Inchcock Today – Wednesday 9th May 2018

Grenfell Disaster

I mention this to someone, about how sad this result was. She told me that this was due to so many illegal immigrants living for free in the flats who can’t vote. If they’d stayed at home in their own country, this would not have happened! This totally had me Gobsmacked! Humanity?

Wednesday 9th May 2018

Italian: Mercoledì 9 Maggio 2018

0330hrs: Last night, I was so tired, but I am sure at my hypnagogic state, I was wearing some jammie-bottoms and did not have any socks on. I felt, on waking, assured that I had slept right through for nearly seven hours, and perceived that I was in the same position as when I languished into blissful sleep. But no!

As the brain reluctantly engaged with the physical aspects and into a wakey-wakey and do’s don’ts and needs mode; Signs of possible somnambulism were recognised. The fact that I was longer wearing any jammie-bottoms and their current location being laid out neatly on the carpet gave me a clue. Tsk! And now, I had a pair of socks on my feet, concerned me.

At least there were no indications of any nocturnal nibbling having taken place.

Out of the £300 second-hand recliner with surprising ease and lack of aches. Another (pleasant) surprise! Off to do the Health Checks. Which looked alright to me.


3Wed01I did notice a cupboard door left open, I’ve never found this before? But the taps were all off, cooker off, and no signs of anything else untoward. This is good.

I was about t take the mug of tea with me, and I got a slightly sudden and urgent internal demand for my attention being needed at the Porcelain Throne.

3Wed02I responded without hesitation, of course.

All went well with the evacuation, another multi-coloured session. But no bleeding.

Washed-up and back to the kitchen. Where I threaded my hands and camera through the narrow gap in the window and took this photo of the outside. Nice!

Then, I got the computer on and updated yesterday’s diary. I’ve not disliked doing this before, but it is unpleasant this morning. It tormented me having to write about my abject failure to help my old mate Jim with his problems. It took hours to do as well. Partly because I went out so late (Fool!), and was so tired and incapable of concentration when I got back, and the number of photographicalisations that needed sorting.

Well gone 0800hrs by the time I got it all finished and posted off.

Made a start on this post.

3Wed05The sun had come brightly out, as I went to make another brew of tea.

0855hrs: No noise from Herbert above this morning yet. I hope he’s not snuffed-it. (I suppose). I could hear the acceptable drilling and tapping of the Willmott Dixon lads starting work on the insulation, getting ready for the cladding to go on top of it.

Hippy Hilda began playing me up, and Reflux Roger joined in. But not severely, bless them.

The absence of hassle from Anne Gyna, Duodenal Donald, Hernia Harry and Arthur Itis was most welcome. If only I could get the fungal lesion to stop bleeding, I’d be a lot happier, though. Even he is not leaking overly much.

3Wed06Checked the emails and found Sister Jane had sent me this photograph. I reckon she knows I have a liking for mallard ducks. Hehe!

This started me reflecting back to when I was working at a transport depot in security on nights. It began with me recalling the odd good times I had there. But ended with great lugubriousness, as all the disasters and Whoopsiedangleplops came to mind.

3Wed07I started to feel better after I’d gone to make another brew, and I noticed how the tree copse was thickening out a bit at last.

If all goes well, I might have a walk through later today. I can’t go out until I get a telephone call or Email from the clinic.

I just hope I get it early in the day.

Got onto the WordPress Reader next. Then the Comments were read and responded to.

Good Heavens! 1030hrs already!

Closed down the computer and got on with the ablutionalisationalistic duties. PArt-way through them, despite enjoying myself scrubbing away with the scourer under the shower, I suddenly realised if I was to go out and get the vegetables from Mapperley Tops, I needed to hurry if I was going to get to the bus stop on time. So I went into Mach three speed. Haha!

Rushing about, I just hoped I’d not forget something. As I left the flat with the bag, I still wasn’t sure if I would be on time, it was getting close.

WDP02 Someone had to stop the elevator and get on didn’t they, then the chap got off on the fifth floor, I thought I might make it yet, and departed hobbling up Chestnut Walk as fast as my little short fat legs would permit me.

Panic over, when I spotted some folks at the bus stop, I knew it hadn’t arrived yet.

Frank and a few others came out of the shed, and we chattered a minute or so about nothing. I like Frank, a decent bloke.

3Wed09I did take a photo of one side of Woodthorpe Court block and noticed they were putting up a support frame and wondered why.

Frank told me it was to put a massive sign up with the complex’s new name.

The bus arrived, and I travelled the five bus stops up to Mapperley Plains Road. Frank got off here too.

3Wed10I ambled down to the pelican lights, and over to the greengrocers to have a nosey-about at their vegetables on offer. A bit disappointed in their having no turnips, but got some other stuff. One shallot, one red onion, one satsuma, two New Zealand grew Cox’s Pippins, some very expensive Italian pod peas, but only a good handful of them, and three Wonky tomatoes, one yellow & orange, one yellow and one orange. See photo further on.

3Wed29aPaid the lady the frightening £4.15 for the few bits. I sauntered, albeit limpingly, the feet and Hippy Hilda were both giving me some stick now, along Woodthorpe Drive and walked down it, and into Woodthorpe Park to cut through back to the flats.

The view to the right at the top of the Drive was terrific.

The beautiful views on the way down the hill meant my camera was used a lot today.


I entered the top car park of Park and had a lovely stroll through it in a zig-zag route.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I enjoyed this little walkabout back from the shops.


3Wed28Got indoors and had a wee-wee.

Washed, and got the vegetables sorted.

WDP02  Needless to say, I could not resist a pod of peas when I shelled them; Flipping Horrible and bitter they were! So I put some balsamic vinegar and brown sugar in the saucepan and got it on a low heat.

Worked on updating this post up to here for a couple of hours.

3Wed28Did the Health Checks

Got the nosh sorted.

Another successful blend of flavours. Well, apart from the Italian garden peas, but, they were just about passable.

Everything else was A1.

3Wed29 A few spots of rain started to fall as I settled in the £300 second-hand recliner.

I fell asleep almost at once and woke up an hour or so later, with the rain belting down.

Getting back to sleep, only after the grey-cells had taken my mind through some terrible mistakes and choices I’d mad over the years; and self-hatred and shame reared their ugly heads.