Inchcock – Mon 11 Feb 2019: Stravaiged around the City Centre today. Photographs.


2019 Feb 11

Monday 11th February 2019

Samoan: Aso Gafua 11 Fepuari 2019

23:30hrs: After another broken nights sleep, I woke and needed a wee-wee.

WD 84.0.84 As I lowered the £300 second-hand 1968 built, approaching-antique, rickety recliner, one heck of ‘Clunk come Thud’ nearly bounced me out of it! Shook me a bit that did! The wee-wee did not feel an urgent one, though. I continued with the button pressing again, and it all went smoothly. When I say that, I mean as smoothly as the chairs mechanism is usually, although that is not smoothly exactly… I’m making a mess of this statement ain’t I. A spot of acataphasia there, sorry. I checked on the new welt on the ankle, and later made up this photograph of yesterdays and this morning to see how it is coming along.


Well, it’s certainly prettier than it was on Sunday. Hehehe! Less swollen too. What it was, or is, remains one of the mysteries of my existence. It seems to be clearing up, so quickly as well? Also, I think the fluid-retention is going down as well. But, we’ll see how it goes.

The wee-wee, was for once the same as yesterday, of the VSWWW (Very short Weak-Wee-wees) variety. Unhappily, Little Inchies Fungal lesion had been bleeding a fair bit.

I made a brew of Glengettie tea, and as I was about to put the milk in, I had to divert to the Porcelain Throne, on which I found myself excogitating over, of all things, different types of blood and why does mine seem to change colour, well shade, so often? It always comes out the same deep red/maroon each week when the sample is taken for the INR Warfarin test. But when it escapes when I cut myself, or Haemorrhoid Harold or the Fungal Lesion haemorrhages, the colour seems different to me?

WD 84.0.84 I did what I could to clean up Little Inchie and medicate things – Oh boy, it makes you wince, this job does!

I antisepticated the hands and contact points, and back to the kitchen to throw away the now gone-cold mug of tea and make another one. I’m a bit of a maleurous character, you know! Tsk! Still, I mustn’t make a foofaraw about it.

Got the Health Checks done, and made up last weeks record on Excel.


1Mon01aCrikey; had the pulse shot-up!

Last week, it had increased a fair lot, I had it up to 95 a few times, but today’s 103 broke the all-time record!

At least I know the metal and plastic Aorta valve replacement is working! Maybe too well for some reason. Why, though?

I got on with updating the terrible Sunday diary. Getting it finished after a lot of unwilling concentration was used up.

WD 84.0.84  The aching kidney area pains kept starting off, sometimes for only a few seconds, others for ten minutes or so, and then clearing up. Another Inchcockian Mystery! I went on the WordPress reader and then began this blog.

Three hours or so later, I made a pot of porridge for breakfast.

Got the black bags and recycling made up ready to take out with me.

Got the ablutions sorted out. Readied the things and set out on my way in search of some Glengettie tea bags and Marmite biscuits.

1Mon06The Willmott Dixon sub-contractors were out in force this morning.

I poddled along Chestnut Walk to the Nottingham City Homes, Winwood Heights, Hauptbereitschaftsleiteress Guards/Warden’s Temporary HQ. Sarcasm & Insult distribution area. Tenants Socialisationistical Meeting Shed. Telling Inchcock off Zone. Where things like 1Mon07crockery and pottery get stolen from, Rumourmongering Clinic, and somewhere to rest while waiting for the bus, Portakabin.

The workers were busy at the Winchester Court end of the road too.

1Mon07aI took a long distance shot over the top of a parked car of Willmott Dixon’s InCharge Ian as I got further along.

WD 84.0.84 Lynne arrived as I got there, and had a little chinwag. It seems that a throat bug had hit our community. Gruppenfurheress Ballerina and Warden Julie had copped for a dose. Several tenants had lost their voices I was told.

WD 84.0.84 I decided to walk down Winchester Street and catch a bus into town. Said my cheerios, and off I went. Not very far though, I’d forgot my card for the Audio clinic. Tsk! So, I hobbled back to the flat to collect it. I met Mary on her way to the hut, and we passed pleasantries.

WD 84.0.84 I could not find the card in the flat! So, I’ll have another search later, so, no collecting the hearing aid batteries today, then.

I met Jenny on my way back to the hut. I might as well catch the L9 now. But Jenny, another victim of the Winwood Court bug, was croaking a bit with her throat infection, bless her. Had a chinwag or two with the other tenants as we waited for the bus. I did rather well with the crosswords en route. Funny how this can happen. I flicked through the unfinished puzzles, that I had been doing for months, and got a few answers in. Another day, I would get none solved? One’s frame of mind at the time, I suppose.

I got into town and alighted the bus with the other residents, and made my way to the Waitrose store to see if they had any Marmite biscuits on sale. On the way, I noted that the closed down Pound World shop was now occupied by Poundstretchers. This momentarily lifted my hopes of getting some Glengettie tea bags as I entered the place.

But, no! They didn’t have any in. But, they did have some stuff to tempt me to buy, which I did. Tut-tut! The ‘Wheels’ chocolate packets had a variety of flavours, and I got four packets of them, to use at the Social Hour, cause the clan seemed to love them last week. Some instant potato with onion, in pots too as well. I got two packets of shorties besides. I met Mary inside, and we poddled around together, nattering as we went. Mary will be moving soon, to some other flats in Sneinton, where the heating costs are around half of what they are at Winwood Heights. Can’t be helped that, the Nottingham Heating System does not reach as far as Sherwood. Shame, but there you are.

1Mon07cI left Mary as I went into the Waitrose shop, to have a look for the Marmite biscuits. But, they did not have any, so I left and made my way down Milton Street, across the lights and along Clumber Street.

THe Nottinghamians did not seem to be in a happy state of mind at all today. Mind you, it is a Monday. Hehe!

1Mon07dWD 84.0.84I walked down to the end and onto Long Row. Having to avoid several of the Nottinghamian Pavement Cyclists on the way.

The Slab Square had the Nottingham Eye up again. I think it was being tested before opening to the public.

But it was too early in the day for me to have a go on it, not opened yet. I stood at the side of the Council House steps and tried to take a panoramic shot across. But the resulting picture came out with a third of it as just black? So I had to trim it to get this dismal effort of a representation below.


I read that the population of Nottingham is estimated at 332,700. See here how they rush cheerfully along, smiling, happy and contented. Hehehe!

1Mon09I went forward a few paces and turned to my left to take the next photo, from the back of one of the Council House Lions.

Looks a bit sparse of the populace, doesn’t it?

WD 84.0.84 I had a visit at this stage, from Dizzy Dennis. Luckily the cement lion was at hand to support myself with from going over. Phew! It didn’t last long, though.

I decided to head for home. I poddled up Queen Street and took some photographs of the Nottingham buses. So I can post it on the TFZ site for Sandie and the gals to have a look at.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

1Mon13Plodded to the top of the road and I took a picture along Upper Parliament Street. Rarely, have I seen fewer vehicles on this stretch of the road during a weekday.

I did note that a lot of people seemed to be wearing white shoes today? Just thought I’d mention it like.

1Mon14I then snapped this shot of a view from the top of Queen Street. Once again, the lack of Nottinghamians was concerning.

No street sleepers at all? Ah, but that could be understandable for a Monday. Many of them will still be in bed at Mummy and Daddies, perhaps? Or in a taxi on their way to the 1Mon15pitches, having stocked up with the required accoutrements with Daddies bank card? Mmm!

One last City photograph was taken, of Little John’s bell tower above the Council House. A bit of a moody one as it turned out?

I caught the L9 bus back to the flats and even solved a few more crossword clues on the ride. Smug Mode Adopted!

Back at the flats, I popped into the Nottingham City Homes, Winwood Heights Flats, and Administration shed for the Generalleutnantess Wardens Temporary HQ, Holding cells. Sarcasm & Insult distribution area, Tenants Socialisation Shed. Rumourmongering Clinic. Telling Inchcock off Zone, Things like crockery and pottery to be stolen from, and residents room. I gave Lynne a caramel flavoured box of the ‘Wheels’ to hand out, and we had a little chinwag.

As I left to go home, I met Penny also on her way home. She was still suffering from her throat infection bug, bravely, bless her. We parted, after a chinwag in the lift, and I got into the flat, feeling drained for some reason.

Got the Health Checks done and got the oven heating up.

WD 84.0.84 I had an in-depth rummage around for the Audi Clinic card. No luck!

Got the Cumberland pie in the oven.

WD 84.0.84 I had another in-depth rummage around for the Audi Clinic card. No luck!

Added a part-baked baguette to the tray in the oven.

WD 84.0.84 I had yet another in-depth rummage around for the Audi Clinic card. No luck! Depression Mode Adopted!

1Mon16Got the last Health Checks done.

Served up the meal. Cumberland pie, beans with passata and BBQ flavouring and a baguette to soak up all the juices. Marvellous flavour.

A limoncello dessert to round it off.

A taste rating of 9.2/10 for this one.

I got the pots washed, had a wash and settled down earlier than usual for watching the TV. A bit of success today, I got through an entire episode of the A-Team without falling asleep! Oh, Yes!

WD 84.0.84 But as for London’s Burning, Boon and Rumpole of Bailey, no chance! I’d nodded off as London’s Burning was starting and that was that! Hehehe!

Inchcock – Sat 26th Jan 2019: Another Hectic, busy, Wee-weeing day. Tsk!


jan26 2019

Saturday 26th January 2019

Croatian: Subota, 26. siječnja 2019

23:35hrs: I woke with memories of a dream reasonably clear and lucid in my mind. I grabbed the notepad and scribbled down some prompters to use later. (Later, I made up today’s Inchcock’s Thoughts graphic using these notes. Not word for word, obviously, but the train of the Grim Reapers words were similar to how he spoke to me in the dream!) I thought the Reaper looked a lot like Jeremy Corbyn.

wd 0.0.30 An instant need for a wee-wee arrived. With great difficulty in holding back the imminent flow and getting free of the £300 second-hand recliner at the same time, I got myself upright and made for the grey emergency tub in the corner – Calamity! It was not there! I’d forgotten I moved it yesterday when the workers arrived. Oy Vey! So, having gone all through my dream-filled sleep without taking a wee-wee, you can see how desperate things were now! Oy gevalt! Panic set in, but I had a sense-of-mind to make for the WC and not waste valuable time searching rooms for the grey bin.

Alas, I was too late all the same! I now have clothes soaking in disinfectant and soap powder in the green bucket. Humiliation and Shame Mode adopted!

All washed, and in another pair of jammy-bottoms and embarrassingly, a new pair of protection pants, I went to get the Health Checks done. I got out the sphygmomanometer and accoutrements required, but could not find the Enoxaparin hypo that had been moved in the workings yesterday! I sensed things might not go so well today, and adopted a ‘Sorry-for-myself-Mode! Hehe!

wd 0.0.30 Then the call to the Porcelain Throne arrived. A messy evacuation and some bleeding from the front and rear this morning. Somehow, I just wasn’t surprised in the least! Rewashed the dandies. Then back to the kitchen and searched for the missing loaded needle. No luck yet. But I did find the grey bin. Humph! Did the Health Checks.


