Inchcock – Tuesday 5th February 2019: Medical mayhem. So nothing new there, then. Hehe!


2019 Feb 05

Tuesday 5th February 2019

Hawaiian: Pepeluali 5 Feberuari 2019

WD 51.51.153 23:15hrs: The instant I woke, the brain engaged a panic mode and instructed me to escape the clutches of the oh, so comfortable and warm £300 second-hand, 1968 rusty recliner and get my well-padded, broad-in-the-beam, blobby-bulky body to the Emergency-Grey-Bucket ASAP. The wee-wees had turned back into SHSWWs (Short-Hosepipelike-Sensationless-Wee-wees) again. I even found myself looking up afterwards to see if any splashback had reached the ceiling! 

I went to make a brew of tea, and the regular as clockwork recently call to the Porcelain Throne arrived. So, off to the wet room. The evacuation was a large messy one – No time for reading the Victoria Wood biography book on this visit.

The inspection of the pins found that both legs seemed to be less a little filled than last night. At least I think so. Amazing how these Furosemides are so quick and effective, after taking just the one tablet yesterday. But looking back on Monday, it was in the afternoon when they blew-up so. I’ve still got one pin fatter than the other one, though. I am getting confused with my thinking now.


Also, I’ve not had my shower and tried to get the socks on yet. The sheer effort and pain of doing sock fitting yesterday remained vivid in my mind. Dread Mode Adopted.

But, I felt no ignavia or ambivalence, even a touch of sang-froid lingered for a while until I clouted my elbow bending down to get a bottle of disinfectant for the Emergency Grey Bucket. Haha!

A good clean up, and back to the tea-making. Then I got the Health Checks done.


WD 51.51.153 BP high again, at least its been consistent so far this week.

I got the computer going to make a start on the Monday post finalisationing. Well, blow me down; Back to the Porcelain Throne! The evacuation was just like the first one but with a far higher volume? There was no bleeding from Haemorrhoid Harold this time either.

WD 51.51.153 Back to the updating of the blog. Which took me a few hours to complete and send off to WordPress. Interspersed with many SHSWWs and the need to empty and sanitise the Emergency Grey Bucket as well. Tsk!

Went to make another brew of tea, and realised I had not taken the morning medications yet. Klutz! So I did, but not taking a Furesomide, I’ll leave that until I get back from the surgery. I might have problems holding things back on the walk to Sherrington Park as it is. Thinking about it, yesterdays chronic pains form the lower right side of the back, just might have been caused by my trying to keep on to things too long, maybe, perhaps?

I went on the WP reader, then made a start on this post.

2Tue06Brekkers with a difference, today. Sharwood sweet & sour noodles, Polish sourdough bread and a potent brew of Glengettie tea! And, I enjoyed it, too!

With trepidation, I got the ablutions started. This time, in fear of the sprinkler not working, I started with the shower first for a change, and it worked fine. Another Woodthorpe Court Mystery! As Tim Price says: “I think your flat is somewhere between the twilight zone and a wormhole slipping through a tear in the fabric of the space/time continuum!” I wish I’d thought of saying that! Hahaha!

Then I got the teggies done and shaved. Medicated the areas in need, and got dressed with the greatest of effort and not a little pain. (The damned getting the socks on and keeping the fluid-filled balloon-like heavy reluctant to bend legs up high enough while keeping one hand on the wall, so I don’t tumble over, and getting the sock on, using the other hand, is I assure you, one of the hardest tasks of the flipping day!) I feel this activity will prove my downfall soon. So demanding a job, it is. Moan over!

I made up a small recycling bag and a couple of black ones of waste and took them to the waste chute while I thought of it. Then gathered the paperwork and list of things to remember and set out on my little hobble to the doctor’s surgery. This is the route taken.


2Tue07The Winwood Court new building is coming along. Not much exterior work to be done, mostly inside jobs left, fitting out the forty-three or so Extra-Care flats and the Oberstgruppenführeress Warden’s resident-holding-cells and offices, now. Hehehe!

Not too cold this morning, no rain or fog either. 2Tue08But the ground underfoot was, to say the least, a bit dodgy in places along Chestnut Walk.

The ball of the left foot was giving me a lot of hassle with the sharp pains. During the day, this aggro seemed to come and go. Another Mystery!

2Tue09Walking down Winchester Street hill to Mansfield Road, I noticed that the other Mystery, the white patterned Nottinghamian Street Art ladies shoes, had been moved several feet and the poo remained inside one of them? Hmm!

I pressed shufflingly on. I was going so slow, 2Tue10even I recognised it, and the limping got worse when it came more painful to use the left heel at times. Particularly when going uphill. I felt a right handicapped old git. I must have looked a little pathetic to others, so slow and gingerly, did I move.

2Tue10aShuffling along the main road the traffic was jammed.

Up the hill, and I came across some more Nottinghamian Street Art. Tsk!

My pace was slowing all the time. I decided to book an appointment today to see Dr Vindla so I could explain things to her about the water retention and the side-effects of the Furesomide tablets when I get to the surgery. 

2Tue11Nearing the top of the brow of the hill, this nescient, obnoxious, uncaring, dangerous, indifferent, unconcerned, casual, blasé, menacing, and threatening Nottingham Pavement Cyclist came from behind me, very close to my body, making me jump. He cycled across the pelican-lights to the other pavement, stopping the traffic, not that they were moving much, though.  I took a rest from the painful limping along and watched him as he did so. But my prayers were not answered, and no car hit him, and he didn’t fall off of his bike either. Tsk! Ah-well!

