Inchcock today – Wednesday 30th May 2018: Drenched through in the rain – again!


Wednesday 30th May 2018

Galician: Mércores 30 de Maio de 2018

0225hrs: I woke with an unexpected determination to get the laundry done, the diary updated and all before getting ready for the hobble to the blood test. Where these rare, uncommon positive attitudes came from, I don’t know.

But, within a few minutes, I had detached myself from the £300 second-hand recliner (with no difficulties either [Smug Mode Adopted]), Got dressed and was collating the dirty washing in the bag to go down to the launderette.

3Wed02A digression was taken for a wee-wee, then I was out of the door on the way to the lift. Both elevators were working, but number one, which I travelled down it seemed to move a little slowly?

The electronic information board told me it was 0232hrs, 13°c outside, and fire is everyone’s responsibility, oh, and light rain was falling.

Got the washing machine going and back up to the flat.

3Wed01Swiftly I got the medications taken, and the Health Checks were done.

The sphygmomanometer worked the first time.

And the readings were looking very good, much nearer to the targets expected. At least I think they were, the memory being like what it is nowadays like?

Oh, come think of it, 170 for the sys might be a touch high?


3Wed04The timer buzzed. A digression was taken for a wee-wee, then I was out of the door on the way to the lift again.

Both elevators were working, but number one, which I travelled down it seemed to be going a little slowly?

I moved the clothing from the washer into the dryer.

3Wed05The filter had not been cleaned-out of fluff, so I did it before loading the machine up.

At this point, Anne Gyna let me know she was in a bad mood, and started to kick-off and gave me some gip.

I started the machine and made my way back to the lift to go and get the slowly building up needs for the Porcelain Throne tended to.

3Wed03WDPBL Aha, the lift I’d just been using (No.1) was now not working. But the doors opened to let me into the cage? I assumed that it had only just conked-out as I entered the cage?

Good job that number two was operational, I didn’t fancy the idea of climbing up 24 flights of concrete stairs.

Into the wet room and onto the Porcelain Throne, it was a closer call than I expected. But the session was not too bad, despite Trotsky Terence making his presence felt a little. And Anne Gyna had settled down a bit. She’ll return when I start the hobbling later, I’m sure.

I got on with updating the Tuesday Diary. I got it all finished as the timer-alarm chirped into life.

3Wed06I got the clothing out and folded. Cleaned the filter and drum. Wiped the outer of the machines.

And, all this without a Whoopsiedangleplop in sight! Cocky Mode Adopted.

Back up to the apartment, and got the kettle on, had a wee-wee, made a start on this blog and then remembered I have not done the surgery staff nibble bags made up yet. So I got sorted them and added them to the bag.

Went to get the ablutions and medicationalisticals were tended to. All done with stinging lower regions (Haha!), I set out down and onto Chestnut Walk.

3Wed08To the end of the road and turned right down the Winchester Road Hill.

The rain began to falleth, and grew from normal rainfall, rather nasty torrent! A sort of Thunderstorm without the lightning.

I noticed what the time was on the bus stop board, I had 58 minutes to get to the surgery so as not to be late.

3Wed09Oddly, the rain lightened a little and the day turned brighter.

By the time I’d hobbled to the end of Winchester and left onto Mansfield Road; things seem to have changed again back again to darkness.

The expensive Bishops of Stortford Storm-Proof extra-strong umbrella that blew inside outwards!

3Wed11Miraculously, it seemed to right itself all on its own?

WDPBL Filling the bag, I was carrying with what looked like a few pints of fresh rainwater.

I think I may have expressed my appreciation of this incident, enunciating some words that I rarely use, manifesting swear words, oaths, and frustration, at this stage.

3Wed12WDPBL Further along the road, this rather ignorant Nottingham Pavement Cyclist, nearly rode into me as he pelted along in the opposite direction.

I adopted the use of the one word exclamation that is possibly the most popular in use.

I didn’t use the camera again on the trek, for fear of it getting water in it.

I think everything else did!

WDPBL Sodden wet-through, pee’d-off, and yet proud that I got there on time, I entered the Sherrington Park Medical Practice. I faffled-around and finally got the umbrella to collapsed and got it to stay that way (closed-to). Then did my best to drain out the rainwater from the bag. There was no point in my trying to squeeze out the socks and drain the shoes; I’ll have to leave that until I get back to the apartment. Humph!

I went to the reception to get my usual professionally presented, yet punctiliously and cunningly hidden, sneer, then logged in with them.

I got sat down. The only good news so far was that the new crossword book had remained dry. Fair enough, it was a bit damp around the edges.

For a few moments, I felt in a semi-eunoian mood. Then, Nurse Ann arrived to collect me. 3Wed12aI followed her meekly, to her room. I told her of my bruises that come and go, the scratch-like marks all over the body, the itching and the dizzy-spells increasing. “Well, anyone on Warfarin gets them!” Silence followed. I decided there was no point in mentioning anything that was worrying me. Nurse Ann got the blood taken, she did speak to me once, but I could not hear what it was she said. So I offered a supportive grunt and thanked her. Gave her the nibbles and departed. Dropping off the geliophobia receptionists their bites on the way out into the car park.


WDPBL Got the brolly up, and braved buses hitting the accrued puddles at the side of the road, as the drains overflowed and sprayed me from head to foot each time. I was passed caring about getting any wetter, by now

3Wed14I did my walk in the rain and Carrington, calling in the Lidl Store, initially to get some eggs to use in my first attempt at making cakes, and some cheesy cobs.

I also bought sugar-snap peas from Venezuela, tomato passata from Italy, Greek Lemon Yoghourt, Swiss chocolate bar, French lemon and lime still mineral water and two boxes of English seasoned potato slices.

3Wed15Out and caught a bus into Sherwood.

WDPBL Where the rain was even more substantial now. I called in the bank, to get some spending money. There were only four people in when I arrived and stood in the people-leaked-puddle at the queuing area.

Two in the queue and two being served. By the time bloke in front of me moved to the counter to get served, I think the socks had dried by 50%. Still, no rush I had a long time to wait before the L9 was due in Sherwood.

By the further time I spent in the queue as initially the sole fool waiting to get looked after, three separate customs had come in, waited, got fed-up and left!

WDPBL I felt drained and confused by the time I got to the desk and had forgotten what the questions were I was going to ask the bank about. Still, the lady was patient and pleasant enough.

3Wed16I still had spare time after I’d left the premises. So I called in the Co-op shop and got two bottles of the fizzy lemon and lime mineral flavoured water and something else, about what it was, my mind has gone absent about?

I walked to the top of the hill to the bus stop, with still ten minutes to spare before the L9 was due. Three other tenants joined me, but they were not in a talkative mood. Don’t blame them, they must have been as depressed and rain-soaked as I felt and was! Hehe!

3Wed17After we all got off the bus at the complex, the other left me their wake as they scurried into the dryness of there home.

A delivery lorry was being unloaded by a chap and forklift. But the poor driver had nowhere to park other than on the narrow roadway. The other three tenants had got by before this had started.

WDPBL Which meant, muggins here had to walk on the high wet grass to get by. I slipped, but managed to stop myself going over – but, this started Hippy Hilda off. Shlimazl!

3Wed18Into the flat and got the oven warming up for the potato slices later.

Stripped off and got into the jammy bottoms. Computer turned on and updated this tosh for a couple of hours or so. Hung the soaking trousers on the airer.

Sounds (Clump, clunk, bang) like Herbert is having fun up above.

3Wed29aThen got the fodder served up.

A 9.45 taste rating awarded for this meal. I’d burnt the sliced potatoes to just the stage that I like them. (Albeit, not through meticulous, scrupulous or precise timing, rather pure luck).

Did the Health Checks and had a wee-wee and wash-up.

3Wed30Got settled into the £300 second-hand recliner chair, turned on the telly so watch that I could fall asleep to.

Then realised I was giving birth!!!

A new, spot, blotch, pimple, whatever you call them, was coming up on the skin. To join in with his hundreds of brothers and sisters who had arrived over the past week or so.

I welcomed the pretty-coloured baby haemangioma, Christened him One-hundred-and-eighth, then went for a wee-wee.

A wet day, in which I was thoroughly drenched.

Attacked by Nottingham Pavement Cyclist.

Ignored by medical staff.

Had a 22-minute wait in the bank line – and I was the only one in that queue.

And gave birth for the 108th time in the last two weeks…

You’ve got to laugh!


Inchcock today – Tuesday 29th May 2018


Tuesday 29th May 2018

Korean: 2018 년 5 월 30 일 수요일

0410hrs: Woke with memories of a dream or dreams I’d been having. People were coming in through the windows and doors, leaving their bags of rubbish in the kitchen?

I stirred in the £300 second-hand recliner and the itching, prickly skin on the face, back, neck, legs, and arms were very irritating.

2Tue01WDPA02 What a Schlemiel! Plonka and Idiot With Distinction, Merit, class One, Grade A Alter cocker, Amoretz, Fertummelt, Pillock, Dimwit, and Coffin-chasing fool I am: As I went into the kitchen, the light and heat from the oven that had been left on for eight hours on 230°c greeted me! Humph! At least it was warm and snug in the kitchen! Klutz!

Went to make a brew and do the Health Checks, but got diverted by the need for utilisationing of the Porcelain Throne. A much better session this time, still a little messy, but far less so. Cleaned up.

I got the Health Checks done.


2Tue02fAt last the Sys, Dia and Pulse results had come down a smidge.

Made the tea and took the medications.

Putting away the milk (Without dropping or spilling anything, Hehe), I caught a reflection of my face in the little (I daren’t use a large one) mirror on the window ledge.

2Tue03WDPA02 Talk about having spots, blemishes, discolouring, pot-marks, and blotches!

It almost made me jump when I saw my grotesque, almost hideous facial features. Tsk!

And the operation scar on the chest had changed to a deeper colour, too? As a rule, I hardly notice it nowadays, but today I did.

2Tue02abI wonder if the film people need ready-made monsters? Hehehe!

A steady mist out there today.

