Inchcocks first solo visit to the Slab Square: In 1955

Inchcock then & now Haha!

Despite the poverty, I was at my happiest…
In my younger years, and almost positive!
Full of vigour and at my determinest…
I set out one Sunday to slab Square, looking my nattiest!
First time alone on a trolleybus, at my swankiest!

43 Trolleybus in town

The bus ticket cost all of 3d,
Today that would be about ½ a new penny,
I wanted to get a Sunday paper, you see…
Take it to Dad; make him proud of me!
But the newsvendor asked, where’s your Daddy?
I didn’t realise he knew my Dad, Harry!
He told me to take myself home and hurry!
But he did give me a newspaper for Dad, for free!

West Bridgford (WBUDC) bus

So, I did, on a posh, pretty coloured WBUDC,
West Bridgford Urban District Council, you see?
We didn’t argue with adults back then, tactfully…
Agreeing with grown-ups, had desirability…
Cause of their clipping you around the earhole, ability!

I hastened home…

I hurried home, in hope of a visit from Auntie Kerry…
She liked to bath me, which always affected my psychoactivity,
I think she had some habits, mayhaps, eccentricity?
She scrubbed me up well, with dexterity, not dignity!
I always greeted her arrival with emotional glee!
Not understandingly, but happy… and expectantly…
Knowing (praying for) what she was about to do to me! ♥
I longed for her visits, and was her greatest devotee,
And to think that people said we were an odd family? Hehe!

Well, perhaps we were…

How things change… Hehehe!

Good Morning, all!

7 thoughts on “Inchcocks first solo visit to the Slab Square: In 1955

  1. Those trolleys and buses are vehicles of much beauty and grace, nice pastel colours, inexpensive as a 100 fake farthings. My father (Billum Sr.) was a salesman for Pittsburgh Paint and Glass. In 1955 he drove to his dealers in a canary yellow Chevrolet, a beauty. He would drive vehicles up to 100,000 miles per year, mostly covering a region within 30 miles of home. When he retired, the company essentially increased that radius to hundreds of miles, you would never be home during the week. Not a life for a family man such as my dad. Worra world this planet has become. But these memories we share at the speed of electrons brings them back with fine resolution.
    A slight difference in our countenances, but that is what memories share. This time on Thor’s Day.

    • It’s good to recall these happening I reckon, Sir Billlum. A canary yellow Chevrolet, that brings pictures to me mind. You’ve done it again, Sire – I had a Canary yellow Skoda Estelle, my first four-wheeled car. Repainted by the previous owner. Boy did that colour get some comments. Har-har! I’m glad BZ Snr retired before they upped the distances, in search of profit, no doubt?
      The face be an indication of mood, emotion, and character, as even the faces of those lovely old buses and trolleybuses? I’m guessing you can see the faces in them? Or is it just me?
      I’ve broken a record this day, over the last eight hours, I’ve hastily each time, utilised the Nocturnal Grey bucket… are you ready for this? No joking: Fourteen times, at least! The old infection is back! So, I’ve had to cut back on the Glengettie and Spring water. But at least I can get water ands tea, I bet the Putin victims can’t be assured of that!
      Damned Putin animal!

      • I asked the wizard of google about the Skoda Estelle. Danged if he/she did not already know about that vehicle, the Canary yellow is particularly striking. I have only owned four-wheeled cars so far.
        Fortunately, my father did indeed retire before the reshuffle happened. He also got an option for an excellent healthcare package for both himself and his wife, Mary. All he needed to do was continue paying the premium, a very low premium that he kept paying for decades.
        I also see faces in everything, not just in clouds. And, unless I am a complete fool and imbecile, everything looks back at me. Inanimate objects just do not expect eye contact I suppose. Most people do not even look up, or around for that matter. I am also of the belief that most people do not even participate in their own lives.
        I think Lisa might have used her nocturnal blue bucket that many times. Furosemide is potent stuff. Furious Furosemide.
        Infections are gits. Fortunately, my red spots have not appeared with infection, but they are surely taking their time to disappear. Mayhaps I am too impatient?
        Ukraine is not only suffering from shortages but from a complete disappearance of just about everything. Bad enough without Putin’s bombs exploding all around you. But we must remember not to cancel the Arschloch of course.

      • Vehiicularly speaking, I sdtarted as most woth a pushbike, on to various motorbikes, then three-wheelers; A red Bond minicar, then many Robin Reliants, I fell in love with them… then after meeting a lass of desirable shape and intentinons, had to move onto a four-wheeler – Estelle, which I’d had for about a week, and was plodding along the ringroad and it came to me — I hadn’t got a license to drive four wheelers (Boing!). I drove the 3-wheelers as was legal, on my motor-bike licence! Not wanting to break the law, (a bit late though), I made an appointment ofor a ‘proper’ driving test, and bought an old, battered and tattered Reliant to use while waiting. Then as it was a long wait, and my not being ofah with the actual test, I booked 6 lessons with a driving instructor. Who asked why I was having lessons, as you are a better driver than I am? I explained we got back home in his Vauxhall Cresta, and he asked if he could drive Robin, and did so around the block – He’d fell in love with her, and asked what I was going to do with her after passing my test; Sell it I suppose. He did the lesssons for free, and I gave him Robin after the test came along. Sorry about that, I had to tell someone after all these years… just hope the police don’t read this.

        The Schlägertyp Putin… Is he stoppable?

      • I had previously known nowt about three-wheeled vehicles of the highway. They don’t teach you that in school. And they also do not inform you that there is no basement in the Alamo.
        Proper lessons are worth the expense, particularly when you can barter and move on to other vehicular wonders like the motor that Toad of Toad Hall drove. Unfortunately, Toad did not receive proper lessons, didn’t believe in them, I suppose. I have not owned very many vehicles, like to pay them off and have no payments for 200,000 miles on average. We paid off our current car, a Nissan Rogue, two years ago. We learned the very hard way about leasing a car and the need to capitalise the cost of that bad decision. We cans be dumb arses now and then.
        The police are too busy getting their teeth knocked out by 10-year-old hoodlums or hiding from the gangs of Eastern Europe. If they should manage to locate you, tell them that you are just now leaving for Ukraine but that Putin will pay any outstanding fines.
        Ein Schlägertyp ist er doch, aber er kämpft nicht ohne Hilfe von anderen Schlägertypen. Der Mann mit dem langen Tisch sitzt entfernt. I don’t see anyone stopping him without getting clouted with nuclear scaries. Slipping some polonium in his Borsch only kills his taster.

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