Inchcock Today – Friday 18th May 2018: Includes details and photographs of the Nottingham Donkey Hill!

Friday 18th May 2018

Serbian: Петак 18. Мај 2018

0400hrs: I woke up with endless nugacious thoughts, fears and worries rattling around in the brain-box. As the pace of these insignificant meanderings faded, and reality, unpleasant as it can be, returned, I spotted the scribbled notes about a dream I’d had. I decided to do a graphic of the memory. This prompted me to rise out of the £300 second-hand recliner and go to get the Health Checks done.


5Fri001bThe Sys and Dia were a little perkier this morning.

The ailments were once again being so kind and gentle with me. Only Duodenal Donald was causing any real concern pain-wise.

But the Fungal Lesion felt like it had been bleeding, so this may prove the guiltiest of the ailments yet, and give me an uncomfortable cleansing and medicating session when I get the ablutions sorted later.

The summons to the Porcelain Throne finally arrived (It’s been a while, Tsk!). The evacuation went comfortably well, which caught me by pleasant surprise.

Got the computer on and created the dream graphic. Then updated the Thursday blog and got it posted-off.

5Fri0020555hrs: The morning had brightened and lightened a lot earlier than of late. A sign of summer approaching?

The skies looked rather grand, I thought.

Made a start on this diary up to here, then went to the WordPress Reader.

Waste bags sorted and took to the refuse chute.

Ablutions tended to, Grubblesure-checks (to see if I had forgotten or not done something needed) done.

5Fri003After much ingeminating, I got ready and went out into the once again, not-as-warm as it looked sunshine.

Ambled along Chestnut Walk to visit the ‘Temporary Obergruppenfurheress Wardens archididascalian HQ, Willmot-Dixon workers break-rest Room, Social Hut, Target for Thieves, Training Room, and Telling Inchcock-Off shed.’

A few more folks inside this morning, and another ganglet of smokers out at the bus stop.

5Fri004Willmott Dixon’s, Del-Boy impersonator, Jay was settled in an armchair, with his mug of coffee or tea.

His usual keen, alert, ‘can-I-help-you expression’ on his face… I think? Hehehe!

I listening best I could to the jolly good nattering session the clan was having when Del-Boy came up with a new remuneratively 5Fri013advantageous masterplan and quick money-making scheme! He is to investigate if it would be possible for him to do window cleaning on the weekends! Well, give the lad credit (although that might be risky,) Hahaha!, where it’s due.

There is a definite need for all the windows being in a right state at the moment. If the scheme gets the go-ahead, he’ll be inundated with requests! I’ll get my name down! This would provide a service that would be undoubtedly appreciated by us old fogies.

I moved outside the shed with and joined the now huge group of tenants at the bus stop.

Welsh Bill said he is going to Bulwell today, I told him I was too. His face dropped the smile it had on it. As it happens, I did not see him in Bulwell – maybe he saw me first? Hehe!

Caroline from the care-home at the end of the road arrived, and we chatted, but she wanted the other bus.

One way into the City Centre, I took this photo at the top of Donkey Hill. Its real name is St Bartholomew’s Road. But, has been known as Donkey Hill all my life and my Dads. Recognised in 1882 as Bartholomew Stile Footway…all fields and allotments then.


5Fri014Above left is the shot I took through the bus window this morning.

The right hand one above, I think would have been taken around 1964.

I love to look at age comparison photographicalisations.

The one on the right shows the yellow painted shop at the top, where the bus was turning into when I took the first shot.

Just a guess, but it may have been called Donkey Hill because of the donkeys going up and coming back down from the clayfields of Mapperley transporting bricks for the building work in Nottingham?

5Fri005aI was feeling well-tired by the time I got into Nottingham Slab Square. Why? I don’t know!

Caught the Hucknall tram, dropping off in Bulwell. What a journey, all scowls and depressed expressions from the few folks that were with me on the trip.

Perhaps the colder weather. Note that despite the sunshine, Nottinghamians had their big coats on! Well, most of them had...

Although not a lot of journiers got off at Bulwell Station, one managed to tread on my 5Fri006foot, and another gave me shoulder charge! Grumblebug!
Nearly had me over, but being as he was with a group of mouthly 20 year-olds, I thought discretion the better part of valour; and wanting to be knifed or mugged, I said nothing.

I walked towards the shops and stopped on the bridge over the Leen. Street-art, rubbish was scattered over the river and banks.5Fri007

Something made me think of the Royal Wedding and could not muster up the slightest interest. Bitter envy and jealousy lingered for a while.

I’m sorry I looked up what they are worth each now.

Kate Middleton comes from a family with a collective net worth of $50 million. But she has only had a net Net worth of $10.8 million.
Prince Philip a Net worth of, $39 million.
Prince William and Prince Harry received a large inheritance from the late Princess Diana. These spoon-in-the-mouthers have a Net worth of, $52 million each
Prince Charles, Duke of Cornwall, Net Worth $158 million.
HRH Queen Elizabeth, according to different sources is worth; $550 million – $804 million or $1.4 trillion.

Got carried away again there, sorry!

WH01A I hobbled, the feet are hurting and stinging again, to the Fulton Foods Store and had an amble around. I got bargains here! Don’t suppose that Harry and Meghan will ever know the pleasure or need of bargain hunting?

5Fri008Then went to the short-dated bargain shop. Got some tiny cans of marrowfat peas, at 10p each and other bits.

On the way to the tram station, I sauntered around what must be the worst market I’ve ever visited.

