Inchy: Thursday 31st August 2023 – Cataract done at EENT, QMC

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Woke in the usual jerking fashion. I am concerned about getting things done in time and in the correct order for the trip to the EENT hospital and, if possible, getting the Wednesday blog finished and posted to give me a chance to make a start on today’s blog, tonight.
That doesn’t read right, does it?
Grabbed the Kodak and took some shots of the legs & feet.
I think I took this one by mistake…
A close-up of the feet showed they were still of a different colouration to each other. The ankle ulcer looks like it just might be coming back again. Nothing new there!

Removed the night pouch from the day bag.
03:25hrs: I was up and ready to take on the world… well, I felt okay compared to the last two mornings. The thought of getting out into the world from this flat possibly encouraged me, although I am still concerned about whether or not they will do the Cataract procedure. Odds at 50/50 methinks, if the Blepharitis has not cleared up. Please be cleared up! Off to the wet room to get the ablutioning done.
This took me an hour and a half. The shaving did not go well. Cuts and a terribly bad job done, too. Humph!

All done, although not successfully, I decided to take some photos from the hallway when I got out of the wet room.
Outside the wet room.
Hallway end rubbish and the three-wheeled-walker. That’ll need sorting with the things I need to take with me.
To my right, the kitchenette.
Ott he waste bag sorted and put near the front door.

Carer Richard arrived. He’s nearly done; just a few more calls to make. He looked weary to me.

Did some blogging with
Went down six times in half an hour.

Readied the three-wheeler, and got dressed, then had a quick rinse in the wet room. Emptied the catheter pouch before leaving the flat. Don’t want to get caught out!
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
Awaited the Link lift in the foyer.
The day’s events…
Set off to wait for the minibus.
We arrived eventually, as we were taking a scenic route so the driver could pick up another passenger en route on Derby Road from a care home. No photos cause I was belted in and could not get at Kodak Kevin in the trolley.

Only managed to get one photo inside the EENT.
It was a busy visit this time. I started by going to the wrong reception to sign in… Someone saw me looking lost, and I showed her the paperwork, which did not mention the ‘D’ floor. I should have gone up to the ‘D’ floor, so I went up to the ‘D’ floor.

The lady took me into a waiting area, where I waited. A small room with a TV on, only one free seat, where I sat, and my three-wheeled Trolley blocked the other patient’s view of the TV. I got the crossword book out. Later, I was collected and taken through another waiting area into a room to have the eye tested for Blepharitis and signed a form consenting to the operation. Then, back to the small waiting area, where the patients were all watching the TV – but had to sit on the same seat as before and block their view again. I mentioned en route, that my catheter bag was getting full.

Next, another nurse collected me, taking me into the big waiting area. The lady reviewed the details and asked many questions about my health and living habits? No idea why, but I told her the truth. She made up two different wristbands and put them on me… She noticed the Warfarin tab, then went through all the others I’d got on
We then went through each one. She decided that because I didn’t know the last blood test INR level, she took me to the DVT Anticoagulation place, insisting she take me in a trolley seat. Leaving Three-Wheeled_Walker Walter at the mercy of the honesty of the others still waiting. I mentioned en route that my catheter bag was getting full.
The DVT Anticoagulation took the test, and it returned much lower than it has been lately. Which was good!

I was pushed back to the large waiting area and got the crossword book from the trolley, but not for long. Another nurse arrived, a lovely lady, took me into another small room and questioned me about who diagnosed the  Cognitive Impairment. I told her about Highbury Hospital, Adult Mental Care, and how they changed their mind to CI from Dementia. She showed interest in this, and another nurse was summoned and asked me more questions. Where do you live? Why are you not walking soundly? Told them of the Peripheral Neuropathy. They wondered where this was confirmed and what tests were done. I told them, by the neurologists at the Mary Potter Center.

The first nurse returned and went back to the other large waiting area.
Where what was going to happen was explained to me. Then, the anaesthetist joined us in the waiting area. They told me that because the left eye had nuclear & cortical cataracts, they would inject different local anaesthetics in both regions. Oh. Good!

Back to the small waiting area. Still only the one seat available for me to use, the TV blocker! I think I heard the groans when they saw me coming back in! Hehehe! But not for long; I was walked into the operating area five minutes later.

Inserting the local anaesthetics was much more painful than when I had the other eye done. But I had been warned. The procedure made me jump a smidgeon on a couple in quick succession, and I was rightly reprimanded and told not to move.
It took a lot longer than the right eye.

A lady escorted me back to the larger waiting area, where I was given a biscuit and mug of tea. I couldn’t drink the weak, warm, tasteless tea, but thankfully, I dunked the two biscuits in it. Hehe!

There was no chance of seeing the crossword clues, so I sat and analysed those around me. There were around 12 other after-procedure patients, many with carers and family with them.

The time was getting close to the arranged pick-up from Easy-Link. So I got up and tried to work out the way back to the lifts, and a nurse asked me… “Whatever are you doing?” I’m off. I said! “You’ve not been released yet!” I apologised. She got me the needed paperwork, eye drops and instruction notes. While doing this, I suffered a rather perky but short-lived , which drew a lot of attention to me. Nurses came out of the woodwork to see if I was alright and were amazed when I told them I get these almost daily; they can have me over, give me a tumble, but this one was nae bother; I’d the reception desk to cling onto. The nurse rattled out instructions to me about tending to the eye. At least I think that was what she was saying. She then escorted me to the lift and the main doors. Bless her cotton socks!

Arrived as I was leaving the building. Spot-on! Following are the photographs I took through the windows of the minibus. Where memories were prompted, I’ve revealed them. Haha!
Leaving the hospital to Lenton Lane.

Towards Derby Road.

Side street off Derby Road.

Another side street off Derby Road.

Derby Road nearing Canning Circus.
I spotted that the old TA HQ was abandoned, vandalised, and very sad. Not that my memories of that building are anything worthwhile; I only visited it twice. But it brought back the days of my youth and my signing on… the best thing in my life up to then! Great fun and well-paid!