6sat02The Sys was a bit lower than it was yesterday but higher than it should be methinks. Again, not surprising me. Tsk!

wd 0.0.30 I took the medications and needed another wee-wee. This was of the SSPWW (Short-Sharp-Painful-Wee-wee) variety.

Back to the kitchen and made a brew of tea.

The flipping left ankle gave way again on the hobble to the computer. I felt as if the ankle was going to collapse into the foot, but it didn’t, of course. Hello, the sneezing has started again! Humph! Fed-up? Me?

6sat08wd 0.0.30 I went to check the legs over, they felt like they are filling up again. But this photo doesn’t look like they have done so from yesterday? There are once more some new bruises and blood papsules, though?

These Possible Furosemides side effects are so many, I wonder if there are any psychotomimetic ones? Hehe! 

I went into the kitchen and took these photographicalisations. The precipitation was light, is was evident that it had been falling all night, but it helped the downward picture to have a certain quality about it.


Another SSPWW and I got on with updating the Friday post and got it sent off to WordPress. 

6sat11One more SSPWW, (Got splashbacks with this one, Oh, dear!) and I made a start on this blog, getting up to here with it.

Then the thoughts of breakfast came into my mind. Porridge, methinks. I cunningly used the stick-picker-upper with the more full grip and more extended arm to get the pot down.

I got a grand scrubbing up session done at 6sat120805hrs. I even did a bit of singing in there!

As I grubbled about making sure everything was how it should be before leaving, I noticed the sky had a tinge of red in it. The moon was reluctant to go down. Quite pretty it was.

But, we all know the farmers and shepherds saying: “Red sky at night, Shepherds delight – Red sky in the morning, Shepherds warning! So I made sure the umbrella was in the bag.

Did the midday Health Checks and medications in case I get back late from town. Took two black bags to the waste chute and set off out into the rather cold and nippy morning.

I met Mary and Shirley in the lobby, and we greeted each other.

6sat13As I got to the end of Chestnut Walk, I turned to take this shot of Winwood Heights, with Winchester Court being the closest one. It still has the sign indicating that it is called ‘Wi Hester Cour’ Hehehe!

Mary was coming along behind me. When I got to the bus stop Winchester Street she joined me. Mary was on her way down to catch a bus on Mansfield Road. I explained that she could get on the 40 one, as I was doing and use her bus pass, cause we can use it anytime on Saturdays and Sundays. We had a little natter, the gal is not happy with her new flat up on the 15th floor, and sounded a tad depressed. She carried on walking down the hill as I got on the bus.

I got off of the bus near the Pound Shop and called in to see if they had any of the Pork Farms Pork Pies on sale. Nope, they didn’t. But I came out with a few things in the bag. Dettol Citrus air spray, a few nibbles for the Social box, Smoked bacon and some beef end-bits. Paid on the self-serve till without any hassle.

Across the road and into Boots store, and up to the pharmacy. I got a Sterimar Hyptn CR spray, £2 off today, got it for £5.99.

6sat20Then made my way to the Victoria Centre Market Stalls. Which was another sad sight! Aisles mostly bare of customers, empty stall, and those poor few beggars still in them looking so sorry for themselves. I have great empathy, and so sorry for them.

I visited Abdul, and his clothes stall. I got two pairs of trousers from him. I had a choice of grey, grey or grey. So, I got the grey ones. Haha!

Had a little laugh with him, paid him and made my way out to the shopping centre (Mall), and hobbled to the City Centre.

During my wanders, I kept taking pictures of closed down retailers. So sad and worrying!I’ll show them all together here, so you can see just one reason for the depression of Nottinghamians.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I wandered down to the Slab Square down King Street. Where I took three photographs left to right of the Slab Square.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

6sat26Not many Nottinghamians about! Although I did see two relaxing in a shop doorway later, and providing some Nottinghamian Street Art for me to snap. Poor things!

The drizzle began to pour a little as I cut through and down Exchange Walk to the M&S food hall.

The regular Big Issue seller was outside the store doors, I slipped him a couple of quid on my way in. Once in the shop, I had to resist buying too much-unwanted stuff, it all looked so delicious! I ended up at the self-serve tills with: A ready-made Lamb One Pot meal £4.50, A Rustic Granary Farmhouse sliced loaf on offer, £1.59 down to £1, Two Sourdough Rolls £1.20 and some Frites £2.30. This time, I did have problems putting the stuff through and had to ask for help, twice! Klutz! I could identify which rolls I had on the lookup lists. Even the lady had a job to find them, so I didn’t feel so bad. Thanked her and off she trotted to help someone else. When it came to swiping the Rustic bread, the machine would not have it at all. Back came the assistant, and she ended up having to use her key and inputting the code manually for me.

6sat26aWhen I got out of the store, the rain was more persistent.

I took many pictures of closed down businesses and signs in this area as I made my way back to the bus stop on Queen Street. At the top at the junction with Upper Parliament Street, this Nottinghamian Pavement Cyclist caught my eye as nearly fell off of his bike. Which cheered me up a little. During this little hobble about, there so many Pavement Cyclists all over the place, it would have been too much hassle to try 6sat27and photo them all, and get the camera wet into the bargain. But for this last one I saw, I risked it.

Nearby, I took this picture through the windows of a new cafe. Called Josephine’s Tea Room, 49 Upper Parliament St, Nottingham NG1 2AB.


5fri33I perused the menu on show in the window: Nutella on Toast £5.50, Scrambled Egg on Toast £6.00. Egg Benedict £9.00 add spinach for 50p. Porridge Oats £4.50 add sultanas or honey for £1. Pancake Porker Stack 5 pancakes with Dukes Hill ham and dripping with Maple syrup £8.50. Toast and Butter £1.50, this dish is suitable for vegetarians, two slices of bloomer with butter. White, unless you want brown add jam, marmalade, marmite or honey for £1, Nutella for £1.50. Open sandwiches from £8.75. Sides & Extras £1.00, Roddas Clotted Cream £1.00. Portion of Jam £0.50, Slice of white bread or brown bread £0.50, Ice cream a scoop £1.50. Other sauces £0.50.

I have to admit, I was impressed with the clientele inside, and there were a  good few too. Upper Echelon Nottinghamians, obviously at these prices. Although when I peered into the window, a bit like Dickens ‘Oliver Twist’, I’d say half of the customers were students, the other half represented the few Conservative Voters left in Nottingham, you know: Noses up, little finger out when they drank and sneaking sugar sachets into their pockets and handbags. Just my kind of people. Hehehe!

6sat28I caught a 40 bus back to the flats. Tony from the apartments got on en route, and we had a gossiping session.

As the bus got on to the St Anns Well Road, Huntingdon Street traffic lights, I snapped a shot of the horrendous building in the background. Google tells me ICO Development Company are located in it? It’s a massive place, but so ugly to me. A little further along, there are these flats or apartments. Called Liberty Living. Another monstrosity to yours truly. This reminded me of Liberty-Global who bought Virgin Media and destroyed the connection at the same time!

6sat29wd 0.0.30 I’d just put the camera back, and missed the van skidding at the traffic island in this photo on the right. Tsk!

We got off the bus back on Sherwood Rise and walked down to Chestnut Walk. We were moving as fast as we could, and the drizzle had turned to rain now. As we got to the foyer entrance, it stopped altogether.

Said our cheerios in the lift when Tony got out on the ninth floor, up to my flat and I took an SSPWW. Did the health checks and then one more SSPWW! Got the fodder away.

Made a brew and got the computer on to update this blog, after yet another SSPWW!

6sat30Prepared the nosh, no cooking involved. So it was easy.

It looked and tasted good, but for some reason, I ate very little of it? (Perhaps I’m pining for the missing Weevils? Hahaha!)

Washed the things up, had a wee-wee and got down in the recliner to watch a ‘Clarence DVD’.


Inchcock – Tue 8 Jan 2019: Sorry it’s a long one. But it was such a busy, painful and Whoopsiedangleplop day, yet an enjoyable one. Hehe!


jan08 2019

Tuesday 8th January 2019

Mongolian: 2019 оны 1 дүгээр сарын 8-ны Мягмар гараг

23:10hrs. I woke with the brain in its natural receptive mood for worries, fretting, panicking, nervousness, utter-confusion, and agitation. I expected this to be interrupted as it normally is, by a call to the Porcelain Throne, an SSWW (Short-Dahrp-Wee-wee) or my discovering I was surrounded with signs of nocturnal nibbling evidence.

But no, not this morning.

2tue03WD 128.0.128However, the dwaal of thoughts soon faded into the ether, as I caught sight of the greatly extended and much more obtruding than usual stomach! With the heart op scars now more defined and stretched wide? A few more papsules had grown as well?

And where has all the hair gone? Ah, that was one of the side-effects of Furosemide, hair loss, I remember now!

I thought to myself: I could blow-up here! I hope I don’t get the dizzies and topple over onto my gut, or Splat, thud, silence, no more me! Hahaha!

WD 128.0.128 With an operose effort, I extracted the more than usually stretched like a balloon stomach from the £300 second-hand recliner and got on my feet. There no bones, joints or any part of my torso, legs, knees, ankles, feet, even toes that didn’t moan in a complaint at my actions of movement! Oddly, the only bit of me that didn’t show any pain was the bulbous abdomen! In fact, it felt as if it was not a part of me. Some bizarre stuff going on here? With a few Oohs and arghs, and the occasional silent curse, I made my way limpingly to the kitchen.

But, within a few minutes, things seemed to settled down pain-wise. I assumed the problem was my marathon-hobble yesterday. The bones and joints, having not been used for six days or so prior, were unhappy about it. I’m glad I didn’t croak-out over the six or seven days when I spoke to or saw nobody. What a stink I would have left for the other tenants. Especially, if the tummy had exploded! Hahaha!

Had an SSWW. As I got the gear out for the Health Checks, thermometer, hypodermic, medications, creams, lotions, and sphygmomanometer, etc., I had to divert back to the wet room and for a Porcelain Throne session. Back to the messy, liquified type. But, no bleeding from the front or rear, which I welcomed. There was a lot of involuntary wind escaping, though. A quick wash, and back to the Health Checking.



The hemadynamometer took a couple of tries before it worked. Must do a battery check if I remember late.

As the fluid appears to be going down in the legs, the BP seems to be rising?

I took just a half a Furosemide today with the other medications.

Started computerisationing. 2tue06

It took me a phenomenal amount of time to get the Monday post completed. As I expected it would. Yesterday had been a photo-filled painful marathon, that needed a lot of concentration and detailed presentationing to get anywhere near how I wanted it to appear. The Liberty-Global Virgin Media’s poor performance didn’t help at all. Eventually, I got it sorted and posted.

