Inchcock – Thursday 13th July 2017: Tenants Social Hour Today – Spec Savers Farce!

Thursday 13th July 2017

Haitian Creole: Jedi 13 July 2017

0430hrs: Bad night for sleep, constant waking up, which is not like me at all. Again, I know I had dreams and many of them, but no notes on the pad nor memories in the brain, Tsk! Tell-tale signs of unidentified crumbs found when I dismounted the £300 second-hand recliner and off to the Porcelain Throne. Peculiarly, Trotsky Terence had weakened his effects a lot. Well, on this session, anyway.

No enough time to get the laundry duties done and the Morrison delivery should be here twixt 0630 > 0730hrs. So I set about having a good stand-up wash, shave, teeth-cleaning and medicationalisationing of the various body parts in need of. Hehe! This took about an hour.

Then I got the kettle on the boil, took the morning medications and did the Health Checks. Weight the same as yesterday.

Had a wee-wee.

Had a short, sharp visit from Dizzy Dennis, took a step to balance myself on the counter and trod on and broke one of the retractable pencils I bought the other day. For a moment, apanthropinization seemed a good idea. A few seconds later and all was well. I bent down to pick up the pieces of pencil and graphite, and as Arthur Itis complained, I passed the wind and hastened back to the Porcelain Throne. Cleaned up and felt like life and I was incongruent, almost enemies?

While the computer booted, I popped out onto the balcony to take these photograhicalisations, tho show the progress of the updating works at the compound.

Started this diary off, then finished yesterday’s and got it posted.

4Thur06Had a wee-wee.

The Morrison man arrived.

Got the stuff put away, now the freezer and fridge are fully loaded again.

Two Tuscan Sausages & Mash in tomato and fennel sauce with roast red onions ready meals were on this order. I do not remember ordering them, but most likely I did, and forgot or I ordered the wrong things?

Emails and WordPress reading were done.

Had a wee-wee.

I had a strong IQ feeling of something coming that would involve my being embarrassed and/or confused later today.

Got the nibbles and raffle prizes in the bag ready for the Winwood Tenants Social Hour in the New Temporary Residents Shed.

Podded some garden peas ready for later.

Took the rubbish bags to the refuse chute.Had a wee-wee.

Had a wee-wee.

Set off with the bags to the Tenants Social Hour.although with going

The work is coming on outside our flats. Although with going

Further along the road, I took these of the new fencing in the centre front of the buildings.

Although with going into town to collect the new hearing aids from SpecSaver and the Biederbeck tape from HMV, I couldn’t stay too long or I’d miss the 1030hrs bus.

4Thur09Nice chinwag and BJ was there. Put the prizes on the trolley and handed out the nibbles. Didn’t have a drink.Got the raffle tickets and handed them out to the gals.

Bought some raffle tickets and handed them out to the gals.

Farewells to all, and back up to the apartment and got the hearing aids in, and down again and to the bus stop, where a right gang of old folks were congregating waiting for the arrival of the L9 buses.

I joined the clan and had a few good mini-chinwags.

Off on the bus, more chinwagging with Pete en route.

Dropped off and waddled my way through the Victoria Centre (Mall) and to the HMV store and collected the Biederbeck DVD.

4Thur10Limped into the Slab Square, where I found they had made progress with the erection of the amusements and Nottingham Beach.

I think it is due to open on Friday or Saturday this week.

The sun began getting a bit weaker later on, and the threat of rain lingered in the air and sky.


As I neared the Specsavers Circus of Woes, I took this picture of the entrance into Eldon Chambers, another little Nottingham alleyway. Before I could get the camera out, a young lady with three small ones toddling along with her and a pram walked into the Chambers and disappeared. Then I noticed the sign outside; Igloo Hybrid Ho(S)tel. Presumably, a cross between a hostel and a hotel must be in there? Somewhere I have not noticed before, and I planned to have a hobble up to take a look at after the Specsavers visit. (But I forgot when I came out, not surprising after what had occurred).

I went in Specsavers and to the reception desk. Told them I was here to collect my hearing aids and handed her the receipt. “You’ll have to take a seat… we cannot get to your aids yet…” She barked. I wasn’t going to argue with this Obergefreiteress, I can tell you. So, I took a seat.

