Inchcock Today – Saturday 28th April 2018: Got out and about at last!

Saturday 28th April 2018

Korean: 2018 년 4 월 28 일 토요일

0110hrs: Woke in desperate need of a wee-wee, painfully fumbled my way out of the £300 second-hand recliner and to the wet room, stubbing my toe on the Ottoman en route. To the kitchen to get a mug of orange juice and back to the recliner – found the tray from the meal on the comfortable chair, back to the kitchen to leave the bowl and cutlery soaking in the washing-up bowl. Head down again, without any hassle.

0245hrs: Woke in desperate need of another wee-wee. To the kitchen to do the Health Checks. The pulse still seemed lowish to me.


Not until after I’d been in the kitchen and done all the checks and took the medications, did I notice that…

WDP03a I’d left the hot water tap running in the sink when I put the pots in to soak! What a Shlemiel!

WDP03a Abruptly, Duodenal Donald and Anne Gyna both started to give me some bother. This has never happened before, the both together I mean. I took an extra guzzle from the inefficacious antacid medicine. Swallowed an additional Omeprazole and Ramipril.  The chest area felt like it was concocting preparations for an explosion mode! Hehe! Then, this amalgamation of hindrances was joined by the innards bubbling, churning away. This is not going to be one of my best Saturdays methinks!

WDP03a It got worse when I went for another wee-wee. Little Inchies fungal lesion had been pouring out the blood. Took me ages to stem it, and the medicating was painful in the extreme, even for me. I just hope that Herbert BBJ above does not start with his banging and clattering. Along with all these ailments at the same time, that would be too much to cope with. Fingers crossed!

I got the little camera and took a photo through the kitchen window, I could see on the screen display that it would come out terribly shaky and blurred. So, I got the new Nikon and took another shot. The quality between the two is apparent. Tsk!


6Sat05I then tried for the first time, to get the big camera out through the limited space in the window opening, to get a view towards the City Centre and include the flats and car park.

It came out well, but I shall not try to do this again.

Getting the large camera outside safely. It was a bit dodgy with the tight squeeze and narrow gap.

I was going to take a picture of the scrapped knuckle bruising. But I am sure that by now, the last thing you need is more ailment results and injuries from me. Hehehe!

I set about doing this diary, got as far as here, and then went to update yesterdays blog.

0700hrs: Got the Friday post finished and sent off to WordPress.

6Sat08I noticed when I opened the curtains, that the base of the balcony bottom had many lumps missing from it.

It’s not that I’m complaining or moaning. I’m just amazed at how all these things fall into place in the end. This obviously from my lack of knowledge about anything in the building trade. Hehe!

5Fri007Which reminded me of the letter received with the DVT result and monitoring record. It explained how they are starting to install the render to my beloved Woodthorpe Court block. The process involves fixing the insulation to the walls. (Whatever that means) The duration of the work will be short, but they are aware of the drilling noises will sound be ‘quite loud’. I wonder what quite loud will be? And how long is the ‘short period’ going to last? Humph! But, the Community Centre (Obergruppenfurheress Wardens HQ) will be open during working on this task. This can’t be helped, but I bet the poor sods get some moans thrown in their direction. Haha!

6Sat07Off for another (but shorter this time) wee-wee. (Fancy that, Hehe!)

Went to make a small mug of tea. I spotted outside in the car park, and oddly shaped whatever it is at the back of one of the parked vehicles.

To enable me to see what it was I got the Nikon B700 camera to view it closer. I decided to take a shot of it with the Nikon and was well-pleased with how it came out. Still not sure what it is, perhaps a carrier bag of some sort?

Then I got on the WordPress Reader. Then answered both WP comments.

On to Facebook to catch up. Time to get the ablutions done now. Then hopefully out on a hobble to the shops to get just a TV paper and some cooked meat, perhaps, maybe… Hehe!

Back soon, TTFN.

Good shower and shave – medicationalising the lesion was uncomfortable and dodgy. Felt better after the shave and shower.

6Sat10Took the black bags to the waste chute, and set off.

Out through the foyer doors, to be greeted with slight drizzling rain, and a wind that was a little strong.

I weaved my way through the myriad of fencing and scaffolding to the glass recycling bin and deposited my empty washed sauce jars there.

6Sat12aAs I poddled limpingly (Hernia Harry was giving me some hassle at this stage) along the road, I espied the odd-looking item near the car in that I spotted earlier and photographed from the kitchen window. It was clingfilm, from the industrial rolls. I used this when I worked at Carters in Kegworth, many years ago.