I checked the Emails, and Sister Jane and hubby Pete had sent me their kind permission to visit them today at their castle (Christmas and birthday presents to be taken). So, a long day ahead for yours-truly. Got to get blogs sorted, gather the pressies for Jane and Pete’s Christmas and birthday treats. Do the ablutions. Then carry the gifts with me on my walk to the doctor’s surgery for the blood test. Then walk carrying them into town, take some photos while I wait for the bus to arrive to get me to West Bridgford, then walk burdened to their mansion with the pressies. Get Pete to take some posed photographs. Get told-off by Sister Jane about as yet unknown things (My increasing weight will no doubt be on her agenda, Hehe!) Then leave early, catch a bus to town, then another to the hospital; so I can get to the clinic for 1430hrs. Then get a bus to… But its no bother at all! I’ve frit myself thinking of it. Hahaha! I think the wee-weeing and body will cope alright, though. (He says confidently)


I made a start on this post. But had no time to Comments, Facebooking or WordPress reader section viewing. I shall certainly not be fit enough when I get back to do anything. Anyway, I must get the ablutions done.

All cleaned and cleansed. I got the pressies in the bags, realised the weight and just knew that I would struggle on my hobble. But didn’t understand how bad it would be at this time, and thought I’d cope alright. What a Luftmensh!

I set out, with foolish confidence that I’d get through the walk to the doctors for the blood test, and then carry on hobbling into town, to catch a bus to Sister Jane’s splendacious security mansion with its Burg-Wächter PointSafe, two-alarms, a bedroom converted to a wine cellar, nine CCTV cameras. And hubby Petes collection of spy cameras, drones, tasers, knuckle-dusters, cars, electric bikes, truncheons, spectacles with cams fitted, Danalock Bluetooth Z-Wave Smart Lock, and 2tue07motion sensors. Well, with the amount of cash and things left to them by distant unknown relatives, and all their winnings on the Football Pools and Lottery over the years, you can’t blame them! Jealous? Me? Au Contraire!

The lift cage was in a bit of a state as I noticed as I got in it. Mind you, so was I. Haha!

2tue08By the time I had limped down Winchester Street hill and got onto Mansfield Road, the toes and left foot was giving me enough bother for me to consider my going back home. But, my desire to see Jane and Pete, and supply them with some alcohol to keep them going (Guffaw!), I decided to press on.

2tue09The traffic was heavy now, as I arrived in Carrington at the surgery in a right pickle, physically. The weight of the bags had taken a lot out of me, and I knew I had twice as far to go yet to get to town afterwards.

I signed in, remembering to ask for an appointment with the doctor for next Tuesday. My remembering to this, made me feel good! I took a seat, getting out the crossword book from the cram-filled bag. Then, I heard moments later, the voice of Nurse Ann bark out my name. I followed her, as she showed obvious annoyance at my slow limping pace and maladroit struggle to keep up with her on the walk to her torture roo… sorry, treatment room. “Go straight through, sit there, I don’t have much time allowed, let’s get on with it!” I was not in any condition to argue, I sat got the arm ready, and she soon had the blood taken. I continued to waffle throughout. She asked what the problem was with my foot, and I told her, not that my words got any reception much. My taking the wrong paperwork with me didn’t help matters. I got the impression that she considered me a bit of a kvetch or jobbernowle. Oh, dear! Still, the gal was only doing her job conscientiously. I thanked her and slipped her a mini bottle wine for a New Year treat. She put it out of view straight away, telling me she did not want anyone to think she was drinking on the job. I thought of a funny response to that statement, but judiciously, I kept it to myself. I handed a bag of nibbles in on the reception desk as I left.

Amazingly I had spent only 13 minutes in the surgery. Now I was out in the dark again and had to hobble to the City Centre. Which was no problem time-wise as I had an hour and a half to get there. Usually, this route would take me about 40 minutes, but I knew I would have to keep stopping while the toe pains lessened and starting again.

2tue10As I got to the Boulevard traffic island, the first of many to follow stops were taken. The pain was on my limits of tolerations, but each time I stopped, the pain died down and off I’d go again… I’m losing my plot here, sorry. As I rested, I took this photograph of an overhanging bush on the pavement side. Bootiful! A winter-growing delicate flower it seems.

2tue10aWD 128.0.128 I pressed on, up the hill and down to near the junction with Huntingdon Street, where this Nottinghamian Pavement Cyclist belted by me so close I felt a draught! Git! I put down the bags and had to zoom in to get this photo of the animal. A bit blurry I know, but I was shaking with part surprise at the idiot doing what he did, and rage!

Still, it gave me time for a couple of minutes to recover and let the toe pain lessen, before starting-off again.

When I got into town, I still had a while before the first West Bridgford bus was due. Although the 40-minute walk had taken me well over an hour with the toe hassle and breaks, I needed to take. I was concerned about this and decided to have a look at the state of the foot as soon as I got a chance. If the skin were broken, I’d rub some of the Phorpain gel on it. I dare not take any extra painkillers while I’m on the Furesomide.

I visited the Victoria Centre shopping mall in2tue11 search of chocolate treats for Jan and Pete. I got a chocolate football boot for Pete; and an Angel one for Jane. I had their name put on them in icing. After paying for them, I reorganised the bags, so they were both on the top of the other stuff, I didn’t want to break or squash them.

WD 128.0.128 I left out onto Upper Parliament Street; it was getting much lighter now. I went over to the bus stop, and for the devil-of-me, I could not recall which bus I needed. I knew it was either a number 5 or 7. After asking someone who did not know, I checked the route timing on the board and decided it was number 7 I needed. Which fortunately arrived in ten minutes.

2tue11aI got the camera against the window of the bus, with the intention of taking a photograph of the Nottingham Forest ground as I went over Trent Bridge.

I took this terrible accidental shot from the bus before we got to the bridge. The shaking about made me catch the button I think. Then at the next bus stop, a large lady sat in the seat in front, and that the end my picture plans.

I alighted on Davis Road, right at the end of Jane’s road. Avoiding a long walk, which was good! I rang them, to let them know I was on the way. I was greeted at the door. A sad sight I must have been. I was in much pain, shattered, and struggled to get over the doorstep when I was admitted and had been given permission to enter. Chuckle!

Jane asked about how many cards I’d had – Boing! I’d put them all on top of the DVD shelving, and forgotten all about them, this did not impress Jane in the slightest! To be fair, it didn’t impress me much either!

A great welcome awaited me. These are photographs I took on my wonderful visit:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Sister Jane helped me clarify a few things:

  1. I am eating the wrong food for breakfast. It should be boiled egg or cereals!
  2. My fluid-filled gigantic Furosomide induced stomach is my own fault for overeating.
  3. I can get off the bus at the railway station and catch a tram into town, then get an L9 home.
  4. My weight is my fault, and I must get it down.
  5. The flat needs cleaning and tidying urgently.
  6. I have to stop buying things I don’t need.
  7. I have no will-power!
  8. I must stop eating pork pies!
  9. They both liked the pressies I’d took them, particularly the bottles of wine. Hehe!

2tue12dPete took some shots of me to use in future graphics, bless him. 

After telling me the best way to go home, we hugged, and I departed.

WD 128.0.128 Just avoiding this Pavement Cyclist while I was at the bus stop. Grumph!

I had a while to spare before the bus was due when I got in town. I had a walk around. A bit busier today.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

2tue12gWD 128.0.128 The toes started to ache and hurt again. I caught the bus home, without seeing any fellow residents en route or on the bus.

When we arrived back at Winwood Heights, the bus going the other way was in front of us unloading.

I called out to the folks who got off ahead of me. I could see, Penny, Mary and Welsh William… They just increased their speed. Hahaha! By the time I got in, they had all gone, along with my chances for a litter gossip or natter.

I was totally done-in when I arrived home. The toes in agony, SSWWs needed repeatedly, and I was really hungry for some reason.

2tue14WD 128.0.128 First thing I did was to investigate the troubled tootsies! Not a pretty sight, and I could not see what had caused this ailment? Yesterday, there were no signs of lesions or blood? I could not apply any pain-gel, while the skin is cracked.

I got the Health Checks done for midday and evening together. The medications were taken.

I got the sourdough part-baked baguette in the 2tue15oven. When it was cooked, I broke it up and buttered bits of it, adding the salad selection and egg to it. Oh, and a mini pork pie. Please don’t mention the mini pork pie to Sister Jane, I beg you.

It went down a treat! I gave this effort a Flavour Rating of 8.9/10.

I got the TV on, to watch a ‘Frost’ DVD episode on.

WD 128.0.128 I hadn’t got far into it, when I heard noises, and this was with the headphones on!

I got out of the recliner and had a wander around in search of any danger the noises might be from.

Whe2tue15an checking the spare room, I thought this scene outside. It looked a bit like a computer generated image. I fetched the camera to take this photo. The new cladding looked like it was from a computer game. 

I imagine the lighting at the time helped give this effect?

The noise did not sound again, and could find nothing untoward, so back to the recliner.

I think I fell asleep before I restarted the DVD.


Nottingham City Centre – Christmas Day

Nottingham City Centre

Christmas Day



South Sherwood Street – Upper Parliament Street


Clumber Street


Market Street


Long Row West


Victoria Centre (Mall) Lower Parliament Street


Canal Street


Carrington Street


Maid Marion Way


Beastmarket Hill (left)


Upper Parliament Street

Ah, how peaceful!

Inchcock – Fri 14th December 2018:



Friday 14th December 2018

Yiddish: פרייטאג דעצעמבער 14, 2018

23:440hrs: Woke and found nocturnal scribble on the notepad about a dream I must have had. It was such a calm, matter-of-fact vision as well, it all seemed so natural. I could remember some of it at the time, and added a bit of detail I’d not written down. I was in a big field of nettles and thorns of some description. I was sat opposite Old Father Time across a school desk!

Oft (Old Father Time), was telling me he was about to come for me. I replied: Fair enough! He looked puzzled for a second or two, then the conversation went something like:

Oft: “Fair enough?” – Me: “Yes” – Oft: “That’s a fine attitude to take!” – Me: “Is it?” – Oft: How can I do my job and scare the living daylights out of people, if they whimpishly just accept death… it’s not fair is it?” – “Not fair to who?” – Oft: “Me!” – “Well, I’m sorry mate, but that’s how it is like…” – Oft: “What’s the point in my giving you life in the first place then?” – Me: “Did you give us all life then? Worrabout God, Allah, the Lord of the Hosts, El-Shaddai and Yahweh?” – Oft: “Who?” – Me: “The creators!” There was a lull as he frowned, during which heads would occasionally pop up out of the thick shrubbery around us, and someone would shout something to him, and disappear back into the undergrowth? After a long silence Oft replied: “Sod-this, I’m cancelling your return application now!”

Other things were said, but I cannot make out my own scrawling handwriting. Well, what an egregious short dream!

