Inchcock Today – Thursday 29th June 2017: Not one of my luckiest days!

It could happen to anyone – Hehe!

Thursday 29th June 2017

Cebuano: Huwebes Hunyo 29, 2017

0300hrs: Lay there in the £300 second-hand recliner for ages. First trying to recall the dreams without any success again.

Then thinking through the days’ activities.

0325hrs: Gingerly I escaped the recliner, had a Dizzy Dennis moment and made my way to the wetroom, for a Porcelain Throne session. All went well.

Reflux Roger and Rumbling Rupert were both active this morning.

Did the Health Checks:

Update the weeks’ records. Only the ever increasing weight was of any concern, I think.

Made a nice strong mug of tea and took the morning medications, then back to the wetroom for a wee-wee.

Checked the letter from the NCH (Nottingham City Homes) with the dates of the upcoming individual flat Survey times. IT is mine next Monday between 1300hrs and 1700hrs.

Computer activated, and I put this in the written diary and the Google calendar.

The tea had gone cold, so went to make another one. As I did so, I could make out some noise, even without the hearing aids in, so knew it had to be pretty loud.

It was like a metallic grating. Popped the head out of the window and nearly got myself blown back inside with the howling wind, paperwork in the other room exploded all over, kitchen towels toppled onto the floor and the wonderfully wet rain splattered through, soaking the counter and me!

Humph. Hehe, serves me right!

Looked down outside but could see no reason for the noise, that was now no longer audible?

Had a wee-wee. Then back on the computer to start this diary off to here.

Realised then, that I had not finished yesterday’s journal yet, so got on with that. Got it done and did some WordPress reading and comment answering.

Facebooked a while.

Got a TFZer graphic finished and started on a new one, very complicated and involved. Ran out of time, but I’m reasonably satisfied with the progress. I’ll see if I get time later to finish it, or at least get some more work done on it.

This is the one I’d completed. With Janet from the TFZers.

Turned off everything and got the ablutions done. Scratches and nicks acquired during the shaving process.

Moved the stuff into a bag that is a bit more waterproof (It still let the wet rain in, Tsk) bag and set off taking two jars with me to drop off at the Bottle Bank.

As I hobbled along to the bank, so much of the compound was blocked off with temporary Harris railings, I had to walk on the road for a good distance to get there. The rain was light at this stage, but the wind was a bit nasty. I’ll see how the new umbrella can cope with it later.

When I got into the shed, a lot of Tenants were already in there early, and laughter flowed freely.

A new bloke had taken the seat where I usually do, the only chair available part from Bills was right in a corner away from everyone. Put the raffle prizes on the stand and gave out the nibbles early, being as I was going to have to leave early. I told them all to take two picks, so as to make less weight to carry to the doctors and back. Not that it mattered in the end, I left the box there on the floor when I departed later. Huh!

Bill (William on Sundays) arrived, I noticed no one had taken his seat! Humph, Hehe!

No one to talk to that I could hear if they replied. T’was such a lonely session. BJ arrived with his better half, had a few words, but while I did this someone sat in the corner chair. Laugh?

I gave out a few of the emergency towels, and bid farewell to everyone – but nobody answered (That I heard anyway). Began to get depresses then, Ha!

As I got to the end of the road and turned onto Winchester Hill, the rain commenced to heavier, so, up with the new brolly. It rattled a lot from the handle area in use but coped with both the wind and rain well enough.

Two ambulances were at the old people’s flats on Mansfield Road, took the photo from under the new brolly.

The rain got even worse as I got over the brow of the hill into Carrington. The buses and lorries were hitting the standing water and cascading with the stagnant rain when they did! The trouser leg bottoms were soaking now. Hey-ho!

Into the surgery, in plenty of time and asked the receptionist if I could make an appointment for the CHD Checks. She booked me in for Tuesday 18th July at 0930hrs. Requested a sample tube and she gave me one.

Sat to wait my turn and I noticed I’m dragged in wet leaves on the souls of the shoes. Got a tissue out of the bag and tried to pick some up, but the knees and back prevented any success. I did cope with getting the shoes off and wiping them, though.

Nurse Nichol came into view, it was such a pleasure to see her smile as she greeted me and led me into the treatment room.

Gave her some Chocolate Orange discs, thanked her and into the reception area and gave them their nibbles, only one gal there and she didn’t answer me. She did manage an unsmiling lifting of her head that said, Yes alright!

Am I imagining the bad day I’m having social-wise or what?

Out with the brolly up on the road and walked down to the Lidl store. Where I got some replacement nibbles, a minced-beef pasty, canned tomatoes, smoked bacon, a tin of garden peas and a wholemeal loaf. I was intending to put this bread in the freezer for later, but there was no room. Humph!

Out and to the bus stop, where I could not get under the shelter for the other passengers waiting, and with the two bags now, the brolly could not be utilised, so I got wet again. (No problem in doing so, I was becoming an expert at it this morning. Hehe!)

Caught the bus and dropped off in Sherwood. Over the crossing and to the L9 bus stop.

The lovely lady from the 8th floor was there, and we had a good chinwag and laugh.

The L9 was late coming, but we didn’t mind. The rain went down to a trickle of that; Fine-soak you through type.

Up to the flats and now they have moved the bus stop there, we got another soaking as we had to walk the length of Chestnut Walk to get to out foyer.

Up in the lift, said my farewell to the gal, and she did to me.

As I got in, I had a wee-wee. Into the kitchen to put the bits away, the rain came walloping down again.

A moment later, it went back to the drizzly wet-rain?

Took the medications and did the Health Checks, which produced some surprising result: Sys 154, Dia 77, Pulse 94, Temp 36.0? Perhaps I did not settle down enough before taking them?

Got a can of tomatoes in the saucepan and bacon in the oven tray ready to cook later.

Had a wee-wee.

Put the nibbles in the spare room.

Made a nice strong brew of Thompson’s tea bags.

Computer turned on and saw the photograph above, I had the idea for a bit of TFZer fun, to put some of the gals onto it. So I did. I put Pattie and Marie, my heartthrobs onto it. Hope they like it.

Started the updating of this diary.

Checked on Facebook and then WordPress reading.

Back to CorelDraw and working on that difficult TFZer one.

Got it done it last. Phew!

TFZer ladies, Josie, Betty, Linda, Janet and Dizz with support from Andy and Thomas.

Had a wee-wee.

