Inchcock Today – Sunday 29th April 2018


Sunday 29th April 2018

Maynar (Burmese) တနင်္ဂနွေ 29 ဧပြီ 2018

0325hrs: Stirred in a confused over the dreams I’d been having. Not the faintest idea what they were about, and no sense of if they were good, sad, scary, worrying or whatever. No scribble on the pad – the nocturnal nibbling crumb-covered pad!

Whoosie3W01 The dirty plate and cutlery lay on the side chair, amidst further indications of nocturnal nibbling! I had no recollections of eating anything? But, the cheese curl crumbs told me I must have. Tsk!

Whoosie3W01 Dismounting the £300 second-hand recliner, Harry Hernia reminded me of his presence. The spectacles lay on the carpet near the Ottoman, and Dizzy Dennis visited as I rose up and hobbled to the kitchen.

Whoosie3W01 Dangnations and Botherations! I’d left the flaming hot water tap running again! I was so lucky that I had not left the plug in the sink.

7Sun03No hot water, of course.

I got the best camera and took several pictures of the moon, as it kept disappearing and reappearing so quickly. This shot is the one that came out best; the other four, Shaking Shaun had ruined.

Although the brain was not running off of its own accord this morning, many blanks remained. The most puzzling was I could not recall what I had for nosh last night. I’d used the bowl/dish, but everything had been eaten. I looked at the camera, I was confident that as usual, I’d taken a photo of the meal, but it was not to be found anywhere?

I questioned my logicality and sanity, I seem to be turning into an enigmatographist?

Got the Health Check equipment ready, made a small mug of tea and the sphygmomanometer operated first-time.


7Sun01The Sys, Dia and pulse were all up a bit at last. Maybe this is due to my getting into a lather about the tap farce and the disappearing into the ether photo of the nosh, before doing these checks?

Whoosie3W01 I had to nip off for a wee-wee, and what a time this took! Like I’d fully turning on a hosepipe, seconds later, it was a painful dribble, that went on for an aeon. The flow, well, trickle stopped as suddenly as it arrived, a long time later? And, the fungal lesion had been bleeding again. Humph!
Cleaned things up and back to collect the small mug of tea, but it had gone well-cold by then. I decided it might be an idea not to have a drink after all.

7Sun05Back to the computer and had a search around on all the SD cards for the food photo from yesterday. I couldn’t find it but did discover this photo of when I used the lid-opener successfully last night to open the gherkin jar. Then I recalled what I had for the nosh. The label said it was Krakus Pickled Dill Cucumber, but to me they were gherkins. I’d made two sourdough bread sandwiches of Pork Knuckle, and had tomatoes, the gherkin, and seasoned sliced potatoes as well. Memory man, I’m not!

7Sun4bOff for another trickle-with-pain wee-wee. Tsk!

Washed-up, wiped the surfaces and door handles with the antiseptic spray, and then I decided to risk a small mug of Breakfast tea.

The was a lovely 0530hr blue-hue outside. I got the big camera and took a shot of it, upwards to my left, trying to show the old balcony supports.

Whoosie3W01 I’d left the SD card in the computer! So I retrieved it and tried again. I got a  vision of Norway when I first viewed the picture on the camera screen. Why? No idea, I’ve never been very far in my life, and never to Norway?

0600hrs: I’d got this diary started as far as here, then realised I had not finished yesterdays yet. So I got on with doing that. It took me a long time, with many uncomfortable trickling wee-wees in between. I’m running out of antiseptic disinfectant now. Hehe!

Pottered about getting the Woodthorpe photographs off of the computer files and SD cards. Took me ages to get it done, until 0800hrs. But, Cathy wanted have some to use. They are all now on the 16mb SD, on a folder I’ve named Woodthorpe. 280 photos. I must remember to tell her. I could let her have the disc-card so she can choose what she wants to utilise. If you read this Cathy, remind me when you see me next please, petal.

Started to update yesterdays post. Didn’t get this done until 1000hrs. Many wee-wees, short and painful ones in between. Tsk!

Then made a small mug of tea and did the midday medications and Health Checks.

Whoosie3W01 Struggleblunderthunder!


7Sun06cI’ve never had the Sys so low, or the Dia so high! And the pulse has gone down a fair bit too?

I meant to ask the nurse Last Wednesday what the optimum readings would be for me, but I forgot all about doing it. What a Schlemiel!

Around 1030hrs, I got up to here on this dairy.

7Sun07The shakes returned, so I was not going to medicate the lower regions yet, too risky!

Back to the other room, and took this picture through the balcony window and bird crap. Which reminded me, Cath said they were going to try and get it cleaned off for me. Nowt happened yet.

Sounds like Herbert is bashing away at his steam modelling. But there is nothing more I can about it, other than move. I don’t want to go through all that hassle again. Made myself poorly last time. And it wasn’t too bad, didn’t last long. No complaints from me about this.

I know my place and sway with the management – nilch, zero, none! Bit of a nuisance. So. I’ll say nowt, or they might throw me out. Hehe!

Around 1100hrs, I managed to get on the WordPress Reader for a perusal. Then did the comments.

1210hrs: Got the oven warming up for the shepherd’s pie later.

7Sun33bHad a go on Facebooking. But could not stick at it too long, it was holding and freezing a bit. Drove me mad.

Did the last Health Checks early, to see what the reading was. Sys down, Dia up, pulse still low on 75. It’s just one of those days. I’ve had them before with the readings up and down. I bt tomorrow things will settle back again.

I went onto CorelDraw, to get some TFZer fun graphics done, next. Got some ideas together, and realised I had had a wee-wee call for a while.

7Sun33cSo I risked making another small mug of tea.

Waiting for the kettle to boil, I had a look out of the window and saw that someone else was interested in the Nottingham Street Art that was still there down in the car park. I grabbed the new camera and threaded it out of the window, and took this somewhat decent, although I say it myself, photographicalisation.

Made the brew and added the picture to this blog.

Back to CorelDrawing. I managed to get two done and posted on Facebook.



Then I added these to the Facebook albums for each TFZer.

Got the fodder on the cook in the oven.

Made on starting the next TFZer graphics while I waited for the Shepherds pie to cook.

7Sun34aI  took a photo out and upwards through the kitchen window, took it blind, and it wasn’t too bad. I caught the reflection of the clouds in the glass and the actual nebulousness in the background. Good job I do not have Illyngophobia!

Apart from just knowing I was going to have trouble sleeping, I felt so tired.

7Sun34Nosh ready, got it laid out on the metal blue tin plate. The chips were terrible, good colour but savourless. The  Shepherds pie even blander. Tomatoes were okay. Sliced apple okay. As for the lemon mousse, I woke up later with it in my dressing gown pocket unopened?

Ate the meal and began the routine of dozing off for a few minutes and waking for ten minutes repeatedly.

On one awakening, I had to detach myself from the £300 second-hand recliner and go for a wee-wee. This evacuation turned out to be a most interesting little event! The fungal lesion had been bleeding a bit. Lasted a few seconds and tingled somewhat. I got there and back without stubbing any toes. Here’s a thought. How come, it’s only when I have no shoes on that these stubbings take place? Hehe!

Whoosie3W01 And then, I found the sealed pot of lemon meringue and the spoon in my dressing gown pocket! I removed them to throw away, and the container burst open. Took me a while to find all of the scattered splashes, they were in the bowl, in the WC, on my legs, on the floor and some had even managed to get onto the heater on the wall? Hehe!

Back to the recliner and the same pattern of dropping-off and waking started again.

Whoosie3W01 I then found some of the lemon desserts on my bald head. I thought at first when I felt it, that I was bleeding. So, I had to get up again and check things out once more. Hehe!


Inchcock Today – Saturday 28th April 2018: Got out and about at last!

Saturday 28th April 2018

Korean: 2018 년 4 월 28 일 토요일

0110hrs: Woke in desperate need of a wee-wee, painfully fumbled my way out of the £300 second-hand recliner and to the wet room, stubbing my toe on the Ottoman en route. To the kitchen to get a mug of orange juice and back to the recliner – found the tray from the meal on the comfortable chair, back to the kitchen to leave the bowl and cutlery soaking in the washing-up bowl. Head down again, without any hassle.

0245hrs: Woke in desperate need of another wee-wee. To the kitchen to do the Health Checks. The pulse still seemed lowish to me.


Not until after I’d been in the kitchen and done all the checks and took the medications, did I notice that…

WDP03a I’d left the hot water tap running in the sink when I put the pots in to soak! What a Shlemiel!

WDP03a Abruptly, Duodenal Donald and Anne Gyna both started to give me some bother. This has never happened before, the both together I mean. I took an extra guzzle from the inefficacious antacid medicine. Swallowed an additional Omeprazole and Ramipril.  The chest area felt like it was concocting preparations for an explosion mode! Hehe! Then, this amalgamation of hindrances was joined by the innards bubbling, churning away. This is not going to be one of my best Saturdays methinks!