I dragged my overabundantly well-upholstered stomach and torso from the £300 second-hand recliner, without any problems occurring. Yes, it surprised me too. Haha! And off to 4Thu02the wet room for an SSWW (Short-sharp-Wee-wee). 

To my astonishment, I found only one EIBWBBBs (Evil Ironclad Boll-Weevil black biting beetle)! Perhaps victory, after almost six-months of poisoning myself with the Raid, Sanmex and Rentokil bug-spraying, giving Bad Back Brenda, Arthur Itis and Dizzy Dennis reasons to provide me with bother, I am winning the battle against the dreaded Weevils? I still gave each room’s holes in the walls, new windows, and cracked floors, as usual, a good spraying session done. This has become a routine habit now after so long. Hehe!

Got the Health Checks done and took the medications.


Making a start on the Thursday update, I had to nip to the Porcelain Throne. I’ll not go into detail other than to say it was a long session and I got a few pages of the Clarkson unofficial Biography book read.

Back to the computer, and I made up the funny ode, inspired by my dream, and got it posted off.

Then finished the Thursday Inchcock and got them sent off. WP reader was reading next. Then a comment answered.

04:15hrs. I made a start on getting the drafts made up for the Inchcock Todays in advance. Long job, but it has to be done. 06:50hrs. I got them finished at last! Seeing double and got finger cramps now. Phew!

Ablutions tended to. After shaving, teggies, showering and when getting my bulbous body dried, I found six full-grown EIBWBBBs 5Fri004scattered around the floor? Unless they came out of the floor drain, I have no idea where or how they appeared? Struth!

Did the medicationalisationing and got dressed, and made a mug of tea. I used the new ones delivered yesterday; ‘Morrisons The Best Assam.’

Advice for all WordPressamian Wordsters: If you like your tea to be wishy-washy, cat-pee like and tasteless, these ones are perfect! Anyone with a liking for a good-strong brew, I recommend you make it in an egg-cup, but not to fill it to the top, to keep a bit of flavour.

At the point of setting out, I started to feel a little queasy and weak? I hope it clears soon.

Down in the lift and as I was getting out I realised I had not got my wristwatch on and had forgotten to take the surgery telephone number to ask one of the Obersturmbannführeress Wardens if they would ring for me to make an appointment. Fed-up with myself as well as feeling not-right now. Lack of drive, for some reason. Hehe!

I took this photo of the centre block being built, the extra-care unit and Wardens Den, along with a rooftop al-fresco sit-out place and other stuff for us old ones.

I’ve put it on the largest I can so you can see the details better. Still, a few months to go with the erectionalisationing. But, I reckon they are doing well, especially considering the lousy access to the site for suppliers, workers etc.


5Fri007aAs I got to the Nottingham City Homes, Winwood Heights, Generaloberstesses Wardens Temporary HQ. WC, Rumourmongering Clinic. Sarcasm & Insult distribution area. Tenants Socialisationalistic Area. Telling Inchcock off Zone. Crockery and pottery to be stolen from location, and residents porta-cabin, the sun tried to get through. I thought the view was beautiful enough to try and capture it with my camera. The sun soon faded again seconds later. By gum, it as cold out there this morning.

I got in the shed, four other tenants in there told me that Generalleutnantess Warden Deana was out and about. So, I could not have asked her for help anyway. I must remember to Email the surgery when I get back. Shame really, but the receptionists did not do what they usually do and send me an email with an appointment. Which means with me now being so late contacting them, my getting an appointment let alone an early one, are about the same odds as Theresa May leading the Conservative Party to a win in the next General Election with a 90-seat lead! I can feel unwanted you know! Hehe!

5Fri007I had a few good chinwags, laughs and innuendo ridden natters.

I went out and found a decent crowd of Winwoodamians waiting for the bus. I’ll see how many I can name. Left to right. Mary, Roy, Elizabeth, Margaret and hubby. Cyndy joined us later, and much laughter ensued. There may be a chance I have got some names wrong, having the memory I have nowadays. Tsk!

5Fri08More talking and laughter on the bus en route to town.

Got off with most of the others on Upper Parliament Street, we said out cheerios, and I poddled along in the gloomy cold weather and turned down Clinton Street West.

I was not feeling poorly, just out of sorts, really. 5Fri08aNo drive in me at all now?

As I turned into the street, I saw the new traffic bollards that had been installed.

I bet they cheer up the storekeepers and delivery people!

Not as many folks around as I had expected.

5Fri09The penny whistler comically called a musician street artist was in his usual spot near the Holland & Barrett shop. 

A little further alone was two young men, they had a set up that made their terrible noise on their bongo drum and the electric guitar a little annoying.

I returned to the penny-whistler, a lady was still with him from earlier.

Ah, a few people about now on Clinton Street West. I walked down to Long Row near the Council House and the Christmas rob-dog stalls and amusements.

5Fri10aSome electrical work taking place underground left its mark as a new piece of Nottinghamian Street Art.

At this point, I decided I would not walk to the canal to feed the Mallards. I just felt all-in, tired and weary for some reason?

I walked to the Marks & Sparks food hall in their basement and foolishly had a wander around. I came out with some frites and a lamb moussaka ready-made meal.

However, it later turned out that it was somewhat fortuitous that I bought the frites. The potatoes I’d left on in the slow-cooker had broken up in the water, and those I tried were tasteless, so I had the frites instead.

5Fri10I paid and made my way back to Clinton Street west.

The lady was still talking to the penny-whistler as I passed by. Even busier shopper-wise now.

I called into the Sports Direct with the aim of getting another of those long sleeve shirt things on offer. I got one and some socks.

5Fri11Back into the slab-square area.

I could not believe what people were paying for the stuff, especially the cooked foods. There was plenty of variety on offer too.

The little stall selling cooked chestnut was there again this year. £3 for about ten chestnuts – she had no customers while I was there.

5Fri12WD 131.25.50 The good-smelling German Sausage take-away stall was not very popular I noticed.

I made my way up Exchange Walk, taking a photo of the crowds coming the other way.

WD 131.25.50 But, I suffered another case of the mysteriously disappearing snap from the SimCard! Tsk!

5Fri013I made my way to Queen Street to catch the bus back, feeling positively drained now. Why? I don’t know.

I took this photo of the old buildings on King Street with Little Johns bell tower on the Council House in the background. Apart from the tree, and lack of trolleybus and tram wires, I imagine it would have looked much the same in 1896! Just a thought!

5Fri014As I got to the bend in King Street and Queen Street, this naughtily parked car was blocking the buses access around the sharp bend in the road.

But not for long, one pap of the buses horn, and magically four or five busmen appeared and approached the car!

Wisely, the young man drove off!

I fell asleep a couple of times on the bus home. Elizabeth had got on, and I gave her the £5 off voucher I got from M&S to use on my next visit that I spend over £40. No chance of that happening! Luckily Elizabeth knows someone in the flats who spends a lot of dosh there, so she’ll give it to him.

Cyndy got on, and we had a natter and laugh as we walked back to the flats. Hubby Eric is having some terrible headaches she told me. So when I got in a picked up some Co-Codamols and tool them up with the cakes to their flat.

Back to 72, did the Health Checks. Discovered the Morrison peeled potatoes had gone to water in the crock-pot.

Got this updated in haste (To be corrected in the morning). Took me ages.

Got the Frites in the oven, did the last Health Checks.

WD 131.25.50 I let the frites burn! So, that’s the potatoes overcooked, turned almost to liquid, and the replacement frites burnt to a crisp! I was so weary and weak feeling before all this kerfuffle with the meal. Tsk!


When it came time to serve up the nosh, it looked a lot different to how it was initially planned to. Haha!

I assume my vagueness of mind and tiredness was the cause of my not eating a lot of it. The bread was dished altogether, only one bit of chicken ate, and of half the tomatoes.

The minted peas were very highly-edible, though.

Got the last Health Checks done and settled down in the recliner. I reckon I’d nodded off within seconds of getting my head down. Exhausted mentally perhaps?

WD 131.25.50 The doorbell chiming and banging on the door woke me… An hour or so after getting my weary body to sleep… Humph! I remember thinking about ignoring whoever it was, cause those who know me are aware of how my sleep pattern goes and would not disturb me, surely? Then I realised if it was strangers, it might be the Fire Brigade or other emergency services. So I forced myself out of the £300 second-hand recliner and went to the door.

WD 131.25.50 I stubbed my toe en route, Humph! At the door were two blokes wanting to test my fire alarm. I fear I was not very welcoming to them. My blood boiled actually, as an extremely frustrated, irritated, overtired, mentally-drained pissed-off Inchcock stewed inside and muttered to himself as they did their checks.

They did their job and left.

I returned to the chair, bleary-eyed, irritated, distempered, peeved, not feeling so good and annoyed with life generally. Huh!

I thought the disturbance might have stopped my getting back to sleep, but it didn’t. I really did nod-off within moments.

Inchcock – Fri 7th December 2018: I had the dream of my life! City Centre Photographicalisations. Oh, and a bit more rain today, Tsk!



Friday 7th December 2018

Tamil: வெள்ளிக்கிழமை 7 டிசம்பர் 2018

00:10hrs: I bestirred, the head full of memories of my hilarious nocturnal eidolons. Of course, these recollections soon faded into the ether, as is the necessary way with dreams. I fortunately had as I usually do, a notepad and pen on the Ottoman (formally known in this household as the Toe-Stubber, Hehe!) at the side of the £300 second-hand rickety recliner. The things I scribbled down, although mostly unreadable by the time I got around to creating this post, were invaluable as memory prompters.

My nighttime deleria seemed to have contained moments or incidents of hallucinations, all euphorically tempered, with such pleasure and contentment, like never before! I was able to think of things and people, and they appeared in front of me connected with my thoughts? I could float around, I think I was in a giant cave of some sort… people I’ve have known I had conversations that were all a joy to me… I did things I have not been able to do for donkey’s years in these visions. Suzanne, Dad and other people I worked with, were amongst the many visitors I summoned up. Without questions, this was one the most frolicsome, jovial, convivial and satisfying dreams I’d had, ever!

Aug18p06bWD0.0.128 Coping with the realisation that it was all phantasmagoric and illusory, brought down my dispositional status a tad. Tsk!

My minds thoughts were soon moved on from the daydreaming of my night’s ‘La La Land’ dreaming, onto my sudden and urgent need to remove my body from the recliner and get to the Porcelain Throne post haste! The evacuation went well, no bleeding or messy leaking for once. Got a rinse and because  I could see a couple of the EIBWBBBs (Evil Ironclad Boll-Weevil black biting beetles), I adopted my Seek & Destroy Mode, pocketed two cans of bug killer, and went on a reconnaissance and perlustration mission to assess the state and strength of the Weevil army this morning.

5Fri001WD0.0.128 I sprayed and searched each of the rooms, with odd results.