2Tue11aWalking a bit better after the rest, over the hill and down into Carrington I plodded.

I called into the chemist to confirm when I could pick up the next prescriptions. March 4th was given to me.

Then went into Lidl and got mini-tomatoes, yoghourt, cooked meat trimmings, a pork pie and some Sopocka. £10.74 worth. The best story of this shopping tale is of my efforts on the self-serve checkout! I was doing well until it got to the pork pie… the red light came on, and a mechanical voice spoke to me. But it was so low, I could not understand what was being said? After a few minutes, I considered leaving the stuff, as no assistance had arrived. When one did come, the red light mysteriously turned back to green? He spoke to me in a low voice, but I could not understand him either. So he raised his voice as he got annoyed – still not recognisable, and he shot off. Oh, dearie me!

Delayed by this farce, I feared I’d get to the surgery late for the appointment. But I got there with minutes to spare. The atmosphere in the reception seemed much lighter for some reason. I asked for some more Furesomide and quickly told her of the problem, and could I have an appointment to see Dr Vindal. She was on holiday! No decision about any surgical socks being granted could be made by any locum. So after much banter and my getting confused by all the things I was being told. I thanked them, just as Nurse Nichole arrived to collect me.

It’s such a pleasure to be treated by someone like Nichole. A chinwag and laugh were enjoyed because the bleeding just did not want to stop after taking the blood. I mentioned my problems to her. Thanked her, gave her a nibble and departed. She followed me and spoke with the receptionists about me. It turned out that they had made an appointment for me to see my doctor, for Thursday after next, on the 14th of February at 0850hrs. Then, 0900hrs for my Shingles Innoculation. Then 0915hrs with the nurse for my INR blood test! That’s unfortunately cocked up my Winwood Social hour for that day! She wrote down all the times for me. Then she asked me to fill in a questionnaire about today’s visit satisfaction. So, I did. I dropped the pen, and was struggling to pick it up, a young lady shot over and picked it up for me. Bless her! I thanked her muchly. Handed in the now filled-in form with the receptionist’s nibble bag, and off out.

I checked the time, it was 55 minutes before the L9 would arrive in Sherwood. No rush then, I foolishly decided to walk back instead of catching the bus. Started the limp back, with a bit of confusion in my head. Had I ordered the Furesomide or not?

2Tue12aI had a look in Charity Shop in Sherwood near the Library. Didn’t buy anything.

When I came out, this animal of a Nottingham Pavement Cyclist weaved speedily through a crowd of folk at the bus stop and sped off up Mansfield Road. The Swine!

2Tue12bI continued my way along, now in the wrong frame of mind over the git on a bike incident!

I called in the Continental Food Centre and had a wander around. I came out with a mandarin fruit, Strawberry filled croissant, (I’ve never tried these before – they were horrible!) and a large potato to make some cheesy baked out off!

From there, I limped up to Winchester Street, to catch the bus up the two stops back to the flat, my foot and legs would never have made it walking back up without too much pain for me.

2Tue12dSomeone had even created a piece of Nottinghamian Street Art on the bus stop, by sticking an emptied Pizza Box behind it! Some people!

I caught the bus, and Mo, Doreen and Pete were all sat near where I did. I little natter for the short distance home was enjoyed. Dorren shot in the hut, Pete belted off at a high rate of knots leaving Mo and me to walk back to Woodthorpe Court, and have more laughs and chinwagging.

I stayed down with Mo as she took a breather in the lobby seat. Doreen caught us up, and an excellent entertaining nattering session ensued. Olive came down to collect her washing, and the laughs did flow between us all. In the lift with the gals, and on the way up that dreaded tightness that indicates the desperate need for a wee-wee arrived. I explained to Olive and shot off to the wet room in the flat.

Having not taken any Furesomide yet today, the wee-wee was an SSPWW style.

I did the Health Checks belatedly and took the medications. Not taking any Furesomide, or I would be up all night using the Emergency Grey Bin! Tsk!

I got the potato nugget in the oven. Put the fodder away and wrote down the dates for the appointments on the pad to add to the diary in the morning. Then, as I was sure I would fall asleep early after the excesses of the day, I did the last Health Checks, so as not to miss them later.

2Tue12fI prepped the meal plate and made the sandwiches ready to add the nuggets later.

The meal looked a bit bare, but it wasn’t, I’d laid it out on a plastic serving tray instead of a plate.

It was still far too much for me to eat anywhere near all of it. Humph! I’d have thought I’d had had more appetite after the walking and hassle I’d been through today. Most of it ended up in the waste bin. Shame!

2Tue12eI checked out the pins. They were no worse, perhaps even a little better than this morning? How typical of my luck, just when I get an appointment to see the doctor! Still, things with the legs and feet have been changing almost daily lately, so I’ll see how they go. Not to fret!

A fantastic range of some of my favourite programmes was on TV today. The A-Team, Londons Burning, Boon and then Pie in the Sky!

I got the washing up done and was settled down in the £300 second-hand, 1968 vintage rusty vintage 1968 recliner as the A-Team started… I lasted about five-minutes before dropping off. I woke as London Burning was finishing. I did better with Boon, I stayed awake until the first set of adverts came on. Woke about ten-minute into Pie in the Sky, nodded off and woke again, watched a few minutes and off into the land of nod again, woke when the credits were rolling down the screen. Pee’d off with myself, I turned off the telly and waited for the mind to start with its worrying, fretting and panicking… but no… I nodded off again into the bliss of sleep, and woke hours later, without having the need to wake and release any wee-wees at all!