Inchcock – Wed 27 Feb 19: Melancholies, perturbations, despondencies, fervencies, contentments, gratefulness, sentimentalities, frustrations, even euphoricallness, all played their part today!


2019 Feb 25

Wednesday 27th February 2019

Swahili: Jumatano 27 Februari 2019

01:35hrs. I was up and out of the £300 second-hand Ci 1968 recliner and utilisationing the Emergency-Grey-Plastic-Wee-wee-Bin within a minute of getting my balance and on my feet! Although I coped without too much hassle in rising this morning, the left foot heel, and the right knee patella were both tender and painful. But this didn’t phase me, because, Kevin Kidney, Arthur Itis, Colin Cramps, Anne Gyna, Hernia Harry, Reflux Roger, and Headache Henrietta were all being compliance in the hassle stakes. Fair enough, Duodenal Donald did kick off later, and Henrietta in the afternoon. But things could have been so much worse. The fear of the knee giving way again was my only real worry.

With staying up late (for me) last night, in case the Nottingham City Homes electrician or plumber arrived to sort out the shower for me, meant my sleep pattern was ruined again, although the mystery phone-call waking up must take its share of the blame. Tsk!

I cleaned and refreshed the emergency bucket, and got on with the Health Checks.


3Wed001aThe Sys was down, but the Dia was up in relation to this. Not that I can fathom out if this good or bad.

WD 0.0.255c I then took the morning medications. But, in doing so, I become cognisant of the fact that I had again forgotten to take the evening doses yesterday! So, I swallowed just the Warfarin, Simvastatin and Indapamide from the evening pot, then took the mornings.

Oh, I do annoy myself at times! Klutz!

I got the computer on to update Monday’s blog… WD 0.0.255c Grrr!


3Wed01aI went to make a mug of tea while it was down. Only one of the five blue lights were showing on the Virgin box.

The sky and view outside looked rather attractive, so I made a snap of it. Almost like a painting. Don’t you think?

I pondered for a few moments, on who it was that may be out and about in Nottingham at this time in the morning. The emergency services, the muggers, the Pavement Cyclists, sleeping security guards, the burglars, street-sleepers, delivery drivers, importers of illegal immigrants, drug gangs, social security fiddlers, MI5 agents, alcoholics, shoplifters, night porters, Takeaway workers, Dentists working out how to charge more for unnecessary work. Social security claimants, swapping their children with other parents to pretend they each have 24 children to support. NHS staff, the Chat-line operatives, Alcoholics Anonymous, Polish and Romanian gangs stripping the cables from the motorway, and Politicians up late fiddling their expenses, etc.

Back to the computer, and it was working again, now! Hurrah! Made a start on the updating.

WD 0.0.255c Off to the throne. Another messy evacuation. Tried the shower, red lights again. Turned it off. Little Inchies Lesion had been bleeding again.

Got on with the blog again, and finished it off and sent it to WordPress.

3Wed05a1I began doing this post for about three hours, then decided to get some breakfast.

A savoury one this morning. Marmite cheese and biscuits, mini pie and a few pickled mushrooms, with a mug of tea.

I watched some accident clips on the U-Tube site. Then went on the WP Reader.

Tried the shower, but still not working. I finished off the Tuesday post. Stand-up ablutions tended to.

Got myself dressed and everything ready for a trip into the City Centre. I was doing the checking to make sure everything was alright and no taps left on, doors open, the stove left on, electrics were safe, etc. when the door chime chirped into life.

08:40hrs: It was two chaps from the Nottingham City Homes maintenance team, come to look at the shower-head. They checked out the state of the head. Declared they would be back shortly and went to get a showerhead from the van, presumably.

They returned with mud on their shoes and set about fixing the shower for me. The replacement head did not have any controls for the spray. The man told me I can buy one from Wilko if I wanted one. Which is what I decided to do later today. Not so much a luxury for me, more a need. After I have bleeding from the lesion or rear end, I feel the need to have a good lather-up and a strong jet blast from the showerhead, to clean things up well-enough to feel comfortable. I can also give the feet a blast, being as it is uncomfortable for me to reach them. Ah, the joys of old-ageing! Hehe!

I thanked the lads and off they went.

3Wed05a1aFollowed shortly after by me. Both of the lifts were working again.

I made my way to the Nottingham City Homes, Winwood Heights, Generaloberstesses Wardens Temporary HQ. WC, Holding cells. Rumourmongering Clinic. Sarcasm & Insult distribution area. Tenants Socialisationalistic Area. Telling Inchcock off Zone. Crockery and pottery to be stolen from location, and residents porta-cabin. I greeted the five residents in the room with a cheery “Morning each, hope you’re all well!” In return I got, a ‘Hmm!’, a ‘Yea’, a blank stare of surprise, and two ‘Morning’ in reply! I said, “Well, its good to know you’re all so cheerful!” Which got a couple of laughs. We had a little natter between us, which I liked.

I advised Obersturmführeress Warden Deana, and Sturmbannführeress Julie of the shower having been done for me, and a little chinwag.

Out to the bus stop for another little chinwagging session. Caroline from the Care Home further up the road provided me with a bit of gossiping en route to town. She is not in good spirits at the moment. Bless her. I tried to cheer her up a bit.

3Wed18We alighted the bus and parted to do our own shopping. I went into the Wilko store in search of a shower-head and liquid soap flakes.

I got the shower head for £11, which I thought a bargain. It has variable settings for the water jet on it. I ended up at the checkout with this head and a bag of jelly babies, the Liquid Soap Flakes, laundry freshener and an air spray.

Then I paid and departed walking over the road and to the Tesco store. I spent a good while sorting through their out of date bread, ending up getting a pack of the bread thins, 3Wed06and they had the Sweet & Sour pot noodles on offer, so I got a couple of them.

Then I had a wander around, along Milton Street and up by the KFC through Trinity Square, down Trinity Walk, then over Parliament Street and down King Street to the slab square.

There were so many more retail units closed down in Nottingham than I’ve ever seen. This does not bode well for the future.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The things I’d seen today, closed shops, sour faces, etc. had got to me. I felt a little depressed. Made my way up Queen Street to the L9 bus stop to wait for the lift home. A gentle tap on my back was felt, it was Caroline joining me at the stop. She chatted with me as we drove home on the bus. I gave her a take-care and thumbs-up as she departed to her home.

Had a quick few words with the residents getting on the bus I’d just got off of. I enjoy having these sarcastic comments, insults and smiles thrown at me from the gang when I get back home. Hehehe!

I popped into the Nottingham City Homes, Winwood Flats, Brigadeführeress Wardens Temporary HQ, Toilet, Sarcasm & Insult distribution area, Rumourmongering Clinic. Tenants Socialisation Shed. Detention cells. Telling Inchcock off Zone. Things like china and pottery to be stolen from, and residents room, and informed the Guards that I had got the showerhead, and gave them a flash of it. Hehehe! Deana kindly told me to let her know if I need any help fitting it. Bless her cotton socks!

3Wed14The temporary-footpath from the bus stop to Woodthorpe Court that is partly-shared with the contractor’s cranes, diggers, tractors, the delivery lorries, and dog-walkers will be sadly missed when its all over (If I’m still alive then, of course). As will the heart-helping shocks of nearly getting knocked-over or into.

Crossing this road to the foyer is most inspiring and nervous-making! Haha! They have no 3Wed19options but to block things, it’s the nature of the building game.

Into the flat, had a wee-wee SWWW (Short-weak-wee-wee variety) and put the purchases away.

WD 0.0.255c Putting away the liquid-soap-flakes, the bottle slipped through the fingers as Colin-cramps interfered with the process. The good part was it didn’t burst open… the sad part is it bounced up and landed right down on my corn!

Then I got the nosh planned. I would have some meat sarnies using the wholemeal bread thins, with plenty of sliced tomatoes. 3Wed21I got the oven warming up to cook the oven chips, then made up the sarnies. I might add a few pickled mushrooms as well. Ah, the life of a megalithic, epicurean, gastronome! Hehehe!

I put the chips in when the oven had heated up.

I got a rinse and changed into the jammie bottoms and tops for once. Checked the pins (legs). The ‘Nobbliness’ was returning, and the fluid appeared to be increasing again?

Had another wee-wee, they seem to be coming more frequently tonight. Did the Health Checks.

3Wed20The whole nosh was excellent this time out. The chips, although pale looking, tasted wonderful. And I judged the amount right for my taste-buds for once.

Had a wee-wee. Washed up. Sat down with a mug of tea, and fell asleep.

WD 0.0.255c But not for long, in fact, only about an hour or so. An almighty (or so it seemed at the time) banging that lasted only a few seconds woke me up.

I got up to take a look around. I ended up not knowing if I’d actually heard a noise or dreamt it? Nothing untoward found.

Did the last belated Health Checks and the medication imbibing.

As I lay there back in the £300 second-hand rickety ci 1968 recliner, I wondered if I should watch the TV or not… it didn’t matter, off I drifted into a nightmare-ridden sleep! Tsk!