Computer turned on, and I got the diary for Monday finished and posted.

I did the WP comments and went to the WP Reader site.

WDPA02 What a pickle – WordPress problems, Facebook, computer and even difficulties with Grammarly and CorelDraw! Spent ages trying to get to work on WordPress. Gave up and turned off. Tried again, no success. Went through options etc., off and on and it seems to be working still. (WordPress

Got the camera to take back to the shop, nibbles for the nurses and mobile in the bag.

Another go at sorting the computer – no luck.

Got the ablutions done. No cuts while shaving, No bleeding from Harolds Haemorrhoids. Little Inchies lesion bled, but no worse than yesterday. I got the pain gel, and skin cream applied to my rashes, spots and itchy areas.

Made a small mug of tea and updated this page.

Wrote a shopping list and made sure the phone, camera, and crossword book were in the shopping bag.

WDPA02 Set off out as far as the lift lobby, then returned to the dwelling rooms, ’cause I had a sneaky feeling I’d left the tap running, but all was okay. So off out again. I dropped the Kettle Balsamic crisps off on the 9th floor.

2Tue15Took this amazingly poor quality photo of the centre complex on the way down Chestnut Grove.

Arrived at the Nottingham City Homes, Unterscharfühereress Wardens Temporary HQ, Willmott-Dixon workers breakfast and tea-break room, Tenants Socialisation Shed, Telling Inchcock off Zone and Things to be stolen by residents container Shed, which had been opened, as usual when the Warden’s are off on holiday, by Jenny.

2Tue04Five tenants were in there. We were joined by many others, and we chinwagged away until it was time to go out for the bus.  I asked Margaret for her email address so, I can pass on the photo I took of her and Cyndy, last week.

Caught the L9 bus and dropped off on Upper Parliament Street in town. The coach on the right of the frame is the L9 that’d dropped me off.

2Tue05Outside the Poundland store, was a Rough Sleeper fast asleep on the pavement.

It is sad, but you read of so many con-men doing this. A Nottingham youth was prosecuted for something or other, last month. He was travelling to London each day to street beg with a roll-up sleeping bag. Then getting the train back to Nottingham. He told the court he was only ‘making’ £300 a day, and he did not do it on weekends.  But I cannot recall what the charge was. But he got fined £150 and given some Social Hours to do.

WDPA02 I made my way straight to the Jessops Camera Store and waited around for a day or two, (Only joking, but it felt like a long time, Hehe!) until an assistant was free to serve me.

2Tue06She was very patient with me. The particular ‘Poor, pathetic, dysfunctional, senile old thing’ mode and look, she adopted; Was the one of, if not the, best quality ones I’ve ever seen enacted so perfectly, in any store anywhere! Brilliant the way she did not make me feel embarrassed! Although of course, I was!

She pointed out that the Fn2-LVF button had been caught or pressed. I still don’t know what this button is for, but am now aware that if the screen goes off again, I am to push it repeatedly until the view comes back on. Thank you, young lady!

I bought another SD card. Then asked her where the Macro option is on the Lumix. She told me there isn’t one. But if I go to the SCN option on the wheel, and select the ‘Food’ picture option, this is as near to Macro as is available.

2Tue07I thanked the young woman and departed.

I hobbled into the Slab Square. A paramedic car and ambulance were at the bottom of Queen Street. No policemen around, of course. 

Come think of it, I didn’t see a police officer anywhere all the time I spent in the City Centre today. A rare specimen, a PC in Nottingham.

I limped across the Square and to the Poundland shop that sometimes has Pork Farm Pork Pies on sale.

They didn’t have any, though. And, the place was reminiscent of the old Bridgeway Hall Methodist Church jumble sales back in the 60’s. However, I did spend a bit on things not needed or wanted. But I did get some stuff to fill the Social Hour Nibble box up with. Some long-life individual pots of milk, diahorrea capsules and rubble sacks.

2Tue09Leaving the shop, I realised I had to make my way to the bus stop, so as not to miss the lift home.

The Nottinghamian’s did not look a happy bunch today. There were two Traffic Regulation officers, wandering about. Which shook me at first, because I thought they were policemen. Hehe!

2Tue10I got to the bus stop with minutes to spare.

The mind started off on one of it’s meandering, musing, self-guided tours of my problems. At the moment, I cannot recall where it took me, but its bound to come back into the grey-cells later. I think, perhaps maybe?

Time went by, and the bus was well late, ten minutes or so.

2Tue11Then it was fifteen minutes, as the bus came into view.

I was the only passenger to get on it.

The driver told me the traffic, and parked cars delayed his arrival.

He had to get someone to move a car on King Street so he could get through.

Then at the bottom of the same road, a car had parked on the corner, and he had to get help to guide him through between the other parked bused and the naughtily parked offending vehicle.

2Tue12The bus moved off, and at the Parliament Street stop, it almost filled up.

I took the opportunity to take an interesting photographicalisation of The Old Dog & Partridge Pub across the road.

The driver soon got us back to the flats, and the agitatedly waiting for the bus, a gang of tenants.

2Tue12aThe Willmott-Dixon lads are getting on with the new extra care building in between the other two blocks of flats with the new windows that block out the view and light. Just thought I’d mention it. Haha!

The plates-of-meat were giving some stick as I limped back to Woodthorpe Court.

Up to the flat, had a wee-wee and got the purchases stored away.

I decided today would be cheesy mashed potatoes, garden peas, tomatoes and some of the Nordic Style cooked meat, for the nosh.

2Tue14I was so pleased that the Lumix camera was working again. Not that it had stopped working of course. Just that I didn’t know how to get it working still. But I do now after the young girl has shown me. Made a mess of saying that didn’t !?

On the computer and started to update this blog.

 Did this graphic in celebration! Haha!

I did the Health Checks and medications taken.

2Tue25Got the oven on and put the potatoes in to cook off.

Somewhat of a feast tonight. Frikadellens, garden peas, tomatoes and cheesy mashed potatoes.

Got down in the chair and enjoyed this so much. Gave it a mental rating of 9.455/10 for taste. Hehehe!

2Tue24Went to get a drink of orange juice and took this photographicalisation of outside from the kitchen window.

I used the working again Lumix.

Got down in the £300 second-hand recliner and the aches and itching started straight away?

As I was Phorpain gelling the knees, I noticed 2Tue26some more mystery marks, scratches lumps and discolourations had come up on the legs and ankles?

I think I might be rotting away here? Haha!

I watched a Rumpole of the Bailey episode on the DVD, and as soon as it had finished, I nodded off and had a dream about my being a cat, and living with my sizeable feline family, I was the black kitten, all the others were grey and white?

Managed to drift off again, and the doorbell chimes rang out. I struggled to get my body removed from the recliner. I was sure that whoever it was would be long gone by the time I got to answer the door. But the lady was still there, she was looking for a lady tenant, but had got the wrong flat. Tsk! Never mind.

Head down again, but not for long, I had to get up to go for a wee-wee!

Worra life!

Inchcock Today – Monday 28th May 2018: Harrowing Bank Holiday Botherations. Tsk!

Monday 28th May 2018

Italian: Lunedì 28 Maggio 2018

Whoopsie2 0455hrs: Oy gevalt, gadzooks, cor blimey and goodness gracious me! There I was, peacefully dreaming away calmly about the best method for me to commit suicide to pay for my cock-ups and failures; the next second I was wide-awake and in instant agony: The Cramps attack seemed to affect the legs initially. As they began to ease-off, next it was the ankles turn, then the hands and fingers got affected, then the shoulders and neck! I’m so glad they didn’t all suffer at the same time. Phew!

Luckily, I thought, as usual, I had a tube of the Phorpain gel at the side of the £300 second-hand recliner, while the movement was painful and bothersome, I got the cap off of the tube. Whoopsie2 And about half of the contents shot out and down my stomach, on the jammy bottoms, and over the TV remote!

Unwontedly, the cramps died off surprisingly quickly. Which was good. For it allowed me to get the remote control dried off with the kitchen towels (At least I hope I’ve done it alright), and the mess sorted out.

A late getting up for me. But last night was a very late one. I was at least fully awake and aware within minutes after waking up, and the agony ceased. Hehe! Off I trudged into the kitchen to get the medications took, and Health Checks tackled.

Whoopsie2 I moved in my usual svelt-like super-fit, wobbly fashion and hobbled to get my slippers on, guess what. I managed to have a toe-stubbing of a supreme pain-level! That made a change; I don’t think I’ve had one of these for a few days now. The pain and stinging lingered long after the event. I’ll take an extra Codeine and Ramipril for the HBP with this morning’s tablets methinks? Tsk!

1Mon01aThe misty Bank-Holiday weather greeted me as I got to put the kettle on.

The new double-glazed glass in all of the kitchen windows had got a layer of moisture laying on them. It was not cold at all, so I opened both windows to let some air in the flat.

Off for a wee-wee.

1Mon001Made my mug of tea, and got the sphygmomanometer out. Which, worked first time this morning.

Still no signs of any requirement for me to utilise the Porcelain Throne had arrived. No rumbling from the innards either. I wondered if Trotsky Terence was easing off, or, was he tormenting me; so that he could catch me out again later on? Haha!


Computer started, and I got the Excel graph updated for last week and this morning. The odd excessively high Sys and pulse readings over the previous few days irked me. I’ll mention these to the nurse. Mind you, I know the answer I’ll get, it is always the same one. “Keep your eye on them” Hey-ho!

I made a start on this blog up to here and then went to make a mug of tea. As I was going into the kitchen, the rumbling and grumbling from the innards instantly began, and I diverted to the wet room. Which proved to be a good idea, because I made it just in time.

Whoopsie2 Little Inchies fungal lesion had been bleeding, as had Harold’s Haemorrhoids, and unbeknown to me earlier, the pain gel had run down and gelled the hairs together. What a kerfuffle!

  • The evacuation consisted of wind and water?
  • The Phorpain Gel had turned into a clear concrete constituency and took some softening to get off!
  • The blood from the Fungal Lesion had dried solid along with the gel too. The hairs on the lower regions are now about 50% less! Hehe!
  • The evacuation, cleaning and medicating things in need, took me about an hour all together. Humph!