Huntingdon Street into the city.

Above & below…
The oh, so changed Shakespeare Street. The long-gone fire station and another abandoned building.

Left onto Mansfield Road.

A little further up…

Last Mansfield Road shot as we turned right into Woodborough Road. I recalled the old days with the trolleybuses. Even the blue-coloured Notts & Derby trolleybuses ran this route.

Huntingdon Street.

Mapperley Tops.

As the rain came, the chap dropped me back at the flats.

I got swiftly out of the rain and into the foyer.

Taking this selfie in the lift on the way up. With taking this in the reflection of the shiny wall, I thought at first they’d done the wrong eye for me. Hehehe!

I got inside, put the trolley in the corner, and emptied urine pouch.
I was sorting out what Carer Kara needed for the medical changes – the eye drops starting again, the hospital’s instruction, and a copy to go to the doctor.
Put the drops on the Carers table along with notes.
As I went to get the drops from the three-wheeler, Carer Marie came in the door. I explained about the eye drops starting over again. Then she issued the medications for me. Nice gal.

I got on with updating this blog. Up to now, the smoke & mirrors number-benders, known as…
have only been down for…

I got this far and then got a nosh prepared…
For hungry I am! I took the photo with the SD card left in the computer reader slot. It looked fantastic on the Kodak screen. Carer Marie read the instructions on the ready meals, both three minutes, in the microwave, so that made it easier.
But they came out well undercooked. Horrible!
Taste Rating: 1/10! Made up for this with some bags of cheesy curls, a banana and an iced lolly.

Soon settled in the c1966, £300 charity shop bought, second-hand, wincingly grotty, beige coloured, not working, crumb-covered from the nocturnal nibblings, itch-making, uncomfortable, virus-breeding, easy-to-fall-out-of, recliner, and sleep came easily – No nocturnal Thought Storms!

Each time I shot awake, the eye was more painful. Humphs!


Taken my Carer Marie for me!

INCHY: Monday 14th August 2023 – Inchy is Novaturient

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
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The spelling mistake was on purpose –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
Well, the visit to the produced some action this morning. Fair enough, it was phooey, sticky, falling apart on hitting the water, khaki-coloured mini-torpedoes that evacuated with ease and no pain. Yet somehow produced a little blood to decorate the WC and my bum and legs.
Unfortunately I my toe on the floor cabinet corner when I bent down to clean the blood from the WC. No bother, of course, not for the hero of my sturdy, manly-pain-bearing capabilities. No arghs, cursing or swearing, spitting, growling or self-pity. Well, just maybe the odd cringe and wince. Hehe!
Carer Jo-Anne called the opticians for me to clarify what they rang me about last weekend. It seems my spectacles are ready to collect, and I have to fetch them to see how I go with them, and then they can do a reading pair. From what I recall, the left lens will be apparent, ready to be swapped when, or if, the left Cataract ever gets done. I’ve no idea if this first pair will be distance or a reading lens fitted. If the Blepharitis is not cleared when I get to the hospital for the left eye cataracts to be done, I’ll be refused and go back to the start of the waiting list again. As it took me over two years to get the right eye done, you can understand how apprehensive I am.
Then surprise, surprise, and a Great one too! Nurse Hristina turned up to take my blood today, not Wednesday! The INR level is still worrying them. Far too high! I got the new dosage sheet Yesterday. Far too high.
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Night Pouch removed

The legs and ankles were much better this morning!

Trotsky was in charge again!

Taken through the balcony doors and window. Drizzling.

Washed the plates, great!

GOT CARRIED AWAYDoing the day’s blog, I came across a notepad page that was only partly completed; let me spend, wait for it… over 6 hours doing the ode page words! And it’s not finished yet! I simply plodded on uncaringly until the Carer arrived… Tsk!

Got on to CorelDraw.
The flipping day’s nearly done.
Still, I did stop to take some sky photos occasionally.

Photos were taken while Carer Benjamin was here.
Caught Benjamin taking a selfie on the balcony. Hehe!

As of 15@45hrs…

Here are the sky photos in the order they were taken.
The first one.
Above and below from the balcony.
Getting darker earlier now.
Looking almost scary now…
Still Bootiful, though!

Time to get the nosh sorted out… well, it’s well gone the usual time. If I get a crack one, just knuckle and potatoes, methinks, saving some time. That’s a rarity.
No, a sudden change of mind hit me. I had battered balls, bread and peas; that’ll do me. Wonder if I’ve got any crispy onions left in the cupboard? I’ll Soon find out! Nope!
So I added some to my Asda order for the morning.
The nosh was cooked and served.
Nothing special, but So-Tasty!
Flavour Rating: 8.8/10.

Washed the pots; I took care cause carrying the night pouch and can be a bit hazardous. In fact, using Metal-Mickey, helped me avoid a when I against the radiator as I went to take these two early morning photographs of the view from the kitchenette window.
High in the sky…
and down to the houses.

Settled into the £300 second-hand shop bought, c1966. Moth-eaten, cringingly-beige-coloured, grotty, bedraggled, dilapidated, crumb-containing for my nocturnal nibblings, bug-ridden, itch-inspiring, not working recliner. In search of . But he was in a stubborn mood, and it took me a couple of hours to nod off. I noted the time, 03:00hrs, when I knocked a bottle of soda water off the ottoman tray. Used the torch to check it had not burst open and saw the big battery clock. It seemed that seconds later, I was in the land of bliss. Ahh!

Nemo Mortalium Omnibus Horis Sapit

Inchie: Thursday 13th July 2023

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
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– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

I stirred into life, with bladder and tummy pains aplenty. I’d forgotten something last night… I was disappointed that I had failed to put on the flipping  night bag. Yet Again!
Hence the discomfort from the bladder. The day bag must have been close to its bursting point. I forgot to ask the carer to leave a bag out in the drip tray. I got it onto the £300, bought eight years ago from the second-hand shop, Harold Haemorrhoid testing, repugnantly beige-coloured, crumb containing, virus-breeding, acne-giving, rickety, non-working recliner. Had to get up and empty the pouch, but got my head down again.