Inchcock – Tue 26 Feb 19: A muddlesome day of mysteries. Misleading meanderings, machinations and masochistic, mind-bending and muttered merriments.


2019 Feb 24a

Tuesday 26th February 2019

German: Dienstag, 26. Februar 2019

00:10hrs. I woke from the night’s Colin Cramp affected kip, but felt so drained and tired still, I drifted back to sleep. A rarity that is.

01:45hrs. On this awakening, the need for a wee-wee forced me to detach my overly-stomached body from the £300 second-hand, ci 1968 recliner and make use of the Furesomide Inspired Emergency Grey Plastic Bucket. It was of the SWWW (Short-weak-wee-wee) variety.

I tried to work out why I felt so tired-out. Colin’s Cramps was as painful as its ever been last night, so that must be part of the reason? Why this should happen, I don’t know. The fingers warped and hurt, the ankle and toes as well? But no signs of any bother at the moment. The dodgy knee that let me down yesterday felt fine now? A confused old reprobate hobbled carefully to the kitchen to do his Health Checks.


2Tue04The sphygmomanometer worked the first time.  Well, well, what a change this time!

WD 0.31.0 SYS well down, DIA well up, and the pulse belted up to 97! Bad enough, but the old Sony camera is now capturing things that were not there.

Note, the whatever it is to the right of the Start button? Beats me!

2Tue05I made a brew and had to divert to the Porcelain Throne. Another lightning quick Trotsky Terence affair.

I investigate the pins situation. Both the knee and wound thing were looking much better this morning.

The body looked peaky, sickly, drained, ghostly, anaemic; like death warmed up pale.

Medically, things ain’t too good at the moment. I bet the phone call last night that I missed was from the surgery, clinic, hospital or health centre. Humph!

On the way back to the kitchen, I felt movement from the right knee and was not liking this at all. A smidge of nervousness kicked in.

I took the medications with the mug of tea; it was well cold enough to be safe to take the tablets with. Washed the pots from last night. Had another utilisation of the Furesomide Inspired Emergency Grey Plastic Bucket, and made a start on this blog as far as to here.

Then finished off the Monday post.

0500hrs: Posted some pictures to the albums on Facebook.

Brekkers sorted out – Corn flakes.

Hello, that headache coming back again. Tsk! I took an extra codeine tablet with the early lunchtime medications. 

WD 0.31.0 Went to get the ablutions done. Did the teggies. Cleaned and medicated the two lower regions in need. Had a shave, and got under the shower… Dam & Blast it! The two red lights came on again after a few seconds! I turned off the shower at the power. Gave it a minute or so and tried again. Put the power back on, turned on the shower… Same Again! Within a few seconds later, the lights came back on! I left it for a while and pottered about in the kitchen. Ten minutes later, I tried again. Just the same! So, I had to have a stand-up wash, yet again, instead.  Humph!

WD 0.31.0 Then, after medicating Little Inchy and spraying on the Brute, I found I was not able to get the socks on! The legs had stiffened, and mainly the right one’s knee was too painful to pull up to get to the feet too high enough for me to get the hosiery on. This is not good! Fingers-crossed that things ease up for tomorrow morning. Just as well I get enough exercise just pushing my luck, in thinking things might improve!  

Moroseness-Mode-Engaged. However, a faint trace of yesterday’s absurdly over-optimistic moment of looking on the bright side through rose-tinted spectacles had lingered. And I was again determined not to get into a depressed, self-pitying, sorry-for-myself situation. The last thing I want is to become is an anhedonia sufferer (Lose my capacity to experience pleasure).

So, I forced myself to get the black bags sorted and off with them to the waste-chute. I noticed we had both lifts working this morning. Are things looking up? (Careful Inchcock, you’ll be believing in flying pink elephants, next. Hehe!)

Not really feeling up to going for a walk at the moment, so I decided to go outside and do a few photographicalistions of the Winwood complex.

I got appropriately dressed, well, all bar having no socks on. So I wore the new pair of slippers to keep my sockless tootsies warm.

WD 0.31.0 I got into the lift and went down to Jenny’s floor to drop off her pressie. But she was not available.

WD 0.31.0 So, when I got to the lift lobby on her level, I realised I had not taken the hearing aids down with me. So, back to the 12th-floor and picked them up. To the elevator and down to the ground floor.

WD 0.31.02Tue06 Where I embarrassingly became aware that I had also left behind the mobile phone. So, back up and collected it. Once again into the lift and down and outside.

As I left the lift, I spotted signs of the usual yearly year Ladybird invasion. I got the camera and took a shot of it. There were many more outside as well.

2019 Feb 26aAs I stuck the old camera lens through the fencing to take this picture, I had a terrible feeling that I might have left the SD card in the computer. But, all was well, it was in my Sony.

Even if I did get red-eye in the resulting picture. Tsk!

The sunshine shone, little wind and all in all a decent day out there.

I crossed over the road away from the complex and attempted a panasonic shot. No, that’s not right, is it? Panorama shot, that’s it!


Left to right, Woodthorpe Court, Winwood Extra-Care Court (As will be), Warden’s Holding Cells and Winchester Court.

*Below is the same picture after I’d worked on it in Coreldraw for a bit of fun. Hahaha!


When I arrived at the Nottingham City Homes, Winwood Heights, Hauptbereitschaftsleiteress Warden’s Temporary HQ. Sarcasm & Insult distribution area. Tenants Socialisationistical Meeting Shed. Telling Inchcock off Zone. Where things like crockery and pottery get stolen from, Rumourmongering Clinic, and somewhere to rest while waiting for the bus, Portakabin, Oberschützeress Housing Patch Manager/Catwalk Model, Angela Gould, Obergruppenführeress Warden/International Gymnast Deana, and Obersturmbannführeress Warden/National Champion Breast-Swimmer Julie were in there with a few tenants.

2Tue09We had a little chinwag, and the Warden/Guards were kind enough to stop working for a moment, to pose for me to take their likeness. Good innit! I told Deana about the shower.

I said my farewells and off I went to take even more photographicalisations of the this peaceful, romantic, pleasurable hive-of-love known as Winwood Heights!

2Tue10I observed that Winchester Court had now had all the fallen-off letters on its nameplate on the end of the building replaced.

I began to form my ideas for the doctoring of the panoramic shot above.

I think I like the new Art Deco colouring of the apartments now.

2Tue10aMost apparent on the new Winwood Court and Wardens and facilities offices block, in between the old two blocks of flats.

I twisted my left ankle as I mounted the temporary footpath (Of sorts), against the forty-foot drop down to the allotments, via the moist soil, grass and trees. (Note that last week, I said it was a thirty-foot drop – but I’m feeling in a more dramatic mood today. Hehehe!)

2Tue11Across Chestnut Walk, I espied several busy workmen hard at it outside the Winwood Court, near to where the bus roundabout will be located. It could be of course, that they are digging for missing residents?

This made me think back to my working days. Which was not a good idea, not with my history of failures and having being made redundant three times!

2Tue11aWhen I got to the part of the fall-off on the verge, I took this photograph downwards. I had a plan on what to use it for later and to doctor it for a funny on CorelDraw.

But blown if I can remember now, what it was I’d formulated for the humorous graphic.

Sad, innit?

2Tue12aI ambled along and walked behind the flats.

WD 0.31.0 Where the mound one would have to walk over to get all the way behind, I found too challenging and painful to climb up.

WD 0.31.0 Another drifting off into deep thought. Mostly feeling a tad sad, at my bodies and minds catabolic decline. This pain in the heel, the knee giving way and my memory lapses are the most bothersome at the moment. Waiting for the kidney checks and the results of the swab test on the leg wound and examination, are equal second on the list. Haha! Mind you, by the time I get to go to have either looked at, they’ll have cleared up, or I will have croaked it. You’ve got to laugh! Well, I have to! I don’t want to obnubilate the situation.

I got in the flat, and Sister Jane rang. From the library where I think she said she and Pete were going for a talk on Suffragette history. She was concerned because I had not sent the usual email with the diary link. I checked on Google, and I had done. Pete might have missed it with me getting up so late (for me), and posting it off so much later than usual. She had to go when she knew I was still alive and kicking. But I managed a couple of minutes nattering, to annoy her. Haha! Pete found the Email. Nice of them to worry about me, really. Bless em!

I did the midday Health Checks.

*I got on with sorting the photographs I’d taken, ready to go on this diary. Then started to do the updating. (Spent hours on the computer)

Then, the door chime burst into life. It was Hauptsturmführeress Warden Deana, she left me a letter, did the alarm checks with control and had a look at and tried the shower for me. The red lights came on, and the shower stopped! We tried again, the same result. She called the maintenance and advised them for me. They are going to try and get someone out before 1800hrs to look at it if they can.

I did some more updating of this blog. I stayed awake much longer than usual, cause the maintenance electrician might possibly, perhaps, maybe, be calling sometime up to 18:00hrs, or not, whatever. Not easy for me to stay away so late. I’ve been up for about 16 hours now, and tiredness is dawning.