1Mon01bI did get into the kitchen eventually to make the tea.

I took a photographicalisation out of the kitchen window, to the right and up of Noisy Herbert’s balcony.

Seems Noisy Herbert has a visitor this morning, who appeared to be pecking away furiously at something, bless him. He threw me a “What do you want?” look. Haha!

Thinking about the current Trotsky Terence situation and the variable swinging from one extreme to the other effect it is having on my Porcelain visits, I hoped that I do not have cryptosporidiosis. Oh, dear, no!

Made the brew, and back to the computer to finalise yesterday’s diary.

Went to the WordPress reader, some good stuff on there again today.

Caught up with the comments.

Tried Facebook again. Yeehaa! Running well now. Got a lot done, then decided to work on the TFZer Transport Graphics. I’ll make another mug of tea first, methinks. Great-balls-of-fire, I lead an exciting life. Hehehe!

Whoopsie2 Hello, Knock-a-bit Herbert is at it again.

One of the gals on the TFZ commented mentioning the song ‘Green Door effect can’t stop singing it now. Hehe!

A few hours creating some graphics to use late, well two anyway.

I’m not exactly feeling contented this morning. I keep coughing and stopping. No signs of any Porcelain Throne visit needed? The arm has started itching like crazy and bleeding. The shakes keep coming and going. Herbert is doing his hobby which he is entitled to of course (Grumph!). I’ve got to go see the Doctor about things, then the blood test on Wednesday… oh and the Clinic. I felt suddenly so tired and done in, too? I’ve not done any ablutions yet either!

Whoopsie2 Hello, Knock-a-bit Herbert is at it again. Drilling and grinding noises this time. But, I must remember I have been commanded by the plutocratic Nottingham City Homes Management to put up with this because he is doing no wrong in carrying put his hobby. So, I’ll say no more, and keep my residency, I hope.

I’ll get the chips on the oven and make a meal early I think. Cause I have to get up early in the morning to get things ready before I go out. Then, I must also remember to do the Health Checks, medication taking and doctoring the lesion, piles and arm. Tsk!

They are not pouring with blood, just tiny specks when I cannot resist the urge to scratch at them.


The back is itching too, and the top part of the legs?

I spent hours and hours doing some TFZer graphics again, but still only ended up with completing four of them to use later. Concentration had gone to pot! 

Bit fed-up again now.

1Mon16Got the meal sorted out.

U did a lot better this time, in eating it all up. Not that it was anything special. The £1.59 Aldi Melton Mowbray pork pie had more jelly in it than the ones I actually bought on the trip to Melton Market. Very tasty. Rated this effort as an 8/10.

Washed the pots and suddenly, I was a different person again. Aching and itching all over, Dizzy Dennis and Anne Gyna both were giving me some stick now.

Took the medications and did the Health Checks.

Got stripped off and went get the ablutions done. Had a shave, did the teggies, and a good showering session. Therapeutic, alleviational, creaming, oiling, curative, pain relieving, preventative, medicationalisational and sanative duties were performed. Tending to Little Inchies lesion being the worst activity pain-wise.

I’ve got to say I was surprised that during this session, No shakes, dizzies or Anne Gyna attacks whatsoever. As soon as I got into the main room, they returned? Most odd!

1Mon17Got down in the £300 second-hand recliner, that is now shuddering when in use. A bit like me? Tsk!

Noticed one-heck of a bruise on the ankle, several new pot marks, spots and the like on the legs, chest, feet and arms. Yellow patches?

The flat felt, erm… clammy!

Must remember to take the Lumix back to the shop tomorrow, to find out why the viewer screen is has stopped working.

Being late again in getting the head down, I still tried to watch an episode of Rumpole of the Bailey. Fell asleep soon afterwards. 

An itchy and dream-filled few hours followed.

TTFN each.

Inchcock Today – Sunday 27th May 2018

Sunday 27th May 2018

Bulgarian: Неделя, 27 май 2018 г.

0235hrs: Not the usual confusion of thoughts in the head this morning. My usual wayward inner-rambling were concentrated on the facts that for two days now I’ll be without any buses, Herbert will be banging away up above, Trotsky Terence’s terrible reign of terror; and Anne Gyna being so bad to me this morning. The strongest worry being the dull pains under the left armpit and side of the chest.

This has affected me only twice before. Annoyingly, both times at holiday period weekends!

7Sun02WDPBL And, after I’d risen out of the £300 second-hand recliner and had done the first Health Check, the brain concentrated solely on the resulting readings!

What the hell is going on here!

WDPBL Trotksy Terence attacked at this very moment, and I had to scuttle off to the Porcelain Throne with all haste.

I got there in time, though. I think the evacuation was less messy then yesterdays. Fingers crossed.

But it was still a time consuming and painful clean-up and a medicationalisationing session that was needed.

7Sun03Back to the sphygmomanometer to do another Health Check.

This one was better. However, I think I’ll mention these sudden high readings to the nurse on Wednesday’s blood test.

I did wonder if this pain, dull-ache under the left arm and chest might have something to do with it? If I remember correctly, on the other occasions this has happened, I had similar trouble. Then again, I’ve probably got it all mixed up.


7Sun01I considered whether or not I should set about sorting out the bottom medical drawer.

But that is as far as it went; thinking about it!

I took an extra Dia capsule.

Then, I looked up Internet Addiction. And, found I was guilty of many of them!

Many alternative activities (I’m being defensive here, Tsk!) are not viable. My medical ailments prevent me doing such a lot of things. Here are my guilty admissions to Internet Addiction according to the website:

  1. Sacrificing doing work or chores to spend more time online.
  2. Losing track of your online time.
  3. Staying on the internet longer than you had intended.
  4. Feeling angry or irritable if your internet time is interrupted.
  5. Feeling defensive about your internet use.
  6. Feeling a sense of euphoria from using the internet.
  7. Using the internet as an outlet for feelings of depression.
  8. Making attempts to limit your internet use several times and failing.
  9. Being openly honest online.

I then went to the NHS site to see if this is considered an illness, where help might be available. The first thing I found out was, I’m a shopperholic too! “Shopping becomes an addiction when you buy things you don’t need or want to achieve a buzz; this is quickly followed by feelings of guilt, shame or despair” Loneliness driven usually. So true, too!

So, apparently, my different ailments are now: Computer Addiction, Unstable Angina. Rheumatoid arthritis. Inguinal (inner groin), incisional (resulting from an incision) Hernias. A sticking Laryngopharyngeal Reflux valve (Silent Reflux). Prostrate and bladder cancer (in remission). A duodenal ulcer. Had a new mechanical Aortic valve replacement. On Warfarin which causes so much bother and hassle with bleeding, you wouldn’t believe it. I have a hard time believing it – Hehe! I have tinnitus. Partially colour blindness (Reds and associated). A hearing loss range average (dB HL) of 63 in both ear holes. Disequilibrium/Vertigo. Neurological problems, leaving me with sudden unintentional, rhythmic movements of any part of the body. A right foot that sticks out to the right making walking on uneven ground a bit dodgy, but not painful in itself at all. Hypertension. High blood-pressure (See above), and cholesterol. Then there is the Fungal Lesion, that seems to have baffled all the experts. Not as to what it is that causing the bleeding, they know I have the lesion. But they have no idea how I got it in the first place? Anyway, the bleeding means I have to wear Protection Pants, wash and apply Daktacort cream after every time I pass water. Costs a fortune… I shan’t go on, I’m boring myself now. Humph!

I have avoided the word ‘dementia.’ As it is just an umbrella term for the symptoms caused by these diseases such as memory loss, confusion, and personality change.” And very prevalent in older persons.

Socialising is harder nowadays, because of my lack of confidence and low self-esteem.

But I know things are getting worse. So I thought I’d write this piffle while I still could. Hahaha!

Blimey, I did waffle on there, sorry folks.

I got in with finishing the Saturday post and got it sent off to WordPress.

Made a start on this blog page.

Sorted some photographs out to use on the TFZer site later. That is, if the newly updated MS Windows, will let me post them, it might not even allow me onto the site again?

The dull pains are moving around a bit now, further under the left armpit and lower down in the chest.

I’m still not sure it isn’t Anne Gyna of some sort?

After hours, I went to make a small mug of tea and took an extra Codeine 30g.

I took these photographs while I was waiting for the kettle to boil. The sylvan area of the Copse looked beautiful.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

WDPBL Puzzled at the length of time the water was taking to come to the boil, I investigate the situation. Finding the kettle was not switched on, I then turned it on. What a Shlimazel!

I pondered on whether I’ll get my just guerdons when I get to heaven? Which was a silly thought, because I don’t believe there is a heaven, although even if I did, there would be no way St Peter would let me through the gate; also if there are any gates or a St Peter. I can’t imagine there have been many tellurians worthy of such a distinction. I’d imagine they would start a war between Satan’s gang in Hell, and The Lord’s mob in heaven. The Christians wouldn’t stand a chance, though. They would be outnumbered by many billions to one, surely? At least when the time comes, I will have fewer people to bother about not seeing again, and fretting over leaving a fortune behind me. By gum, I’ve cheered myself up a bit now!

These flipping pains around the chest and armpit are getting a bit nasty with me now. Tsk! Any worse and I might have to ring somewhere about it. Not that this would make me very popular with the hospital on Bank Holiday. Best to leave it and take another painkiller later on.

I started to prepare the graphics using CorelDraw, ready to send off to the TFZer site. It will be a long job. I just hope the Facebook and the newly updated MS Windows permits me to do so.

Oh, I know, I’ll put the potatoes in the crock-pot with some seasonings now, then they should be ready by the time I get peckish and sort the nosh out. A tin of… Oh, no! I’ve got the pork pie to have! I piece of pork pie, the last of the Anya potatoes in balsamic water, sliced mini-multicoloured tomatoes (Crap flavour, from Morocco, but I can pour some balsamic vinegarette over them to mask the bitter taste). Sliced gherkins etc.? I’ll get them in the slow-cooker now.