Stirred once more at 05:00hrs. Well pleased with what little pain and aches I had in the legs. I decided to risk trying to get my slippers on for the first time in weeks. I took a snap with the Kodak before actually moving anywhere.
Nottingham Forest legs – Red & White. Hehe! Things seemed to be going well! So I made for the wet room to do me and to visit the Things went well!
Although had the advantage still.

Although I didn’t realise it then, I’d had four shaving cuts. Carer Kara noticed them later on. All on the neck.

Then… after such a good start, the hip started playing up again. Worries me a smidgeon that does. Just my remembering last week’s four tumbles in four days... the left leg and/or hip giving way being the leading cause of them all.
But none today yet, as I type anyway. Just a few scares when it seemed to feel like it was going, but a second later was back, just giving me the pain. Still, I’ll make myself a mug of tea for biscuit dunking, Glengettie, methinks…
, I had to hasten back to the wet room, and Carer Richard arrived as I entered the door limpingly. I muttered I was sorry but have to carry on.
The evacuation was different once again from ten minutes earlier. Not unusual, as Tom Jones sang.

A messy job that needed cleaning up!
Did the clean-up as fast as I could and went out to Richard.
He looked at the leg, and to my surprise, the right one had bloated up and gone red! Nothing like it was hewn I woke.
Also, I only had one of the prostate capsules left.

And none of the penicillin tablets at all.

He asked me to get the later carer to ring the Doctors.
Carer Kara said she’s ring them tomorrow for me.
She arrived just before noon and checked on the letters I’d received but had to go after she issued the eye drops, medications, and second Eye drops.

Email from Iceland.
Shortcake biscuits, soup to soak the bread in, no doubt with added Borscht and seasonings.
The fridge is now mega-filled!

Amazing afternoon clouds

Plenty of images were spotted in these two

Teatime view, nice!

Later, through the balcony windows.

Found the photo of yesterday’s meal, but today’s seems to have disappeared now!

Evening Care called, and I took two quick, ungood snaps of the sun setting. A close-up
Then a wider shot

I took a picture of the legs, ankles, feet…
And it came out in B&W?
Still, they looked better!

This was one of the best ‘Article-Item-Face’ finding pareidolia session photos of the year.
My first thought was the whole picture could be a map of Europe in the future. Obviously, France had either had a nuclear power station disaster (Or maybe a Brie cheese farm blew up), or Putin was still in charge in Russia and was attacking Europe? The wind was blowing Westwards, and Britain copped for a lot of fallout? The idea tickled me. Hehe!

Cheers, Each!

Prompt Response: Most Memorable Vacation

I’ve not had a holiday for thirty years running…
But I’ve had a few trips, that were harrowing,
Some of them were great and exciting,
The last one was very moving…
Papplewick Pumping station, celebrating,
The war years, remembering…
Many folks in period dress, & vehicles too.
Towards the end, I saw Thomas Crewe,
Not having seen him since 1962,
Hard to believe he was now ninety-two,
My old RAMC TSM, memories, we did imbue!
And I enjoyed the nattering and view!

People in period dress were all about.

Many are in period uniforms.

I had a lengthy talk with this mother and daughter.
They had a fake baby that looked and felt so real.
I told my mate; he agreed, that the effort
put into the celebration and memory of the
was fantastic. He loved the baby!

There were Italian, German, Russian and Polish uniformed visitors. Period policemen too.

A mini steam train on the tracks attracted many of the children… and me too, twice!.

Many vehicles that had been used in the war

Restored family vehicles too!
Some of them just after the conflict

A demonstration of how fires were fought

German and British troops enacted mock battles around the storage pond.

A Tribute to Wartine Singing ladies
Just Great to listen to!

I felt like was part of a family there.
Mostly ex-forces, and families that loved through it..

The Working boiler house

Inside the Pump House.
I was amazed!

Outside the pumphouse, I was struggling down the steep steps, to get down to look at some, a military ambulance and refreshment vehicles, serving up original drinks and food. The kids were amazed to see loose tea leaves.

I know; it’s not like skiing on a snow-piste.
Or trip on the QE2. Or visiting Disneyland.
An elderly chap in a uniform from the first world war came out from the blood wagon and asked if I needed help getting down the steps. As I was thanking him, saying I’m taking my time, thanks, I’ll make it and laughed at myself… I was totally gobsmacked when I recognised he was my old TSM, Tom Crewe! How old would he be then?

He certainly must have been 30 years older than me surely?
We chatted as it dawned who we were, and Ex-TSM Crewe remembered me from training, all those years ago.
What a natter we had, me mostly listening and taking what he had been through. Which of course he never mentioned back then to me, a new square-basher.

He is the reason I’ve responded to this WP Prompt.
Not the exciting type of vacation or day out…
But meeting Mr Crewe, made it the most memorable.

Bless You, TSM; no, now, Mr Crewe!

Aha, I’ve found a photo with me in it!

A first world war type ammunition horse & cart
The chap allowed me to fuss the animal. Loved the horse.

TTFNski, Each!

Inchie: Wednesday 5th July 2023-NHS Call in Centre Visited

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Another escape from the flat…
But only to the hospital at that…
Not much time for any chitchat,
 Dr’s with students, so each a pedantocrat,

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

The night catheter pouch colour was better today!
Nice morning, a little windy.

Telly on to watch the news. Of course, I didn’t; I began to get the things ready for the trip out to the medical thingamabob.

Glad to see the treats on the carer’s table had been nibbled at…

Last check of the painful right foot and leg ulcer.
I have a range feeling that this visit will come out well. It’s probably EQ talking to me with one of his forecasts?
At least, I hope it is, cause he’s usually right.