Got the meal out and served up.

Unhealthy but so tasty a simple meal. Mushrooms, chopped tomatoes and smoked streaky bacon, with some Polish half-rye sourdough bread.

Lemon fool to follow.

Had a wee-wee.

Got settled to watch some of the excellent TV programmes on offer tonight. A great Inchcock selection!

1800hrs: Channel 72: Two episodes of the first series of Law & Order

2000hrs: Channel 20: Hetty Wainthrope Investigates – then New Tricks

2200hrs: Channel 21:  Law & Order SVU, two episodes.

I nodded off at around 1812hrs when the first commercial break came on and woke at midnight just as the credit screen at the end of the second of the Law & Order SVU finished.

Had a wee-wee.


Wednesday 28th June 2017 – Got the laundry, Food delivered and some TFZer Graphics done. Apart from weeing, nothing else much. Hehe!

Wednesday 28th June 2017

Macedonian: Среда, 28 јуни 2017 година

0218hrs: Shot awake with a start. Little Inchy very sore indeed, Duodenal Donald and Anne Gyna both going away at me. Tsk!

No memories of any dreams, but again, I knew I’d had some. Decided to get up and do the laundry room tasks while I felt up to it and in case the ailments got worse.

As I dismounted the £300 second-hand recliner, Dizzy Dennis joined in with the others.

Collected the in-need-of-washing gear and down to the laundry room, got it going and back up to the apartment.

Checked on the fire door while I was nearby. The handle to press to open was tiny I thought?

Cleaned the kitchen floor and wiped some surfaces, but the innards hassle prevented me from doing any more stuff for now. I’ll try again later if I get the time and feel up to it. Hello! Reflux Roger joined the attack now! Humph, not a good start!

Had a wee-wee. Then back down and moved the clothes from washer to the dryer, and back up again.

There were no signs of any need for a Porcelain Throne session yet. Odd that?

Did the Health Checks: Sys 147, Dia 73, Pulse 88, Temp 35.5, Weight 14.8

Got the computer on finished the Tuesday post.

Forgot to put the picture of the meal on it.

Roger Reflux, was certainly getting bad now?

Then down to the washing room again, and collected the clothing.

Bagged up the items and cleaned the filter.

Found a ladies sock in the dryer, so put it in view on the window railings.

Wiped the surfaces and left, going into the lobby to go to the lifts, I noticed that outside it was raining rather persistently and the roadway on Chestnut Walk was flooded!

And I have to go out to the surgery this morning too, for an INR blood Test. Tsk!

Up to the apartment and got the kettle on and out away the clothing.

 Took a photo through the kitchen window from well back.

Made a brew and pondered on what needing sorting today.

Clinic: Must phone them about the operation date.

Tenants Social Hour: Not managed to get there for weeks now. And today I must leave them at no later than 1025hrs, so as to get to the surgery in time for the blood test.Put the DVT card and crossword book in the bag ready, then got the raffle prizes and nibbles sorted for the meeting.

Susan the foot lady coming twixt 12-1300hrs. Hope I can get back in time from the doctors for her.

Put the DVT record card, the CDH letter (Must remember to ask for a sample tube) and crossword book in the bag ready, then got the raffle prizes and nibbles sorted for the meeting. And… the new umbrella. Hehe!

The flipping sneezing has started now. I keep looking to see if anything has shot out on the floor each time. You know, a lung or something like that. Haha!

Did the ablutions early, no showering cause of the noise this early (0515hrs), so a good stand-up session will have to do. Hopefully, something will move in the Porcelain Throne needs department while I’m in there.

Had a wee-wee.

Back in a bit.

I’m back, smelling all fresh after the ablutionalisational session. The Throne was utilised without any problems this morning.

Made a mug of tea and took the morning medications.

The rain had gone down to a drizzle, but the skies seemed to promise more to come?

Had a wee-wee. Awaiting the Morrison delivery any time now.

Started researching for help with Windows Movie Maker for Brother-in-Law Pete.

No luck.

Morrison man arrived.

Might have overdone it again. Huh!

Facebook for a while.

Had a wee-wee.

Then realised I’d got my days a bit mixed up… Humph! It’s tomorrow the clinic and the surgery, not today. Sad innit?

Got the peas and potatoes in their pans ready to do later, having fish tonight.

Redid some TFZ graphic work.


Made a cuppa, did the midday Health Checks and medications were taken.

Had a wee-wee.

Sue arrived to tend to my tootsies. She was in and finished in about ten minutes and off and gone. Never known her so quick, and did not cut me once, either. She seemed a little tense, bless her. So I assumed she had a job on or some hassle going. Gave her some nibbles as she left.

I went into the wetroom for a wee-wee and stubbed ly left big toe on the flipping mop bucket. Huh!

Got the fodder prepared and consumed.

Fishcake, smoked mackerel fillets, cod in batter, Surimi sticks, potatoes and garden peas.

Sourbread and butter, and apple and a lemon yoghourt. Rated this one as a worthy 9.2/10.

Did the Health Checks and took the medications.

I must take care now the doctor has put me on 60mg codeine phosphate tablets instead of the 30mg. She did this I think, to help with them stopping the Morphine until after the GUM operation. Must remember to ring them in the morning.

Had a wee-wee.

Got the goggle-box on and ready to watch the Chile v Portugal semi-final. What bits of I saw in between nod-offs was good, end-to-end stuff. Of course the team I wanted to win, lost on penalties.

Had a wee-wee.

Tried to watch some first season Law & Order on Freeview channel… er… forget now, an American one.

Gave up, the need for sleep was too overpowering.


Inchcock Today: Tuesday 27th June 2017

Tuesday 27th June 2017

Xhosa: NgoLwesibini 27 Juni 2017

National Sunglasses Day – What next?

Up at 0259hrs: No dreams remembered, but I knew I’d had them. Tsk!

Out of the £300 second-hand recliner and to the Porcelain Throne – all good.

Computer started and reminder notes to use found, and I could even decipher some of them.

Then the shakes started, no dizzies, no Anne Gyna, just the shakes. They stayed for a few minutes while I was taking the Health Checks.

The batteries on the BP thingamabob ran out. That’s the little clock in the kitchen, the radio in the wetroom now this one that the batteries have conked out on me within 24 hours. I must get some more batteries when out again.

