Inchcock Today – Friday 7th July 2017: A bad, bad day! Fed-up and depressed now. Hehe!

But no rain came

Friday 7th July 2017

Chichewa (Africa): Lachisanu 7th July 2017

0450hrs: Out of the £300 second-hand recliner without any hassle and off to the Porcelain Throne. Looking alright this morning, apart from the wobbly seat.

Performed the Health Checks and took the medications.

The weight had gone down a bit at last. Even if only a tiny bit.

Sys 155, Dia 74, Pulse 81, Temp 33.3

I got some potatoes in the Crock-Pot cooking on low.

The sky was different this morning, reminded me of the Shepherds Warning.

Turned on the computer and got a black screen with this message displayed:

Out of range: 2560 x 1440@60.1hz ??? Turned it off then back on and it worked okay?

Updated yesterday’s diary and got it posted off. Started this one, up to here.

Went for a wee-wee.

Checked on the written diary and thought how well I had done in getting the highlighters to use on it.

This way, I could identify the red for medical and the greens for Nottingham City Homes reminders?

Of course, reading and deciphering my own scrawl remains a problem. Hehe!

When I dropped the pencil and bent down to retrieve it, Hernia Harry showed signs of his displeasure painfully. Huh! But Roger Reflux was still being kind to me, so this balanced out the various ailments degree of botherations.

Yahrzeit, today, for Annie from a flat on the eighth floor. I spotted this when I looked at an old diary. Poor Annie suffered so much over the years. I hope she will be waiting for me when I pop-off, up there, wherever… I loved meeting her and heard her tell me about her worries and problems, gave her nibbles and tried to encourage her to mix. RIP Annie XXX.

I did see that there is at 1400hrs today, a Fire Service Meeting in the new temporary Winwood Centre Portacabin. For the Woodthorpe Court Tenants, 1500hrs for the Winchester Tenants (Who are lucky to have the bus stop moved to just outside their block of flats when the Woodthorponians have to walk so much further to get a bus. And the new cabin it nearest to them as well! But it doesn’t bother me!) Hehehe!

Had a wee-wee.

Checked and responded to the Emails next.

Onto Facebooking then.

Had a wee-wee.

Onto CorelDraw 7 to start another TFZer graphicalisation.

Hours later, in between wee-wees, I got it finished. Phew! I do hope they like it. Some small details and TFZers that might be hard to see on Facebook. Crossed fingers.

Ablutionsionalisticalisational activities tended to. Haemorrhoid Harold had and was bleeding internally, a bit of job to get him to stop. No cuts shaving or doing the teggies, no toe stubs, no Accifauxpa at all.The IQ told me of a

The IQ said of a disappointment to come soon. I hate it when it does this because I know it will happen but have no idea what it will be! Tsk!

All done, I had a wee-wee, and took the bin bags to the chute, and made my way down and out into the glorious sunshine along with some other tenants and we made our way to the new temporary portacabin.

About 25 residents were already in and seated. Saw Olive and her daughter there and got the last seat next to her.

The meeting did not go well for me at all in any way – Sad!

I had no idea what anyone was saying and was far too far away to try and lip read. The Fire Officer arrived and started his silent (To me) lecture come talk.

Then the hearing aid battery packed up on me without any warning. I got the bag on my knee and began to rummage through it, to find the spare batteries. Not that I thought they would help, but they just might. Someone poked me on the shoulder from behind, as I looked up, all the folks were either pointing to me saying something, scowling at me, apparently tutting at me or giving me some wonderfully expressive glares of a warning and aggressive nature! Oh dear!

Luckily Olive being behind me, and her having such easy lip-reading qualities, she indicated that I was making a noise going through the bag disturbing the others who could not hear the Officer talking. Red-facedly I put down the bag, and indicated my apologies to the others, with the traditional palm of the hand sign.

I really wanted to give up altogether and just leave but did not want to upset them all by doing so. I stuck it out, sitting there silent with no idea what was going on, until the end, then said my farewells to Olive and sneaked out from the door at the opposite end of the cabin, sensing the glares and stares behind me as I did so.

I turned and took a photograph of the cabin I’d just exited. Seeing the fencing close to in the picture, I then knew what all the other poles all over the site were going to be used for.

