Sunset Thoughts In Odes

“Oy, Inchie…


“Wot yer doin’ then?”

“Watchin’ the sunset!”

“Wot for? It ‘appens every night, yer burke?”

“I know it does, yer grumpy git! I photograph it most nights yer know…”

“I know that I am a part of yer ain’t I?”

“Then why ask me wot I’m doing then? You drive me to my homebrew, Ooh!”

“I dunno, just to piss you off, I suppose!”

“Sarcasm from you always flows…”

“Do you know, we’re talking in prose?”

“Go on then, let’s keep it up, see how it goes?

“The Carer will be here soon, let’s see who loses the odeing, you know?

“Just look at how the dying sun still glows..”

“I bet you’d get a better pattern as a Filipino?”

“I hear out there, they drink cappuccino?”.

“Do you like Pizzas from Domino?”

“What’s that got to do with the Ode, dumbo?

“Sod-all, you’ll soon be back on the Vino…”

“You’re in a barmy-mood? Why don’t you just go?

Cause I also want to see the sun’s dying glow!”

“I’m not having that; you a naturist? No, no, no!”

“That’s not nice, do yer want your blood to flow?”

“Ah, but you can’t hurt me physically, though!”

“Not my style, but I can send you loco!”

“Ha! I’m already bonkers; you’re too slow!”

“You are a saddo, fatso, and have no gusto!”

“Go on knob-end, tell me summat I didn’t know!”

“Well, the sun’s beginning to go…!

“I wish you would go; you damage my ego!”

“Why do you have to live on the 12th-floor in Council flats? Can’t you afford a bungalow?”

“Leave me alone. You’re always digging at me; you’re making my anger grow…”

“In the flat, it must be like the Alamo! Waiting for death, in agony, another coffin-seeking Bozo!”

“The Alamo? Well, my life seems to be connected like an imbroglio…”

That much, I understand and know…

“I don’t get out much, so?”

“With your luck, if you did, someone would stab you with a stiletto…”

“Or you stay-in, and old father time will soon say, time for you to go, cheerio!…”

“You being a defeatist would mumble, Righteo!”

“You may even ask him, is there time for one last bacon sarnie, with sourdough?”

“Have yer done? Taking the piss and having your fun?

“Aha! Pillock that didn’t rhyme. I’ve won again, I’ve won!


Part of the Inchies Make Them Laugh-In Ode, Series

13 thoughts on “Sunset Thoughts In Odes

  1. A most rollicking conversation with Alto, Sir. He knows where your unfunny bone is located and keeps striking it with a large mallet, do he not? I kneweth not that the Sun actually burns up at the end of the day. Must come from hitting the horizon and starting on fire from the kindling located along that horizon. Somehow that orb globs back together through some rare magicke while travelling along the other side of the flat Earth. A travail of travels that happeneth every day in a slightly different way, but captured by the camera and stored away. Just trying to make some sense of the cosmos, that’s what!

      • Goodeth. The flat Earth comment was a reflection on the Flat Earth Theory. What does the Sun shine on when above the other side of a flat Earth? Then I am wondering why all the planets are orbs while only the Earth is flat. Flat Earthers confuse me too.

      • I think the Australians larf themselves silly at the Flat Earthers to the north. I seriously doubt that many in the Southern Hemisphere are misguided by the “Earth is flat” theorists. Hahaha!

      • Richard tekks me there is ‘Flat-Earth-Believers Association in Brisbane. How he knows this, I didn’t ask him, cause I burst out laughing! Hahahahaha!

      • Very much deserving of a large larf. So it appears that Down Under is also on top of the world, perhaps we are the ones hanging upside down like stalactites.Richard is a well-informed fellow and a proper folder of laundry. Richard the Laundry-Hearted by my means of reckoning.

      • How to remember the difference between a stalagmite and stalagtite:
        stalagMites grow from the groupd like an M stalagTites hang from the ceiling like a T
        Billum: The Mad Mnemonic Maker

      • That’s what somebody told me 70 years ago, Bill. And it’s worked up until Dementia Doreen stuck her nose in. Did I gerrit wrong agen?

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