I thought I’d got all I needed for the visit, (checked the status of the windows, balcony, taps (faucets), & stove. Looked again in the three-wheeled walker bag to see I had everything needed, and set off to catch the bus to the Centre.
Out, in the lift (elevator) and down to the ground floor. Going through into the link passage to inform Meridian about my imminent departure; got through the swipe door into the tunnel, and realised I’d forgotten something. Turned back through the door… and realised that either or maybe both of them had removed the memory of what it was I was going back up to the flat to fetch!
As I stood there musing and failing to recall what it was, the Domestic lady Denise came through on her way to do the flat for me. A good time to tell her I would not be there, Hehe!
No signs of any recollection, so I had to ensure to catch the bus on time. I called at the Meridian office to tell them I will not be back for the 12:00hrs medications, and if they keep me in, I’ll let them know, or, when I return.
Caught the bus alright. I planned it all out – I should know better that I am capable of making arrangements that work.
Still, I did think at the time how clever I was to work out where to get off the bus, to make it far less distance for me to walk to the UCC building. However…
I misjudged the distance by about five bus stops, half a mile. I got off the bus, with the help of passengers at the bus stop’s help, and then I realised my . I did feel like a fool!

Hell of a trek to get to the traffic island. To make things worse, as I approached the bend in the road, there were pavements blocked off, road and pavement works and men spraying words of instruction for the location of telephone wires, gas, etc. Having to go on the roadway to get by was sometimes a little hairy. Little did I know what lay further ahead for me!

Bath Street was blocked off for traffic and pedestrians. So I had to rely on my memory, to work out another route to get to the Canal Street roundabout. From there, I could see the NHS building (I thought I would). Relying on my memory is not a good scenario nowadays! However, my attention to road safety deteriorated, as I came across some wildflowers at the end of another block of student flats being erected building site. The advertising hoarding said; Now being built – available in 2024, 1210 new student flats. Singles doubles and multiple occupation apartments. One to six students per residence or per flat?

Anyway, these flowers were beautiful. During my hobble, I stopped many times to look at nature’s plants forcing their way out through wasteland, cement, concrete and paving slabs, but these were special to me. Why? I’ll tell yers…
None of the other plants or flowers had bees or wasps near them; these red beauties were snided with them. The same happened with those near the bus depot, which had been demolished and even more student flats were being built there, and the waste area near the island site. I wonder why?

I accidentally took a snap of the shadow of my bulging torso and the trolley. I was about to try and take a photo of some beetle or other that lay there on the pavement, with people walking by, and seemed unconcerned? I took its picture.
On Thursday, I got more information about these, and why it was alive but not moving. .Carer Richard, always a font of knowledge, told me they were ‘May Beetles’. The males are born, (May to July) and set about breeding, but only once, then they settle down and die. And I complain about things.
The poor little beggars!

Lower Parliament Street
I had to corrs over to the right of this photo, as they are building more student flats. (Yes, I know!) Then when I got to the Nottingham Ice Centre. They were building more flats again, a massive block with no details available, and the old bus station has also been earmarked for new student flats.
I got to the point where I was sure I’d be able to see the NHS building – But No! The land was now a wasteland, and I could not see through to the building further in the plot.
I stopped a chap and explained that with all the roadworks near the London Road island, I could see barriers and limited asses, and wondered if there is another way in for pedestrians. The chap told me, “I’m not from here myself” However, he whipped out his mobile and did a search on something and found out that if I went to the left, first right and right again, I should come to the building I needed, casual mentioning to help me follow the route, that it was next to some student flats being built. I thanked him profusely and hobbled off with my 3-wheeled walker on the agreed route. I was longer than I thought it would be, by the time I got there, the feet and toes were well aching.

I wearily got inside, and up to the receptionist. Who, along with all the doctors, had student training with them. Logged in and sat down in one of the few unoccupied seats as instructed.
Within minutes, I was called to an assessment office, DR and student within. The chap in charge was pleasant. Took my details and told me to go back to a seat and someone from the surgeries would call me; it may be a two to three hours wait. No matter what I thought, I’ll do my crossword book… then I remembered what I’d forgotten to take with me! Tsk!

I was fighting not to fall asleep, because all the people called in while I was waiting, I hadn’t heard s single name they called out.
A female came after about an hour and a half, and when she I did my usual of tipping my head to point the better of ears at them. She smiled and took me through to a room with a doctor and a student inside.
The chap was also pleasant and went into detail about my ailments. falls, and the causes, which he assumed was the big fall I had last Friday. They gave me a prescription for some antibiotics, warning me that they will start working, but not on the pain for a day or two, as they are extra strong, and assured me they would start to ease things for me.

He got a wheelchair, and the student pushed me to the X-ray room for a check to see if any of the three brown toes had been broken. None had. I was student-pushed back in the wheelchair (catching my wound on the edge of a doorway) to the first room, and we had a few words, which for some reason I cannot recall or even guess at, now I’m typing this.

A contented Inchie makes his way to the chemist to have his prescription filled. Unaware of what will happen, en route!

At the end of the access road, it was blocked off to pedestrians where the new Student Flats are being built. So this meant a marathon diversion for him and Willie, his Three-Wheeled-Walker. Up London Road…Where the uneven-broken pavement nearly had Willie and Inchie over a couple of times.

To the traffic lights, over the road and down Station Street, which was ever taking him further away from his targeted Boot’s Chemist!
The old shopping centre was now demolished in Auf Weidersehen style. A walk through gay to the left of the picture led me through to where Woolworths once was, on Chapel Bar.
Every closed-down shop, and there are dozens of them, had several rough sleepers, asking for cash. I felt uncomfortable about this, as I know of some people who make a living doing this, then go home in the morning – one of them is sadly in my family! He makes a lot of dosh, even more now; he’d moved to London to do it and lives in a hotel or youth hostel when not scrounging. His baby face helps him, I think.