Only six of the beasts were found. But, they were all much bigger than usual. I made this picture of the prisoners and where they were found. The fact that they were well spread around the apartment indicated to this seasoned EIBWBBB Battling of buggers that they might be in the process of increasing their numbers? After I had got things sorted out an ready to start doing my Health Checks, I spotted dozens of tiny baby Weevils on the kitchen floor, underneath my medical stock cabinets. They are planning something, the devious little devils! Cunning Chicanery is afoot! I can sense it!

Took the morning medications and got the Health Checks completed.


5Fri001bThe results were okay. Perhaps the Sys was a little high, but it’s been a lot worse.

With the INR level coming back as so high, I expect things like this to happen until the level comes back down to near normal.

This reminded me, I have to take care not to have any bangs, bruises or cuts, well, extra attention while the risk of bleeding so quickly is still lurking. Also, to wrap up well when I go out, cause with the blood so thin, I always feel the cold a lot more than usual. However, ailment-wise I cannot complain, though, this good day. Mentally is another questions. Hehehe!

I could hear what sounded like running water or steam escaping? I had a looked around, but found nothing that could be causing it. Opened the window, but it didn’t seem very windy, the rain was falling, yes, but unless it is pouring down I can’t hear it usually, and it seemed light?

I got on with updating the Thursday blog and got it posted off, all within three hours, which was not bad.

I got some of the soya lumps soaking in water with balsamic vinegar, to get ready for adding them to the crock-pot.

0530hrs: Made a start on this post then, got up to here and decided to update the Facebook photo albums and next on to the TFZer site.

0750hrs: Got the Facebooking finished. Phew!

5Fri006Wash the tea mug, and took a shot through the kitchen window, of the weather waiting for me outside. Oh, heck!

I checked the soya and added it to the mushrooms, turnip and black eye beans in the slow-cooker. Added some pork gravy granules and a drop more balsamic vinegar, oregano and onion salt. Set it on auto, put the lid on and hoped for the best, it would turn out okay later.

I poddled to get the ablutions done.

WD0.0.128 While I was shaving, a dirty great big EIBWBBB came out from behind the tap, and I felt he/she was mocking me, laughing at me! Probably an intelligence observer for the Weevil army? Foolishly I let to his get to me and took a quick swipe at the Weevil with the Bic throw away razor which was in my hand, and the plastic broke, sending the bladed end flying somewhere, I heard it bouncing, pinging off of things. But I still have yet to find it? I got another razor to replace it, but remain befuddled over two things, first the thing breaking in the first place, and secondly, where the hell did the ginormous Weevil get to? Oy Yey!

5Fri007All clean and freshened up, I took a recycling bag and two black waste bags with me. Dropped the trash down the chute, and tool the white bag down and out to the caretaker’s door.

The drizzle drizzled, as drizzle does, and I made my way to the Nottingham City Homes, Winwood Heights, Hauptbereitschaftsleiteress Wardens Temporary HQ. Sarcasm & Insult distribution area. Tenants Socialisationistical Meeting Shed. Telling Inchcock off Zone. Where things like crockery and pottery get stolen from, and somewhere to rest while waiting for the bus and Rumourmongering Clinic, Portakabin. There were several young men from Nottingham City Homes, preparing for the Question and Answer session later on. I recall thinking how sickening it was, the fact that each one was younger, fitter, better looking, taller, had hair and were smarter than I was. But the feeling faded later when I remembered they all had to work for a living! Hahaha!

The rain steadied down, and after a natter, laugh and found they liked my blog, I went out to join some other residents at the bus stop. Shirly, Mary and Big John with others. Cyndy and Margaret joined us later, but not in time for a natter, as the buses arrived.

5Fri007aWe were soon in town, and I dropped off to go to Batteryman stall on Clinton Street West.

WD0.0.128 I asked if he could change the battery and watch strap for me. Through gritted teeth, I got a muttered answer which I assumed was of a positive nature, as he put out his hand for me to give him my watch. He would not change the battery cause the watch was still going? I counted the time on the clock behind him, it took him 2m 10 seconds to put on the strap and ask me for £10. What a plonker I am! I just paid £10 for a watchstrap for my second-hand watch that cost me £2! Klutz!

5Fri08I went into the Poundland shop next to the stall. Came out with Mallard food, a pork pie, gloves, and a bobble cap.

I paid and made my way along Upper Parliament Street, where this chap reminded my of Candid Camera stunt played so many years ago. Funny how some things can trigger thoughts.

5Fri08aLike these Nottiinghamian pedestrians wandering uncaringly across the pelican lights (cross-walk in America, I think?).

These lights have to my knowledge, had five accidents at this junction in the last month. Tsk!

Still, must be expected I think. What with mobile phones being used, some people inebriated and Christmas shopping, I forecast 5Fri09many more traffic accidents again this month.

I turned into Clumber Street and fought my way through to the Sports Direct shop, intent on going upstairs to see if they had any suitable long sleeve shirts for me to buy.

A bit of good luck here, I went the right way through the displays for once and came across a selection of what had on the labels: Lee-C Crew Swtr SnC98 80% Off – £34.99 Now £6.99. I got carried away and bought six of them! The bags were getting heavier now, again, and the bank balance, lighter. Oy Vey!

I had a walk down to High Street. Went into the Exchange Shopping Arcade for a shortcut to keep out of the rain that had started. Again, some units had closed down. So sad. But as I spotted in a shop on the right, they were offering a Special Offer on some Doc Martin boots, a 10% discount for Students. Which meant that the Jaden Glitter boots at £159 could be had for only £146.10… no wonder shops are closing down. Tsk! But as you see, it’s not been busy for years!


5Fri11Got the brolly up, and hobbled by the slab square with its numerous new food stalls and amusement, to the other Poundland shop. As the other one did not have any of the Ritz Salt & Vinegar thins in stock.

I came out with some unneeded stuff for the nibble box, and two packets of the Ritz Thins.

Paid at the self-serve tills, but the machine would not take my card. A lady came, and she could not get it to either. Eventually, after three more tries, it worked. I just hope I don’t find out I’ve paid three times?

5Fri12Back through the slab square, with its many Merry Nottinghamians, looking sour and glum as they realise the prices being asked by the stall holders, I think

The Ice Mountain, I found out, is only open at night when the lights and imitation snow show up well. Two runs down for £3 the poster said.

5Fri30Later on, I found a photograph on the Nottingham Post of a girl on the ride.

They call it a toboggan run.

She certainly seems to be enjoying it, bless her cotton socks.

 Time to catch the L9 bus now.

I managed to get my sev5Fri013erely obese body through the crowds of gay abandoned cheerful, happy  Nottinghamians, and up Queen Street to the L9 bus stop.

No one from the flats got on en route which is rare.

5Fri014As the bus went up Porchester Road before turning down Moore Road, I attempted to get some photographs of the multitude of houses and estates in the distance.

The first one I took came out with a blank background, not showing what I was looking at, at all. Grumph!

5Fri015The next effort was at the junction of Longbeck Avenue, but this was a little too far down, and I still missed the scenic view. Although if you look at some of the dwellings closely, they can be seen.

Still, not too bad cause the bus was moving and I was taking them through the windows.

If I can think of any more excuses, I’ll add them later. Haha!

Back at the flats, hellos, sarcasm’s, insults and laughs were shared with some of the residents getting on, as I got off of the bus.

I took three photographs of Winwood Heights in the gloomy weather. Winchester Court, the unnamed new Extra Care block being built and my beloved Woodthorpe Court.


I got in and put the purchases away. Had an SSWW. I did the Health Checks and medication taking.

A quick EIBWBBB check produced two in the wet room and one in the kitchen. What’re their tactics? Plans?

Checked the crock-pot with the soya, mushrooms and turnips coming along nicely. Going to have a few chips with this stew (or whatever it should be called?)  methinks.

Updated this blog to here, and updated the Facebook photo albums.

Got the last Health Checks done, and the nosh prepared.

I tried the soya chunks, seasoned with balsamic vinegar and pork gravy, with mushrooms. Black eye beans and turnips. I added tomato puree and oregano.

5Fri32No idea what it will be like, but here goes.

Got it served up. I shall not bother with having the soya again I think. It was bland tasting despite the flavourings I’d thrown at it. Although it was inspired by Jenny’s chilli, it lacked her skills in cooking. Tsk!

Everything else made up for the soya failure, the beans, mushrooms and turnips came out delicately flavoursome. 

5Fri34As I washed the pots, the darkness lifted outside for a while, and I could not resist trying to get a shot of the houses and dwellings in front of the flats.

They look almost like they are modelled miniatures houses, do you think?

I did the Health Checks, imbibed the medications and rubbed in the creams and lotions. And off for an SSWW to the wet room

WD0.0.128 Where I trod on the previously magically-disappeared broken-off bit of the Bic razor! A spot of luck though, all the same, no bleeding caused! Just a painful welt. Oy Vey!

5Fri33Took me while sort myself out, then back to the kitchen.

Where I found the lighting had changed dramatically. Suddenly it had gone all dark and foreboding.

I got settled into my £300 second-hand rusty tattered recliner. With the intentions of watching some TV programmes that looked to be of interest.

Hehehe! Zzzzzz!

Inchcock: Mon 19th Nov 2018: A much more amelioratory day for Old Man Inchcock! Nottingham City Centre Photographicalisations, too!


Monday 19th November 2018

Yoruba: Awọn aarọ 19th Kọkànlá Oṣù 2018

23:55hrs: 3Wed001 An agrypnotic dirty great big sneeze, ensured my desire for sleep, ended abruptly. If I’d got false teeth, I’m sure I would have lost them! A suspiration followed.

The gargantuan-bellied-body was removed from the £300 second-hand recliner with no difficulty at all. The mind, could have done with a bit of help, as it seemed to be jumping about, leapfrogging thoughts as they appeared and not getting anything resolved, recognised or decided?

Off for an SSWW (Short-sharp-Wee-wee). No call to the Porcelain Throne either. Nervosity to Defcom level 3!

Got the medications taken, and Health Checks were done. Onto the computer and got the HC results for last week done on the Excel sheet.


The readings had shot up a little this morning.

I started to update the Sunday diary. Three hours later, I’d finished and got them posted off. Then I began writing this lactarium.

A few more SSWW’s in between things, of course. Still, no Porcelain Throne summoning?

I went on WordPress Reader next. Then on to Facebooking.

Tended to the ablutionalisationalistic needs.

Out into the cold but sunny morning, and off to the Nottingham City Homes, Winwood Heights, Hauptbereitschaftsleiteress Wardens Temporary HQ. Willmott-Dixon workers tea-break room. Sarcasm & Insult distribution area. Tenants Socialisationistical Meeting Shed. Telling Inchcock off Zone. Where things like crockery and pottery get stolen from, and somewhere to rest while waiting for the bus Portakabin, to wait for the bus with the other tenants in there. Good nattering session and laugh with Angela, Doreen and Roy. (Cheers me up, a good schmooze does).