WDP03a It got worse when I went for another wee-wee. Little Inchies fungal lesion had been pouring out the blood. Took me ages to stem it, and the medicating was painful in the extreme, even for me. I just hope that Herbert BBJ above does not start with his banging and clattering. Along with all these ailments at the same time, that would be too much to cope with. Fingers crossed!

I got the little camera and took a photo through the kitchen window, I could see on the screen display that it would come out terribly shaky and blurred. So, I got the new Nikon and took another shot. The quality between the two is apparent. Tsk!


6Sat05I then tried for the first time, to get the big camera out through the limited space in the window opening, to get a view towards the City Centre and include the flats and car park.

It came out well, but I shall not try to do this again.

Getting the large camera outside safely. It was a bit dodgy with the tight squeeze and narrow gap.

I was going to take a picture of the scrapped knuckle bruising. But I am sure that by now, the last thing you need is more ailment results and injuries from me. Hehehe!

I set about doing this diary, got as far as here, and then went to update yesterdays blog.

0700hrs: Got the Friday post finished and sent off to WordPress.

6Sat08I noticed when I opened the curtains, that the base of the balcony bottom had many lumps missing from it.

It’s not that I’m complaining or moaning. I’m just amazed at how all these things fall into place in the end. This obviously from my lack of knowledge about anything in the building trade. Hehe!

5Fri007Which reminded me of the letter received with the DVT result and monitoring record. It explained how they are starting to install the render to my beloved Woodthorpe Court block. The process involves fixing the insulation to the walls. (Whatever that means) The duration of the work will be short, but they are aware of the drilling noises will sound be ‘quite loud’. I wonder what quite loud will be? And how long is the ‘short period’ going to last? Humph! But, the Community Centre (Obergruppenfurheress Wardens HQ) will be open during working on this task. This can’t be helped, but I bet the poor sods get some moans thrown in their direction. Haha!

6Sat07Off for another (but shorter this time) wee-wee. (Fancy that, Hehe!)

Went to make a small mug of tea. I spotted outside in the car park, and oddly shaped whatever it is at the back of one of the parked vehicles.

To enable me to see what it was I got the Nikon B700 camera to view it closer. I decided to take a shot of it with the Nikon and was well-pleased with how it came out. Still not sure what it is, perhaps a carrier bag of some sort?

Then I got on the WordPress Reader. Then answered both WP comments.

On to Facebook to catch up. Time to get the ablutions done now. Then hopefully out on a hobble to the shops to get just a TV paper and some cooked meat, perhaps, maybe… Hehe!

Back soon, TTFN.

Good shower and shave – medicationalising the lesion was uncomfortable and dodgy. Felt better after the shave and shower.

6Sat10Took the black bags to the waste chute, and set off.

Out through the foyer doors, to be greeted with slight drizzling rain, and a wind that was a little strong.

I weaved my way through the myriad of fencing and scaffolding to the glass recycling bin and deposited my empty washed sauce jars there.

6Sat12aAs I poddled limpingly (Hernia Harry was giving me some hassle at this stage) along the road, I espied the odd-looking item near the car in that I spotted earlier and photographed from the kitchen window. It was clingfilm, from the industrial rolls. I used this when I worked at Carters in Kegworth, many years ago.

This got me thinking deeply about my experiences at the pop factory, starting as a cleaner, then machine operator, then Zone controller, then in the Engineering stores as a goffer, then I was made redundant!

WDP03a I was not happy as these memories stewed-up all the nasty times I’d gone through there. I actually walked into the seating bench at the bus stop! I felt a right fool. Setting Hernia Harry off again! What a palooka!

6Sat11 (2)Up along Chestnut Walk to the end.

Not many folks about, a postman and dog walker, that was all. The postman gave me a ‘Good Morning’ as he stood on the corner, not doing anything, he had no badge on, just a reflective Post Office jacket, no postal trolley, no vehicle?

I assumed he was waiting for a lift to work? My Sherlock Holmes Mode activated again? Hahaha!

6Sat15 Got to the end and turned onto Winchester Street as the rain stopped. These bushes near the allotments were coming on a treat. There colouring changing and the petrichor was wonderfully refreshing to smell.

Suddenly, I was feeling a lot cheerier, and my stupidly walking into the bench faded from memory.

6Sat16I pressed on down the Winchester hill, as the rain, well, showering started again.

I got the brolly up, after grubbling about in the bag to find it at the bottom and letting rain into it. Huh!

This photo is where the Winchester Street goes left up to Chestnut Walk, and the main road then becomes Mapperley Rise.

6Sat17I limped down onto Mansfield Road. Looked in the fruit shop, but everything looked tired, and withern (A bit like me? Hehe!), so I did not bother going inside.

Went into the Co-op and had a potter around. I got a TV magazine, A half a loaf of Sourdough Bread, Potatoe slices and three lemon yogourts. Got a voucher for £1 off my next £5 shop, valid up to 4th May 2018. The minuscule writing at 6Sat23the bottom of the receipt barred the following from this Voucher Offer: Fuel, postage stamps, baby milk, lottery purchases, gift cards, vouchers, first-stage baby milk, phone cards, in-store concessions, cigarettes, tobacco, PayPoint, mobile phone top-ups, saving stamps, medicines, prescriptions, and carrier bags. No change given!

I glanced at the receipt and noticed they had charged me £1.50 for the seasoned sliced potatoes, I was sure I saw a sign that said they were £1.

WDP03a Not wishing to make myself look a plonker by going back to the till to ask, it was busy anyway; I went back to take a look on the sign on the fridge where I got them from. Seems the spuds are 50p less, only when you buy a Meal-Deal, which is getting a ready cooked meal with them. Hey-ho!

6Sat18Up over the hill and down to park entrance.

As I hobbled up the gradual hill, with Hernia Harry still giving me gip, a man and woman were stood talking to each other while their dogs tore lumps out of each other?

Dogs fighting? A rare sight here!

Watched the animals for a while, and deemed that they were playing, because neither dog was growling or barking?

6Sat20Pressed on up to the footpath on the right that leads down to the flats, passing the tree copse.

Although the shower had stopped, when I approached the Copse to walk down through it, the ground was too wet for me to risk it. Especially with Hernia Harry in the mood he is.

It was not yet thick enough, too filled-put to enjoy anyway. I love wandering through there after is blooms and fills with animals who can hide in there.

6Sat22By the time I’d got down to opposite the work decorated hoists and scaffolded Woodthorpe Court foyer, the rain had returned.

In flat, very tired now, no concentration to do any computer work.

Got the meal prepared. Easy today, two buttered sourdough bread sandwiches of Pork Knuckle, tomatoes and sliced seasoned potatoes.

I took a photo of it when it was all prepared. But, unfortunately, in the morning it seems that this shot had mysteriously disappeared into the ether. I searched all the SD cards, looked in the Recycle Bin, all without any success. Grumph!

WDP03a The meal was a disaster! The sourdough bread was the consistency of cardboard and tasted so insipid! The tomatoes were mind-numbingly flavourless (Thank you Lidl!). The seasoned potatoes were very nice, though. Tsk!

6Sat24I got sorted and settled, down in the £300 second-hand recliner and noticed the food tray had been left on the other chair – thought soddit, and got my head down.

WDP03a For the next five hours or so, the famously stubborn uneducated independent Inchcock brain rattled away presenting me with concern, the futility of life, overjoyous memories, fretting, fears, desperation at the future of mankind, my past failures, do you put vinegar wine on chips?, why is Hippy Hilda being so kind to me… anything to stop me getting to sleep! Humph!

Inchcock Today – Friday 27th April 2018: Sorry about the rambling thoughts

Friday 27th April 2018

Hmong: Friday 27th Plaub Hlis Ntuj 2018

WDP 0325hrs: I woke up with, action stations, panic mode and fear-of-embarrassment modes all operational! I had to release my bladder contents with urgency. Detaching my bulbous frame from the £300 second-hand recliner proved to be a painful effort, with my doing it so quickly. Off to the wet room for my wee-wee. This proved to be an inconcinnity ridden activity, that took a never-ending period of significant duration in getting it to stop. Huh! A tinge of red to the evacuated liquid. I must remember to mention this to the nurse.
Washed and changed the PPs. Much leaking from the fungal lesion, the only thing that bothered me at all today. I’ll have a good go at medicating things when I do the ablutions.

Reflux Roger and Duodenal Duncan were the only real hindrances this morning.

Into the kitchen and got the Health Checks done. The pulse was down again and the temperature back to normal methinks.



I went to fetch some more PPs out of the spare room and took this photo with the small camera.

Made a mug of tea and set about updating the Thursday diary.

Again, it took me a long while, because of the many photographicalisations I took in Nottingham City Centre and on the bus needed sorting out.

5Fri002During which, I got an email from the doctors. It read as in the snipped picture.

No mention of what the Warfarin level was. But the important stuff was there. I took an extra half of a Warfarin. I replied thanking them and confirmed the appointment. Spelling mistakes virtue of the receptionist, not me. Haha!

After much and many amendments and corrections, I finally got the updating session completed and got it posted off to WordPress.

