Inchcock Today – Friday 27th April 2018: Sorry about the rambling thoughts

Friday 27th April 2018

Hmong: Friday 27th Plaub Hlis Ntuj 2018

WDP 0325hrs: I woke up with, action stations, panic mode and fear-of-embarrassment modes all operational! I had to release my bladder contents with urgency. Detaching my bulbous frame from the £300 second-hand recliner proved to be a painful effort, with my doing it so quickly. Off to the wet room for my wee-wee. This proved to be an inconcinnity ridden activity, that took a never-ending period of significant duration in getting it to stop. Huh! A tinge of red to the evacuated liquid. I must remember to mention this to the nurse.
Washed and changed the PPs. Much leaking from the fungal lesion, the only thing that bothered me at all today. I’ll have a good go at medicating things when I do the ablutions.

Reflux Roger and Duodenal Duncan were the only real hindrances this morning.

Into the kitchen and got the Health Checks done. The pulse was down again and the temperature back to normal methinks.



I went to fetch some more PPs out of the spare room and took this photo with the small camera.

Made a mug of tea and set about updating the Thursday diary.

Again, it took me a long while, because of the many photographicalisations I took in Nottingham City Centre and on the bus needed sorting out.

5Fri002During which, I got an email from the doctors. It read as in the snipped picture.

No mention of what the Warfarin level was. But the important stuff was there. I took an extra half of a Warfarin. I replied thanking them and confirmed the appointment. Spelling mistakes virtue of the receptionist, not me. Haha!

After much and many amendments and corrections, I finally got the updating session completed and got it posted off to WordPress.

5Fri003WDP Off for another wee-wee. The lesion had been bleeding again. Tsk! Cleaned up and to the kitchen to make another small mug of tea.

WDP I liked this photo I took. But it seemed to get me into a caliginous thinking frenzy for some reason.

The already chipped and dirty window ledges that stop me taking decent photographs directly-downwards. The Foam or Silicone filler sticking out from the frame. The cars parked below made me jealous of the more affluent tenants who could still afford to run a vehicle and were fit enough to keep their licences. The houses out there, with families in them. Oh yes; the pathetic lugubriosity, the self-loathing and the abjections, unwantedly poured into my being again! What a schlepper!

But not for long. For natures, new growths in this shot, my nemophilistic admiration of woodlands, and my appreciation of those who try to help others soon turned off the tormenting superincumbent manic thoughts that had been flowing into the grey cell’s bone container moments earlier. I was me again! The momentary angst-riddeness now defeated! Phew!

I also received a very heartwarming lovely supportive email from Jenny, that further boosted my confidence and was much welcomed.

5Fri004Time shot-by. I made a quick start on this blog as far as here. Then got the midday Health Checks done. The nervous-making drop in the pulse continued! Down to 76, now!

I’ll now take a look at what it should be, it might be right, I don’t know. Back in a while.

WDP Had a look. I was a bit confused though. Google told me: “For a 70-year-old man, your MHR is around 150. The American Council on Exercise advises exercising at between 50 and 80 percent of your MHR, which is 75 to 120 beats per minute. Never exceed 85 percent, as this could cause cardiovascular problems. An average resting pace for adults is between 60 and 100 beats per minute. Too much to absorb, so I searched further.

Target HR Zone 50-85% – Average Maximum Heart Rate 75 > 100 beats per minute.

I further delved into trying to find the rate for someone with an Aorta Valve replacement. Not helpful for me this one either. It’s a good job I didn’t want to train as a heart-surgeon because all this is stultiloquence to my uneducated brain! Hahaha!


I tried again. Health Central the page greeted me with: “Hi, and thank you for your question. First off, I would recommend speaking with your doctor about what your heart rate should be with your specific condition, but please find below general information on heart rate that might be helpful to you.

There are different formulae to estimate the expected peak heart rate for your age. As a general guideline, some people use a heart rate of 220 minus your age (assuming that you are not on drugs which limit your heart rate response such as beta-blocking drugs, if you are, ask your physician to give you a more appropriate target rate). When starting an exercise program, aim for a target of 50%. Your goal is to be able to stay in the 65 to 75% of maximum heart rate range for 30 minutes per day, 4 or 5 days per week. The following chart may be helpful. On which it revealed: 155 beats per minute 70 years”  Erm…?

Is this the pulse then? If it is, I could be in the boat without a paddle as mine is 76?

At this, I gave up. I’ll ask the nurse on the next blood-test to confirm the range it should be in. I reckon I’ve got myself confused, somewhere along the line? Hehehe!

I looked at the comments on WordPress, and replied, only three to answer.

Popped into the WordPress Reader section. Some good stuff on there today.

Went on Facebook. Amazingly it did not go slowly or freeze on me once. However, comments kept disappearing, and occasionally it changed the page I was on, to another?

I’d spent many hours that flew-by on this Facebook.

Did the Health Checks and the medicines were taken.

Then got the meal earlier than normal for me. Gammon rashers cooked in the oven, a can of tomatoes and tomato and basil sauce. The two slices of Scottish bread seen here on the tray, turned into five slices as I added another three later. But there were no chips or potatoes? Guilty then! Lemon Bliss desert and Clementine Juice for afters.


I put the tray on the armchair next to the recliner; promptly fell asleep.

5Fri008Woke up two and a half hours later and got the last Health Checks done.

No Enoxaparin injections for a while now, with the INR Warfarin level has gone up a tad..

 WDP Realised I’d made a mess with some of the dosage pots again. So I got them resorted. Got a mug of Clementine juice and to the recliner.


WDP Just about to doze off, and the fluctuant vacillatory fears arose; Did I turn the tap off? I had no choice but to exit the £300 second-hand recliner and check every room for anything I may have forgotten to do. Huh!

Once more, I got settled in the recliner, turned on the TV, and damnations, I could not get to sleep again!

Well, I did eventually, but it was very late on by then.