Inchcock Today – Friday 14th July 2017: Messy day stuck indoors


 Friday 14th July 2017

Greek: Παρασκευή 14 Ιουλίου 2017

0410hrs: Up and out of the £300 second-hand recliner and to the Porcelain Throne. It seems that neither Trotsky Terence or Diahorrea Duncan were affecting me this morning, a nice change this. Duodenal Donald had replaced their attentions it seems.

Assembled the washing and down to the laundry room and got them started. Noticed the wall clock battery had died.

5Fri02aUp and got a battery to replace it with in my pocket.

Had a wee-wee.

Did the Health Checks and took the morning medications.

Had a mug of tea.

5Fri03Down to move the laundry into the dryer machine and changed the battery in the clock.

Cleaned the filter and surfaces of the washer and had a little wander outside, remembering the warning of vandals on Saturday night come morning, I was a bit weary like.

There were no people about, apart from a milkman who called.

5Fri02Up and made another brew of tea and started to update the diaries then start this one off.

Put the TV on with the foyer entrance view on the CCTV channel.

Roy from the 14th floor had nipped out for a fag. Hehe!

Had a wee-wee, and down to collect the 5Fri09washing.

I noticed some new notes on the board again.

All of them were from Obergruppenfurheress Jenny (Franks other-half).

One about a Liaison Officer, Lynne Rowe, with her contact number if anyone needs help or has any queries. She will call us back if required – who decides if this is necessary, is not clarified.

Jenny has been kind enough to offer her services for anyone without a computer in the event of their getting notification of renewal requirements for the bus pass. I see she managed to find the cap lock button for this one.

That was kind of her.

Another notice about Security of the flats.

This does happen a lot, I’ve seen it many times and mentioned it a few to some residents, but these few scoff when you tell them not to.

Anyone in a nurses uniform is often let in because they are in a nurses uniform.

Bearing in mind the notice below these on the wall, I hope this is taken seriously by all the tenants in this block.

05Thu15It seems that all the works being done, have encouraged a criminal element to take an interest in us?

I noticed the other day, a traveller’s or gipsy Ford Transit cruising to the end of the road and back, with stops, I assume for them to access the accessibility and opportunities for stealing the plant, metal or whatever they can get to?

I pray they do not get the idea of raiding the flats?

But I think it highly possible that they will return and break into the porta-cabins and or the New Temporary Tenants Social hut, soon.

5Fri08After getting away from the hassle, threats and attacks in Carrington to come here, this is the last activity I want to see and become involved in again.

A wee-wee.

Down to collect the now dried washing, all folded and into the bag.

5Fri04Popped outside first to take this photograph of the new fencing in the UKIP colours.


They could do with a static Security Guard on nights, perhaps?

Got the clothes folded and back up to the apartment with them and got them into the 5Fri11airing cupboard.

A bit full now innit? Hehe!

But I know just where to find everything, towels, jammies, socks, woolly hats at the front, jumpers t-shirts, undies at the back.


Got the potatoes with vegetable stock, and the mushrooms and garden peas with mint added, both in the saucepans.

Updated this diary, then onto Facebook to catch up. Yesterday was so busy. I’d got well behind on it.

A few later, I got on with EMails and WordPress reading.

Specsavers email: Asking if I would like them to investigate with the local store owners, supply by return email my DOB, address, phone number, the store name! As I am complaining, why would I not want them to investigate? So I did, as below.


5Fri10This was on the page as well.

I looked on the Trustpilot site, and it seems I should have done so before going to Specsavers.

Lots of negative comments found on there about their service.

Delivery should be coming today, maybe two, with the bargain priced nibbles I ordered. They should last a while, buying in bulk seems a real saving.

5Fri12cThey arrived.

Also, some more paperwork and the INR Results came.

Emailed the surgery with a request for an appointment with Nurse Nichole for Wednesday 26th July as per the DVT instructions.

Onto Facebooking again.

6Sat23Getting late now, so I got the meal going.

Onion rings, peas and mushrooms, tomatoes, mini pork and pickle pie and potatoes.

The lemon fool had gone right off, eurgh! Shame that.

Email from the surgery, confirming 0945hrs for the INR test on Wednesday 26th July for the test.

Medications and Health Checks were done.

Settled down, TV on and I was off into sleep-land in minutes.