0330hrs: Sys: 153 Dia: 79 Pulse 86 Temp 35.8 Weight: 14.87 Nowt to fret over. Going to take the morning medications and realised that once again, I’d missed the evening ones. With it being so early, and now must remember to take the morning ones later.

The shakes departed as I made a mug of tea.

Found a letter in the hallway. More tests to be done. Only an Annual one this time. CHD. I must remember to book this on Thursday at the INR blood test… and to ask for a sample bottle for Little Inchy’s liquid.

Back to the computer, a quick go on Facebook to add the recent photographs to the albums. Recorded the HC readings. Then Dizzy Dennis visited me. A short and sharp session this one, not nice, but far better than a long one.

Went to make another mug of tea and Duodenal Donald started kicking off. Bit annoyed at this as earlier, things seemed to be so quiet and calm on the ailment side of things. Humph!

Made another brew. Drinking a lot this morning?

Feeling a bit depressed now, so I’ve put some New Vaudeville Band music on YouTube to cheer me up.

Started this dairy off up to here, then finished off the Monday one.

Hours spent WordPress reading and checking on the Grammarly’s extensions in Firefox.

Had a wee-wee.

Made another drink to replace the one that went cold.

Gone a bit dark now, still no rain yet though, so I might nip out later on if the threat does away.

Had a wee-wee. (Getting a bit regular?)

I was fascinated watching some dogs who had taken their owners for a walk in the bottom field. Tried to photograph them jumping about in the long grass, but they were very quick (The dogs, not the owners), too fast for me. That is until two more dogs tuned up and the wagging tailed group of them met up and with apparent joy, started to play and enjoy themselves as they went into bushes and grass chasing each other.

I was temporarily transmuted into a happy chappie while I watched them.

Checked the Google Calendar for tasks needing attention.

Wednesday and Thursday there a was a few things to remember. At least I can to the Tenants Social Hour for once. The last three weeks with the Enoxaparin injections, I’ve not been able to attend. Mind you, I won’t have much time, cause the INR blood test is oddly timed for 1122hrs. So it takes me about 50 minutes on a good day to walk to the surgery, so I must leave at… let me work this out, I’ll get my calculator… leave at 1030hrs to get there in time, maybe earlier if Arthur Itis or Anne Gyna are playing me up?

Hello… remembered the morning medication needed taking late. So I did.

Thinking I’d photograph the tablets in my hand, to show off how much better Arthur Itis was treating me and proud to have not missed taking them… and I dropped them when Shaking Steven caught me off guard! Huh!

Got all of them apart from the Bisoprolol Fumarate 3g. I’ll probably find it in a few days when I hoover up. Haha!

Did some Facebooking catch-up. Spent far too much time on it, hours again. Tsk!

Had a wee-wee.

Made a cuppa and podded the peas and put them in the saucepan with some water and demerara sugar to marinate.

Opened CorelDraw and made a start on some graphicationalisationing. This is the first one completed for TFZ’er Luscious Lona.

Took about 2 hours start to finish. Posting it on Facebook now.

Had a wee-wee.

Had some mail through the letterbox.

Blimus, I’ve got some to sort out and remember, again. Tsk!

Can I still smell the bacon in here?

Back to the graphicalisationing. Well, that was the plan. Just had a visit from Dizzy Dennis and Shaking Steven.

Going to sit down and relax for a bit instead.

Inchcock Today – Monday 26th June 2017

Monday 26th June 2017

Sinhalese: 2017 ජූනි 26 වන සඳුදා

0500hrs: Woke full of memories of what I believe were bizarre dreams. By the time I’d fought my way out of the £300 second-hand recliner and into the Porcelain Throne room, every bit of memory had gone, and no scribbled notes on the pad. Tsk!

At least the Throne session was not too bad, splattered just a bit and minimal bleeding from Haemorrhoid Harold.

Duodenal Donald, Anne Gyna and Arthur Itis were all having a go at me. The Whoopsiedangleplop last night is the reason, I assumed.

Took the medications, realising I’d missed last nights again. Took just one Warfarin extra.

Health checks were done, a bit of a dodgy start on this weeks health checks.

Some odd numbers recorded?

Had a wee-wee.

The computer on and finalised yesterday’s diary. Took me while the fingers were stiffening a bit.

Podded some fresh garden peas and got them in the saucepan ready for later.

Started this one off, then did some WordPress reading and comment replies.

Checked the Google Calendar for a date when free to order some nosh from Morrisons. Did the order.

Facebook activities followed.

Had a wee-wee.

Carried out the ablutions and got me all smelling nice, medicated and dressed.

Took the four bags waste, 3 regular 1 recycling to the chute on my way out. Pressed the button for the lift, it was on the 14th floor – it bypassed my 12th floor to the 3rd floor then to the ground floor. It came up to the 6th floor, the 15th floor and finally down to the 12th floor. Good job I didn’t have a bus that needing catching. Hehe!

Anne Gyna was bit bothersome.

Got down to the ground floor, and I realised I’d left the camera and mobile in the flat. Tsk! .So, back up in the elevator again, pressed the button while the lift was on the 7th floor, it went up to the 9th and then the 13th floor, down to the 5th floor stopped at the fifth floor, the 4th floor and the 3rd floor, finally getting down to the ground floor. (I made a note of this activity to remember to record later) Fully expecting folk to want to get out of the lift I stood back as the doors opened – it was empty?

Was this due to there only being the one elevator working?

Anyway, up to the twelfth and nipped in quick as I could manage and collected the phone and camera, back to the lift.It was now on the 14th floor now, I pressed the

It was on the 14th floor now, I pressed the call button, and it came straight to me, with four tenants in it. We had a laugh and finally, I got outside.

Called in the social hut to see either Deana or Julie for a word and give them some nibbles – there was only an NCH woman who told me neither of them is in today or tomorrow. I replied; “Oh fair enough, I won’t collapse for a couple of days then” with a cheeky grin all over my face. She did not see the funny side of my comment and offered me a look that silently said to me through the flaming ether; “Who the hell are you to be sarcastic about the staff!”

I put the nibbles in the fridge and beat a hasty retreat!

Wobbled along to the end of the road and down Winchester Street hill.

As I turned the corner, I saw the blackberries coming along nicely now.

I wonder how long it will be until we are over-ridden with folk from all over the County after their freebie fruit? Hehe!

Had to stop for few minutes, to cope with Anne Gyna’s severity. By luck, I was near a small Derby stone brick wall and made use of it.

