Inchcock Today – Friday 21st July 2017

Friday 21st July 2017

Bulgarian: Петък 21-ви юли, 2017

0500hrs: I woke up and lay there in a ruminative mood, pondering over the missing ailments and pains this morning. Very odd this, my EQ was telling me that something was in the wind of a medical nature on the way?

On the plus side, missing from action at this moment are, Anne Gyna, Arthur Itis, Duodenal Donald, Craig Cramps, Shaking Shaun, Reflux Roger and Harry Hernia! This, I found unnaturally discerning, unsettling and oddly perturbing. At least Haemorrhoid Harold and Dizzy Dennis were both in attendance. Hehe!

This reminded me of the visit from the District Nurse today. Enoxaparin injections time again.

I passed some wind and extracted myself from the crumb covered £300 second-hand recliner, making a mess on the carpet and Ottoman as I did so. A closer inspection of the suspicious particles of food as I got them cleared up, revealed they were from Marmite Crispbread? I cannot remember eating any of these… although as I pondered on this, a faint flavour of Marmite came from the back of the throat. Hehe!

Took the stuff into the bins in the kitchen, and found a tell-tale sign of my overnight crime. Guilty, Tsk!

Eventually, I got to the Porcelain Throne, and things went moderately well with that.

A bit of bleeding and stinging from the rear.

Haemorrhoid Harold and Dizzy Dennis both put in an appearance at the same time.

Dennis was a bit persistent, but he eased off later.

Got the kettle on the boil and did the Health Checks: Sys159, Dia77, Pul91, Temp 31.2 and weight 14.7, no hassle here?

Made a mug of tea and took the morning medications. Still a modicum of concern as to why the other ailments have not been in attendance yet? Uncomfortable sensation this, I can tell you. Haha!

I opened the kitchen window to take this shot of the beautiful Copse and lower field.

Very windy now compared to earlier.

The mind was a bit unintelligible even to me. I kept veering from one thought about ailments lets say, then what time would the nurse be arriving, it is only a booster so she could call at any time, so I’m stuck indoors again until she does. Feeling guilty, because I forgot to phone Sister Jane yesterday, Little Inchy was becoming sore. Then to what fodder I was going to have?

Thoughts all over the place and coming rapidly? Am I going bonkers? No, I think I’m there already. Hehehe!

Took a peek at the three vegetarian meals I’d got on offer from Sainsbury’s yesterday, and opted for the Cottage Pie to have today. But with how my brain was at that moment, anything could change. Craig Cramps and Arthur Itis visited as I did so. Reassuring in a way this, but I do not know why for sure?

Got the computer on and finalised the Thursday diary and got it posted off.

Started this one going up to here, then checked the Emails. Then did some WordPress reading.

Heard some odd noises, so I had a look out of the kitchen window. Sadly, it was the workmen removing the soil from where they have dug up the Chestnut Trees!

Had a wee-wee.

One Email from Coopers offered a discount voucher worth £10 if I made an order over £40 by tonight. Had a decker at the page and put one in. Fool!

Went of Facebooking for a few hours.

No sign of the nurse yet, so I had a wee-wee, made a mug of tea and went on CorelDraw 2017 to work on the graphics to use later on a TFZer series.

The nurse arrived all of a flutter, injections done, paperwork done and off again, all within the space of a few minutes. Busy gal. A lovely bruise where she rushed the job, but no pain or bother.

Did the ablutions and got ready for a hobble into Sherwood to get some bread and a bit of exercise.

5Fri06On Winchester Street Hill, it looks as if the recent rain had brought on the blackberries nicely.

Down and into Sherwood, where I made a bit of a faux-pa at the bank. The sunshine was dazzling and hard to read the screen on the money machines, and I noticed what I thought was another one in the bank. I’ll use that one, I thought.

Went in, put my card in and suddenly realised that the machine was for deposits only! Der! I had to ask a chap if he could retrieve the card for me. Totally embarrassed, I burbled some rubbish about my going to put money in and realised I’d forgot to bring the cash with me. Red face developed! Luckily the man sorted it for me and got it back from the machine. I did feel a right fool!

Out and got some money from the machine and walked over and up to the Continental shop. Jar of Chinese mushrooms, sliced pork, small sliced loaf and cheese & mushroom portions purchased.

Up the hill towards the bus stop and called in the Co-op store and got some small bananas. Then further up and into the Nottingham Hospice Charity shop, donated the old coins to them. Apparently, they must worth a fair bit, cause they made a fuss of me for the first time ever.

To the bus stop and Frank arrived as I was doing the crossword book. He seemed a little uptight and not like his usual self. His other-half sent him, Obergrefreiteress Jenny, to fetch a new computer and was returning it to her. He was probably, a bag of nerves in case he’d got something wrong?

As I hobbled along Chestnut Walk passing the works, after getting off the bus, I cheekily asked a workman if he would loosen the lid on the mushrooms for me. He struggled a bit but did it for me bless him.

Into the lift and up to the flat, had a wee-wee and put the fodder away.

Got the food on the cook and did the Health Checks and took the medications with the meal.

The vegetarian Shepherds pie was sprinkled with cheese on top and put in the oven with some potato letters (Waffles).

Got a few burnt finger edges taking the tray out of the oven.

Added beetroots, garden peas, Chinese mushrooms and tomatoes and soon I had devoured it with much relish and delight to the taste-buds.

Excellent flavour from the Shepherds pie.

Got the TV on and fell asleep with the empty tray still on the chair next to the recliner.

Woke after about an hour and thought it was morning at first.

Off to visit the Porcelain Throne, Haemorrhoid Harold was playing up badly, but very little bleeding.

Nibbled some Lemon Wafers… well, I ate them all. (Guilt!)

Nodded off again, plate still laying there on the other chair. Had a dream, something about my designing a necklace in gold and emeralds and a lady very pleased with efforts, I think she offered me a job, I was very happy… that’s all I recall.

TTFN each.