For some unascertainable reason, I cheered up considerably while getting the potatoes in the pan. Even though, they had started growing shoots/roots after only two days of purchasing them from the Sainsbury store on Arnold? I had to scrape them off with the vegetable brush. Tsk!

7Sun05Then, my disposition and temperament changed back to one of moroseness, defeat, and frustration.

My mood should not have altered, because Noisy Herbert in the flat above, has not been heard at all this morning (Yet).

However, seeing the light cutting-out thick framed new windows in the kitchen, may have had some effect, perhaps? Don’t you think they look gloomy and somehow oppressive? Especially compared to the old windows I used to have?

The previous windows, even with the hoist outside of them, seems let in so much more light. Or am I imagining this?

The news window has undoubtedly ruined the panoramic view!

Eventually, I got around to starting preparing the graphics for the TFZ site.

1150hrs: Herbert above is active again. Tap-bang-scrape!

Made a brew, checked the crock-pot (Not even started to boil yet?).

Back to the graphicationalisationing.

Bloomin’ ‘eck, I’m doing some coughing now. What next! Humph!

Pressed on with the TFZer “Which one would like to nibble at” graphic series.

Noisy Herbert’s not taking a break yet. I wish he would!

More hours went, But Herbert has not been at it so much.

I popped into the kitchen to make a brew and noticed how bad the floor was along cupboard door bottom. And with my feeling better now, I decided to get down with a floor cloth and clean it up. Proud of myself Mode Adopted! Huh!  should have known better.

Guess what happened… no, I’ll tell yers. Hehe!

7Sun06cWDPBL Well, blow me down! I managed, with ease and no bother or effort whatsoever, to cut myself down the fingernail on the corner of the cupboard door edging.

I finished cleaning that little corner and then tackled getting back up again. Not easy!

Back to the computer and finished off the 17th TFZer graphic I’d done. At the time I decided to save them to file and pack-up.

WDPBL Did the Health Checks. Sys 188, Dia 79 and the Pulse 101, so things have not got back to being in range yet. If things stay like this tomorrow, I’ll go early for the blood test on Wednesday, and ask if there is any chance of me seeing the Doctor.

7Sun07WDPBL Again! I decided to get the nosh sorted out, and realised the potato cake would not be ready, the instant I noticed I had not turned on the oven! Klutz!

So, I turned it on, far too late, but there you go; Proof of my going senile without a doubt!

I cleaned up the mess I’d made during my accident. Which took longer than I anticipated.

This was due to the length of time it took me to get down and back up again.

WDPBL Pleased with myself and feeling a little chuffed, I went to put the potato cakes in the oven. I opened to stove door and found the kiln dead cold. How can this be, I turned on the oven and heat setting on the switches, I know I did? Humph, what a foolish Nebekh grade one, Class A! So I then turned on power at the electricity plug! Oh, is there any hope left for me? Very little I believe.

WDPBL So now,7Sun07a I have the balsamic cooked potatoes so overcooked they have tuned yellowy-orange. And potato cakes not even out in the oven yet.

Still, these little Whoopsiedangleplops and signs of mental instability give me something to think about. Shlemiel!

I went back to the computer to post off the graphics I’d just finished for the TFZer site.

Graphics made a mess and got confused – so happy to get some done as well.

Noisy Herbert was donating the odd, tap-tap, bang and Thud occasionally, bless him.

7Sun38At long last, and four hours later than I usually would have done, I got the meal sorted.

Staying awake to eat it was a bit of a challenge, mind you. Haha!

I couldn’t eat much of it, despite it being a rather tasty dollop of food on my plate. I felt a bit disgusted with myself when I found I had to bin about a half of it.

Did the Health Checks and took the night medications.

7Sun39As I did the washing up, I noticed there was only one gap in the clouds, and took this zoomed-in photograph of the sky. Which reminded me not to forget to take the kaputt new Lumix camera back to the shop on Tuesday.

It was very late, by the time I got settled into the £300 second-hand recliner to try and get some sleep.

After the mistakes I’d made with the TFZers names, I got them mixed up with the graphics I did, I felt pretty low again.

Here are a few of them:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Cheers, all, thanks for reading this claptrap and making feel betterer.

Your, defeatedly; Inchcock.

Inchcock Today – Saturday 26th May 2018: Another day of demi-depressionalisation!

Saturday 26th May 2018

Punjabi: ਸ਼ਨੀਵਾਰ 26 ਮਈ 2018

0325hrs: I’m afraid I woke in a sorry state. Both mentally and physically. I lay there for ages pondering fearing and worrying about seemingly endless ailments and my continuing journey from logicality into the hands of insanity. My coping-ability levels are dropping and becoming unreliable nowadays. I’m thinking silly things, yet hanging on to my empathy for others?

The new ferocious flatulence had moved into the innards, and one massive breakage of wind, that must have been building up overnight, escaped from the rear end. It almost lifted me off of my Haemmorhoid Harold’s ring-cushion! Painful and noisy in the extreme! I responded by removing myself from the £300 second-hand recliner, and off to the Porcelain Throne with all possible haste.

1Mon01b I got there in plenty of time. However, the evacuation was once again almost liquid and required a lot of cleaning up and medicating afterwards. Little Inchies fungal lesion had been bleeding, was sore and itchy too. New PPs put on. Cleaned everything up and applied some Daktacort Cream. An uncomfortable experience. Harold’s Haemorrhoids had to be cleansed and medicated too. This performance got me off to a bad start for the day, which is a shame, because I’d woken up with tension, fear and apprehension already firmly embedded in my currently tormented mind.

6Sat001I can see now, the high winds blowing the Copse, trees, and bushes about something rotten, outside. Mist lingering, what bit of drizzle earlier had stopped entirely now.

I must get some bread and milk in today. I hope that the weather is kind. Into the kitchen to make a brew and do the Health Checks, medication taking, etc.

The mind wandered off on its own accord before I did the Health Checks. The dodgy state of the innards, my bad memory and getting confused so easily nowadays, the damned Bank Holiday on Monday; No buses, Noisy Herbert will have a hay-day with his banging and knocking, No one to talk to or have a laugh with…

1Mon01b The thoughts were deflected when I realised the warm wet sensation from the lower regions indicated that blood was escaping, or I was wee-weeing myself. Humph! Back to the wet room to investigate and clarify which ailment was causing this leaky situation this time. (I think I might be resigning from worrying, [I hope] because this problem, I took in my stride, even the embarrassment and pain of sorting it out didn’t get to me much?). My aboulomania seems to have turned to acceptance?

This was a good thing this bleeding, cause it ensured that I was handily placed right next to the Porcelain Throne when Trotsky Terence insisted on some more of the innards pungent liquid being got rid of ASAP. Harolds Haemorrhoids did not like this in the least bit and stung away nastily as the evacuation took place. The throbbing, smarting, burning and irritating itching ensued. Another painful session of cleansing and medicationalisationing was needed. Another change of PPs. Huh!

6Sat07Rinsed me up and wiped around with the antiseptic disinfectanted hessian cloth, kept just for this job.

Back to the kitchen, and made myself a tasty brew of Breakfast Tea in the medium-sized mug. (It just came into my mind then. A medium sized mug could describe me down to a tea! Although, swapping medium for plumb would be a tad more exact? Hehe!)

At long last I got the Health Checks done. All readings were in range I think.


The ailments and Whoopsideangleplops seem to have affected my thoughts and thinking this morning. Making the creation and application of methodical, articulate, consistent or relevant considerations, a little more unstable and awkward than usual.

I really must talk to someone who can understand and arrange for some help. I fear I will do nothing about it, though. Being the psychoneurotic depressive (I think so anyway), and champion fritterer! Hehe!

1Mon01b At long last, I got the Computer on to update yesterday’s blog page.


  • 6Sat03Pinterest would not let me load any graphics from WordPress?
  • WordPress kept on swapping to US English, and I had to repeatedly change the settings back to UK English.
  • Then Liberty-Virgin internet went off, and it took me ages to get it going again!
  • Then, CorelDraw demanded my signing in, even though I had not signed out! MS Windows update might be to blame?

0505hrs: Eventually, I got the Friday diary finished and posted off. What, a palaver!

I hoped and prayed that things would not go on like they have been doing, for all over these unwanted, lonely damned busless, depressingly banal and bad-luck ridden Bank Holiday. I bet noisy Herbert likes them. This thought makes me even more depressed in nature.

Sorted the waste bags and got them taken to the rubbish chute.

Off to get the ablutions and medicating done again. I felt a bit better about myself after the shave, shower and other requirements were all done.

6Sat05Out to shops around 0900hrs.

Getting out onto Chestnut Walk, I took this photographicalisation of the end of Woodthorpe Court and the New Extra Care unit being built in between the existing two less-care tower blocks. They look close, don’t they?

Sure to block out the light and view for the lower floor tenants. I’m so happy to be up on the 12th floor.

The complete complex will be called Winwood Heights, the new Extra Care unit will be called Winwood Court, along with the old Woodthorpe, and Winchester Courts will be keeping their names.

6Sat06I noticed further along the road that the Winchester Court flats were at the stage of having their Kitchen windows fitted. The dark frame is one of the newly fitted ones. Compared to the much preferred older ones, you can see how they block the wonderfully previous panoramic view. And the bottom pane is much deep in size, the frames are thicker and let even less light into the kitchens now. But, I’m not moaning and groaning, just mentioning it.

6Sat07At the end of Chestnut Walk, I took this picture displaying the vast array of what used to be all Council Houses and Estates.

But Mrs Thatcher changed the rules and forced the local councils into selling their tenants the properties. So, now it is a mish-mash of rented and privately owned dwellings.

6Sat08As I crossed over and up Mapperley Rise (The steeper top part leading up to Mapperley Plains), the plates-of-meat and Anne Gyna started to play me up a bit. I had to stop a few times to catch my breath. To be expected really on this stretch of road.