Maid Marion Way. More flats were being started for 500 being built! Next to one with 240 already built.
Down to the Slab Square, a once restful, peaceful, pleasant pacifistic, phlegmatic place, of contentment..
It’s not so busy nowadays, with all the murders, muggings, gang fights, Escooters, yobboes and closed shops.
Although the mortgage needed to use coffee shops still do a roaring trade. The unemployed use them a lot.
King Street, or is it Queen Street?
With the regulation, food delivery cyclist is driving up the one-way (Down) street. Traffic on Upper Parliament Street is busy.
I got up on Upper Parliament Street, feeling a tad drained. Made my way to the nearly bankrupt Victoria Centre, and the Boots Chemist shop appears when I got inside to be getting ready for closing when I got in. Big gaps on the shelves. Getting the prescription made up,. (It will save a carer having to fetch it, and as I was in town anyway.)

As I left the store, I thought I’d nip in the Poundland Store to see if they had some of the Worcester sauce chip thingies in stock. They did, but only two packets left, so I got them.
Over the road and to the number 40 bus stop.
To my delight, Carer Chris tapped my shoulder. He was on his way into work, and helped me on and off the bus, so that was nice and welcome. He also kept steadying me each time I was thrown around as the bus braked, went over speed humps or around corners. I told him about how well the visit to the NHS centre had gone. Tired, early, in pain, yes!
But feeling much better all around. For getting out again, and meeting someone I could talk to on the home trip. Nice!

Chris shot off to get to work. I poddled in and up to the flat.
I think the first thing I did was empty the catheter bag again, put the kettle on, and took one of the 4-a-day Antiseptic tablets. No, that’s not right, erm… antibiotic tablet.

Penicillin, it said on the box. Then decided that sleep would be a grand idea, so after the Carer calls, I’ll try to nod off until the 22:00hrs Carer calls to medicate and put the night pouch on for me… then enjoy some proper sleep. That’s the plan, anyway!

Then I took a close look at the inflammation on the ankle and toes, I was pleased, not with the pain, but the swelling going down already? Can’t be that quick? After one capsule? I may not be seeing so well, but I can check this photo in the morning.
Mind you, the good Doctor did tell me they would have no effect on the pain for 48 hours. So, no complaints, I have, after all, been doing some walking this week.
I bet it’ll be easier in the morning, or, tomorrow night.

Now, I’d better get a meal made up.

What a feast! Of course, with the hobbling most of the day, I suppose I’m going to be hungrier than normal?
Flavour Rating: 8.8/10.

I nodded of while trying to watch ‘Heartbeat’ yet again!
Woken by Carer Chris calling, around 22:00hrs.
He seemed as pleased as I was at the meeting up earlier.
He soon got the eye drops in. Then the medicationing. Followed by the eye drops were done.
As Chris was filling in the paperwork, he moved the curtain, and I saw the sunset. I mentioned that I would have liked to have photographed the lovely-looking sun on its way down, but was just too tired to. He grabbed the camera and took these shots from the balcony for me.
A nice wide shot.
Then a glorious close-up for me.
He then attached the night bag to ,
and said his farewells. Bless him!.

I later found this sign of Nottingham traffic chaos, up the road from the flat, on Mapperley Plains Woodborough Road.
Just thought you might like to know it’s not only where you live.

Feet up – kip!

Whorra Day!

Inchie Prompt: How I express My Gratitude

How I express My Gratitude

Generally, for the Carers, EENT, DVT, Warfarin, Dementia, Peripheral Neuropathy Nurses, Delivery people, Wardens, and Paramedics, I like to show something they will remember.

So, I keep some nibbles and drinkies on the bookshelf and ask them to make their choice – threatening to ‘Severely-Sulk’ if they don’t. Hehehe!

I always keep some cookies and marshmallows at hand for any nibbling while changing the catheter, taking the blood, draining the vein, dishing out the medications, padding up the leg ulcers, delivering medications or food… or anything else.

The drinkies and nibbles selection in the front room. Non-alcoholic to the left, plonk in the middle, and nibbles are available on the right of the shelf.

Just restocked the shelf this morning.

I put a few options in the fridge in summer when the chocolate gets runny in the heat.


I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all my helpers, ‘I wouldn’t be here without you’.

Bless You, All!

Sorry, I’m behind with my payments – If Gay Boy comes in at the 14:15. race, Restricted Maiden Stakes, 2yo only, 6 Runners, I’ll settle up with you straight away. Hehehe!

INCHIE: Sunday 2nd July 2023 – Inchie-Alto Ode

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

04:30hrs: I dragged my ailment-ridden, Neurotransmitter-Failing body from the comfort… well, okay, skip that bit… from the depths of my nocturnal-protector, the c1968, non-operational, tatty, scruffy, unkempt, uncomfortable, germ-breeding, Harold Haemorrhoid-Testing, sickenly beige-coloured recliner. Removed the night bag with some difficulty, from my . The colouring, using the NHS chart guide, was number five. I’ve had it a lot worse.

I didn’t enjoy my morning visit to the wet room, particularly the visit. had withdrawn from his battle for control of my evacuation’s constitution with … Who celebrated by offering torpedoes that disintegrated as they shot out of the rear end and splattered into the bowl and water, distributing a messy, sickeningly-clingy, foul-ponging, puke-producing aroma. And to think that I was in there two days ago for over an hour, desperately trying to encourage the cement-like, clunking against the porcelain, torpedoes that eventually, painfully escaped. Yet both modes produced some bleeding from ?

The morning Carer arrived, and I had a look at the leg wounds suggesting I get to the hospital with them. I explained, well, I can’t get to the hospital without the legs. Haha! Brought a smile and laugh that did!