Which included Angie and Roy, Welsh (Insult Specialist) William, Doreen and Brenda amongst others. I had a natter with them all, and Oberscharführeress Warden Deana and Oberfeldwebeless Julie. Can’t say what we spoke of, cause I am barred by the Nottingham City Homes Management, from mentioning anything taking place between Nottingham City Homes agents, representatives or employees and myself.

Out to the bus stop to join the other ganglet of residents out there. We had a few spots of rain or hail, that were the finest, lightest we had ever seen, and it lasted for about one minute. Jolly-good chat with Penny on the bus to town.

I made my way to the Poundland store on Wheeler Gate. Going through Nottingham’s Slab Square, where the fayre, rides, stalls were preparing to start trading later.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I arrived at the shop and spent a large amount of money filling both of my bags up. I paid at the self-serve till, where a lady put the stuff through for me, Bless her! I struggled out with the heavy bags containing: A Pork Farms pie, Lemon & Cucumber air sprays, bottles of bleach and disinfectant, nibbles for the social hour box and many packets of Doulton’s chocolate Liqueurs for mini Christmas pressies.

Back through the slab square again and to The Works retail shop to get a crossword book. I came out with three. Tsk!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I went up to the Queen Street bus stop. They had this ‘Ride’ being prepared for the juvenile Nottinghamians to pay to play on.


1Mon12When I got to the bus stop, I saw a face clearly on the paving slab near the bench. I thought I’d take a photo of it, draw around the supposed face and put it in this diary. Huh! I can’t even see the face myself now!

I lady arrived at the bus stop who I recognised from earlier trips on the L9. She lives on Sherwood Rise near to the flats. We had a lovely tête-à-tête en route.

1Mon13Penny got on the bus later. The light rain tried to fall a few times during the journey, but it didn’t amount to anything like proper precipitation.

Said our farewells as the lady alighted.

The clouds darkened a little, but still, no rain fell upon us.

1Mon14Penny and I walked from the bus, and we ambled along having a gabfest back to the flats.

I sneaked in this shot of the centre compound as we went along Chestnut Walk. I don’t think that Ian Incharge noticed so I can doctor this shot later when I get the time.

I was surprised at how tired I was when I got in.

1Mon14aThe Lasagne Al Forno in the fridge was on its use-by date. So I used it. Hehe! I sliced some tomatoes and put them on top of the dish. A few chips and put them all in the oven to cook.

Added some dried roast onions and a Cox’s apple.

Sister Jane rang me just as I was laying the food on the tray. A short chinwag ensued, during which I found the mobile phone I had misplaced. Tsk! Klutz!

A great tasting plate of fodder. Flavour Rating of 9.2/10.

3Wed001 I recall eating it Pennand putting the dish and cutlery in the washing up bowl. But not much else after that. A Dizzy Dennis and Blank -Spot suffered.

When I came round, I got the Health Checks done and took the medications. The DVD was on the TV?

Shame such a bad ending to such a decent day. Oy Vey!

Inchcock Today – Monday 5th November 2018: Laundry Room Farce, Sombre walk through Nottingham City Centre (tons of photos).And, I did get some chinwags in today!


Gerry chasing after Jillie – Naughty TFZers! Haha!

Monday 5th November 2018

Maori: Rāhina 5 o Whiringa-ā-Rangi 2018

00:05hrs: Woke with the seemingly aeviternal omnium-gatherum of uncontrollable thoughts, wildly pinging about in my head. The ailments seemed to have taken a back-seat behind these cogitations, anxieties, and fears. It was a few minutes before I could free my brain of the mishmash thoughts. No call to the Porcelain Throne to release the torment, as is often the case in the mornings here at Inchcock Towers. Hehehe!

1Mon01aI manipulated the vastness of my stomach and torso from the £300 second-hand recliner without any Accifauxpas. A rare for me, resoluteness appeared in my armoury, and as the ailments were all being so kind, I went with some pace, to the kitchen to get the Health Checks seen to. A bit of a shock, the Sys again.

Made up the records for the week on Excel.


1Mon001I smidge nippy when I opened the new unwanted light and view-blocking kitchen window to take this photo on the left. Hello, is that a free car parking space I see down there?

I mused over how much sleep I might get tonight, with it being November 5th, Bonfire Night and all that. Still, as long as the Nottinghamian populace are playing with their fireworks, they won’t be out mugging, shoplifting, vandalising or riding their bikes on the pavement. Hehehe!

Took a patrol around to see if any Evil ironclad Boll-Weevil black biting beetles could be found. Much to my delight, I found only three 4Thu10carcasses in the wet-room, none in the spare room and none in the kitchen.

I made a brew and blow me down, I found a live Evil ironclad Boll-Weevil black biting beetle on the cooker!

I decided at this point, to start off this blog and update yesterdays later.

0125hrs: Got up to here, and a change of plans again, I went down to start the laundry duties. Got the washer going, and took some photographs out of the window in the laundry room of the new scaffolding. Scaff-Tag all in order.


1Mon11Up to the flat and updated this section.

Looking a little foggy now.

Made a start on updating the Sunday post.

Down again to move the togs into the dryer. The better machine was not working, it had a blue light on permanently?

Back up again to the flat and got the Sunday Post finished and posted off to WordPress.

 0240hrs: Down once more to collect the washing and clean the machines and filters.

WD 99.0.0 What a picklement! The end machine was still not working, I assume the Management Oberstgruppenführeresses know about this, but I’ll mention it if I see them later, just in case. I opened the dryer I had my clothes in, and they were still so damp!

So, I started the machine again and went for a read of the notice boards for fifteen minutes. Returned, to find the device had stopped. Started it once more and stood there watching it. It ended telling me the clothes needed rearranging, or they were already dried. Took a look inside and they were indeed not dry. Started the dryer again. Gave it a while and it stopped again. So I removed the washing, which was still damp but not as bad as earlier. Took them out and folded them…

WD 99.0.0 Then I realised there was dirty water/liquid underneath the machines. Back up to the flat and got some kitchen towels and back down and dried up what I could of liquid. When I got around to cleaning the filter, there was only a little fluff in the mesh, but some gunk as well? Cleaned the casing and drum.


Nearly 0400hrs by the time I got the things back upstairs. I got the shirts and socks in the airing cupboard, rotating them so that the not-fully dried new stuff was at the bottom of the piles. Hopefully, then they will be safe to wear and not give me pneumonia. Hehe!

Made a brew, which I let go cold, due to the call from the innards for me to utilise the Porcelain Throne. The evacuations went well, no bleeding. Good!

1Mon12Made another brew of tea and got on with updating this blog.

The fog was getting thicker now.

Went on the WordPress Reader.

Then on Facebook to update the photo albums and visit the TFZer site.

1Mon13Got the ablutions tended to, all refreshed I set out, dropping off two bags for the waste chute en route.

The fog had turned to a light mist, that as I hobbled along Chestnut Walk to the Nottingham City Homes, Winwood Heights, Hauptbereitschaftsleiteress-Wardens white Temporary HQ. Willmott-Dixon workers tea-break room. Sarcasm & Insult distribution area. Tenants Socialisationistical Meeting Shed. Telling Inchcock off Zone. Where things like crockery and pottery get stolen from, and somewhere to rest while waiting for the bus Portakabin. Where Sturmbannführeress Wardens Deana and Julie were in their room… Ah, I remembered, I am barred by the Nottingham City Homes Management, from mentioning anything taking place between Nottingham City Homes agents, representatives or employees and myself. We spoke, I think it might be safe to tell you that they were aware of the problems with the drying machines in the laundry room, and had arranged for assistance to arrive. I wish they had told me earlier, I could have saved myself all those hours of farcical messing about in the early hours.

WD 99.0.0 But it was difficult, as I had forgotten to put in my hearing aids. So, back up to the flat to collect them. Which was fortunate, cause I met Tenant and cat-walk model Penny, and then knew I could catch her later, to give her the birthday and Christmas present, so I collected that at the same time, and returned to the Nottingham City Homes, Winwood Heights, Hauptbereitschaftsleiteress-Wardens white Temporary HQ. Willmott-Dixon workers tea-break room. Sarcasm & Insult distribution area. Tenants Socialisationistical Meeting Shed. Telling Inchcock off Zone. Where things like crockery and pottery get stolen from, and somewhere to rest while waiting for the bus Portakabin.

The population of the hut had grown, four tenants and Complex Gymnast Lynne had arrived. Handed out the nibbles and had a chinwag. Out to the bus stop, where many more residents lurked about in little groups, looking highly suspicious to me… Only joking, Hehehe! Had a few natters and laughs with some of them.

On the bus to town. When we arrived to alight on the City, it was a little comical, with four of us trying to help others get off… I wasn’t sure who needed more help, those helping or the others. Haha!

1Mon14I began a little hobbling session around of the City Centre area.

Along George Street, on to Carlton Street, where I noticed this new to me, bakery, with the customary uncaring dnagerous, Nottingham Pavement Cyclist doing his own thing, weaving through the poor pedestrians.

1Mon14aI crossed over the tram line decorated Fletcher Gate, not far from where the shooting incident took place at the weekend.

Down Bottle Lane, where I took this picture of the buildings on my right. Where the double mugging took place in August.

I thought they gave an impression of a workhouse, or prison of old?

At the bottom, I went left on to Bridlesmith Gate. A sombre picture compared to how it once used to look.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

In the side streets, there were so-called art shops, tattooists and charity shops etc.

1Mon30Passing a street-sleeper with his dog, and the Big Issue Seller with his Pit-bull like looking animal.

Down I trotted on to Middle Pavement. Almost as sad as Bridlesmith Gate this road. 

The entrance to the failed Broad Marsh Centre; that is currently going through a modernisation process costing an estimated £140m, now used by folks taking a shortcut more often than any shoppers.

Down Low Pavement to Lister Gate an1Mon20d Albert Street. Where the stabbings took place in October.

It looked like H Samuels was likely to disappear soon as well.

As I stood at the junction, my mind took me back to my youth. The Woolworths, C&A, British Home Stores, Dunnes the tailors, Wigfalls TV & Radio, ah… good days!

Top photo below of how it used to look in my hey-day. Today, with its new shops, most of them closed down. Depressing!


Marks & Sparks are still going, but reports indicate they are struggling, too.

I hobbled up Albert Street, on to Wheeler Gate. Where the taxi driver was stabbed in August.

Where the ever-increasing amount of depressing ‘To Let’ and ‘For Sale’ boards seemed like omens of what is to come, to me.


1Mon29A limp up Friar Lane, passing the closed down Chinese Food shop, the shut-down Boots Opticians, the bankrupt Hearing Centre, the relocated Co-op Bank, the Indian Restaurant that I have never seen any customer in, and the abandoned Newspaper shop.

However, the Kitty Cafe and Take-Away were enjoying a roaring trade this morning1Mon33.

Best to book a table to ensure you can get in, it’s that busy. There is a £6 Cat Welfare Charge before you sit down. But cat lovers would not complain at this, I’m sure. All the cats are rescued ones.

