Inchcock – Saturday 23rd February 2019


2019 Feb 23

Saturday 23rd February 2019

Zulu: NgoMgqibelo 23 Febhuwari 2019

01:00hrs. I woke and lay there with my mind in a sort of blankness. I knew I had to remember something this morning, but could not see any reminder notes on the TV or computer screen. I felt so drained, after all the sleep I’d had too. The fuzziness remained as I spent a while doing my best to get the brain to function. Tsk! An instant call arrived for the Porcelain Throne to be utilised.

I was out of the second-hand £300 rusty recliner in seconds and found myself in the wet room without recalling how I got there. (Worrying that!) The evacuation was affected in a Trotsky Terence mode and needed much cleaning up after the session.

wd 0.0.30 Back to the recliner room, I went. The Emergency Grey Bin was half-full. Yet I couldn’t remember using it overnight? Depression and self-pity Mode now adopted! I then noticed I had liquid in the tray on the Ottoman and down the sides of it! I’d soaked the mobile phone, Lumix camera, the notepad, and pens! Whatever the liquid was, it didn’t smell at all? Another Mystery! I think the mobile and camera are both done for, neither would turn on after I tried to dry them. Depression Mode Adopted! Somehow, I found myself just accepting the situation, although angry with myself. It took me an hour to clean things up, between many SWDWWs (Short-weak-dribbling-wee-wees). Now I may have to spend more money on replacements. Grumph!

wd 0.0.30 I went to get the Health Checks done and take the medications. Another Whoopsiedan6Sat06gleplop of the highest order! I found there were not enough medications in the drawer to fill all of the pots – then realised I had not fetched the prescriptions from the chemist! Oh, boy, today may well be one of my worst for ages, the way it’s started! I was short of just six Warfarin and one Bisoprolol (Beta-blocker). So, off to the pharmacy in Carrington later. Ay-yay-yay!

I made up the pots, and left a note about which ones needed topping up, and put them in the individual tubs in need of. Then, I began the Health Checks.


6Sat08At least the resulting readings were all looking okay.

Considering how this morning’s events had got me in a panic mode, I was well-pleased with these figures.

Back to the Porcelain Throne. Another messy Trotsky Terence affected evacuation. I took a 6Sat03Dia-Limit capsule after.

As I returned to the kitchen to make sure everything was in place and safe, I took this photograph with the light off.

Off for another SWDWW. I hope these ease off before I have to walk to Carrington to collect the prescription medications. I really do!

My head’s in a mess now. But I must press on. I got the computer going and made a start on this blog as far as here. Then updated yesterdays diary and got it sent off to WordPress.

05:05hrs. Went on the WordPress Reader.

6Sat1105:29hrs. Got some breakfast. A cuppa and some cornflakes. Watched a DVD on YouTube. Got carried away on YouTube.

0830hrs. Got the ablutions sorted. The shower warning lights came on again: ‘No Water’ and ‘Reset Needed.’ Of course, there is no reset button anywhere. Turned off at the power and back on, and it worked?

Knee and leg wound investigated.


The wound was looking far better again. The knee has developed a nasty looking blackish growth and has changed its moon surface looks. Haha!

I was taking the waste bags to the chute, and my mate Michael was getting out of the lift with some PPs for me. What a pal!

6Sat12Fantastic chinwagging session and a laugh or two was enjoyed. The hero then gave me a lift to the chemist to collect the prescriptions and back home again!

I noticed that a washing machine was free as I came in the lobby. So I got up to collect laundry bag and accoutrements.

6Sat14Put the medications on the kitchen top, had an SWDWW wee-wee, and down to the washers.

Back up to the apartment, and got the prescriptions into the medical drawer.

Down once more, to move the clothing into the dryer. Some naughty person had not cleaned the dryer filter, but fair enough, it could have 6Sat17been someone who could bend down to do the job, so I cleaned it.

Then cleaned the washer drum and casing of the washer.

wd 0.0.30 I was going to take a picture of outside, but I’d forgotten to take the door swipe down with me.

I made a start on updating this blog, in between three SWDWWs.

6Sat15Put the swipe in the trouser pocket, and down a final trip, to take some photographs and collect the washing.

I also took an empty glass jar and medicine bottle, to go in the Senior Citizen Residents Alcoholics Recycling bin. Hehehe! 

The machine had turned itself off, and the clothing was not dried yet? So I popped outside to 6Sat16take a photo on Chestnut Way. Being the weekend, there were not many folks about.

I was in fine fettle myself, though. With Michael calling to see me, had cheered me up no end! I do love verbalisationing with amate, don’t get many opportunities nowadays. So, if yer reading this Michael, thanks cocker! Much appreciated.

6Sat18I had an amble around for a while, then went back in to check if the clothes were dry enough, which they were.

Removed, folded and got the things into the bag. On the way to the lift, I had a read of the notice board signs.

Put the done washing away, had an SWDWW, no that’s not right. The wee-wees had now transmogrified themselves into SSDWWs (Short-Sensationless-Dribbling-wee-wees).

On the computer to update this post.

6Sat30Marmite crisps and cheese, with Vegemite sarnies for the nosh. I just felt like them!

wd 0.0.30 A massive Dizzy Dennis attack as I got settled into the recliner to watch some TV. It left me with a cracking headache this time, and I still had it when I woke up the following morning.