Tea and bikkies time… and why is this so?
Yes, the World Wide loose money manipulators, struck again!
While their facade, overlay, giving an aimed at the money-markets, veneer of professionalism, respectability, integrity and probity. They have bought up or invested in hundreds of internet and mobile phone companiesBut why? They have no idea how to run them? Or treat customers? As I have mentioned before, this oligarchal smoke & mirrors , has to have an ulterior motive for spending billions of dollars to buy out, or invest in just about every other national competitor there is? To such a point, that their crap service is of no bother to them at all. Anyone (customer) leaving Virgin Media will have to go with another company that is almost guaranteed to be owned or part owned by ! Hello, it’s come back online!
It went off I’d guess, I didn’t keep a record of it today, about eleven times minimum, as I know of. I did keep a record of each time they caused me to lose work and had to do it again, and that was eleven.
Pure jealously you see: about Fires F’ing things up for me and getting paid a $26 million salary, a guaranteed bonus in shares, and an open-ended expense account. And here they are, cocking my life and love (blogging) up… with me in trouble with the bank account, that is a little short of Fries and the other oligarchs, without a doubt. But I don’t mind really… well, I do mind, but it’ll only add to the extreme pleasure they get for fiddling with honest people, overcharging for a shockingly inept internet connection, growing ever-more better off… I wish it was me doing it! Why? I’m not sure…

On the seventh failure of the profit-addicted oligarchs from . I then sorted out the laundry bag.
It didn’t take me long. Then did some preparations for an early meal, later. came back online… it does that sometimes.
I opened the email and was so appreciative to find that carer who took photos of the wounded legs for me, had sent them to me; bless her cotton socks, that was so kind of her. Think it was Saturday when she took them.

The top one was where the bottle of soda water I dropped had hit the leg ulcer on its way down, before hitting the ingrowing toenail on the left foot.

The second one down, was of the same area, from another angle.

She’s a natural when it comes to photographicalisationing, is she not? No messing she took them on her mobile phone within a minute I think, every one of them is a work of art… Which gives an idea, I wonder if the Tate Gallery might be interested in buying them? Hehehe!

An interesting one next down.
It is the largest one of all the .
Today, a sort of gel was creeping out, instead of the usual thin liquid? Looks like I’ve got hundreds of tiny tattoos?

It was on the inner ankle of the left foot.
The gal then took two quick snaps of the new underneath-the-skin blood patches that had developed overnight.
They are very pretty; shame about them being painful, though. Then the new growths around the toes. The centre three toes were still warped shape, and varied between blue and brown colouring?
I took some further pictures of how the leg ailments were looking now. They are not as good as Joannes, but still, they do show some changes; for the better, I think.

Naturally, they were still painful, especially if I catch them against anything, but I took extra care.
The puss that was coming out of the , had reduced greatly. And appeared to be less thick than yesterday, too.
In the early evening, the skies offered me an amazing few minutes of joy, an absolute  . Each one of the pictures I took! Can you see anything in this first one on the right? I’d love to know what I see is actually in there?

The second, on the left here, was more a sheer delight than anything, just to view it.
Marvellous Nature!

Since moving into the high-rise flats, things have not all been good, but the views… can be magnificent
I got the nosh started.
The sky changed completely within ten minutes, and the sun; which was on its way down – burst through as the clouds broke up.
A bean meal, two minutes in the microwave or five on the hob. Which I chose, so I could stir in some Borscht. That’s why they appear so red. A dollop of BBQ sauce was added; three wholemeal rolls were made into chip sarnies and dunked into the sauce. Grrreat! Flavour-Rating: 8.8/10!

The sky and weather had changed by the time I went to get the pots washed!

I took this bad photograph

quickly, as rang out as the last Carer arrived. It was Richard; not seen him for a while.
He said I should see the doctor about the legs and feet. I explained that Kara had rang the doctor, who said if it get worse, go to the Treatment Centre. We had a little natter, and off he went saying he’ll be back in the morning Toucn of the Clint Eastwoods there, Hahaha! Oh, no, that was Arnie, wasn’t it?

I shall now retire
Not from work I that 28 years ago!
But to my second-hand, £300, charity shop bought, crumb-retaining, microorganism-microbe producing, gungy, moth-eaten, beige-coloured, non-working, bacillus encouraging, incommodious, Haemorrhoid Harold testing, c1968 recliner.
In search of sleep.


INCHIE: Monday 15th May 2023

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
I went from the pits of depression to a totally uncaring sod-it mode.
With rare, but they were there, I must deserve this hell of a life, a type of acceptance; The state & mess I am in mentally and physically have to be considered just rewards! There was a certain peacefulness in this condition.
None of the false highs yet, though (13:58hrs).
Up and down like a jo-jo. But the extremes were all low. Something may occur to lift me.. but then, do I deserve it? As of now, I think not.
The balance is all over the place again; several walls and doorframes have been clipped – which, of course, along with fetching water to refill the W.C. every visit, is ensuring that and are able to be enjoyed. I remembered to ask Carer Richard to rub some Phorpain gel into my back this morning.

I’ll try to ask a later Carer to do the same… if I remember to. I must ask someone to call the Easy-Link for me soon to book me a lift to and back from the .
Sunnier today. Got a bit of in.
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

05:30hrs: I stirred into life… very reluctantly! Unpresumptuously, yes! I realised that I’d not put on the night bag attachment as soon as I saw it wasn’t there! Normally something like that would had cursing me, but not this morning. I couldn’t muster up any interest and still wanted to go back to sleep again. I knew it was going to be a bad day.
The need for the , only bought fear of having to risk or , carrying the water from the kitchen to the wet room to refill the broken (but they are coming on the 17th to look at it) plumbing thingamabob.
ruled this session. No bleeding, though; it just cost me agony and ages to get the torpedo out.
Fetching the water brought me back to reality a little. With my balance so bad these last couple of days, I took great care and concentration in the three trips, not to wobble. Doing this with a walking stick and the other hand under the bucket is a work of art!
I felt better about myself when it was all over with.
The feet, legs and toes looked much better today. I even avoided any

Went to get the computer on, noticing my balance was still poor. But why?
I took this poor photo from the computer chair.
I was not yet light, with a little mist, and no signs of rain.

I made an order for Iceland. I promised the Nurses and Carers I’d try to get some more of the alcoholic ‘Slushies for their treats’ As I finished conforming the order… Liberty-Global’s Mr Fries shower struck again!
But, I’ll not insult them, swear about them, nor be jealous that they can pay Fries $26 million wages. Oh, No! It doesn’t bother me in the slightest!

