Inchcock Today – Sunday 2nd July 2017

Sunday 2nd June 2017

Mongolian: 2017 оны 6-р сарын 2-ны ням гарагт

0315hrs: Stirred in the £300 second-hand recliner, annoyed again at not remembering any of the dreams I just know I’d been having. Again, Tsk!

Diahorrea Derek gave me the wink that I needed to attend the Porcelain Throne. Getting disentangled from the recliner reminded me of yesterday when I did so and trod on the remote control for the DVD… I must try it out later to see if it still works, and off I stumbled to the wet room. Felt a bit queasy, if that’s the right work. Made a note to have one of the Strong Morrison’s diarrhorea capsules later.

Put the kettle on to make a brew, and did the Health Checks.

The weight keeps going up, and I got a decent hobble in yesterday?

Made a nice strong mug of tea, passed a silent escapage of wind and returned to the Porcelain Throne in haste. More splattering and squirting that needed cleaning up. Huh! Seems that the ‘Trots’ are back again.

With innards now rumbling and attention being given to me by Reflux Roger, I cleaned things up and returned to the kitchen.

It seemed a bit light for this time in the morning outside. I nipped out onto the balcony to take this photograph. And, I nearly got blown over the railings. The wind was blowing a bit strong. Hehe!

The tea had gone cold, so I made another one and took the mornings medications along with an additional Anit-Trots capsule.

Decided to sort the pots of doses out ready for the week coming.

As I dropped one of the tablets, one of those little Beta-blockers it fell twist the cooker and the cabinet. Getting the thin brush I poked down between and swept it out, guess what came with it? The pea that I had dropped when podding some, days ago and could not find. Hehehe!

Got the pots sorted out and had a wee-wee.

Washed the hands, wiped the contact surfaces with the antiseptic wipes and pondered on what I might have later for the meal. First thoughts were a beef pasty, garden peas and potatoes?

I put some small potatoes in the Crock-Pot and seasoned them with the vegetable stock cubes.

Podded the garden peas and got them into a saucepan and added some demerara sugar so they could both soak in their respective pots to be cooked further in the day.

Shaking Steven was no bother, so I only dropped a few of the peas, and found each one and retrieved them and consigned them to the bin each time.

Had a wee-wee.

Downloaded yesterday’s photographicalisations and resized them and put them in the WordPress gallery ready to use.

Set about updating and posting the Saturday Diary, took me hours to do for some reason?

Had a wee-wee and went into the kitchen to make a brew.

Took these photographic images from out of the window.

Not that I can really blame them, mind. Parking is a nightmare here, with all the works taking place and the garages being pulled down. The chap who moved the cones on the right has a Disabled ticket showing on the windscreen. If all the handicapped spaces are taken, what else can they do? I see another white car has had now parked on the double yellow lines behind the red one. Mayhem! It’s time like these, I don’t mind having had to give up my Driving Licence.

To the Porcelain Throne once more – the seat is coming loose now! Tsk!

Made a mug of tea, and finalised and posted the Saturday one off.

Had a wee-wee.

Emails were done, and answered, WordPress reading done.

Now, I realise I’ve been up for over eight hours now, and feeling a bit drained.

Did the second Health Checks:

Onto Facebooking at last. Caught up.

Pattie of the TFZ fame posted a lovely photograph. I amended it a bit and sent it to her site.

Tried to make it a bit clearer and less dark than her original for her.

Did a bit of work, trying to find a solution for Brother-in-law Pete with his video programme?

Then I amended Dizz’s photo of her new family transport vehicle.

Then back onto CorelDraw to start another TFZ effort or two from scratch.

Dizzy Dennis prevented me pursuing this aim.

Got the meal sorted out.

I enjoyed this one, well pleased with how it came out. A minced beef pocket, BBQ chicken leg, fresh garden peas, beetroots, a few potatoes and some ready made sliced and lightly battered potatoes done in the oven. A 9.35/10!

Settled to watch some heartbeat DVD episodes.

I’ve got all of those I foolishly bought in one go to get through yet. Hope I live long enough to view them. Hehe! Managed to see a few chapters, then had to turn over to the TV so I could watch the  Confederations Cup Final twixt Chile and Germany. I enjoyed it, a competitive match all the way through. The best team did not win, but I wanted Germany to win so no complaints from me.

Nodded off when it finished and thought I had many dreams. The only bit I could recall was one where I was in an underground tunnel escaping from somewhere… the others in there with me and I were all wearing summer shirts or dresses… Someone kept shouting ‘Sangria!’? We could not decide where to start digging up from, and we each had a seaside bucket and spade in hand? That’s all I can remember.

Woke up and had a wee-wee.

Put the TV on and nodded off again before I could make out what was on the screen.

Woke up hours later, around 0350hrs… Had a wee-wee.