Inchcock Today – Saturday 21st April 2018: Nocturnal Nightmare

Saturday 21st April 2018

Catalan: Dissabte 21 d’abril de 2018

0435hrs: I woke and lay there in the £300 second-hand recliner for a while, awaiting the brain joining the body. When it did, it was as if I was enigmatographist, the world’s and local problems fleeted through my mind, with me attempting to find solutions and work out the reasons why these problems appeared in the first place. I soon gave up and returned to my usual state of, fears, jealousies, uncertainty and nervousness.

Slowly it dawned on me that it was 0450hrs! What a night of sleep I’d had. I reckon a good seven hours. Had to rise out of the recliner to go for a wee-wee, and a marathon session it was, too.

6Sat001I went into the spare room as I exited the wet room, and took this photo of the outside and the eerie surroundings.

I’m not sure, but I thought I might have seen some of the pipistrelle bats out there, three or four it seemed. Very small. If it was them, they could have been out on their chiropterophilous activities with the new growth of plants? But, whatever they were, they were too fast for me to get a good look at the little mites.

Off to the kitchen to do the Health Checks and gobble the medications.


6Sat02The readings looked a little more close to normal this morning.

Whoosie3W001 Putting the needle in the ‘Sharps-Bin’, I stabbed myself in the wrist with it. No problem methinks, though, after all, I’ve just shot 100mg into my humongous-wobbly stomach anyway. Familiarity can cause one to lose awareness. (That sounded clever, did I say that? Hehe!)

I made a start on finalising the Friday Diary. I got it finished around 0700hrs or so.

Posted it off and then made a start on today’s Inchcock.

Hours later got the Health Checks done.

I viewed and responded to some comments on WordPress, next. Then onto the WordPress Reader, tons of good stuff on it today from the WordPressOnians.

Went on Facebook, with fingers crossed.

6Sat06The blotches had lessened again as the day turned into evening.

I got the meal cooking.

Cumberland Pie with extra cheese and sliced tomatoes on top, potato cakes, beef, sliced apple, seaweed and a lemon yoghourt.

6Sat08Very tasty.

Had a wee-wee.

Tried to sleep, but the heat would not let me.

So I decided to get the laundry done.

Down and got the washer started. Back to the flat and sorted the black bags, took them to the rubbish chute.

Restarted the computer to update this blog.

Down to move the washing into the dryer. Nipped outside to take these photographs of Woodthorpe Court.


6Sat11 (2)Into the laundry room and got the washing moved. Some poor soul had left their quilt in the machine.

It could have been me. Tsk!

Getting older flashes on, as the memory flashes off out of your reach!

I had to clean the filter in the dryer before using it. Then cleaned the washer.

6Sat12a1927hrs: To the lift. I spotted the forecast on the electronic information sign, it informed me that thundery-showers were about.

Up to the apartment, set the timer-alarm for 40 minutes and continued updating this post.

Visited the WordPress Reader.

Time to go down and collect the washing.

6Sat16I nipped out again to take this photograph. There were no signs of any thundery-showers yet.

Whoosie3W001 When I tried to get back into the foyer, the new swipe-pad would not let me in! I spent about ten-minutes swiping away and beginning to panic a bit. I tried cleaning the fob, swiping from different angles. I thought, well that’s it then – I’ll have to ring the control centre. Tried just one more swipe, and it worked and let me in? I think this place is cursed, haunted or been taken over by aliens.

6Sat17Got the things out of the dryer and folded ready to go into the bag. No odd socks to report Hehe!

Cleaned out the filter and drum.

Whoosie3W001 Head inside to reach the back of the dryer to clean it, and banged the back of my bonce coming out! It’s late, and I’m so tired.

Up to the apartment, put the clobber away and updated this post to here.

Went on Facebook. Spent a pleasurable few hours on there, and did some page-top graphics. Only got three done, and they took me ages to get something like right. But, late as it was now, I enjoyed creating them.

6Sat08Suddenly the day had gone?

I got the fodder prepared. A Cumberland pie with extra cheese on it, and sliced some tomatoes on top of it, adding a pinch of onion salt as I put them in the oven. The two potato scones were a day out of date, but they smelt and looked okay to me. The beef chunks were not so tasty this time. A sliced apple and some seaweed rounded of the khana. A jar of the expensive lemon yoghourt from Aldi followed.

Tried to get to sleep. Nope!

Tried the TV. No luck there either. So I went to YouTube to watch some videos. That didn’t send me off either. I was running out of ideas to get myself to sleep.

6Sat24Next, I tried the trusted reading a book in an attempt to scam my ‘Don’t-go-to-sleep’ genes. My choosing Spike Milligan’s ‘Where have all the bullets gone’ proved to be a wrong choice, cause I couldn’t put it down for hours! Humph!

My body continued to advise me that it needed rest and sleep. But the mind was not interested!

I tried the TV again, in vain hopes I could drop-off into the land of Nod. But, no!

Well gone midnight, I turned everything off, and just lay there… another bad mistake. For the confused brain began to contemplate, deliberate, ponder over, examine, procrastinate, consider, ruminate, woolgather, mull-over, brood over, chew the cud, cogitate, prepend and chew the cud, about everything it could think of that if feared!

Finally, I drifted off to sleep, but I can’t remember when. Maybe I dreamt of going to sleep in my semi-cognisant, semi-conscious,  half-aware, languorous, insensible mental state? I’m losing it now!

Any Neurologist, Psychologist, Psychoanalyst, Mental health counsellor or Psychiatrist in need of a real challenge out there? And think they can assist me to regain some form of normality, and self-fame if you succeed of course. Most importantly, you are willing to help me for very little payment (And I mean infinitesimally insignificant amounts)? You will gain experience not many Health Professionals have ever encountered before. And, for the unbelievability of my emotional-well-being problems, really. Come see me, please. I thank you.