Inchcock Today – Thursday 26th April 2018: A long one folks; Incorporating photos of Nottingham Street Art, City Centre and Graphicsalisationings

Thursday 26th April 2018

Welsh: Dydd Iau 26 Ebrill 2018

4Thu010445hrs: Woke in the now usual state of mind-confusion of self-questions. Why have I woken up so late? What day is it? Naughty Duodenal Donald Ulcer was giving me a lot of bother again. Morrisons, Social Hour…

I eventually extracted my wobbly body-mass from the £300 second-hand recliner, without much hassle, too! Only Duodenal Donald was bothering me this morning.

Health Checks were done, and medications are taken.


4Thu001Sys and pulsation up a bit, at last.

The computer on and got the Wednesday post completed.

The Morrison delivery is due soon, so I got the ablutions sorted.

A stand-up wash of course, far to early to bother the neighbours with the noise of the shower.

All refreshed, I got the medicationalisationing tended to. I was pleased with the lack of bleeding from Harold’s Haemorrhoids. Little Inchies fungal lesion had been leaking, though, painful now, I’ve applied the Daktacort cream.

Got the nibble box, raffle prizes and pressies in the bag ready for the Social Hour.

Then made a brew and back on the computer. Posted the Wednesday’s blog on WordPress. Made a start on this one, up to here.

Went to the WordPress Reader.

4Thu06Did some comments and the Morrison delivery arrived.

There seems a lot of bags again, but the cost was £8 less than the week before. Had I forgotten to order something?

Well, the bleach and spring water came to mind. Tsk!

4Thu05Also, some of the things did not have much shelf-life left on them! Grumph! The chestnut mushrooms only had until tomorrow. The Scottish Bread just two days, and Polish Sourdough bread the same.

I got the mushrooms in the crock-pot with some water and Balsamic Vinegar in them for seasoning. Now, I must remember to turn it on later, when I leave. What odds offered? Hehe!

Went on Facebook, but it was a little slow. On CorelDraw and did two graphics for the TFZer. Joyce and Lyzzi with pets in the rain. Hope they like em.


Ran out of time. Couldn’t get to do messages or comments, had to close down and get the things ready for the social hour and shopping for the bits I forgot to order from Morrisons. What a Shnook!

With a fully loaded bag, I set off to the Obergruppenfurheress Wardens Temporary shack for the Social Hour. I left early because I wanted to go to town on the 1030hrs bus. So needed time to get the chinwagging and nibbles all done.

Greeted on my arrival by Jenny. BJ was there, but had to leave early, illness in the family, got a few words with him though. I’m terrible with names, so forgive me if I get any wrong. Also in attendance were Oberleutnantess Housing Patch Manager/Catwalk Model Angela Gould, Resident Helper/Gymnast Sue, Jenny Precious, Cyndy, Margaret, Bill (William on Sundays), Frank, John, Doris, May and many others arrived.

I handed the nibbles out, I love doing this, and the natters between other tenants. Cyndy’s and Margaret’s table gave forth with a few old songs out of the blue. I think its great when they do this.

I got bought my raffle tickets and handed them to two gals. Had a good time today. Jenny took the nibble box for me to keep in there for me to collect on the way home, bless her.

The bus was due, I had to reluctantly leave and went to the bus stop. A gang of residents mingled outside, and I had a couple of natters. Then caught the City bound bus.

As we passed the old flats near Carlton Road, I took a photograph of them, and then further on, another of the Bentinck Court modernised ones on Sneinton Dale from the bus windows.


4Thu08I got off on Upper Parliament Street as yet another Nottingham Pavement Cyclist used the pedestrian crossing.

I went into the Wilko store and got carried away spending again. I bought some nuts, body spray deodorant, a bottle brush, liquid soap, toothpaste, BIC razors some batteries to keep in the bag so I can use them if needed in the little Nikon camera, and bleach. Saving on the toothpaste and batteries on offer price. I could only just about lift the bag as I left the shop. Tsk! The back twinged, but Hippy Hilda was no bother.