But, this gave me photographic intentions a chance to use the small Nikon camera a few 6Sat09times on the hobble. I’m missing the new Lumix already, I must get to the Jessops camera shop on Tuesday and see if they will mend it for me, or if it is my fault and I’ve accidentally changed or broken something? Yutz!

As I struggled up the cruel hill and around the first bend, it looked like it had been snowing. Hehe!

6Sat10I did notice they had, at last, replaced the stolen sand-salt from the grit-bin on the corner of Maurice Drive.

Better late than never, but will it be stolen again as soon as any ice appears on the hill? I expect it will get nicked again, knowing my Nottinghamian fellow residents as I do.

I got to the top of the road and turned left onto 6Sat11Woodborough Road.

A sad sight indeed. The old Millenium Car Showrooms and grounds. Now vandalised, drug needles, empty beer cans and spirit bottles in the weed-strewn grass verge, and just a few hundred yards of where two murders and five stabbings have taken place in the last eight months or so.

The plates were worse than ever as I progress limpingly along to the Aldi store to get my bread, milk and a TV paper. However, as soon as I’d been walking on the flat surface for a couple of minutes, Anne Gyna calmed down rapidly.

6Sat12Alas, my shopping addiction got the better of me again. Ahem!

I did get the bread, milk and TV paper… but also: A Pork Pie, flavoured mineral water, mature cheddar cheese, frikadellens, long life cobs, pork ribs, tomatoes, Breakfast tea bags, tomatoes, fresh cream jam & doughnuts and ice-cream cones. Spent a bit there. Cough!

6Sat13I’d like to point out that the cream doughnuts were purchased for Jenny and Frank, in the flats. 

Oh yes, they were!

I paid the young chap and departed from the store onto Woodborough Road, to walk back to Woodthorpe Court in the opposite route I had taken to get there.

6Sat14When I got home later, I found this photograph on the SD card between the Aldi store above and the Nottingham City Homes Electronic Information board on the wall, near the lifts in the Woodthorpe Court foyer.

I can’t recall taking it, or what it was supposed to be displaying?

The hobble down the hill was much more comfortable and without any complaints from the ailment. Well, apart from the feet!

Sister Jane rang as I walked down the hill. I said I’d ring her back.

I got back a lot quicker than what it took me to get to the store. (Downhill, Hehe!) I’d done a decent job with the timing I thought.

On Chestnut Walk, I looked at the Nottingham City Homes Unterscharführeress Wardens Temporary HQ, Willmott-Dixon workers breakfast and tea-break room, Tenants Socialisation Shed, Telling-Inchcock-off Zone and Things to be stolen by residents room, Portakabin across the road, it looked deserted from what I saw through the windows. I was going to see if Jenny was in. I carried on hobbling.

6Sat15As I went into the flats, Frank was there in the foyer. We had a little natter, a grand lad Frank. He told me Jenny was in the cabin. He was on his way there too. So I asked him if he would take the jam and cream doughnuts to her for me, and he agreed to. Bless him.

The electronic sign told me it was only 11:11hrs, Saturday 26th May. And, there was and light rain and showers outside with a temperature of 19°c. Also that I could become a Nottingham City Homes Community Mediator?

6Sat16I got the vegetables prepared and cooing in the saucepan. Turnips, swede, orange peppers, red onions, and mushrooms.

I did then in some Hickory Smoked sauce.

I left the saucepan on a low heat and put the other fodder away in the wherever they were to live until I ate them later.

6Sat17I checked the till receipt and then had a look see if anything was worth watching on the TV.

Not a lot appealed to me.

Did the Health Checks and then onto the computer to continue with updating this load of twaddle.

Now the CorelDraw programme is playing up, 6Sat18icons disappearing from the screen?

Feeling so pee’d-off with life now! I just turned everything off, sulked, grumbled to myself and as soon as the timer chirped to tell me the pork ribs needed turning over in the oven; The phone rang. Sister Jane, but I could not get to the mobile in time.

On the way to the kitchen, I was accompanied by Noisy Herbert’s melodic, ♫ Bang, thud tapping♫ from above.

Into the kitchen and rang Jane back while I added some frikadellens to the BBQ pork ribs and turned them over.

It was while talking to Jane and she mentioned something, and this reminded me I had the frikkadelens in the fridge, so added them to the tray in the oven.

The vegetables cooking in the sauce were almost cooked.

I was working away at the preparing the fodder while nattering with Sister Jane. (History 6Sat23proves this is not a good idea, cause lack of concentration has been my downfall on many occasions that have led to some severe Whoopsiedangleplops in the past!)

Still, it all came out marvellously when I got it in served up in the bowl.

An excellent rating of 9.45/10 for taste value!

The washing up after dining, as you can imagine, took an awfully long messy time! Hehe!

6Sat24I hoped that the content of this dinner would not affect Trotsky Terence. Fingers Crossed!

Did the Health Checks and got the TV on. Fell asleep straight away, despite the tap-tapping from Herbert in the flat above.

Woke around 2100hrs, I remembered that on channel 12 Dave, they were showing some Red Dwarf episodes, and decided to watch them.

I only got as far as the first set of commercials before I nodded-off. Oy Vey.

Inchcock Today – Friday 25th May 2018: The Terrorising Trotskies Return. Whoopsiedangleplops Galore! Not well at all, poor old ‘Lucky’ Inchcock!

Friday 25th May 2018

French: Vendredi 25 Mai 2018

0400hrs: I stirred into imitation life and awaited the body and mind to loosely link-up together. Things felt a little odd, apart from the little bit of rumbling from the innards, all the other ailments were in an excellent calm mood with me. This can’t last!

I rose out of the £300 second-hand recliner and went to get the Health Checks done.


5Fri001bThe results looked fine to me. With these reasonable readings and the lack of ailments hassling me, I was more worried than ever now. Tsk!

Had a wee-wee.

Made a brew and took this photograph that came out rather poorly, considering I was using the new Lumix camera?

WDP01 Then the view screen disappeared! I’ll have to try to get to town and the Jessop camera store to find out if I’d pressed something wrong or if the camera has gone kaputt.

Popped into the wet room to use the Porcelain Throne. A loose little evacuation, mostly wind.

WDP01 Onto the Computer.  For some unknown reason, using WordPress on Firefox was impossible. So, I tried it on Google and had to sign-in and change username to get the job done? After a while, I attempted to use Firefox again, mostly blank screens? Back to Google Chrome. It was a struggle to get yesterday’s diary updated, as the pictures would not load into WordPress, so I had to keep going back on Firefox to download them, then again to Google to do the written work. Well, pee’d off now!

WDP01 I remembered the MS Windows update that came in yesterday – could it be this that is cocking me up? Had to keep swapping for ages each time I needed to do a different sort of editing?

5Fri002I went to the kitchen for a mental-break and too calm down, I was well uptight.

The weather looked bleak, misty and a little showery.

I took this photograph with the Lumix, and it seemed to be working okay for this poor effort of mine, at a decent picture.

The drilling outside started again around 0840hrs, but it was short-lived and sounded farther away than yesterday.

WDP01 There was I, just pouring the milk into the mug of tea and; What a vexation-ridden embarrassment, frustration and irking distressing thing to happen to me. Feh! The rear-end works decided to operate the evacuation functions of their own accord, and at rapid speed! I did my best to get to the Porcelain Throne on time, but couldn’t make it. I was in a proper shameful, humiliating, and uncomfortable state of agitation over this pickle I found myself in.

I recognised that avoiding this disaster was not my own fault and gornisht helfn. But shame and self-loathing came to the fore.

5Fri005aI had to have a proper clean up afterwards, of me and the wet room. I could, despite there being no one else about, feel my embarrassment coming out and a red face glowing.

After freshening up, I returned to the kitchen to make another small mug of tea. I took a diarrhorea capsule and left the others on the counter to get to later. In case the next 5Fri005Porcelain Throne visit was an urgent one too.

The temperature in the kitchen was a high 69°f. Still looking a little gloomy out there.

My spirits were lower than ever now. Especially when I realised that going out today, to the camera shop or getting some bread and milk in stock, was out of the question. Far too risky, I do not want to risk getting ‘Caught Short’ again by another Diarrhoea David attack.


I thought about just leaving doing this post altogether, such was my melancholia. But my being a graphomaniac, I didn’t.

5Fri006After a while, with no signs of any Diarrhoea David returning, I went into the kitchen to make another brew.

I decided to refill the vinegar bottle. I rinsed it out and went to the window ledge and thought I’d tore off a piece of paper towel to fry the bottle with.

WDP01 But I’d got it wrong and 5Fri007traipst the roll all over the floor. I might have a reasonable bruise coming up on my head where I hit it on my way down to pick up the paper towel!

Back onto the computer, all confused and struggling to gain full control of my faculties, I thought.

WDP01 Another One! Could I find the 32mb SDH card? No! I spent ages searching and exploring every cupboards, carpet, drawer repeatedly! I knew I had it when I used the new Nikon Camera? Eventually, I gave up the hunt, hoping I will ‘come across’ it at a later time or date. What a Nudzh!

I reflected on the Whoopsiedangleplops affecting me so far today:

  1. The new Lumix camera viewer-screen, dying on me.
  2. WordPress, Grammarly, Google Chrome, Firefox and computer problems, apparently having been caused by the MS Windows update?
  3. Diarrhorea David’s Blitzkrieg Attack and the resultant shame and uncertainties.
  4. Liberty-Virgin internet repeatedly losing connections failures.
  5. The paper-towel incident and injuries.
  6. Losing the SDH card? – Then my finding it in the first place that I’d looked for it?

The way this morning has gone, I sort of expected this Whoopsiedangleplop list to have been longer.

No bread, no milk, no hope! Hehehe!

Conceivably, the diarrhorea might ease-off, and the weather is alright in the morning so I can have a walk into Sherwood to get the bread and milk, in.

I’m still puzzled as to why another follow-up attack from the rear-end has not come… Yet awhile anyway! But, I can feel that the churning is still fermenting in the guts.