5Fri003WDP Off for another wee-wee. The lesion had been bleeding again. Tsk! Cleaned up and to the kitchen to make another small mug of tea.

WDP I liked this photo I took. But it seemed to get me into a caliginous thinking frenzy for some reason.

The already chipped and dirty window ledges that stop me taking decent photographs directly-downwards. The Foam or Silicone filler sticking out from the frame. The cars parked below made me jealous of the more affluent tenants who could still afford to run a vehicle and were fit enough to keep their licences. The houses out there, with families in them. Oh yes; the pathetic lugubriosity, the self-loathing and the abjections, unwantedly poured into my being again! What a schlepper!

But not for long. For natures, new growths in this shot, my nemophilistic admiration of woodlands, and my appreciation of those who try to help others soon turned off the tormenting superincumbent manic thoughts that had been flowing into the grey cell’s bone container moments earlier. I was me again! The momentary angst-riddeness now defeated! Phew!

I also received a very heartwarming lovely supportive email from Jenny, that further boosted my confidence and was much welcomed.

5Fri004Time shot-by. I made a quick start on this blog as far as here. Then got the midday Health Checks done. The nervous-making drop in the pulse continued! Down to 76, now!

I’ll now take a look at what it should be, it might be right, I don’t know. Back in a while.

WDP Had a look. I was a bit confused though. Google told me: “For a 70-year-old man, your MHR is around 150. The American Council on Exercise advises exercising at between 50 and 80 percent of your MHR, which is 75 to 120 beats per minute. Never exceed 85 percent, as this could cause cardiovascular problems. An average resting pace for adults is between 60 and 100 beats per minute. Too much to absorb, so I searched further.

Target HR Zone 50-85% – Average Maximum Heart Rate 75 > 100 beats per minute.

I further delved into trying to find the rate for someone with an Aorta Valve replacement. Not helpful for me this one either. It’s a good job I didn’t want to train as a heart-surgeon because all this is stultiloquence to my uneducated brain! Hahaha!


I tried again. Health Central the page greeted me with: “Hi, and thank you for your question. First off, I would recommend speaking with your doctor about what your heart rate should be with your specific condition, but please find below general information on heart rate that might be helpful to you.

There are different formulae to estimate the expected peak heart rate for your age. As a general guideline, some people use a heart rate of 220 minus your age (assuming that you are not on drugs which limit your heart rate response such as beta-blocking drugs, if you are, ask your physician to give you a more appropriate target rate). When starting an exercise program, aim for a target of 50%. Your goal is to be able to stay in the 65 to 75% of maximum heart rate range for 30 minutes per day, 4 or 5 days per week. The following chart may be helpful. On which it revealed: 155 beats per minute 70 years”  Erm…?

Is this the pulse then? If it is, I could be in the boat without a paddle as mine is 76?

At this, I gave up. I’ll ask the nurse on the next blood-test to confirm the range it should be in. I reckon I’ve got myself confused, somewhere along the line? Hehehe!

I looked at the comments on WordPress, and replied, only three to answer.

Popped into the WordPress Reader section. Some good stuff on there today.

Went on Facebook. Amazingly it did not go slowly or freeze on me once. However, comments kept disappearing, and occasionally it changed the page I was on, to another?

I’d spent many hours that flew-by on this Facebook.

Did the Health Checks and the medicines were taken.

Then got the meal earlier than normal for me. Gammon rashers cooked in the oven, a can of tomatoes and tomato and basil sauce. The two slices of Scottish bread seen here on the tray, turned into five slices as I added another three later. But there were no chips or potatoes? Guilty then! Lemon Bliss desert and Clementine Juice for afters.


I put the tray on the armchair next to the recliner; promptly fell asleep.

5Fri008Woke up two and a half hours later and got the last Health Checks done.

No Enoxaparin injections for a while now, with the INR Warfarin level has gone up a tad..

 WDP Realised I’d made a mess with some of the dosage pots again. So I got them resorted. Got a mug of Clementine juice and to the recliner.


WDP Just about to doze off, and the fluctuant vacillatory fears arose; Did I turn the tap off? I had no choice but to exit the £300 second-hand recliner and check every room for anything I may have forgotten to do. Huh!

Once more, I got settled in the recliner, turned on the TV, and damnations, I could not get to sleep again!

Well, I did eventually, but it was very late on by then.


Inchcock Today – Thursday 26th April 2018: A long one folks; Incorporating photos of Nottingham Street Art, City Centre and Graphicsalisationings

Thursday 26th April 2018

Welsh: Dydd Iau 26 Ebrill 2018

4Thu010445hrs: Woke in the now usual state of mind-confusion of self-questions. Why have I woken up so late? What day is it? Naughty Duodenal Donald Ulcer was giving me a lot of bother again. Morrisons, Social Hour…

I eventually extracted my wobbly body-mass from the £300 second-hand recliner, without much hassle, too! Only Duodenal Donald was bothering me this morning.

Health Checks were done, and medications are taken.


4Thu001Sys and pulsation up a bit, at last.

The computer on and got the Wednesday post completed.

The Morrison delivery is due soon, so I got the ablutions sorted.

A stand-up wash of course, far to early to bother the neighbours with the noise of the shower.

All refreshed, I got the medicationalisationing tended to. I was pleased with the lack of bleeding from Harold’s Haemorrhoids. Little Inchies fungal lesion had been leaking, though, painful now, I’ve applied the Daktacort cream.

Got the nibble box, raffle prizes and pressies in the bag ready for the Social Hour.

Then made a brew and back on the computer. Posted the Wednesday’s blog on WordPress. Made a start on this one, up to here.

Went to the WordPress Reader.

4Thu06Did some comments and the Morrison delivery arrived.

There seems a lot of bags again, but the cost was £8 less than the week before. Had I forgotten to order something?

Well, the bleach and spring water came to mind. Tsk!

4Thu05Also, some of the things did not have much shelf-life left on them! Grumph! The chestnut mushrooms only had until tomorrow. The Scottish Bread just two days, and Polish Sourdough bread the same.

I got the mushrooms in the crock-pot with some water and Balsamic Vinegar in them for seasoning. Now, I must remember to turn it on later, when I leave. What odds offered? Hehe!

Went on Facebook, but it was a little slow. On CorelDraw and did two graphics for the TFZer. Joyce and Lyzzi with pets in the rain. Hope they like em.


Ran out of time. Couldn’t get to do messages or comments, had to close down and get the things ready for the social hour and shopping for the bits I forgot to order from Morrisons. What a Shnook!

With a fully loaded bag, I set off to the Obergruppenfurheress Wardens Temporary shack for the Social Hour. I left early because I wanted to go to town on the 1030hrs bus. So needed time to get the chinwagging and nibbles all done.

Greeted on my arrival by Jenny. BJ was there, but had to leave early, illness in the family, got a few words with him though. I’m terrible with names, so forgive me if I get any wrong. Also in attendance were Oberleutnantess Housing Patch Manager/Catwalk Model Angela Gould, Resident Helper/Gymnast Sue, Jenny Precious, Cyndy, Margaret, Bill (William on Sundays), Frank, John, Doris, May and many others arrived.

I handed the nibbles out, I love doing this, and the natters between other tenants. Cyndy’s and Margaret’s table gave forth with a few old songs out of the blue. I think its great when they do this.

I got bought my raffle tickets and handed them to two gals. Had a good time today. Jenny took the nibble box for me to keep in there for me to collect on the way home, bless her.

The bus was due, I had to reluctantly leave and went to the bus stop. A gang of residents mingled outside, and I had a couple of natters. Then caught the City bound bus.

As we passed the old flats near Carlton Road, I took a photograph of them, and then further on, another of the Bentinck Court modernised ones on Sneinton Dale from the bus windows.


4Thu08I got off on Upper Parliament Street as yet another Nottingham Pavement Cyclist used the pedestrian crossing.

I went into the Wilko store and got carried away spending again. I bought some nuts, body spray deodorant, a bottle brush, liquid soap, toothpaste, BIC razors some batteries to keep in the bag so I can use them if needed in the little Nikon camera, and bleach. Saving on the toothpaste and batteries on offer price. I could only just about lift the bag as I left the shop. Tsk! The back twinged, but Hippy Hilda was no bother.

4Thu09I had an unpremeditated hobble around the City Centre, ambling down the surprisingly unpopulated Clumber Street, as the shower started to come down. These short, sharp showers came on and off for hours, some of them only lasted for a minute or less.

I called in the Primark Store to have a nosey around in the gents clothing section. Waste of time, nothing in there for us older folks. Hehe!

4Thu10I did notice they were selling ready-slashed jeans? This confused me.

Surely the kids would be capable of slashing their own regular jeans, that cost less to buy? And they would be able to practice with their Stanley knives to their heart’s content, thus producing a more unique design, and be less tempted or feel the need to slash bus seats etc.?

4Thu11I left the shop and hobbled across the Slab Square and down Exchange Walk, calling in the stationery retailer to purchase some ringed notepads to replace the ones I spilt my tea over the other day. Tsk!