4Thu09I had an unpremeditated hobble around the City Centre, ambling down the surprisingly unpopulated Clumber Street, as the shower started to come down. These short, sharp showers came on and off for hours, some of them only lasted for a minute or less.

I called in the Primark Store to have a nosey around in the gents clothing section. Waste of time, nothing in there for us older folks. Hehe!

4Thu10I did notice they were selling ready-slashed jeans? This confused me.

Surely the kids would be capable of slashing their own regular jeans, that cost less to buy? And they would be able to practice with their Stanley knives to their heart’s content, thus producing a more unique design, and be less tempted or feel the need to slash bus seats etc.?

4Thu11I left the shop and hobbled across the Slab Square and down Exchange Walk, calling in the stationery retailer to purchase some ringed notepads to replace the ones I spilt my tea over the other day. Tsk!

After an unsuccessful search, I asked a lady assistant where they were. She was apparently an old hand at dealing with old farts like me. A backwards nod-of-the-head, followed with the sideways thrust that indicated I was to go with her, and she pointed at the shelves where the pads resided, then she wandered off, throwing, what I have to admit, was a Lidl-Class 4Thu12semi-sneer and grunt at me. I paid up and made my way back to the Slab Square.

Where I espied three imitation police officers huddled together at the bottom of King Street.

How I wish I had taken this photograph a few seconds earlier!

Seconds after taking it, the Nottingham Pedestrian using his mobile phone, walked into another Nottingham Pedestrian using His mobile phone coming from the other direction. I thought it was hilarious! Perked me up no-end, this did! Hehehe!

4Thu13As I got to King Street, to go up to Queen Street and the priceless-to-me L9 bus stop, it became apparent why the three imitation police officers were there. In case whatever emergency the two fire tenders in this picture were attending needed people moving out of the way?

Within a minute of my starting to move up the hill, the fire-tenders withdrew. I wondered if a fire had taken place in one of the many food eateries and takeaways nearby. Of which are no shortages, and plenty to choose from.


4Thu14Up to the top of Queen Street and to the bus shelter.

No other residents there and none got on the bus en route.

I hope TFZer Sandie gets to see this particular photograph. I know she is interested in English buses. This has the added bonus of a decent shot of Little John’s dome.

4Thu15Again I missed getting wet in the heavy precipitation.

It came down in torrents on the way home on the bus, but only lasted about 30-seconds?

No residents of Woodthorpe Court got on the bus en route.

4Thu16Apart from Duodenal Donald, it seemed that all the ailments were giving me a holiday now.

A little further on, the showers came and went twice more.

We arrived back on Chestnut Walk, I was the only passenger to alight. There were three or four residents who got on the bus, but none that I knew to speak to other than giving them a ‘Good afternoon’.

I called in the Obergruppenfhureresses shed, to collect the nibble box. Picked it up and spoke with Warden Deana.

4Thu17Got in the foyer and to the flats at 12.44hrs, as indicated on the electronic information board.

Notice the ‘Going Down’ arrow on lift two? It came down to 3, back up to 14, down to 13, up to 14, down to 13, then made its way down to the ground floor. Lift one didn’t move from level 6. I think Cyndy told me a while ago of something similar happening to her. Hehe!

4Thu18I got up and in the flat and got the Health Checks done. Took the meds.

The shower stopped, and the skies turned blue, the distant layered cloud formations returned. I had to take a shot of this view, lovely.

Stored away the things bought.

Had a long drawn out ‘Will-it-ever-stop’ wee-wee.

4Thu21Got the nosh prepared, not that this one took much effort.

Sliced apple, pork pie, slice tomatoes, chestnut mushrooms in balsamic vinegar, red onion, seaweed sheets and a few chips. I didn’t have too many, cause I was having two slices of the Scottish bread with the meal. A lemon flavoured mousse and a small mug of Clementine juice rounded it off.

After consuming this feast, I placed the tray of eating accoutrements on the chair next to the recliner and put the TV on.

I wanted so much to get to sleep, but the ‘Do-what-you-want-I’m not stopping’ brain would not let me.

Not sure when I did nod-off, but it was very late. Humph!