Inchcock Today – Saturday 29th July 2017 – Graphic preperationing for over eight hours in total today

Saturday 29th July 2017

Frisian: Zaterdag 29 Juli 2017

0400hrs: Sprang awake in desperate need of the Porcelain Throne, tummy rumbling. Dizzy Dennis pestering me again. Little Inchy sore but no more bleeding after the session in the night.

Stuck my head out of the kitchen window while making a mug of tea.

Noticed the tenant’s vehicles were all parked nicely and with no naughties having to park on the yellow lines.

Being a Saturday, I assume no workmen will be on site this morning?

Took the medications and did the Health Checks. Weight still 14.88, Tsk!

I noticed the little black splatter marks on the window and decided to have another bash at getting them off.

They were on the outside of the window. Turned it around and used the usual vinegar spray on them and the rest of the window-pane. No luck whatsoever didn’t touch them! Got the scrubber on them and tried again. Nothing moved! I even thought they must be on the inside then – so turned it back and it wasn’t, so turned it around again and got the Fairy Extra Strong spray and scrubbed in into the marks, again, utter failure!

6Sat07But, after my disastrous attempts at freeing the stuff from the window, the view was still breathtakingly beautiful. I, however, knowing that the marks are there, see them instead of the scenery. Grogglecocks!

This was frustrating and baffling me now. I tried some toilet cleaner and bleach on the spots – again, an entirely incompetent result!

A thicker new scouring pad and wire brush both proved negative in my efforts to get these damned spots off of the glass!

What they were I have no idea, would super glue splashes appear twelve floors up for no reason? Is it birds poo residue? Whatever they are, I had to give up. Peed-off about my nequient attempts! Grumph!

0445hrs: Back to the Porcelain Throne again. Messy session. Bleeding again, Huh!

Frustrated, I got the computer going and started to finalise the Friday diary. This took a good while due to Shaking Shaun taking over from Dizzy Dennis who had, (I’m glad to say) parted company with me.

Started this one going to this point.

0930hrs: Spent hours and hours arranging the next INR log in Excel, and the Virgin Internet connection went done and lost the lot. Had to start again! Tsk! Got it up to date and the n went on CorelDraw to get some graphics done ready to use later on the TFZer graphics. Also, some graphics to use as headers for the diary pages.

Got carried away with this a bit, and it was 1430hrs when I had to finish, due to laziness and tiredness.

Had a wee-wee, then checked the Emails, in the hope of finding one from the Clinic amongst the others. None there. Responded to the others. Then did some WordPress reading. Did a Food order online.

The day is going so quickly, 1625hrs now.

Got the food ready, with the intention of settling and watching the Women’s European Championship Quarter Final match, Netherlands v Sweden, and then switching channels to enjoy the Denmark v Germany games with the prospect of the France v England match to come on Sunday.

The match was a fantastic demonstration of Women’s Football at its best. I think that the Netherlands deserved to win, yet if chances were taken by the Swedish, it could have been a different result, Great match.

I turned over channels to be greatly disappointed that the torrential rains have cancelled the Germany v Denmark game.

I did enjoy listening to the commentators, who at this time did not know if the match would go ahead or not, as they had the teams out Twice, to warm up in the floods! The look on the faces of them as they did their best to think of something to say. said it all. Hehe!

The high-tech method of using queegy sponge mops to move the rain from one area to another was fascinating to watch. Hehe!

The rematch is for 1100hrs tomorrow to be followed by the England France game!

No chance of getting any kip until gone midnight. Why I do not know, but the mind seemed over-active, pondering over all sorts of things past and present?