Further down the hill and I took a photograph of Woodthorpe Court flats.

Continued down the hill to the traffic light junction at the end.

Spotted that yet another shop had closed down in Sherwood.

The what was the bedding store that had ceased trading!

Very sad and worrying all these closures all over the place.

What does the future hold with Brexit going on, it can’t be good, can it?

On the junction, I pondered which way to limp…

Left, straight on or right? I went right up to the hill top.

The greengrocery shop had some so called fresh peas on sale and display, with shrivelled pods and even a maggot or two in the box. I shuddered and moved on up the hill.

Called in the Nottingham Hospice shop for a nosey around to see if they had anything that interested me. Nope!

Up to the top of the hill and met Bill from the 14th floor, we had a chat. He is going into hospital later today to have his very sore leg looked at again. He is now on liquid Morphine. Wished him all the best and asked him to let me know how it goes. Poor Bill.

Over the brow of the hill and down towards the park gates.

Not many folks about this morning and the forecast rains have not arrived yet. (They never did)

Give it time I suppose.

As I hobbled through the Woodthorpe Grange Park entrance, it looked extremely sparse of users, kids, prams, dogs and pavement cyclists were all notable by to their absence?

Had war been declared and nobody told me? Hehehe!

Then I saw two wood pigeons on the grass to the left of the path.

I tried to get a decent shot of them from a distance.

Had a bit of luck on the sixth attempt (Last photograph), they both stopped pecking at the grass and looked up at me at the same time!

To the top of the footpath and turned right, still not many people around.

I decided to have a walk through and down my favourite little Copse, and out the bottom of it and wander through the wild field back to the flats.

Not a soul anywhere to be seen in there or the field below.

The atmosphere as I walked down the worn pathway, stumbling here and there of the tree roots as they come more and more out of the ground, was lovely.

The smells, the peace… and then I noted further into the Copse, some Git had spilt white paint over the plants. Sad making!

I took this photograph of the Winwood flats when I came out into the open and the field the smells changed in the air, and the wildflowers scent abounded.

Super pleasant!

Hobbling through the knee high growths, trying not to tread on the flowers, I did a Whoopsiedangleplop and tripped over into some bushes!

Fancy that…me of all people! Hahaha!

No injuries at all, although I did take a fair bit of time getting up again, nothing to hang onto you see. These blue flowers almost talked to me. Don’t laugh!

Got out of the field and down the gravel path to the flats

Some workmen were ripping up the decorative concrete at the end of out apartments.

Got up and into the flat without any incident and had a wee-wee.

I’d left the flipping heater and radio on. How did I not notice this before? The batteries in the radio had died. Huh!

Got the meal on the cook and began updating this post.

Anne Gyna still giving me some bother.

Had a wee-wee. Checked the fodder, didn’t seem to be cooking very quickly? Mini potato waffles and added a beef pastie and some sausages to them in the oven.

Had a wee-wee.

Back to doing this diary.

Got the fodder served up, a big meal this one, yet I ate it all up. I am a good boy. Hehe)

I’m afraid that might not have been such a good idea because afterwards Duodenal Donald and Reflux Roger both gave me some bother. Tsk!

Had a wee-wee.

Washed up and settled in the £300 second-hand recliner to watch some Heartbeat DVD episodes. A lot of rewinding in between nodding off sessions.

Eventually, I nodded off for an hour or so of dream filled sleep – but could I remember any of them? No! Why, oh why does this happen? There are times when with the use of any notes I might have scribbled along with what memories of the said dreams still lingered, that I can remember so much detail of them – but not very often lately. Annoying this!

I changed to the TV mode to watch a film. First set of commercials and off I drifted.

Inchcock Today: Sunday 25th June 2007 – Whoopsiedangleplop with the Nosh. Sob!

Sunday 25th June 2007

Basque: 2007 ko Ekainaren 25ean, Igandea

0425hrs: Out of the £300 second-hand recliner and to the Porcelain Throne – I’m afraid things were getting a little ‘loose’ and ‘squirty’ in this function, again. Oh, heck! Diarrhoea Derek returning?

Into the kitchen, a strange blue hue to the view, for you… Poetry comes free folks, Hehe!

Took the morning medications, and after wondering if should or not, I swallowed a Morrison Acute Diarrhoea capsule, for fear of going through the Trotsky’s again!

Carried out the Health checks, Sys 144, Dia 80, Pulse 90, Temp 34.9 – Weight 14.76, then remembered to put the oil in the lug-holes.

Made a brew and sorted the photographs from yesterday. Got them on the computer and then started this post of up to here.

Had a wee-wee, and began to finish off the Saturday postings. Got the done but not until 0800hrs. Phew!

7Sun02bGot the medication pots sorted out for next week.

Then started this diary off.

Had a wee-wee.

Got back to the computer, and oh dearie me… had to return to the wetroom for another Porcelain Throne session. Not much, but almost liquid, the splattering had to be cleaned up. Wiped the contact areas with the lemon antibacterial wipes.

7Sun03Noticed how the clouds had formed so beautifully.

Made a mug of tea.

Then I did a WordPress post about Nottingham the trip to the hearing place and test that didn’t happen.

Got it posted off: Photographs from my hearing aid test that did not happen

Got around to some WordPress reading.

Then onto Facebooking.

Brother in law sent this photo from the Kitty Cafe on his and Jane’s visit.

Certainly looks as snug-as-bug in this slide, doesn’t he now?

Oh, I see now the picture was taken from outside, Humph!

Got onto CorelDraw 7, not 2017 and did some graphicationalisationing for the TFZer site I love so much.

This one is of Mary Friedberg, with Tom sneaking into it and nicking one of her Muffins? Hehe!:

And this one of Sandie Lentz, with Butler Andy in attendance:

Took a few hours that did, Got them posted in the hopes that they like them.

The stomach was rumbling, not with pain but hunger. So I got the sausages and bacon in the oven and canned tomatoes in the saucepan.

Updated the Health Checks Record on Excel and compared last week’s averages to this weeks. I don’t think there is nowt to worry about.


Got the TV magazine and had a look if owt interesting was on the box.

Oh, yes a lot on offer tonight, for hours and hours.

One film I’d like to have watched, but it was on far too late for me.

I rang Sister Jane to see if they can record it for me. Out of luck, though. Jane said send details, and Pete would try, but to not hold out much hope. Fair enough.

