Sunset Thoughts In Odes

“Oy, Inchie…


“Wot yer doin’ then?”

“Watchin’ the sunset!”

“Wot for? It ‘appens every night, yer burke?”

“I know it does, yer grumpy git! I photograph it most nights yer know…”

“I know that I am a part of yer ain’t I?”

“Then why ask me wot I’m doing then? You drive me to my homebrew, Ooh!”

“I dunno, just to piss you off, I suppose!”

“Sarcasm from you always flows…”

“Do you know, we’re talking in prose?”

“Go on then, let’s keep it up, see how it goes?

“The Carer will be here soon, let’s see who loses the odeing, you know?

“Just look at how the dying sun still glows..”

“I bet you’d get a better pattern as a Filipino?”

“I hear out there, they drink cappuccino?”.

“Do you like Pizzas from Domino?”

“What’s that got to do with the Ode, dumbo?

“Sod-all, you’ll soon be back on the Vino…”

“You’re in a barmy-mood? Why don’t you just go?

Cause I also want to see the sun’s dying glow!”

“I’m not having that; you a naturist? No, no, no!”

“That’s not nice, do yer want your blood to flow?”

“Ah, but you can’t hurt me physically, though!”

“Not my style, but I can send you loco!”

“Ha! I’m already bonkers; you’re too slow!”

“You are a saddo, fatso, and have no gusto!”

“Go on knob-end, tell me summat I didn’t know!”

“Well, the sun’s beginning to go…!

“I wish you would go; you damage my ego!”

“Why do you have to live on the 12th-floor in Council flats? Can’t you afford a bungalow?”

“Leave me alone. You’re always digging at me; you’re making my anger grow…”

“In the flat, it must be like the Alamo! Waiting for death, in agony, another coffin-seeking Bozo!”

“The Alamo? Well, my life seems to be connected like an imbroglio…”

That much, I understand and know…

“I don’t get out much, so?”

“With your luck, if you did, someone would stab you with a stiletto…”

“Or you stay-in, and old father time will soon say, time for you to go, cheerio!…”

“You being a defeatist would mumble, Righteo!”

“You may even ask him, is there time for one last bacon sarnie, with sourdough?”

“Have yer done? Taking the piss and having your fun?

“Aha! Pillock that didn’t rhyme. I’ve won again, I’ve won!


Part of the Inchies Make Them Laugh-In Ode, Series

Inchcock’s Belated Photographicalisations

Made a mess of writing that – Tsk!

Sunsetting Shots. I think from Sunday

The Iceland delivery, Monday.

What a selection! Strawberries, shortcake beef pasties, BBQ chips, microwave sausages, steak slices, and battered fishcakes! Methinks that I’ll eat well?

Continuing the fine dining theme… (Hehe!) Gastro chunky fishcakes in with peas, smoked haddock fishcakes, Chip shop chips, and cheesy potato gratins. Gannet! Mmm!

With me getting the new fish products, the big bag of chips, and some mini-iced suckers, making room in the freezer was a work of art. Hahaha! I took some products out of their boxes to get them in. At the time, I was chuffed with my realising that the cooking times and temperatures were on the cartons, so I placed them to one side to be trimmed and cut out the instructions to go in the drawer…

No sooner had I finished storing the food away than I saw the cartons, ripped them up, and put them in the waste bin. Pillock-Brain! After sorting all the fodder, I took the bag and deposited it down the chute with the other rubbish!

The fridge was far from filled.


The aforementioned cock-up as I threw away the removed out of date foods, and cooking instruction labels, away down the waste chute, never to be seen again.

What looks like a bit of luxury living style below? Two mini apple pies and a Viscount mint chocolate treat; on a swath-looking gold plate for a nibble. But, of course, photos can be misleading. It is a paper plate, but it looks natty? Har-har!

Kept up a fairly constant tap-tapping, with the odd clunk was thrown in throughout the day. But, Mr Superior wasn’t excessively noisy with it, just annoying. I was glad the hearing was so bad.

Took this shot below as I entered the kitchenette. A bit dark…

So took this one with the flash on…

That’s better!

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Attending Carers




Carer Helen

Left ankle morphing into I know not what? Haha!.

Monday’s Sunsettings’

Monday’s Fish Supper

Evening all!