I’ve left the door unlocked in case I do not hear the chap… if he comes. I’ll get some sarnies done-up I think. I can watch a DVD with subtitles, then I will not need the headphones and should hear him… if he arrives.

2Tue24Did the Health Checks and medication taking, and got the bread in the oven, to make the nosh.

Part-baked baguettes, one large sourdough, two small white. Buttered and filled with sliced tomatoes. Two pieces of pathetically plastic tasting chicken breasts.

Taste ratings: Chicken 2/10, tomato baguettes 8.5/10.

The electrician didn’t make it. Quite understandable, taking into account the late in the day request. In a way, I hope the shower does not work in the morning, cause it may make me look a fool if it does when (if) the plumber arrives to look at it. Nemo Mortalium Omnibus Horis Sapit!

So, at 1810hrs, I got the headphones on and watched Heartbeat on the TV. Well, that’s not true. I started to watch Heartbeat, fell asleep within a couple of minutes, woke up to watch the start of Police Interceptors and nodded off again.

At least the cramps were far less severe.



Inchcock – Mon 25th Feb 19: This Monday deteriorated as it went… The Cramp’s night attacks assured I got little sleep. Fed-up? Me?


Monday 25th February 2019

Scots Gaelic: Diluain 25 Gearran 2019

00:30hrs. I woke with remnants of yesterdays horrendous headaches still lingering, but far less acutely, and the wrists and arms itching away like mad, I’ve no idea why. I had to release my overly stomach-burdened body from the £300 second-hand ci 1968 rickety recliner and made use of the Emergency Grey Plastic Bin for a wee-wee. While taking this VSWWW (Very short Weak-Wee-wee), I realised that the bin had hardly been used overnight. Whereas yesterday morning it was three-quarters full, this morning there was only perhaps signs of a couple of uses. I thought about not taking the Furesomide this morning; I’ve got to go out for the Warfarin INR blood test anyway.

Then as I went into the kitchen with the plates, cutlery and tray left over from last nights meal and got them in the sink to soak, I had to divert to the Porcelain Throne. The evacuation was a lot less messy this visit. While sat there, I noticed that the leg fluid seemed to have gone down again, not entirely, but far less retention for sure. What there was remaining, had all gone down to the ankles and feet. I washed the dandies and took these pictures of the much-improved situation.


The wound seemed to be in an amelioration mode? I could not see any new papsules that had appeared since yesterday. And, the distorted Arthur Itis and Fluid Retention right Lunar Surfaced knee appeared calmer, to me. Here I am, having waited over two weeks to hear from the Health Centre for the swab results and appointment for the legs to be checked over, and now, just when the leg things start clearing up of its own accord, you can bet I’ll be summoned by the medics, who will no doubt be dismissive and annoyed that things will not be looking too bad. I got a bit confused writing that!

WD0.0.128 Washed the pots up, made a brew, went to take the medications, and found I had not taken last nights doses! What a blunder-headed schlub I am! So, I just took the two Warfarin, the magnesium and Simvastatin tablets out of the night pot, and digested them along with the morning dosages.

I did the Health Checks, then went on the computer to make up last weeks record on Excel and made the graph.


This morning’s Sys was high. The temp had gone up too, but that’s always been lower than it should be, though.

I checked the timing for this mornings surgery visit to the nurse. 09:25hrs, it is. So I must get the ablutions started at 07:30hrs, to give myself time to clean up and get things ready to set off in time (0830hrs) for the hobble into Carrington. I pondered pointlessly over how it will go this time. Will I get a rollicking again? Depends on which nurse is on duty.

I got the nibbles in the bag, then got on with the updating of the Sunday blog. Got it all done and posted off. Had a VSWWW, only the second of the day, so I might get through the 55-minute walk to Sherrington Park Surgery without having to hold back any wee-weeing instincts? Hopefully!

I went on the WordPress Reader, then started on this blog.

1Mon06Got up to here, and then made a mug of Glengettie tea and a pot of porridge for brekkers.

Got the ablutions sorted.

WD0.0.128 Unfortunately, the shower stopped as soon as turned it on. The reds lights flashed up again, ‘No Water’ and ‘Reset Needed.’ Another  Woodthorpe Court Mystery! Because as far as I know, it only happens in my flat, no one believes me! Especially when sometimes I can turn it off at the power, then try again later, and it works, not every time, though. Grumph! So, I had a stand-up wash and shave.

My usual trait of accepting things are going to go wrong more for me than others, is being proven repeatedly. I believe that now I am in my dotage and second-childhood stage of life, my capableness, adeptness, abilities and lucidity, will fail along with the memory and concentration, as the mind and physical controls fall into decay along with my caducity?

1Mon07WD0.0.128 I got the things in the bag, took the black bags to the waste chute, collected my bag and recycling stuff, and set out. Still only the one lift working again.

Left the bag near the caretaker’s door and hobbled to Nottingham City Homes, Winwood Heights, Hauptbereitschaftsleiteress Warden’s Temporary HQ. Sarcasm & Insult distribution area. Tenants Socialisationistical Meeting Shed. Telling Inchcock off Zone. Where things like crockery and pottery get stolen from, Rumourmongering Clinic, and somewhere to rest while waiting for the bus, Portakabin. Being so early, there was only Riechsführeress and Catwalk Model Warden Deana in the shack. Had a quick natter, then off on my way to the surgery.

As  I left the hut, I took these pictures of Winchester Court. Wonder what the antennas are for?


1Mon07cWinchester Court is looking alright now.

WD0.0.128 The Winchester Street Art that had been deposited by some Nottinghamian fly-tipper was still there. The kiddies meal seat had gone, and the bag full of rubbish had had more stuff added to it.

I pressed on down the hill, and halfway or so down, I found an obstacle that needed getting by on the pavement. Some builderers at work. They’d not left much room for folks to get by on the sidewalk, but they had little choice as far as I could tell.


1Mon08WD0.0.128 I walked up Mansfield Road, and when I got near the Library, the Charity Shop’s clothing bank bin had been gone through and clothing removed.

Not nice is it? Maybe it was someone who was homeless? But I doubt it.

The sun was coming out stronger now, but it wasn’t a warm one.

1Mon09Up over the hill and down into Carrington and the surgery. I was well-pleased at my hobbling-rate, and I arrived there about 25-minutes early. Smug-Mode-Engaged. Haha!

There was an aura; if that’s the word, about the place this morning. The receptionist signaled with her hand for me to sit down. So I did!

Within five minutes; I’d only just got the crossword book out, Nurse Ann came to collect me.

WD0.0.128 She asked me if I was doing alright, and very nearly broke into a smile! Very unnerving! The unsettling and nerve-wracking blood sample session was done, without me being told-off or being spoken to in a raised voice about anything, too! It put me entirely off my strokeBut it was nice! I handed out the nibble-treats and departed.

I checked the time I had, and there was plenty of it to get some shopping done at Lidl, and still catch a bus back to Sherwood in time to use the L9 bus to get back up the hill.

1Mon12I ended up spending a lot more than I had planned to. I used the self-serve tills, without any problems Swank-Mode-Engaged! I got a bottle of orange barley cordial, some Easter treats for the gals, Italian nougat, seasoned potato slices, French Nougat, Yoghourts, cooked meats, fresh tomatoes and something I rarely if ever buy; Ready-made Breakfast sandwiches.

When I saw them, the idleness in me came out, and I bought a packet to have with the sliced potatoes and some tomatoes, for an easy meal. Shame-Mode-Adopted! Hehehe!

WD0.0.128 I caught a bus back to Sherwood and called in the Wilko store to get some liquid soapflakes. But, they had sold out! Spit! I got some air spray.

I called in a Charity Shop, but nothing of interest was found. Then limped up to the bus stop. And I mean limped! The right knee had come loose. Naturally, as this had happened once before, and I remember the pain of getting it back in position, I stood still where I was on the pavement, to hopefully let it reset itself.

I decided to take a picture of down Mansfield Road. As I took one, Eric, from Winchester Court came into view. So I zommed in a bit and took one of him as well.


He did make me laugh! We had a chinwag, moan and quibble about things.

WD0.0.128 The bus arrived, and I was getting on last, and as I lifted the leg up to get on the vehicle, the damned patella floated out! It didn’t half look nasty. But, most pleasingly, it went back in the first try when I manoeuvered it! Super-Smug-Mode-Adopted! Of course, it hurt! Hehe!

Back up to the flats, Eric said his farewells after he carried my bags off of the bus for me. Bless his cotton socks! Nora was sat on the bus bench, and I gave her a chocolate rose! I think she liked it. Then as the other bus arrived, Penny got off, and we walked along Chestnut Way nattering. I handed her a chocolate rose.

I got in the flat and took the belated Furesomide tablet with the midday doses. Put the purchases away and got the oven warming up for the potatoes.

WD0.0.128 I tried to open the packet of sandwiches but got in a pickle. Ended up using the scissors. These packages could be used to store C4 in, they are that hard to get into. Hahaha!

