Inchcock Thoughts on the danger of Mankind’s Addiction to ‘Cide’s

Mankind’s Addiction to ‘Cide’s

I reckon we’re guilty of all of these and more!

Abortion: The killing of a fetus

Acaricide: A killer of mites and ticks

Algicide: A killer of algae

Amicicide: The murder of a friend

Aphicide: A killer of aphids

Avicide: The killing of birds

Bacillicide: A killer of bacteria

Bovicide: The killer of a cow

Ceticide: The killing of whales and other cetaceans

Christicide: One responsible for the death of Christ.

Cimicide: A substance used to kill bed-bugs

Deicide: The killing of a god or goddess; godslaughter.

Democide: (mass murder) murder of people by a government in power

Ecocide: The complete destruction of an ecosystem due to human activities.

Ectoparasiticide: Any pesticide designed to kill parasites

Aborticide: The act of destroying a fetus in the womb

Ethnocide: The deliberate and systematic destruction of an ethnic group

Famicide: One who destroys another’s reputation; slanderer

Familicide: The murder of an entire family by a family member

Felicide: The killing of a cat

Femicide: Killing of a woman

Filicide: A person who kills their own child

Foeticide: The killing a fetus

Formicide: A substance that kills ants

Fratricide: A killing of one’s brother

Gendercide: The killing of people because of their gender

Genocide: A killing of a race or ethnic group

Germicide: Using a substance that kills germs

Giganticide: A killing of a giant

Homicide: A killing of a human being

Infanticide: A killing of an infant

Insecticide: A killing of insects

Islamicide: The killing of Muslims

Judeocide: The killing of Jews

Larvicide: A killing of larvae

Liberticide: Causing the destruction of liberty

Liberticide: The destruction of liberty

Mariticide: The unlawful premeditated killing of one human being by another

Matricide: A killing of one’s mother

Medicide: Medically assisted suicide; accomplished by a physician

Menticide: Reduction of mind by psychological pressure

Menticide: Brain-washing someone

Microbicide: The killing or killer of microbes

Miticide: Using an agent which kills mites

Molluscicide: To kill molluscs

Multicide: The killing of multiple people; mass murder or serial killing

Ovicide: Sheep-killing

Ovicide: The killing or destroying of eggs or ova

Parasiticide: The killing of parasites

Parasuicide: A harmful act appearing to be an attempt at suicide

Parenticide: killing or killer of one’s parents

Pesticide: The killing of pests

Prolicide: The killing of offspring; The killing of the human race

Pseudocide: A faked or pretend death

Pulicide: Flea-killer

Raticide: Substance or person who kills rats

Regicide: The killing of a king

Rodenticide: The killing of rodents

Senicide: The killing of old men

Serpenticide: Killing or killer of a snake

Sororicide: The unlawful premeditated killing of one human being by another

Speciocide: The destruction of an entire species

Spermicide: A killing of sperm

Suicide: A killing of oneself

Taeniacide: A killing of tapeworms

Tyrannicide: The killing or killer of a tyrant

Urbicide: A destruction of a city

Ursicide: A killing or killer of a bear

Uxoricide: The killing of one’s own wife

Vaticide: The killing or killer of a prophet

Verbicide: Destroying the meaning of a word

Vermicide: The killing of worms

Vespacide: substance or person who kills wasps

Viricide: Inactivates viruses

Viricide: The killing of viruses

Vulpicide: Someone who kills foxes other than by hunting them with hounds

Just a thought, like!

Inchcock Today – Tue 19 Feb 2019: Decent day today. I may regret saying this later, of course. Hehehe!

2019 Feb 19

Tuesday 19th February 2019

דינסטאג פעברואר 19, 2019 Yiddish

23:45hrs. I stirred and gave it a customary couple of minutes for the brain to join the body in some form of activity. I recognised that I was singing to myself again. Cliff’s ‘The Young Ones,’ then Acker Bilks ‘Gotta see Momma tonight,’ I think it was.

Eventually the mind and torso semi-collaborated, then cooperated in getting my Falstaffian body out of the second-hand £300, circa 1968 recliner, and off for a wee-wee. Yet again, I was relatively pain-free as I got to the wet room. The wee-wee was of an SWWW (Short-weak-wee-wee) mode. The wound still felt like it contained a load of worms and itched a bit. But it was not hurting in the slightest unless I caught it on something.