While I was waiting, yet again, for Liberty-Global’s shit service to come back on, I investigated what I could have for my nosh later on. Well, that was the plan. But and however… on my way to the kitchenette… !!! I’m not sure if it was or who caused it – but it was that copped it, and passed it on to me, in no uncertain terms!
MedPhorpainIt was baddish one this time. I got some gel on where I could reach and took an extra painkiller.

An earlier snap of the view from the kitchenette window.

Made an order for next week with Asda – Walmart. There are still boosting prices!

Pressed on with blogging and got the Sunday one posted.

Then took two pictures of the amazing sky above!
This was undoubtedly the highlight of the day for me.
My few minutes of Pareidoliaing brought me almost joy. I do love finding things in the clouds.
A ghost’s head, a face, and so many more. Love it!

I spent an age figure searching. I think the bad eyesight helps you find them, cause the Carers could not see what I did. Hehehe!
photographicalisation. I had another  Well, took two more, The first one I caught the end of the window frame.
Time to get the nosh started.
I’ll make some sliced potatoes and have some white sauce that JAne said is good with spuds.

I’ll be back later… or in the morning to catch up.

Morning Catch-Up Service:

I took this photo of the back of the Winwood Heights front car park, as I got the nosh prepared.
Easy meal, a frozen potato sauce aubergines thingamabob,  that was microwaved.
With some sliced and oiled potatoes done in the oven… Oh, and a can of peas.
Got down in the c1966, £300 pound, second-hand charity-shop bought, crumb-containing, odour-retaining, Harold’s Haemorrhoid-testing, nauseatingly beige coloured, non-operative, electric virus-breeding recliner.
Flavour-Rating: 6/10. Got the goggle-box on to watch ‘Heartbeat’, and feasted!

Went to do the washing up, and the sky was again beautiful.

The top photo prompted my love of pareidoliaising. I could see a creature, with an open mouth, bulging eyeballs, nose and arms or fins, seemingly attacking the black cloud?
When I moved from the camera lens, I could not see it.
Then move in a bit, and zoomed, in to take a shot of the black cloud. With its eyes and nose?
Back to the aged, grotty-looking c1966 made, charity-shop-bought, horribly beige-coloured, £300, Harold’s Haemorrhoid-testing, non-operational, acne-giving, virus-breeding, rickety, easy-to-fall-out-of recliner.
The Carer arrived and medicated me. Then back to the TV… Zzz!

Woke up, and had a temporary moment. I was sure I could smell something burning. I fumbled my way out of the recliner, grabbed the four-pronged Metal Mickey, and adopted a Sherlockian Status to investigate the cause of the smell of burning… But nothing was discovered? Checked all the rooms, but could not see or smell signs of any conflagration.


I opened the kitchen window. There were a few spots of rain falling.
Took the first three pictures.

acci-whoop I turned to get a drink of water from the fridge, and.. gave way, and I tumbled forwards, clouting my chest on the edge of the cupboard.
As would be expected from a man of my calibre, I laughed it off. Got the spring water, stopped crying and got on with the last bit of my sunset photographicalisationing.

Saying farewell to the sun as it disappeared.

Another settling into the £300, second-hand, most uncomfortable,  decrepit, Haemorrhoid Harold-testing, creaking, sleep-deterring, nauseatingly beige-coloured, not-working, recliner.

For once, I was in the land of nod straight away.
The thought storms were not so proliferating.
And the shooting awakes were far less frequent tonight.
I managed a good five hours of not-so-broken sleep. Nice!.

Fare Thee All Well!

Inchie: Thursday 27th April 2023

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

I was woken by the arrival Carer, and I tested my body for signs of my current favourite ailment attacks. I’d barely moved in the c1966 charity shop bought second-hand, wincingly grotty, beige coloured, not working, crumb-covered from the nocturnal nibblings, itch-making, uncomfortable, virus breeding, easy-to-fall-out-of recliner; the moment I tried to lift a foot off of the chair…

Heavens above! The feet and toes were swollen with liquid. Under the toes, it was agony to stand, let alone hobble anywhere. My balance was all over the shop, too. So I took the medications from the Carer and enjoyed a little natter.

An amazing coloured sky this morning. Not a good light for taking photographs, though.
I did my bestest and tried a couple of times; this is the better of the two.
The was needed as the chap departed. So, I decided to get them done after the battle against the not-working/refilling W.C. water tanks, and hits mornings struggle was one of the worse in the two weeks that the plumbing mechanism was reported to Nottingham City Homes. For sure had returned! Talk about resistance! I had to keep painfully urging things along repeatedly; the worst was when the concrete torpedo was half evacuated, and things stopped moving for a while. Arrgh! I feared something was going to rip open!

It must have taken half an hour to get it out, with a thud and splashing water – followed by complete and utter relief! Thank Gawed that the evacuation was out without any injuries; they were the odd specks of blood, but that’s to be expected.
The most thing was that were not too painful at all. The first mystery of many today! Having achieved this first mission, the Dangerous one remained, collecting the water to refill the non-working water W.C. tank.

Not easy, especially with carrying the walking stick and the state of the feet and toes. OF course, my E.Q. knew what was… likely to happen, and it did. On the last trip, , along with a flash of ‘s attention at the same time; just as I was going into the wet room.
I lost my grip on the bucket but managed to throw it inside the wet room and avoided a mess in the hallway. I decided to get washed and shaved in the wet on the floor, in case I had any more , and save having to clean and dry things twice.
An unexpected touch of logic there from the old chap?.

A Work of Art
No, that’s not what I mean…
That’s better!

Approx. 08:00hrs; I was going to do the teeth first. But another mystery arose; I just could not find the toothbrush? Had I thrown it in the bin yesterday? Or put it in my dressing gown pocket?