Did some updating to this blog.

Chips in the oven.

Health Checks, done.

1Mon99bThis idle-nosh was much enjoyed, despite my not being able to eat it all.

I left the white bread sarnie… after picking out the sausage from it. Hahaha!

Once settled down with the TV on, the Colin Cramps started! Fingers, hands and toes were the worst affected. I’ve not had a session so bad for years. What was a full tube of Propain Gel, had about a quarter of the stuff left within three hours. I don’t believe it had any effect on the pain, but maybe just rubbing it in might have helped? Naturally, I could not reach to medicate the toes or feet. I used up the last of the can of Deep Heat on the tootsies, again to no effect. Oy Vey!

A phone call came in and, I could not find the mobile in time to answer it before it stopped.

I was woken up many times with the cramp pains, and frustrated, to say the least.

Enough already!

Inchcock Today – Sun 24th Feb 19: Despite all the Calamities, Whoopsiedangleplops, Accifauxpas, Ailments and Multitudinous Wee-wees; Peace within, reigned!


2019 Feb 24

Sunday 24th February 2019

Hungarian: 2019. február 24., vasárnap

WD 200.11.10 00:35hrs. I stirred into semi-ersatz life, with the most wretched and tormenting headache I can ever remember having in my life (Using the word life, in its loosest definition). I put this down to last night’s nasty Dizzy Dennis attack.

I lay there, pondering over whether to risk taking any extra Codeines to counter the annoying almost audibly hearable (to me, anyway), drone-drone and throbbing from the cephalalgia.

WD 200.11.10 It then dawned on me, as my slowly awakening brain, registered that I needed a wee-wee, the Porcelain Throne and that Little Inchies fungal lesion was emitting the dreaded wet and warm tingling sensation that comes when it is bleeding!

I thought to myself: “This is not going to be one of my better days!” Not for this old Shlimazel!

WD 200.11.10 As I dismounted the c.1968 rickety, rusty, rattling recliner, more problems presented themselves.

  • The left foot’s heel had swollen more than the rest of the legs and feet and proved to be a handicap for me to walk without pain each time I put the foot down.
  • Arthur Itis in the already misshaped warped right knee was causing more discomfort.
  • Kidney Pain Kevin was active from the moment I moved.
  • I found the Emergency Grey Wee-Wee Bin was nearly half full. (But again, I could not recall waking or getting out the recliner and using it overnight?) Then I had to use it.

WD 200.11.10 Then, I knocked the bottle of spring water off of the Ottoman. Oddly, there were no under-the-breath cursings or self-pitying; Just deference to my medical-misfortunes. A surrender to, and submission to the situation. A belief, nay, a conviction, that this is how things are now, and I had the ability to bounce back! (Worryingly. Hehe!) 

Off to wet room first. Much to be done in there this morning. The evacuation was another messy one-push-and-all-over classification. But Trotsky Terence’s influence seemed less powerful this time. (Crossing fingers here!)

7Sun01I Checked out the pins (legs) and wound next.

The new spots of papsules around the healing original wound were spreading up and around the leg now. The lower parts of the limb were much more fluid-filled than the top half. None of the sensations of worms inside trying to get out, were present this morning.

As for the moon-crater resembling right knee, that Arthur Itis is now having a bash at, it had lost some of the colouring blotches. But, it looked like the patella could go into an eruption-mode at any time. Hehe!

I gave up on getting the socks on, just too painful to do. Thankfully I do not need to go out today. I hope things improve for tomorrow’s surgery visit.

Cleaning and medicationalisationing Inchies fungal lesion was the worst part of the visit. The pain and stopping the bleeding took me ages to get done. (A few silent mutterings that included some Arghs and curse words were uttered!)

Had another wee-wee. They were now coming in the SSVDWW (Short-Sharp-Variable-Dribbling-wee-wees) style.

I’d been up an hour already, and had got nothing done other than bodily movements and medicationalisationing. Tsk! I got the Emergency Grey Wee-wee Bin cleaned and disinfected. I put antiseptic and Zoflora citrus disinfectant, a laundry pod and a handful of soap powder in the bin. Hopefully, this will reduce the whiff from it when it is used. Taking it back to its location near the computer, I had to use it!

Back to the kitchen, washed my hands and got the Health Checks done.


7Sun02Despite all the hassles and accifauxpas this morning, I was mildly pleased to see that the BP had come down a tad.

I made a brew of the extra-strong Gengettie tea, and took it to the computer, with the intention of getting yesterdays blog updated ready for sending off.

WD 200.11.10 But not yet it proved, as en route, I spilt the tea, and it fell mostly on my pyjama bottoms! Oh, dearie me!

I made another brew and got on with the Saturday post. Just writing about Micheal’s visit cheered me up a bit. I will not let my unfortunatisms get me down today! Notwithstanding this chronic persistent headache perhaps. I took the medications, an extra Codeine (that seems to have failed to ease the head pains), and a Furesomide. I might have to try another Codeine later if things don’t get any better with this unique to me head-slitting hemicrania. Never before has Inchcock been bothered by such a migraine! Of course, it could be something else more serious, but best to not think of that. Hehe!

Finally, I got on with the updating. I didn’t get it finished until late on in the morning. And I reckon that around eight interceptions for a wee-wee and one for another Porcelain Throne session didn’t help.

I had to empty, clean and disinfect the Emergency-Grey-Bin again. Washed the hands and contact surface areas with the antisepticated cloth.

7Sun07I took this photo of the skyline from the unwanted light & view blocking, with glass that is impossible for me to reach to clean new kitchen window.

It looked so peaceful out there. Considering the latest headlines from the Nottingham Post: Body found in park, Spike in knife crime, City Centre stabbing – Man with lifethreatening injuries, Armed Police stand-off after Machete attack, Dangerous sex attacker at large after escaping from prison van, on the way from Nottingham, Man arrested after assault outside Aspley pub, Pensioner, 78, threatened with a knife and left unconscious after burglary, Prison officer jailed after she ‘fell in love’ with convicted murderer, Two arrested following armed robbery, Woman is banned from Home Bargains store after defecating on a bench outside, ‘Experienced’ thief stole car parked at Asda – but he’s been given a chance to go straight, Lawyer with possible ‘addiction’ to child porn sent image to chat room user, Witness appeal after man kicked in the head and assaulted by three men, Police hunt three masked men armed with air pistol, machete and baton after robb7Sun07aery, Three men to appear in court charged in connection with Sherwood pub burglary, Nottingham woman to appear in Jamaican court after seizure of cocaine worth $4million, Man, 21, stabbed in broad daylight outside Nottingham takeaway, and Plans to bring the World Naked Bike Ride to Nottingham underway!

Anyone wishing to spend a holiday in Nottingham, you might like to stay at the Park Inn by Radisson, on Mansfield Road. Then, when you get yourself an armed guard escort, you can pop up the road and see me at the surgery three times a week, for a chinwag and gossip! Hehehe!

I made a start on this blog after posting the Saturday one off to WordPress. Well, after another wee-wee. The evacuations have now turned to LSPDOWWs (Long-Slow-Painfull-Drawn-out-Wee-wees). I stood there with Emergency Grey Bin in hand and the trickle started. By the time it had ended, the heel of the left foot had started hurting with my standing for so long. I nearly nodded off a couple of times. But, I will not let it get me down today! This new found resolution I’d acquired is a bit worrying, to say the least. Another Woodthorpe Court Mystery for me to get confused over!

7Sun10I went to make another brew of tea, and the previously hidden moon made an appearance! I thought it might be a good idea, to go out on the balcony take a shot of it.

WD 200.11.10 It wasn’t, as it turned out. Although I was pleased with my careful manipulation of the already rusting metal pressure spring opener on the side window, and getting any fingers trapped this 7Sun11atime. My being perhaps over-confident with this, I banged my wrist on the clip when closing the window! I now have the funniest looking welt on the wrist!

But the oddest of all, was as I took the picture, Colin Cramps attacked and distorted the fingers all overthe place. Haha, serves me right!

However, I am still dead set on not letting things make me all sorry for myself and depressed today – whatever it throws at me! ‘Dead set’ not have been the best choice of words to use. He-he! I just didn’t appreciate how life would be when I got older: A salmagundi of confusion, pain and anguish, yet a laugh-a-minute, weird and wacky at the same time!

I pressed on with the updating, times getting on now, just as well it’s Sunday, so no buses to tempt me to go out, but, as Tim Price said in a comment, ‘At least having the wees and the Trotskies at least keeps you active while indoors’. My sort of wit, that!

7Sun120800hrs: I had an LSPDOWW, and poddled off to wash my hands and make another drink.

By golly, a right pea-souper of a fog had descended outside!

I’ve not seen one like this for a long time.

I got the kettle on and had another wee-wee, this time a lot shorter evacuation.

7Sun11I treated myself to a slightly bigger mug, of the Gengettie Special tea-bag brew. I also took another Codeine, cause the headaches is showing no signs of getting any easier. Tsk! I’d started a new box of the tablets from another different supplier. They are so small compared to the usual ones, I hope I don’t ever drop any. Haha!