Did the Health Checks and took the medications.


WD128.0.0 I noticed after putting this graph on the blog, I’d made an error on the weight – I’d miss-typed 15.76, as 14.76! I left it on so I could dream! Hehehe!

I made up a new blog of the Nottingham Eye pictures taken yesterday on my brave trip on the Nottingham Wheel. Got it posted off.

Made a start on the updating of the Monday post.

The Ocado delivery arrived. Masses of Marmite products and Tea bags stored away. The tea bags should see me out now, no need to repurchase any more of them. Hehe! I’ll have to hand out the other bags now I have the tasty Glengettie all stocked up.

2Tue05Got the ablutions tended to next.

All went well, apart from the putting on of the clean socks. The leg looked a lot easier and far less inflamed.

WD128.0.0 This task was accompanied with verbiage that flowed under my breath with exclamations like; Eeeugh, Egrnocheeegeeack, Ow, and Argh! In between the odd little silent oath.

2Tue04The wound was looking a lot less tender now, although some new growths seemed to be forming around the sides of the original whatever it is.

The moon was shining brightly through the clouds for a moment, so I took this snap of it for prosterity. Is that the right word? I think I added an R in there by mistake? But the Grammarly spell checker I paid for, is not working again! When it is working, all is fine, and I check words and more… but it is becoming a headache now! So, you have been warned – don’t pay out for it!

Back on the computer to sort things out for this post for a while. Then had to get ready to go out. Needing some milk roll bread, fresh veg, and yoghourts. I’ll see what I come back with later. Tsk! 

Off to the Nottingham City Homes, Winwood Heights, Generaloberstesses Wardens Temporary HQ. WC, Rumourmongering Clinic. Sarcasm & Insult distribution area. Tenants Socialisationalistic Area. Telling Inchcock off Zone. Crockery and pottery to be stolen from location, and residents porta-cabin.

WD128.0.0 I took a photograph of Chestnut Way as I walked along, but did not find it on the SD card? Another Winwood Heights Mystery! 

Cyndy, Doreen, Roy, and three other residents were in the hut, and I had a natter and laughed with some of them. I handed the flowers I’d had ordered as a Special Treat for the overworked but doing a good job Kamp Kommanders, to Riechsführeress and Catwalk Model Warden Julie. Who got them into some water straight away. I like it when I get things right – not very often, I know, but there you go! Hahaha!

2Tue06Caught the bus to Arnold to get the shopping done.

All my fellow residents dropped off in Sherwood.

I took this photograph at the traffic island junction on the ring-road and Edwards Lane, through the bus window.

2Tue07I dropped off the bus on Front Street, outside the Asda (Walmart) store, and dived in to have a shop. Aware that I needed to be reasonably quick to avoid missing the L9 back into Sherwood.

WD128.0.0 Which I did miss, of course, when I got carried away with my search for something different on the shelves. Tsk!

I used the standard checkout today, cause they were not busy. I’d already given up on catching the bus in time so enjoyed my little meander around. I came out with the bag almost fully ladened, with Lemon yoghourts, orange squash, milk roll loaf, mini swiss rolls, mini pork and pickle pies, cooked chicken breast, Limoncello desserts, Lemon Bakewells, a leek, turnips, sliced potatoes, vine tomatoes, and an onion. A smidge of guilt appeared fleetingly! Lots of my purchases were not precisely within the weight-watchers-range, where they? Tsk!

WD128.0.0 I wandered out and down to the bus stop to see when the L9 going in the opposite direction was due. Then I could catch it to the terminus and stay on and come back again 2Tue08all the way to the flats. This uncouth, ignorant Arnold Pavement Cyclist was weaving closely through the pedestrians. Git!

I looked at the timetable for the L9, and it would be twenty minutes or so before it was due. So, I took a hobble to the Fulton Foods store and did a bargain search.

I got some pork scratchings for the nibble box, and some salt & pepper flavoured potato sticks for me. These topped up the bag to overflowing.

2Tue09Then back over the road to the bus stop again.

WD128.0.0 Where the same nasty ignoramus,  uncaring cretin of a wazzock, most disrespectful, inconsiderate, rude, impolite, insensitive, selfish, discourteous, rude,  negligent nudnik of a Pavement Cyclist came close to hitting me and others, most likely without any thought of what the pillock was doing, as he pedalled illegally along without a care in the world, showing off his hole in his trousers and blue knickers, as he threatened the old, deaf, sight-challenged and disabled pedestrians!

