Inchcock Today: Sunday 23rd July 2017 – Not well, our inchy today. Tsk!

Sunday 23rd July 2017

Afrikaans: Sondag 23 Julie 2017

0420hrs: Woke, rather pleased there were no signs of crumbs, nibbles or any nibbling having taken place on the chair or my wobbly body in my sleep this time. But the mind soon went AWOL on me. What day is it? Why are the remote controls for the DVD and TV laying with the cup I had the orange juice in on the carpet feet away? How did I get the lump on top of my head? Does it matter?

A good few minutes were spent trying to sort out what I was actually trying to work out! I felt alright mentally at the losing of my thought trends and going off on multiple-tangents, threads and unrelated concerns?

Soon, Dizzy Dennis and Shaking Shaun joined with this new confusion and lack of concentration in attacking my poor logicality and brain. Blimey, did I say that? Hehe! And I had not got out of the £300 second-hand recliner yet?.

When I did move physically to free my overweight bouncy body from the recliner, a warm wet sensation from the rear quarters guided me in the direction of the Porcelain Throne, with some haste and in trepidation.

Got in and inspected the problem; Oh, dearie me. Little Inchies lesion was bleeding as well as Haemorrhoid Harold. Most disappointing about Little Inchy that has not suffered like this for months now and suddenly starts again! Hope this will not stop the planned surgery for August. Getting depressed and pitiable moroseness with every thing now.

Cleaned things up and applied the Daktacort, Haemocane directly and Germolene on the outside. Washed me and the surfaces and had a heavy duty session on the Throne that thankfully, did not make things any worse.

Into the kitchen then spare-room and took these photographs from the windows.

Dizzy Dennis in attendance still.

But feeling alright physically, I set about doing the new pill boxes in readiness for next week.

Health Checks carried out: Sys: 178, Dia: 75, Pulse: 91, Temp 35.6 and the weight I’m afraid, the second highest of the year at 14.82… Grumph!

Finished off the Saturday Diary and got it posted.

Email checks and WordPress reading followed. The concentration was not right.

Another visit needed, and I checked on Little Inchy and Haemorrhoid Harold, no new bleeding. Phew!

Went to take the medications and make a brew of tea. The skies had changed as the day dawned.

Anne Gyna kicked off as I bent down to retrieve a dropped tea bag from the kitchen floor.

So I took an extra Codeine 60g and felt guilty when I returned the packet to the drawer of medications and the state of it!

But I didn’t feel confident that I would do anything about it while I felt so pessimistic, sorry for myself and depressed with things at the moment. I was right, Tsk!

Got the hearing aids in and dropped a battery as I did so. Not seen it since!

Made a start on this diary.

Had a bash on Facebook, think I might be cheering up a bit now?

A few hours doing work on the TFZer graphic.

Sister Jane rang, it seems that Brother-in-law Pete has been feeling poorly too. Ah well, hope he’s alright. He sounded it, but you never know? I’ll ring him them later. His illness made Jane so tired looking after him. May have two to worry about.

Got the oven warmed up ready for the vegetable Lasagne and chips to go in later when it warms sufficiently.

The rumbling innards have now joined in the ‘Let’s make Inchcock feel even poorlier’ attack, with the other ailments. Hehe!

Hard work doing the graphicalisationing today, but proudly I got it finished, saved and posted to the TFZ site and their Facebook album.

Did some Facebooking while it cooked, then had a look at the TV magazine to see what is on for me to fall asleep trying to watch. Haha!

Got the fodder served up.

Vegetable lasagne, oven chips, garden peas. Chinese mushrooms, wild mushrooms, apple and continental brown bread.

Fell asleep eating it!

Cleared the gone-cold mess up off of me and the £300 second-hand recliner, and washed the pots.

Settled again to not watch some TV, cause I nodded off again on the first set of commercials that came on. Tsk!

Woke around midnight. Oddly feeling a lot better?

4 thoughts on “Inchcock Today: Sunday 23rd July 2017 – Not well, our inchy today. Tsk!

  1. Looks like you and the sky have been having a wee wee contest of late. I think the sky might be ahead. Food looks good.

    • Hello, Sir.
      Wee-weeing competition continues. Hehehe!
      I’ve got some Mac & cheese flavoured Pringle Crisps arriving today. Ordered one just to try them, see what they taste like. Their Texan BBQ flavour is nice, but not addictive like the Marmite Crisps are to me.
      Hope all is well, your end.

  2. B/P running somewhat high during this check. Unfortunate that inchy decided to join the ailments. Hope these situations improve quickly <3

    • Fings not looking good at the moment I’m afraid. Most humiliating having to go back to wearing the protection pants. I’ll feel a right fool if I had an accident and had to go the E & R. Hehe!
      Hope all okay your end.

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