I went on the WP comments to reply to some. I answered both of them.

Got this post started, in between some frightful wee-wees.

0850hrs: I went on the TFZer Facebook page.

Got some breakfast, corn flakes.

WD 200.11.10 Then it hit home, Dizzy Dennis, Colin Cramps and Kidney Pain Kevin, all at the same time.

I turned the computer off and just sat down, drained and confused. Eventually, I drifted off into a much-welcomed sleep. Then Sister Jane rang and woke me up. We spoke a while I think, but I can’t recall much of what was said.

7Sun38I turned on the TV – but again, I can’t remember what if anything I watched.

I rose and got the nosh prepared. Polish knuckle, chips and seasoned baked beans.

The wee-wees had slowed right down now, why I didn’t know. Managed to nod off again.

WD 200.11.10 I recall waking with Kidney Kevin pains a couple of times. Then the dreaded Colin Cramps had a go at me. I lay there in such misery as the distorted fingers became almost animated as the intermingled of their own accord. This went on for ages. Not a good night at all.

Hey-ho, though – I didn’t let things get me down.

Inchcock – Saturday 23rd February 2019


2019 Feb 23

Saturday 23rd February 2019

Zulu: NgoMgqibelo 23 Febhuwari 2019

01:00hrs. I woke and lay there with my mind in a sort of blankness. I knew I had to remember something this morning, but could not see any reminder notes on the TV or computer screen. I felt so drained, after all the sleep I’d had too. The fuzziness remained as I spent a while doing my best to get the brain to function. Tsk! An instant call arrived for the Porcelain Throne to be utilised.

I was out of the second-hand £300 rusty recliner in seconds and found myself in the wet room without recalling how I got there. (Worrying that!) The evacuation was affected in a Trotsky Terence mode and needed much cleaning up after the session.

wd 0.0.30 Back to the recliner room, I went. The Emergency Grey Bin was half-full. Yet I couldn’t remember using it overnight? Depression and self-pity Mode now adopted! I then noticed I had liquid in the tray on the Ottoman and down the sides of it! I’d soaked the mobile phone, Lumix camera, the notepad, and pens! Whatever the liquid was, it didn’t smell at all? Another Mystery! I think the mobile and camera are both done for, neither would turn on after I tried to dry them. Depression Mode Adopted! Somehow, I found myself just accepting the situation, although angry with myself. It took me an hour to clean things up, between many SWDWWs (Short-weak-dribbling-wee-wees). Now I may have to spend more money on replacements. Grumph!

wd 0.0.30 I went to get the Health Checks done and take the medications. Another Whoopsiedan6Sat06gleplop of the highest order! I found there were not enough medications in the drawer to fill all of the pots – then realised I had not fetched the prescriptions from the chemist! Oh, boy, today may well be one of my worst for ages, the way it’s started! I was short of just six Warfarin and one Bisoprolol (Beta-blocker). So, off to the pharmacy in Carrington later. Ay-yay-yay!

I made up the pots, and left a note about which ones needed topping up, and put them in the individual tubs in need of. Then, I began the Health Checks.


6Sat08At least the resulting readings were all looking okay.

Considering how this morning’s events had got me in a panic mode, I was well-pleased with these figures.

Back to the Porcelain Throne. Another messy Trotsky Terence affected evacuation. I took a 6Sat03Dia-Limit capsule after.

As I returned to the kitchen to make sure everything was in place and safe, I took this photograph with the light off.

Off for another SWDWW. I hope these ease off before I have to walk to Carrington to collect the prescription medications. I really do!

My head’s in a mess now. But I must press on. I got the computer going and made a start on this blog as far as here. Then updated yesterdays diary and got it sent off to WordPress.

05:05hrs. Went on the WordPress Reader.

6Sat1105:29hrs. Got some breakfast. A cuppa and some cornflakes. Watched a DVD on YouTube. Got carried away on YouTube.

0830hrs. Got the ablutions sorted. The shower warning lights came on again: ‘No Water’ and ‘Reset Needed.’ Of course, there is no reset button anywhere. Turned off at the power and back on, and it worked?

Knee and leg wound investigated.


The wound was looking far better again. The knee has developed a nasty looking blackish growth and has changed its moon surface looks. Haha!

I was taking the waste bags to the chute, and my mate Michael was getting out of the lift with some PPs for me. What a pal!

6Sat12Fantastic chinwagging session and a laugh or two was enjoyed. The hero then gave me a lift to the chemist to collect the prescriptions and back home again!

I noticed that a washing machine was free as I came in the lobby. So I got up to collect laundry bag and accoutrements.

6Sat14Put the medications on the kitchen top, had an SWDWW wee-wee, and down to the washers.

Back up to the apartment, and got the prescriptions into the medical drawer.

Down once more, to move the clothing into the dryer. Some naughty person had not cleaned the dryer filter, but fair enough, it could have 6Sat17been someone who could bend down to do the job, so I cleaned it.

Then cleaned the washer drum and casing of the washer.

wd 0.0.30 I was going to take a picture of outside, but I’d forgotten to take the door swipe down with me.

I made a start on updating this blog, in between three SWDWWs.

6Sat15Put the swipe in the trouser pocket, and down a final trip, to take some photographs and collect the washing.

I also took an empty glass jar and medicine bottle, to go in the Senior Citizen Residents Alcoholics Recycling bin. Hehehe! 

The machine had turned itself off, and the clothing was not dried yet? So I popped outside to 6Sat16take a photo on Chestnut Way. Being the weekend, there were not many folks about.

I was in fine fettle myself, though. With Michael calling to see me, had cheered me up no end! I do love verbalisationing with amate, don’t get many opportunities nowadays. So, if yer reading this Michael, thanks cocker! Much appreciated.

6Sat18I had an amble around for a while, then went back in to check if the clothes were dry enough, which they were.

Removed, folded and got the things into the bag. On the way to the lift, I had a read of the notice board signs.

Put the done washing away, had an SWDWW, no that’s not right. The wee-wees had now transmogrified themselves into SSDWWs (Short-Sensationless-Dribbling-wee-wees).

On the computer to update this post.

6Sat30Marmite crisps and cheese, with Vegemite sarnies for the nosh. I just felt like them!

wd 0.0.30 A massive Dizzy Dennis attack as I got settled into the recliner to watch some TV. It left me with a cracking headache this time, and I still had it when I woke up the following morning.


Inchcock Today – Fri 22 Feb 19: The wee-wees are back – ensuring another day indoors. Hello, The trotskies now too!


2019 Feb 22

Friday 22nd February 2019

Croatian: Petak, 22. veljače 2019

00:30hrs. I woke, remembering a bit of a dream. I was underground in the dark tunnel and walking towards the exit door, which bore a neon sign above it; “Freedom beyond – Have your bus pass ready!” Suddenly, I realised I did not want to escape anymore. That’s it really, all I can recall, and my walking back into the darkness?

Getting out of the £300 c.1968, second-hand rickety recliner was a little more difficult this morning. Due to the pain from where I banged my right leg against the corner of the chair arm yesterday, at the Social Hour.

WD 0.0.255c The first of the day’s wee-wees arrived. The Emergency Grey Bin was utilised. It was an SNSWW (Short-No-Sensation-Wee-wee), as was the one I had to take just five minutes later?

Off I went to get the Health Checks done.


5Fri001bThe results looked fair enough to me.

Not the weight of course. The pulse has been high all week.

WD 0.0.255c Off to the wet room for another wee-wee, this time of the SSPWW (Short-Sharp-Painful-Wee-wee) variety. Tsk!

2019 Feb 22While wee-weeing, I had to change tack to cope with the sudden demand for a Porcelain Throne evacuation that arrived! Messy!

The legs were checked, only a slight bruise where I banged the leg, but masses of thick spider-veins had appeared.

5Fri002The famously distorted right knee had changed its shape again. I can see no faces in it this morning. The wound is looking far less like that of a saprogenous type.

More like a lunar landscape perhaps? Hehehe! Oh, off to the grey bucket again.

I washed and went to the kitchen to make a mug of tea.

5Fri003aWD 0.0.255c I tried to do a panoramic shot of the view from the unwanted light and view-blocking new window.

But, I failed on around eight tries to get it to record one on this old Sony camera. I was unable to hold the thing steady enough to take the panoramic shot. So, I made an ordinary one of the early morning lights of Nottingham.

I got on the computer and made a start on this blog.

Had to have another wee-wee. They seem to have settled back into the SSPWW (Short-Sharp-Painful-Wee-wee) style, now.

At 02:30hrs, I heard a dull bang from somewhere. Five minutes later, I heard a louder thud? I hope someone has not fallen over, I’ll put the hearing aids in, so I can listen in case I hear knocking again and try to locate where it is coming from. All I can discern is that it came from above my flat. Fingers crossed there is no one in trouble.

02:45hrs. I got this post caught up with to here, then went onto updating the Thursday Post. This will take a while.