WDP01 Then, much further chagrin and the lowering of my esteem and worth, I found the missing 32mg card! Worst of all, it was in the first place I had looked for it after thinking it had disappeared! I was keeping the curtains closed in case the Willmott Dixon team might appear at the windows, while I might be suffering the runs etc. And this lack of lighting and my colour blindness on reds, made me think it was another card in the reader. I’m running out of original names to call myself now! Yutz!

WDP01 Great balls of fire, no sooner had I written the paragraph above, Diarrhorea David’s second Blitzkrieg arrived! Far less hassle this time. I made it to the Porcelain Throne in time. Albeit only just! Still runny and messy though. Humph!

The workmen didn’t do their drilling for long this morning. Noisy Herbert above compensated for this, with regular banging about. Then just before noon, what sounded like a door being closed-shut with venom and strength from above. No more sonances then. I’m not complaining. Oh No! Not after being told he is doing nothing wrong in following his hobby and being noisy as long as it is between 0800hrs and 2000hrs, by the Cat-Walk model and Nottingham City Homes Gruppenfurheress Manager. It might yet prove fatal though. One can only take so much while being ignored. I wonder if he is rich, well endowed or has he any influential friends? Hehehe!

I considered going to the shops again, but would I be lucky enough? No, best leave it until tomorrow and see how things are then.

Health Checks were done.

I was unsure of what to have for the nosh, bearing in mind the Diarrhorea Davids attentions, and not wanting to encourage or inspire them.

Got sidetracked, off for another visit to the Porcelain Throne. Again it was close getting there in time, but I managed it.

5Fri008Today, I had got very little done that I had planned. A mishegoss and frustration filled day.

Turned on the TV to watch some episodes of Rumpole of the Baily.

I settled my body down in the £300 second-hand recliner and tucked into the plate of fodder.

I thought that fish might be the safest food, so made a meal of fish fingers in batter, the cod portion I had to throw away, it tasted dodgy to me, so I did not risk eating it.  The Scottish Smoked Mackerel tasted good.

I couldn’t eat all of it.

I feared the Trotskies would return in the night.

But they didn’t. Well, not until the early morning.

I haven’t felt so dismal or such a no-hoper in my life.

Inchcock Today – Thursday 24th May 2018

Thursday 24th May 2018

Greek: Παρασκευή 25 Μαΐου 2018

0325hrs: I woke and tried to recall the dream I was certain I’d been enjoying seconds before waking up. Nothing came into the mind.

Then, the grey-cells, of their own free-will, decided that deliberating about my wonderful record in the Failure Stakes of life, was needed. Pondering over my pathetic pronouncements, dreadful decisions I’ve taken, pantagruelian pasquinades in policymaking, injudicious judgements and so on.

With my vast experience in perpetually committing these errors, mistakes, and Whoopsiedangleplops over the years, you would imagine that I would be the last person to suffer from 5. But, no. Fear of failure, despite the certain knowledge that I will be guilty of so it frequently, remains a part of my life. Nowadays, as the remaining time to get it right dwindles, I find that things go wrong, I forget something, get confused, progressively more often.

These thoughts did concern me, but at the same time, I realise that nothing can be done, now in my dotage and possible senility approaching at a seemingly increasing and frightening speed. The occurrences of shortcomings, blunders, lapses, deficiencies, malfunctions, disappointments, and dysfunctions will increase.

Well, that little crack-of-dawn, cogitative-cerebration-session did me no good whatsoever. Just left me further in the depths of… what’s the word I’m looking for? Woebegoneness should cover it.

4Thu01I dismounted the £300 second-hand recliner, got the slippers on and I made my to the kitchen to do the Health Checks.

The Shaun Shakes came on and stayed with me for a few minutes this time. It ruined the blind-photograph I took through the kitchen window, that’s for sure.

Hello, a car parking space!

I got the hemadynamometer and did the Health Checks.



Made-up the dosage pots for next week. And notwithstanding Shaking Shaun still giving me his attention (although he had eased off considerably), I did this job without dropping any of the medications. Swank-Mode Adopted – Hehe!

Made a brew, and got the computer on and started to finalise yesterday’s Inchcock Today. Posted it off.

I got the nibble-box filled, and the raffle prizes collated ready to take to the Social Hour; at the Temporary Untersturmführeress Wardens archididascalian Head-honcho HQ, Willmot-Dixon workers breakfast kitchen and tea-break room, Ear-plug supply machine, Target for thieves, Training room, Telling Inchcock-Off cell, and Social Hut. He-he!

Back to the computer and checked the Emails.

Went on to the WordPress comments and the Reader page.

Made a start on creating this blog page.

Shaun’s Shakes eased off, and Ann Gyna nipped in to replace him straight away. Humph! I took an extra Omeprazole capsule.

Off to the hut, taking my confused brain with me and the EQ telling me things are not going to be good today and tomorrow! At the Social Hour; at the Temporary Untersturmführeress Wardens archididascalian Head-honcho HQ, Willmot-Dixon workers breakfast kitchen and tea-break room, Ear-plug supply machine, Target for thieves, Training room, Telling Inchcock-Off Office, and Social Hut, the EQ was sensing tensions, underlying tones of discontentment. But the hour went well enough otherwise.

As we all started to leave, I caught Margaret from Winchester Court (The one behind in this picture, and Cyndy and took this image. Both gals are young at heart and well liked.

I shot back to the flat and got this photo on here, then out again to go to Arnold for some shopping. (Fancy that, me, shopping? Haha!)

4Thu03Caught the bus, Caroline from the Care Home got off, and we had a few words before I had to get on the departing bus to the Sainsbury store. 

Arriving in Daybrook, I alighted the vehicle and had a wander around the store.

Where I bought Anya potatoes, on sale single-serve-sized (Say this when you’ve had a few, Haha!) tinned garden peas, sauce, onion granules, lemon grass, kettle chips, and frozen chips.

5Fri003Whoosie3W01 Also, what I thought were edible candles to go on top of the cakes I intend to bake next week. It turns out they are real candles. Humph! Still, I think that Jenny might like these for one of the socials she arranges for other folks?

I paid the lady at the checkout and made haste to the bus stop to catch the L9 back to those wonderfully peaceful, hassle-free, no-pressure Nottingham City Homes Independent Living flats, so to be renamed Winwood Heights.

4Thu04Whoosie3W01 Oh, dearie me, I missed it! 

So, I waited and caught a City Bound bus, in the hopes that it would arrive in Sherwood with time for me to alight and get the L9 up the hill to home.

The bus was well crowded.

4Thu20Whoosie3W01 The City bus did not get there in time, and I had to walk back to the flats. I decided to take an alternative route this time.

I cut through by the Sherwood Medical Centre and up to Woodthorpe Grange Park, right and down passing the Copse to the flats.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

A lack of Nottinghamians on the hobble home.

4Thu18Got in and had a wee-wee. (This practice seemed to continue in repeat-mini spurts for hours?).

Got the nosh prepared and served up. The Auntie Betty’s oven chips were grand. The apples not very tasty for a Cox’s Pippin. The Italian garden peas not bad at all. The Weiners were tasty! The tomatoes varied, from bitterly uneatable to super-duper tasty. The orange pepper was way too strong for me, so didn’t get eaten, apart from the first slice I tried, and that was spat-out. Rated this meal an overall 6.9/10.

The innards were threateningly beginning to rumble and grumble.

I put the TV on to watch the local news. It was mostly depressing. I remembered why I don’t usually watch it now. Tsk!


Soon nodded off, despite the innards and Anne Gyna playing up.

I’ll be back folks, but the EQ warns me of many altercations and accidents to come. It’s rarely wrong you know. Hehehe!


Inchcock Today – Wednesday 23rd May 2018: It was a Whoopsiedangleplop ridden day. Full of exasperating, grousing, annoying, nit-picking, fault-finding, bothersome, incident-ridden botherations!

Wednesday 23rd May 2018

Scots Gaelic: Diciadain 23 Cèitean 2018

0425hrs: Woke up and seeing no signs of any nocturnal nibbling,  I was pleased. I waited for the brain to merge with the body, then saw a lot of scribbling on the notepad, but no memories of any dream details. The handwriting was undecipherable, so no help at all.

I deracinated my body mass from the £300 second-hand recliner and limped off for a wee-wee. Most relieved to see that Little Inchies Fungal Lesion had only bled a little.

3Wed02I took this photographicalisation of, I presumed a lady or chap was going off to work early morning.

I felt no guilt that it was not me. Hehe!

Porcelain Throne duties carried out. During which the brain quodlibetificated with itself, in an effort to sort out the needs of the day. To the Doctors for the blood test, hopefully, with Nurse Nichole. But the uncaring staff have given me another late appointment, 12:40hrs! Which means I have to go even later to the GUM Clinic for the testing to see which procedure they will recommend; Stapled or Strangulation Haemorrhoidectomy. During which, due to the lateness of the day for me, I fully anticipate I will be falling asleep during the examination. Globdangerations!

Got the Health Checks done. The hemadynamometer took the readings on only the second attempt.

The resulting figures all seemed acceptable to
3Wed01 me.

WDP02B I didn’t pull put the connecting tube correctly, and as I walked to fetch the milk from the refrigerator, I yanked the flipping sphygmomanometer off of the counter! What a nebech! Chipped a bit of the casing and scratched parts of it.

The worst part was the getting back up after bending down to retrieve the machine form the floor. And the pleurodynia started giving me some stick afterwards. Nebbish!

3Wed04Then, another WDP02B! I dropped the mug while getting the bottle from the fridge, and I had another fine-mess to sort out, with more painful bending. Grumph!

However, the cup did not break, and it was the tiny porcelain one as well? So I made another mug of Breakfast Tea. And carefully, very much so, I took it to the computer desk.

Where I did the commenting and WordPress Reading first. Then began to update the Tuesday Diary. Not a very successful day yesterday overall – but then, today has not precisely started off too merrily either.

An Email from the clinic arrived, the appointment for the assessment has been cancelled. Well, fancy that!

I collated the nibbles for the nurse and put the paperwork and letters for surgery and clinic in the jacket pocket safely.