Told her about the hearing aid wait due to the excess wax. She said they know of something that Boots told Pete about that is a lot better than the olive oil the doctor told me to use. I’ll definitely give that a go.

Emailed Pete details as instructed by Pete about the program. He will tell me about the new stuff in his reply.

Got the food served up.

It was going down a treat… then… Whoopsiedangleplop!

Fingers froze as I was biting into a dipped sausage and slice of bacon wrapped in a slice of sourdough bread, and it dropped – tried to catch it, but the fingers would let me. I foolishly decided to use the other hand to assist, and the blooming meal and tray slid off onto me, the chair, the cover and the floor! Got out of the £300 second-hand recliner trying and failing to avoid treading in the tomatoes, the fork and the apple! Nearly slipped over at one point – so now I had an even greater mess to clean up, Humph!

Getting the cleaning stuff out of the cupboard I hit my knee on the corner of the door.

Wiped and scraped, took the cover off and put it in the washing bag, then got down on the floor on all fours with the bowl of soapy hot water and a kitchen towel roll and managed with some success, to clean up the mess.

Could I get up again? At one point I considered pressing me wrist alert button but resisted. Heaven knows how long it took, (A long time) but I did, painfully, frustratingly and embarrassingly grappled to get back up on my pins, after working out the least painful route. Hehe!

Proud of myself, I retook the stuff in the kitchen without further mishap, returned to the front room and spotted all sorts of bits of things and areas that still had tomato juice, crumbs, and even a sausage that I’d missed!

This time I got the picker and the walking stick at my side before venturing down to floor level again. Somehow I cleaned up the mess reasonably well this time.

Got up reasonably quickly and with little bother. Put the rubbish in the bin, and washed the carpet best I could. Cleaned up the mess I’d made in the kitchen, and got some old sheets from the spare room to cover the recliner with before trying to settle once again and watch TV for a while.

Shame I didn’t take some photo’s, but that was the last thing on my mind.

As I sat down, the instant I sat down, knew that Haemorrhoid Harold had been bleeding badly, so I got up again in seconds and to the wetroom for a hygienic cleaning up session. Getting fed-up now!

The hassle of the Whoopsiedangleplop caused Duodenal Donald to kick off, and Arthur Itis was not happy with all the struggling to get down and up, so he let me know this.

I’d gone from content and feeling reasonably well, to a blubbering wreck, in pain and terribly depressed!

Had a wee-wee.

Gave up with watching the TV.


Nottingham Photographs from my Hearing Aid Test that didn’t happen!

Set off on the bus into town.

Arrived a little early, so I had a wander around taking photographicalisations.

Hobbled through the Slab Square in the City Centre.

Then down to St Peter’s Square.

Where some Buddhists were offering free soft drinks and recruiting for the three disciplines of their faith. Drew a lot of folks attention. Then again, knowing the great Nottinghamian’s ‘Owt fer nowt’ approach, I was not surprised.

Arrived at the Hearing Aid, SpecSaver shop in plenty of time.

I approached the receptionist, a great one this woman would have been, I imagined she would have been of invaluable assistance as a Chef Oberaufseherin, “Chief Senior Overseer” in any of their concentration camps. Her superior snotty (Don’t you dare bother me!) glare and attitude alone would have scared most inmates without threats of violence! It certainly, frit me!

She told me to take a seat in the waiting area. I wasn’t going to argue with her, so meekly I took my place in the waiting area! Got the crossword book out and within a few minutes a lady came out to me, smiled, collected me and led me into a small room. Very reassuring that I got a person and not a robot to deal with me!

Phenomenally good looking, short dress on and excellent, no, perfect chunky, thought inspiring legs. I found it hard to concentrate as she quizzed me on my hearing history. Sweet natured patient lass she was.After an hour or so of hearing related discussions and few laughs it was decided:

After an hour or so of hearing related discussions and few laughs it was decided:

I have far too much wax in both ear-holes to do a test today that would be accurate. Told to continue with, but increase the applications of Olive Oil in both channels to loosen the wax. Then I have to return on Tuesday  4th July at 1130hrs for have the wax removal and a test done. Usually, removing the wax would cost me £50 (Two @ £25) to have done, but if I purchase hearing aids from them, it will be free on this occasion.

I explained the discomfort of the current models I have, also the difficulty when it comes to changing and cutting/refitting new tubes. She showed me some in-the-ear aids. I liked the idea of them, but she was not sure if they would be powerful enough for me, but might be. They will know after the test. These were the cheapest in the range on offer too! This woman I believed and trusted, but the test will be done by someone else, the bloke who I spoke to on my last visit, who looked like a banker with his red braces and hadn’t started shaving yet I didn’t think?

My confidence ebbed.

I departed and had a photographicalisational limp on my way through Nottingham’s streets to the Victoria Shopping Centre (Mall).

Up through Exchange Walk

Across the Slab Square – Passing the wedding Rolls Royce

Up Long Row to the corner of Clinton Street and Abdul’s fruit stall

A bit of a risky hobble through Clinton Street – Danger lurks for any elderly or disabled people brave or foolish enough to hobble along it!

Managed to get through and out of the other end without any Accifauxpas!

Into the Victoria Centre (Mall), and through to the other end and the Tesco store. Got some sourdough bread and fresh pod peas.

Up to an alley on Shakespeare Street near some student residences.

As I got towards the bus stop for home, I took this photograph of a building called ‘Fothergill Watson House in honour of the greatest designer ever from Nottingham, by the same name. Actually, is original name was Watson Fothergill, bu he changed it around when he was in his teens. It puts the newer update building next door into its place as a bleak characterless effort?

A brilliant artistic architect.

Inchcock Today – Saturday 24th June 2017: Off for the hearing aid test that wasn’t?

Saturday 24th June 2017

Malayalam: ശനി 24 ജൂൺ 2017

0425hrs:  Out of the £300 second-hand recliner and off for a wee-wee.

Took the first of several photographs from roughly the same area through the kitchen wall over the next hour or so, showing the change or lack of change in the weather. Rain forecast for today.

Taking the morning medications, I realised I’d missed taking my last night ones. Huh!
Missing the Warfarin after all the trouble and hassle they have had over the past ten days, will please the DVT team, I’m sure.

Back in the wet room to the Porcelain Throne.

All-in-all, a good session. There was no bother from Haemorrhoid Harold at all, the first day in months that there was no bleeding. Good!