05:45hrs. Blimey, it did ages as well! Along with nine SSPWWs. I got it posted off, then went on the WP reader section.

06:00hrs. Went onto Facebook, to catch up with the TFZers and photo albums. This took a while as well. Plus, three SSPWWs.

5Fri0050720hrs: Brekkers time now. I’ll have the sarnies I couldn’t eat last night, with marmite crisps and a mug of tea and watch a YouTube clip or two. Back soon.

As soon as I stood up, the body seemed to come to life: I needed a wee-wee, the wind began spontaneous emissions of wind from the rear end, the hiccups started and the worms in the leg wound became active! Hehehe! Don’t know why I’m laughing? Had to empty the Emergency Grey Plastic Bin before I could use it. Tsk!

08:55hrs: Guess who fell asleep in the computer chair, only waking up as started to fall off of it? What a Plonka! 

09:05hrs: I set about creating some diary page graphics and then made-up some drafts.

11:55hrs: I’d got a few done. Feeling tired already. Then I made a start on the drafts done and saved to file. Accompanied by four SPWWs.

WD 0.0.255c 12:45hrs, a lot scraping and tapping noises coming from 5Fri007above. I expect it might be from either the Sprinker work or BJ doing his model making.

I finished the drafts in full. But, I only managed to get ten done in total before I felt so drained and tired. Poor old thing! 

15:00hrs. I’ve had it now, drained.

Did the health checks then, I got the cooked bacon in the pan with the baked beans. I left them on a low light to keep warm and marinate with the added mustard and BBQ seasoning. Put the chips in the oven.

In between wee-wees, I got the Health Checks sorted.

Served up the meal. I thought at first when I got it on the tray, that I’d made too much for me to eat again. But, not this time, I scoffed the lot!


5Fri30I took the things to soak them in the sink bowl, and the sky colouring I thought was worth recording.

As I was clicking the button on the camera, it became apparent that I needed the Porcelain Throne yet again – urgently!

WD 0.0.255c Oh, Boy! Trotsky Terence was on good form this time. Talk about messy in the extreme! Perhaps having the seasoned baked beans was a mistake? Hahaha!

I got me settled to watch some TV… Zzzz!

Inchcock Today – Thur 21 Feb 2019: Introspections and fear of reincarnation greeted me this morning.


2019 Feb 21

Thursday 21st February 2019

Welsh: Dydd Iau, 21 Chwefror 2019

WD 0.0.0 00:40hrs. The vagueness of my mind took me some time in clearing away. It was as if a fog was milling about, preventing me from getting my thoughts into order for a while. I have to admit, this concerned me for a while. Eventually, the wandering introspections and musings started off. I can cope with these, I’m used to them nowadays!) Having cleared away the inconclusive, unexplainable thoughts of weevils, my ischaemia, worms in my leg wound, loneliness and fear of reincarnation, I removed my morbidly obese stomached body from the £300 c.1968 second-hand recliner.

WD 0.0.0 Off to the Porcelain Throne. Oh, dear! What a messy affair. Tsk! Washed the dandies and antisepticated the contact surfaces.

Got the Health Checks sorted out and took the medications.


4Thu01Sys had gone down well, the Pulse remains high, and the weight, we’ll not bother mentioning, eh?

WD 0.0.0 Made a brew of tasty, strong Glengettie tea, managing without any bother to drop the milk bottle as I took it out of the fridge!

WD 0.0.0 It took me so long to clear the mess up, that the tea had gone cold by then! So, I made another and took it with me to the computer to make a start on doing yesterday’s diary updating. But, a second call to the Porcelain Throne arrived, os off to the wet room. Same evacuation style as the first visit, so much cleaning up to be done again. Washed the dandies and antisepticated the contact surfaces.

WD 0.0.0 Back to the computer and the gone-cold-again mug of tea! So, I made another, and took it with me again, to the computer to make a start on yesterday’s diary updating. Which proved to be a long time in doing. Four hours before I had got it finished. Concentration was not good, but worst of all, the internet had gone all dead-slow and jittery on me!


4Thu03aI went on the WordPress reader for a while.

Then had some brekkers, Marmite based again. With a mug of tea that I actually got to drink! Haha!

Made a start on this blog up to here.

Then made a mug of tea I could maybe get around to drinking.

4Thu02Went to get the ablutions done. Did the midday Health Checks, cause I’m not sure what time I will get back from the surgery.

Another wee-wee.

The leg wound is looking better this morning. Leg fluid is filling up a bit, though.

I prepared myself for the trip to the surgery. Nibbles, paperwork, bus-pass and the Social Hour nibble-box all in the bag or jacket pocket. Grubbed about making sure that no taps (faucets), lights, heaters or cooker had been left on. Checked the fridge doors. Took the two black bags to the waste chute. Cleaned and sanitised the Emergency Grey Bin. Got the hearing aid put in the lug-holes. Searched for the door keys (finding them in the jammy-bottoms), and set out to the Nottingham City Homes, Winwood Heights, Hauptbereitschaftsleiteress Warden’s Temporary HQ. Sarcasm & Insult distribution area. Tenants Socialisationistical Meeting Shed. Telling Inchcock off Zone. Where things like crockery and pottery get stolen from, Rumourmongering Clinic, and somewhere to rest while waiting for the bus, Portakabin.

Where I found UN adjudicator Jenny and  Obergruppenführeress Warden Deana having a natter.Which I intruded upon. Left the nibble-box and raffle prized in case I did not get back in time from the doctor’s for some of the Social Hour later.

I departed in a better frame of mind after seeing Jenny and Deana and our persiflage, off on my hobble.

WD 0.0.0 As I turned down onto Winchester Street Hill, over the next twenty yards or so, I found an excellent array of Nottinghamian Street Art!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I wonder if suspicion will fall on Deacon Tyres? Their premises are about 800 yards up the hill from this place where they were left?


Personally, if I were investigating this bit of Fly-Tipping, I’d concentrate on Deacon’s cunning competitors. (A bit of Sherlock Holmes style advice here for the police, no charge Ossifers!)

4Thu07I plodded on, with only Back-Pain Brenda, and or, Kevin Kidney Aches out of all my ailments, giving me any bother. (Smug-Mode-Adopted)

As I passed by Cavendish Vale, I took this photo of my beloved Woodthorpe Court from a distance.

Not much traffic this morning along Mansfield Road. Maybe the kids are off school?

4Thu08I got into Carrington (Note the lack of vehicular activity? Very odd it looked to me that did!

I got into the surgery early, waited until the receptionist had finished on the phone, and checked in. Sat down, got the crossword book out. I had to cheat and look up a solution to be able to finish a crossword I’d been doing for months! Tsk!

I heard Nurse Ann call my name, and my EQ immediately informed something was coming that I would not appreciate. I was sent to her treatment room to await her arrival as she spoke with the receptionist. I was getting my jacked off so I could roll up the sleeve when she came in.

WD 0.0.0 She said something that I didn’t make-out. Always get her hackles up when I can’t hear what she says). In a voice that was probably heard in the next room, she said: “Are you well enough to take this injection!” – “I think so” – That’s not good enough, I need to know if you are well-enough… these cost us £125 each, you know! Are you well enough?” – “Yes!” – “Are you sure?” – “Erm, Yes!”

I felt a little discommoded at how things had gone verbally. But, being aware of the many times I have said the wrong thing at an inappropriate, untimely manner over the years. So, I was in no mood to quodlibetificate about this put-down I’d received. But, I did feel just a little bit miffed.

Another thing I noticed, was that the only times this Nurse smiles is when she is inserting a hypodermic needle, or pulling off a plaster! Hehehe!

She added when I mentioned the fluid building up again in the legs: “Make an appointment to see the doctor on your way out!” See, she does care!

WD 0.0.0 I carried out her command and went to the receptionist. Which didn’t get me very far, mind? Mostly due to my own stubbornness, I’m afraid. I explained the situation, telling her I had got an appointment on Monday for my INR Warfarin blood test, asking if I could get a meeting with Dr Vindla somewhere near the same time. As each time I have to come here, that is the end of my active day. No appointments were available for Monday or Tuesday. I said, “Ah-well, forget about it!” And ashamed with myself, I departed, to try and get back to the complex in time for some of the Social Hour.

The timing was terrible today. I left and caught a bus back to Sherwood. The L9 back up the hill was not due for forty-minutes. So, I went on a shopping spree of sorts. To the Post Office shop, and got some nibble-box bits and a Polish Sourdough sliced loaf. Then over the road, into Wilko, and got a mug as a pressie for one of favourite fellow tenant gals, disinfectant for the Emergency Grey Bin, and some bleach.

Then up to the bus stop. Where a couple of residents were waiting, and we had a chinwag. Two more joined us, and the words and laughs flowed. I enjoyed that.

I got off the bus and straight into the Social Hour hut. Handed round the nibbles, handed the China mug to the gal and had a few chinwags again.

I was fortunate enough to leave at the same time as Cyndy, and we walked to the flats nattering (Well the talking came from me, Tsk!)