After an unsuccessful search, I asked a lady assistant where they were. She was apparently an old hand at dealing with old farts like me. A backwards nod-of-the-head, followed with the sideways thrust that indicated I was to go with her, and she pointed at the shelves where the pads resided, then she wandered off, throwing, what I have to admit, was a Lidl-Class 4Thu12semi-sneer and grunt at me. I paid up and made my way back to the Slab Square.

Where I espied three imitation police officers huddled together at the bottom of King Street.

How I wish I had taken this photograph a few seconds earlier!

Seconds after taking it, the Nottingham Pedestrian using his mobile phone, walked into another Nottingham Pedestrian using His mobile phone coming from the other direction. I thought it was hilarious! Perked me up no-end, this did! Hehehe!

4Thu13As I got to King Street, to go up to Queen Street and the priceless-to-me L9 bus stop, it became apparent why the three imitation police officers were there. In case whatever emergency the two fire tenders in this picture were attending needed people moving out of the way?

Within a minute of my starting to move up the hill, the fire-tenders withdrew. I wondered if a fire had taken place in one of the many food eateries and takeaways nearby. Of which are no shortages, and plenty to choose from.


4Thu14Up to the top of Queen Street and to the bus shelter.

No other residents there and none got on the bus en route.

I hope TFZer Sandie gets to see this particular photograph. I know she is interested in English buses. This has the added bonus of a decent shot of Little John’s dome.

4Thu15Again I missed getting wet in the heavy precipitation.

It came down in torrents on the way home on the bus, but only lasted about 30-seconds?

No residents of Woodthorpe Court got on the bus en route.

4Thu16Apart from Duodenal Donald, it seemed that all the ailments were giving me a holiday now.

A little further on, the showers came and went twice more.

We arrived back on Chestnut Walk, I was the only passenger to alight. There were three or four residents who got on the bus, but none that I knew to speak to other than giving them a ‘Good afternoon’.

I called in the Obergruppenfhureresses shed, to collect the nibble box. Picked it up and spoke with Warden Deana.

4Thu17Got in the foyer and to the flats at 12.44hrs, as indicated on the electronic information board.

Notice the ‘Going Down’ arrow on lift two? It came down to 3, back up to 14, down to 13, up to 14, down to 13, then made its way down to the ground floor. Lift one didn’t move from level 6. I think Cyndy told me a while ago of something similar happening to her. Hehe!

4Thu18I got up and in the flat and got the Health Checks done. Took the meds.

The shower stopped, and the skies turned blue, the distant layered cloud formations returned. I had to take a shot of this view, lovely.

Stored away the things bought.

Had a long drawn out ‘Will-it-ever-stop’ wee-wee.

4Thu21Got the nosh prepared, not that this one took much effort.

Sliced apple, pork pie, slice tomatoes, chestnut mushrooms in balsamic vinegar, red onion, seaweed sheets and a few chips. I didn’t have too many, cause I was having two slices of the Scottish bread with the meal. A lemon flavoured mousse and a small mug of Clementine juice rounded it off.

After consuming this feast, I placed the tray of eating accoutrements on the chair next to the recliner and put the TV on.

I wanted so much to get to sleep, but the ‘Do-what-you-want-I’m not stopping’ brain would not let me.

Not sure when I did nod-off, but it was very late. Humph!

Inchcock Today – Wednesday 25th April 2018

Inchcock Today – Wednesday 25th April 2018

Dutch: Woensdag 25 April 2018

0350hrs: I woke and immediately became a touch dispirited when I realised that the ailments were back! Duodenal Donald, Reflux Roger, Arthur Itis and Little Inchies Fungal lesion had been bleeding. However, thanks to the PPs, this did not ruin another pair of jammie-bottoms. Although the leaking must have been on and off, cause there was a good mixture of fresh and congealed ichor that needed softening to remove. Tsk-Tsk!

Out of the £300 second-hand recliner without too much hassle, and off to the wet room to sort things out. Not a pleasant job, but it had to be done.

A degree of disconcertment, fretfulness, self-criticism and unwarranted (as far as I could see, anyway) nervousness lingered.

I confirmed the time of the blood-test, 1145hrs. Shame that cause afterwards it being so late for me, I won’t have time or energy to get owt else done.

3Wed03To the kitchen to get the Health Checks done.

This reminded me of the plates on the tray in the front room. So I collected them and got the washing up done first.

I turned the light off and took this picture; I have no idea why I did this… ah, I might have been trying to get a ‘Moody Photo’ using the light from the chaps above front room light.

Reflux Roger joined with Duodenal Donald in giving me a fair bit of hassle. My having been almost free of anguish from these two ailments for a few days now, seemed to make their return worse than they may have been.

Made a brew and got the HC’s done. Sys and pulse seem to be reluctant to stop falling?


Got the nibbles sorted and into the bag for the nurses. Then remembered to put the Haematology DVT Record in the jacket pocket, to avoid those frightening blood-curdling stares of contempt I get from them when I forget to fill it in and take it with me to the surgery. Hehehe!

The computer started, Virgin Internet was working (No, no, honestly, it was! Haha!), and I began to finalise yesterday’s Inchcock Today. With a few interruptions for a wee-wee.

3Wed05Started on creating this blog up to here, and went to have a wee-wee, then made a brew of tea and back to the computer:


I was placing the mug of tea on the pad next to the computer when I had a visit from Shaking Shaun! Just at the wrong moment.

What a mess I made.

3Wed04Panic Mode adopted. The telephone and keyboard had suffered most. The worst was the stains the tea made to the cabinet top wood.

The notepads got drenched, I’ll see if they can dry out any, and try to retrieve the passwords and reminder notes on it.

The time spent trying to sort it out, seemed to go by quickly?

I was now exasperated and irked by this happening. Selfish-thoughts ran through my mind; Why should it be me who gets these shakes? Why should I always get them at the most inappropriate times? etc…. Then, as if life was trying to mock me, I felt the blood flowing from the lesion! I assumed this was caused by my bending down to clean up the cabinet after the spillage, so, it should have been expected; and began feeling guilty about being momentarily sorry for myself. Even when Anne Gyna started to kick-off!

Off to the wet room and cleaned up and medicated things. Nebach!

Back to the computer again. Flipping heck, I’m sneezing away like a good un now. Humph!

I’m not feeling at all well now. Haha!

I went to the WordPress Reader page. Then the comments section.

Went to make another mug of tea. Then got the ablutions tended to. Black bags, I sorted and took to the waste chute.

3Wed06Off out on the hobble to Carrington and the blood test.

Blimey, it was windy when I reached the end of Chestnut Walk.

All the same, I noticed how lovely the sky looked and turned to take a shot of the complex with the Warden/Social shed showing on the left.

Walking down Winchester Road hill, the wind seemed to get worse.

3Wed07As I reached the bottom and moved onto Mansfield Road, the heavens opened up and down came the rain. With the wind, it nearly blew my umbrella inside out.

As sudden as the rain started, it then stopped about two minutes later?

I pressed on up the slow incline with Anne Gyna being troublesome for the first time in days, now.

3Wed08When I got over the crest of the hill, the sunshine came out, and the winds seemed to slacken off.

This little Nikon camera is not as good as the Lumix that has broken down on me, and it is too small to get a good grip on to take decent steady shots. Never mind!

I hobbled down to the Sherrington Surgery, got in and reported to the Obergruppenfurheress Receptionist, who mentioned that I was later than usual. I explained that this was the time given me in the email, and I was not 3Wed10too pleased with it either, the day for me will over and done in a couple of hours now. She seemed genuinely concerned and said she would leave a note for the others to remind them that I prefer an early-as-possible appointment. I thanked her and sat down to get the crossword book out. Had a bit of success with it this time, and actually got a couple of them finished. There are many crosswords part-finished in the book where I got stuck, and I give these another attempt regularly, it was two of these that needed only two more answers each that I did. (Smug-Mode adopted. Hehe!)

Nurse Nichole came out to collect me. My heart warmed when I realised it was she who was seeing to me. We had problems with stopping the bleeding afterwards, more than we have ever had. This indicated to me that the Warfarin level will be well-high when I get the results later in the morning.

We managed to have a laugh and tell a tale or two all the same. Nurse Nichole had to put on a lot of plaster on the arm afterwards. Gave her the nibbles, a sad farewell and I dropped the bites off for the receptionists on the way out.

I departed and walked down to the Lidl Concentration Camp to get some tomatoes. I spotted they had some ready meals, Sweet & Sour Pork in Sauce with egg fried rice, and bought one, thinking they will make a nice change. I flicked through the flavours on offer to get one with the most extended date on it. Along with a Melton Mowbray pork pie, I made my way to the self-serve tills. Where, instead of being ignored and sneered at as I usually am, a young assistant approached me and offered to put the things through for me! This action didn’t exactly make me frailech, but it shook me up a bit. Obviously, a new starter with Lidl. I imagine that in a week or so, he will have learnt and would be using the regular Lidl staffs, nose-in-the-air attitude, scowling, sneering and ignoring customers to his heart’s content. It can’t last. But a shrewd move, cause I just have to go back again soon, to see if he’ll offer customer service to me next time. For the regular staff at this shop: Customer service is the process of helping people find what they want during the entire transaction cycle. Making customers feel valued. Customer service is the degree to which a product fails to meet, meets or exceeds customer’s expectations. It defines the customer’s perception of the service and interaction within the company. It is evident that Lidl does not explain this, I wonder if they even mention it?