Minutes later a lovely lady came to me, asked if I wanted a bag for the box with the hearing aids and whatever in it. I said no thanks, I have these bags here. She handed me the box and strolled off.

I was confused now. What about me being shown how to fit the things in the ear, the batteries, controls, do they actually fit my ear holes? Had I nodded off and missed something? What day is it?

05Thu12And like the daft soft Plonker I am, I just walked out with the box in the bag. But will the things actually work and fit?

I’ll find out later, I supposed.

Not really with it at that moment.

Walked through the Slab Square and up Queen Street to the L9 bus stop.

Caught the thing and on the way back, I tried to take a photographicalisation of some Nottingham City Homes ‘Sister Flats’ to the ones I dwell in. The shot came out luckily better than I thought it would, with the light fading and the bus travelling, not too bad. The balcony’s on these flats are the ones many of our tenants wanted here, but the cost was too high, they tell us.


On and up Carlton Road and when the bus turned left into Rose Hill, I took another apartment based photo.


This one is of Burrows Court, Sneinton. A tower block that was once full of life has remained empty for over a decade and has been described as an eyesore for local residents. The abandoned 19 storey building off Windmill Lane was built in 1967 and is soon set for a £12 million makeover. When it was occupied, t’was a haven for gangs, crime, druggies, muggings and subletting.


When I got back home and into the flats, the notice board revealed some disturbing news from Jenny, that I could have done without.

So much for the external and internal CCTV cameras, we pay rent for each week.

Fat lot of good they were?

Got in the lift and it was full of dirt and residue from the workers?

The bloke who got in the lift at the same time with me enjoyed having a good chunter on about it and why are the caretakers not cleaning it up straight away, as we have to pay extra for them… Oh, dear. If they did what he wanted, that would mean additional costs, cause naturally the workmen are doing eight-hour shifts and that would mean paying for the other caretaker, Tsk! Got so upset too he did. Hehe!


Up and into the flat, ignoring the letter that had been delivered, I had a wee-wee first, then investigate the mail. It was this leaflet.

Got the mushroom and peas on the boil to add to the Italian ready meal of; Two Vegetarian Sausages & Mash in tomato and fennel sauce with roast red onions later on.

As I got out the Specsavers box of tricks to investigate, the weather turned a bit glum.


Took the things out of the box, what the H4 Pro’s are I’ve no idea. The leaflet was one of those that cover about five different models at the same time, as far I could tell, my hearing aids had none of the extras mentioned? No volume control, no telephone control… a bit disappointed. Tried to get the plugs into the ear hole but just could not fathom out why they would not fit it? Put them all back in the box and decided to complain about the service or lack of it.


I used the Resolve site.


At least I got a reply, okay a standard reply from them (Specsavers), within a minute.

05Thu19aI noticed that they do not print the word Aids?

05Thu18Calmed down a bit and took this shot of the works below outside.

Really, I am not angry, just disappointed in their treatment of me and my own lamentable and dolorous response to it.

If only they knew the difficulties and hassle I have in getting to the Specsavers store in the first place.


2017-07-13 16.02.50The £900 plus, the box of Specsavers hearing aid equipment is now residing, sadly neglected and looking forlorn, on the top of my stacks of DVDs.


Had a wee-wee.

Into the kitchen, got the meal in the oven and added two vegetarian sausages to it.

05Thu24Did the evening Health Checks and took the medications.

All were looking good. Well, the temperature was a bit low (29.6f?) I think, but not to worry all else is good methinks.

Checked on the oven, all looking good.

Picked out some TV programmes to fall asleep watching. Hehehe!

05Thu25Got the nosh served up – smell different anyway.

I didn’t think it looked too appetising at first after I’d added the tomatoes, the peas, vegetarian sausages and mushrooms I changed my mind.

The two sausages that came with the meal had skins that were so thick, I ended up sucking the meat out of the tube of thick 05Thu26skin, that reminded me of… well, never mind.

However, I ate it all up with great satisfaction.

Had a wee-wee and got settled to watch some selected TV programmes.

I don’t know why I bother really. Every time the adverts came on I nodded-off, woke not knowing what was going on with the storyline and nodded-off again!D

Worra Day!