A little surprised at the Nottingham City Council allowing UKIP colours on the pelmets? Hehe!

Felt a bit depressed and embarrassed at upsetting everyone at the meeting.

Had a rather morose walk down Winchester Street Hill into Sherwood, and called at the Continental Food Shop. Asked for three slices belly pork with stuffing and garlic, and one Polish cooked chicken thigh. And a jar of Chinese mixed mushrooms in oil. I thought they were a bit expensive at £8.51? (When I got back to the flat later, there were six (Not the three I’d asked for, slices of pork and two, not the one I’d asked for, chicken thighs! Humph!).

Called in the Co-op store and got some fresh pod peas.Strolled limping a little, the plates were giving me much

Strolled limping a little, the plates were giving me much discomfort, to the Wilko Store. Again they had no Dettol Lavender disinfectant in stock, and in the space where it usually is on display was now used by another product and the label on the shelf for Dettol, removed. I left empty handed and thought, the IQ message I got when ablutionising earlier was right?

Called in the Charity shops but nothing appealing, then I made my way to the bus shelter to catch an L9 bus back up the hill to the Winwood compound.

Two lady tenants at the bus stop who I recognised from the Fire Meeting, did not answer my greetings to them apart from a scowl and sat far away from me on the bus. I felt like a pariah. I was feeling bad enough before this. Tsk!

Dropped off the bus at the Winchester flats where it has been relocated to, and in need of a wee-wee, I made my way down to the end of Chestnut Walk to me Woodthorpe Court block.

Noticed some workmen removing the now unavailable, bus stop from near the Woodthorpe apartments.

Got in and had my wee-wee, then washed and into the kitchen to put the bits away that I’d purchased.

I thought I’d try some of the Chinese mushrooms with the meal later.

But there was no way I could get the lid off of the Chinese Mushrooms jar! I tried everything I could think of. What a lousy flipping day I am having!

Shelled some peas to have them cold with the meal.

Got the medications and a pot of Lemon Fool to accompany the fodder, and dished it all up. Beef pasty with strong cheddar on top, pickled mushrooms, the raw peas, beetroots, belly pork, Polish chicken thigh and some new potatoes. No bread, because I forgot to get some when I was in Sherwood. Fancy that!

Sister Jane rang, but I cannot remember what it was about? Sorry, Jane.

Despite how things had gone today, I enjoyed this plateful very much and rated it as a 9.22/10. But then, I didn’t know what was about to take place, did I?

After devouring the food, I went into the kitchen to wash the pots up and found I’d left the hot tap running in the sink… Hastily I made my way to  turn off the tap,

Stubbed the big toe on the sink base unit, dropped all the pots and tray, spun around and belted the elbow on the drainer corner!

The mess on the floor could wait, the toe was the worst thing at this moment, the pain was really sharp. Into the wetroom and found that bleeding under the toe needed attention. Not a lot, but painful. Got the antiseptic cream on it after cleaning it best I could.

Then, back to tackle the mess and hodgepodge in the kitchen. My walking style must have looked really comical now. Arthur Itis, Dizzy Dennis, the callouses and now the toe, all helping me to challenge John Cleese for the Funny Walk Challenge title. Hehehe!

Got a bowl of soapy water and disinfectant in it and I bent down to wash the floor area where the beetroot had stained, I felt the flow from Haemorrhoid Harold, and hobbled funnily, back to the wet room again. Cleaned things up again, back to the mayhem in the kitchen. I got spillage looking cleaner. Did the Health Checks and took the medications, with one extra Codeine Phosphate.

Had a look at the TV magazine, nothing on to watch, so I hobbled back to the main room and got settled in the £300 second-hand recliner, with a mug of orange juice and some nibbles for later, and got a DVD on.

Started to watch Dr Who, Ten minutes later I woke up needing a wee-wee. As I escaped the clutches of the recliner and stood up, I could feel the warm flow in the slipper, from the big toe. To the wet room and tended to it again. I put a drop of after-shave on the corner where it seemed to be coming from mostly. Made me jump a bit, but it worked, and the blood flow stemmed within a minute or so. Took the wee-wee and back to watch the DVD.

0450hrs, I woke up with the DVD still on.

A day to forget methinks.