Out and caught a bus back to Sherwood. At the L9 bus stop, I met Margaret from Winchester Court. Her hubby was not so well today, a grand chap too. IF he can get to the Social Hour tomorrow, I’ll try to give him a bit of extra chatter and nibbles, which he gives to his grandkids. They have cancelled their holidays and struggling to get a fair refund. We nattered away en route to the flats.

3Wed113Wed00b1 I got in the apartment and did the Health Checks.

The rain cameth down again.

And I then realised that somehow or other, I had not taken the morning doses of the medications! (Possibly due to the return of the morning ailments?) Oy Vey! This cock-up, caused me some concern, as it forced me to make a decision. Haha! What medications are safe to take, what must not be considered? Luckily it did not involve any Warfarin, the yare only taken with the (third) evenings dosages.

The  Trental tablets are in all three, daily. And invaluable they are in helping the blood flow to the extremities. When they increased the dosages of this pink tablet, I seemed to get about on my walks with less bother. I looked up about these: Pentoxifylline can decrease the muscle aching/pains/cramps during exercise, including walking; They were spot on there, with me at least. I’m waffling again aren’t I, sorry. After thinking about it, I just took one of each of the following; naproxen, Bisoprolol Fumarate, Codeine 30g and an Omeprazole. No idea if I did right or wrong. Fingers crossed.

3Wed15I noticed on the record card log notes that the doctors considered a different beta-blocker for me some years ago. No name is given to it that I could find. Anyway, this prompted me to look up the side-effects of Bisoprolol Fumarate. Tiredness, drowsiness, slow heartbeat, lightheadedness, dizziness, spinning sensation, dry mouth, stomach pain, diarrhea, constipation, increased urination, runny or stuffy nose, ringing in your ears, weakness, sleep problems (insomnia), depression, anxiety, restless feeling, joint or muscle pain, itching or skin rash, loss of interest in sex, nausea or vomiting.

The last two on the list, are the only side effects I know I have not got. Most likely I have all the others. Well, that could explain a few of my ailments and odd variable Health Check readings from the sphygmomanometer! Hahaha! Hello, I’m off prevaricating again! Tsk! 

3Wed143Wed00b1 I then decided to have a can of the bean and pork stew with the sweet and sour meal. I got the meal in the oven and tipped the casserole into the saucepan… then! It dawned on this feeble-brained Schmo, the ready-meal I’d bought was not sweet and sour pork, but black beans sauce and beef! Had to dish the original meal.

Ended up making a pan of bean stew, added 3Wed12asome pork and did some chips to go with it. Sorry about this photo, but the shakes came on.

3Wed00b1 I took off the covering that the Nurse put on the arm. Not a pretty sight.

I thought I could hear gurgling noises coming from somewhere, but where they were emanating from beat me.

I took me a long while to discover the source of the odd sound.

3Wed00b1Eventually, I realised I’d left the power on to the shower, and it was trying to force down water that was not there. Humph! Turned it off.

3Wed16Got the nosh served up. After all the Whoopsies in the process of making this dinner, I ended up with Polish Pork Knuckle in a bean stew with s few chips.

Absolutely gorgeous sweet and sour sauce added!

Rated this one a 9.4/10.

Washed the pots and settled in the £300 second-hand recliner, feeling certain I would soon nod-off. But Morpheus did not come. So I put on the TV, and still no kip!

In fact, I watched the moronic TV programmes for about three hours before I drifted off into slumber. How I wish I could do this when I wanted to!

Evening all, please, have a great day.

Inchcock Today – Tuesday 24th April 2018: Profound philosophical, cogitative meanderings brooded on and agonised over on waking up? Tsk!


Tuesday 24th April 2018

Africaans: Dinsdag 24 April 2018

0325hrs: Woke up, after some gentle pandiculating, the brain caught up with the body and semi-activated into a weak mirroring of life mode. There followed a period of uhtceare, during which many things were fretted-over, reviewed, contemplated about, gauged, prioritised and then neglected.

Whoosie3W01 Why the brain bothers with these itinerant, migratory, peripatetic, confusing inner-ramblings, I don’t know. I wish it would pack in these on waking-up unproductive, mind-2Tue03meandering sessions. Nothing positive ever comes out of them anyway. They just leave me with more things I’d forgotten I was worrying over coming-back-to-me incidents into my mind, to join the new day’s enigmas and start fretting about them all over again! Old alter kockerI am!

I often think I don’t fit-in. Perhaps, I was an alien who committed awful crimes, and as a punishment, I was born again on earth?

2Tue02adOut of the £300 second-hand recliner, the body being so kind to me this morning. No trouble or hassle from Hippy Hilda, Harry Hernia, or Anne Gyna. Duodenal Donald was the ailment offering any bother, and that was not too bad, either.

Off into the kitchen to do the Health Checks and take the medications.


2Tue01The haematometer operated first try.

The Sys was down again, and the pulse dropped to its lowest-ever at 79 being recorded. Still, I feel alright in myself. (Obviously, I do not include my contorted mind in this assessment), Hehe!

Before I could take the medications, the need for the immediate and somewhat urgent 2Tue04utilisation of the Porcelain Throne arrived.

Another messy evacuation, however, so no complaints again.

The knock the kind lady on the bus gave me yesterday on my left shin with her lethal four-wheeled shopping trolley has turned a shade of purple/pink now. Hehe!

2Tue02fBack to the kitchen and took the medications with water, then made a mug of tea.

I took a photo out of the small gap in the kitchen window with the tiny old Nikon camera. It came out looking rather seraphic to me. I was pretty impressed with the resulting effort.

Then I took a photo of each camera with the other camera of course. To show the difference in there sizes initially.


I’m afraid it also showed up the difference in their finished photography. The old little Nikon camera is also so small in size compared to the other one, it is hard to hold steady to take a shot sometimes. However, 2Tue08aunless I invest in a new camera, I’ll have to use the old one when I am out and about for the time being. Why do you ask (Or probably you didn’t Hehehe!).

The new one is too large for me to feel comfortable with photographing in town. I remember the old Sony one, it was about the same size, and I had some youths try to steal it from me one morning on Lincoln Street of 1Mon10Clinton Street West in Nottingham City Centre.

This view of the front of the flats came out alrightish on the little camera.

0430hrs: I set about updating yesterday’s diary. This took me until gone 0800hrs. This being due to the extraordinary amount of photographs that needed sorting, and Brother-in-law Pete had emailed me those he’d taken at the St George’s Parade as well; they all had to resized converted before being made into a Carousel for displaying.

Then I emailed the shots I’d managed to take back to Pete. Next job, I got on with making this post up. I got sidetracked a while when I read the sad, disheartening news about the Canadian massacre.

Went to Facebooking. Put on some photos on to the galleries and made a few comments.

On CorelDraw to make up some draughts. Cost a few hours, but created a good few to go with the couple done the other day. Got them stored for later use.

2Tue08aBefore I uploaded them, I went to make another brew.

The weather had turned to rain. Not had any for three days, I’d missed this precipitation. Of course, it will most likely settle-in for tomorrow as well. Bound to really, I’ve got to walk into Carrington to get to the surgery for the blood test, haven’t I. Humph!

2Tue11A klog iz mir! Then the rain seemed to lighten up a little.

So I went into the spare room to see how it looked out there, but it wasn’t too encouraging, I must say.

Back on the computer with the brew and…Oh, Marvellous!


I Thought I was Doing Too Well Today!

It returned after a lot of abusive and insulting words were quietly-muttered underneath my breath.

Getting on now. I opened a tin of tomatoes.. what am I saying? I meant potatoes, seasoned them with vinegar and onion salt and put them on low in a saucepan. Heated the oven ready for the Kristadellens later.

2Tue14I got back to getting the draught graphics done up. Two hours late I got them completed. Phew!

The rain had started falling again, filling the cleaning out the holes in the balcony support ledges.

Got on with getting the meal sorted. Too tired for words now. (Poor Orehman and losing logic and sanity a bit quicker. Humph!)

2Tue15aThe meal was so enjoyable tonight (Well, late afternoon).

Did the health checks, got a mug of orange juice and settled into the £300 second-hand recliner and worried fretted and failed to make any decisions about anything, then nodded off.

Whoosie3W01 Woke up in a lather about something or other, and lay there trying to sort out what it was.

2Tue16Had a wee-wee, and looked out of the window at the lights.

Everyone betokening another tellurian life form, with their own problems. I thought, if these fears and worries were visible, they would cover the skies and most likely choke us all to death. Then I wondered why I thought this in the first place?