In the foyer, we had a chinwag with the lady tenant who is moving to nearer her family4Thu09. I’m glad for her, a was Cyndy.

I felt a wee-wee forming up, an went to the lifts. Where Cyndy joined me a minute or so later.

A laugh and verbal banter later, I got off of the elevator, and Cyndy carried on up to her home. Lovely gal.

I got in the flat and had a wee-wee. Got the oven heating up for the chips later. Health Checks were done, and I took the medications.

4Thu13Made up the German smoked ham and tomato sandwiches with the excellent tasting Polish Sourdough bread, added the pies to the plate.

I then got some of the Aviko Thick-cut Super-Crunch Oven Chips cooking, (Contents: Potatoes, modified starch, sunflower oil, rice flour, salt, dextrin, raising agent (E500, E450), maltodextrin, thickener (E415), turmeric, paprika extract) I bought them because they were on Special Offer.

WD 0.0.0 The cooking time given on the packet said 20-minutes. But I ended up giving them 35 minutes, as I had fallen asleep in the chair waiting for them to cook, Klutz!

4Thu11They still looked to be rather pale and insipid to me.

When I tried one while taking them out of the oven, I found I couldn’t have been more wrong! They tasted so good!

I couldn’t eat anywhere near all of this meal, though I enjoyed what I did eat. I bagged up two of the meat and tomato sarnies and put them in the fridge, in case I woke and fancied a nibbled later. (In fact, I ended up having them for breakfast on Friday morning) Haha!

The usual sad efforts to stay awake to watch some TV were more miserable than ever before. Viewed a few minutes of the A-Team, nodded of waking an hour later. I watched 2Tue24several one or two minutes worth of Boon. I did better with the Pie in the Sky though, viewed a good ten-minutes worth, nodded off and woke in time to see the rolling ending credits for Pie.

I gave up and switched off the TV. I reckon I must have nodded off within seconds, for about six hours.

A reminder that I have a Toshiba TV for sale.

Inchcock: Wed 20th Feb 2019:

2019 Feb 20

Wednesday 20th February 2019

Welsh: Dydd Mercher 20 Chwefror 2019

WDPac 00:30hrs. I woke up with the mind back in its ‘Confusion-Mode.’ I lay there, worrying, fretting, getting sad then angry, losing willpower, then feeling almost confident, next, admitting that failure and defeat are a natural part of my existence. Then, I delved into the world of delusions, eccentricity, weirdness, fears, and disorientation. Eventually returning to the state of recognising the untenability of life and readiness to meekly plod on in my born-loser, incompetent, non-achieving, trying life: embracing my lack of education, social skills, lackadaisicalness, and lethargic languorousness.

No singing to myself this morning, no chirpiness. Just a gloom; a cloud that followed me around from the moment I’d freed my horrendously stomach-heavy body from the Circa 1968, second-hand £300 recliner. This gloom, remained for a while today, it took me ages to release myself from it.

WDPac I almost robotically answered the call to the Porcelain Throne. Where I was knocked down another peg or two when I found that Little Inchies fungal lesion had been bleeding overnight. The evacuation was alright, though. Then I did the Health Checks.


I got the computer on, and I don’t know why, but I made a blog about ‘Cides’ and the human race. This took me hours and hours, but from somewhere the determination to get it finished and posted was paramount to me. It’s not even a smart or witty post, but I persisted and got it done and sent off.

I titled it: Inchcock Thoughts on the danger of Mankind’s Addiction to ‘Cide’s

This may have represented my state of mind at the time, I suppose?

I have to say that after posting it off, it was a relief to me, and my outlook warmed a little, and Adam Faith’s ♫ ‘The Time has Come’ ♫ flowed quietly from my lips. Being a fool comes easy to me, you know!

I updated the Tuesday blog, and this took me another four hours to get finished. I was ready to get my head down now. I’d gone through the mental torment, medicationalised certain areas with great discomfort, spent eight hours or more computerising what didn’t need doing, cheered up a tad and now the day was almost over! I need help I think? Hehehe! 

3Wed03I made some brekkers, Marmite based I must admit. The Vegemite I bought, is as good as Marmite and I love them both.

It always makes me think of Marie Young in Australia when I have any of the Vegemite. Such a wonderfully witty woman, who loves animals too. Hello Marie? Hope all is well over there with you and the pets? Give fatigued a bit of fuss from me, please. And have an ether-cuddle! ♥

3Wed05a1Went to wash the mug and make another brew. And noticed a bit of smoke far away?

I was now very tired, but not feeling so down.

WDPac I went for another Porcelain Throne visit, and for the second time this week, I nodded off on the seat! Luckily, this time, I did not fall over when I woke up. Tsk!

Thought I’d better get the Health Checks and nosh sorted out while I was conscious. Hahaha! 

3Wed05a1aDid some bacon in the oven, when ready I added the cooked rashers to the saucepan with the tomatoes with basil and oregano seasoning on the hot plate. Then put the part-baked cobs in the hot oven, while the bacon marinated with the tom’s a little longer.

Bootiful! A Taste-Rating of 9/10!

WDPac I went through the usual routine with the TV. Repeatedly nodding and waking. I soon gave up and turned off the television. Did the last Health Checks and settled down to sleep.

Which I did for over six hours, which was welcome.

Inchcock Thoughts on the danger of Mankind’s Addiction to ‘Cide’s

Mankind’s Addiction to ‘Cide’s

I reckon we’re guilty of all of these and more!

Abortion: The killing of a fetus

Acaricide: A killer of mites and ticks

Algicide: A killer of algae

Amicicide: The murder of a friend

Aphicide: A killer of aphids

Avicide: The killing of birds

Bacillicide: A killer of bacteria

Bovicide: The killer of a cow

Ceticide: The killing of whales and other cetaceans

Christicide: One responsible for the death of Christ.

Cimicide: A substance used to kill bed-bugs

Deicide: The killing of a god or goddess; godslaughter.

Democide: (mass murder) murder of people by a government in power

Ecocide: The complete destruction of an ecosystem due to human activities.

Ectoparasiticide: Any pesticide designed to kill parasites

Aborticide: The act of destroying a fetus in the womb

Ethnocide: The deliberate and systematic destruction of an ethnic group

Famicide: One who destroys another’s reputation; slanderer

Familicide: The murder of an entire family by a family member

Felicide: The killing of a cat

Femicide: Killing of a woman

Filicide: A person who kills their own child

Foeticide: The killing a fetus

Formicide: A substance that kills ants

Fratricide: A killing of one’s brother

Gendercide: The killing of people because of their gender

Genocide: A killing of a race or ethnic group

Germicide: Using a substance that kills germs

Giganticide: A killing of a giant

Homicide: A killing of a human being

Infanticide: A killing of an infant

Insecticide: A killing of insects

Islamicide: The killing of Muslims

Judeocide: The killing of Jews

Larvicide: A killing of larvae

Liberticide: Causing the destruction of liberty

Liberticide: The destruction of liberty

Mariticide: The unlawful premeditated killing of one human being by another

Matricide: A killing of one’s mother

Medicide: Medically assisted suicide; accomplished by a physician

Menticide: Reduction of mind by psychological pressure

Menticide: Brain-washing someone

Microbicide: The killing or killer of microbes

Miticide: Using an agent which kills mites

Molluscicide: To kill molluscs

Multicide: The killing of multiple people; mass murder or serial killing

Ovicide: Sheep-killing

Ovicide: The killing or destroying of eggs or ova

Parasiticide: The killing of parasites

Parasuicide: A harmful act appearing to be an attempt at suicide

Parenticide: killing or killer of one’s parents

Pesticide: The killing of pests

Prolicide: The killing of offspring; The killing of the human race

Pseudocide: A faked or pretend death

Pulicide: Flea-killer

Raticide: Substance or person who kills rats

Regicide: The killing of a king

Rodenticide: The killing of rodents

Senicide: The killing of old men

Serpenticide: Killing or killer of a snake

Sororicide: The unlawful premeditated killing of one human being by another

Speciocide: The destruction of an entire species

Spermicide: A killing of sperm

Suicide: A killing of oneself

Taeniacide: A killing of tapeworms

Tyrannicide: The killing or killer of a tyrant

Urbicide: A destruction of a city

Ursicide: A killing or killer of a bear

Uxoricide: The killing of one’s own wife

Vaticide: The killing or killer of a prophet

Verbicide: Destroying the meaning of a word

Vermicide: The killing of worms

Vespacide: substance or person who kills wasps

Viricide: Inactivates viruses

Viricide: The killing of viruses

Vulpicide: Someone who kills foxes other than by hunting them with hounds

Just a thought, like!

Inchcock Today – Tue 19 Feb 2019: Decent day today. I may regret saying this later, of course. Hehehe!

2019 Feb 19

Tuesday 19th February 2019

דינסטאג פעברואר 19, 2019 Yiddish

23:45hrs. I stirred and gave it a customary couple of minutes for the brain to join the body in some form of activity. I recognised that I was singing to myself again. Cliff’s ‘The Young Ones,’ then Acker Bilks ‘Gotta see Momma tonight,’ I think it was.