Anne Gyne, Reflux Roger and Harry Hernia were no hassles either. Good!

I felt that Duodenal Donald and Arthur Itis were both warming up for an attack. I’m not sure how I know these things, experience perhaps? Or my high EQ? Whichever or whatever, I was confident of the forthcoming annoyance and pain that is assuredly incoming soon, from both of them. I hope I’m wrong!

Reminded me of the need to catch the 1232hrs bus to get to the audio test.

Had a wee-wee.

Made a mug of tea and got the computer going. Did some WordPressing and checked the Emails. One from the surgery with the Warfarin doses after yesterday’s blood test. Telling me my next INR will be on 29 June. Whoever usually send these books out to me with an appointment and asks if it is alright and I reply straight away. Not this time. So I had to make a request for an appointment early. (So I can get to the Tenants Social Hour at 1000hrs – having missed the last three due to medical appointments and getting a little frustrated with it) Of course, being a Saturday, they will not get the Email request until Monday, giving only two days warning, and they will not be able to fit me in, I bet! Frustrated!

Facebooking caught up with.

Although not much heart in it after making a mess of it yesterday, I started a new try at the TFZ graphicalisationing. Made up some cut-out and adjusted photograph bits to use first. Long job, but I think I’ve got them right this time. Saved them to disc, then got on with the scene for the graphic.

Packed up sharpishly and got the ablutioning done.

Off to the new bus stop. Many residents were milling around also waiting for the bus. We now have a bench to sit on, no shelter yet but still, they are doing their best to help us, not that this prevented any of the many moans and quibbles that were being passed around between the tenants present, oh no!

One chap and his wife, who must have been from the Winchester block, was going on about (the Grenfell fire disaster was the current subject at the time). “I’ve never smoked” (He must have said this in his high loud voice about five times) “Smoking should be banned inside the flats and anyone weak enough to want to smoke should go outside for one!” He was probably trying to intimidate the few who were having a puff behind us. Never seen the chap before, but he looked very young compared to me and the others.

I wish I had been brave enough to mention his breath smelling of alcohol (Even tough it didn’t, it was just a thought) and suggested anyone wanting a drink should go outside and drink it! Hehe! Moan after moan about the works taking place. It must be a tremendous job for the Council to undertake. That will take over two years to complete the modernisation of the flats and has many difficulties to face, (other than the nagging of many of the residents). I think we are being pampered by the Council. Since I had to sell the house and move into here, I appreciate having someone to call on for help… fair enough it might take a few days to find someone free to help, but this is far better than having no one at all to help. Does that come out right?

Soon got into town and had a while to kill before the appointment with the SpecSaver audio hearing test, so wandered around taking some photographs of Nottingham centre.

It was soon time for the meeting.

Told the receptionist, a great one this woman would have been. I imagine she would have been of invaluable assistance as a Chef Oberaufseherin, “Chief Senior Overseer” in any of their concentration camps. Her superior snotty (Don’t you dare bother me!) attitude alone would have scared most inmates without threats of violence! Certainly, frit me!

She told me to take a seat in the waiting area. I wasn’t going to argue with her, so meekly I took my place in the waiting area! Got the crossword book out and within a few minutes a lady came out, collected me and led me into a small room.

Phenomenally good looking, short dress on and excellent, no, perfect chunky thought inspiring legs. I found it hard to concentrate as she quizzed me on my hearing history. Sweet natured patient lass she was. After an hour or so of hearing related discussions and few laughs it was decided:

I have far too much wax in both ear-holes to do a test today that would be accurate. Told to continue with, but increase the applications of Olive Oil in both channels to loosen the wax. Then I have to return on Tuesday  4th July at 1130hrs for have the wax removed and a test done. Usually, removing the wax would cost me £50 (Two @ £25) to have done, but if I purchase hearing aids from them, it will be free on this occasion.

I explained the discomfort of the current models I have, also the difficulty when it comes to changing and cutting/refitting new tubes. She showed me some in the ear aids. I liked the idea of them, but she was not sure if they would be powerful enough for me, but might be. They will know after the test. These were the cheapest in the range on offer too! This woman I believed and trusted, but the test will be done by someone else, the bloke who I spoke to on my last visit, who looked like a banker with his red braces and hadn’t started shaving yet I didn’t think? My confidence ebbed.

Thanked her and departed. It was a while before the last L9 bus of the day was due, so I had a hobble around for a while.

Went to Victoria Centre (Mall) and into the Tesco store.

Got some sliced sourdough bread and fresh garden peas.

Window shopped as I made my way out of the centre.

Noticed these ladies shoes in a shop window as 6Sat26I limped through Trinity Square.O

I liked the look of these a lot.O

Took the photographicalisation of them, so I cold put it on the TFZ site and ask the lassies there for their opinion.

Caught the bus back to the flats, didn’t see any of the other tenants getting on.

Got in the apartment and had a wee-wee.

Got an urge for some chips with the meal.

So made with Meatballs raw pod peas, beetroot, mushrooms and streaky bacon. With a BBQ sauce dip.

Along with a lemon yoghourt, apple and slices of the sourdough bread. Rated this one as 9.1/10.

Took the evening medications and did the health checks.

2000hrs: Attempted to watch some more of the new (To me) ‘Heartbeat’ DVD.

0425hrs: Woke up.

Inchcock Today – Friday 23rd June 2017

Friday 23rd June 2017

Portuguese: Sexta-Feira, 23 de Junho de 2017

0400hrs: Up, out of the £300 second-hand recliner chair and did the Health Checks: Sys 48, Dia 76, Pulse 88,  Temp 35.9 and weight 14st 8lb.

Got the laundry sorted and down to the machine.

Back to the flat and got the Thursday post finished off and posted.

Down to the laundry room and moved the things into the dryer.

Back in the apartment, got the nibbles into the bag for the nurses. Had a wee-wee.

Took a photograph from the kitchen window.

Down again and got the second load of washing out and into the dryer with the first load.

Up once more, and started this diary off. A trouble-free Porcelain Throne session.

Down to collect the things and cleaned filter, machines and counters.

Getting lighter now, took a shot of outside the foyer doors.

Put the clean stuff away, had a wee-wee and updated this diary.

Computer turned on. Looks like a bit of wet weather is due for Nottingham:

Did some WordPressing, then checked Emails.

Ablutions are done and set off to walk to Carrington and the surgery for the INR blood test.