I tried putting the TV on in the hope that this would do its usual job and send me off to sleep. But, tonight it was not working, and I stayed awake with the headphones on for hours, half-watching some real rubbish on the box, without the will-power to press one little button on the remote to free myself from this banality.

Whoosie3W01 I eventually nodded off. Only to shoot awake later, headphones off of the head, signs of nocturnal nibbling (Crumbs) laying suspiciously and guiltily on my bulging flabby stomach and unreadable scribbling on the notepad.

Whoosie3W01 I got up for a wee-wee, went into the kitchen, moving in almost robot style, and went to wash the pots that I thought I’d left soaking in the bowl, but they were not there. Back to the front room, and the tray with the empty plate and cutlery was on the chair next to the recliner.


Inchcock Today – Monday 23rd April 2018: Whoopsiedangleplop Ridden Day. But, I still took some St George’s day Parade photographs for you.


Monday 23rd April 2018

Albanian: E hënë 23 prill 2018

0340hrs: No mental-brooding when I awoke, the urgency of needing a wee-wee overtook all the mind-tricks this morning.

1Mon01b In my haste to get free of the £300 second-hand recliner and to the wet room, once again I knocked over the stuff on the small Ottoman; the empty bottle of lemon and lime spring water, the camera, the pen, pad, pain-gel and empty tablet pot. There were no stubbing of any toes this Monday. (Just as well, cause the left foot big toe is still hurting from yesterdays butting! Hehe!)

1Mon01b Again, the wee-wee was of long duration. Going to wash the hands, and there was no hot water coming from the tap. Heck! Into the kitchen and immediately knew what the problem was; Muggins here had left the hot water tap running in the sink! So much for the idea of my having an early wash and shave. It may take a few hours for the water to heat up. Argh, fool!

Got the kettle on and went to sort out the front room and Ottoman. Retrieving the notepad with the other things from the carpet, I noticed I had done some scribbling on it, a page and a half, actually. Seems I’d had a dream and made some reminder-notes about it. The totally ineligible scrawl revealed very little about the nightmare. Canal, wooden boat, shame, soap suds and buxom girls were the only words I could decipher for 100%. Extreme uglyography.

Back to the kitchen, and got the Health Checks done for this morning. Then made up last weeks record. The sphygmomanometer operated first try.


Then I got the computer on and finalised the tedious and mundane Sunday post. Next, I started this one off up to here, then posted yesterday’s off.

0735hrs: Went to make another brew, and the hot water was coming through now. So I got the stand-up wash, teggies, shaving and medicationalisationing were done; during which the utilisation of the Porcelain Throne was tended to; Oh dearie me! Messy!

I got the bags sorted to the waste chute, and myself togged up and set off. With the hindrance of an odd EQ sensation, of problems to follow.

Called in the warden’s shack. Where I spoketh with the Nottingham City Home’s Oberleutnantess Housing Patch Manager (HPM), Angela Gould.

1Mon01b I cannot repeat on this blog anything I talk about or what is said between Nottingham Home representatives and myself. Fair enuf, I’ll keep schtum then.

Had a natter and a few laughs with some tenants. Mary, Cyndy, Penny, Welsh Bill and few others. Caught the bus into town to take some photographs of the St George’s Day celebrations in the Slab Square.

1Mon01b I tried to take a photograph of Clumber Street when I arrived in town. But the camera would not allow me to, it was now fully kaputt!

So, I called into the Jessops camera shop and perused those on offer. I found one, the exact same model Lumix as the one that had packed-up on me. I decided to buy this model, as I should be able to operate it without too much hassle, surely? By the time I’d just started growing hair on my head again, an assistant approached me. I could tell I’d disappointed him with my opting for one of the cheaper older cameras. His look of dejection almost made me feel guilty!

Then, 1Mon01b again. I could not find my card to pay him with. He said he’d keep the camera to one side, because it was the last of the older models in stock, for me to return to purchase from him later. Then, a smidge of panic set-in. Had I lost it? I felt sure I’d moved everything from the big coat to the sleeveless one?

Back to the bus stop to return home and search for the plastic. I caught a number 40 bus that I can drop off of on Winchester Street, and hopefully get to the flat and find the card, and still catch the next L9 back to town.

The bus was cram-packed and very busy en route.

1Mon01b I sat down on one of the side-saddle seats. Then a lady with a pram got on, and I moved to another place, to allow her in. She stood on my right foot, a big gal she was too. Tsk!

1Mon01b Then, a lady with one of those dangerous potentially deadly four-wheeled shopping trolleys got on at the next stop. She hit my chin a fair-wallop with the cart!

I alighted the vehicle, more limpingly than I got onto it. Hehe! Fretting on and off about the loss or mislaying of the card, I made my way as fast as I could manage, across the road and down back to the flats.

I got in, straight to the new heavy coat, and breathed a quick sigh of relief at finding the missing object and transferring it into the sleeveless jackets zip-pocket. Then out again sharpishly to get the next L9 bus, due out in ten minutes from Chestnut Walk.

I realised that I might now be too late and miss the Parade. Caught the bus with minutes to spare and help from it arriving a few minutes late.

In town, I was hobbling and hastening into the Slab Square when Sister Jane rang. Told me to meet her at Brian Clough’s statue on King-Queen street junction. So I did.

1Mon01b I met up with them, but we had missed the big parade. I fiddled with the camera and got it going, it kept sticking with the zoom thingy half open and having to be forcibly encouraged to complete the motions in and out. This spoilt the occasion and made for some pretty bad photos, some not worth printing. But, a few decent ones were produced, more from luck than any skills on my part. We had an excellent nattering and stroll around as the crowds were breaking up. We made the best of it.

Brother-in-law Pete was using a new fandangled tool on his new camera, that allowed him to take photographs of behind where he stood. Natty looking machine.

Here are the results of my efforts.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And, here is Pete’s from his latest fancy new Galaxy (I think?) camera and elegant extension.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We parted, farewells given, and I went off to the Jessops camera store to collect the new-old Lumix. There was only one person serving, lunchtime you see. I gave up waiting in the end.

Limped to the L9 bus stop on Queen Street and caught it back home to the flats.

Penny and a friend got on, and I listened to their chinwagging and laughter between them. This cheered me up a bit after all the Whoopsiedangleplops of the day so far.

The chin where the lady on the bus hit me with the trolley was stinging a bit. I took a look and found a decent bruise. Huh!

Exchanged farewells with Penny on the 11th floor and got in the flat, with mixed feelings. Annoyed and irritated by the Whoopsiedangleplops, cheered at seeing Sister Jane and frustrated that I’d lost so much of the day by losing the card. Oh, and I felt so tired and weary now.

1Mon10I dug out the old tiny Nikon Coolpix camera an put two-AA batteries in it, and it worked. I might not go back for the new Lumix camera I was looking at in the shop, but I might. Hehehe!

Then I got the Robirch oven sausages that had to be consumed by tomorrow and got them cooking. The label said on 240° for 35 minutes. Put a jar of the tomato & basil garlic flavoured sauce in the pan on low.

Then did the Health Checks and took the medications. Had a wee-wee that I thought may never end. Haha!

1Mon09Turned the sausages in the oven. I noticed there was no smell coming from them when I took them out and added them to the saucepan.

Got the nosh served up and ingested.

Well pleased with the flavour of the sausage.

Fell asleep and had a dream, in which I was being chased in underground tunnels for what seemed days… somehow escaping the clutches of the blood-covered almost zombie-like mob who were in pursuit. Getting fed-up with this, I bravely stopped, turned to face them and shouted something like; “Go on them, take yer blood, tear me into pieced and cook my head in garlic and seaweed – Do yer best you &*()%’s!” And they did. I seemed to be still alive while my head, boiling away in the saucepan, I asked them to add some onion-salt?

I woke with a start, off for a wee-wee. Washed and did the last Health Checks and back with my head down to watch some TV. I was off in the land of Nod in minutes.

Inchcock Today – Sunday 22nd April 2018


Sunday 22nd April 2018

Amharic: እሁድ, 22 ኤፕሪል 2018

0635hrs: Woke up, after around six hours sleep. Last night I could not get to kip for seven hours later than usual. The grey-cells had been doing their thing, off pondering, fretting, almost panicking about all and sundry. Thinking back to the things involved in my first meandering mind deviations, I reckoned bonkersness was looming.

When I did eventually nod-off, you would not believe the information, questions, anxieties and apprehensions I mused over. My having fallen asleep, there was no suspended consciousness; The almost instant dream, felt like things had continued from my earlier unsettling wanderlusting, into my subconscious nocturnal nightmare. Anything possible to worry over seemed to arrive and join the queue to be analysed, questioned and a new fear of failure developed. Talk about a lachrymose dream!

I felt all out-of-sorts, and for some reason terribly lonely, and lay there a while gathering together some form of willpower to tackle against the lingering worries. I got out of the £300 second-hand recliner with as much ease as I have ever done before?

