Inchcock’s Photographicalsations taken as the New Year arrived…

Austin A40

Inchcock’s Photographicalsations taken as the New Year arrived…

Croatian: Inchcockove fotografske snimke uzete kao nova godina

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May take this opportunity to wish the entire tellurian population, apart from the ‘Swines’ who are taking off my local bus service, Pavement Cyclists, Politicians, Royalty, Jeremy Clarkson, Jean Claude Juncker, the French for cheating to get the World Cup from Croatia, Pavement Cyclists, Anjem Choudary, Angela Merkel, Pavement Cyclists, Overcharging shop assistants, Snotty bankers, Alcoholics (but only the nasty ones), Pavement Cyclists and Street bedders and beggers who have more money than I do;

A Wonderful New Year!

16 thoughts on “Inchcock’s Photographicalsations taken as the New Year arrived…

    • Thanks Duncan, Sir.
      Not started well, but lets get rid of problems now, and I can start living again. Hehehe!
      All the bestest to your ‘Flock’ of many. May your dreams develop into realisty!

  1. Did the beetles wish you a Happy New Year? I think they owe that much to you afvter all the pounds and pounds of insecticide they forced you to buy this past year!

    Best wishes for 2019, Gerry! The kitty boys and I think about your beetle problem a lot. Of course, they think about them as sport. (“Kill the beetles! Kil! Kill! Kill!”) I see them as a management issue in your housing unit, one they need to address for you and other the other tenants!

    • Happy New Year… that’s a dream I’ll try to hold on to, Tim, my fellow curmudgeon, thanks. Hehe!
      Not so good again this morning, the blasting wee-wees mean I dare not go out, even though there will be buses on today… but not for long if the rumours are right. I just don’t know how we old uns will manage when they take the buses off. Such a bad start to the year so far, depressed, worried, poorly, anxious and going dotty… No change there really! Hahaha!
      Cheers, and may your wishes be granted.

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