I going bonkers? No, I think I’m there already. Hehehe!

Took a peek at the three vegetarian meals I’d got on offer from Sainsbury’s yesterday, and opted for the Cottage Pie to have today. But with how my brain was at that moment, anything could change. Craig Cramps and Arthur Itis visited as I did so. Reassuring in a way this, but I do not know why for sure?

Got the computer on and finalised the Thursday diary and got it posted off.

Started this one going up to here, then checked the Emails. Then did some WordPress reading.

Heard some odd noises, so I had a look out of the kitchen window. Sadly, it was the workmen removing the soil from where they have dug up the Chestnut Trees!

Had a wee-wee.

One Email from Coopers offered a discount voucher worth £10 if I made an order over £40 by tonight. Had a decker at the page and put one in. Fool!

Went of Facebooking for a few hours.

No sign of the nurse yet, so I had a wee-wee, made a mug of tea and went on CorelDraw 2017 to work on the graphics to use later on a TFZer series.

The nurse arrived all of a flutter, injections done, paperwork done and off again, all within the space of a few minutes. Busy gal. A lovely bruise where she rushed the job, but no pain or bother.

Did the ablutions and got ready for a hobble into Sherwood to get some bread and a bit of exercise.

5Fri06On Winchester Street Hill, it looks as if the recent rain had brought on the blackberries nicely.

Down and into Sherwood, where I made a bit of a faux-pa at the bank. The sunshine was dazzling and hard to read the screen on the money machines, and I noticed what I thought was another one in the bank. I’ll use that one, I thought.

Went in, put my card in and suddenly realised that the machine was for deposits only! Der! I had to ask a chap if he could retrieve the card for me. Totally embarrassed, I burbled some rubbish about my going to put money in and realised I’d forgot to bring the cash with me. Red face developed! Luckily the man sorted it for me and got it back from the machine. I did feel a right fool!

Out and got some money from the machine and walked over and up to the Continental shop. Jar of Chinese mushrooms, sliced pork, small sliced loaf and cheese & mushroom portions purchased.

Up the hill towards the bus stop and called in the Co-op store and got some small bananas. Then further up and into the Nottingham Hospice Charity shop, donated the old coins to them. Apparently, they must worth a fair bit, cause they made a fuss of me for the first time ever.

To the bus stop and Frank arrived as I was doing the crossword book. He seemed a little uptight and not like his usual self. His other-half sent him, Obergrefreiteress Jenny, to fetch a new computer and was returning it to her. He was probably, a bag of nerves in case he’d got something wrong?

As I hobbled along Chestnut Walk passing the works, after getting off the bus, I cheekily asked a workman if he would loosen the lid on the mushrooms for me. He struggled a bit but did it for me bless him.

Into the lift and up to the flat, had a wee-wee and put the fodder away.

Got the food on the cook and did the Health Checks and took the medications with the meal.

The vegetarian Shepherds pie was sprinkled with cheese on top and put in the oven with some potato letters (Waffles).

Got a few burnt finger edges taking the tray out of the oven.

Added beetroots, garden peas, Chinese mushrooms and tomatoes and soon I had devoured it with much relish and delight to the taste-buds.

Excellent flavour from the Shepherds pie.

Got the TV on and fell asleep with the empty tray still on the chair next to the recliner.

Woke after about an hour and thought it was morning at first.

Off to visit the Porcelain Throne, Haemorrhoid Harold was playing up badly, but very little bleeding.

Nibbled some Lemon Wafers… well, I ate them all. (Guilt!)

Nodded off again, plate still laying there on the other chair. Had a dream, something about my designing a necklace in gold and emeralds and a lady very pleased with efforts, I think she offered me a job, I was very happy… that’s all I recall.

TTFN each.