Inchcock – Sun 6th Jan 2019: A mixed fortunes day today – but I think I’m getting better, I have to say! Digits Crossed!


jan06 2019

Sunday 6th January 2019

Latin: 6 Ianuarii Dominica MMXIX

WD 51.0.0 00:25hrs. I woke with the brain suffering the Babeldom of inner and perhaps even external voices for all I knew! Arguing, postulating, and squabbling over anything and everything that came into the grey-cells! It felt as if I was outside looking in. I was farmisht and for a moment or two scared by the brains independent actions. And yet I showed mansuetude in response, and just waited a good few minutes until the mind steadied down, regaining its usual placid-vacuity, and awaiting my input and or control.

No signs of nocturnal nibbling as I fought my way off of the £300 second-hand rusty recliner, in response to the Porcelain Throne being needed.

I was off, up on my feet and hobbling to the wet room in about a minute, and felt a little smug with how quickly I had vacated the recliner. I could not find my slippers, though.

WD 51.0.0 I stubbed my left big toe on the hearth of the electric fire! (No wonder I’m a negaholic!) .

WD 51.0.0 I tottered into the room and onto the Throne, the evacuation was okay, but I found that Little-Inchies fungal lesion was haemorrhaging away! Oy Vey! And just when I thought things were improving for me. Tsk! But things did not get any better…

7sun03WD 51.0.0 Cleaning up after the session, I found that the fluid-containers (legs) had started to swell and bruise again! Grumph! The blood papsules seemed much brighter as well this morning. Perhaps they are turning into blood spots like they did last year? Gawd, I hope not, they would pop and spurt out haemoglobin at the gentlest of touches. If they do it again with the fluid so hard pressed against straining to contain its skin… Best not think about that. My poor old misshaped pins! Hehe!

Off to the kitchen to get the Health Checks, medicationalisationing and tablets and medicines sorted. I had a bit of a quandary about the Furesomide dosage, should I risk taking just a half a pill, or a full one? After considering the situation, I spun-a-coin and taking a full-one won. Throughout today all of the wee-wees were SSPWW’s but more frequent than of the last few days.


6sat03The results were a little higher than of late, especially the temp and ever-increasing flipping weight! The Sys I think needed to be higher after yesterdays worrying to me, lows.

At least the wee-weeing being back at the SSPWW mode, I should hopefully be alright for the walk to the surgery on Tuesday for the 07:20hrs blood test.

6sat06I took this photo of the kitchen window from the doorway facing out as I left to have another SSPWW (Sort Sharp Painful Wee-wee). 

I made a brew of English Breakfast tea and got to the computer and began to update the Saturday Inchcock.

A couple of hours later, I’d got it finished off and posted.

7sun05Off for another Porcelain Throne visit, as I kept going from warm to shivering a few times, and had a few coughing bouts. Hello, hello!

On the bright side, there was only one dead EIBWBBB (Evil Ironclad Boll-Weevil black biting beetle) found in the wet room. And I got a bit of the ‘Catastrophe’ book perused. I hope to live long enough to finish reading this massive book about the first world war. If someone doesn’t mind, can you ask the funeral parlour to burn it with me? You never know, I might get time on the other side. Whatever or wherever it is? Hehehe!

Then I made up a post for the TFZer site with all of the graphics in it. Then put them on individuals albums on Facebook. A few more hours gone.

7sun07aI pondered on whether or not I should try the Polish canned Breakfast Delicacy or not? I read the ingredients: Meat (37%), Water, Meat fat, Meat rind, Beef meat (7%), Mechanically separated chicken meat, starch, salt, stabilisers… There were another twelve items on the can label, but I’d had seen enough to put myself off of the idea of eating it. I returned the can to the cupboard. Tsk!

7sun10I decided to have two (I ended up having all four, though, Hehe!) Texan-T-Dogs (Sausages) with some potato sticks. Simple brekkers, but tasty enough. Unquestionably more desirable than risking the Sokołów Breakfast Delicacy!

WD 51.0.0 I was working on this blog, and the dang Dizzy Dennis returned on a visit. I felt all over the place. Balance, orientation and concentration all shot to pot now! Oy Vey!

7sun14WD 51.0.0 As I stood up to go to the wet room for another SSPWW, and the legs felt so heavy, it was unreal. Maybe cause I hadn’t moved for a while? The coffin – Ah, a Freudian slip there, I’ll try again, the coughing and sneezing started. The legs appeared to me to be getting indents in the now? Extra bruising showing and I think they are carrying more fluid than earlier?

I had a go on Facebooking but had to give up, the concentration bad, and Dizzy Dennis still visiting.


Best tasting meal for weeks!

I baked a Sourdough Baguette, overdoing it slightly, broke the baguette into three pieces, buttered it (Marvellous when the butter soaks in the warm bread, Mmm!) and used cooked meat loin as a filler. A few potato sticks and some gherkins, and tucked into this mini-feast with the greatest of pleasure and lowly digested what was a worthy 9.2/10 for Flavour Rating! Despite my struggle with my lack of teeth, I sucked at it, with relish. Hehe!

Dizzy Dennis departed as I was eating it.

Too tired and weary now to do anything else, I left the mess I’d made uncleared-up and flopped onto the £300 second-hand recliner to watch some TV… Zzzz!