All ailurophiles should love this place.

I nipped into the Poundland shop. I got a Pork Farms Pie, some Ritz sea salt & Vinegar thins, and some little bits to use as Christmas pressies for the medical staff and residents.

1Mon24Down to the slab-square. Where some entertainment for Christmas I assume, was being erected.

The Nottinghamian citizenry all looked suspiciously at me as I took the photographs. I suppose the illegal immigrants, muggers, warranted persons, the CSP none-payers, shoplifters, gang members and escaped prisoners do this without thinking? Hehe!

1Mon25I spotted an imitation Policeman as I walked through South Parade. He was stood out of the way under the alcove at the front of Bet Fred shop. Sensible lad!

I walked up to Clumber Street and took this picture. Not as busy as it usually is.

1Mon26I turned down left into Long Row, and was greeted with the Helter Skelter being prepared for the seasonal festivities.

A Nottinghamian Pavement Cyclist, coming silently from behind, all but hit me. Then uncaring swine, was even closer to hitting a lady in front of me as he 1Mon27sped around her. Git!

This alley at the side of a shop on Long Row, always amazes me that there are two businesses up there!

An antique bookshop and hairdressers I think. How they can make it pay, I don’t know.

1Mon28Ah, I took a zoomed in shot of the alley, and now see that they have not made it pay! One of the units was up for let! Poor devils!

I stood quietly for a while, just looking at the people as they went by, some of them did not have mobile phones in use either, honestly! All plodding on in their own little worlds.

As I got the camera out to take a picture of the DSC00279Little John clock and housing, things changed… I instantly started getting, curled lips, scowls, intimidating glares, dirty-looks and glunches! I made a check to make sure I hadn’t left my flies open. Then I sheepishly put the camera back in my pocket. Getting dangerous photographicalisationing in town!

Up to the bus stop on Queen Street, a lady waiting there was kind enough to have a natter with me.

I was soon back at the flats. Penny got off of the other bus, and we walked back to the apartments, and another natter was enjoyed. Did well with little talks today. I like ’em you know.

1Mon29aShattered entirely when I got in. No updating of this diary, too tired.

Did the Health Checks and swallowed the medications.

Made a salad of sort. No bread this time, I forgot to buy some when I was out, and I did not want to wait for any out of the freezer to defrost. A Taste-Rating of 8.8/10 given.

I knew I was going to fall asleep, so did the last Health Checks and dosages early, well, while I was awake. Hehehe!

There was a 1959 film on the Horror Channel, ‘Earth vs The Flying Saucers’. My EQ told me I might enjoy watching this. So I tried to… What I stayed awake to watch, was so badly scripted and corny, but the special effects for 1959 were brilliant. But of course, I nodded off! Tsk!

Inchcock – Monday 15th October 2018: Weevil infestation continues, Marathon Hobble in the rain and the fungal lesion bleeds on. Normal day then! Hehe!


Monday 15th October 2018

Greek: Δευτέρα 15 Οκτωβρίου 2018

0000hrs: As I stirred into physical awareness, and waited for the brain to join me, I found the murkiness, opaqueness and mental incapacity of yesterday morning, was nowhere near so bad. In fact, thoughts, ideas, schemes and plans were starting to form in the grey-cells… but these were not utilised, due to the often vagarious, and regularly touch-and-go, summoning to the Porcelain Throne needing an urgent and rapid response.

As I hurriedly hoisted and cajoled the body mass out of the £300 second-hand recliner, I did notice the absence of any signs of nocturnal nibbling; and this pleased me greatly!

The evacuation was swift and of little substance. A little bleeding from Harold’s Haemorrhoids, but nothing worryable. Little Inchies fungal lesion had been phlebotomising a little more than I felt comfortable with. Changed the PPs and washed the dandies. Medicated both areas with their respective creams (Daktacort and Germoloid).

1Mon01Then off on an Evil ironclad Boll-Weevil black beetles and biting black LadyBug patrol of each room in the apartment.

WD51.51.0 deepOlive The wet room had three live weevils and eighteen dead ones. Sprayed some more ‘bank-manager annoying’ Rentokil spray.

WD51.51.0 deepOlive The spare room produced around twenty-five dead weevils, and four live ones. (I hope they are not getting accustomed and resistant to the sprays?). Sprayed some more ‘bank-manager annoying’ Rentokil spray.

WD51.51.0 deepOlive The kitchen had eight dead weevils, two live ones and three black biting Ladybugs.

WD51.51.0 deepOlive The bugs were caught and released out of the window, only for two more to come in through the opening at the same time! Oy Vey! I couldn’t see where they went. Tsk! Sprayed some more ‘bank-manager annoying’ Rentokil spray.

Tended to the medication taking and Health Checks. Made up last weeks graph.


WD51.51.0 deepOlive As I put the kettle on, I had to hobble hurridly back to the Porcelain Throne. The evacuated contents of a badious shade were not bothering me, but the bleeding is coming from Harolds Haemorrhoids had to be tended to again. What with the costly bug sprays, the haemorrhoid creams and I could soon be bankrupt! Hehe!

Did the Sunday Diary updating, and got it posted off to WordPress.


Went to make a brew of tea.

Found this black LadyBug on the counter, the poor thing seemed in pain, at first I thought she might be giving birth, so I observed her.

I hoped she had not been on the floor where the bug spray had been sprayed. Next moment, she flew off into the hallway, never to be seen again. At least she or he wasn’t injured.

1Mon01aaWD51.51.0 deepOlive Began on this post next. I thought I heard a noise from somewhere, so went a look around to see if I could find anything that might have fallen over or off of anything, in the spare room, which is where I thought the noise may have emanated from. I found nothing suspicious.

As I looked down through the unwanted light and view-limiting new window, I could see what looked like a ghost coming from the trees down at the car garages. (It was, in fact, a rain puddle from yesterday, Hehe!

1Mon05aI then took this shot from the same unwanted light and view-limiting new window from a different angle.

It shows Nottingham’s Northern Lights in the distance. Hehe! And the garage area below.

I checked on Google to see if any precipitation was forecast for today – Oh, dear!


Went on WordPress Reader for a while, and then added photographs to the Facebook albums.

Off for a short, sharp wee-wee. I mention this as I had failed to reveal the eight earlier visits so far this morning. Humph, Hehe!

Had a go at updating the personal Dictionary on Excel that mysteriously disappeared!

WD51.51.0 deepOlive Well, blow me down with a feather duster! Back for a third trip to the Porcelain Throne! Getting painful now. Tsk!

Updated this blog.

Ablutions and more medicalisationing tended to.

I put two bob-caps in the sink to clean and soak with the last of the liquid soapflakes.

Two bags to the waste chute on the way out. Where I met Elizabeth from the court and we had a natter, and a laugh then had to speed off to catch the 40 bus to town.

1Mon07Walk in the rain along Chestnut Walk on my marathon hobble to the City Centre.

You can see Elizabeth walking ahead to her bus stop, as she passes the white Nottingham City Homes, Winwood Flats, Oberstgruppenführer Wardens Temporary HQ, Willmott-Dixon workers breakfast and tea-break room, Sarcasm & Insult distribution area, Tenants Socialisation Shed, Telling Inchcock off Zone, Things like crockery and pottery to be stolen from, and residents room.

1Mon07aI was in no rush, and took my time, enjoying the surroundings, the wind and even the rain. I did wonder at the time if I was losing it (the plot), Hehe!

Turned down Winchester Street, and found Elizabeth still at the bus stop awaiting the arrival of her lift. I enjoyed another minute or so of nattering, (she thought I was bonkers walking to town, Haha!) Then I hobbled down the 1Mon07bhill onto Mansfield Road own.

The feet started stinging already. But I was content and was actually savouring the rain-soaked trek.

As I got to top of the first hill, the traffic was starting to form an orderly queue. Hehe!

1Mon15Over the top and down into Carrington.

WD51.51.0 deepOlive Where on my steady limp through the hamlet, I had five Nottinghamian Pavement Cyclists pass by me, uncomfortably close as well!

I was only quick enough to photograph three of them, though.

At the traffic light junction with Hucknall Road, I was well-pleased with the resulting photograph of the Nottinghamian Pavement Cyclist with the yellow and green backpack, who had lights on his bike.

No honestly, take a look! Hahaha!

It was the moodiness of the traffic with their lights and the rain reflections that satisfied me the most.

I strolled along to the Forest and up the next, ultimate hill. Passing the Rock Cemetary on the other side of the road, up to the traffic lights.

Crossed and was on a downward slope all the way into the City Centre.

WD51.51.0 deepOlive Where I suffered the one and only spraying of water from a puddle, as a bus drove through it! Soaked-through! Not likely I know, but I thought I heard laughter as it happened. Hehehe!

To the bottom of the hill and into the City Centre. Where, I cut through the Victoria Centre bus station, to escape the rain for a while. As I neared the entrance door, I thought at first that a bus must be on fire. Got closer and saw it was a bus driver having a ‘Vape’ outside. They seem to make more smoke in the rain? Anyway, she had an aniseed flavour one I reckon. It smelt nice.

Through the waiting platforms and into the shopping centre. Walked the length of it, then through the Boots store and put onto Upper Parliament Street, across the pedestrian crossing, and into the Wilko Store. Worked out well for me getting a chance to dry off a bit!

I consulted my soaked-through shopping list. I got a bottle of the liquid soap flakes alright, fragrance boost, and a packet of Dia-Limit capsules. Oh, and their last can of Rentokil spray on the shelf. Joined the queue and paid up. £12.80, flipping ‘eck!

1Mon14aOff and to the Poundland shop, only 25 yards away, so no getting wet much. Where I got some twin Peaks for Christmas handouts, and an oven glove. But I could not find any of the cans of either Raid or Sanex Bug Killer sprays. So, I went to the self-serve tills, (there was no choice, the manual ones were not open for business). I took care not to overcharge myself this time. What a Klutz I felt at the very memory of when I charge myself twice for a box of nibble biscuits!

I paid, and a lady in charge became free, a lovely gal, and asked her if they had any Sanex sprays. She kindly pointed out where they would be if they had any in stock. I walk out through the egress doors and back in through the entrance doors and walked to the spot the gal had pointed me in the direction of the location. Whoopie! They had some of the cheaper ones in stock. So I grabbed four cans of, what I now realise, were Sanmex brand. Back to the self-service till and the lady even helped me put them through, bless her cotton socks!

1Mon10I thanked her, and out along the road along Upper Parliament Street, to take a photograph of Clinton Street, cause I haven’t made one in a long time for the TFZer folk on Facebook.

The view looked interesting as I left the Poundland store, so I grabbed photograph that I thought represented Nottingham so well. Showing old and new buildings next to each other, the racial mix and varied ages of the 1Mon11citizenry, and, of course, the rain! Hahaha!

