Inchcock Today – Sunday 27th May 2018

Sunday 27th May 2018

Bulgarian: Неделя, 27 май 2018 г.

0235hrs: Not the usual confusion of thoughts in the head this morning. My usual wayward inner-rambling were concentrated on the facts that for two days now I’ll be without any buses, Herbert will be banging away up above, Trotsky Terence’s terrible reign of terror; and Anne Gyna being so bad to me this morning. The strongest worry being the dull pains under the left armpit and side of the chest.

This has affected me only twice before. Annoyingly, both times at holiday period weekends!

7Sun02WDPBL And, after I’d risen out of the £300 second-hand recliner and had done the first Health Check, the brain concentrated solely on the resulting readings!

What the hell is going on here!

WDPBL Trotksy Terence attacked at this very moment, and I had to scuttle off to the Porcelain Throne with all haste.

I got there in time, though. I think the evacuation was less messy then yesterdays. Fingers crossed.

But it was still a time consuming and painful clean-up and a medicationalisationing session that was needed.

7Sun03Back to the sphygmomanometer to do another Health Check.

This one was better. However, I think I’ll mention these sudden high readings to the nurse on Wednesday’s blood test.

I did wonder if this pain, dull-ache under the left arm and chest might have something to do with it? If I remember correctly, on the other occasions this has happened, I had similar trouble. Then again, I’ve probably got it all mixed up.


7Sun01I considered whether or not I should set about sorting out the bottom medical drawer.

But that is as far as it went; thinking about it!

I took an extra Dia capsule.

Then, I looked up Internet Addiction. And, found I was guilty of many of them!

Many alternative activities (I’m being defensive here, Tsk!) are not viable. My medical ailments prevent me doing such a lot of things. Here are my guilty admissions to Internet Addiction according to the website:

  1. Sacrificing doing work or chores to spend more time online.
  2. Losing track of your online time.
  3. Staying on the internet longer than you had intended.
  4. Feeling angry or irritable if your internet time is interrupted.
  5. Feeling defensive about your internet use.
  6. Feeling a sense of euphoria from using the internet.
  7. Using the internet as an outlet for feelings of depression.
  8. Making attempts to limit your internet use several times and failing.
  9. Being openly honest online.

I then went to the NHS site to see if this is considered an illness, where help might be available. The first thing I found out was, I’m a shopperholic too! “Shopping becomes an addiction when you buy things you don’t need or want to achieve a buzz; this is quickly followed by feelings of guilt, shame or despair” Loneliness driven usually. So true, too!

So, apparently, my different ailments are now: Computer Addiction, Unstable Angina. Rheumatoid arthritis. Inguinal (inner groin), incisional (resulting from an incision) Hernias. A sticking Laryngopharyngeal Reflux valve (Silent Reflux). Prostrate and bladder cancer (in remission). A duodenal ulcer. Had a new mechanical Aortic valve replacement. On Warfarin which causes so much bother and hassle with bleeding, you wouldn’t believe it. I have a hard time believing it – Hehe! I have tinnitus. Partially colour blindness (Reds and associated). A hearing loss range average (dB HL) of 63 in both ear holes. Disequilibrium/Vertigo. Neurological problems, leaving me with sudden unintentional, rhythmic movements of any part of the body. A right foot that sticks out to the right making walking on uneven ground a bit dodgy, but not painful in itself at all. Hypertension. High blood-pressure (See above), and cholesterol. Then there is the Fungal Lesion, that seems to have baffled all the experts. Not as to what it is that causing the bleeding, they know I have the lesion. But they have no idea how I got it in the first place? Anyway, the bleeding means I have to wear Protection Pants, wash and apply Daktacort cream after every time I pass water. Costs a fortune… I shan’t go on, I’m boring myself now. Humph!

I have avoided the word ‘dementia.’ As it is just an umbrella term for the symptoms caused by these diseases such as memory loss, confusion, and personality change.” And very prevalent in older persons.

Socialising is harder nowadays, because of my lack of confidence and low self-esteem.

But I know things are getting worse. So I thought I’d write this piffle while I still could. Hahaha!

Blimey, I did waffle on there, sorry folks.

I got in with finishing the Saturday post and got it sent off to WordPress.

Made a start on this blog page.

Sorted some photographs out to use on the TFZer site later. That is, if the newly updated MS Windows, will let me post them, it might not even allow me onto the site again?

The dull pains are moving around a bit now, further under the left armpit and lower down in the chest.

I’m still not sure it isn’t Anne Gyna of some sort?

After hours, I went to make a small mug of tea and took an extra Codeine 30g.

I took these photographs while I was waiting for the kettle to boil. The sylvan area of the Copse looked beautiful.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

WDPBL Puzzled at the length of time the water was taking to come to the boil, I investigate the situation. Finding the kettle was not switched on, I then turned it on. What a Shlimazel!

I pondered on whether I’ll get my just guerdons when I get to heaven? Which was a silly thought, because I don’t believe there is a heaven, although even if I did, there would be no way St Peter would let me through the gate; also if there are any gates or a St Peter. I can’t imagine there have been many tellurians worthy of such a distinction. I’d imagine they would start a war between Satan’s gang in Hell, and The Lord’s mob in heaven. The Christians wouldn’t stand a chance, though. They would be outnumbered by many billions to one, surely? At least when the time comes, I will have fewer people to bother about not seeing again, and fretting over leaving a fortune behind me. By gum, I’ve cheered myself up a bit now!