Had a wee-wee and started on this blog.

0920hrs: The Willmott-Dixon lads are back at the drilling outside just above my balcony.

Got the ablutions and medicationalisationing sorted out.

Grubbled about trying to make sure I had everything needed in the bag, then a check to see if the lights, taps, and power, etc. were not left wrongly, and set off out.

I’d taken a lot longer than envisaged with the medicating, so decided I’d walk to the bottom of Winchester Street and catch a bus to the surgery. If I walked all the way to the blood test, I might be late arriving.

3Wed06WDP02B Out and limped to the end of Chestnut Walk and down the hill. I crossed over before the bend in the road, it is safer just here. Around the curve, the Gas company had dug up the pavement and blocked the footpath off. So, I had to cross back over the road, at considerable risk, the traffic was heavy. The cross back again further down the hill. Tsk!

I limped on down the Mansfield Road and left to the bus stop.

3Wed05WDP02B Where a young Nottingham Pavement Cyclist shot by very close to hitting me! 

He then nearly hit a lady with a shopping trolley. And continued to weave between the other pedestrians at a high rate of knots.

An uncaring antisocial animal with no manners, empathy with others; who really does need to come off of the bike and break a limb, poke his eye out and crack his skull open. Better still, fallen off of his bicycle and ended up underneath a heavy vehicle. Then get imprisoned. Just a wishful, justice-seeking whimsical thought I had at the time.
Fair enough, if the traffic is dangerous for any cyclist, I agree they should be allowed to use the footpaths when the risk is high for them to go on the road. But negligent idiots like this young man, who scare oldies like me, the lady with the trolley, and upset blokes like the one in this photo above, who’s giving the scum-bag the eye, should not be allowed to drive so dangerously to others. If Nottingham had not got rid of over 280 policemen since the Tory Government got in power, and I could have found one, I might have complained about the young sadistic, inhuman, cruel, punishment deserving douche of a git bike-rider! But he didn’t bother me of course. Lie Mode Adopted!

I caught a but for the three stops to the surgery.

WDP02B What a farce of a short bus ride it was too! The bus was packed with passengers. At both, the of the two stops before the one I wanted; People got up to get off, and I had to move down the passageway to allow them room – then back to the other end of the bus to let those getting on in to get a seat, twice! Arthur Itis and Hippy Hilda were not pleased. Haha!

3Wed12I alighted from the vehicle and limped to the surgery.

Logged in and sat doing the crosswords.

The amazingly kind and appealing Nurse Nichole came out to collect me.

She took the blood and gave me time for a little moaning and gossiping, bless her Cotton Socks. Handed her some nibbles and thanked her.

On the way out, I gave the receptionist their nibbles. And had a little plaint about the late appointment. They did not like this in the least bit, and I think I went down in their estimation.

But my dropping the sphygmomanometer on the floor. The mug of tea slipping out of my hand. The gas workers were blocking the pavement and making me take my life into my own hands. The beastly Nottingham Pavement Cyclist infuriated me so much. The horrendous short bus trips annoyances. And the receptionists giving me such a late appointment time had all together manoeuvered me into a niggly and braver than usual mood! I thanked them and left, out into the sunshine, and walked into Carrington and the chemist.

I enquired when the next prescriptions would be available. The lady patiently found out and informed me. Friday the 1st June. I then remembered last month when I was told the Ist of May, called in to collect them and they were not ready and had to go again two days later. So, I shall put this date as on Monday 4th June on the calendar when I get home.

3Wed08Called into the Lidl store. Bought two cobs, some iced cones, tomatoes mini-capsicums and Mini Weiners. Paid on the self-serve checkouts without any hassle.

To the bus stop and got a lift into Sherwood. Again the bus was filled to capacity with Nottinghamian phone users, students with their headphones on, kids crying and gossiping ladies. There was no bother, though.

3Wed07I got off and walked over the road using the pelican crossing and to the Wilko store.

Got some bleach, washing-up liquid, disposable razors and a body spray.

Up to the bus stop and caught the L9 up to the flats.

Welsh William and Gladys were on the bus. We had a laugh and chinwag.3Wed09

As I got off of the vehicle, I dropped my bus-pass, much to the amusement of those tenants waiting to get on the bus. Hehe!

WDP02B A bit of job getting back up again after retrieving it from the grass verge.

I caught up with Gladys and William, because poor Glad, was having to stop now and again, she was not feeling too well.

Got in had a wee-wee and washed. Then started the mushrooms and peas on the boil in a saucepan.

Got on the computer to update this waffle.

The Willmott Dixon lads were working right outside the balcony. It didn’t take long for a headache to join in with Arthur Itis and Hippy Hilda in hassling me. Ah, well.

3Wed11A couple of hours later, I removed the dressing Nurse Nichole had kindly put on my arm. To reveal a right mess and mishmash of odd marks and bruises.

Got the potato cakes in the oven.

The phone rang out its chimes.

But, by the time I got to the phone, they rang off. Had a look, it was the Surgery with the results and weeks dosages. The level was 4.1, so I’m in the at risk stage in the bleeding stakes. They gave me an appointment and it was for 0852hrs next Wednesday. They had squeezed me in early! Yahoo!

I started to do the Morrison order… WDP02B The damned Virgin Internet went down! Played about resetting, then on and offing and it came back on, slowly, very slowly!

Finished the Morrison order.

3Wed29So tired now and feeling unwell for some reason again.

The meal was prepared and served-up. It looked fine. smelt good, but was not truly enjoyed as I kept nearly nodding off while eating it! Humph!

A mixture of feeling so tired and a brain that was so active it frightened me; prevented my actually nodding off.

3Wed30I’m not keen on these light nights of Spring and Autumn.

At last the building lads have finished for the day.

WDP02B But Herbert upstairs, did his best to replace their drilling symphony with his own knock-knock-tap-tap mini version for a while.

WDP02B Washed the pots and went for a wee-wee. Little Inchies fungal lesion needed more attention and Hippy Hilda suddenly stopped bothering me altogether?

It’s been a Whoopsiedangleplop ridden day. Full of exasperating, grousing, annoying, nit-picking, fault-finding, bothersome, incident-ridden botherations, this Wednesday.

With all the hassles, vexations and piques, I feel like a different person and have lost my humour to Mr Annoyed. This is the latest hour I’ve got my head down in months now.

I thought putting the TV on would soon send me off into the land of Nod. Thankfully, it did, despite the racing self-pitying melange of thoughts rampantly tossing and turning in the brain.

Inchcock Today Tuesday 22nd May 2018: Not one of my more intelligently managed days!

Tuesday 22nd May 2018

Irish: Dé Máirt 22 Bealtaine 2018

0300hrs: Woke and lay uhtcearing for a while; mostly about the coming visit today of someone to touch-up or finish off the holes and gaps left in the plastering around the balcony door and kitchen window. Why I suppose, is the mess left on the three previous visits in which the carpets were left in a right state, furniture splashed with plaster, etc..

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I even felt a tad annoyed, with the Doctors appointment being made for so late in the day for tomorrow. Bearing in mind, they know about my habit of fading fast at lunchtime each day. I don’t like feeling curmudgeonly like this, but, my confidence is low.

There were no signs anywhere of sleep-walking or nocturnal nibbling around. I took the decision (Most unlike me… Hehe!), to get the laundry done straight away.

Everything was already sorted and in the bag. I got dressed in a fashion, camera and key fob in my pockets and trotted down to the laundry room.

As I got out of the elevator, I thought I’d take a shot of the electronic noticeboard on the wall. I got the shakes as I did so, and snapped two photos, one after the other. Tsk!


0315hrs and partly cloudy outside, 10°c. The big picture on display kindly changed in the part-second between my taking the pictures. Amazing!

I got in the room, and the washer started, then back up in the lift to the 12th floor.

Set the timer to remind me of the washing downstairs.

A wee-wee was taken. Then the Health Checks were done.



The Blood-pressure machine worked second try.

This morning’s readings were very similar to yesterday’s first ones.

Another wee-wee, then a small mug of the Yorkshire breakfast tea brewed up.

Down again and moved the laundry from the washer to the dryer. The room was a lot cleaner than last time. Apart from someone had left the filter in the spinner filled with fluff.

Back up to the flat.

Then I conscientiously made a start and got to finish off the updating of the Monday bl2Tue02adog, just as the alarm went off to remind about collecting the washing.

Then, as I was getting up to go down to collect the dried washing, an internal alarm warned me to divert instead, and visit the Porcelain Throne.

WDP001B Oh, ‘ecky-thump. What a messy evacuation and long drawn out cleaning up session had to be done! Humph!

I did notice that Little inchies Lesion had seemingly just started to bleed a bit.

But I decided not to do any medicationalisationing yet, as I did not want to keep anyone waiting in case they needed to use the dryer machine.

So I got cleaned up and went down to retrieve the clothes.

I noticed two notices, notably on the noticeboard, (Hehehe!) from Jenny.

One about the Tenant’s & Residents Annual General Meeting, and the Sprinkler System demonstration.

The other about the favourite Breakfast Out that Jenny organisers for us residents.

2Tue03Got the washing out and folded, then into the bag.

Cleaned the filter, drum, and casing.

All seemed to be going smoothly this morning, but my EQ kept niggling at me with thoughts of bothers, inconveniences, aggravations, disputes, threap, annoyances, or perhaps, any combination of these were in the offing!

2Tue04I popped out of the foyer door, I was going to take a photograph of the complex’s buildings, but it was far colder than it looked out there. So I pictured the scaffolding instead. Oh, I am getting nesh nowadays! What I also noticed it is now getting lighter sooner in the mornings. Which happens every year at this time, but for some reason, I seem to be surprised by it? Klutz!

Collected the bag of laundry and back to the apartment.

Noisy Herbert above was at it early today (0710hrs). Tapping and banging occasionally. This was the trend for several hours. Not that I’m complaining, just mentioned it. I will not divert from or forget the commands from the Nottingham City Homes Management; and will ‘Have to put up with it, because he is doing no wrong, just following his hobby!’ I don’t want to get removed from the place.