Avoiding the suspicious characters lurking about, and they were plenty of them I can tell you, the pavement cyclists and the pickpockets, I got to the tram station. Only a few minutes before a tram was due. I validated my free pass on the machine. Then spent the rest of the waiting time, trying to work out which of the already vying for the best position passenger, sizing each other up, throwing out threatening looks at each other. Edging nearer the platform edge… I didn’t feel comfortable at all. When the transport pulled up, I just stayed back and let the others get on and battle among themselves. Unhappily, this meant I could only get a side-saddle seat… a haemorrhoid battering bench seat! Tsk!

Luckily I am well practiced in nerterology. With the significant number of passengers getting on further down the line, I felt like a sardine in a can. Yet, no one spoke to anyone else much at all. Plenty of folks on mobile phones, though, and screaming kids with parents who really weren’t interested in the slightest. A horrible journey into town.

5Fri009Then suddenly so many commuters got off at the Forest site bus stop, the tram was left with only a handful of passengers?

Which encouraged this noisy little scallywag to put his feet up on the seat opposite.

He even rubbed the soles of his shoes on the edge of the cushioning, in an effort to clean off some leaves! Humph.

5Fri010Of course, this was of no concern to his mother sat next to him!

Got off in the Slab Square and had a walk around a little to kill time until the L9 was due in.

I limped around the council house. As I did so, I was surprised that no Big Issue Sellers, rough sleepers or beggars were seen anywhere.

5Fri011I walked back to the Slab Square and along to the fountains at the far end.

Being early afternoon, there were plenty of students about.

It made me feel old. Haha!

The feet were still nigglingly painful under the toes.

5Fri012These two young toddlers were enjoying themselves. Even the one in blue who got herself all soaked. Mother was on her mobile phone, so showed little interest.

Still, the kids were happy.

I made my way to Queen Street and to the bus terminus and waited for the 5 minutes past the hour L9 arrival.

WH01A And waited. I recognised a lady from Winchester Court waiting too. At quarter-past, I thought about whether I should go down the hill and catch a number 40 bus? Far more dangerous to grab this one, it is far quicker, but it drops me off on Mapperley Rise Hill, where crossing the road to get towards the flats, can be dodgy. There are sharp bends, it is the steepest part of the way as well. While pondering this, the belated L9 bus arrived. Much to the pleasure of the lady and me! Phew!

Four passengers got on, and the other three gave the driver ‘What-For’ for being late. He told us the bus he’d left on charging, was flat! So he had to swap for another vehicle. Which told me he was late getting to work. (EQ).

I chatted with the lady for a while, then some other passengers she knew got on. Immediately, I had trouble staying awake. I must have drifted off many times. It could have been worse, but thankfully the driver was rushing to catch up on his schedule. He was driving a little jerkily, jamming the brakes, etc. Which in turn, kept waking me up, which was good!

WH01A He even helped again, as he drew upon Chestnut Walk and again jammed his anchors of sharply and this woke me up again. The ladies laughed, saying they thought I’d need waking up to them. I thanked her.

I called in the ‘Temporary Obergruppenfurheress Wardens archididascalian HQ, Willmot-Dixon workers break-rest Room, Social Hut, Target for Thieves, Training Room, and Telling Inchcock-Off shed.’ Due to the official prohibition on my mentioning anything spoken of between any Nottingham City Homes representatives and myself, on my blog, I cannot repeat anything that took place. Sorry.

Out of the hut and back to the flat. Took a wee-wee, and got the Health Checks done.

Then got the mushrooms out of the crock-pot and into a pan with a can of the bargain baked beans. Flavoured with a drop of balsamic vinegar and tomato puree.

5Fri013Got the purchases out of the bag and stored away.

Got the computer on and started to update this blog.

Four and a half hours later (Tsk!) I got up to here with it.

I was  getting weary again.

I put some triple fried chips in the oven and set the timer that I cannot hear going.

Health Checks. medicationalisationing and medicines were taken and done.

5Fri38Fodder served up. And it was above average this one. Canned pork knuckle, tasty flavour! Triple fried naughty chips, superb! The bargain cheapo baked beans, highly acceptable!

Nibbles with a New Zealand Cox’s apple, two brown thins and a mug of Clementine Juice, it all went down well. The Ski lemon meringue dessert was a bit disappointing, overly sweet.

Washed the pots and got settled to watch the ‘Hustle’ episodes on channel 60.

I got through the first one with only around five nod-offs or so. The second one I fell asleep with seconds of the programme starting and woke up as the credits were rolling at the end. Humph!

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  1. Donkey Hill looks pretty steep. I figured it might be called Donkey Hill because you would need a donkey to get your ass up the hill in the old days. Lots of nice photos, but some of the photos or graphics are loading. Bargain baked beans are good enough if you get high octane gas from them. Great looking meal.

    • Some sharp erudition about Donkey Hill there, Tim. Nice one.
      Should that be ‘some of the photos or graphics are not loading’, Tim? Worrying that is.
      Amazingly the cheapo beans have not left me with any gas to spare. Hehe!
      Sunday… I’m expecting BBJ – Herbert to be noisy again. Tsk!
      We’ve not had any rain for yonks now, three days! Not natural! Haha!
      TTFN Sir.

      • Not loading. The either ate the “not”. Three of them are squares with “WH01A” in the top left corner, and a “?” in the middle. Most likely something is wrong with the file format or the files did not upload to WP completely. The aliens may have taken a few bites out of the bytes in your files while they were making their way from your computer and WP’s servers.

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