These flipping pains around the chest and armpit are getting a bit nasty with me now. Tsk! Any worse and I might have to ring somewhere about it. Not that this would make me very popular with the hospital on Bank Holiday. Best to leave it and take another painkiller later on.

I started to prepare the graphics using CorelDraw, ready to send off to the TFZer site. It will be a long job. I just hope the Facebook and the newly updated MS Windows permits me to do so.

Oh, I know, I’ll put the potatoes in the crock-pot with some seasonings now, then they should be ready by the time I get peckish and sort the nosh out. A tin of… Oh, no! I’ve got the pork pie to have! I piece of pork pie, the last of the Anya potatoes in balsamic water, sliced mini-multicoloured tomatoes (Crap flavour, from Morocco, but I can pour some balsamic vinegarette over them to mask the bitter taste). Sliced gherkins etc.? I’ll get them in the slow-cooker now.

For some unascertainable reason, I cheered up considerably while getting the potatoes in the pan. Even though, they had started growing shoots/roots after only two days of purchasing them from the Sainsbury store on Arnold? I had to scrape them off with the vegetable brush. Tsk!

7Sun05Then, my disposition and temperament changed back to one of moroseness, defeat, and frustration.

My mood should not have altered, because Noisy Herbert in the flat above, has not been heard at all this morning (Yet).

However, seeing the light cutting-out thick framed new windows in the kitchen, may have had some effect, perhaps? Don’t you think they look gloomy and somehow oppressive? Especially compared to the old windows I used to have?

The previous windows, even with the hoist outside of them, seems let in so much more light. Or am I imagining this?

The news window has undoubtedly ruined the panoramic view!

Eventually, I got around to starting preparing the graphics for the TFZ site.

1150hrs: Herbert above is active again. Tap-bang-scrape!

Made a brew, checked the crock-pot (Not even started to boil yet?).

Back to the graphicationalisationing.

Bloomin’ ‘eck, I’m doing some coughing now. What next! Humph!

Pressed on with the TFZer “Which one would like to nibble at” graphic series.

Noisy Herbert’s not taking a break yet. I wish he would!

More hours went, But Herbert has not been at it so much.

I popped into the kitchen to make a brew and noticed how bad the floor was along cupboard door bottom. And with my feeling better now, I decided to get down with a floor cloth and clean it up. Proud of myself Mode Adopted! Huh!  should have known better.

Guess what happened… no, I’ll tell yers. Hehe!

7Sun06cWDPBL Well, blow me down! I managed, with ease and no bother or effort whatsoever, to cut myself down the fingernail on the corner of the cupboard door edging.

I finished cleaning that little corner and then tackled getting back up again. Not easy!

Back to the computer and finished off the 17th TFZer graphic I’d done. At the time I decided to save them to file and pack-up.

WDPBL Did the Health Checks. Sys 188, Dia 79 and the Pulse 101, so things have not got back to being in range yet. If things stay like this tomorrow, I’ll go early for the blood test on Wednesday, and ask if there is any chance of me seeing the Doctor.

7Sun07WDPBL Again! I decided to get the nosh sorted out, and realised the potato cake would not be ready, the instant I noticed I had not turned on the oven! Klutz!

So, I turned it on, far too late, but there you go; Proof of my going senile without a doubt!

I cleaned up the mess I’d made during my accident. Which took longer than I anticipated.

This was due to the length of time it took me to get down and back up again.

WDPBL Pleased with myself and feeling a little chuffed, I went to put the potato cakes in the oven. I opened to stove door and found the kiln dead cold. How can this be, I turned on the oven and heat setting on the switches, I know I did? Humph, what a foolish Nebekh grade one, Class A! So I then turned on power at the electricity plug! Oh, is there any hope left for me? Very little I believe.

WDPBL So now,7Sun07a I have the balsamic cooked potatoes so overcooked they have tuned yellowy-orange. And potato cakes not even out in the oven yet.

Still, these little Whoopsiedangleplops and signs of mental instability give me something to think about. Shlemiel!

I went back to the computer to post off the graphics I’d just finished for the TFZer site.

Graphics made a mess and got confused – so happy to get some done as well.

Noisy Herbert was donating the odd, tap-tap, bang and Thud occasionally, bless him.

7Sun38At long last, and four hours later than I usually would have done, I got the meal sorted.

Staying awake to eat it was a bit of a challenge, mind you. Haha!

I couldn’t eat much of it, despite it being a rather tasty dollop of food on my plate. I felt a bit disgusted with myself when I found I had to bin about a half of it.

Did the Health Checks and took the night medications.

7Sun39As I did the washing up, I noticed there was only one gap in the clouds, and took this zoomed-in photograph of the sky. Which reminded me not to forget to take the kaputt new Lumix camera back to the shop on Tuesday.

It was very late, by the time I got settled into the £300 second-hand recliner to try and get some sleep.

After the mistakes I’d made with the TFZers names, I got them mixed up with the graphics I did, I felt pretty low again.

Here are a few of them:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Cheers, all, thanks for reading this claptrap and making feel betterer.

Your, defeatedly; Inchcock.