At the end of Clinton Street, I took this photographicalisation, that certainly looked different to all the others I’ve ever taken in the past! No crowds, shoplifters, pickpockets, beggars or gangs of yobboes! And two people who were in the shot, ran out of view when then they saw me taking aim with the camera. Most likely illegals or they had warrants out for them, or they were on the run from prison, who did not want their faces being recorded, I imagine! (Smirk and giggle!)

I made my way to Queen Street to catch the L9 bus back to the flats. I was feeling a bit fatigued now. When I arrived at the bus stop, I was so pleased to see my fellow resident, Elizabeth sat at the bus shelter.

We nattered away; I do love a good chinwag! I think I nodded off a few times when the bus got busier, and Lizzie and I could not talk to each other.

Back at the flat we both went into the Nottingham City Homes, Winwood Heights, Hauptbereitschaftsleiteress Wardens Temporary HQ, Willmott-Dixon workers breakfast and tea-break room, Sarcasm & Insult distribution area, Tenants Socialisation Shed, Telling Inchcock off Zone, Things like crockery and pottery to be stolen from, and somewhere to rest while waiting for the bus, shed. I handed few nibbles out to the only two other gals in there.

1Mon12Said my farewells and trotted, well, limped back to the apartment. Taking this picture above the foyer entrance to the Woodthorpe Court block.

Nobody about inside, which was not usual.

Up in the lift and into the flat. First thing, into the wet room for a short-sharp wee-wee. Naturally!

1Mon17I got the brolly up then, to dry-out near the door in the hallway. (Hallway I say, all 11 foot of it, Haha!).

Then got the wet clothes off as promptly as I could. While I thought of it, I took the bob-caps out of the sink and rinsed them, then rang them out as much as I could. Then set up clothes airer in the hope that this will hurry 1Mon16along the drying process.

Of course, I must remember to keep turning them over. He says, not exactly full of confidence. Tsk!

I imagine I’ll have to take them down and put them in the dryer later on?

I went on Facebook to update the photograph albums, then I got on the WordPress and updated this diary.

A decent marathon hobble.


The easy to prepare (part ready meal) was started in the oven. I had the Lasagne Al Forno, no idea what is in it cause the printing is too small on the sleeve, but I do remember having one once before and enjoying it. I put some grated cheddar cheese in another tray with it. Planning to have tomatoes with it.

1Mon20I did the Health Checks, and the nosh was ready to serve up.

Another shaky photograph was taken?

The Al Forno tasted overly rich to me, but I ate it all.

I put the plate and cutlery in the washing up bowl to soak and ensconced myself in the £300 second-hand recliner.

As I pondered on what to view on the TV, I fell asleep… Zzzz!

Inchcock – Wednesday 10th October 2018: Wonderfully Woeful Whoopsiedangleplop Day. Tsk!



Wednesday 10th October 2018

Swedish: Onsdagen den 10 Oktober 2018

2350 hrs: I woke up with a bit of a start, the head in a spin and struggling to grasp what needed doing today. I remembered the Asda fodder was to arrive, (but I had to look-up later at what time, 0700>0800hrs) and the hospital visit… then, the mind had to concentrate on getting me to the Porcelain Throne on time! Passing the empty orange juice bottles, cheese curl packets, and the crumbs on the £300 second-hand recliner and carpet near to the Ottoman. Schlemiel!

WD 51.2.51 The evacuation was slightly cringe-making, uneasy and messy. Prevented my gaining any degree of serenity of the mind. Still, I got a few pages of the ‘Catastrophy’ book read. As if the brain wasn’t already vagarious enough, struggling to cope, now I input more knowledge I don’t need for the grey-cells to get confused and mystified over! Idiot!

Little Inchies lesion had been bleeding a lot while I was asleep. Not comfortable cleaning things up when they had congealed, but I managed with the odd ‘Ooh’ and ‘Ohohoh’ being muttered. At one stage, I think an ‘Argh!’ slipped out. It is vital that I clear all signs of any sanguineous from the fungal lesion, to try to avoid the medics halting the procedure later on. Changed the PP’s and applied some Daktacort cream. Harold’s Haemorrhoids were not bleeding at all. Just on the day that I’m going in to have them strangulated, this happens! I don’t know if it is a good or bad thing, though?

Apart from Inchies Fungal Lesion, physically, I was feeling good. Anne Gyna, Arthur Itis, Hernia Harold, Dizzy Dennis, Shaking Shaun, Duodenal Donald, Back-Pain-Brenda, Metal-Ticker-Thomas, the Plates-of-meat, and DVT Theresa were all being so kind to me, I found it hard to believe, but appreciated the situation all the same. If only the mind would be as sympathetic to me. Bonkersness approacheth? Hehehe!

I set about doing the Health Checks.


3Wed01Well, well, well, fancy that. The Sys and Dia have come down well this morning, and also the temperature.

Good timing that!

And, as well as and besides that, the sphygmomanometer worked the first time! If only the mind would do the same. Haha!

Made a brew and took the medications. Remembering not to eat anything as instructed.

I updated and finished the Tuesday Diary then got it posted off. Went on the WordPress Reader section.

When I went to make another brew of tea, I noticed that the flat was looking a little tatty and unkempt. I hope to have a bash at cleaning it up a bit when I get the procedure sorted.

Back to the computer and I heard a noise coming from somewhere in the flat. I jumped up (well, alright, struggled out of the chair) and went to investigate.

WD 51.2.51 In the kitchen I found stuff had fallen off of the sink side; things that should not have been there if I’d kept the place tidy as normal. Klutz! There was a bottle of bleach, a washing-up liquid bottle and a bowl that had fallen off and landed around the bag of hospital things I have to take with me later. Luckily, there was no leakage.

WD 51.2.51 However, when I checked out the bag, the shaving foam had been releasing some of its foam and soaked a towel. So, I swapped the towel for another one. Tsk! Good job I noticed really.

I started this blog going up to here. Then had an idea for a Political Funny graphic as a diary header, and went on CorelDraw to make a start of designing it while the idea was fresh in the head.

Ablutions were carried out without any shaving cuts. The medicalisationing of the fungal lesion, although not exactly a success, was not too painful this time.

I collated the black bags to go down the chute, gathered the recycling bag and hospital bag, and departed. Took the black waste to the chute. Got to the lift, it arrived, and I realised I had not heard the ‘Ping’.

WD 51.2.51 Back to the flat to get the hearing aids. Humph! Back to the lift. Not feeling so bad really, as I was feeling a mite holier-than-though, about getting all the things needed for the procedure, and remembering the timing, etc. Also, I had time to meet Cissy in town, and Paul was to arrive to pick us up to lift me to the hospital. All was going well, I thought.

I plodded down and put the bag for there cycling near the caretakers door, and off to the Nottingham City Homes, Winwood Heights, Hauptbereitschaftsleiteress Wardens Temporary HQ, Willmott-Dixon workers breakfast and tea-break room, Sarcasm & Insult distribution area, Tenants Socialisation Shed, Telling Inchcock off Zone, Things like china and pottery to be stolen from, and somewhere to rest while waiting for the bus, shed.
I was first in the room this morning, and it soon filled up with many others, and chinwags of mammoth proportions followed.

3Wed05The bus arrived, and I got the crossword book out and had a reasonably successful go at it en route.

In town, I got off at the terminus on King Street, and took this photograph, thinking it might come out a ‘Moody’ one.

Walked down and met Cissy in the slab square.

WD 51.2.51 This is where the start of my Mega Whoopsiedangleplop began to take fruit! Cissy heard my mobile ringing and informed me. I got it out and answered it in time, but could not make out what the lady was saying, so again Cis took charge and spoke for me.

As I watched her turn the call off minutes later, her confoundedly serious Tut-Tutting began. She explained: That was the hospital confirming the appointment is still on for the procedure. FOR NEXT WEDNESDAY at 0830hrs! As she said this, shame and utter self-disapproval flowed out as I now remembered the time and date being changed last week!

3Wed05aWD 51.2.51 I think she felt sorry for me a bit. Paul arrived and laughed his head-off almost, but Cissy was a little annoyed with me as well. They departed, and I was in a right state mentally after they had left. I’m not sure where I went until I was aware that I was on the Poundland store, filling up the shopping basket. But I found this photo later that I could not recall taking?

Resigned to my failure, well, almost, I carried on shopping and think I got some bargains. Christmas chocolates (Liqueurs) for the other tenants. Social Hour Prizes and nibble box biscuits.  Zoflora Citrus disinfectant, ham off-cuts, cheeselets, bird food for the ducks, and a Pork Farm pork pie.

I popped along to the Marks & Spencers Food Hall. Spent on more unneeded fodder. I think the cock-up I’d made affected my minds balance? Haha! Anyway, I got a sliced Sourdough Stonebake loaf. Shortie biscuits, shelled peas and sliced mushrooms.

3Wed06I do remember taking this photo of the Little John Tower Dome, and thinking how cloudless the sky was.

I looked this up late on the Cosmopolitan page on the web, it said: From early October, stargazers will be treated to a spectacular display of shooting stars as Halley’s Comet returns to Earth. Just thought I’d mention it.

3Wed07I caught the L9 bus and Elizabeth, and Cindy got on. After telling them earlier about my procedure being today, I proceeded to make myself look a right fool, by explaining cock-up with the dates. I felt a right Plonker!

Still, they were kind really, as they told me I was a nitwit or something like that! Hehehe!

3Wed08The sky remained clear of any clouds, and despite the sun, I sensed it was going to get cold tonight.

WD 51.2.51 A little after taking this picture, I nodded off for a minute or two, as I woke up I thought I heard the driver talking to us, but missed what he was saying. I asked the ever-patient Cindy what he said. He was checking if anyone wanted to get off at a stop on the hill down to the flats.

Got off the bus, say hello to those tenants getting onto the vehicle, and the three of us (Cindy, Elizabeth, and yours-truly)  hobbled to the flats. We met Ian Incharge on the way along Chestnut Walk. I gave him with Cindies prompting (She is kind) a box of the Brandy Liqueurs as a treat. We had a laugh in the lift, and I made my way to the flat and a much-needed wee-wee and medicalisationing of the lesion.

Got the things put away and got the mushrooms and peas simmering with demerara sugar and lemon. Hope it tastes alright?

Got updating this blog to here, and the weariness and tiredness loomed.

3Wed29aSo I stopped and got the nosh sorted out.

I really enjoyed this meal. The sourdough bread was excellent, the salt & vinegar potato thins very tasty, the extra Strong cheddar was good, tomatoes and apples were okay. The most costly item on the plate, the shelled Kenyan Pod Peas from Marks & Spencers, that I boiled long and slow with lemon juice and demerara sugar, tasted delightful. A 9.45/10 Taste-Rating!

So, there’s a tip I’ve discovered for anyone else to try. Cindy, Jenny, Elizabeth, Mary, Penny, Lynne, Susie, Margaret, Deana, Julie… or maybe not. Hehe! But I loved em!

I got the TV on, to watch the A-Team double-episodes. I didn’t make it to the first set of advertisements… Zzzz!