Inchcock Today – Wednesday 19th July 2017: Indoors again, Tsk!

Wednesday 19th July 2017

Sesotho: Laboraro la 19 July 2017

0400hrs: Much waking up overnight, kept going back to a similar dream from when I had the shop, all doom and gloom with re-lived spectacular failures.

Up for a wee-wee. Made the tea. Health Checks the next priority. (Thought I’d start with some poetry, Hehe!)

Sys 160, Dia 78, Pulse 91, Temp’ 31.8f and Weight 14.82; Not bad at all?

Checked on the web. Looks like rain, to say the least.


0600hrs: It’s all dry outside at the moment, Although looking somewhat threatening all the same. The wind is getting up too.

Started to write this diary up to here, then to finished off yesterdays.

Boy, then did the ailments all kick-off together? After such a good day yesterday, they were back with a vengeance.

Within about 20 minutes, more arrived. Not many of them missed me. It started with the Rumbling Grumbling Innards, suddenly from nowhere attacking. The other infirmities had obviously got jealous. Hehe! Duodenal Donald (The worst of them all this morning), Reflux Roger and Anne Gyna joined them then.

I knew something like this would happen. After such an easy pain-wise day, the EQ told me I would suffer later. Humph!

Checked and responded to the Emails and did some WordPress reading.

CorelDraw opened, and a new TFZer graphic started off.

3Wed040841hrs: Had a wee-wee and nipped out on the balcony to take a photograph.

The new camera has a lens that’s too large to stick through the bird netting square.

It was beginning to look a bit more likely for some rain to come now.

Back to the graphicalisationing. The most 3Wed05difficult part of doing the work can be the preparation. Searching for png file that you like and want to use, downloading it, doctoring and saving it converted into CPT format, then deleting the original png file. Takes ages to do just one, and I am looking for 20 or more. Still, nice when they are done properly and can be used later.

Hours later the towels arrived from Amazon, and I got a double sided letter through the door.

I assume this to be the one in the communal passageway to the three flats. (Bottom)

I hope it is anyway, but the other two tenants still have theirs outside the doors?I could lose my £100 Good Tenants Reward.If

I could lose my £100 Good Tenants Reward.

If I do not remove it in 24hrs, she says she’ll be returning to check, they will remove it and maybe charge me for doing so.

I cannot see anything about doormats on the list of rules on the back of the page. Must be included in another word in there.

Bit worried now.

All to do with Fire Precautions.

All of the flats I’ve seen have one outside their door, and this one was left by Margaret, the previous tenant.

Feeling down, depressed and a little rattled by this. Surely, the woman could have just put a note on the board and told us more clearly face to face, and use threats if we then failed after having it explained to us? Anyway, I’ve moved it indoors now. So in the event of fire; If I do trip over it, this will be inside the door instead of outside the door. Humph!

I have no problem with the actions demanded, just the way they were intoned.

2017-07-19 11.32.29Got the dinner on and opened the packet with the towels in that had arrived.

Of course, one of the packets had split open, and I had the pills of towels all over the place. Tsk!

The 100 pills paid for in the split bag, added up to 94. Unless there are more, I cannot find from when they scattered on opening?

Getting niggly am I now!


Did more prep work for the next TFZer graphic series.

The fodder was ready to be served up, it took so long with the fingers playing-up, that it was cold by the time I’d got it served up. So I popped it back into the oven, luckily I’d had to use the pot dish to contain the extra gravy, and got it warmed through a bit before consuming it.

Beef pie, beef and gravy (canned), garden peas boiled potatoes, made and added some caramelised onion gravy and sliced some beetroot to have with it. Excellent results despite the rewarming being needed.


Did the Health Checks. And guess what?

A Whoopsedangleplop! with the pain-gel. It’s hard to believe, I know, me having an Accifauxpa isn’t it? The tube tip split as I was applying it to the knees, and shot a jet of it straight into one of my slippers. Missed everything else, just in the footwear.

It’s a comfort to know that despite the slipper having to be thrown away, it didn’t die in pain. Hahaha!

I forgot to record the readings of the checks, so did them again after consuming the fodder. Looked alright, but maybe the temperature was a little low at 28.8f – Then again, surely being too high is the thing to fret about?

Trying to watch the TV when I settled down, was even more ridiculous than usual. Why I bothered trying to watch anything confused even me. A minute awake, ten asleep, two awake, five asleep, fifteen asleep, five awake… on and on it went like this, with me stubbornly determined to try and stay awake to watch things I had no interest in seeing?

Humph! TTFN.

By the way, no rain came at all today.