This got me thinking deeply about my experiences at the pop factory, starting as a cleaner, then machine operator, then Zone controller, then in the Engineering stores as a goffer, then I was made redundant!

WDP03a I was not happy as these memories stewed-up all the nasty times I’d gone through there. I actually walked into the seating bench at the bus stop! I felt a right fool. Setting Hernia Harry off again! What a palooka!

6Sat11 (2)Up along Chestnut Walk to the end.

Not many folks about, a postman and dog walker, that was all. The postman gave me a ‘Good Morning’ as he stood on the corner, not doing anything, he had no badge on, just a reflective Post Office jacket, no postal trolley, no vehicle?

I assumed he was waiting for a lift to work? My Sherlock Holmes Mode activated again? Hahaha!

6Sat15 Got to the end and turned onto Winchester Street as the rain stopped. These bushes near the allotments were coming on a treat. There colouring changing and the petrichor was wonderfully refreshing to smell.

Suddenly, I was feeling a lot cheerier, and my stupidly walking into the bench faded from memory.

6Sat16I pressed on down the Winchester hill, as the rain, well, showering started again.

I got the brolly up, after grubbling about in the bag to find it at the bottom and letting rain into it. Huh!

This photo is where the Winchester Street goes left up to Chestnut Walk, and the main road then becomes Mapperley Rise.

6Sat17I limped down onto Mansfield Road. Looked in the fruit shop, but everything looked tired, and withern (A bit like me? Hehe!), so I did not bother going inside.

Went into the Co-op and had a potter around. I got a TV magazine, A half a loaf of Sourdough Bread, Potatoe slices and three lemon yogourts. Got a voucher for £1 off my next £5 shop, valid up to 4th May 2018. The minuscule writing at 6Sat23the bottom of the receipt barred the following from this Voucher Offer: Fuel, postage stamps, baby milk, lottery purchases, gift cards, vouchers, first-stage baby milk, phone cards, in-store concessions, cigarettes, tobacco, PayPoint, mobile phone top-ups, saving stamps, medicines, prescriptions, and carrier bags. No change given!

I glanced at the receipt and noticed they had charged me £1.50 for the seasoned sliced potatoes, I was sure I saw a sign that said they were £1.

WDP03a Not wishing to make myself look a plonker by going back to the till to ask, it was busy anyway; I went back to take a look on the sign on the fridge where I got them from. Seems the spuds are 50p less, only when you buy a Meal-Deal, which is getting a ready cooked meal with them. Hey-ho!

6Sat18Up over the hill and down to park entrance.

As I hobbled up the gradual hill, with Hernia Harry still giving me gip, a man and woman were stood talking to each other while their dogs tore lumps out of each other?

Dogs fighting? A rare sight here!

Watched the animals for a while, and deemed that they were playing, because neither dog was growling or barking?

6Sat20Pressed on up to the footpath on the right that leads down to the flats, passing the tree copse.

Although the shower had stopped, when I approached the Copse to walk down through it, the ground was too wet for me to risk it. Especially with Hernia Harry in the mood he is.

It was not yet thick enough, too filled-put to enjoy anyway. I love wandering through there after is blooms and fills with animals who can hide in there.

6Sat22By the time I’d got down to opposite the work decorated hoists and scaffolded Woodthorpe Court foyer, the rain had returned.

In flat, very tired now, no concentration to do any computer work.

Got the meal prepared. Easy today, two buttered sourdough bread sandwiches of Pork Knuckle, tomatoes and sliced seasoned potatoes.

I took a photo of it when it was all prepared. But, unfortunately, in the morning it seems that this shot had mysteriously disappeared into the ether. I searched all the SD cards, looked in the Recycle Bin, all without any success. Grumph!

WDP03a The meal was a disaster! The sourdough bread was the consistency of cardboard and tasted so insipid! The tomatoes were mind-numbingly flavourless (Thank you Lidl!). The seasoned potatoes were very nice, though. Tsk!

6Sat24I got sorted and settled, down in the £300 second-hand recliner and noticed the food tray had been left on the other chair – thought soddit, and got my head down.

WDP03a For the next five hours or so, the famously stubborn uneducated independent Inchcock brain rattled away presenting me with concern, the futility of life, overjoyous memories, fretting, fears, desperation at the future of mankind, my past failures, do you put vinegar wine on chips?, why is Hippy Hilda being so kind to me… anything to stop me getting to sleep! Humph!