Whoopsie O1 As I arrived in the kitchen and the mind began to concentrate on what I was doing after I stubbed my toe against the cabinet corner. I think I ought in a way, to be glad of the pain; for it helped take my mind off of the last bits of mental-brooding.

I got the kettle on the boil and did the Health Checks.


The sphygmomanometer was reluctant to work again, and it took me several attempts to get the readings. The Sys and Temp had dipped a bit, but still within range methinks. Made the tea and took the medications.

As I opened the spare room window as far as I could, they still have security cables attached to prevent them opening fully. As a precaution against any residents dropping anything out through the window, and hitting workers on the hoists. Fair enough, that!
7Sun4bThe space available allows just enough room for me to thread camera and one hand out far enough to take a blind-shot photo.

I think the forecasted thundery showers for last night, may have arrived. For the petrichor emanating from the grass, trees and bushes, smelt so beautiful.

The innards spontaneously rumbled, so, off I limped to the Porcelain Throne. Back to being a messy affair again this morning. Little Inchies fungal lesion had been bleeding too. Hence, much cleaning up, and a bit of 7Sun06cmedicationalisationing needed doing afterwards. I took a Dia-Limit capsule and an extra Codeine Phosphate 30g to ease the pain from the poor old stubbed-toe. Atsuv!

Whoopsie O1 I decided after looking down at the aforementioned wounded stubbed-toe, it had been bleeding. Tsk! So, off to the wetroom I went to get some antiseptic cream to put on it, and cleaned it up, the poor thing. Haha! I’d pulled the nail back a bit; this caused the loss of blood. Alright now, though, it’s stopped leaking.

7Sun07Back again to the kitchen to make another brew. Decided to sort out next weeks medication pots while in there.

Whoopsie O1 I dropped a Bisoprolol Fumarate (Beta-blocker) tablet while filling the pots. I reckon I spent at least ten-minutes searching around for it. I checked in between the cupboard and cooker, behind the door, in both waste bins (Recycle and Waste), in the pots and saucepans, counter tops, the whole floor without any success. Had the aliens or ghosts taken it? Hehehe! Tsk-tsk!

I went on to completing yesterday’s diary! This task took me over two-hours, but I got it finished by 1100hrs.

Then went onto updating this one. Sister Jane rang while I was editing it. We had a natter which I enjoyed.

The noise from BBJ up above was far less than last Saturday. This pleases me beyond appreciation.

I then went on WordPress reading, then did some commenting.

Went to make another mug of Assam tea, and: I found the missing Beta-blocker tablet I dropped hours ago. Guess where? It was in my dressing gown pocket! Beats me too, how it got in there! Hahaha!

Moved onto CorelDraw and did another diary page header graphic. Took me too long, now I’m tired and weary again. Poor old thing. Hehe!

7Sun33aGot the nosh started.

Started dozing off and waking every few minutes repeatedly, for hours. With more than is usual wee-wees here and there.

Uncomfortable few hours, until I eventually drifted off for around five hours unbroken sleep.

Inchcock Today – Saturday 21st April 2018: Nocturnal Nightmare

Saturday 21st April 2018

Catalan: Dissabte 21 d’abril de 2018

0435hrs: I woke and lay there in the £300 second-hand recliner for a while, awaiting the brain joining the body. When it did, it was as if I was enigmatographist, the world’s and local problems fleeted through my mind, with me attempting to find solutions and work out the reasons why these problems appeared in the first place. I soon gave up and returned to my usual state of, fears, jealousies, uncertainty and nervousness.

Slowly it dawned on me that it was 0450hrs! What a night of sleep I’d had. I reckon a good seven hours. Had to rise out of the recliner to go for a wee-wee, and a marathon session it was, too.

6Sat001I went into the spare room as I exited the wet room, and took this photo of the outside and the eerie surroundings.

I’m not sure, but I thought I might have seen some of the pipistrelle bats out there, three or four it seemed. Very small. If it was them, they could have been out on their chiropterophilous activities with the new growth of plants? But, whatever they were, they were too fast for me to get a good look at the little mites.

Off to the kitchen to do the Health Checks and gobble the medications.


6Sat02The readings looked a little more close to normal this morning.

Whoosie3W001 Putting the needle in the ‘Sharps-Bin’, I stabbed myself in the wrist with it. No problem methinks, though, after all, I’ve just shot 100mg into my humongous-wobbly stomach anyway. Familiarity can cause one to lose awareness. (That sounded clever, did I say that? Hehe!)

I made a start on finalising the Friday Diary. I got it finished around 0700hrs or so.

Posted it off and then made a start on today’s Inchcock.

Hours later got the Health Checks done.

I viewed and responded to some comments on WordPress, next. Then onto the WordPress Reader, tons of good stuff on it today from the WordPressOnians.

Went on Facebook, with fingers crossed.

6Sat06The blotches had lessened again as the day turned into evening.

I got the meal cooking.

Cumberland Pie with extra cheese and sliced tomatoes on top, potato cakes, beef, sliced apple, seaweed and a lemon yoghourt.

6Sat08Very tasty.

Had a wee-wee.

Tried to sleep, but the heat would not let me.

So I decided to get the laundry done.

Down and got the washer started. Back to the flat and sorted the black bags, took them to the rubbish chute.

Restarted the computer to update this blog.

Down to move the washing into the dryer. Nipped outside to take these photographs of Woodthorpe Court.


6Sat11 (2)Into the laundry room and got the washing moved. Some poor soul had left their quilt in the machine.

It could have been me. Tsk!

Getting older flashes on, as the memory flashes off out of your reach!

I had to clean the filter in the dryer before using it. Then cleaned the washer.

6Sat12a1927hrs: To the lift. I spotted the forecast on the electronic information sign, it informed me that thundery-showers were about.

Up to the apartment, set the timer-alarm for 40 minutes and continued updating this post.

Visited the WordPress Reader.

Time to go down and collect the washing.

6Sat16I nipped out again to take this photograph. There were no signs of any thundery-showers yet.

Whoosie3W001 When I tried to get back into the foyer, the new swipe-pad would not let me in! I spent about ten-minutes swiping away and beginning to panic a bit. I tried cleaning the fob, swiping from different angles. I thought, well that’s it then – I’ll have to ring the control centre. Tried just one more swipe, and it worked and let me in? I think this place is cursed, haunted or been taken over by aliens.

6Sat17Got the things out of the dryer and folded ready to go into the bag. No odd socks to report Hehe!

Cleaned out the filter and drum.

Whoosie3W001 Head inside to reach the back of the dryer to clean it, and banged the back of my bonce coming out! It’s late, and I’m so tired.

Up to the apartment, put the clobber away and updated this post to here.

Went on Facebook. Spent a pleasurable few hours on there, and did some page-top graphics. Only got three done, and they took me ages to get something like right. But, late as it was now, I enjoyed creating them.

6Sat08Suddenly the day had gone?

I got the fodder prepared. A Cumberland pie with extra cheese on it, and sliced some tomatoes on top of it, adding a pinch of onion salt as I put them in the oven. The two potato scones were a day out of date, but they smelt and looked okay to me. The beef chunks were not so tasty this time. A sliced apple and some seaweed rounded of the khana. A jar of the expensive lemon yoghourt from Aldi followed.

Tried to get to sleep. Nope!

Tried the TV. No luck there either. So I went to YouTube to watch some videos. That didn’t send me off either. I was running out of ideas to get myself to sleep.

6Sat24Next, I tried the trusted reading a book in an attempt to scam my ‘Don’t-go-to-sleep’ genes. My choosing Spike Milligan’s ‘Where have all the bullets gone’ proved to be a wrong choice, cause I couldn’t put it down for hours! Humph!

My body continued to advise me that it needed rest and sleep. But the mind was not interested!

I tried the TV again, in vain hopes I could drop-off into the land of Nod. But, no!

Well gone midnight, I turned everything off, and just lay there… another bad mistake. For the confused brain began to contemplate, deliberate, ponder over, examine, procrastinate, consider, ruminate, woolgather, mull-over, brood over, chew the cud, cogitate, prepend and chew the cud, about everything it could think of that if feared!

Finally, I drifted off to sleep, but I can’t remember when. Maybe I dreamt of going to sleep in my semi-cognisant, semi-conscious,  half-aware, languorous, insensible mental state? I’m losing it now!

Any Neurologist, Psychologist, Psychoanalyst, Mental health counsellor or Psychiatrist in need of a real challenge out there? And think they can assist me to regain some form of normality, and self-fame if you succeed of course. Most importantly, you are willing to help me for very little payment (And I mean infinitesimally insignificant amounts)? You will gain experience not many Health Professionals have ever encountered before. And, for the unbelievability of my emotional-well-being problems, really. Come see me, please. I thank you.


Inchcock Today – Friday 20th April 2018: Busy Whoopsiedangleplop Day!