Eventually the mind and torso semi-collaborated, then cooperated in getting my Falstaffian body out of the second-hand £300, circa 1968 recliner, and off for a wee-wee. Yet again, I was relatively pain-free as I got to the wet room. The wee-wee was of an SWWW (Short-weak-wee-wee) mode. The wound still felt like it contained a load of worms and itched a bit. But it was not hurting in the slightest unless I caught it on something.

Did the Health Checks and took the medications.


WD128.0.0 I noticed after putting this graph on the blog, I’d made an error on the weight – I’d miss-typed 15.76, as 14.76! I left it on so I could dream! Hehehe!

I made up a new blog of the Nottingham Eye pictures taken yesterday on my brave trip on the Nottingham Wheel. Got it posted off.

Made a start on the updating of the Monday post.

The Ocado delivery arrived. Masses of Marmite products and Tea bags stored away. The tea bags should see me out now, no need to repurchase any more of them. Hehe! I’ll have to hand out the other bags now I have the tasty Glengettie all stocked up.

2Tue05Got the ablutions tended to next.

All went well, apart from the putting on of the clean socks. The leg looked a lot easier and far less inflamed.

WD128.0.0 This task was accompanied with verbiage that flowed under my breath with exclamations like; Eeeugh, Egrnocheeegeeack, Ow, and Argh! In between the odd little silent oath.

2Tue04The wound was looking a lot less tender now, although some new growths seemed to be forming around the sides of the original whatever it is.

The moon was shining brightly through the clouds for a moment, so I took this snap of it for prosterity. Is that the right word? I think I added an R in there by mistake? But the Grammarly spell checker I paid for, is not working again! When it is working, all is fine, and I check words and more… but it is becoming a headache now! So, you have been warned – don’t pay out for it!

Back on the computer to sort things out for this post for a while. Then had to get ready to go out. Needing some milk roll bread, fresh veg, and yoghourts. I’ll see what I come back with later. Tsk! 

Off to the Nottingham City Homes, Winwood Heights, Generaloberstesses Wardens Temporary HQ. WC, Rumourmongering Clinic. Sarcasm & Insult distribution area. Tenants Socialisationalistic Area. Telling Inchcock off Zone. Crockery and pottery to be stolen from location, and residents porta-cabin.

WD128.0.0 I took a photograph of Chestnut Way as I walked along, but did not find it on the SD card? Another Winwood Heights Mystery! 

Cyndy, Doreen, Roy, and three other residents were in the hut, and I had a natter and laughed with some of them. I handed the flowers I’d had ordered as a Special Treat for the overworked but doing a good job Kamp Kommanders, to Riechsführeress and Catwalk Model Warden Julie. Who got them into some water straight away. I like it when I get things right – not very often, I know, but there you go! Hahaha!

2Tue06Caught the bus to Arnold to get the shopping done.

All my fellow residents dropped off in Sherwood.

I took this photograph at the traffic island junction on the ring-road and Edwards Lane, through the bus window.

2Tue07I dropped off the bus on Front Street, outside the Asda (Walmart) store, and dived in to have a shop. Aware that I needed to be reasonably quick to avoid missing the L9 back into Sherwood.

WD128.0.0 Which I did miss, of course, when I got carried away with my search for something different on the shelves. Tsk!

I used the standard checkout today, cause they were not busy. I’d already given up on catching the bus in time so enjoyed my little meander around. I came out with the bag almost fully ladened, with Lemon yoghourts, orange squash, milk roll loaf, mini swiss rolls, mini pork and pickle pies, cooked chicken breast, Limoncello desserts, Lemon Bakewells, a leek, turnips, sliced potatoes, vine tomatoes, and an onion. A smidge of guilt appeared fleetingly! Lots of my purchases were not precisely within the weight-watchers-range, where they? Tsk!

WD128.0.0 I wandered out and down to the bus stop to see when the L9 going in the opposite direction was due. Then I could catch it to the terminus and stay on and come back again 2Tue08all the way to the flats. This uncouth, ignorant Arnold Pavement Cyclist was weaving closely through the pedestrians. Git!

I looked at the timetable for the L9, and it would be twenty minutes or so before it was due. So, I took a hobble to the Fulton Foods store and did a bargain search.

I got some pork scratchings for the nibble box, and some salt & pepper flavoured potato sticks for me. These topped up the bag to overflowing.

2Tue09Then back over the road to the bus stop again.

WD128.0.0 Where the same nasty ignoramus,  uncaring cretin of a wazzock, most disrespectful, inconsiderate, rude, impolite, insensitive, selfish, discourteous, rude,  negligent nudnik of a Pavement Cyclist came close to hitting me and others, most likely without any thought of what the pillock was doing, as he pedalled illegally along without a care in the world, showing off his hole in his trousers and blue knickers, as he threatened the old, deaf, sight-challenged and disabled pedestrians!

Sorry about that, I got carried away there for a moment!

The bus arrived, and I spent the journey having a go at the crossword book. Not too successfully, mind.2Tue10

When w arrived in Sherwood, there were several of the Winwood Heights residents got on the bus. This gal was having a droll laugh with the driver.

Back at the complex, I got off of the bus last, and all the others scurried away. No doubt many of them in need of their wet rooms? 2Tue10aThe Woodthorpe Court clan, have to manoeuvre through the street decorations, or like me, my being more on the nervous side, I take the scenic route around the back of the car park keeping to what bit of pathway is available to get home. Haha! The longer way, but safer.

I caught up with this chap (Sorry his name escapes me, a grand bloke though) in the lift.

2Tue11I got in the flat, and the sad sight of my beloved tree copse caught my eye when I got into the kitchen. I’m sure it is far thinner than last year at the same time. If people could resist dropping waste and rubbish inside, and not break off branches from the trees… I bet the dog urine that trickles down the hill has destroyed much of the growth. Mind you, it might be helping for I know.

I got the Health Checks done2Tue11a. Then sorted out the shopping and got things stored away.

Got the oven heating up, and the potatoes in the tray. Made some buttered tomato sarnies with the milk roll bread, and got the cold stuff on the plate ready for the vegetables to be added later.

Got the seasoned potatoes in the oven, and checked on the TV programmes. Although I find with Freeview, they tend not to change much. I selected the usual to watch. A-Team (2), Boon, Pie in the Sky, Heartbeat, Police Interceptor and Sliders.

WD128.0.0 As I stood up to check on the potatoes, boy what a dizzy-spell arrived. 2Tue12aI sat down again, to give things time to settle. It wasn’t a long one, but if I had been stood up when it came on, I think I might have gone over. Nasty, but short-lived.

I put channel 802 on the telly, the lobby entrance view. Ah, more Street Art in the foyer! Tsk! I stayed where I was in case anyone tripped over coming out or into the flat.

I went to do another inspection of the spuds, turned them over and gave them ten more minutes. Meanwhile, back to the front room, to see that a chap was clearing up the things in the lobby. Good! No sings of the Dizzy Dennis attack left at all, now. Feeling rather good for some reason?

2Tue12bI ended up having a bit of a luxury dinner this time. The BBQ chicken breast, pickled egg and mushrooms, gherkins, tomato sarnies on milk roll bread, mini pork & pickle pie, roast onions and baked sliced potatoes. A lemon Fool for dessert. I ate most of it and enjoyed it.

WD128.0.0 Put the tray to one side, change channels to watch the A-Team, fell asleep, woke up as the episode was ending. Started to look at the next one, got halfway or so through it and nodded off again. Woke and changed the channel, to watch Boon, but it was already halfway through it. I lasted about five minutes and dropped off again, to wake as Pie in the Sky was starting. I was determined to watch at least one programme all the way through and decided this would be the one. I stayed awake for the first section when the adverts came on, I thought I’d take the tray to the kitchen and make a brew and take the medications and do the Health Checks, to stir myself awake!

WD128.0.0 I realised I’d miss the start of part two of Pie in the sky, cause I then had to go to the Porcelain Throne. A real embarrassment this – I fell asleep on the Throne! When I woke, I wondered where the TV had gone, I think I thought I was still in the £300 second-hand recliner watching TV?

WD128.0.0 Anyway, I stood up, I still felt drowsy. I suppose, and fell to the floor! I felt such a fool as the brain cleared! Apart from the already deformed right knee hitting the floor, no injuries were suffered. Back to the TV, to find that Pie in the Sky had long finished. I turned over to channel ten to watch Heartbeat, but it had almost finished. Still, I can claim to have stayed awake for ten minutes or so so to see it to the end. I 2Tue24remember turning over to watch the Interceptors, but nothing else, until I woke many hours later! So, the Interceptors and Sliders were missed altogether. Humph!

Did the last Health Checks, had a wee-wee, washed and got down again.

I currently have a Toshiba TV for sale, circa 2008. Not a large screen one though. Small really. Freeview built-in, for sale. Much-used, but very little watched! Hehehe!