Inchcock Today: Sunday 25th June 2007 – Whoopsiedangleplop with the Nosh. Sob!

Sunday 25th June 2007

Basque: 2007 ko Ekainaren 25ean, Igandea

0425hrs: Out of the £300 second-hand recliner and to the Porcelain Throne – I’m afraid things were getting a little ‘loose’ and ‘squirty’ in this function, again. Oh, heck! Diarrhoea Derek returning?

Into the kitchen, a strange blue hue to the view, for you… Poetry comes free folks, Hehe!

Took the morning medications, and after wondering if should or not, I swallowed a Morrison Acute Diarrhoea capsule, for fear of going through the Trotsky’s again!

Carried out the Health checks, Sys 144, Dia 80, Pulse 90, Temp 34.9 – Weight 14.76, then remembered to put the oil in the lug-holes.

Made a brew and sorted the photographs from yesterday. Got them on the computer and then started this post of up to here.

Had a wee-wee, and began to finish off the Saturday postings. Got the done but not until 0800hrs. Phew!

7Sun02bGot the medication pots sorted out for next week.

Then started this diary off.

Had a wee-wee.

Got back to the computer, and oh dearie me… had to return to the wetroom for another Porcelain Throne session. Not much, but almost liquid, the splattering had to be cleaned up. Wiped the contact areas with the lemon antibacterial wipes.

7Sun03Noticed how the clouds had formed so beautifully.

Made a mug of tea.

Then I did a WordPress post about Nottingham the trip to the hearing place and test that didn’t happen.

Got it posted off: Photographs from my hearing aid test that did not happen

Got around to some WordPress reading.

Then onto Facebooking.

Brother in law sent this photo from the Kitty Cafe on his and Jane’s visit.

Certainly looks as snug-as-bug in this slide, doesn’t he now?

Oh, I see now the picture was taken from outside, Humph!

Got onto CorelDraw 7, not 2017 and did some graphicationalisationing for the TFZer site I love so much.

This one is of Mary Friedberg, with Tom sneaking into it and nicking one of her Muffins? Hehe!:

And this one of Sandie Lentz, with Butler Andy in attendance:

Took a few hours that did, Got them posted in the hopes that they like them.

The stomach was rumbling, not with pain but hunger. So I got the sausages and bacon in the oven and canned tomatoes in the saucepan.

Updated the Health Checks Record on Excel and compared last week’s averages to this weeks. I don’t think there is nowt to worry about.


Got the TV magazine and had a look if owt interesting was on the box.

Oh, yes a lot on offer tonight, for hours and hours.

One film I’d like to have watched, but it was on far too late for me.

I rang Sister Jane to see if they can record it for me. Out of luck, though. Jane said send details, and Pete would try, but to not hold out much hope. Fair enough.

Told her about the hearing aid wait due to the excess wax. She said they know of something that Boots told Pete about that is a lot better than the olive oil the doctor told me to use. I’ll definitely give that a go.

Emailed Pete details as instructed by Pete about the program. He will tell me about the new stuff in his reply.

Got the food served up.

It was going down a treat… then… Whoopsiedangleplop!

Fingers froze as I was biting into a dipped sausage and slice of bacon wrapped in a slice of sourdough bread, and it dropped – tried to catch it, but the fingers would let me. I foolishly decided to use the other hand to assist, and the blooming meal and tray slid off onto me, the chair, the cover and the floor! Got out of the £300 second-hand recliner trying and failing to avoid treading in the tomatoes, the fork and the apple! Nearly slipped over at one point – so now I had an even greater mess to clean up, Humph!

Getting the cleaning stuff out of the cupboard I hit my knee on the corner of the door.

Wiped and scraped, took the cover off and put it in the washing bag, then got down on the floor on all fours with the bowl of soapy hot water and a kitchen towel roll and managed with some success, to clean up the mess.

Could I get up again? At one point I considered pressing me wrist alert button but resisted. Heaven knows how long it took, (A long time) but I did, painfully, frustratingly and embarrassingly grappled to get back up on my pins, after working out the least painful route. Hehe!

Proud of myself, I retook the stuff in the kitchen without further mishap, returned to the front room and spotted all sorts of bits of things and areas that still had tomato juice, crumbs, and even a sausage that I’d missed!

This time I got the picker and the walking stick at my side before venturing down to floor level again. Somehow I cleaned up the mess reasonably well this time.