Friday 20th April 2018

Lao: ວັນສຸກທີ່ 20 ເມສາ 2018

0335hrs: I woke up, initially full of apanthropinisation, a reversal of the brain’s general confusion, worrying and fearing everything whatever came into it. As a rule, I’d lay there fretting about whatever and searching for something to puzzle over, speculate about, weigh up or be scared of. Often resulting in dysania. But not this morning. At least not for long, the inner panic and sense of failure would soon return. Not yet though, for I unceremoniously arose, with the stomach grumbling away and Duodenal Donald giving me gip and found myself in the kitchen doing the Health Checks with no memory of my getting there.

5Fri001WDP001A As I was putting the kettle on, I caught my frightful reflection in the window. The face had the Spotty-Muldoon blotches again, like yesterday morning, although not so aggressively this time?

I wondered if it might be the tiny insects nibbling at me, as they flood into the flat through the holes and cracks in the walls that had not been plastered yet? Or was it something to do with nerves? Either way, the panicky, fearful-of-life mode returned, and anything to fret over came into my poor tortured brain again. The visitation from the apanthropinisation had ended. I enjoyed those few minutes of freedom from concerns.

5Fri001bBack to my regular ‘Getting worked up, get in a fluster, get overwrought, be on tenterhooks’ modus operandi and philosophyHumph!

Off for a wee-wee.

WDP001A Then, when I went to attach the sphygmomanometer, I found the Nurse Ann donated blood-taking scar on the arm, had turned into a right looking mess. Next time  I see her, this will be my fault of course. I made a brew and did the Health Checks.


5Fri002The sys was up a tad, the pulse gone down a bit, but the calefaction remains somewhat high, but physically I felt alright in myself. I’d best not mention the mental aspects of how I feel. Hehe!

Off for a wee-wee.

Got the computer going, it started alright today. Sorted the photographs to use. Started off this diary.

Then went to finalise the Thursday post. Got it sent off. Did some WordPress Reading, then a few comments to reply to and make.

Changed all the things from the heavy coat to the sleeveless multi-pocketed one. I expect to get sarcastic comments about still wearing such a lot of clothing mind.

5Fri005Got the ablutionalisationing and medicationalisationing tended to. Surprise, no bleeding from Haemorrhoid Harold at all, and only the tiniest bit from the lesion. Hurray and yippee!

Set off on my mission to get some Liquid Paraffin, for the plates-of-meat and picker-upper. Out through the maze and along Chestnut Walk to the cabin to await the bus.

I took this rather picturesque shot of the flats with the new build in the centre. Coming 5Fri005aon in leaps and bounds now, the Extra Care block is.

Warm out there. But I have to wear long sleeves and keep a hat on in the sunshine. Else the skin cancer gets worse, and it affects the Warfarin level a lot.

Got in the hut, and it was soon filled with tenants. I had a smile, laugh and chattering session or two, with the others.

5Fri006WDP001A I did, ask expected, receive a sarcastic, “Ain’t yo warm in all that bloody gear?” I calmly pointed out that the skin cancer affects me badly in this weather, I have to keep the sun off of myself – Why does this bother you then?” He wasn’t bothered and just said “Oh!” sneered at me giving the up & down stare and left. I departed to join the smoker-residents outside when the bus arrived. I had a go at the crossword book, and did reasonably well on it, en route.

I got off and poddled to the Wilko store and had a look around for some Liquid Paraffin (At least I think that is the name of it.) I came out worse off financially, but no paraffin available. It appears the yar going to stop selling their own label softener and granules. Shame! I love the scent of these products. However, I thought the sign said they had reduced them down £1 a pot, so I got three while I could. I also purchased a packet of sweet almonds, citrus aerosol sprays and some small Milky Bars for the nibble-box.

5Fri007Paid the lady on the till and went out to search for the paraffin and picker-upper.

The Nottinghamians were out in force today. Presumably to get the sunshine while it lasts.

The beggars, street musician, Big Issue sellers and even a few of the imitation Police Officers were spotted. With their hands in their pockets or chatting away with members of the opposite sex mostly! Hehe!

I noticed amongst the shopper, many of the old folk were dressed like I was.

5Fri009Then I called in the Poundland Store, to see if they had any of the things I was looking for. Of course, they had not, but I did come out having spent a bit there too. They had some large bottles of the Zoflora Citrus disinfectant at £2. Which is cheaper than those at Morrisons (£2.69) and Asda (£2.59). So I bought one. And another two citrus air sprays, 2 for a quid.

I made my way towards the slab square.

5Fri008Calling in three different shops in search of a new picker-upper to replace the broken one I fell on having my last nasty dizzy spell last week.

I had no luck at all. I’ll have to get to see Penny and ask her when she is going to Derby, I’d like to go with her. Then I can have the pleasure of her company and have a look in the disabled shop in the Eagle shopping mall for the picker-upper.

5Fri010I cut through Climber Street into the slab square.

The corner where a gang of mock-musicians usually locate themselves in a closed down shop doorway, a young man was playing the keyboard. (Well, I think that’s what it’s called anyway). As I approached, I spotted several mugs of takeaway coffee behind one of his speakers and thought, well, at least he can’t be doing too bad then. On my turning the corner, there were three other blokes. One with an upturned Industrial Cleaner tub. And two more toying with… well, I don’t know it was. But they had more speakers, and I think what a bass-booster, attached to the instruments. They were sharing what to me, looked like a suspiciously long and thick roll-up. Haha!

Eventually, I got to the City Centre Square. And, I took a few photographs of the Nottingham students, unemployed, shop-lifters, alcoholics, potential muggers, two-imitation police officers, takeaway food delivery pavement cyclists, the stink from the eight coffee shops in sight, TWOC convicted metal thieves, addicts. Going bankrupt shop staff having a fag and selling products from the shop to the students (Cheaply, mind), and pick-pockets enjoying the sunshine. (Hehe, only joking… I think!)


Up Queen Street to the bus stop. Some more Nottingham Street Art on the bench.

The L9 arrived, and I got on along with one other bloke. At the first stop along, where regularly, I would expect several of the flats tenants to get on the bus, there was only one gal, Norma I think.

We couldn’t have a gossip, cause she at far away on the side-saddle seats with her deadly four-wheeled shopping trolley. Hehe.

We got off at the flats and had a jolly-good chinwag and laugh as we made our way back to the beautiful uncladded, filthy windowed, draughty, holes-in-the-walls, noisy, messy, in-a-right-state, full of agitated people, Woodthorpe Court apartments.

Norma got out of the lift on the 4th floor, said our farewells, and I got to my little assaulted by Willmott-Dixon attackers, dwelling.

WDP001A When I got in the flat, took a wee-wee, got the kettle on and realised I’d forgotten to put the crock-pot on when I left. So, the potatoes will not be ready for hours!  Huh!

WDP001A Then I checked the receipt for the things I’d bought. The Wilko one showed £15.80 spent! The fragrance granules were £2.50 each, not £1 as I had thought. What a Shlimazel! And, the bottom item showed up as being for: Wilko Functional Food 30p – not the foggiest idea what that was?

The banging, then drilling, then back to grinding and banging noises welcomed me home. But thankfully not for too long. No idea where they were emanating from, except they were coming from somewhere above. The hot weather for the Willmott-Dixon lads must be about as welcome as it is to me. The poor souls will out in the blazing sunshine sweating pints when they have to work outside up on the hoists. They must be busier than ever with the new build as well.

Got updating this diary. Took me four hours to get up to here. I’m getting tired again, the concentration was not high now.

I went to do the Health Checks and checked on the potatoes. The spuds were done, so I put some grated cheese on the potato cakes and got them in the oven.

Set the timer and went back to turn off the computer. The view with the bird poo on the glass, is not bothering me as much tonight?

The alarm reminded me, and off I went to get the meal sorted. These victuals went down nicely indeed. A worthy 8.4/10 rating. The bland taste of the Morrisons Extra Mature cheddar was a disappointment, though.

I got the pots washed and had a wee-wee. Did a bit of medicating here and there.

Last Health checks were belatedly done. Medications were taken.

5Fri014Got another mug of fresh orange juice and took this photo of the skyline through the kitchen window. I don’t understand why, but the Clint Eastwood film, ‘The Good, the Bad and the Ugly’ came to mind.

Off for yet another wee-wee. I must remember to mention this to the quack, Dr Vindla.

It seemed to be getting warmer in the flat, and I rolled up the jammie bottoms and got down settled to watch some TV.

5Fri016 I noticed that the legs had started to go wonky again. One bigger (More retained water) than the other.

WDP001A After taking this shot of my limbs, as I was returning the camera to the Ottoman, it slipped, and I had to grab it quickly to prevent it falling and getting damaged. In doing so, I knocked over the mug of orange juice, the tray with the pen and notepad and the tube of Phorpain gel… and the camera still fell to the floor along with the other things! Fool! I got things cleaned and sorted-out, it took me a long while to get done. Mainly, because of the struggle to get back up from the floor each time that I bent down! Hehe!

After what seems a day or two, I finished the pottering and got down again to watch the ‘Hustle’ episode on the TV. Just in time to see the closing credits rolling. Humph!