Sorry about that, I got carried away there for a moment!

The bus arrived, and I spent the journey having a go at the crossword book. Not too successfully, mind.2Tue10

When w arrived in Sherwood, there were several of the Winwood Heights residents got on the bus. This gal was having a droll laugh with the driver.

Back at the complex, I got off of the bus last, and all the others scurried away. No doubt many of them in need of their wet rooms? 2Tue10aThe Woodthorpe Court clan, have to manoeuvre through the street decorations, or like me, my being more on the nervous side, I take the scenic route around the back of the car park keeping to what bit of pathway is available to get home. Haha! The longer way, but safer.

I caught up with this chap (Sorry his name escapes me, a grand bloke though) in the lift.

2Tue11I got in the flat, and the sad sight of my beloved tree copse caught my eye when I got into the kitchen. I’m sure it is far thinner than last year at the same time. If people could resist dropping waste and rubbish inside, and not break off branches from the trees… I bet the dog urine that trickles down the hill has destroyed much of the growth. Mind you, it might be helping for I know.

I got the Health Checks done2Tue11a. Then sorted out the shopping and got things stored away.

Got the oven heating up, and the potatoes in the tray. Made some buttered tomato sarnies with the milk roll bread, and got the cold stuff on the plate ready for the vegetables to be added later.

Got the seasoned potatoes in the oven, and checked on the TV programmes. Although I find with Freeview, they tend not to change much. I selected the usual to watch. A-Team (2), Boon, Pie in the Sky, Heartbeat, Police Interceptor and Sliders.

WD128.0.0 As I stood up to check on the potatoes, boy what a dizzy-spell arrived. 2Tue12aI sat down again, to give things time to settle. It wasn’t a long one, but if I had been stood up when it came on, I think I might have gone over. Nasty, but short-lived.

I put channel 802 on the telly, the lobby entrance view. Ah, more Street Art in the foyer! Tsk! I stayed where I was in case anyone tripped over coming out or into the flat.

I went to do another inspection of the spuds, turned them over and gave them ten more minutes. Meanwhile, back to the front room, to see that a chap was clearing up the things in the lobby. Good! No sings of the Dizzy Dennis attack left at all, now. Feeling rather good for some reason?

2Tue12bI ended up having a bit of a luxury dinner this time. The BBQ chicken breast, pickled egg and mushrooms, gherkins, tomato sarnies on milk roll bread, mini pork & pickle pie, roast onions and baked sliced potatoes. A lemon Fool for dessert. I ate most of it and enjoyed it.

WD128.0.0 Put the tray to one side, change channels to watch the A-Team, fell asleep, woke up as the episode was ending. Started to look at the next one, got halfway or so through it and nodded off again. Woke and changed the channel, to watch Boon, but it was already halfway through it. I lasted about five minutes and dropped off again, to wake as Pie in the Sky was starting. I was determined to watch at least one programme all the way through and decided this would be the one. I stayed awake for the first section when the adverts came on, I thought I’d take the tray to the kitchen and make a brew and take the medications and do the Health Checks, to stir myself awake!

WD128.0.0 I realised I’d miss the start of part two of Pie in the sky, cause I then had to go to the Porcelain Throne. A real embarrassment this – I fell asleep on the Throne! When I woke, I wondered where the TV had gone, I think I thought I was still in the £300 second-hand recliner watching TV?

WD128.0.0 Anyway, I stood up, I still felt drowsy. I suppose, and fell to the floor! I felt such a fool as the brain cleared! Apart from the already deformed right knee hitting the floor, no injuries were suffered. Back to the TV, to find that Pie in the Sky had long finished. I turned over to channel ten to watch Heartbeat, but it had almost finished. Still, I can claim to have stayed awake for ten minutes or so so to see it to the end. I 2Tue24remember turning over to watch the Interceptors, but nothing else, until I woke many hours later! So, the Interceptors and Sliders were missed altogether. Humph!

Did the last Health Checks, had a wee-wee, washed and got down again.

I currently have a Toshiba TV for sale, circa 2008. Not a large screen one though. Small really. Freeview built-in, for sale. Much-used, but very little watched! Hehehe!