Got up reasonably quickly and with little bother. Put the rubbish in the bin, and washed the carpet best I could. Cleaned up the mess I’d made in the kitchen, and got some old sheets from the spare room to cover the recliner with before trying to settle once again and watch TV for a while.

Shame I didn’t take some photo’s, but that was the last thing on my mind.

As I sat down, the instant I sat down, knew that Haemorrhoid Harold had been bleeding badly, so I got up again in seconds and to the wetroom for a hygienic cleaning up session. Getting fed-up now!

The hassle of the Whoopsiedangleplop caused Duodenal Donald to kick off, and Arthur Itis was not happy with all the struggling to get down and up, so he let me know this.

I’d gone from content and feeling reasonably well, to a blubbering wreck, in pain and terribly depressed!

Had a wee-wee.

Gave up with watching the TV.


8 thoughts on “Inchcock Today: Sunday 25th June 2007 – Whoopsiedangleplop with the Nosh. Sob!

  1. The blue morning photo is really nice along with the cloud formations. Kitty cafes seem to be all the rage. With 8 cats, we have cats in everything, but interestingly enough, they were not interested in participating in my music video. Too bad. I was counting on them. The whoopsiedangleplop on diner is just too sad. What a waste of good food. Sorry you had to deal with that. You need to figure out how to pilfer one those hospital food trays that would allow you to have a table at you recliner. Maybe you could sweet talk Nicole into getting you a surplus hospital table.

    • Thanks, Tim.
      Jane is planning on moving into an aided flat soon. But she will not do anything while her beloved pussies are still with us. Only two left now out of the six. Arthur and Fooey. I think losing the others so quickly has made her visit the Kitty Cafe more?
      Got some music on YouTube as I write, the Benny Hill Theme has just come on, Winchester Cathedral was the first one played. “”
      Fancy your cats letting you down – Tsk! Hehe!
      Still suffering from the accifauxpa this morning, Humph!
      I’m seeing Nicole (unless the Obergruppemfurheress nurse is on duty) Thursday. Requested the appointment Friday, but no answer yet, it should arrive today. Now I’m off the Red Watch Scheme, they are losing interest in me. Hehehe! If it is Nicole I might ask her for advice and see what she says.
      Taketh care.

  2. I understand the business of getting back up, though I am blessed with much less pain associated with it than you. My problem is general muscular weakness. Anyway, you need a good laugh:

    When I was hospitalized with Wegener’s granulomatosis in Denver, Colorado at University Hospital, part of the treatment involved dialysis.

    The first treatment was an adventure! I was excited to understand the machine doing the task, and I inquired of the cute little Filipino technicians and nurses (they reminded me of sweet wee folks in some fairy tale…) if I could see the interior of the machine after the treatment. They said yes.

    At the end of the treatment, I stood up too fast, had a major drop in blood pressure, and found myself on the floor!

    Mayhem followed and the technicians and nirses called in a husky American male nirse to help get me up whern they failed.

    “I have experience helping my elderly father get up from falls,” I told them. “If I can get him on his hands and knees, he can then crawl over to a solid support, say a bed or chair, and use his upper body strength to pull himself up. Just get me on my hands and knees!”

    With a bit of effort, they managed to get me uprighted on my handfs and knees, and I crawled over to the recliner I sat in during dialysis. I propped myself on the seat, and jokingly said, “Now, if someone will goose me, I should be able to get up!”

    “Oh, we don’t do that here, Mr. Thomas,” said the shocked male nurse!

    I hope “to goose” has the same meaning over in the UK, and I don’t refer to a water fowl. LOL!

    That out of my system, what a mess! I hate it when I make one like you had to clean up. I always manage to do it on a carpeted part of the apartment. Sorry, too, you had diarrhea. All that bending over, too, risked the worst possible thing for such a victim: the dreaded “la la fa”, that burst of flatulence that potentially results in as secondary crisis!

    • Your “Anyway, you need a good laugh” is just my view on this Sir. Well said!
      You seem to cope in the right way to your Wegener’s granulomatosis and the treatments for it.
      What a performance on your first treatment. A real adventure that must have been. Hehe!
      Goose me means the same over here.
      “We don’t do that here, Mr. Thomas,” said the shocked male nurse” Well, you only asked! Haha!
      The carpeted area of my place is always where I have the Whoopsiedangleplop spillages and drop things too!
      I can relate to the secondary problems of bending too.
      Thank heavens I keep a good stock of kitchen towels and antiseptic disinfectant in. Hehehe!

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