Called in to see any both or either of the Obergruppenfureresses at the hut, but none in, so I carried on my hobble. Down Winchester Street hill and left onto Mansfield Road.

The row of shops shown here had one of the seven businesses open and trading… very sad!

Sister Jane rang me, saying that she’d Emailed me a photo she’d taken from page 16 of the Nottingham Post last night.

With a photographicalisation of Jenny, our ex-warden, now Tenants Representative for both of the blocks. In praise of the Nottingham City Homes response to concerns about fire safety after the horrible disaster at the Grenfell flats.

Up and over the hill and down towards Carrington.

A Nottingham Pavement Cyclist passed by me. I wish they were all as considerate as this one. Slowed down and gave me plenty of room so as not to make me jump. Gold Award was presented, in my mind!

Further down and saw these flowers, Hydrangeas, I think, in a garden close to the surgery.


Got into the surgery and reported to the receptionist, who said she could not find my appointment. Oh dearie me! After a while, she informed me that the designation was for yesterday! She consulted someone on the phone then said for me to sit and wait and she will squeeze me in later. I thanked her and sat dow, got the crossword book out and the Appointment card from the DVT Anticoagulation Unit at the hospital from last Tuesday. There it was clearly printed: “Next Appointment 23 June 2017” Today!

It was the Reichsarbeitsführeress nurse on duty today, not Nichol, and she came to me in less than a minute after I’d got the crossword book out. Demanded, politely mind, to see the ‘Stop Enoxaparin’ therapy record from the hospital (With the correct date on it). I gave it to her.

She kept on to it, which was a little bit naughty, I thought, because printed on all of them is:

So this cannot be done now.

She explained that they normally do not do INR injections on a Friday, this is why they made the appointment for Thursday… three times she said this during the process, rather defensively than her usually barked out commands when I visit, like “Sit!” Not a mention of ‘Sit’, ‘Don’t move’ or ‘Press that hard until I tell you to stop’ came from her lips? Haha!

I find her likeable actually. I say this, in case she sees it on the web, and because I am a coward and scared stiff of her, I suppose! Tsk!

Gave her a box of chocolates and the receptionist their bag of nibble as I departed.

Limped down into Carrington proper and called in the Lidl store. (When will I ever learn, Tsk!)

Just avoiding being hit by another Nottingham Pavement Cyclist, who does not get a Gold Medal from me, cause he was totally out of it with the headphones in and doing a fair imitation of drunken Barry Sheen without an engine! Hehe!

Into the Lidl shop and got Lemon Fools, lemon yoghourts, mini-chicken weiners, apples, cheese cobs and nibbles for the staff and tenants social hour.

Caught the bus back into Sherwood. Then the L9 bus up to the flats.

Checked the times at the stop for the bus tomorrow to get to the hearing audio place in time for my 1330hrs appointment. 1032hrs and 1232hrs it is due. If the second one is on time, I should make it easy enough. Fingers crossed.

Chinwag at the bus stop with some other tenants.

In the apartment, a wee-wee first, then got the purchases stored away. Planned on having the cheesy rolls with bacon and the last of the Frikadellens for the meal, with some tomatoes, if they are still edible, had them in a while.

Computer back on and updated this diary.

Took a shot from the window of down below. Not a lot of activity from the workmen yet. Wait until they start properly. Mainly painters and plasterers on the job at the moment.

Did some Facebooking to catch up.

Took me hours. Tsk!

Did a graphicalisation for Rita Cobb, for her birthday.

Tried to get some more TFZ graphic work done then. It isn’t coming on how I expected or wanted it to, so I deleted everything and will try again later in the week. Frustrating.

Had a wee-wee.

Got the fodder sorted.

I have to say that this is the worst effort in years. A terrible mistake made in thinking these cheese rolls from Lidl looked or might even possibly be tasty!

Eurgh! Never again!

Most of this ended up where it should have gone in the first place, in the bin.

Fell asleep, found some scribbled notes when I woke an hour or so later, totally unreadable I’m afraid, and the memory couldn’t recall anything about writing the words or the dream. Shame that.

Had a wee-wee.

DVD put on, but back to normal tonight, five minutes or so and off to nod I went… but not or long. I shot awake feeling confident, that it was morning… Ah, the hearing aid test today I thought, must check the time of the bus.

Got up had a wee-wee and was about to take the morning medications, realised I’d missed last nights medications, and it dawned on me it was still night time when I looked out of the window.

Felt a bit of a fool, swore at me. Then got my head back down. Tsk!

Inchcock Today – Thursday 22nd June 2017

Thursday 22nd June 2017

Maori: Rāpare 22 Pipiri 2017

0420hrs: Woke up pondering on the dreams I could remember. I’d left the pencil and pad on the computer desk. Extracted myself from the £300 second-hand recliner to retrieve them and by the time I’d got back in the chair, the memories had entirely gone from my muddled brain. I think they involved yesterday’s visit to Sister Jane, Pete and the Pussies. Tsk!

0530hrs: Up again and to the Porcelain Throne. I think I am mastering Constipation Konrad’s onslaught at last.

Medications were taken, kettle on and did the Health Checks with mixed results:

Got the computer going and started this diary off, the had the job of sorting yesterday’s, which took me hours to get done, with all the photographicalisations.

Made a cuppa and decided to get the ablutions tended to, freshen me up a bit.

Had a wee-wee.

Shaven, teeth cleaned, medicated and applied antiseptic to parts requiring to be done, showered and deodorisationalistically sprayed my magnificently honed mould of wobbly flesh, and made another cuppa.

Downloaded the Corel Paintshop Pro, particular Painter Plug-in. Need to make time to understand how it all works. Time eh? So short is it not?

WordPress reading next. Plenty to go at today.

Onto Facebooking. A lot on there to do as well.

Heard a noise and went to investigate… Mail had been delivered by Royal Mail.

It was the Insurance documents and the tablet-sized Towels/Face-flannel. You just dab them in water, and they expand and open out ready for use.

I’m going to hand one out to each resident to keep in their pocket or handbag in case of emergency. But it being midday now, I am too late to get to the free luncheon today, anyway. Humph!

Back to finish the Facebooking again, and the intercom rang – this time the Amazon delivery.

I had to open the corridor door and inform the two workmen near the lift of the upcoming delivery man. One of the lads took the parcel off of the driver and handed it to me, so I didn’t have to tread over all flaked off paint. Good of him that.