Ah, 0825hrs, now the Willmott-Dixon lads have started on the outside wall with their drilling and a-banging. Bless em.

WDP001B 2Tue02fAs I was changing back from shoes to slippers again, I took this picture and observed there were droplets of blood between my feet.

Yes, Inchies Little Fungal Lesion was pouring haemoglobin. To make things worse, it meant the trousers and socks had to be abandoned, PPs changed, destickyfying and medicating of the fungal lesion and a shower was needed, so I did the whole ablutions at the same time.

WDP001B T’was a long, painful, messy session. Still, it couldn’t be helped.

Had a good shave, shower and did my teggies. Citrus body sprayed me, applied the Germoloid Cream. Aftershaved the razor cuts. Applied the Daktacort cream to the lesion, and rubbed some Phorpain Gel on Hippy Hilda, Arthur Itis’s knees and wrist. Did the second Health Checks earlier than I would usually. Then set off to the Temporary Obersturmbannführeress Wardens Archididascalian HQ, Willmot-Dixon workers breakfast and break-rest Room, Social Hut, Target for Thieves, Training Room, Confessional box and Telling Inchcock-Off shed. Haha!

I met fellow residents Pete and Norah on the way there. Shared some nibbles and we chatted as we hobbled along Chestnut Walk.

2Tue05aI took this photographicalisation of the complex on the way to the shed. Deliberately trying to get all three units in the frame.

No signs of any of the Willmott-Brown lads on the hoists, now. The may be on a break?

I made my way into the White Temporary Obersturmbannführeress Wardens Archididascalian HQ, Willmot-Dixon workers breakfast and break-rest Room, Social Hut, Target for Thieves, Training Room, Confessional box and Telling Inchcock-Off Porta-Kabin.

WDP001B I could feel the flowing of something warm and wet within the PPs. Tsk!

Had a talk with OBergruppenfurheress Warden Julie and Deana.1Mon07b

2Tue07Then waited to have a natter with Cathy, who was busy on her mobile.

She listened and sorted out my problem caused by my losing the Willmott-Dixon note about the visit today to make good the work around the sliding doors in the front room.

She took no time in getting me confirmation that they will be coming on Tuesday 5th June, now. Bless her cotton socks.

I thanked the gal and made my confused way back to the flats.

WDP001B I wrote the date for the joiners visit in the diary. Then, I found the leaflet about the repairs that I had been searching and grubbling for so long, earlier in the day! What a Shmendrik! It was on Tuesday 5th June, and I had Whoopsiedangleplopped and put it in the diary for today! Humph!

Back into the wet-room to clean and medicate the fungal lesion, yet again!

Updating this blog, and things went suddenly bad for me. Reflux Roger and Duodenal Donald forced me to close down and sit down.

2Tue09I got the nosh sorted early, while I still felt up to it.

Out-of-the-blue, I was feeling so drained and tired.

The bean and veg meal was not appreciated, due to Reflux Roger and Duodenal Donald both having a go at me, with a few Dizzy Dennises thrown in for good measure.

I flavoured the lemon dessert with sweet orange and bitter lemon flavourings. Nice!

2Tue08Did the Health Checks, had a wee-wee and got the pots washed.

I noticed a total lack of dogs walking their owners outside. (Well, I don’t suppose they would be doing it inside? Hehe!)
The trees and bushes were getting blown about something awful.

Again, despite feeling drained and not too well, the sleep would not come. I stayed awake through endless claptrap on the TV. With no indications of any nod-offs!

I did drop-off eventually very late. Then woke, and lay analysing a dream I’d had. I found notes on this in the morning when I updated this blog. But yet again, the scribble was arcane and indecipherable. Any memories of the dream were non-existent. I think Sister Jane was in it, but don’t know why I believe this.

Inchcock Today – Monday 21st May 2018

Monday 21st May 2018

Polish: Poniedziałek 21 Maja 2018

0215hrs: Woke with a sudden jump, thinking I was in an Olde World village marketplace, at the end of a massive queue of given-up-all hope bedraggled looking peasants. All were waiting to be beheaded. Around me were people in Charles Dickens type clothing? I presume this would be part of a dream I’d been having? But, this is all I can recall.

As the brain and body slowly began to merge into a mock semi-operational unit, I realised that somnambulant nibbling and possibly some noctambulistic activity had been performed overnight.

All the signs and indications were here around me. The half-drank mug of orange juice, the two part-melted chocolate peanuts precariously attached to my chest hairs, the TV remote control, camera, pen and the notepad with indecipherable scrawling covering a page and a half! I’d have more chance of working-out Egyptian hieroglyphics without my glasses on than to read this cacography.

WDPBL Climbing out of the rubbish-strewn recliner to go for a wee-wee, I stood on a bag of cheese-curls that I was unaware of. ‘Bang’ the bag popped open and sprayed crumbs all over the carpet! Being so early in the morning (0300hrs) and not wanting to be like that Noisy Herbert who lives above me and disturb others, I did not use the hoover to clean the mess up. The old brush and dustpan were put into action.

Off to the kitchen to do the Health Checks.

1Mon001The haemadynamometer worked second try this morning.

The readings were most satisfactory, and the mug of Yorkshire tea went cold; As I had to visit the Porcelain Throne as soon as the Health Checking was completed.

The evacuation turned out far less bothersome than those of late. Now, I was beginning to worry. The Whoopsidangleplops are acceptable and expected nowadays for me, but these bits of good luck are concerning me. The sphygmomanometer working at only the second attempt, the Porcelain Throne evacuation going so well… Mmm! My EQ indicates that I will pay for these good moments, later! Yes, I probably am going pottier than usual.

Computer started, and I got the Sunday post finalised, and sent off to WordPress. Which, incidentally is still swapping my set option for UK English to US English, every time I come out of the programme to use Word, Excel or CorelDraw, or update the page (F5). Tsk!

1Mon01aUpdated this blog to here, and then went to make another brew.

I took a photo of the residents parking lot below the window.

I hope that the dark car on the double-yellow lines leaves before the vehicle parked on the grass verge needs to be moved. I actually feel glad I am no longer allowed to drive, I bet there must be some arguments and altercations going on now, with all the months of building work, and many more months to come, causing mayhem with folks trying to get somewhere to park-up.

I went on to the WordPress Reader next.

Ablutions and medicationalisationing completed.

Got ready for the trip to town to get some pod peas if possible and a bottle of liquid soapflakes from Wilko.

Dropped of the black bags down the waste chute on the way down.

1Mon01bI ambled along Chestnut Walk alongside the hedges behind the car parking slots.

I noticed several of these butterflies on the greenery.

WDPBL Sorry that I didn’t take the best Lumix camera now, this little Nikon model, would not let me zoom in any further.

1Mon02Half-way to town, I took this shot from the bus window, but it was not of the area I intended to shoot.  What a schmuck!

I’d forgotten to take the crossword book with me once again. Tsk!

Got into town, and made my way to the Wilko store and got a bottle of their own label liquid soapflakes (£3).

Paid-up and out over Upper Parliament Street into Victoria Shopping Centre (Mall).

Went to the Market and found some garden peas for sale on a store. Same price as those I got last week at the Mapperley Fruit Shop, £2.98 a pound. (Well, I am addicted to them. Haha!)

1Mon03Had a walk around the few stalls that were not closed down. 

At the snotty ladies delicatessen stall, I got a small sliced wholemeal Continental bread.

Walked down to the ground floor and into the bedraggled, untidy, stuff on sale out of date Tesco.

I got some mushrooms, local muffins, flap-jacks for the nibble-box. Also, a box of two fresh cream doughnuts, on offer at only 84p. I’ll see if any of the other tenants would like one of them later. They did not have any French Cream Horns in stock – Tsk! Hehe!

1Mon06Made my way to the Slab Square.

The weather was very good.

The Nottingham Food Delivery Pavement Cyclists were out and about risking peoples lives as usual.

I popped into a shop and bought another crossword book to keep in the bag this time.

1Mon05Took this snapshot of the Council House Little John clock and dome.

Realised I had better get up Queen Street sharpish, to catch the L9 bus. So I did.

The bus was already there at the bus stop shelter. We had a new driver on it this time. I wondered why it wasn’t late arriving.

1Mon07Nora (I hope I haven’t got her name wrong) was sat reading her newspaper, and I sat behind her. The driver stalled the electric powered bus as he moved off. I think he might need to master the brake applying too. Talk about getting knocked about each time he had to stop. Nice chap though, friendly nature.

He got us through the narrow estate roads alright.

1Mon04After doing and failing with the new crossword book, I noticed my hands had gone multi-shades of reds?

They looked like they had been pebble-dashed on the inside?

A bit of gossiping with Nora and a couple of other tenants en route.

We arrived back at Chestnut Walk with a jerk and shake, courtesy of the driver.

I popped into the Sturmbannführeress Wardens HQ/Office, Social Hut, Training room, Escape from the noise of the building room, and Willmott-Dixon Workers breakfast and break room. I spoke with Warden Julie. However, but, and as it happens, I have been told that. 1Mon07b

I bade Julie my farewells and left the hut to go to the flats.

Outside were my Obergruppenfurheress/Catwalk Model Patch Manager and Nora chinwagging. I earwigged for a while, then left them and poddled to Woodthorpe Court. 1Mon07b

I got in and had a much-needed wee-wee.

Put the things away, and I decided on Polish Continental bread sandwiches later, for today’s meal. With beetroot, onion, tomatoes and maybe a few chips?

Got on the computer to update this blog. I could hear the worker lads getting closer all the time with the drilling outside. No bother, though, it’s got to be done.

Did the Health Checks tended to.

1Mon07cGot the sandwiches made up and chips, tomatoes added.

Oh, and the naughty but nice cream cake, and some podded peas.

The Willmott-Dixon lads were busy working away outside.

I did what bit of washing up needed and settled to watch the Hustle episodes on the Goggle-Box. And stayed awake through the first one, but the second one was interrupted several times with little nodding-offs.