So, now teggie cleaning today! I totally forgot about using the shower and set about, with the aid of Dettol, Carbolic soap, nail brushes, flannels and the picker upperer, to have a stand-up scrubbing down… which was not easy at all. What with the extra-long tube on , trying desperately not to catch and pull the tube, then remembering to dry the pouch again without pulling at it and having a blood flow from poor little Little Inchies, vulnerable .
acci-whoop Naturally (almost), I tugged the tube drying behind the pouch, and the blood flowed onto the wet floor. I just carried on. It was a watery mess in there anyway, and I will get it sorted later.

Then, the SHAVING
I bet you expected me to tell you of all the cuts and haemoglobin flowing down, taking a circular route down my bloated belly, and joining the blood flow coming from poor Little Inchies ever most bothersome Fungal Lesion? You’d be right! A dollop of liberally applied Brut aftershave soon stopped the leaks. (Not on Little Inchie, I hasten to mention, I’m not a sadist. Hehe!) Just on the chin, lip and ear lobes – I’m not sure how I cut the ear lobe in the first place. It could have been a micro-shake from , or .

I took some anti- capsules. Then, got the alert wristbands on, not forgetting the wristlet Alert Alarm. Then treated Little Inchies Fungal Lesion with plain cream as best I could. Just plonked it on and then gently winced, and that was that. Did my best to pain gel the awkward to get to try medicating. Rubbed some into the knees. Some of the ointment went on the floor, but plenty of cold water was down there to do no harm. Dried the bum well and applied copious amounts of the dearer than gold weight for weight, Germoloid Ointment. Dearer than the Germoloid Cream but much more soothing.
The ear and eye drops were put in; there was a drop or two that actually got into the eyes this time! Hehehe! I got the slightly less painful to wear but very costly new Tena for Men and P.P.s.

Rebanded the wristlets.
Then, started Cleaning Up The Wet Room. I left at 10:00hrs. That took a long time! Longer than usual… is the cause of this farcicalness!

Ah! acci-whoop , on the server trolley in the wet room, naturally, obviously on one of the toes that had  !

The & activities took me, I believe, a good 2hrs-10min, including the and . Oh, and the cleaning up!

The being enlarged, scaffolded house caught my immediate attention. Seeing this work reminded me of the old ‘Auf Wiedersehen’ T.V. series. Especially when the lads are working n it.
The next snap taken was to the right of the kitchen window. Displaying the flats’ balconies and the gravel footpath by the tree copse into Woodthorpe Park.
Sad, really; I used to hobble up there so often in my pre-handicapped days.
I had a moment or two of self-pity to cope with.
But I soon pulled myself out of it, sternly talking to myself. Self-disgust at me self-pitying moments. I was rather proud of that!

Then learnt out of the window as far as I dare, with a good grip on the camera loop, to take a shot of the Winwood Heights car park below Woodthorpe Court, where I dwell in hell.
Hehehe! Only joking!

A confirmation call from Deep Vein Thrombosis, Anti-Coagulation Therapy, Warfarin clinic, Haematology Angel Hristina ♥, that she will be calling on me next Tuesday to take a blood sample for analysis & INR Level. Super news!

I started the computer and opened CorelDraw to add the photographs of the day. And found that several snaps had not made it onto the S.D. card… yet again!

I think the right foot was getting thinner, with less fluid content? (But this did not last long. She was soon all bloated & painful. Tsk! The keep trying to come up, but they soon disappear, but never for long?
It seems that after the washing etc., in the wet room hours & hours ago, I’d put all the wristlet bands into one wrist for some reason.
As I often do, I could not remember the word Dementia; as usual, I glanced at the bands on the left arm… it was not there! You’d be gobsmacked at what I did then… (I was!) I went into the wet room and searched around… no luck; I Tried the kitchen, the same result, so back into the rubbish… I mean, the front room. Then, I glanced at my other wrist as I got on the computer, still not remembering the word.
. What a  . My brain is !

All of the poor-quality sunset photos and the one of the meal were lost into the ether, never to be seen again! It was only chips and bread with BBQ sauce, but I enjoyed it. Taste-Rating: 6.6/10.

Ah, hang on, though. Did I really take the shot of the nosh? My admittedly unreliable, unpredictable, somewhat retention-lacking memory may just perhaps, possible, could, might be wrong here. As I recall, the late Carer called as I was about to settle to eat the meal – Yes… I may not have taken the snap, but I meant to? Being confused, apart from being an accessible mode to live in, no effort is required. You see, will take care of all that for you!

Would I have all these problems if I was born into an oligarchy?

Inchie: Thursday 20th April 2023 – Pareidoliaing

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
My Hero, Spike Milligan, who I had the pleasure
to meet and have a talk with – had us all in tucks!
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
Eyesight causes Problems with computing, error messages, and freezing programmes. CorelDraw is farcical; more time was used to reset and discover the new layout and make mistakes than actually working on it. The water tank on W.C. is still not working.
On the bright side, is not so bad this morning.
I didn’t get to start this blog until Thursday morning.
So it’ll be a little brief in nature. Sorry.
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

A decent colouration of urine.

Aargh! Blood Pressure is up high!

Morning view from the kitchenette.

Got the potatoes into the crock-pot.
Only added salt. What’s the white stuff?

I spent a terrible few hours doing nothing other than when a carer called, but making mistakes and getting things in a mess with the new CorelDraw.
This has, of its own accord, changed every single Cdr. file to this new version, meaning I cannot use any of the other three CorelDraws I have, and used as get-me-throughs in the past cock-ups, and now I’ll not have these options to try… and needed it several times today. How such a dimwit as me got it going again… well, a miracle?
Late evening by the time I got around to photographicalisations.

Gorgeous eyes in the sky.

Zoomed-in; See the face?



Went to get the meal sorted.
The sky had changed to an unusual shade?

Sorted the nosh, and it looked good…
But it didn’t taste good at all!
Asda made sourdough cobs – Tasteless!
Potatoes undercooked!
Beetroot, I bent the knife, trying to slice them.
Concrete comes to mind!
The tomatoes were okay.
Taste-Rating: 2.5/10.