It was the Storm-Proof Umbrella, and a DVD of Heartbeat had been delivered. I took a photograph on the left.

The umbrella instructions, not sure if it shows in the picture, I shot separately and added to it so you may be able to read them. The brolly instructions tied to it, was in Chinese (I assumed, so not a lot of use to me. Huh!) It feels somewhat rugged anyway.

Minutes later, blow me down, the intercom rang again – this time it was another Amazon delivery. The last of the Heartbeat collections that I treated myself to.

Bothered the workmen again, but they were okayish about it.

Finished the Facebooking, had a wee-wee and made a mug of tea.

Shame it is too late for me to get out in time for the free fodder at the hut. Huh!

Finished the Facebooking at last and started graphicationalisationing on CorelDraw for some TFZer attempts.

Managed to get one of Marie and Roxy done.

Got the cheesy potatoes mixed and started cooking in the oven.

The cheesy potatoes preparation cause no, I say, No burns tonight!

Bacon and mushrooms accompanied the gloriously tasty cheesy potato, and a lemon yoghourt.

Had a wee-wee.

Settled to watch one of the Heartbeat DVD’s, and got through three episodes before I drifted off into slumber.

Woke up around midnight convinced it was morning and time to rise, had a wee-wee and a failed heavy duty session. Coming out of the wet room, it dawned on me it was a little dark.

Tutted, swore at me and head down again.

Inchcock Today – Wednesday 21st June 2017: Off to visit Sister Jane, hubby Pete and the Pussies!

Wednesday 21st June 2017

Italian: Mercoledì 21 Giugno 2017

0400hrs: Stirred thinking of the dreams and fell off to sleep again.

0455hrs: Stirred again and battled with the £300 second-hand recliner to get free of it and to the Porcelain Throne – Success again! Nowhere near as painful this time. It would seem that Constipation Konrad is weakening. A fair bit of bleeding made Haemorrhoid Harold unhappy. (Try saying that quickly when you’ve had a few jars. Hehe!) Cleaned things up and got the kettle on. Did the health Checks. “Sys: 154, Dia: 72, Pulse: 76, Temp: 34.6, Weight 14.71” Pondered on whether or not to take another Senna with the morning medications? Decided not to, for fear of encouraging any return visit from Diarrhoea Derek. I just may regret this decision?

Knowing I would be out for an extended time visiting Sister Jane today, I had a go at WordPressing, Email checking and Facebooking, before it was time to get the ablutions done.

That took some time, that did.

Better get sorted, and the ablutions tended too then.

All prepared and off to the bus stop at the end of the road. Jolly good Gossip at the bus stop. Loved listening to what the other tenants were going on about this morning. The mayhem of the building preparation work and upsetting of their system and plans seemed to be the most popular subject. Both Bills were there, Bill (William on Sundays) and Welsh Bill.

Got into town, dropped off the bus on Upper Parliament Street, near the Wilko Store and walked along the road to the West Bridgford bus stop.

Hectic today, the roads were.

Buses to left, buses to the right, behind and in front. Hehe!

Sat waiting for the bus to set off and one of the tenants of the flats, Brenda I think her name is (Maybe, perhaps?), sat next to me, which was a pleasant surprise and afforded me the opportunity for a great chinwag and ogle. Lovely gal she is. Turned out she was also on her way to visit her Sister and only a few streets away from my Jane’s home.

I got off of the bus the stop after Brenda and made my way to Cyril Road. (Left)

Jane was all ready for my call.

The two pussies Fooey and Arthur were not to be seen. A good nattering session took place.

Pete came down and made me a mug of tea. Memories spoke of. Had a look at Pete’s laptop to see if I could help with his problem. Spent a while, but with no luck. In the end, I photographed some screen shots and will have a look on the web later to see if I can sort it out for him.

Found Arthur, asleep in the bushes in the garden, in readiness to wake and kill some birds. Nice camouflage for a grey cat, bless him. (See photo below, bottom left)

Fussed Fooey, my favourite old pussy. Jane & Pete posed for me with Fooey and Jane took a photograph of me as I fed him some of the cat food he loves so. It is in liquid form, I always take some for him. And they did not help me get back up off the floor afterwards either! Hehehe!


Sister and brother-in-law both looked fit and healthy. Gave them their nibbles and treats. Farewells, and I was soon off to catch the bus. Changed my mind when I just missed one and decided to walk into Central Avenue and have a look in the Iceland store for some bread to take home with me.

Flatbread, cheesy rolls and tried a pack of some Pitta Bread for the first time. Oh, and a minced beef slice.

The bus to town was packed solid with passengers. Should be carrying so many people standing? I did manage to get a seat mind.

Got to town and walked to the Slab Square. Taking a picture of Clinton Street as I passed on my way there.

Busy as it usually is today, but something in the air… hard to describe but I’ll do me best.

A sense of apprehension, something about to take place that would be unwanted, not liked. Odd feeling?

Walked to the top of Queen Street on Upper Parliament Street, and took these photographicalisations of an old pub. It had just been opened again. I recall it has had many different names over the years of failed success seeking from the landlords. Sad.

Walked around and down King Street then up Queen St, to the L9 bus stop at the top of the hill.

En route, Bill (William on Sundays) got on the bus and we had a comical little gossip as I am sure neither of us could hear what the other was saying. Haha!

Back at Winwood Flats, I met Jenny and Frank in the foyer and nattered for a while.

Unlocked the door and straight in the wetroom for a wee-wee.

Put the food away and potato crispies into the oven cooking.

Had a wee-wee.

Downloaded the photographs to add later.

Updated this in a draft, notes words as reminders so when I complete it in the morning, I could remember it easier. Too tired to do it now.

Had a wee-wee.

Thursday Morning Update:

Got the meal done and consumed.

Had a wee-wee.

Medications were taken, Health checks were done and got settled to watch some Heartbeat DVD episodes.

Typically, when I want to get to sleep, I couldn’t. As a rule, as soon as I start yo view the TV or a DVD, I fall asleep, but not this time. The mind racing away again, about all sorts of subjects. The Grenfell disaster, Brexit, the Amazon deliveries, the hearing aids, the mistakes and foolish decisions I’ve taken over the years… on and on! I can’t remember much of the Heartbeat DVD I had on.

Had a wee-wee.

Eventually, I managed to nod off, late, very late it was. Tsk!